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02:46<Viza>Greenenvy, you feel like a hacker yet?
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06:01<encode>lol @ Viza
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07:37<Beirdo>!weather cytz
07:37<linbot>Beirdo: Temperature: 16°F / -9°C | Humidity: 58% | Pressure: 30.20in / 1022hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NNW | Wind Speed: 9mph / 15km/h | Updated: 8:00 AM EST;
07:38<Beirdo>!weather 00646
07:38<linbot>Beirdo: Temperature: 81°F / 27°C | Humidity: 70% | Pressure: 30.04in / 1017hPa | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: Variable | Wind Speed: 6mph / 9km/h; Rest of Today - Variably cloudy in the late morning and early afternoon then becoming mostly cloudy. Isolated showers. Highs around 84. East winds 5 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent. as of 9:07 am AST on March 3, 2006;
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09:00<Dreamr3>anyone around?
09:00|-|Dreamr3 changed nick to Dreamer3
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09:02<scion>hey all
09:05<scion>anyone have any experience with mysql on centos4?
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09:54<Dreamer3>debian and OSX are all i run ;-)
10:00<npmr>mikegrb, that thing i was going to ask about self-corrected.... it was nufone's problem
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10:07<Dreamer3>people with very different skill sets have linodes evidentally
10:13<Dreamer3>very annoying
10:13<Dreamer3>i have no idea what my login or password would be
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10:18<Breaker_1>hey, I was wondering if you guys had any plans for any freebsd systems
10:18<kvandivo>it will be theoretically possible after the switch to Xen.. don't know if they actually plan to provide that or not
10:18<Dreamer3>Breaker_1: linux not good enough for ya? :-)
10:19<Breaker_1>lol, well... I prefer freebsd for servers
10:19<Breaker_1>it's a more ... solid os
10:19<npmr>it's in the plan, but yes, it will require the use of xen, which is still in beta
10:19<Breaker_1>not to say linux is bad
10:19<Dreamer3>ah, one of those *looks with disdain*
10:19<Dreamer3>our weak os isn't good enough for ya
10:19<bendy24>Dreamer3: osx is bsd...
10:20<Dreamer3>bendy24: not exactly :-)
10:20<npmr>Breaker_1, my understanding is that there will be a few bsds available, but there is still no estimate for when
10:20<Dreamer3>bendy24: but good point
10:20<Breaker_1>I just find freebsd systems to be more manageable
10:20<bendy24>built upon bsd...
10:20<Breaker_1>npmr, thanks, that's really all I wanted to know
10:21<npmr>what i know about bsd is that the pool of developers is much smaller, and much more devoted
10:21<kvandivo>kinda like the mac zealots
10:22<npmr>the code that they write is much more solid initially, but they are limited in the amount of work they are able to do
10:22<npmr>so the bsds tend to move a lot slower in terms of technical progress
10:22<npmr>but when they do it is very deliberate, and very well done
10:23<Breaker_1>bsd makes a very good server it's extremely scalable
10:23<npmr>it's a catch-22 really
10:23<Breaker_1>but it makes a very poor desktop
10:23<Breaker_1>I use it as a development station
10:23<Breaker_1>and that's fine
10:24<Breaker_1>but multimedia things are shakey at best
10:24<Breaker_1>flash will lock up firefox about 50% of the time
10:24<Breaker_1>and java takes about 2 days to get working
10:24<Spads>I think flash just doe sthat period, dude
10:24<npmr>yeah, it does
10:24<npmr>that's not a bsd thing
10:24<Spads>and java is still vaporware
10:24<Breaker_1>well, the flash on bsd is a hacked up version of linux flash running in linux emulation through the bsd kernel
10:24<npmr>i'd say it's really a non-windows thing
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10:31<Dreamer3>yeah, I love on Mac OSX
10:31<Dreamer3>about to get a new core duo mini
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10:32<Breaker_1>I love calling gateway tech support, it's one of my favorite things to do, possibly in the entire world.. more than eating, sleeping, or anything
10:32<Breaker_1>you get transfered at least 12 times
10:32<Breaker_1>hung up on
10:32<Breaker_1>and they tell you "it's a software problem"
10:33<kvandivo>i love Gateway's tech support as well
10:33<kvandivo>and take every opportunity i can to shout their accolades
10:35<Breaker_1>man, that's nuts
10:35<Breaker_1>this is a brand new computer
10:35<Breaker_1>and I think the case fan went out
10:35<Breaker_1>and the hdd and ram are both bad
10:35<Breaker_1>he's like well, we can send a new powersupply, since you said it was running extremely hot
10:36<Breaker_1>I was like "Look man, send a new case fan, ram, hard drive, and a technician"
10:36<Breaker_1>"Why, sir, do you want a technician?"
