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02:04<taupehat_>caker: any chance of restarting sshd on host15?
02:05<taupehat_>I'm getting ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
02:05<taupehat_>you know =]
02:05<taupehat_>and my node is refusing a reboot
02:06<taupehat_>reboot is staying in queue
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02:09<taupehat_>my host is all the way down
02:10<taupehat_>"Waiting on host" according to the page
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03:06<Nemesis__>Host 55 is being reaaally sluggish..
03:06<Nemesis__>I can't even start 'top'...
03:08[~]warewolf looks on ratemylinode
03:09<warewolf>aww, nobody on host 55 (or nobody public) using ratemylinode :(
03:12<Nemesis__>ive got my own rrdtool graphs, and i hardly ever do more than 30 tokens/sec, lol
03:13<Nemesis__>i don't claim to know much about kernel stuff, so someone please correct me
03:13<Nemesis__>when someone else on your host is thrashing the disk, your linode just keeps packing requests onto the queue, which shows up in 'uptime' -- right?
03:14<warewolf>if there's someone thrashing, your processes can end up going into disk io wait
03:14<Nemesis__>damn there goes that theory, hehe
03:14<warewolf>that, in turn causes the load average to sky rocket because of a bunch of problems
03:14<warewolf>slow performance in swapping, reading/writing to disk, etc
03:15<Nemesis__>ah, i've just noticed that when page load times are really slow (and latency isn't), the uptime graph is usually pretty busy
03:15<warewolf>I think you mean load average graph
03:15<Nemesis__>er.. yeah, thats what i meant
03:15<warewolf>I also do my own rrdtool graphs :)
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03:16<Nemesis__>ooh, pretty
03:16<warewolf>I _also_ run ratemylinode so people can see how they compare to other linode customers
03:16<@mikegrb>it's funny when someone tells someone else they are wrong and then goes on to explain exactly what the first person said as how it really works
03:17<Nemesis__>swap usage graph is a good idea...
03:17<warewolf>mikegrb: at your service :)
03:21<@mikegrb>Nemesis__: looks like your load avg is comming down, linode feel more responsive?
03:22<warewolf>mikegrb- what're you doing up so late?
03:22<Nemesis__>mikegrb: yep
03:23<Nemesis__>mikegrb: would upgrading to a linode 120 fix any of this?
03:26<@mikegrb>no, host55 should get better in a few days, when it was last rebooted, it booted into a kernel without PAE support so it doesn't have all of it's ram available for disk caching and such
03:27<Nemesis__>hah okay
03:27<warewolf>mikegrb- how much memory do you undercommit to allow the host OS ram for disk caching/etc?
03:27<warewolf>(just curious)
03:28<@mikegrb>I think the idea was wait a few days or so to see if it panicced on it's own and if not to schedule a reboot and notify the people on the host
03:29<taupehat>people here =]
03:29<warewolf>important people, yes.
03:30<warewolf>yaay h300 finished charging
03:30<taupehat>people important enough to restart sshd on host15 maybe
03:30<taupehat>which would be wonderful
03:31<warewolf>I must have this album
03:31<warewolf>Ferry Corsten / Global Trance Missions 01
03:32[~]warewolf checks audiolunchbox
03:36<warewolf>they don't have the album, nor the particular song I'm looking for :(
03:36<warewolf>Riva - Stringer
03:37<warewolf>damn, nor does amazon
03:40[~]warewolf blinks at
03:40<warewolf>$0.10 for that song
03:40<warewolf>wtf, over
03:50<Nemesis__>nite guys
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04:15[~]taupehat wanders off, host still down. Oh, the humanity!
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05:24<nikki>is anyone around who can confirm that I'm being charged for the month and not the year?
05:24<nikki>I've paid £80 into my credit card and I'm still getting my card declined
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06:04<@mikegrb>nikki: yes, monthly Linode 80
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07:30[~]nikki doesn't understand why she's getting 'failure-bad-money' then
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09:03<taupehat>caker: ping
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11:25<taupehat_>ping bosses =]
11:27<taupehat_>hah, not you
11:27<taupehat_>I mean mikegrb or caker
11:27<taupehat_>particularly caker
11:27<bendy24>oh, you didnt specify
11:27<taupehat_>lish seems to be offline for host15
11:27<taupehat_>and I'm unable to bring my host up until it gets fixed
11:27<bendy24>let me check into that
11:28<bendy24>oops, no can do
11:31<taupehat_>try ssh
11:31<taupehat_>you won't get a password challenge
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11:32<taupehat>can't stand cgiirc =]
11:33<bendy24>ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
11:33<bendy24>you are screwed
11:33<taupehat>where are caker and mikegrb?
