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04:54<Internat>is there a option that im missing for awstats, that allows u to include a custom header etc?
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09:19<Eron_Apocalypse>Quanto custa o servidor de 64 ?
09:19<Eron_Apocalypse>caker: ?
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09:24<tsi>was that portugese?
09:24<tsi>it looks like almost-but-not-quite-Spanish
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12:29<tjfontaine>who's killing host38 ;)
12:29<taupehat>not me!
12:31<tjfontaine>has anyone mentioned it before I came in?
12:32<tjfontaine>LPMs got the host pegged pretty high
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12:35<tjfontaine>mikegrb: <3
12:36<tjfontaine>it keeps trying to rbeak free
12:36<tjfontaine>someone swapping?
12:39[~]Soryu swaps coke an tjs lap
12:40<tjfontaine>that's not nice
12:41<tjfontaine>you so are
12:41<Soryu>mike pushed me
12:41<tjfontaine>he shouldn't have
12:44<tjfontaine>mikegrb: is it at all related to the recent panic?
12:49<@mikegrb>shouldn't be
12:49<@mikegrb>has it gotten any better?
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12:53<tjfontaine>not particularly
12:53<tjfontaine>well, it's catching up I guess
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13:09[~]caker passes around the Starbucks crackpipe
13:09[~]tjfontaine puffs
13:09<bendy24>will it hurt?
13:10<@caker>first one is free
13:10<@caker>go for it
13:10[~]bendy24 puffs
13:11[~]caker places many hardware orders
13:12<tjfontaine>one host per linode ;)
13:12<@caker>two new cabs in Fremont coming online this week
13:12<bendy24>caker: i still havent recieved those 300gig scsi drives you promised
13:12<@caker>bendy24: show me proof
13:13<@mikegrb><@caker> bendy24: 300 gb scssssiii drivvveess 4 joooooo okie?
13:13<tjfontaine>forogt timestamp
13:13<@mikegrb>that was after some 180 proof
13:13[~]mikegrb runs
13:13<@caker># grep "User unknown" /var/log/maillog | grep linode | wc -l
13:13<@caker> 15111
13:13<@caker>^-- since feb 26
13:14<bendy24>spam haus
13:14<@caker>that's part of what was slamming's linode
13:14<@caker>that and googlebotz
13:14<tjfontaine>google luvs the linode
13:15<@caker>mikegrb: hunter?
13:15<@caker>cute kid
13:15<tjfontaine>considering the dad ya ;)
13:15[~]mikegrb lossely compresses tj's disk image
13:16<@mikegrb>look! more free space!
13:16<tjfontaine>just make sure it's the work drive
13:17<bendy24>treo 650 pic!
13:20<gpd>caker: does the hardware order mean you have a DC willing to take more stuff... leading to... err... Xen ;)
13:20<@caker>gpd: yup
13:20<tjfontaine>all roads lead to xen
13:20<gpd>caker++ - etx?
13:21<@caker>well, we'll need to do the public beta for a few weeks
13:21<@caker>if you have a node in Fremont we can arrange for you to be a tester, if you'd like
13:21<gpd>'fraid mine is theplanet iirc - 47?
13:22<@caker>gpd: that's Dallas
13:22<gpd>oh - bonus ping
13:23<@caker>anyone have any opinions on HP Procurve switches?
13:26<bendy24>we have some old ones here iwth dead ports
13:26<bendy24>i could sell them cheap to you
13:27<tjfontaine>silly bendy
13:29<kvandivo>speaking of free coffee, you can go to mcdonalds been now and saturday and get a free coupon for one of their new coffees that are coming online next week
13:29<tjfontaine>kvandivo: your keyboard is failing you today
13:30<kvandivo>it always does
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14:10[~]gpd deletes 20th GOOD NEWS FOR YOU email - decides to investigate other spam filtering options
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14:22<Beirdo>what, you don't like good news?
14:22<Beirdo>how about v1agra
14:23<tierra>who doesn't want to enlarge their members?
14:24<gpd>installed postgrey - not added the line to postfix yet... still time to get the 'best l@ve'
14:25<Beirdo>how I long for the days before spammers did whatever they pleased with no consequences
14:25[~]caker wonders why his apartment eats so many lightbulbs
14:26<Beirdo>caker: might be people upstairs thudding on the floor too much
14:26<Beirdo>I had that at a previous apt
14:26<@caker>Beirdo: good one -- but I'm on the highest floor
14:26<Beirdo>heavy seagulls landing on the roof?
14:27<taupehat>caker: probably "dirty" power
14:27<@caker>could be the psycho squirrels (
14:27<taupehat>lots of jaggies instead of a nice sine wave
14:28<taupehat>hehe, nice pic
14:28<Beirdo>dirty power affects incandescent bulbs?
14:28<Beirdo>they glow jaggedly?
14:28<Beirdo>oooh, nice squirrel :)
14:28<taupehat>Beirdo: sure. If you turn a bulb on and off really quickly it'll burn out quick. Dirty power basically puts the bulb in a constantly-varying brownout state.
