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02:24<dizzle>anyone awake?
02:25<encode>depends by what you mean by awake
02:26<dizzle>that comment counts
02:26<dizzle>maybe u can provide some insight for me
02:27<dizzle>i want to install fedora core 4 on my linode
02:27<dizzle>whats the easiest way to get this done?
02:33<@mikegrb>FC4 won't work
02:34<@mikegrb>since NPTL is statically linked without regards to if the kernel even supports NPTL
02:45<dizzle>doubt it will even matter to me, but a friend had recommended it. im pretty noobish to linux in general...
02:46<dizzle>since you're around, as someone looking for mainly just looking to host a bunch of websites, while learning the ins and outs in linux in general, do you have any recommendations on what distro/configurations would be a good stat
02:48<@mikegrb>debian or ubuntu are good
02:48<@mikegrb>as they make installing things and keeping up to date easy
02:49<dizzle>yeah, i managed to get debian and apache up /w suprisingly little effort
02:50<dizzle>now its just configuring everything where im hitting the learning curve
02:51<dizzle>do you think cpanel is worth the 15bucks/mo? or with time would i be able make due with out it pretty well?
02:52<@mikegrb>if you are interested in learning you are better off without it
02:52<@mikegrb>it pretty much takes over the entire server so you can't do much outside of it
02:52<dizzle>thats what i was worried about
02:53<cow>look into webmin
02:54<dizzle>yeah i think i will, i saw the brief demo and it looked pretty functional
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10:08<shayne>'morning. Anyone seeing any trouble with their hosts? Specifically host17?
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10:12<JonR>I have.
10:14<JonR>host17 is down, but host18, which is only one ip number off, is up...
10:14<shayne>I'm opening up a trouble ticket.
10:18<shayne>I just opened ticket #18313.
11:00<JonR>host17 back up...
11:01<@caker>geez .. host17's kernel so old (along with uptime) that it didn't even have the sysemu patches
11:01<@caker>so expect about a 30-40% performance increase
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11:08<linbot>New news from forums: Host17 Reboot in System and Network Status <>
11:09<JonR>wow, that was some good uptime.
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11:24<JonR>things aren't going well on the boot-up
11:25<JonR>Partition check:
11:25<JonR> hda: unknown partition table
11:25<JonR> hdb: unknown partition table
11:26<JonR>Mounting local filesystems... failed!
11:28<JonR>and it's been taking ten minutes so far to boot up.
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11:44<JonR>this is not looking good at all.
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11:49<JonR>It should not take this long to boot a linode.
11:50<knehcsa>anyone know about
11:51<knehcsa>i can't get ping or ssh to it
11:56<@mikegrb>working on it
11:57<bendy24>work faster bish
12:00<JonR>whee, my linode spontaneously shut down.
12:00[~]JonR decides not to boot just yet.
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12:12<Bits-n-Pieces>Anybody that knows what's up with host39? I can't get any answer from it.. :(
12:13<JonR>okay, something's seriously fucked with host17
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12:16<alnr>anything up (or should I say down) with host39?
12:16<konoko>well, we have the same problem
12:16<konoko>it seems its MIA
12:18<alnr>last sign of life I can detect for host39 was at 12:36
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12:19<konoko>alnr : what time is it now ?
12:19[~]Bits-n-Pieces sings while he waits for some kind of lifesign from host39...
12:19<tab2>1:20 local?
12:20<konoko>our irc server died at 18.36 cet (its 19.20 now)
12:20<tab2>When host17 was bounced did all 60(?) UML instances get boot simultaneously?
12:20<alnr>so is the search party out looking for host39
12:21<alnr>or should I ticket
12:21<konoko>from forum:
12:21<konoko>Host 39 paniced and was rebooted, Linodes will be restarted in a moment.
12:21<linbot>New news from forums: Host 39 in System and Network Status <>
12:22<tab2>Was 39 the same issue as 17?
12:22<JonR>17's got a problem whereby the web control panel insists my linode is up, when it's not.
12:22<tab2>I had the same for a while before the reboot posted in the news
12:22<konoko>well, same with host39
12:23<tab2>But once they rebooted I started bringing up my instance
12:23<tab2>It's slow right now but seems to be coming up
12:24<JonR>my linode won't even boot now.
12:24<JonR>apparently the pid still exists and is blocking it.
