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03:15<cherring>gday people
03:16<cherring>does anyone know of any good bind howto's?
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10:53<Secutor>Spads: thanks for the help yesterday in getting vncserver installed. It's now running.
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12:48<Secutor>Are there notes somewhere as to how to establish a vnc session on a linode to do GUI work using, say, KDE?
12:49<taupehat>actually, what you probably want is nomachine
12:50<taupehat>works all over ssh, and is a ton faster than vnc
12:50<taupehat>the login works like a console login
12:50<taupehat>nxserver and nxclient
12:50<taupehat>I think there's a package called freenx that is, well, free =]
12:51<Secutor>Thanks, I'll check out these ideas...
12:51<taupehat>good luck =]
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13:05<iggy>I'm wondering what kind of plan someone has that is running vnc
13:05<taupehat>heh, I was wondering that myself
13:06<taupehat>but it was NMP
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16:21<linbot>New news from wiki: Netfilter IPTables Mini Howto <>
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18:33<Secutor_>How do you install the X window system on debian? I've installed KDE already.
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19:10<@caker>Secutor_: can I ask _why_ you want a windowing system in the first place? Command line for remote systems is the way to go
19:11<@caker>Secutor_: I mean, you're going to all this trouble to install X when by now you could have (or have already) educated your self enough to use the CLI
19:33<Secutor_>I want to use some tragically underpowered, old laptops via vnc or something like vnc.
19:34<@caker>Secutor_: ok -- so how does this involve the Linode?
19:36<Secutor_>The linode might run some applications that are then viewed through vnc on an underpowered laptop. But, maybe you're right and the vnc server should be on a LAN with the underpowered laptops and linode used for other purposes.
19:37<Secutor_>What sort of circumstances were envisioned when the Linode company published the vncserver and vncviewer notes in the FAQ?
19:39<@caker>Secutor_: that people might want a windowing system and to show that it's possible
19:40<@caker>Secutor_: initially, I underestimated the number of people that had *nix skills, so I had thought GUIs might be more desired
19:41<Secutor_>I see. Maybe I'll use it as a mail server.
19:41<@caker>It's totally doable, however ...
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20:16<linbot>New news from forums: Linode T-shirts? in General Discussion <> || What's the best way to start using a linode VPS? in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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21:14<bvanderveen>Hello, I'm considering purchasing a Linode, and I am wondering if people have had luck running an email server. Since the Linodes share IP addresses, I'm worried about someone on the same host running a spam operation and getting the IP blacklisted, thereby keeping me from sending legitimate emails to hosts like,, msn, etc. Is this a problem I should worry about?
21:14<@caker>bvanderveen: IPs aren't shared
21:15<@caker>bvanderveen: each Linode gets its own IP
21:15<bvanderveen>Ah, I see. So then I shouldn't worry?
21:15<@caker>bvanderveen: I'm curious how you got that impression (so I can fix it)
21:16<bvanderveen>I just assumed that each physical machine had only one NIC and therefore only one IP
21:16<taupehat>bvanderveen: even with a regular linux box, you can set it up to listen on as many IP addresses as you want
21:17<bvanderveen>Yes, but the IP from which messages are, I'm not very knowledgeable about networking.
21:17<bvanderveen>But if I get my own IP I suppose it's not a problem.
21:17<taupehat>the virtual hosts appear to the outside world as a standalone computer
21:18<@caker>bvanderveen: yeah, it doesn't work like that .. Linodes are bridged right onto the Layer-2 network, which has no concept of IP addresses
21:18<bvanderveen>'s all Greek to me.
21:18<@caker>or geek :)
21:19<taupehat>caker: that was something of a thing with dhcp, wasn't it?
21:19<@caker>anyhow -- from an end-user's perspective, a Linode functions just like a real Linux box
21:19[~]taupehat is referencing his nortious thread in /dev/random
21:19<bvanderveen>hehe, yes. I understand many geek dialects, but not the low-level networking one.
21:19<@caker>taupehat: hmm?
21:20<@caker>taupehat: oh, the ARP thing?
21:20<bvanderveen>Also, is there anything in the ToS prohibiting me from hosting other people's websites on my Linode? I wouldn't be running a huge, automated reseller sort of thing, just adding Apache configurations and web root dirs manually.
21:20[~]taupehat sure hopes not
21:21<@caker>yup .. I _guarantee+_ other providers are vulnerable to that
21:21<taupehat>my dad has his website on my linode
21:21<taupehat>caker: heh, oh well =]
21:21<@caker>bvanderveen: that's fine
21:21<bvanderveen>The websites would be client sites, and they would be paying for that still legit?