10:36<Dreamer3>my box is serving up podcasts and using like all of 8mb of memory
10:36<Dreamer3>i love linux
10:37<Breaker_1>"Because, for some reason you've decided to make an all in one computer, and for some even more bizarre reason, my boss bought them... I, however, will not be working on them."
10:37<Dreamer3>Breaker_1: i love my mac mini, 0 problems
10:37<Breaker_1>Well... I'm afraid you'd have a hard time selling my boss on a mac mini
10:37<Breaker_1>I've been trying to get him to buy even dell or anything else
10:38<Breaker_1>been trying for something like 5 years to convince him to go with something better
10:39<kvandivo>maybe he owns stock
10:39<bendy24>im pricing out a toshiba tecra m5
10:40<bendy24>2ghz duo
10:40<bendy24>pretty sweet
10:40<Breaker_1>I've been fighting with him to get lenovo stuff now
10:40<Breaker_1>I still can't figure out how my boss is my boss
10:40<Breaker_1>like.. he has nearly no background in anything computer related
10:40<bendy24>maybe he likes cows?
10:41<Breaker_1>and the only degree he has is a math teaching degree for k12
10:47<npmr>we've got dells at my office
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10:47<npmr>we had a hard drive fail once in a machine that was a few weeks old
10:47<npmr>"hi, we've got a brand new machine and the hard drive died"
10:48<npmr>"where do you want the new one shipped?"
10:48<Breaker_1>penguin computing is nice like that too
10:49<npmr>also, we do not have a support contract, this is just regular warranty crap
10:49<Breaker_1>I think the hard drive in this server's dead
10:49<Breaker_1>you sure?
10:49<Breaker_1>okay, new one's on it's way
10:50<npmr>yeah, they may have asked if we needed someone to install it, i forget
10:52<bendy24>we have some recent Dells that are crap
10:53<bendy24>my boss's poor machine has been fixed a few times
10:53<Breaker_1>I'm back to square one with this guy
10:53<Breaker_1>I've been on this call for nearly an hour
10:53<bendy24>let your boss handle it next time
10:54<Breaker_1>because you know... it's my job to delegate jobs to him
10:54<Breaker_1>man I wish I could smoke in my office
10:54<Spads>ha ha
10:54<Spads>you still can.
10:54<Spads>sure it would have consequences
10:55<Spads>but then, so does smoking *outside* the office too
10:55<bendy24>Breaker_1: my point was that he would find out what their service is like...
10:55<Spads>so obviously you're not too concerned with that :)
10:55<Breaker_1>he knows
10:55<Breaker_1>he just goes with them because they're the cheapest
10:55<Breaker_1>like, cheaper even than hp
10:55<Breaker_1>but he doesn't realize when you go so cheap you get what you pay for
10:55<bendy24>some hp stuff is good
10:56<bendy24>mostly server stuff
10:56<Breaker_1>but you'd expect hp's desktops to be cheaper
10:56<Breaker_1>but they're not
10:56<Breaker_1>gateway uses such cheap crap
10:56<bendy24>just got some athlon64 workstations pretty cheap
10:56<Breaker_1>it stuns me each time we get a new model of computer in
10:56<Breaker_1>he'll order like 60 of them at a time
10:57<Breaker_1>and I'm just stunned
10:57<Breaker_1>they're soooooo cheap
10:58<Breaker_1>I think this guy must be a new hire
10:58<Breaker_1>either that or he's going to be replaced soon
10:58<bendy24>does he speak english?
10:59<Breaker_1>but he sounds jamican
10:59<bendy24>too many speak something in between
10:59<Breaker_1>jamacian ? I dunn
10:59<Breaker_1>he's not indian though
10:59<bendy24>thats a good sign
10:59<Breaker_1>that caught me off guard really
11:00<Breaker_1>but I've been on hold for 45 minutes out of the last hour
11:00<Breaker_1>and I'm STILL on hold
11:01<Breaker_1>it's really the music that makes it unpleasant ... I have to turn my phone up all the way to hear the guy talk, and then the hold music is insanely loud
11:01<Breaker_1>it hurts my ear
11:01<Spads>they could use a compressor
11:02<Breaker_1>well, it's all voip so they do
11:03<Breaker_1>I'm getting so cranky now
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11:39<linbot>New news from forums: Can the Linode account holder always reset root password? in General Discussion <>
11:40<dggoldst>hey, they posted a link to my forum question. Cool
11:40<anderiv>dggoldst: "they" is a bot. All new forums topics are posted automatically.
11:41<kvandivo>bah.. let him think he's special
11:42<anderiv>dggoldst: why not have all your devs run sudo instead of switching to the root user? That way you can define a specific, limited set of commands that they're allowed to run as root.
