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01:37<Shaun>caker: around?
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04:29<oneman>Im curios as to what my host's uptime is?
04:34<taupehat>login to it and type uptime
04:35<taupehat> 02:35:04 up 138 days, 8:36, 1 user, load average: 0.17, 0.18, 0.17
04:35<taupehat>that's mine =]
04:39<oneman>you mean the lish console?
04:39<oneman>all I can do is get to the serial console
04:42<oneman>it dont matter
04:42<oneman>my linodes uptime is 15days
04:42<oneman>I doubt Ill ever reboot it until changing over to XEN in the indefinate future
04:42<oneman>i just got it 17 days ago tho :P
04:43<oneman>Ive been real happy overall, Ive got the 160meg account, and Im running a ruby on rails and a mono application
04:48<taupehat>been here almost a year
04:48<taupehat>and am also happy
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15:57<@mikegrb>!calc 500 g bacon to strips bacon
15:57<linbot>mikegrb: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
15:57<@mikegrb>silly recipe
15:58<@mikegrb>!calc 500 g to lb
15:58<linbot>mikegrb: 500 grams = 1.10231131 pound
15:58<kvandivo>for thick bacon, that might only be a couple of pieces.. for thin stuff, it might be 12-20
15:59<@mikegrb>that's some thick bacon mr vandivort
15:59<kvandivo>that's what i've heard
16:00<@mikegrb>!calc 750 g spaghetti to strands
16:00<linbot>mikegrb: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
16:00[~]mikegrb needs an amerikan recipe, none of this european stuff
16:00[~]mikegrb runs away
16:02<gpd>750g... are you cooking for 12 ppl?
16:02<gpd>special occasion?
16:02<gpd>birth of xenode? :)
16:02<@mikegrb>10.5 mikegrb's 0.5 mini-mikegrbs and 1 mrsmikegrb
16:03<@mikegrb>actually, the wonderful mrsmikegrb is doing the cooking, I'm just doing the converting
16:03<gpd>buy an electronic scale with g on it ;)
16:03<gpd>grams = joy
16:10<gpd>so... is there a Xen progress report somewhere... now that 3.0.1 is out?
16:11<gpd> <-- another request
16:18<@mikegrb>our stuff is ready
16:19<@mikegrb>we are waiting on the datacenters to be willing to sell us more space
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16:57<gpd>So you need more servers running so you can do the switch?
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17:38<resplin>Is caker around?
17:45<@caker>resplin: hello
17:45<Shaun>mikegrb: i'm supprised you guys are waiting around for them, expecially in this business and how hot VPS's are and how many new providers are poping up... same is going to happen that did with hosting, people are going to sell it for 5 bucks and kill the market... find a new DC and sell you product while you can!! :)
17:45<resplin>Hi. I've been in your refund queue since late December, and wanted an update.
17:46<@caker>resplin: I'm almost certain it went through last week -- have you checked your statement?
17:46<@caker>resplin: I can double check on my end -- hold on
17:47<@caker>resplin: yup
17:52<resplin>Is it under Shore Network Technology?
17:52<resplin>That showed up about an hour ago.
17:52<@caker>It was done last week, IIRC
17:52<resplin>That is wierd.
17:52<resplin>Thanks for taking care of it.
17:53<@caker>yeah, sorry it took so long and thanks for your business
17:54<resplin>It's only for $75 though. I was expecting 5 months, or $99.75
17:54<@caker>you actually made out better, since we bill for the extra space as if it was month-to-month
17:54<resplin>Oh, that makes sense.
17:54<resplin>I forgot that I was getting a deal for signing up for a year.
17:55<resplin>Thanks for getting that done. It's a cool service.
17:55<DarthClue>If anything, I've noticed a trend with the present and former Linode customers (myself included). It's almost as if we hate to leave cause the service is so good.
17:56<gpd>I agree with Shaun though - there must be a DC out there that you can use! :)
17:57<gpd>if not --- maybe it is time to get into the DC business...
17:59<@caker>Shaun: interested in a buy-out? :)
18:00<@mikegrb>oh buying
18:00[~]mikegrb gets in
18:00[~]mikegrb buys gpd
18:01[~]linbot buys your mom
18:01<linbot>oh wait, I already did that
18:02<DarthClue>If I could get my hands a building in San Antonio, I'd setup a datacenter and my first customer would be linode, but I don't have that kind of cash or credit.
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18:41<Shaun>caker: you serious?
18:42<Shaun>caker: if your stuck on HE they opened another DC... i just configured a bunch of bgp crap for a customer that was moving from i think it was Fremont to the facility in San Jose...
18:42<Shaun>bw was cheaper for whatever reason up in SJ...
18:52<gpd> <-- there's your answer
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20:39[~]Battousai <3 mikegrb
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21:18[~]mikegrb <3 Battousai
21:22<@mikegrb>"The company, which is in the middle of its make-or-break season preparing other people’s tax returns, said it had underestimated its own “state effective income tax rate” in previous quarters — meaning it owes another $32 million in back taxes" <-- H&R Block
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21:37<@caker>Spads: got a minute?
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21:48<@caker>Spads: is something spinning inside your node? If it's legit, don't worry about it .. just a heads up
21:48<Spads>lemme check
21:48<Spads>top - 19:48:30 up 38 days, 32 min, 24 users, load average: 1.46, 4.85, 7.44
21:49<Spads>that's the lowest load i've had in weeks
21:49<Spads>io_count=226077474 io_rate=14 io_tokens=399980 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
21:50<Spads>caker: it looks to me as though my node is uncommonly peaceful
21:50<Spads>load average: 0.77, 3.48, 6.61
21:50<Spads>perhaps something rude just died for some reason
21:53<Spads>what, a load of 0.77 looks high to you?
21:53<Spads>an io rate of 14 looks high?
21:53<Spads>I see nothing spinning
21:53<Battousai>22:53:50 up 116 days, 8:07, 2 users, load average: 0.15, 0.18, 0.17
21:54<Battousai>thats like the highest my linode's ever gone
21:54<Spads>that's what you get when you have 2 users instead of 24
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