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01:18<jeremiah>my host server is down!!!.
01:22<jeremiah>anywone else have nodes down?
01:26<@caker>jeremiah: host16 is fine
01:26<@mikegrb>the host server is just fine
01:26<@mikegrb># uptime 02:26:46 up 201 days, 12:28, 3 users
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01:42<jdub>hi all
01:42<jdub>are there uml builds available for off-site testing?
01:42<jdub>same as the ones running on the hosts
01:43<jdub>alternatively, is it relatively sane to run the 2.6.15 kernel?
01:48<@mikegrb>the 2.6 kernels are maked experimental due to lack of nptl support in uml
01:49<@mikegrb>some linode kernels are available here:
01:52<jeremiah>thanks mike
01:54<jdub>mikegrb: oh, so that just requires some mangling around with tls directories, right?
01:54<jdub>ahr, thanks for the kernels too
01:55<@mikegrb>yes, mv /lib/tls /lib/tls-disabled, or rm -r /lib/tls, etc
01:55[~]jdub is going to see if dapper runs sanely on 2.4
01:55<@mikegrb>you should see noticable improvements in preformance with 2.6 vs 2.4 on a linode
01:56<jdub>in 2.6's favour?
01:56<@mikegrb>the tls issue precludes us from making it the default though :/
01:57<jdub>i guess i should try it out :-)
01:57<@caker>hopefully only until 2.5.17
01:57[~]jdub was obviously just being a pathetic wuss
01:57<@caker>er, 2.6.17
01:58<@mikegrb>jdub: well, far better to notice the word experimental and be cautious
01:58<@mikegrb>jdub: too many people just switch without any thought and complaining about everything segfaulting
01:58<@mikegrb> <-- crazy
01:58<jdub>mikegrb: yeah, totally.
02:02<@mikegrb>caker: check out the references section :>
02:03<@caker>mikegrb: woot :)
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02:03<@mikegrb>they also provided some feed back about features they would like to see added
02:03<@mikegrb>which is nice
02:04<@mikegrb>I designed it for use in a project but made it a CPAN module since it would be useful for other things so its good to hear from people with other uses in mind for it
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02:50<dizzle>how come the jobs in my queue aren't getting done?
02:51<dizzle>been 30+min
03:00[~]nikki wonders if mikegrb or caker are still around
03:09<Internat>*kicks awstats*
03:32<jdub>mikegrb: i'm now happily running on 2.6 with dapper ;-) thanks!
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04:04<sneakums>caker: mikegrb: my tokens_max is at 1000, did something go haywire or something?
04:13<@mikegrb>swap looks fine
04:13<@mikegrb>and you are at token max so it was probably updatedb or some other cron job
04:14<sneakums>i was seeding a few torrents, but maximum premitted upload oerall was 200KB/s
04:15<sneakums>i did recentlt change swappiness to 30 from 25, maybe it decided to start paging
04:15<sneakums>i've seeded that amount of stuff before without a problem though
04:15<@mikegrb>did you already have it on the linode first?
04:16<sneakums>i torrented it yesterday sometime
04:16<sneakums>then rsynced it off and left the downloaders running
04:16<@mikegrb>I don't remember what the io_rate was running
04:16<sneakums>bt has gone mental on me before, maybe it was simply that
04:16<@mikegrb>it wasn't too bad as you got a token max of 1000
04:17<sneakums>except with the elevated swappiness it just paged a lot instead of running the kernel out of pages
04:17<@mikegrb>if it had really been causing problems, it would have been in the low hundreds with a refill of 25 or so
04:23<jdub>hey sneakums
04:23<sneakums>hi jdub
04:24<jdub>how've you been?
04:24<sneakums>pretty good
04:24<sneakums>how goes world domination?
04:24<jdub>my cheeks are still pink from the beatings
04:24<jdub>so pretty good overall
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04:39<@mikegrb>This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason: The user(s) account is temporarily over quota. <>
04:39<@mikegrb>Please reply to <>
04:39<@mikegrb>if you feel this message to be in error.