12:24<tab2>There seemed to be a bit of a funny with the host reboot and the job queue
12:25<tab2>Hmm, I had two reboots in the queue which was annoying but it did come up
12:25<@mikegrb>the host will add a reboot job when it is restarted
12:25<@mikegrb>so if you add any jobs they are run after the job the host enters
12:26<konoko>hi mikegrb , anyway for me to cancel to reboot job i gave it then ?
12:27<tab2>Good 'cos I had to sit through the extra reboot. Everyone else should too. :-D
12:27<tab2>So Mike do all the instances get cut loose at once?
12:28<tab2>Cool, so you throttle the starts to avoid thrashing?
12:29<tab2>otato potato :) So is there anything I can do to my instance to help in // starts?
12:30<tab2>err add a p at the front of my last.
12:31<@mikegrb>not reallly
12:31<@mikegrb>unfortunatly we are waiting on TP for host39
12:31<@mikegrb>15 minutes ago they finally said they were going over to it to reboot it
12:31<tab2>You run the machines on toilet paper? Now that's green.
12:32<@mikegrb>can't get into the remote power unit for some reason so can't do it myself
12:32<@mikegrb>yes, we are very enviromentally conscience
12:32<alnr>mikegrb: tx for the updates
12:32<@mikegrb>alnr: not a problem, I'm sorry you have to wait this long
12:39<@mikegrb>okay, linodes comming up now
12:39<knehcsa>mikegrb: sweet. thanks.
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12:40<konoko>cool, thanks mikegrb
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13:04<tab2>Thanks for the info Mike. gtg
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13:26<Spads> <-- toothpaste is the best thermal compound there is.
13:26<Spads> <-- and vegemite beats most brands as well
13:26<warewolf>Domain of sender address root@power-mac-g5.local does not exist
13:27[~]warewolf laughs at spam
13:27<Eman>well this is fun, that start.key.logger crap works on the windows firewall too
13:28<warewolf>are you sure you don't have some kind of symantec product installed?
13:28<Spads>what is "startkeylogger"?
13:28<warewolf>Spads: go away
13:28<Eman>warewolf: never have, never will
13:28<Spads>warewolf: Your /ignore mask is broken again
13:29[~]warewolf -c borders &
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13:29[~]Spads googles
13:29<Spads> <-- oh wow
13:30<Spads>I had no idea
13:36<Redgore>caker: host17 is on high load
13:37<Redgore>I know it panicked before but I cant use my node properly at all, extreemly slow
13:39<Eman>D.C.C. S.E.N.D. "string" 0 0 0 <-- seems to boot lots of people off (without periods)
13:39<Spads>but you can't change your nick to it
13:46<chris>Eman, Pretty sure that was an old mirc bug
13:47<Eman>then it seems to have cropped up in specific installs of 6.16 and 6.17
13:48<Eman>and one of the people i know thats effected is on xchat
13:50<cmantito>argh, my linode's route to the UK is gone again =/
13:54<cmantito>right, the link that goes from TP datacenter to London through is down.
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14:00<cmantito>anyone know why this route seems to go down a lot?
14:33<Eman>ok, its been isolated down to linksys wrt54g routers with the default firmware
14:39<shayne>hmm... host17. Linode coming up, but ext3 is mounting read only and demanding a fsck.
14:40<shayne>fsck complains that superblock cannot be read.
14:41<shayne>Is there a way to fsck the drive on your linode?
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15:38<gpd>shayne: if you want to fsck the / drive you might need to create an alternate boot image and install finnix on it...
15:44<gpd>ok this is weird... I have a finnix drive /dev/ubdd on /finnix - but it won't umount?
15:44<gpd>lsof says cron and mdadm are using a bunch of files
15:47<gpd>seems that /finnix/usr/sbin/cron is running ???
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16:23<JonR>why is my linode spontaneously shutting down?
16:23<@caker> <--
16:24<@caker>sorry .. this is needed, however
16:27<efudd>I find myself drawn to electric airplanes simply because of a brand of motor used in them called "Hacker".
16:27[~]efudd ponders self.
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16:40<gpd>seems that /finnix/usr/sbin/cron is running ???