11:42<dggoldst>anderiv, I do have them run sudo
11:43<dggoldst>Problem is, there are many ways to change a root password
11:43<kvandivo>tweak your sudoers file to limit what they can execute
11:44<dggoldst>that's what i would like to do, but it's hard granting enough access for them to be powerful sysadmins w/o allowing them to become monsters who can lock you out.
11:45<dggoldst>kvandivo, exactly, i feel special when the bot echos my post
11:45<kvandivo>well, the official answer to your question is that you are in complete control of your filesystem. therefore you are the only one in control of the root password that resides on the file system. linode allows you to reinstall the file system with a virgin copy, but that's all you are guaranteed
11:46<kvandivo>actually, that's unofficial.. i don't work here
11:46<dggoldst>so if you are locked out, access to your stuff is gone.
11:46<kvandivo>well, i'm unpaid, then
11:46<kvandivo>linode is no different than any other unix system
11:46<kvandivo>in that respect
11:46<dggoldst>i guess the only safe thing to do is back everything onto another server
11:47<kvandivo>if you are expecting something different, i don't think you have a firm understanding of what linode is
11:47<kvandivo>you entirely own the system
11:47<dggoldst>there should be some special kind of sudo that lets people do everything except change root password
11:47<dggoldst>oh, i know what Linode's about yes sir
11:48<dggoldst>renter of virtual machines
11:50<dggoldst>i wonder what % of linodes are single user
11:53<Spads>I think a large percentage
11:53<Spads>most of the linode 80s
11:53<Spads>mine's a multi-user shell server
11:53<Spads>for my friends
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11:59<dggoldst>how do you handle the permissions thing? with sudo?
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15:26<ashovi>Any sendmail gurus out there?
15:26<ashovi>I probably don't even need a guru, just someone to jog my memory. :)
15:29<ashovi>I want to send mail through my linode server, but am getting a relaying denied error. I put our IP in the /etc/mail/local-host-names file, but still get the error.
15:29<ashovi>is there somewhere else I should put it?
15:29<ashovi>(And I restarted sendmail)
15:29<ashovi>slackware 10
15:31<gpd>s/slackware/(ubuntu|debian)/ && s/sendmail/(postfix|exim)/;
15:31[~]gpd ducks and covers
15:31<@mikegrb>silly gpd, you can only have alternatives in the regex, not the replace string!
15:31[~]mikegrb runs
15:32<gpd>I knew I'd get that ...
15:32<gpd>but did it anyway
15:32<@mikegrb>good job
15:33[~]gpd tires of drupal - seeks new obsession
15:34<Jeremy>ashovi: dont you need to edit the access database?
15:34<ashovi>oh yah!
15:35<gpd>efudd: obsession clash - too similar to previous - error
15:35<efudd>What? oh. something /completely/ different. drupal is well, not typo3 by any means. but agree. Try R/C airplanes.
15:36<gpd>good idea - always wanted an R/C helicopter
15:36<gpd>maybe i'll put a shotgun on it
15:36<efudd>Ah. I suggest a E-flight Blade CX or CP.
15:36<gpd>darn - already done
15:37<efudd>CP is more "real". CX is easier andl ess likely to cost you the same cost of the heli in spare parts.
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15:38<gpd>not bad for $220
15:38<efudd>no, it's quite capable.
15:38<efudd>I wouldn't suggest it as a first copter tho.
15:41<gpd>what would you suggest then--- ?
15:41<efudd>The CX.....
15:42<efudd>The counter rotating blades makes it "easy"
15:42<efudd>the /other/ option is to purchase a simulator (like greatplanes realflight G3) *AND* the CP.
15:42<efudd>Spend /hours/ in G3.. /then/ hours on the CP repairing it. :)
15:43<ashovi>What do most of you guys use for your DNS?
15:43<gpd>hmm... sounds like too many /hours/
15:43<efudd>(there are many simulators available.. I personally like G3 as I own them all except Reflex RTR)
15:43<efudd>bind is good. there are others.
15:43<ashovi>so you roll your own?
15:43<gpd>efudd: have you taken any /real/ flying lessons?
15:43<efudd>Why would I do that. :)
15:43<efudd><- stubborn.
15:44<efudd>I boxed my CP up for a while....
15:44<gpd>I was told it isn't as expensive as you might think
15:44<efudd>What, oh, real planes? Yes, that isn't bad.
15:44<efudd>and it's apparently easier to fly a real plane than RC. (the whole concept of... in the plane vs. outside of it.) not counting fear of course.
15:44<gpd>I imagine helicopters are *expensive*
15:44<efudd>and planes.
15:44<kvandivo>ya think?
15:45<efudd>(to own? yes. to rent for lessons? no.)
15:45<gpd>how much for a lesson or 10?
15:45<efudd>i'd prefer R/C.
15:46<efudd>cheaper on the long run. a plane will cost me $200k. an r/c plane even 1/3rd scale will cost me 5% of that maximum and be more capable.