14:29<Beirdo>I guess
14:29[~]taupehat used to do lighting
14:29<kvandivo>caker, crop the leftmost 100 or so pixels off of that
14:29<@caker>kvandivo: for what reason?
14:29<kvandivo>get rid of the window frame or whatver it is..
14:30<@caker>yeah .. outside closet door frame
14:30<kvandivo>could also crop the bottom 100 or so pixels..
14:30<taupehat>heh, kvandivo is the random-interesting-photo critic
14:31<kvandivo>na.. i'll critique any photo... it doesn't have to be random
14:31[~]tierra kvandivo to a gay porn site'
14:31<kvandivo>some photos i can critique without even seeing them
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14:38<@caker># grep "User unknown" /var/log/maillog | grep linode | wc -l
14:38<@caker> 18543
14:38<@caker>mmm, another 7000 attempts in the past 2 hrs
14:39[~]caker heads out for liquid gold (AKA ink cartridges)
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14:44<Gertie>Saw this channel mentioned on and decided to come visiting
14:44<taupehat>o rly?
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14:45<Gertie>I was looking up quotes from #cam
14:46<Gertie>Hello taupehat
14:47<taupehat>warewolf: you should check that link
14:47<Gertie>Hello mike
14:48<Gertie>So do the two of you run linux servers?
14:48<taupehat>mikegrb is quite likely afk
14:48<@mikegrb>mmm cake
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14:51<Gertie>Nice trick, mikegrb
14:51<Gertie>Are you certain he isn't a bot?
14:51<Gertie>So taupehat, are you work?
14:53<tierra>that quote wasn't very funny... tell us the real reason you joined this channel!
14:53<Soryu>mikegrb is the bot of the year
14:54<linbot>Soryu: Botsnacks are stupid, donate to my project instead.
14:57<Gertie>I really joined because I am bored bored bored and was reading qdb and saw that quote and thought hm surely?! so had to come see.
14:58<tjfontaine>iqdb still exists?
14:59<tjfontaine>oh *that* qdb
15:01<tierra>so many questions... calm down people
15:01<Gertie>Wow lot of people talking here.
15:02<Gertie>My usual irc is dead dead dead.
15:02<Gertie>Why do people take jobs that don't let them chat?
15:02<tierra>you should go join #gentoo, #debian, or #ubuntu on freenode
15:02<tjfontaine>because it usually effects productivity
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15:03<Gertie>Well I know why they are told no chatting
15:03<Gertie>I want to know why they take those jobs. ;)
15:03<Gertie>Freenode, hm?
15:03<tjfontaine>because jobs that don't care about productivity aren't around for very long
15:03<Gertie>Is that one of those twelve million hitting on the one poor actual chick places?
15:04<Gertie>Oh sorry typo freenode
15:04<Gertie>In my case I just found a way to get the work done faster.
15:04<Gertie>My boss knows nada about making technology work for you
15:05<tjfontaine>wait, do you have a linode or are looking to purchase one?
15:05<Gertie>Previous person to hold this position was a technophobe....
15:05<Gertie>I do everything she did and more in about three hours per month
15:05<Gertie>Well, I was curious
15:05<tjfontaine>hmm ok
15:05<Gertie>We've got our server hosted elsewhere...
15:06<Gertie>I see it says you specialize in linux here......
15:06<tjfontaine>what are you curious about in particular to linode?
15:06<Gertie>Just curious
15:06<tjfontaine>there is hope for bsd I suppose when the move to xen is completed
15:06<Gertie>Originally as I said I just saw the #linode on the quote previously linked and came to have a visit in the chatroom.
15:07<Gertie>Then I got to the webby and saw linux hosting
15:07<Gertie>So I asked did everyone here have hosting on linode?
15:07<tierra>most people here, yes
15:07<Gertie>Am I not supposed to be here if I don't?
15:07<tierra>no reason you can't be
15:07<Gertie>Oh ok thank you.
15:07<tierra>especially if your here to get some questions answered
15:08<Gertie>ah ok
15:08<Gertie>So you work at linode, tierra?
15:08<tierra>nope, just a customer
15:08<tjfontaine>the two ops work at linode
15:08<Gertie>ah ok
15:08<tjfontaine>others of us are just long time customers
15:08<Gertie>I hadn't checked out the full nick list
15:08<npmr>linbot, hello?
15:09<Gertie>I usually don't have to worry about the ops too much.
15:09<tjfontaine>!can you hear me
15:09<npmr>!weather 60625
15:09<Gertie>Being an op myself elsewhere I usually am not one to cross them
15:09<linbot>npmr: Temperature: 35°F / 2°C | Humidity: 70% | Pressure: 30.04in / 1017hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: NNW | Wind Speed: 13mph / 20km/h; Today - Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of snow showers. Highs in the mid to upper 30s. Northwest winds around 10 mph increasing to 15 to 20 mph this morning with higher gusts in the afternoon. as of 4:00 am CST on March 2, 2006;
15:09<npmr>ok, linbot's not an op today
15:09<linbot>tjfontaine: *click*
15:10[~]bendy24 shoots tjfontaine
15:10<Gertie>Oh where is linbot giving the weather for?
