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05:52<Internat>anyone here use horde?
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11:37<lho>hi, is down?
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11:38<kvandivo>isn't responding very fast, is it?
11:38<cmantito>yeah, I noticed that the bandwidth XML feed was down a few minutes ago. didn't think about the linode website.
11:39<lho>can connect to port 80, no response for my HTTP request though.
11:44<heidi>it should be all better now
11:45<kvandivo>things around here would fall apart if heidi weren't on the case. fall apart, i say!
11:52<lho>i have received the invoice and payment receipt, but seem cannot login. will i have to wait for a while?
11:58<taupehat>lho: a while will probably be a few minutes =]
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12:00<taupehat>they're really fast here
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14:14<@caker>mikegrb: happy one year anniversary :)
14:21<@mikegrb>thanks :>
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16:00<Sgeo>What's causing the kernel panics?
16:01<kvandivo>so much for my 150 day uptime. :(
16:01<Zurk>why the heck do linodes keep going down ?
16:02[~]Zurk has more uptime on an 8 yr old 486DX-33 than the linode server
16:02<@caker>bug in skas that no one can find
16:02<@caker>yeah, yeah
16:04[~]Zurk wonders if xen is stabler and if a migration option is available
16:05<@caker>Zurk: there will be
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16:10<ericdes>My linode just got down... Has someone the same problem?
16:10<ericdes>Okay, thanks!
16:13<kvandivo>aww.. that's cute
16:13<kvandivo>err.. wrong window
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16:39<Sgeo>What's an IO ticket?
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16:40<Sgeo>hi spr
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17:12<genod1>hello, I'm a new linode customer
17:12<genod1>i installed gentoo and then ran nmap -v -A
17:13<genod1>got 445/tcp filtered microsoft-ds
17:13<genod1>any idea what's going on?
17:14<tierra>ah, that's not on there
17:14<genod1>no, but thanks anyway.
17:14<genod1>perhaps the docs are out-of-date??
17:14<genod1>so by filtered it means exactly what?
17:14[~]tierra is not Linode staff btw
17:15<genod1>thanks for you responses!
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17:22<Sgeo>What's an IO ticket?
17:24<tierra>linbot: io_tokens
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17:43<karlt81>maybe somebody can help me... i'm trying to access smtp port 25 from external system, cannot connect. maybe port is closed somewhere?
17:46<tierra>your ISP may be blocking it (a few do)
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17:53<Sgeo>What's a Linode 64?
17:53<Sgeo>Lowest I see is a Linode 80
17:54<tierra>80's used to be 64's
17:56<Sgeo>Are Linode 80's decent?
17:59<Spads>yeah, fair enough for basic stuff
18:00<Spads>you know, running web/mail/whatever
18:00<Spads>maybe a stripped down SQL DB
18:00<Sgeo>2 or more Background running Python scripts, two games running on DreamDaemon, and a bzflag server?
18:01<Sgeo>And webserver
18:01<Spads>I know nothing of bzflag servers or DreamDaemon
18:01<Sgeo>bzflag server isn't important
18:01<Spads>but if they're not I/O or RAM-heavy, you should be dandy
18:01<Spads>the real bottleneck with a linode is disk I/O
18:01<Sgeo>which is better, thttpd or lightttp?
18:01<Spads>so you want to prevent swapping whenever possible
18:01<Spads>I've heard great things about lighttpd
18:02<Spads>But I've used neither
18:02<Spads>but lighttpd is a popular choice for the linode 80s
18:04<Sgeo>DreamDaemon might be a bit IO intensive, and my python scripts might use quite a bit of RAM (How much text stored in memory would make 'a lot' of RAM usage)?
18:04[~]Sgeo decides that the Python scripts can't possibly be that bad
18:04<Spads>by "text", do you mean the code segment, or do you mean ascii data?
18:04<Sgeo>ascii data
18:04<Sgeo>from an irc chatroom
18:05<Spads>your python scripts won't be a problem, I don't think
18:06[~]Sgeo imagines what it must be like to have a Linode
18:06<genod1>anyone doing Tomcat, Resin, Jetty or some other Java servlet/JSP container with an 80?
18:06<genod1>any tips?
18:13<Sgeo>Does anyone use the Python module CGIHTTPServer as their webserver?