04:42<Internat>ive had worse
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07:33<Ciaran>Did host36 just go down?
07:34<@mikegrb>linodes are comming back up now
07:35<Ciaran>What was the problem?
07:35<@mikegrb>appears to have become iobound and then lost responsiveness
07:36<Ciaran>Ah, right.
07:38<Ciaran>How long does it generally take for Linodes to start booting?
07:38<Ciaran>I'm not sure - I haven't really been there live as it happened before.
07:39<@mikegrb>I'm not sure about the delay one is started every 30 - 60 seconds or so
07:40<Ciaran>Okay then.
07:41<@mikegrb>what is your username?
07:41<Ciaran>Ciaran. :)
07:42<Ciaran>It's not too much of a problem - it's not urgent that my box is rebooted right now. I was just curious.
07:44<@mikegrb>Mar 8 08:42:56 host36 worker-783[11099]: JobID 233621 finished: success: 1 MSG:
07:44<@mikegrb>^ you
07:44<@mikegrb>but that job is essentially pressing the power button
07:44<@mikegrb>linode itself still has boot up to go through
07:45<Ciaran>Okay, it's up. :D Thanks.
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08:45<bkirkbri>caker or mikegrb?
08:45<sneakums>can't i have both?
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09:00<bkirkbri>mikegrb: around?
09:02<bendy24>not yet
09:02<bendy24>er, i lied
09:02<bendy24>he was last seen an hour and a half ago
09:02<bendy24>probably went to bed
09:02<bkirkbri>bendy24: just got a reply to a ticket, figured we would check in here
09:03[~]bendy24 shrugs
09:03<kvandivo>he replies to tickets via IP over carrier pigeon
09:05<bkirkbri>IPv4 or IPv6 pigeons?
09:06<kvandivo>not sure.. i know he was on 4, but he had talked about making the hop
09:06<bkirkbri>I hear the IPv6 one have a terrible time finding their way
09:06<kvandivo>it definitely requires a smarter class of fowl
09:07<kvandivo>but, this is linode you're talking about. they've got that covered, right?
09:08<bkirkbri>I can't complain
09:10<bendy24>doesnt the ipv6 pigeon just ride on top of the ipv4 pigeon anyway?
09:10<kvandivo>haven't investigated that thoroughly.. you could be right
09:17<jdub>hrm, host42 having issues, or is it just my uml?
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09:58<bkirkbri>jdub: what issues are you having?
10:10<bkirkbri>anyone familiar with the intricacies of the IO limiter?
10:10<bkirkbri>I've never hit it before...
10:10<kvandivo>you can go as far as looking at the kernel patches and figure it out to whatever level of detail you wish
10:11<kvandivo> that might give you the level of detail you want, though..
10:11<bkirkbri>I might do that, do you have a link?
10:11<bkirkbri>Cool, thanks!
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10:17<bkirkbri>Looks like my problem is outside of the kernel limiter, it doesn't have any policy code for adjusting token_refill or token_max itself
10:21<sneakums>i believe 512/400000 are the linode defaults
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10:50<linbot>New news from forums: Host 40 in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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11:16<bkirkbri>sneakums: That's what I had until ~4am
11:17<bkirkbri>Now it's 75/500 and has been for 6 hours
11:17<Spads>500 MAX??
11:17<kvandivo>that means you've been thumped.. the general thing that causes that is biting into swap
11:18<kvandivo>99.9999994% of the time, swap is the culprit
11:18<bkirkbri>Right, I assumed that something went batshit and they had to limit me
11:18<bkirkbri>But I've been digging through logs and munin all morning, the only thing that I see is that the tokens_max went down and then everything started hitting the limiter
11:18<Spads>can you run top to see what it might be?