11:33<taupehat>yeah I know
11:33<bendy24>caker is on a plane
11:34<taupehat>managed to screw something up on my host and now without lish I'm kind of sunk
11:34<taupehat>ok so caker is not avail
11:34<Spads>no lish?
11:34<taupehat>mikegrb: help!
11:34<taupehat>Spads: no lish.
11:34<Spads>ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
11:34<taupehat>usually just means sshd needs to be restarted on that host
11:35<Spads>snakes on a plane
11:35<taupehat>where he flying off to?
11:35<@mikegrb>mmm cake
11:35<kvandivo>the land of cake
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11:36<taupehat>I thought he was going to rofl palace
11:36<Spads>kvandivo: yes that is where he went
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11:47<@mikegrb>mmm cake
11:47<kvandivo>cake is good
11:47<@mikegrb>mmm cake
11:47<kvandivo>ergo, the land of cake must be great
11:48<@mikegrb>mmm cake
11:48<bendy24>ahh, to be cake, or not to be cake
11:51<@mikegrb>mmm cake
11:51<kvandivo>you can't have your cake and be it too
11:53<@mikegrb>mmm cake
11:53<bendy24>shut your cake hole
11:56[~]taupehat hasn't kicked people in the shins enough
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12:43<iggy>anybody know if it's possible to update group information for a user without logging out as the user?
12:43<iggy>i.e. I added a user to a group, and don't want the user to have to logout for it to take effect
13:09[~]taupehat arglbargls... where's mikegrb at?
13:12<bendy24>iggy: i dont think so
13:12<bendy24>but im guessing
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15:07<taupehat>mikegrb: ping
15:08<Spads>lol rofl cake
15:15<nikki>so, what happens if I reach the date the email says and I still can't get my card to be accepted?
15:18<nikki>I'm not even sure who to bitch at, I can't even find out what my balance on the card is.
15:21<Spads>can't you call your credit card company?
15:21<Spads>usually there's a number on the back of the card
15:21<nikki>maybe if I could hear over the phone
15:21<Spads>no TDD number?
15:21<nikki>that's what the bank it's from told me to do
15:22<nikki>I tried internet banking but it won't work because I tried once before and they didn't send me the letter with the confirmation code
15:22<nikki>and I tried the cash machine, but that only offers me cash
15:22<Spads>in the US, almost all institutions are required to have at least one TDD number for customer service
15:22<nikki>what's TDD?
15:22<Spads>telecommunications device for the deaf
15:23<Spads>in the 70s a bunch of newspapers got rid of their TTY systems, and they were given wholesale to the US deaf community and rebranded as "TDDs"
15:23<Spads>originally it was the ASR-33s
15:24<nikki>IME, nobody ever answers textphone numbers anyway
15:24<nikki>which is probably the most pointless thing ever
15:24<nikki>"look! we have a textphone number!! *whisper* but we won't answer it! :D"
15:24<Spads>yeah, and most of the interchat support systems seem to be automated nowadays
15:25<Spads>that or they hire people who can't type well, and use macro assist
15:26<Spads>so you'll get a lot of very quick slug responses, and when you ask "damn, is this a robot?" they break character and say "lol no sir im not a bot"
15:27[~]nikki wonders if mikegrb has been replaced by a bot which says lolz
15:27<Spads>haha yes
15:27<Spads>well, he has a script to poke fun at people who say "lol" or "rofl"
15:27<nikki>I see
15:27<@mikegrb>mmm cake
15:27<bendy24>and he encourages people to say cake
15:28<Spads>he certainly does.
15:36<Narada>Hi. I'm getting millions of this error message: INIT: Id "c0" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes. Now I've tried editing inittab but it isn't working. Any tips would be appreciated.l
15:38<Spads> <-- first hit is linode forums
15:39<Spads> <-- so you tried this?
15:40<Narada>I will double check it now.
15:40<Narada>c0:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 115200 vc/0 linux
15:41<Narada>and vc/0 in /etc/securetty
15:41<Narada>Mind you /etc/securetty has a whole list of other things as well.
15:42<Narada>What's your c0 line look like?
15:43<Spads>I don't have one
15:44<Spads>1:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty1
15:44<Spads>2:23:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty2
15:44<Spads>I have "console"
15:44<Spads>in securetty
15:45<Narada>Hmm wonder if I should try that.
