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10:19<GN>mikegrb or caker around?
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10:54<GN>anyone home?
10:54<kvandivo>i'm at work
10:54<GN>where are the fearless leaders at?
10:54<kvandivo>at home, probably. ;)
10:55<GN>so i'm on host 40
10:55<GN>and i keep getting this message: "helper: mount failed: File exists"
10:55<GN>is there any hope?
10:56<GN>i only have one config profile
10:56<GN>and it won't boot at all
10:59<JasonF>GN: file a ticket
10:59<GN>i did
11:08<kvandivo>16:15 < npmr> 00:00 < fo0bar> so that's what happens when you boot an image that doesn't exist :)
11:08<kvandivo>16:15 < npmr> 00:00 < caker> oh, that too :)
11:08<kvandivo>16:15 < SupaZubon> scromp:
11:09<GN>har har
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11:11<warewolf>er, wrong window
11:12<kvandivo>i'll take that sync and raise you an ls -l
11:12<GN>oh but my image does exist, plus it says it succeeded :P
11:13<kvandivo> that mentions it as well
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17:47<ravsi>do I have to create a new account when I want another node?
17:48<JasonF>they don't do more than 1 per acct
17:48<ravsi>ok thanks
17:48<taupehat>ravsi1: hello =]
17:48<ravsi>hello :)
17:49<ravsi>I have spoken to you before haven't I ?
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18:16<Internat>oh this is going to be a nightmare.. php5, mysql 5.. i can just see things breaking left right and centre :/
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18:26<ElectricElf>Is there an issue? Particularly with host4
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18:34<Internat>god dammit i knew something was gpoing to have issues.. *looks at mysql5 failing to start*
18:34<gpd>Internat: dapper?
18:35<gpd>Ubuntu dapper drake? - has php5 (not sure about mysql 5)
18:35<Internat>nah debian testing
18:35<Internat>i think tls just reinstalled.. which is probably my problem
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18:36<Internat>yep tls was indeed the problem
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18:42<Internat>ok that was less painful then i expected
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19:01<ElectricElf>Sorry I had to bounce my desktop
19:01<ElectricElf>Anybody experiencing any issues on host4? Or just in general?
19:03<ElectricElf>I was having fairly major non-responsiveness (no SSH, and the host console was unusably slow), but a reboot appears to have greatly improved that. However, I'm still seeing ~15-40% packet loss, depending on source
19:06<Viza>host4 or host40? because host40 was having problems yesterday
19:06<ElectricElf>Viza: host4
19:06<Viza>ah nvm then
19:07<ElectricElf>mikegrb, caker: I don't see any other reports, so take it for what it's worth, but host4 may be having issues (I had to bounce my UML do to nonresponsiveness [oddly the reboot "fixed" it]), and I'm seeing 15-45% packetloss depending on location
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19:12<otherbbs>caker or mikegrb around?
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19:13<jje>Are there more problems on HE now?
19:13<otherbbs>I'm on host26 that is experiencing high CPU load.
19:14<jje>I'm seeing packet loss to our server on host20.
19:16<jje>Looks to be better now.
19:16<otherbbs>not seeing any packet loss from host55 or from my local connection
19:17<trip>Was it a DOS or CPU issue?
19:18<jje>Wasn't CPU on my host - the hosts load was low. a Traceroute showed packets being dropped at [] - could of been a DOS...
19:19<@mikegrb>trip: do you know which of your IPs they are targetting?
19:19<trip>As far as I know it has nothing to do with me
19:19<@mikegrb>it is a dos targetting your Linode, just like last time
19:19<trip>I was just talking to a friend about his life issues and suddenly system went to a crawl
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19:23<ElectricElf>mikegrb: Thanks, it looks like it's better
19:24<jje2>Thanks Mike.
19:24<@mikegrb>ElectricElf: didn't do anything about TP
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19:24<ElectricElf>mikegrb: Well, coincidental timing then, 'cause this other possible issue appears to have become a non-issue :)
19:25<@mikegrb>ElectricElf: oddly there was a short DDOS inbound to TP but it was very short and after you noticed problems
19:25<ElectricElf>mikegrb: Either way I'm happy
19:25<@mikegrb>looked into it though ;)
19:28<@caker>otherbbs: better now?
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19:29<otherbbs>found a odd process running kill it and seems to improved.
19:30<otherbbs>caker: don't know if it was that or something you did. Much better.
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