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05:02<Internat>u know its useful that when u compile all the modules for ur kernle for usb printers and stuff.. that u actually remember to compile in the usb controllers
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06:33<ah>is caker alive?
06:34<ah>these guys have marked my mails to and as SPAM!
06:37<Internat>what makes u think that
06:40<ah>Internat, my domain admin got an abuse message... and he fried me left and right
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09:00<guigouz>something's wrong with my linode (host21)
09:00<guigouz>it boots
09:01<guigouz>but powers off right after the login appears
09:01<guigouz>caker, mikegrb ever seen something like this ?
09:04<@mikegrb>guigouz: what username?
09:05<guigouz>mikegrb: infoagej
09:05<@mikegrb>ok, lemme look
09:06<guigouz>booting right now
09:07<guigouz>Feb 22 11:50:10 java kernel: end_request: I/O error, dev 62:10 (User-mode block
09:07<guigouz>device), sector 79720
09:07<guigouz>lots of those on the syslog
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09:08<@mikegrb>you may want to fsck
09:09<guigouz>will do.
09:09<cow>i totally read that wrong
09:10[~]mikegrb fscks cow
09:10<cow>don't you have to mount before you fsck?
09:22<guigouz>it seems fixed, thanks.
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15:56<dmp>startkeylogger (test guys, please ignore)
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15:59|-|mikegrb Your nick is now startkeylogger
16:00|-|startkeylogger Your nick is now mikegrb
16:03<encode>mmm keylogger
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16:14<dmp>startkeylogger (test guys, please ignore)
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20:04<warewolf>free xxx video huh?
20:05<warewolf>where is the "report this to the forum administrators link"
20:09[~]caker annihilates
20:09<warewolf>oh you got my mail? :)
20:10<@caker>recently people have been able to defeat phpBB's "enter-graphic-at-signup" dealio
20:10<warewolf>phpbb sucks
20:10<warewolf>everything php is inherently insecure IMHO
20:10<warewolf>I'm not sure which I hate more
20:10<warewolf>PHP or Microsoft
20:13<DarthClue>can you explain why php is insecure? just curious.
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20:13<@caker>one can write crappy/insecure code in any language
20:14<warewolf>let me sum it up really quickly
20:14<warewolf>it is too easy to write code in PHP
20:14<@caker>typically, languages with easier learning curves are abused more often ...
20:14<warewolf>people end up thinking that they are great programmers just because they can throw something useful together over a weekend
20:14<@caker>is that PHP's fault? no -- it's the programmers!
20:15<warewolf>in reality, the application may function as intended, but it also is usually plagued with many COMMON vulnerabilities
20:15<DarthClue>yeah, more the programmer's fault than the language.
20:15<@caker>?id=1 ... "id=1; TRUNCATE table" :)
20:15<warewolf>caker: honestly I think that it should be more non-trivial to develop applications under php. I don't think the people developing for it fully comprehend programming
20:16<@caker>gotta start somewhere
20:16<warewolf>know how I got into programming?
20:16<@caker>logo sucks -- so insecure
20:16<warewolf>then apple basic. then ti994a basic. then ibm cartridge rom basic.
20:16[~]encode started with basic
20:16<encode>hooray for the goto command
20:16<warewolf>then unix shell scripting
20:16<@caker>I mean, that turtle can do some damage
20:17<warewolf>then some visual basic (I WROTE A SCREENSAVER!!! w00t!)
20:17<warewolf>finally perl
20:17<warewolf>perl has suited me extremely well
20:17<encode>huzzah! perl is teh winna
20:17<warewolf>I'm not saying perl is
20:17<DarthClue>linux is the most insecure OS ever. I mean, at least windows will whine a little if you try to delete it, but linux will happily perform rm -rf with no questions asked.
20:17<warewolf>DarthClue: go away troll
20:17<warewolf>be gone
20:18[~]warewolf casts dispell evil
20:18<DarthClue>so I'm a troll for demonstrating the flaw in your argument?
20:18<warewolf>can you please state your point? becuase I don't see one yet.
20:19<warewolf>my point is it's all based on the effort and experience on the programmer
20:19<warewolf>I have a good enough grasp of programming in general that I can hack C, PHP, Java, to name a few
20:19<DarthClue>it is up to the individual to learn the flaw in whatever they are doing. just because anyone can write code in php doesn't mean that the code is going to be secure. the same rules apply to php, perl, windows, linux, and more.
20:20<warewolf>DarthClue: I speak from experience. Find a way to list all the joe-random-web-applications written in perl and written in PHP
20:20<warewolf>I believe in the number of years that PHP has been around that you will find the number of flaws in PHP applications to exceed those based in other languages by far
20:21<warewolf>like I said, I think it is too easy to develop in PHP
20:21<warewolf>too many shortcuts
20:21<warewolf>there is an ongoing effort for "Hardened PHP"
20:21<warewolf>but almost nobody uses it
20:21<DarthClue>again, the programmers fault. but i do agree that anyone can write php code which does make it more likely that the code will be written poorly.
20:21<DarthClue>hardened php, link?
20:21<warewolf>PHP is also inherently not a "programming" language, but a web development language.
20:22<warewolf>DarthClue: google :) I'm watching farscape :)
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20:26<warewolf>also: "PEAR" in comparison to perl's CPAN is a joke
20:31<Spads>ha ha CPAN
20:32<Spads>CPAN is for systems that lack a proper packaging system
20:32<warewolf>wrong perspective dude
20:32[~]Spads shrugs
20:32<warewolf>you know what CPAN stands for right?
20:32<Spads>yeah, it's a ripoff of the old TeX network
20:32<warewolf>Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
20:33<warewolf>it is a code repository
20:33<warewolf>not a package repository
20:33<Spads>besides, you promised that you had me killfiled
20:33<Spads>I don't want to call you a liar in public
20:33<warewolf>jesus christ go away
20:33<Spads>That's not how /ignore works
20:33<Spads>you give it a mask
20:33<Spads>you could have wildcarded the nick part
20:34<Spads>Give that a try.
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20:47<Spads>the dude who thinks that root's ability to destroy the system is somehow a security flaw
20:48<Spads>that's pretty funny
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22:56<taupehat_>argh, what happen?
22:56<taupehat_>somebody set up us the bomb!!
22:56<taupehat_>or at least, I can't connect to my host
22:57<taupehat_>10 ( 32.190 ms 30.333 ms 32.190 ms
22:57<taupehat_>ping caker mikegreb
22:57<taupehat_>that there's the last hop I get
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23:01<taupehat>ergh, well, it got all better
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23:15[~]JonR watches people reinvent the wheel.
23:17<JonR>this guy's working on a project to embed a python interpreter inside a PHP interpreter.
23:18<JonR>on the grounds that there might be people somewhere with mod_php, python, and the ability to use unix sockets, but not the ability to use fastcgi.
23:36[~]gpd plays with compiz - feels slightly ill
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