15:10<Gertie>Is that number up there a location?
15:10<npmr>it's a u.s. zip code
15:10<tjfontaine>zip code
15:10<Gertie>haha ok thanks
15:10<Gertie>Didn't even think of that
15:10<npmr>linbot also does airport codes
15:10<Gertie>!weather 60625
15:10<linbot>Gertie: Temperature: 35°F / 2°C | Humidity: 70% | Pressure: 30.04in / 1017hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: NNW | Wind Speed: 13mph / 20km/h; Today - Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of snow showers. Highs in the mid to upper 30s. Northwest winds around 10 mph increasing to 15 to 20 mph this morning with higher gusts in the afternoon. as of 4:00 am CST on March 2, 2006;
15:10<npmr>!weather kord
15:10<linbot>npmr: Temperature: 34°F / 1°C | Humidity: 73% | Pressure: 30.04in / 1017hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 12mph / 18km/h; Today - Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of snow showers. Highs in the mid to upper 30s. Northwest winds around 10 mph increasing to 15 to 20 mph this morning with higher gusts in the afternoon. as of 4:00 am CST on March 2, 2006;
15:10<Gertie>!weather 75020
15:10<linbot>Gertie: Temperature: 68°F / 20°C | Humidity: 26% | Pressure: 30.06in / 1018hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NNE | Wind Speed: 14mph / 22km/h; This Afternoon - Mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of rain. Windy. Highs in the lower 70s. Northeast winds 15 to 25 mph. as of 2:21 PM CST on March 2, 2006;
15:11<Gertie>Airport codes, hm?
15:11<Gertie>!weather pie
15:11<linbot>Gertie: Temperature: 77°F / 25°C | Humidity: 52% | Pressure: 30.02in / 1016hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 13mph / 20km/h; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Areas of low clouds and patchy fog after midnight. Lows around 60. Southwest winds around 5 mph becoming west after midnight. as of 3:31 PM EST on March 2, 2006;
15:11<npmr>!weather sfo
15:11<Gertie>What a nice bot feature.
15:11<linbot>npmr: Temperature: 55°F / 13°C | Humidity: 53% | Pressure: 30.02in / 1016hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 5mph / 7km/h; Today - Showers likely with scattered afternoon thunderstorms. Highs mid to upper 50s. Southwest afternoon wind 10 to 20 mph. as of 4:00 am PST on March 2, 2006;
15:12<tjfontaine>/msg linbot <cmd>
15:12<Gertie>Our Jeevesie just flirts and motivates and such....
15:12<npmr>it might do metars, too, i'm not sure
15:12<npmr>i've seen bots that do
15:12<Gertie>And handles blocks and bans and such
15:12<npmr>and stock quotes
15:12<Gertie>Ah I've seen stock quotes.......trivia....
15:12<npmr>google searches
15:12<npmr>!google fool
15:12<linbot>npmr: Search took 0.42 seconds: Fool .com: Investing, Stock Research, and Personal Finance: <>; The Motley Fool UK - Fool <>; Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes Of All Time: <>; My webcomic can beat up your webcomic!: <>; FOOL Home Page: <>; (1 more message)
15:13<linbot>npmr: Pepper Fool: <>; FooL: <>; Fool's USA Map | Fool's USA Map: <>; Henry Fool (1997): <>; Main Noble Fool Theatricals Main Page: <>
15:20<Gertie>A friend's got the databases where you give it a phone number and it tells you where the telephone company has their switch.
15:21<Gertie>Thereby allowing you to locate them within a couple of block radius even if it is an unlisted number
15:21<Gertie>On his bot.
15:34[~]Gertie listens to the crickets chirp
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15:59<Beirdo>a few blocks?
15:59<Beirdo>nice try :)
16:00<Beirdo>try a few miles at best
16:00<Beirdo>even longer if they use remote COs
16:01<kvandivo>gee, Beirdo, do you think you work at a phone company or something?
16:01<Beirdo>hehe, well, I don't exactly :)
16:02<tierra>just had enough experience dealing with DSL no doubt
16:02<Beirdo>yup :)
16:02<tierra>yeah, I know how that goes
16:02<Beirdo>a friend got stuck on a remote CO, and couldn't get DSL, shoulda heard him bitch out Bell Canada
16:03<Beirdo>and I know for a fact that my work and my home are on the same CO
16:03<Beirdo>and we are over a mile apart
16:03<tierra>my grandparents live in a city small enough to be served by a CO in another city a few miles away
16:03<Beirdo>fun :)
16:04<Beirdo>central office
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16:05<Beirdo>where your phone line hits phone company equipment
16:05<Lone_Wanderer>How much of a pain would it be to set up Apache on port 80 and lighthttpd (for RoR) on another port?