21:22<@caker>bvanderveen: that'll work .. basically you can do whatever you want as long as it's legal and not SPAM related
21:22<bvanderveen>caker: ok, cool
21:23<taupehat>ever gonna tie phpbb into the portal, caker?
21:23<taupehat>I login there
21:24<taupehat>then go to the forum
21:24<taupehat>and login again
21:24<taupehat>not exactly high-priority =]
21:24<@caker>oh .. not going to happen, for a reason -- most ppl don't want their Linode username known
21:24<taupehat>ergh, right.
21:24<taupehat>makes sense
21:25<bvanderveen>Now a few performance related questions: Suppose I run a few medium-traffic, medium-complexity Java web apps on top of PostgreSQL databases, as well as low-volume email...what Linode level should I be considering
21:25[~]mikegrb 's PAUS account was approved, I can upload to CPAN now :>
21:25<taupehat>go mikegrb
21:26<@caker>bvanderveen: it all depends on memory usage ... most apps you can tweak to fit into even the smallest Linode
21:27<bvanderveen>caker: So it's mostly just making sure I'm not caching beyond my capacity, and not so much a CPU thing?
21:29<@caker>bvanderveen: most people need to reduce the number of apache threads and modules it loads, and config their db to use less memory, etc
21:29<taupehat>linbot: new
21:29<linbot>taupehat: About Debian, News, Getting Debian, Support, Development, Site map, Search, aggregate, akregator-i18n, akregator-konq-plugin, akregator-kontact-plugin, alacarte, banshee, bbconf, bcrelay, bidwatcher, blockade, bluemon, bnlib1, bnlib1-dev, cfe, chipmunk-log, cl-kpax, cl-s-base64, cl-s-http-server, cl-s-sysdeps, cl-s-utils, cl-sql-oracle, cue2toc, dedit, emwin, esh, fatsort, flin, framerd, freetalk, (11 more messages)
21:29<linbot>caker: Linode80 - 7, Linode120 - 2, Linode160 - 0, Linode240 - 0, Linode320 - 0
21:30<taupehat>any of those 120s in fremont?
21:30<@caker>taupehat: nope :(
21:30<taupehat>heh, allright
21:30<bvanderveen>caker: I see. One more thing: Suppose I decide I want to upgrade to a beefier I going to be looking at reconfiguring my server from scratch?
21:31[~]taupehat found an irresistible post in /dev/random to add to
21:31<@caker>bvanderveen: nope -- send us a support ticket, we configure a "migration", and then you can shutdown and press _one_ button and it'll move your Linode to a new host. That's it.
21:31<linbot>New news from forums: Random Computer Names in /dev/random <>
21:31<bvanderveen>caker: Awesome
21:32<bvanderveen>caker: that [bang]avail bit...does that mean that I couldn't order a Linode > 120 for the time being?
21:32<@caker>bvanderveen: yeah
21:32<@caker>bvanderveen: same as is displayed on
21:33<@caker>bvanderveen: er, I think I read it wrong .. you can only order what's available
21:33<bvanderveen>caker: ah yes, I see it now....
21:33<@caker>nevermind .. I'm blind
21:34<bvanderveen>caker: Well that's cool, it at least gives the impression that you're not cheating on the contention ratio ;)
21:36<@mikegrb>bvanderveen: it uses a random number generator
21:36[~]mikegrb runs
21:36<taupehat>I thought that was how you assigned io_refresh
21:36<@caker>bvanderveen: nope :) ... also, other providers don't separate plans onto each host. So, you could end up on a host with a gazillion smaller virtual servers .. that doesn't happen @ Linode
21:37<bvanderveen>caker: cool :)
21:38<bvanderveen>caker: One final question, I think. How long does it take to get the account set up?
21:38<@caker>bvanderveen: minutes if we're around, otherwise sometime the same day
21:40<bvanderveen>caker: great. Thanks for answering my questions, I really appreciate it. I'm looking to probably get started in the next 4-6 weeks, and I'm feeling more confident about this service.
21:40<@caker>bvanderveen: no problem :)
21:41<bvanderveen>caker: thanks again, ttyl
21:41<@caker>bvanderveen: see ya
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22:24<iggy>I'm very pleased with the service.... so pleased, I've talked my boss into getting 2 linodes for the company
22:26<iggy>I'm a horrible cheerleader btw
22:45<@mikegrb>mmm cake
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23:12<womble>caker, mikegrb: How unavailable are the 240/320s?
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