15:46<Spads>you on gentoo?
15:47<Narada>What? :P
15:49[~]Spads shrugs
15:53<Narada>Gah none of this works.
15:53<Spads>and you did "sudo init q" ?
15:53<Narada>No but I did so as root.
15:54<Narada>Why? Isn't sudo doing it as root anyway>?
15:54<Spads>it's the difference between lighting a match in a fireplace and walking around with a reed torch everywhere
15:54<taupehat> BS
15:55<Narada>What makes you think there weren't 200 other things I wasn't doing as root at the same time?
15:55<taupehat>that whole "sudo is safer" thing is a myth on single-user systems
15:55<Spads>taupehat: no, it isn't
15:55<taupehat>I mean, don't run around as root doing ordinary stuff
15:55<Spads>don't run around as root doing ordinary stuff
15:55<Spads>try everything as yourself first
15:55<taupehat>the _only_ benefit sudo provides is on systems with multiple users where you need an audit trail
15:55<Narada>I was doing "sysadmin" work as root. Lots of things at once that needed root.
15:55<Spads>only when you get permission denied should you sudo it
15:55<Spads>taupehat: incorrect
15:56<Spads>you'd be amazed at how much sysadmin work actually doesn't need root
15:56<Narada>I don't believe this.
15:56<Spads>but if you're a su - type, you never find this out
15:56<Narada>mikegrb: ANy idea about this inittab thing; tried the obvious fix :(
15:57<Spads>I don't think he's here
15:57<taupehat>Narada: I sure wish mikegrb were here, but that's an autoreply
15:57<@mikegrb>mmm cake
15:57<@mikegrb>mmm cake
15:57<Narada>mikegrb: You just passed the turing test.
15:57<taupehat>erm, no
15:58<taupehat>he just passed the Narada test, which seems to be simpler =P
15:58<Narada>Lol. Possibly.
15:58<Narada>Why the hell is that a bot?
15:58<taupehat>that isn't
15:58<taupehat>it's his irssi config
15:58<Narada>Oh ... I see.
15:58<taupehat>automatically replies to three known strings
15:59<Narada>I don't suppose you have any idea what else I can try :(
15:59<Spads>Mar 6 11:23:36 frotz named[29387]: client updating zone '': update unsuccessful: 'RRset exists
15:59<Spads>(value dependent)' prerequisite not satisfied (NXRRSET)
15:59<Spads>stupid belgians
15:59<Spads>they do that like once a day
16:02<taupehat>the kids here have to be hating me right now
16:02<kvandivo>only the kids in the hall
16:02<taupehat>we were having trouble with people filling up our T1s with rubbish
16:02<taupehat>non-school-related data
16:03<taupehat>I got calamaris going
16:03<taupehat>top10 sites by data volume... check, block, byebye!
16:03<taupehat>(some of them are left alone - for example)
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16:04<taupehat>calamaris is a nice little squid-hanging app
16:05<Spads>log analyzer...
16:05<taupehat>easier than dumping it all in a spreadsheet
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16:08<Spads>I'm sure
16:09<Spads>Suggests: squid (>= 1.1.0) | oops, libgd-graph-perl, libnetaddr-ip-perl
16:09<taupehat>I so want to add MSIE to the ACL Denied list
16:09<Spads>it *suggests* squid
16:09<Spads>doesn't even recommend it
16:09<Spads>or oops
16:10<taupehat>oops indeed
16:10<taupehat>is that portage there?
16:10<Spads>Description: caching HTTP proxy server written for performance
16:10<Spads>it so isn't
16:10<Spads>that's apt-cache show calamaris
16:10<taupehat>ok good
16:10<taupehat>you may live in that case
16:10<taupehat>(or at least live without me teasing you for using a toy distribution)
16:11<Spads>do you not use apt?
16:11<taupehat>I use ports
16:11<taupehat>my linode is debian (but it's freaking HOSED right now... mikegrb where are you?)
16:13<taupehat>FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE alpha
16:13<taupehat>that's this box
16:13<taupehat>other interesting factiod:
16:13<taupehat> 2:17PM up 677 days, 22:43, 1 user, load averages: 0.09, 0.04, 0.01
16:14[~]taupehat grins and shrugs
16:14[~]encode has geek envy
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16:56<Spads>oh boy, You Wish is back!