16:05<Beirdo>apache would be easy
16:05<Lone_Wanderer>ruby on rails
16:08<kvandivo>umm.. when you run the ruby server, isn't that what it is doing?
16:08<kvandivo>(for dev work)
16:09<Gertie>Hm I guess I should have said within a few blocks in his local
16:09<Gertie>He's in big D
16:10<kvandivo>ignore that, though.. for lighthttpd, i doubt it has the 80 hardcoded.. so it should be easy enough to change
16:10<tierra>last I played with lighthttpd, I don't even think it defaulted to 80
16:11[~]tierra could be wrong though
16:11<gpd>well that was useless - postgrey running but heere it is... 'as little as $400 a month!'...
16:11<tierra>I do know it's a one line change in the config though
16:11<kvandivo> refer to that from a month ago, Lone
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16:13<ashovi>Is there a faq somewhere that tells how to set up slackware's sendmail?
16:16<tierra>this looks like one of the more promising pages:
16:18<ashovi>thx very much
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16:29<Lone_Wanderer>Why does Linode require the validation thing when you try to sign up for an account?
16:30<Lone_Wanderer>thanks kvandivo
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16:31<kvandivo>Lone_Wanderer: prevents fraud
16:35<Lone_Wanderer>Okay, this is a bit disconcerting.
16:36<Lone_Wanderer>I just got my payment receipt, but I can't log in. When I go to retrieve my user name, it says they don't have my email on file.
16:36<Lone_Wanderer>"No usernames could be found associated with the email address you provided"
16:36<@caker>Lone_Wanderer: your account has to be activated first...
16:36<Lone_Wanderer>did that
16:36<@caker>only admins can activate accounts
16:37<@caker>which I've just done (if that was yours)
16:37<Lone_Wanderer>oh ok
16:37<Lone_Wanderer>let's give it a shot now and see
16:37<Lone_Wanderer>Loverly, thank you :)
16:38<@caker>no one reads the details on the final step page :(
16:38<Lone_Wanderer>We're all a bunch of lazy, rotten bastards.
16:39<@caker>Lone_Wanderer: you made me type extra ....
16:39<@caker>you shall pay
16:39<@caker>Lone_Wanderer: anyway -- thanks and welcome to the club :)
16:40<Lone_Wanderer>Does it really matter which distro I choose? All I need is web, email, vim/emacs, maybe I'll throw a Lisp package on there later to screw around with.
16:40<@caker>Lone_Wanderer: majority go with Debian and as of late Ubuntu
16:41<Lone_Wanderer>Mmm, Debian. So tiny.
16:44<Lone_Wanderer>This is pretty cool.
16:44<Lone_Wanderer>ohhhh and the page auto-refreshes!
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16:56<Lone_Wanderer>And now I get to learn how to manage a Debian server. What fun.
16:57<Redgore>debian is a nice distro to manage
16:58<Lone_Wanderer>It says I'm currently using 100% of my total disk space; does this simply mean that all of it is allocated to one image or another? Surely I'm not out of disk space already.
17:00<@caker>Lone_Wanderer: that's just space allocation towards disk images, regardless of how much is used inside it
17:01<Lone_Wanderer>k cool
17:01<tierra>Lone_Wanderer: custom filesystem partitions are possible, so it's a little hard to see free space on filesystems not recognized
17:02<Lone_Wanderer>I don't have one, but if I ever mess around with one in the future that's good to know
17:04<tierra>I did think it was a little odd at first that that's one of the graphed stats on the main page when logging in since it doesn't typically move unless you've changed disk images
17:12<gpd>postgrey seems to be delaying by ~1500 secs - seems rather long
17:24<gpd> <-- tried?
17:29<Lone_Wanderer>Apparently the distro I installed doesn't include "less"
17:30<Lone_Wanderer>the tiny Debian one
17:30<gpd>it is pretty tiny though :)
17:30<gpd>sagi less
17:31<Lone_Wanderer>sagi less?
17:31<@caker>Lone_Wanderer: apt-get update; apt-get install less
17:31<Lone_Wanderer>oh ok
17:31<@caker>also: apt-get upgrade <--
17:32<Lone_Wanderer>should I expect to run into this often?
17:32<@caker>run into what?
17:32[~]gpd quickly modified sagi alias to include update, slaps wrist
17:32<Lone_Wanderer>not having things like less, more, awk, sed, etc.
17:32<@caker>The deb install is pretty small, intentionally .. you get to pick what you want to install
17:32<gpd>you might think about installing ubuntu 5.10 if you are worried about such things
17:33<tierra>not that it's hard to install extras...
17:33<@caker>also: apt-cache search foobar
17:33<@caker>where foobar == what you're trying to install (if the package name isn't obvious)
17:35<Redgore>also gives you even more stuff that apt can do
17:35<Lone_Wanderer>I'm used to FreeBSD. I'll have to pick up a Debian book or something.
17:35<Lone_Wanderer>cool, thanks :)
17:36<Redgore>debian is one of if not the best documented distributions there is
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17:49<Lone_Wanderer>Apparently php5 isn't available through apt-get :(
17:49<gpd>or testing / unstable...