11:19<bkirkbri>I've been tailing logs and watching vmstat all morning
11:19<bkirkbri>There is no swapping and wasn't any at the time of limiting
11:19<bkirkbri>Munin shows no heavy IO or swapping
11:20<bkirkbri>I looked for lots of incoming mail, heavy www traffic... nothing
11:20<kvandivo>did you file a ticket?
11:20<bkirkbri>I'd like to know what it was, but at this point I'd really like to have >500 tokens_max
11:20<bkirkbri>kvandivo: Yes, and got a few responses from Mike... mostly the usually chiding to tune my linode
11:21<bkirkbri>Which I expect, that's par for the course
11:21<bkirkbri>But the more I look into it, the less I see that would cause limiting
11:21<kvandivo>if he said it, i expect that you were into swap, then
11:21<bkirkbri>I had 12MB swap (but that's stale and hasn't been read/written for ages)
11:22<bkirkbri>Mike misread it as 120MB in a response to my ticket, so...
11:22<bkirkbri>I run a VERY tight ship with this server, so this is funny
11:22<Spads>Man, I can't wait for Xen
11:23<bkirkbri>I was on Xen at unixshell for 6 months before Linode
11:23<bkirkbri>Performance was SO much better, but the service/support was nothing like it is here
11:23<bkirkbri>These guys are the tops
11:24<bkirkbri>Anybody know how long it takes for token_max to move back up to a reasonable level?
11:25<bkirkbri>After looking at the caker's kernel patch for the limiter, it looks like adjusting token_max is done by an admin rather than by some heuristic
11:25<@mikegrb>admin or a daemon on the host
11:25<taupehat>moin mikegrb
11:26<bendy24>mikegrb: make me an admin
11:26<bkirkbri>That was my other thought ;)
11:26<bendy24>you can all feel safe if i have root
11:26<taupehat>O RLY?
11:27<Spads>QUITE RLY
11:28<@mikegrb>bkirkbri: what's the problem? is a 0.16 loadavg too high?
11:29<bkirkbri>mikegrb: no, not at all... but the occassional 4.32 is :)
11:30<bkirkbri>with refill=75 and max=500 even normal apache/email activity is hitting the limit
11:30<@mikegrb>normal activity shouldn't hit that
11:30<bkirkbri>shouldn't hit 500?
11:30<bkirkbri>i'm confused
11:30<@mikegrb>that part doesn't really matter
11:30<Spads>did the units change?
11:30<@mikegrb>the refill is what really matters
11:31<@mikegrb>the average io rate is 10
11:31<taupehat>speaking of which
11:31<@mikegrb>to have a problem with those numbers you have to be doing > a rate of 75
11:31<@mikegrb>which is 7.5 times normal
11:31<taupehat>mikegrb: My host has been behaving well since I got mysql back on it, yes?
11:31<bkirkbri>Why is the default 512?
11:32<taupehat>bkirkbri: to allow for bursts presumably
11:32<@mikegrb>the default doesn't catch many problems and I don't think it was meant to
11:32<@mikegrb>if the default was meant to catch problems I imagine it would be closer to 100/2000
11:33<bkirkbri>Right, well bursts is my problem... I sit at tokens=500 (=max) for several minutes, but then a bit of activity causes rate > 75 and it limits
11:33<bkirkbri>but if max=5000 those spikes wouldn't limit
11:33<@mikegrb>the problem is during that bit of activity it hurts all the linodes on your host
11:33<bkirkbri>if I understand correctly
11:34<bkirkbri>well, I definitely understand the reason for the limiter and don't want to abuse it... I benefit from not having the other people on my host abusing it :)
11:34<taupehat>mikegrb: what kind of IO activity does someone downloading a largish JPG file off a linode generate?
11:34<@mikegrb>there are currently four open tickets from people on your host complaining about preformance
11:35<@mikegrb>taupehat: 1
11:35<bkirkbri>from host49?
11:35<bkirkbri>I had something in the forum just this week about IO performance being dog slow on host49
11:35<bkirkbri>even a simple "ls -l" took a second or so
11:36<bkirkbri>everything was IOwait
11:36<bkirkbri>but I wasn't near the limit or swapping
11:36<taupehat>so io_tokens are just a count of opened file descriptors then?
