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00:34<tronix>mmm Mutt, MUA of the $DEIT{Y|IES}
00:36[~]mikegrb runs
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01:29<@mikegrb>jebus.. "Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 01:27:35 -0600" <-- my date header on the outbound message, "Tue, 28 Feb 2006 01:27:45 -0600" <-- date from received line
01:29<@mikegrb>that is some damn quick turnaround time for a mailing list
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02:00<tj>is there something going on with host42?
02:00<@mikegrb>ddos attack
02:01<tj>alright, thanks.
02:01<@mikegrb>should be taken care of any moment
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07:22<internat>anyone done much with horde3
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08:19<dggoldst>how's it going
08:23<dggoldst>that good, eh?
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08:26<justincky>I was looking in the forums. It looks like you guys may be beta testing Xen?
08:26<justincky>I would be interested in the beta if its available?
08:34<justincky>anyone here?
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08:48<dggoldst>i am here
09:12<dggoldst>anybody know how to install vncserver?
09:20<kvandivo>inevitably, yes
09:24<dggoldst>i have a fresh debian install (ubuntu actually) and vncserver command is not found
09:24<dggoldst>i imagine I have to install some kind of window system?
09:25<kvandivo>apt-get install tightvncserver, maybe?
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09:26<dggoldst>but how did you know that kvandivo?
09:26<kvandivo>well, i happen to know because i'm kvandivo.. but a quick google search for vnc server debian would probably reveal things as well
09:27<anderiv>ooh - look who has a big ego this morning
09:28[~]kvandivo throws back his head and cackles with insane glee.
09:28<dggoldst>root@none:~ # apt-get install tightvncserver
09:28<dggoldst>E: Couldn't find package tightvncserver
09:28<kvandivo>try a apt-cache search vncserver
09:28<dggoldst>ok trying ...
09:29<dggoldst>it says xvncviewer - Virtual network computing client software for X
09:29<kvandivo>!google ubuntu vncserver
09:29<linbot>kvandivo: Search took 0.28 seconds: Ubuntu -- vncserver: <>; VNCSERVER doesn't work [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums: <>; Can't connect to vncserver running on Ubuntu Linux box: <>; Can't connect to vncserver running on Ubuntu Linux box: (2 more messages)
09:31<dggoldst>ok, trying trying
09:32<dggoldst>so, what does the output of the apt-cache tell me?
09:32<kvandivo>packages that are available in your world
09:41<dggoldst>holy cow i think i did it
09:41<dggoldst>i needed to unhash the universe lines in my sources list
09:42<kvandivo>congrats. you're on your way
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10:37<linbot>New news from forums: vncserver in General Discussion <>
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11:32<Lurkus>caker or mikegrb around?? I've got a linode that's stuck
11:32<Lurkus>I used a reboot via LISH about 3 hours ago and it's still waiting on host
11:32<Lurkus>used = issued :/
11:34<Lurkus>also can't ssh into
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14:37<wibble>i'm looking to purchase linode 80 for a year. the page says that there is only one linode 120 available. is availability volatile or will that situation remain for days ?
14:37<kvandivo>very volatile
14:38<wibble>kvandivo: oic. i was suprised that all options weren't available.
14:39<kvandivo>yep.. they are too popular
14:43<wibble>i shall check availability later tonight, then. thanks kvandivo !
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14:53<linbot>mikegrb: Linode80 - 5, Linode120 - 1, Linode160 - 1, Linode240 - 0, Linode320 - 0
14:54<@mikegrb>people cancel just before the end of the month
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15:40<CJ-Webmaster>host40 seems to be offline
15:41<@mikegrb>yes, working on it
15:41<CJ-Webmaster>Ok, cool
15:41<CJ-Webmaster>Just wanted to make sure someone knew. I'll let you get on with it
15:41<CJ-Webmaster>Most excellent work btw :)
15:42<@mikegrb>thank you
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15:58<linbot>New news from forums: Host 40 Panic in System and Network Status <>
15:59<blech>li-22 down (now called host 40)
15:59<blech>looks like it was time for the weekly kernel panic
16:02<blech>8 panics since Dec 31
16:02<GN>sounds like my network administrator
16:03<blech>5 in the past 30 days
16:03<blech>is there a way to apply for a xfer to a different host?
16:03<blech>host40 was the replacement for host22 (aka Hindenburg)
16:04<GN>yeah i was on host22 also
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20:39<scion>hey all got a little question, just put a fc2 install and trying to update through yum,it keeps hanging during the test transactions
20:39<scion>is there anyway to bypass the test transaction
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21:21<linbot>New news from wiki: Syslog Howto <>
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22:36<alan>has anyone here done a memory (more ram) upgrade to their linode?
22:41<Spads>we all got one a while back
22:41<Spads>turned the 64s into 80s, etc
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22:44<interferon>if i migrate to a new linode plan, will my data just be transferred onto the new VM, or will i have to start from scratch?
22:44<alan>did the upgrade kick in right away? or was there a delay (presumably)
22:46<Spads>it was the moment you rebooted
22:47<Spads>interferon: it can be migrated, but if you're going to a smaller plan, you'll need to downsize your data etc
22:47<Spads>chances are you don't need to migrate to a new host to take advantage of a new plan
22:47<interferon>Spads, i'm moving upwards, so that shouldn't be a problem. thanks
22:47<Spads>should just be a simple reboot
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22:49<alan>more ram is better than less ram
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23:09<interferon>i use ubuntu on my home computer, but should i be using debian instead on my linode?
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23:28<Spads>interferon: use whichever you like
23:29<Spads>interferon: ubuntu is working on their server-side subdistribution lately, and it is nice to get a new release every six months instead of every four years
23:30<Beirdo>and ubuntu proper works fine as a server
23:31<Beirdo>you don't HAVE to install all the Gnome stuff, etc :)
23:41<interferon>in the time between my question and now i decided to go with ubuntu :)
23:41<interferon>but thanks for making me feel more confident in the choice i made
23:42<Spads>I stand behind your irresponsible rush to conclusions
23:42<interferon>always a good call
23:52<taupehat>err, wrong chan
23:52<Spads>I seeeeee
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