17:50<Lone_Wanderer>no worries, I'm used to 4 anyway.
17:54<@caker>anyone using a x86_64 "distribution" ?
17:55<gpd>i have ubuntu 64bit on my AMD64 at home... why?
17:55<@caker>I'm curious what's different compared to just x86 .. just libc?
17:55<gpd>no everything is 64bit
17:56<gpd>i found it a pain and now mostly boot the 32bit version
17:56<gpd>there is a lot of crap that you can't get for 64bit
17:56<gpd>and you have to run a 32bit chroot to get those things to work
17:56<gpd>i think the SUSE 64 bit has both libraries available so this problem is not present
17:59<@caker>yeah, that kinda sucks
18:00<@caker>See, Xen can do 64bit, but the guests need to be the same as the "host":
18:00<@caker>so that means all or nothing
18:00<@caker>no migrating between PAE hosts and 64bit hosts
18:00<gpd>yah - i would forget that
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18:01<@caker>also, how much ram on that AMD64 box?
18:01<@caker>heh .. so why bother with 64bit distro? Just checking it out?
18:02<gpd>used to work for a company that wrote code specifically for 64 bit alphas - so have a soft spot for 64bit
18:03<@caker>there's a performance hit for PAE, but I don't have any numbers...
18:03<encode>mmm...64 bits of addressable ram
18:04<@caker>!acronym PAE
18:04<linbot>caker: No definitions found.
18:04<Sgeo><Fragor> PAE = Physical Address Extension (Intel, Pentium, PAE)
18:05|-|sec39 [] has quit [Quit: ]
18:05<@caker>it's an extra few addressing bits to get beyond the 4G limit of 32bits
18:05<Sgeo>Is there still an adressing limit?
18:06<@caker>PAE allows up to 64G
18:06<Sgeo>Why still a finite amount?
18:06<@caker>only so many bits
18:07<Sgeo>But one bit could be used to say, Ok, that's not the entire address
18:09<@caker>well, with PAE, only the OS can access the 64G -- each process is still limited to 32bit addresses (4G max)
18:09<@caker>and some trickery is done to map a process's address space into that 64G
18:10|-|ascott [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.6/20050319]]
18:10<Sgeo>What about my idea, could it be used for infinate memory?
18:10<@caker>heh .. post to LKML :)
18:10<Sgeo>Oh, Linux Kernel Mailing List </guesss>
18:11[~]Sgeo points konq to wp:LKML
18:19<tierra>you actually use Konqueror?
18:19<tierra>I don't think I know of anyway that uses it for everyday use for web browsing...
18:23|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
18:24<Sgeo>Hi jekil
18:24<Sgeo>I suspect that I use it because it's 'official' for KDE
18:24<Sgeo>Also, it has the KIOSlaves
18:30<gpd>caker: actually thinking about it - a 64bit server might be quite pzaz - all the 32bit stuff I was refering to is desktop / video / codecs / evil anyway... might be an option to guage interest on the fourms. 64Bit is probably resistant to many 32bit attacks...
18:32<Lone_Wanderer>If I want to make it so that diskuse will run df -h for all users who are logged into my server... what's the best way to go about doing that?
18:33<Lone_Wanderer>I'm assuming I'd put a simple bash script somewhere, which I could eventually customize for per-user reports, but for now just giving an overview is good enough
18:33<gpd>Do you mean du -h ?
18:33<gpd>df -h would be the same for all users
18:34<Lone_Wanderer>oh ok
18:34<gpd>why not just use quota?
18:34<Lone_Wanderer>what I was thinking though is that I'd make diskuse detect which user is running it and if it's root give the entire filesystem, but if a different user is running it give them...
18:35<Lone_Wanderer>quota will return how much disk space a given user has left?
18:36<Lone_Wanderer>cool, thanks. I was just browsing that site actually.
18:38<gpd>Lone_Wanderer: what are you trying to setup? (in general)
18:38<Lone_Wanderer>I was actually originally just trying to figure out how much disk space I had left
18:39<Lone_Wanderer>then figured I probably won't remember df -h
18:40<gpd>alias 'howmuchspacedoihaveleft=df -h' ;)
18:40<Lone_Wanderer>yeah but that'll only work for the current user
18:41<gpd>if you have users that don't know df - you should give them quotas!
18:41<gpd> <-- maybe you could be a guinnea-pig for this!
18:43<Lone_Wanderer>I hate guis though.
18:43<encode>so do i
18:43<encode>i hook up a serial cable directly to my cerebral cortex
18:44<Lone_Wanderer>Have you ever tried "cat faucet > drinking_glass" ?