16:40<gpd>seems there is an echo in here
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16:59<taupehat>gpd: startkeylogger
17:05<gpd>thanks taupehat - you are a gentleman
17:06<taupehat>at least I didn't dcc send you 0 0 0
17:07<gpd>look like freenode is toast
17:07<taupehat>freenode is cascading into a fireball
17:08<taupehat>utter meltdown
17:08[~]taupehat wanders off, bored
17:09<gpd>too many ppl doing ^^ (despite thier polite request not to)
17:09<taupehat>but first...
17:09<taupehat>no, I really don't think that causing a few people's Norton Internet Security clients to lock up is going to make freenode fall ov3er
17:09<gpd>neither to I - just good opp for a quick dig(g)
17:10<taupehat>cheers =P
17:10<taupehat>not that I think TP is using linksys routers or anything =]
17:11<gpd>so wtf is with my /finnix directory running cron?
17:11[~]taupehat doesn't use finnix, so does not know
17:12<gpd>it is just a mounted filesystem - that happens to have /usr/sbin/cron ???
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17:12<taupehat>15:11 [freenode] -!- Irssi: Connection lost to
17:13<gpd>15:10 [oftc] DCC SEND from taupehat [ port 1662]: 0 0 0 [0B]
17:13<gpd>thanks again
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17:24<gpd>see what?
17:24<taupehat>the gnotice
17:25<gpd>versioning on a network script utility - not a dos...
17:25<gpd>likely story
17:25<Sandraa>my linode continue off
17:25<Sandraa>i alredy formated my linode, and continue off
17:25<Sandraa>Your Linode is currently
17:26<Sandraa>but dont ping
17:26<gpd>try ssh
17:27<gpd> <-- should tell you the host number
17:33<Redgore>host17 seems to be playing up again
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17:34<gpd> -- host17
17:34<Redgore>I know it paniced earlier and then was under heavy load
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17:41<gpd>mikegrb: caker Sandraa's linode is stuck at sm-client ... ?
17:41<Sandraa>yes :/
17:42<gpd>try reboot from the linode website
17:43<Sandraa>i try reboot from the linode website, but dont make effect
17:44<gpd>is it in the queue?
17:44<Sandraa>all success appair
17:44<Sandraa>i think who blocked my ip in router
17:49<gpd>it is running now
17:49<gpd>you installed redhat 9 --- yuk
17:50<Sandraa>ping ?
17:50<taupehat>rh9 on a linode??
17:50<taupehat>god, why!
17:50<gpd>get rid of it - put ubuntu breezy 5.10 ;)
17:50<taupehat>I mean, it'll run
17:51<Sandraa>but i alredy try cent0s and nothing too
17:51<taupehat>but redhat's going to be a lot heavier on the system than you need
17:51<taupehat>debian small++
17:51<gpd>small++ = large ;)
17:51<taupehat>debian small smaller than ubuntu
17:58<gpd>why is that surprising?
17:58<gpd>ubuntu has extra browness
17:59<taupehat>assuming you're using a windowing system on a server
17:59<gpd>they should setup the default ls colours to be brown ;)
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18:08<Vorex>box is down and has been for a number of hours =/ ip:
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19:04[~]warewolf blinks
19:04<warewolf> Registered through:
19:04<warewolf> Domain Name: SPAMAZON.COM
19:05<warewolf> Amazon Technologies, Inc.
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20:50<kuroneko>anybody know anything about running ipsec from a linode?
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23:07<Spads>oh hi
23:17<linbot>New news from forums: Kernel: 2.6.15-linode16 (Latest 2.6) in Announcements <>
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23:36<JasonF>caker: mikegrb: pinh
23:40<@caker>JasonF: pong
23:41<JasonF>caker: is my host okay? everything but http is working, but the http server seems to be working fine
23:41<JasonF>it's rather strange
23:41<JasonF>hrm. It just started back working.
23:42<@caker>haha @ SNL
23:42<@caker>JasonF: is this oldos?
23:42<JasonF>host51, I think
23:42<JasonF>but it's back working now
23:43<JasonF>but it was a hiccup... almost the feeling I get when you guys go pausing nodes to see who was thrashing heh
23:43<@caker>natalie portman is gangsta rapping on SNL ..
23:43<@caker>ok, your account is under a different username
23:45<JasonF>caker: it's under jay, I think
23:46<linbot>New news from forums: Distro: Ubuntu 5.10 now available in Announcements <>
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