11:36[~]taupehat is still on the "downloading the JPG" question
11:36<Spads>I thought it was blocks transferred
11:36<@mikegrb>as I've already stated, the default values don't catch problems
11:37<bkirkbri>right, ok
11:37<@mikegrb>Spads: close, io operations which could be several blocks
11:37<Spads>so almost # of seeks
11:39<Spads>bkirkbri: do you perhaps have your filesystem mounted sync or something funny like that?
11:39<@mikegrb>anyone see packet loss of nearly 50% just over an hour ago and lasting less then a minute to tp?
11:39<Spads>wasn't looking
11:39<bkirkbri>i had trouble reaching at that time
11:39<bkirkbri>Spads: nope, just checked
11:40<@mikegrb>bkirkbri: you've said here and in the ticket you have been hitting it with those values.... but since /I/ haven't seen that happen....
11:40<@mikegrb>I'm going to raise them
11:40<@mikegrb>not all the way back to normal but quite a bit
11:40<bkirkbri>mikegrb: thanks, I'm watching things here very closely
11:41<bkirkbri>Do you have any statistics about what caused you to limit mine in the first place?
11:41<bkirkbri>From logs/munin/etc I don't see heavy activity at that time or any swapping
11:41<@mikegrb>unforuntately not, the process literally generates 10-20k lines of output in the terminal
11:42[~]taupehat is seeing spikes of 15 io_tokens
11:42<bkirkbri>As you said I was 12MB into swap, but that's been there since a big mysqldump a long time ago and wasn't going in/out this morning
11:42<@mikegrb>so the scroll back buffer won't have anything
11:42<bkirkbri>right, well... i'll keep an eye out
11:42<@mikegrb>bkirkbri: which kernel are you using?
11:42<@mikegrb>k good
11:42<@mikegrb>that's our best
11:42<bkirkbri>Linux #1 Tue Jul 26 23:44:29 EDT 2005 i686 GNU/Linux
11:42[~]mikegrb runs
11:42<bendy24>kvandivo: you'll be stable as a rock!
11:42<@mikegrb>bkirkbri: "echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode"
11:43<bkirkbri>mikegrb: what does that do?
11:43<@mikegrb>kvandivo: I had a box running 2.2 until not long ago
11:43<@mikegrb>bkirkbri: it tells the kernel vm subsystem to optimize for laptop conditions
11:43<kvandivo>mikegrb: 6 years of uptime?
11:43<Spads>oh yeah
11:43<@mikegrb>bkirkbri: which means minimize disk io to make the battery last as long as possible
11:43<Spads>bkirkbri: I use laptop_mode, and it's great
11:43<bendy24>thats a big updike
11:44<Spads>bendy24: it would overflow the irc buffer
11:44<bkirkbri>sweet, i googled it but not seeing anything
11:44<bkirkbri>that might help a good bit
11:44<bkirkbri>I thought it swapped out a bit prematurely given my low mem usage
11:44<Spads>[nick@frotz(~)] grep -v ^# /etc/sysctl.conf
11:44<Spads>^-- very helpful
11:44<Spads>matter of fact, it should probably be default in the distros
11:45<@mikegrb>bkirkbri: normally it causes less swap usage, in your case it may swap out more (old stuff) in favor of of caching more disk stuffs in ram
11:45<bkirkbri>mikegrb: gotcha
11:45<Spads>I used to have this, which helped a little:
11:45<Spads>but the semantics of swappiness were in flux at the time
11:48<bkirkbri>mikegrb: Did you get a warning about my node thrashing this morning or was it just tickets from people on host49?
11:48<bkirkbri>I'm trying to track down what happened so that I can prevent it from happening again
11:49<@mikegrb>your node along would have been fine
11:49<@mikegrb>but your node and another were trying to do around 100-200 io iops/sec
11:49<@mikegrb>and never noncontiguous
11:49<bkirkbri>noncontiguous? like bursts?