15:46<gpd>about $200/hr it seems
15:46<gpd>yeah - but the views are better ;)
15:53<gpd>Is anybody else getting this mortagee approval spam every 5 mins - or is it just me?
15:53<gpd>seems to be immune to postgrey and thunderbird
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16:11<Beirdo>so buy a house
16:12<dacoffey>yep lots of mortgage / fill in your credit info spammy spam
16:13<dacoffey>linking to php forms on random servers in china
16:17<Beirdo>hey, if they give me money, and I don't have to pay it back, I'm all for it... of course, they'll actually TAKE your money
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16:48<@mikegrb>Beirdo: not really, it's legitimate mortgage companies
16:48<@mikegrb>they just know nothing about the spam
16:48<@mikegrb>the leads are sold to various companies for $$/lead
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17:06<katsklaw>are activations done on Friday nights? :P~
17:07<kvandivo>they are done 24/7 if the admins are around
17:09[~]kvandivo randomly wonders how coleslaw got its name.
17:09<@mikegrb>katsklaw: all set
17:09<katsklaw>wow ... thnx
17:10<@mikegrb>kvandivo: good job
17:10<kvandivo>ya.. the lighthouse turned out pretty well.. i made it the highlight of the gallery..
17:11<kvandivo>was thinking i might actually take it outside into the sun at some point and take some pics of it
17:12<@mikegrb>I like the bananas too
17:12<kvandivo>good ole wikipedia..
17:13<kvandivo>came from "koolsla"
17:13<kvandivo>mikegrb: i think it will be possible to be really creative with that lens.. just have to spend time working with it
17:15<@mikegrb>like you said, easy to learn to use quickly, forever to master
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17:38<Spads>hey, who was it in here who was trying to complete an unbiased comparison between lighttpd and apache configured for speed?
17:41<katsklaw>thanks again for your quick response mikegrb :) ciao
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18:08[~]gpd contemplates ordering a lensbaby 2.0
18:09<gpd>$96!!! -- possibly not then
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18:13[~]mikegrb throws back his head and cackles with insane glee.
18:13<gpd>Ah - it must be meds time again at the mikegrb house
18:19<@mikegrb> <-- it is like they read my mind
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18:41<gpd>is it possible that vnc would slow down programs on v. old machines?
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20:01<warewolf>X-Spam-Status: Yes, score=47.2
20:02<warewolf>jebus even.
20:02[~]warewolf -c WoW &
20:17<Spads>I get scores that high
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20:55<dizzle>anyone got any advice for a noob...i want to host mulitple websites from a linode, LAMP style i guess. What would be the best config for this? I read someone recommed redhat 9 large with apache would be the easiest...
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21:08[~]MrHaCkEr if any one there pls say anything on main :S i need help
21:08<linbot>New news from forums: Gentoo wants to install gentoo-sources in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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22:19<cmantito>only on alternate wednesdays and fridays.
22:20<cmantito>oh, and every fifth saturday.
22:24[~]mikegrb sets cron to disable cmantito's linode except on those days
22:24[~]mikegrb runs
22:25[~]cmantito is simply undead these days, and requires the linode EVEN MORE than normal since his own brain can't proess as much...
22:27<myfnp><-gots a ?
22:30[~]tsi might answer, if the price is right
22:30[~]mikegrb might answer, if he knew the question
22:31[~]cmantito might answer, IF it's an alternate friday, or soon to be a fifth saturday, and a question is asked.
22:31<tsi>don't trust mikegrb! he always lies!
22:33<myfnp>hmm... im trying to setup the best way to backup my server and be able to retrieve the file to my pc on a schedualed mannerr?
22:33<tsi>man crontab
22:33<tsi>man scp
22:36<myfnp>is that it ?
22:36<@mikegrb> # 23028 | | US | arin | 1998-09-25
22:36<@mikegrb> my ($smallest_netmask, $smallest_asn);
22:36<@mikegrb> for my $asn_info (@origin_as) {
22:36<@mikegrb> my @fields = split /\|/, $asn_info;
22:36<@mikegrb> my $netmask = split '/', $fields[1];
22:36<@mikegrb> if ($netmask > $smallest_netmask) {
22:36<@mikegrb> $smallest_netmask = $netmask;
22:36<@mikegrb> $smallest_asn = $fields[0];
22:36<@mikegrb> }
22:36<@mikegrb> }
22:36<@mikegrb>seems cludgey
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22:38<cmantito>yay perl ^.^
22:38<@mikegrb>actually, that wont fully work for me
22:38<@mikegrb>as I need the whole element not just the asn
22:38<@mikegrb>guess I should store it in a hash with asn as the key
22:57<@mikegrb> return map { strip_whitespace($_) } @{ $data_for_asn{$smallest_asn} };
22:57<@mikegrb>hooray for map and hashes storing anonymous arrays
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