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00:09<warewolf>bcm43xx still doesn
00:09<warewolf>'t work for my particular card :/
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00:32<warewolf>how strange
00:33<warewolf>sendmail on my linode died w/o any sort of log message as to why
00:37<Spads>That's sendmail for you.
00:38<warewolf>please don't start sendmail bashing
00:39<Spads>You promised that you had me on /ignore
00:39<warewolf>oh, you're katmari
00:39<warewolf>shoo fly
00:40[~]warewolf foolishly posts to bugtraq
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04:04<irgeek>Guess who's drunk and hoping his girl will call... anyone else awake?
04:06<linbot>irgeek: Linode80 - 5, Linode120 - 0, Linode160 - 0, Linode240 - 0, Linode320 - 0
04:07<irgeek>caker: You need more boxen. Need to hire a poor, starving, talented college student to help admin them?
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12:46<JasonF>Anyone in here other than me use lighttpd?
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12:49<anderiv>JasonF: just started playing with it.
12:51<JasonF>then you wouldn't know the answer to my query :(
12:52<anderiv>JasonF: probably not.
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14:23<resplin>Is caker around?
14:28[~]taupehat wishes he had the chance to provide unambiguous solution to a particular spammer
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14:59<dryan>i use lighttpd
15:00<dryan>oh wait that was 2 hrs ago
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17:38[~]DarthClue taps fingers on desk and begins counting to see how many seconds it takes to get his linode activated...
17:41[~]caker waits for DarthClue to realize it's already been done :)
17:41[~]JasonF smacks DarthClue with customer service
17:42[~]DarthClue finds the linode support staff to be very responsive and is already logged in.
17:43<DarthClue>I knew there was a reason why I liked linode. Activation in less than 2 minutes and by the head geek no less.
17:43<Spads>Why for you call him a geek?
17:43<Spads>So rude!
17:44<Viza>'geek' is a compliment these days :p
17:44<JasonF>caker isn't just any geek
17:44<JasonF>he's OUR GEEK, DAMMIT!
17:45<DarthClue>geek, nerd, resident peon, they all mean the same thing. And I wouldn't call him anything that I wouldn't want to be called myself.
18:07<warewolf>does anyone know how in the hell you ignore lilo in irssi on freenode?
18:07<warewolf>because I can't seem to get rid of him
18:08<DarthClue>what did you do to attract his attention?
18:08<warewolf>I just don't want to see his stupid ass global notices
18:10<Viza>try /mode warewold -w
18:10<Viza>er, warewolf
18:10<Viza>or whatever your nickname is on freenode lol
18:11<warewolf>that doesn't work
18:12<warewolf>I'm already -w
18:12<warewolf>infact the only umode I can take away is +i (invisible)
18:12<Viza>hrm i thought he only sent wallops lately
18:12<warewolf>he's a jackass
18:12<warewolf>I tried /ignore *!*@*.levin all
18:12<warewolf>and that didn't work
18:14<Spads>man, rob levin
18:14<Spads>He calls himself "lilo" because he once tried to fork it (and failed)
18:15<JasonF>warewolf: you can't ignore global notices
18:15<Spads>you can't stop the signal
18:16<warewolf>JasonF: you are fucking kidding me
18:16<encode>ignore is easy
18:16<warewolf>JasonF: there has to be a way
18:16<encode> /ignore lilo
18:17<encode>why not?
18:17<JasonF>warewolf: no you can't, and I'm glad too (as an ircop on another irc network)
18:17[~]JasonF is secretly lilo
18:17<warewolf>that doens't work because he'll /nick to another nick name
18:17<warewolf>or have two clients signed on
18:17<warewolf>I want to ignore all of him
18:17<JasonF>warewolf: hah, impossible to ignore global notices
18:17<warewolf>JasonF: I refuse to believe you.
18:17<JasonF>they aren't meant to be used in the way freenode uses them
18:17<encode>so ignore his hostmask
18:18<JasonF>they're meant to be "zomg the skies are teh falling on teh net"
18:18<warewolf>JasonF: NO SHIT.