11:50<@mikegrb>all over the disk physically
11:50<@mikegrb>cause lots of seeks
11:50<bkirkbri>rsync as backup
11:50<@mikegrb>but that wasn't necessarily your linode specifically, its the two battling for stuff on opposite sides of the disk
11:50<@mikegrb>there is raid mirroring which doubles read throughput
11:50<@mikegrb>but then there are still writes to do
11:51<@mikegrb>and all the linodes on the host
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11:51<bkirkbri>My node is generally doing many more reads than writes
11:52<@mikegrb>right, most are
11:52<bkirkbri>Munin probably contributes a good bit to my writes and IO overall
11:52<bkirkbri>I'm always tempted to turn it off, but it's really nice to have in times like this one
11:53<bkirkbri>As a postmortem of sorts
11:53<bkirkbri>Any news on Xen timeframe? Last I heard you were waiting on rackspace...
11:53<@mikegrb>I think we are compromising on that
11:53<@mikegrb>we wanted giant cages
11:53<@mikegrb>but they didn't even want to sell us small ones
11:54<@mikegrb>and HE kept saying the new datacenter building will be open next week for sure this time
11:54<@mikegrb>so I think the plan is just get another rack at each for now
11:54<bkirkbri>Xenode is going into HE?
11:54<@mikegrb>will be both
11:54<@mikegrb>HE is building a new building in fremont
11:54<bkirkbri>Cool, might get two for redundancy then
11:55<@mikegrb>but we were going to get a cage at HE and a cage at TP
11:55<@mikegrb>neither one has had any free space in 6 months
11:56<@mikegrb>someone was using a cage right next to the entrance to the many server room at TP as an office
11:56<@mikegrb>had a desk, chair computer, crt, phone etc
11:56<@mikegrb>even a filing cabinet
11:56<@mikegrb>then one or two racks in the back
11:57<@mikegrb>with that kind of office you wouldn't have to worry about bandwidth
11:57<@mikegrb>gigabit ethernet to your desk
11:57<bkirkbri>that's what i need
11:58<kvandivo>you don't have that?
11:58<@mikegrb>kvandivo: shut it, bastard
11:58<bkirkbri>Yeah, stupid netflix... I should have spent that $19 on a gigabit line into my house
11:58<@mikegrb>I just upgraded yesterday
11:59<@mikegrb>9mbit down/1 mbit up
11:59<bkirkbri>mikegrb: I just ran a rsync to my backup server and it hit an io_rate > 1000
11:59<bkirkbri>So does that mean that rsyncing things off the machine for backup falls outside the "normal" use of a Linode?
11:59<@mikegrb>no, that is acceptable
12:00<@mikegrb>how long did it last? that's the big thing
12:00<bkirkbri>10 seconds or so
12:00<@mikegrb>that's no problem then
12:00<bkirkbri>It obviously wasn't 1000 the whole 10 seconds
12:00<bkirkbri>Good, just trying to wrap my head around the numbers
12:01<@mikegrb>the shorter something lasts the higher the max acceptable value is
12:01<@mikegrb>that's why there is a max and a refill
12:01<bkirkbri>So I guess what happened is that you got tickets from people like me that don't like a slow host, I happened to be beating the crap out of the host with a backup at the time and thus the limiting?
12:01<@mikegrb>rather then just a rate
12:02<@mikegrb>that is quite likely
12:02<bkirkbri>Of course, that's why I was saying earlier that >75 was not that bad since it's a spike
12:02<@mikegrb>does the time you see from your graphs coincide with the backup?