19:05<gpd>this postgrey thing doesn't work for toffee
19:10[~]gpd wonders if there is a way to use thunderbird's training.dat file on a linode
19:12<taupehat>goddamn! this x2100 is sweeeeet
19:20<@caker>google? :)
19:27<taupehat>it's sun's base-model opteron
19:28<taupehat>very nice system for about a grand
19:28[~]taupehat suspects it's a loss leader
19:29|-|email-issues [] has joined #linode
19:30<taupehat>I wonder what email-issues is in here to solve
19:31<email-issues>indeed i am having trouble with sending emails; php is returning success, sendmail "seems" to be running
19:31<email-issues>but no emails are being received...
19:31<email-issues>anybody have any clues?
19:33<taupehat>you'll have to give more information
19:33<taupehat>have you looked in the logs?
19:33<email-issues>.. no
19:33<taupehat>look around at the files in /var/log
19:34<taupehat>they're often very informative =]
19:34<taupehat>do you know how to read them?
19:34|-|jekil [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:35<email-issues>i found something that told me to run in verbose mode
19:35<email-issues>and the output out that was as so:
19:36<email-issues>foo@home... Connecting to [] via relay...
19:36<email-issues>foo@home... Connecting to [] via relay...
19:36<email-issues>which is obviously wrong ...
19:37<email-issues>i'll check the logs now
19:38|-|besonen [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:39<email-issues>hmm maillog is 92meg
19:41<Lone_Wanderer>Starting to think my little 3 gig install isn't going to work :(
19:41|-|besonen [] has joined #linode
19:41<gpd>Lone_Wanderer: why so?
19:41<Lone_Wanderer>well, I want to installl lighthttpd
19:42<Lone_Wanderer>which apt-get doesn't have
19:42<Lone_Wanderer>so I need to install by source, which requires installing gcc, make, etc.
19:44|-|Dreamer3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:44<email-issues>so anyone know why it tries to connect to to send the email?
19:45<Lone_Wanderer>'cause that's localhost... why shouldn't it?
19:45<email-issues>lone: you can always just compile it locally and send it up, no?
19:45[~]Lone_Wanderer blushe
19:45<Lone_Wanderer>I'm running Windows locally...
19:46<email-issues>i guess cause it gives me this error: foo@home... Deferred: Connection refused by []
19:47<Lone_Wanderer>are you sure it's running and listening on the correct port and all that?
19:47<email-issues>not really no
19:47<email-issues>i can chkconfig sendmail
19:47<email-issues>but it doesn't really respond
19:47<Lone_Wanderer>you might want to try #sendmail on
19:48<Lone_Wanderer>I'd help more but I really don't know what I'm doing, never supported sendmail much =\
19:48<email-issues>okay no probs, thanks :)
19:48|-|Vaelor [] has joined #linode
19:48|-|Amanita_Virosa [] has joined #linode
19:50<Vaelor>Hey, is anybody here an employee/representative of Linode? I'm a prospective customer with some sales enquiries to make before signing up.
19:54<@caker>Vaelor: hello
19:54|-|besonen [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:55<Vaelor>Hi caker.
19:58|-|besonen [] has joined #linode
19:59<Vaelor>caker: Are you an employee/representative of Linode, by any chance, authorized to handle sales enquiries? =)
20:00<email-issues>hmm fixed it
20:01|-|email-issues [] has quit [Quit: not anymore]
20:06<iggy>Vaelor: he and mikegrb both are, ask away
20:07<Vaelor>iggy: Heh, erm, I'm just wondering if he's still here!
20:09<Sgeo>fo0bar, hmm?
20:09<fo0bar> <-- Sgeo
20:09|-|besonen [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
20:09|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
20:09<fo0bar>sadly, this is the channel where I would have the most luck finding an mirc user :)
20:10|-|Spads [] has joined #linode
20:10<fo0bar>ha ha, I think that was it (besonen)
20:10<Sgeo>Umm... wouldn't it be a ping timeout </guess>
20:11<taupehat>didn't work in any or my chans either
20:11<fo0bar>Sgeo: possibly, but it's also possible norton just closes the tcp stream, but I think that may be yet another quit message
20:12<@caker>Vaelor: yes -- ask away
20:12<Vaelor>caker: Mind if I PM you?
20:12<@caker>Vaelor: not at all
20:13<taupehat>fo0bar: it worked!
20:14<fo0bar>taupehat: yeah? what did it show?
20:14|-|besonen [] has joined #linode
20:14|-|Eman [] has joined #linode
20:14<fo0bar>taupehat: hahaha
20:15[~]taupehat is a good greyhat and at least offers some explanation to people of why their interwebs just quit
20:16<Eman>heya Amanita_Virosa, ltns
20:16<Amanita_Virosa>wait... ltns? do i know you?
20:17<Eman>erik from FC :P
20:17<Amanita_Virosa>*LOL* hiya erik :)
20:19<Eman>i see youve been busy blowing up FC :p
20:19<taupehat>FC isn't hard to blow up
20:32<warewolf>someone used the key_logger 'sploit against symantec personal firewall
20:33<warewolf>stopkeylogger BESONEN
20:33<warewolf>oh damn not dead
20:33<warewolf>oh damn not dead
20:33[~]warewolf frowns
20:33<Eman>wouldnt it be fun to send as a global message?