18:18<JasonF>not "please send us money"
18:18<Spads>16:12 <warewolf> I tried /ignore *!*@*.levin all
18:18<Spads>16:12 <warewolf> and that didn't work
18:18<warewolf>encode: I tried, I did /ignore *@*.levin all
18:18<JasonF>I've been a Netadmin on an irc network for about 6 months now
18:18<JasonF>I've sent about 3 global notices
18:18<warewolf>JasonF: ok you're cloeless go away
18:18<warewolf>clueless even
18:18<JasonF>I'm not clueless, you can't ignore them
18:18<JasonF>not in any way I know of
18:19<JasonF>if you find out how, lemme know so I'll be enlightened
18:19<Viza>/quit works everytime ;p
18:20<warewolf>Viza: hah, hah, hah.
18:20<JasonF>seriously, if you have a problem with the net, don't get on it
18:20<Spads>just use /disco dance lilo
18:20<Spads>twist away these gates of steel
18:21<warewolf>JasonF: by your argument, because I dislike George Bush I should leave this solar system.
18:21<JasonF>there's a load of difference
18:22<JasonF>mainly, the fact that this is the internet, irc.
18:22<JasonF>irc doesn't really matter
18:22<Spads>and it's easier to get out
18:22<JasonF>therefore, if someone is stressing you, just leave. it's only the internet
18:22<warewolf>damn, this is the intenet?
18:22<warewolf>I never would have guessed.
18:22<Viza>hehe it does suck though that a lot of projects and people use freenode
18:22<Viza>would be nice if everyone moved to OFTC :p
18:22<warewolf>I have one problem that is easially solved. All I want is to ignore lilo. That's all
18:23<JasonF>Global notice: Yep, another netsplit. Thanks for using OFTC.
18:23<warewolf>If he was a regular user, it would work. But no, he has to send server notices or something.
18:23<JasonF>Hell, they don't even notice about a netsplit anymore
18:23<JasonF>warewolf: write a patch for irssi that does it
18:24<Spads>it used to be that /ignore *!*@*staff.freenode NOTICES worked
18:25<warewolf>I'm trying a regexp ignore now
18:26<warewolf>if the messages actually come across as snotices I'll write a fscking perl plugin for irssi to /dev/null them
18:26<warewolf>this should not be this difficult.
18:26<warewolf>Have you Meta Moderated recently?
18:26<warewolf>You have 5 Moderator Points! Use 'em or lose 'em!
18:26<warewolf>free karma
18:26<warewolf>who wants karma on slashdot
18:26<dryan>slashdot ughhh
18:27<Spads> <-- It's a FAQ!
18:27<Spads>wow, people still read slashdot?
18:29<warewolf>along with digg, yes
18:29<JasonF> /ignore *!*@freenode/staff/* notice
18:30<encode>if global notices really annoy you
18:30<encode>i'd write a perl script to intercept the signal
18:30<encode>and then just not pass the message along
18:30<warewolf>19:26 < warewolf> if the messages actually come across as snotices I'll write a fscking perl plugin for irssi to /dev/null them
18:30<warewolf>thanks, drive through :)
18:30<encode>then howcome you cant /ignore it
18:31<encode>it makes no sense
18:32<Spads> <-- haha, it looks like freenode has auto-kline channels! one step and BOOM!
18:32<warewolf>spads- oftc does too
18:32<warewolf>Spads: mostly for botnets
18:32<warewolf>Spads: I've even set them up here before
18:33[~]warewolf once was an oper here, but no more
18:34<encode>well, the message must come through as some signal - whether its unique to global notices or not
18:34<encode>so, intercept those messages, go a simple regexp
18:36[~]warewolf nods
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19:04<@mikegrb>or do like I do
19:04<@mikegrb>add freenode to iptables
19:05<@mikegrb>no temptation
19:11<warewolf>that doens't help any when the project I'm trying to support happens to be half on freenode :/
19:14<@mikegrb>IRC isn't the only form of communication
19:15<@mikegrb>there are projects I participate in and have written code for that are on freenode
19:15<@mikegrb>so now, I just participate via the mailinglists
19:42<DarthClue>what's the chance of getting a more recent fedora image? maybe a fc4?
19:43<taupehat>freenode is fun
19:43<taupehat>just try joining #debian on sundays
19:43<taupehat>asking _anything_ in #perl
19:44<taupehat>you can come in with a really weird problem that involves architecture and a possible bug in a perl version, and ten people will show you that they have F-keys bound to the link to "learning perl"
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20:00<@mikegrb>I don't have a client for freenode
20:00<@mikegrb>DarthClue: I believe fc4 has nptl statically linked, so it won't work
20:07<DarthClue>maybe when xen replaces uml?