12:03<bkirkbri>Plus there is probably a dump of a mysql database sometime around then too
12:03<bkirkbri>Given the interaction of refill and max, I'd probably have been ok if it was 75/2000 but the 75/500 was killing my response time for www clients
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12:04<Spads>I think it would be interesting to have a button that blanket set everyone to like 100/2000 for a while to see who actually runs out
12:05<bkirkbri>I appreciate the open discussion. I'm sure you get a lot of whining about IO limits... but I really do obsess over tuning my node so I was suprised
12:05<@mikegrb>Spads: almost nobody
12:05<bkirkbri>If I was still at my old host I'd get a blank "Ticket resolved" email a couple of days late
12:06<Spads>mikegrb: but in a thrash situation, it would be a good test
12:06<@mikegrb>we have better tests
12:06<@mikegrb>a tool like top that shows everyones tokens
12:06<Spads>that's cool
12:06<kvandivo>a tool tantamount to top?
12:06<@mikegrb>and another (slower) version that shows swap consumption, uptime, and average rate since boot
12:06<@mikegrb>well more like ps
12:07<@mikegrb>as it's a one shot thing
12:07<@mikegrb>but sorted and such
12:07<bkirkbri>I think that my IO rate average since my last reboot 30 days ago is around 20
12:08<@mikegrb>good guess
12:08<kvandivo>i'm at 8.3
12:08<@mikegrb>about 2x average but not too bad
12:08<@mikegrb>we start getting mean around 50 or so
12:08<Spads>what's my average?
12:09<@mikegrb>if your average had been 100+ you would have gotten 10/300 or some such
12:09<@mikegrb>iocheck zork
12:10<bkirkbri>I think I'll move munin to my backup host and leave just the node running on the linode
12:11<bkirkbri>Spads: You shouldn't have asked
12:11<Spads>over what period?
12:11<kvandivo>since reboot
12:11<Spads>I've got a user with a large mutt maildir
12:11<@mikegrb>even is only 40
12:11<Spads>and for some reason it keeps re-scanning
12:12<@mikegrb>he should archive the other stuff in a sub folder
12:12<Spads>and I think that makes a lot of disk noise
12:12<Spads>yes he should
12:12<@mikegrb>threaten him with a stick
12:12[~]Beirdo hands Spads a LART
12:13<Spads>even better, mutt should fix itself
12:13<@mikegrb>no client handles giant folders
12:13<Spads>we're all doing header caching, but still he ends up with rescans
12:13<@mikegrb>+ well
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12:17[~]mikegrb is in the process of switching news readers
12:17<@mikegrb>I haven't checked but I think the new one will read the old one's killfile
12:17<@mikegrb>which is a must
12:17<@mikegrb>but the interface looks a lot like mutt and I keep hitting mutt commands which do the absolute wrong thing :<
12:18<Spads>I did a lot of remapping for slrn
12:18<Spads>but the interface is just different enough
12:19<@mikegrb>I think the lead developer dude uses emacs
12:19<@mikegrb>it's all ESC this ESC that
12:19<Spads>you can use alt
12:20<@mikegrb>and it won't convert the date header to my timezone, by default anyway
12:20<@mikegrb>I don't have mutt doing that either, but at least with email I can hit h and see the header my mail server added with a received line in my timezone
12:23|-|Bits-n-Pieces [] has joined #linode
12:31<Spads>okay, we're blowing away our header caches
12:31<Spads>in the hopes that it'll all WORK this time
12:34<bkirkbri>mikegrb: Thanks for all the help, I'm out
12:34|-|bkirkbri [] has left #linode []
12:53<jdub>mikegrb: thanks for the ticket - i've been watching the host, trying to determine what the issue is
12:54<@mikegrb>no problem
12:54<jdub>suffer me for upgrading ;)
13:58<gpd>pop quiz: get find to display on the filename (no path)
14:07<@mikegrb>find -print | sed
14:07[~]mikegrb runs
14:07<gpd> find . | sed 's/.*\///' -- heh
14:07<gpd>what I concluded also
14:09<@mikegrb>perhaps find can do it
14:09<@mikegrb>sometimes it's quicker just to pipe it to something else
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15:29<kic>I searched the forums for instances of 'Unable to determine CPU Frequency' when installing some software.. but can't find anyone else mentioning it
15:29<kic>anyone know anything about this error?