20:34<warewolf>oh if only.
20:39<encode>< fo0bar> startkeylogger <-- heheh
20:43|-|BB [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:05<Dreamer3>are we on Xen yet?
21:07|-|mly [] has joined #linode
21:08<Vaelor>Dreamer3: No.
21:08<Dreamer3>what's why the title tag says "Xen hosting"?
21:08<Dreamer3>kidna deceptive?
21:09<Dreamer3>no, i'm serious
21:09<Vaelor>I have NO idea. All I know is that I just spoke to caker and he said that the switch to Xen is still pending. {shrugs}
21:09<Vaelor>I just showed up here an hour ago, I'm the last person to ask about that. =)
21:10|-|Gertie [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
21:13<@caker>Dreamer3: we're hosting Xen .. just as #linode-xenbeta (sekrit channel)
21:14<Dreamer3>ah :-)
21:14<Dreamer3>so can one publicly sign up?
21:14<Vaelor>caker: You're running Xen right now publically?
21:15<@caker>Vaelor: no, currently in a private beta .. very soon to be a public beta, then full-force
21:15<@caker>Dreamer3: anyway, I wanted the Google Juice in prep for the launch
21:15<Vaelor>Ahh yep, cool.
21:16<Dreamer3>caker: ok :-) i'll cut you a little slack now :-)
21:16[~]caker grovels
21:16<Dreamer3>but only if i get a free Xen account
21:16<Dreamer3>else I'm calling the BBB tomorrow
21:16<@caker>you're not the boss of me
21:19<@mikegrb>caker: you're not the boss of me!
21:19[~]mikegrb cowers
21:20[~]Vaelor hands caker a riding crop.
21:24|-|Lone_Wanderer [] has quit [Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]]
21:25<warewolf>this new dominoes 5 5 5 deal commercial
21:26<warewolf>I'm going to walk around repeating three random pizza toppings for a month now
21:26|-|BB [] has joined #linode
21:26<warewolf>just for fun
21:28<cmantito>last time I did a version on this channel, 90%+ were linux ;)
21:28|-|linbot changed nick to startkeylogger
21:29<efudd>22:26 <@efudd> startkeylogger
21:29<efudd>22:26 -!- WayneE [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:29<startkeylogger>lol zug moo dance
21:29<warewolf>whichever linode employee is controlling startkeylogger please /raise
21:29|-|startkeylogger changed nick to linbot
21:30<linbot>I am my own master.
21:30<warewolf>bring back startkeyloger
21:30<warewolf>we love startkeylogger
21:30<warewolf>more than we love katmari
21:30<warewolf>know what's great?
21:31<warewolf>it's great when you SCHOOL INTO NEXT WEEK a Federal Special Agent.
21:31[~]warewolf does the snoppy dance
21:31<@caker>warewolf: elaborate, please.
21:32<warewolf>oh, well you see I shake my black floppy ears around by kicking my head up and down, while dancing and waving my arms around.
21:32<warewolf>the snoopy dance.
21:32<warewolf>with the peanuts themesong playing in the background
21:33<warewolf>(pardon my typos, I am under the influence of two pints of guinness)
21:33<Vaelor>Two pints makes you type badly?
21:33<Vaelor>What do you weight, like 50lbs? >;)
21:33<warewolf>add another buck to that and you're right
21:33<warewolf>man you're drinking too, eh?
21:35<warewolf>caker- one of my coworkers at work has a domain name that he think he set up SPF records correctly for. He then tells me that my implementation of SPF checking is "wrong"
21:35<warewolf>caker- I point him to send an email to to check domainkeys, spf, dkim, and sender-id
21:35[~]Amanita_Virosa is using a c64 emulator with an ancient speech synth, 'cause her voice is gone (thanks to an evil flu)
21:35|-|mly [] has left #linode []
21:35<warewolf>I havn't gotten his "Oh, shit you're right" email, but it's coming. I can feel it.
21:36<@caker>Amanita_Virosa: SAM ?
21:36<Amanita_Virosa>sam and reciter! :)
21:36<@caker>hell yeah!!
21:36[~]Vaelor grins and groans.
21:36<@caker>I used to make crank calls with that ...
21:36<Vaelor>And I thought Dr. SBAITSO was old school! =P
21:36<@caker>those were the days
21:37<warewolf>caker- go read linode planet for a short description of what I've done this week
21:37<@caker>also on planet linode -- naked ice skating from fo0bar
21:37<Amanita_Virosa>disturbingly enough, tho many "modern" voices are much more human-sounding, sam is still more understandable than the majority of them
21:39<taupehat>chmod -R 777 /
21:40|-|dacoffey [] has joined #linode
21:40<warewolf>I wonder how much they paid that girl to do that
21:42<warewolf>ok I like this site
21:42<@caker> <-- in case anyone's wondering
21:43<Vaelor>Heh, I just found that the hard way. =)
21:44<warewolf>these people are holding super-bouncy-balls (the 2cm kind) with their ass cheeks through their clothing.