20:09<@mikegrb>I think there is a bit of a preformance hit with the nptl emulation
20:09<@mikegrb>so it still wouldn't be a very good distribution choice
20:10<@mikegrb>but it would at least work
20:10<DarthClue>maybe i'll have converted to debian by then
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20:32<blob>hello, i'm offsite w/o my support passwd... what's up with host 40?
20:34<blob>in more detail: my web and email is down, and pinging gets no answer
20:37<@mikegrb>yes, we are working on it now, looks like it paniced again
20:38<encode>#perl are a bunch of elitist
20:38<blob>k, thanks, mike
20:38<@mikegrb>encode: got a question?
20:38<encode>they want people to speak in full sentences
20:38<encode>with proper grammar etc
20:38<encode>mikegrb: nah, i'm just saying
20:39<encode>wrt the discussion a few hours back
20:39[~]mikegrb doesn't do that one, but does get seriously annoyed by 'u' 'ur'
20:39<@mikegrb>k and wrt are ok though ;)
20:39<linbot>New news from forums: Host40 panic in System and Network Status <>
20:39<encode>well, since we're asking quesitons
20:39<encode>a friend of mine has a question
20:39<encode>13:34 <+jedi> hey Phreakazoid, you know how you can use db connect strings in php, like mysql://user:pass@server/database...
20:40<encode> what happens if there's an '@' symbol in the password? ;p
20:40<encode>ugh @ the formatting
20:40[~]mikegrb doesn't know much php
20:40<encode>surely someone here does
20:40<@mikegrb>I imagine there would be an alternative method though
20:41<@mikegrb>$link = mysql_connect('mysql_host', 'mysql_user', 'mysql_password') or die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());
20:42<encode>its amazing what a simple manual search will do
20:42<encode>thanks mikegrb
20:43<@mikegrb>no problem encode
20:43<encode>13:42 <+jedi> err, no i cannot replace the database connection routine
20:43<encode>13:43 <+jedi> i can only supply a string of the form i already mentioned
20:43<@mikegrb>why not?
20:43<encode>legacy app
20:43<@mikegrb>now he is placing silly restrictions
20:43<encode>i dont know the specifics
20:43<encode>hehe, if there weren't such specifics i'm sure he wouldnt be having the problemn
20:44<@mikegrb>how about, change the password to one without an @?
20:45<@mikegrb>a recent reply to a post on a perl newsgroupt in response to a similiar issue was something like "so they require you to fix the problem but they won't let you fix the problem?"
20:46<encode>meh, don't worry about it
20:46<DarthClue>i would suggest that he check the docs for the legacy app to see what kind of passwords are allowed to be used. surely the developers would have considered the possibility of using a non-alphanumeric password for security purposes...right?
20:46<encode>i'm sure he'll figure something out
20:51[~]caker hates phone calls when there's delays and echos
20:52[~]mikegrb switches off the echo chamger
20:56<DarthClue>sounds like a bad voip call
20:56<encode>ahh, now i understand why my friend wants to use a URI connection string for mysql
20:56<encode>13:52 <+jedi> there is a settings file for a large php app
20:56<encode>13:52 <+jedi> that needs me to supply a URI string to connect to mysql
20:56<encode>13:52 <+jedi> i do not wish to change the password or the app
20:57<@mikegrb>if escaping the @ doesn't work then those are probably the only options
20:59<encode>he's tried using backslashes and " to escape the @
21:10<Spads>why not %-code?
21:12<blob>how's host 40 coming? any eta?
21:20<taupehat>dumbish question
21:21<taupehat>what's the bash equivalent to "wait" in terms of "wait this long"
21:21<taupehat>bash wait seems to care only about some process
21:22<Viza>sleep ?
21:22<taupehat>ahh right
21:22<taupehat>thanks, heh
21:22<Viza>np :p
21:22[~]taupehat forgot
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22:41<blob>host 40 came back up for awhile. has it panicked again?
22:46<DarthClue>It's just jealous that it only has Life and the universe but not everything like host42.
22:48<blob>back again. hmm...
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