18:16<Spads>not as a production web server
18:16<Spads>it's good for like add-on web services to some other daemon, but that's about it
18:16<Spads>like, you'd use it to run a web interface to a python doodad server of some sort, but I wouldn't put it up to withstand a slashdotting
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18:17<Sgeo>So I guess not
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18:20<Sgeo>Hi avid
18:22<Sgeo>I suppose there's no way for me to treat my Linode like two machines?
18:22<Sgeo>One to experiment with various distros, the other for hosting?
18:22<Spads>you can divide up the disk space into two images, and dual-boot
18:22<Spads>but you can't subdivide
18:22<Spads>or at least, you certainly wouldn't want to try on an 80
18:23<Sgeo>How many Linodes are normally on a host at a time
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18:28<Sgeo>Hi Newsome/sorenson
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18:49<genod1>i'm setting up Gentoo uname -a >> 2.4.29. how do i get Gentoo 2.6?
18:51<Spads>the kernel is handled through the web interface
18:51<Spads>it's selected and booted by the host system
18:51<Spads>I keep mine at "latest 2.6"
18:56[~]caker updates "Latest 2.6" to point to 2.6.15-linode16
19:03<Sgeo>Who is caker?
19:03<genod1>spads, do you mean setting up a new configuration?
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19:07<oneman>I found a kick ass little program that alot of linode members might be interested in today
19:07<oneman>its called htop
19:07<oneman>Its just a better version of top, the most important part being that you can easily see real memory usage
19:08<oneman>I found out with the memory I had I could run 3 rather than two rails dispatcher processes
19:08<oneman>So it was pretty usefull ;]
19:09<oneman>mikegrb, or caker , can you privmsg me? I need to make a change to my credit card info for this billing that will be coming up in a few days
19:11[~]Sgeo learns that a server on his smallish chat network is run on a Linode
19:11<Sgeo>And is also run on a Linode
19:12<Sgeo>The server running on the Linode is also the one used for webaccess
19:12<genod1>so, 2.6, how do get my install from 2.4 to 2.6 the linode way? create a configuration and reboot?
19:16<Spads>htop eh
19:16<Spads>sounds useful
19:17<Spads>I wonder how it profiles itself, as top is something of a CPU hog
19:19<Spads>oneman: huh, how do you get it to show real memory use?
19:19<Spads>it looks like it just shows virt/res/shar like top does
19:27<genod1>any way to keep my ssh connection for a longer timeout, or none?
19:31<genod1>Who are you spads, linode staff?
19:35<Spads>Just a customer
19:35<oneman>Spads, I can read this one thats all I can say ;]
19:36<Spads>oneman: but you still have to calculate res - shar to get the ballpark for actual individual process use
19:36<oneman>aye, however this is a world of options if u hit f2
19:36<oneman>I only care about total memory usage at the moment
19:36<Spads>I've been through the menus
19:36<oneman>because I have a rails application and a mono application
19:36<Spads>nothing jumped out at me
19:37<oneman>its a good time actualy
19:41<@caker>oneman: you can change your CC info under "My Account" in the LPM
19:42<oneman>caker, done, just wanted to inform it should be used this next bill
19:55<sprouse>anyone recommend a console email client besides mutt?
19:57<sprouse>i've used pine when i was in college but its not a standard debian package
19:57<sprouse>or free
19:58<Spads>I think mutt is the ne plus ultra unless you're into emacs
19:58<Spads>and then gnus is king
19:58<Spads>what is it you're looking for that mutt doesn't provide?
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19:59<sprouse>mutt has what i need; I just wanted to see if something else was also out there
20:00<Spads>yeah, it's pretty much mutt vs gnus
20:00<Spads>unless you want to go back to mail
20:02<sprouse>mutt is easy enough. gpg was farely easy to setup too
20:02<sprouse>too back i can't get gpg to work on my outlook client
20:02<sprouse>too bad that is
20:28<genod1>is it wise to create do this ...1) create a user account 2) then disable root login to ssh
20:28<genod1>then to get to root, login to user acct, and su -
20:28<genod1>or, is that going to hang me somehow?
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20:42[~]Sgeo asked, and that seems to be the right thing to do
20:42<Sgeo>(according to the people in Sine)
20:59<Spads>he's gone, alas
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22:12<Sgeo>What does it mean by.. "Two available"?
22:13<Sgeo>How often are more Linodes made available?
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22:13<@caker>Sgeo: when people cancel, or new hosts come online
22:13<Sgeo>But there aren't many available Linodes :(
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