17:00|-|` changed nick to Internat
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19:43[~]gloin grumbles and mumbles
19:44<gloin>have we heard from mikegrb or caker lately? =]
19:44<Spads>alas, no
19:45<Spads>caker's in the air I think
19:45<Spads>and mikegrb is probably off-shift or something
19:45<Battousai>they're on a coffee break
19:45<gloin>so's host 15
19:45<Battousai>well at least my host isn't
19:45<Spads>yeah, taupehat said
19:45<gloin>the host is ok
19:45<gloin>but lish is down
19:45<gloin>on it
19:45<Spads>it looks like sshd needs a poke on host15
19:45<gloin>try ssh
19:45<Spads>try telnet 22
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19:46<Battousai>ssh_exchange_identification, eh?
19:46<Spads>oh you.
19:46<taupehat>yes, me
19:46<taupehat>Battousai: yep
19:46<Battousai>Total: 1.18 GB :O
19:46<Battousai>in 6 days
19:47<Battousai>i usually dont use that much in a month
19:47<taupehat>what're you uploading?
19:47<Battousai>nothing hopefully
19:47<taupehat>the bandwidth is going somewhere
19:47<Spads>it's his keylogger
19:47<Spads>he started it, and it's been on all week!
19:47<Battousai>for a headless machine?
19:48<Spads>most IRC networks I'm on won't let you say it
19:48<Spads>so of course I changed my nick to it
19:48<Battousai>i guess that's february's transfer
19:48<Spads>and joined #startkeylogger so that when mIRC joins up and does a /list it gets dumped
19:48<Spads>but not on this network!
19:48<taupehat>there's more though
19:49<Battousai>cat /var/lo
19:49<Battousai>you damn enter key
19:49[~]taupehat wonders what kind of router Spads is using =P
19:50<taupehat>looks like the right kind
19:50[~]Battousai uses a belkin :<
19:51<taupehat>o rly?
19:51<taupehat>there's a dcc nat traversal bug in some of the really common consumer routers that knock it over
19:51<taupehat>I think I might have just killed Spads
19:51<Battousai>well i'd put custom firmware on it, but there's only 2MB flash
19:51<taupehat>yeah, those
19:51<Battousai>cheap sons of...
19:52<taupehat>I had openwrt running on my router, but it was actually worse than the fugly asp-using stock code
19:52<Battousai>openwrt isnt exactly user-level to begin with
19:53<taupehat>I didn't mind it being not "user-level" but I did mind it barfing whenever I'd try to move big stuff around the house via NFS
19:53<taupehat>like 7.8GB ISO files
19:54<taupehat>ping Battousai and Spads
19:54<taupehat>nothing =]
19:54<Battousai>your hax is not strong
19:54[~]taupehat has wretched hax-fu
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20:28<Eman>at one point, i had all my pcs using NTP to sync their time... now they've managed to get the wrong year on a couple
20:32<taupehat>maybe they're syncing to a bad NTP servef
20:33<spr>Anyone else on host15 having issues?
20:34<@mikegrb>spr: working on it
20:34<spr>coolness, thanks
20:35<taupehat>hi mikegrb
20:35[~]taupehat was beginning to worry
20:36<Eman>ones a crazy box that doesnt like to keep the time running when its off, yet the rest of the bios info is fine, the other counts way to slow... most of the machines have had their os wiped and i forgot to fix ntp
20:36<taupehat>Eman: clock batteries
20:37<Eman>no batteries, just those dallas time blocks... too expensive to matter anyway
20:39<Eman>its just funny how it drifts 500 years in a week
20:39<taupehat>time to wipe the hard drive and donate to goodwill
20:40<Eman>buy me a new socket 478 board then
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20:55<jricher>Does anyone know what's up with host15?
20:55<linbot>New news from forums: Host 15 Reboot in System and Network Status <>
20:56<Spads>good timing
20:58<taupehat>ahh =]
20:58<taupehat>64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=52 time=33.3 ms
20:59<taupehat>18:59:28 up 16 min
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21:26<taupehat>well that's enough abusing of my buddy's aged alpha
21:26<taupehat>since my own host is returned to life
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22:08<taupehat>behold the new and some would say improved
22:10<Spads>improved greatly by being put onto the internet
22:10<taupehat>this is a good point
22:10<taupehat>I'm going to take this opportunity to back my mail configuration out of mysql and go with simpler auth
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22:16<Luana>caker, mikegrb, pvt please.
22:26<taupehat>so how do I nice a compile job so I'm not thrashing or running out of IO tokens?
