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00:06<@caker>Jeff says NPTL for UML going into 2.6.17 :)
00:07<@caker>but, I'm going to build a 2.6.15 kernel with them and put it out there for people to mess with
00:07<@caker>also, softints patch for UML which gives a pretty good performance increase -- like 30-40% on a kernel build .. not bad
00:08<@caker>anyway.. with NPTL in UML, I can finally get rid of the experimental tag on 2.6 kernels, and make 2.6 the default
00:09<@caker>oh, 2.6.16 for softints :)
01:22<dizzle>any views on whether i need to install BIND or not to run a decent webserver?
01:23<dizzle>ive been told i can use my registrars fwding instead for the same results...
01:23<dizzle>bs or not..
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01:37<@mikegrb>well you don't really want forwarding, you just want them to resolve the name to your IP for you
01:38<@mikegrb>caker: ^
01:49<dizzle>mikegrb, does that specifically require me to run a dns server?
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02:11<warewolf>use 5.008007;
02:11<warewolf>mikegrb, why
02:11<warewolf>why oh god why
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02:14<warewolf>oh and you _will_ get a fuckton of spam to your CPAN email address. Just so you know,.
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05:18<internat>since courier .50 hasnt filtered down into debian testing yet.. anyone know of any good server side rule processes for courier, that will handle virtual users..a nd preferably have something like a custom file for each person
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10:50<guinea-pig>mikegrb: !
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12:03<nikki>does "The transaction failed. ErrorMessage: failure-bad-money ; ccsp ; Financial Institution Response: Declined." mean there's not enough credit available or something else?
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12:33<heidi>nikki: that means that there was not enough money for the transaction or the card is expired or something
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13:31<warewolf>my dad, an oldschool IT professional emailed me today about woes of a hard drive that decided to die
13:32<warewolf>he's used OnTrack Data Systems before to recover data off dammaged storage media before
13:32<warewolf>the problem is OnTrack is $$EXPENSIVE$$
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16:22<Sgeo>Bye all
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16:27<Sgeo>hi `
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