21:45<warewolf>I think they're doing it to somehow lose weight to decrease their waistband
21:47<warewolf>oh my god
21:47<warewolf>they did a scientific study of some kind
21:48<warewolf>with some graph presumably showing muscle activity due to HOLDING A BOUNCYBALL WITH YOUR ASSCHEEKS.
21:48[~]warewolf falls over
21:48[~]Vaelor will never look at a bouncyball the same way again...
21:49<Eman>there needs to be a dr. sbaitso plugin thingy for m$'s text to speech stuff
21:50<Vaelor>Heh, definately. =)
21:50<Amanita_Virosa>i just got a copy of The Write Stuff/BB Talker
21:51<Eman>dr sbaitso rocks, but its a pita to get running even with the right hardware
21:52[~]Vaelor ponders rigging up Dr. SBAITSO to the Eliza AI and trying to run a phone sex service.....
21:52<Eman>talk dirty to ms dos :D
21:52<Vaelor>Oh yeah baby. =)
21:53|-|linbot [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:53<Amanita_Virosa>naw, dr sbaitso has nothing on the write stuff.
21:53<Amanita_Virosa>i don't even have the hardware to run it on anymore
21:53<Amanita_Virosa>but i have an emulator :P
21:55<Amanita_Virosa>*lol* nooooo
21:55<Amanita_Virosa>VICE. x64
21:55|-|Jeremy [] has joined #linode
21:56<warewolf>if I knew an asciiart emotion for jaw-droppingly WRONG I'd use it.
21:56<warewolf>[DO. NOT. VIEW.]
21:57<Vaelor>Also NSFH, by the sounds of it! =P
21:58<Amanita_Virosa>hey, it can't be as bad as listening to SAM "sing".
21:58[~]encode wonders what type of file a a flv extension is
21:58<Vaelor>Flavored? =P
21:58<Eman>flash video
21:58<Vaelor>Yeah, or that. =D
21:59<warewolf>flash video
21:59<warewolf>and that is quite uh .. a flash.
22:00<Eman>that the fat black woman milkshake video?
22:01|-|Amanita_Virosa [] has quit [Quit: Wewps.]
22:01<warewolf>eman- yes
22:02<warewolf>this is not a website designed with men in mind.
22:02<warewolf>also NSFW
22:03<warewolf>but if your wife or girlfriend is well endowed, or does lots of exercise, she may appreciate the website.
22:03<Eman>once again, im happy i dont have flash installed
22:04<warewolf>that shockabsorber website is a revolutionary bra that prevents the breasts from bouncing up and down during exercise
22:04<Eman>what a horrid bra
22:04<Vaelor>I'd say that's very much designed with men in mind, actually.
22:04<warewolf>honestly it sounds pretty cool
22:04<Vaelor>I mean, who wants their woman to have awful saggy breasts? =P
22:05<warewolf>Vaelor: look at the site it does a demo bounce of nude, regular bra, and a shockabsorber bra.
22:05<Vaelor>'Cause without decent support, a large breasted woman who exercises regularly will have her nipples around her knees by age 40.
22:06<warewolf>I guess
22:06<Vaelor>What's to guess? It's a fact, man. =)
22:06<Vaelor>Unless you like big dangling udders on a woman. =P
22:06<warewolf>I havn't had a date in 8 years.
22:06<warewolf>I think that accounts for a lack of experience.
22:07<Vaelor>Heh, I'd heartily concur. =)
22:07|-|linbot [] has joined #linode
22:08<Eman>anyone got an hp pavillion ze54xx laptop?
22:08<warewolf>mirana sirtis in some cheap ass scifi movie
22:09<Eman>or well ze5xxx?
22:13<Vaelor>caker: Hahahah, that's right where I am already. =P
22:13<Vaelor>Virtual boobs are excellent. =D
22:13<@caker>that bounceometer is pretty cool (even without boobies)
22:13<Vaelor>Yeah, but of course the boobies make it even better! =D
22:14<warewolf>caker- you're married, right?
22:14<@caker>warewolf: no .. steady g/f for a few years now
22:15<warewolf>I'll give you $5 if you get your GF to go to that site
22:15<@caker>she just saw it
22:15<warewolf>I already give you $30 a month
22:15<@caker>she said "I've never heard of size FF+G" or whatever the biggest one was
22:15<@caker>must be a UK thing
22:16<warewolf>apparently there really are size J bras
22:16<warewolf>I heard a radio show where some woman had to special order them
22:16[~]taupehat farted
22:16<warewolf>then due to back problems had breast redunction surgery down to a LOWLY double-D.
22:16[~]warewolf boggles
22:17<warewolf>and this woman was 4 ft something tall
22:17|-|Eman [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:17|-|Eman [] has joined #linode
22:31<linbot>New news from forums: Which FTP Server? in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
22:34<@mikegrb> <-- wtf
22:43<taupehat>no worse than this:
22:53|-|Sgeo [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:52[~]gpd prelinks
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