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03:13<jlinos>are there problems on host28?
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04:38<linbot>New news from forums: Can we save snapshots of built up virtual servers? in General Discussion <>
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04:44<linbot>New news from forums: backups in General Discussion <>
05:08<linbot>New news from forums: Anti-SPAM Revisited in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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07:11<billg> Do I get a static IP address with a virtual server? Also,very important that we are clear on this, can I modify the reverse DNS on the IP that I am assigned so the email will work correctly?
07:14<@mikegrb>yes and yes
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08:59<WonderClown>Did something happen on host28 about 6 hours ago?
08:59<WonderClown>My linode mysteriously rebooted.
09:01<WonderClown>I notice that my token_refill and token_max are greatly increased after the reboot, though, which is good, as I was having a lot of I/O problems over the past couple of days.
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09:53<Zurk>anyone knows what this is --- JobID: 231116 - Host initiated restart Job Entered 01/01/1974 12:00:00 AM Status Success Host Start Date 02/25/2006 04:13:24 AM Host Finish Date 02/25/2006 04:13:45 AM Host Duration 0 minutes, 21 seconds Host Message ??
09:55<Zurk>i didnt reboot it at this a sserver compromise or something ??
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09:59<Zurk>anyone? JobID: 231116 - Host initiated restart Job Entered 01/01/1974 12:00:00 AM Status Success Host Start Date 02/25/2006 04:13:24 AM Host Finish Date 02/25/2006 04:13:45 AM Host Duration 0 minutes, 21 seconds Host Message
10:02<Spads>did host28 reboot?
10:03<Spads>hmmm, jlinos noticed trouble as well...
10:03<Zurk>dont know. how do i find out ?
10:03<Spads>Zurk: are you on host28?
10:03<Spads>yeah, so am I
10:04<Spads>my sessions went off the net at 12:45am PST and came back on at 1:25PST
10:04<Zurk>hmm.ok. guess my servers ok then
10:04<Spads>just the host
10:07<Secutor>question about vncserver: should we be able to enter '# vncserver' on a fresh linode and it would launch vncserver? I've tried with Debian and gentoo but get '-bash: vncserver: command not found'. Are there any notes about how to get vncserver running?
10:07<Zurk>apt-get install vnc ?
10:09<WonderClown>I'm also on host28 and got rebooted.
10:11<Spads>Secutor: yeah, you need to install it first, using either apt-get or portage, respectively
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10:22<billg>I want to setup a virtual server as a sendmail email server for a private school in Florida. Anyone have trouble with linode's ip showing up in spam block list?
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11:58<Secutor>spads: thanks, i'll try apt-get...
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16:13<dmp>he should've been called 'speedy'
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16:17<jon8>hi I have a question
16:18<dmp>I have a question too.
16:18<dmp>My question is "What's your question?"
16:19<Spads>jon8: it's usually best to just ask your question outright in the hopes that someone knows the answer, than to wait for the back&forth delay of asking permission to ask a question
16:20<jon8>lol sorry, was wondering how one is notified that their account is setup? I just signed up and recieved my reciept but my login doesn't seem to exist
16:21<Spads>jon8: I am pretty sure you get a notification mail when your account is set up. It's usually within a business day.
16:21<Spads>jon8: bu if you can catch caker or mikegrb live in here, sometimes they have enough time to spare to set you up. That "lolz" from mikegrb was automatic, though.
16:22<jon8>ok cool, just wanted to double check since I recieved the reciept already
16:22<Spads>you can try pinging them to see if they can flip the switch for you now.
16:22<jon8>thanks spads
16:23<jon8>been pretty happy with the service?
16:24<Spads>Oh yeah
16:25<jon8>glad to hear, since I just took the plunge for a year :)
16:26<Spads>yeah, I go yearly
16:26<jon8>what plan do you have?
16:27<darkbeholder>i cant afford to take the year plunge, but since im not hitting the wall of diskspace its not a big issue yet
16:31<Spads>I've got the biggest one
16:31<Spads>used to be 256
16:31<Spads>but I think it's like 320 now
16:31<Spads>we got a capacity bonus one day
16:31<Spads>caker just came in and said "Everybody's upgraded! Reboot whenever you want to!"
16:32<Spads>people with long-running servers still occasionally come in here surprised after a reboot
16:32<jon8>lol cool
16:33<darkbeholder>that helped cement my opinion that i choose the right thing when i came here (previously id only done shared hosting)
16:38<jon8>the shared hosting plans I looked at before signing up were all pretty lame
16:38<jon8>and i can't really justify the cost of colo'ing my own box for the few perosnal odds and ends I want to throw up online so this seemed like a good fit
16:39<jon8>how long have you guys been customers?
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20:50<@mikegrb>ASName: NYU-DOMAIN
20:50<@mikegrb>ASHandle: AS12
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21:05<FireSlash> #windows
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23:22<secutor>I'm trying to use debian and apt-get to install vncserver but the repository addresses do not seem viable. Anyone here using Debian? Any suggestions? stable main is an address that can't be reached.
23:25<Spads>sudo apt-get update
23:25<Spads>then and only then
23:25<Spads>sudo apt-get install vnc
23:27<secutor>thanks, i'll try...
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