22:26<@mikegrb>nice doesn't deal with io
22:26<iggy>set PORTAGE_NICENESS
22:26<@mikegrb>or memory usage
22:26<taupehat>ok fine
22:26<taupehat>any way to throttle a compile so it doesn't hose the machine?
22:27[~]taupehat just wants to be nice
22:27<@mikegrb>you can restrict cpu usage with 'nice'
22:27<@mikegrb>man nice
22:27<taupehat>yeah, that'll set the process priority to whatever
22:27<@mikegrb>you should look at your io though
22:27<iggy>why be nice? everybody else on your host is just screwing you over
22:27<@mikegrb>you are the top consumer on your host
22:28<@mikegrb>iggy: in this case not, it's the other way around
22:28<taupehat>my IO rate is 11
22:28<@mikegrb>it is 109 averaged since boot
22:28<@mikegrb>io_rate is an instantanious value
22:28<taupehat>mysql broke
22:28<@mikegrb>it's been going up since 10 or 15 minutes ago when I started watching
22:29<taupehat>how do I watch it?
22:29<Luana>mikegrb: pvt please :)
22:29<taupehat>you can't tail /proc/io_status
22:30<@mikegrb>with the watch command
22:30<@mikegrb>are you doing this on purpose to be funny?
22:30<taupehat>are you serious?
22:30<taupehat>I'm trying to recover from a crash
22:30<taupehat>it's not in the least bit funny to me
22:31<@mikegrb>"how do I make a process nice?"
22:31<@mikegrb>"how do I watch something?"
22:31[~]iggy giggled
22:31<taupehat>a) I did man nice before I even asked the question. b) I didn't know about the watch command.
22:32<iggy>I thought you were joking too (especially after the watch thing)
22:36[~]taupehat gets grouchy when he's sick and he crashes his server
22:41<taupehat>so far I don't see my token usage even coming close to refill rate =]
22:42<taupehat>I guess it's hitting intermittenly, my count drops down to like 39995 or so briefly
22:42<@mikegrb>the refill rate is not an acceptable value
22:43<@mikegrb>hence people causing problems get it dropped significantly
22:43<@mikegrb>for example
22:43<@mikegrb>I need to test if a remote server has a port open. I do not want to
22:43<@mikegrb>write to it (the developer won't let me write to it), just verify if it
22:43<@mikegrb>is open. The script below kind of does what I need but it hangs after I
22:43<taupehat>well, this is far from ordinary for me
22:43<@mikegrb>execute it. Can sombody suggest a better solution?
22:43<@mikegrb>io_count=542557 io_rate=80 io_tokens=-39 token_refill=75 token_max=500
22:43<taupehat>yes, I seem to recall that from a while back
22:44<taupehat>something about open-xchange server on my 64 iirc
22:46|-|cout [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:46|-|Luana [] has quit [Quit: sleep]
22:47<iggy>you've got to be kidding
22:47<taupehat>you haven't read my "stupidest thing you've done with your linode" thread, have you? =]
22:48<iggy>I better not, I already want to strangle you
22:48|-|cout [] has joined #linode
22:49<iggy>mikegrb: when am I going to move hosts?
22:49<@mikegrb>when the blue moon swallows the purple moose
22:50<taupehat>iggy: are you on host15?
22:50<taupehat>perhaps I could do you the favor of moving off
22:50<iggy>no, this is unrelated to your io killing shenanigans
22:50[~]taupehat is extremely irritated atm, and not just about people
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23:18<Eman>goddamn linksys is crap at responding to security bugs
23:18<Eman> <-- i told them about that, they wont reply
23:18|-|Bits-n-Pieces [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:19<Eman>i even went out and bought one of the effected routers to make sure
23:20<efudd>damnit. I can't seem to get a literal ^A within irssi+screen.
23:21<efudd>eman, oh, btw, no one cares about irc. :)
23:21<Spads>efudd: ^Aa
23:21<efudd>spads, yes yes.
23:21<Spads>efudd: I remap that to ^]
23:21<efudd>that might would help..
23:21<Spads>it is helpful
23:21<Spads>hard to hit accidentally
23:21<efudd>^V^Aa doesn't do what I want (or what i expected rather.)
23:21<Spads>and I only ever have to do ^]] in telnet
23:22<Spads>well ^V^]] does what i expect
23:22<efudd>as does it by itself. :)
23:24[~]taupehat chickens out
23:27[~]taupehat bails on his mysql compile and adds --with-low-memory to the configure. Nice of them to provide that option. Pity I didn't see it before
23:27|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
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