15:39<kic>hrm, seems to have disappeard now though
15:39<kic>its installing :D
15:39<kic>may happen again during runtime though
15:39<kic>from what i've been reading
15:39<kic>have you had experience with that?
15:39<gpd>no - just google'd
15:40<kic>yeah, i did the same
15:40<kic>didn't turn up much :D
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15:57|-|Marcel [] has joined #linode
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16:20<linbot>New news from forums: Importing a mysqldump with BLOBs in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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16:58[~]ScytheBlade1 thinks his linode just died
16:58<ScytheBlade1>host36 reads idle
16:58<ScytheBlade1>... but I have no connectivity from two different IPs
16:58[~]ScytheBlade1 pokes the ops, caker and mikegrb
17:09|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
17:12<ScytheBlade1>never mind, it just rebooted and broke hard for no reason... :/
17:12<ScytheBlade1>Why it rebooted, I know not, but eh
17:31<taupehat>wasn't there a sticky somewhere in the forums on performance-tuning?
17:31<taupehat>I'm looking at how to trim an apache config on another machine =]
17:37<Spads>I am running teh Xgl
17:37<Spads>it is super unstable on this radeon 7500
18:18<gpd>Spads: I have compiz on my 6800 - also fairly unstable
18:18<gpd>not sure I like it either - the standard settings make you feel a bit ill after a while
18:18<Spads>my problem is that I get flicker and dropout stuff
18:18<gpd>flicker can be fixed... change the refresh option
18:18<gpd>let me look
18:19<Spads>I may give it another try
18:19<Spads>but also all my Xv apps are slow as treacle
18:19<gpd>in the dapper there is a thread that mentions it
18:22<gpd>Does xgl have shadows - ala OSX? not seen it so far
18:23<Spads>gpd: I see no mention of flicker in that link
18:24<gpd>the bit with the gconf-editor and the refresh_rate
18:24<gpd>worked for me
18:24<Spads>I see wobble mentioned there, but that's a feature
18:24<Spads>I'm talking about jagged triangular refresh problems
18:25<gpd>when the wobble is in action you get flicker if the refresh is 85
18:25<Spads>everything flickers for me
18:25<gpd>not so good then
18:25<Spads>and I also have drop-out sections
18:25<gpd>ubuntu dapper?
18:25<Spads>radeon 7500
18:26<gpd>there are radeon specific tips elsewhere in that forum
18:26<Spads>Most involve fglrc
18:26<Spads>trust me
18:26<Spads>this is just lack of support for this chipset
18:26<gpd>oh well - lucky me then with my nvidia goodness
18:26<Spads>and your proprietary drivers
18:26[~]gpd cackles
18:27<gpd>I am tainted
18:27<Spads>be sure to bow and scrape extra low the next time X or the kernel changes something and nvidia don't notice
18:27<Spads>maybe you can beg them to bring old drivers up to date
18:27<Spads>I'm sure they'll care.
18:27<Spads>They'll rush right over and say "OUR DRIVERS ARE SUPPORTED WITH RHCE 8.2"
18:27<gpd>I'll get my whipping boys at IBM to talk to them
18:28<Spads>that's hilarious
18:28<Spads>a whipping boy is a slave you beat when a prince does something wrong
18:29<Spads>not some sort of ambassador
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18:49<cmantito>Out of curiosity, are there any lesbian couples currently living within the walls of the TP datacentre? I ask because I got spam saying there were lesbian couples looking for a manfriend in my area.
18:50<cmantito>Seeing as how my area consists of this room, and everything connected by a TCP socket in my brain...
18:50<cmantito>And there are no lesbian couples in here.
18:50|-|Electric1lf [~dbharris@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:03<encode>hahahah cmantito
19:05<fo0bar>cmantito: the lesbians are calling from INSIDE THE HOUSE
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21:50<encode>fo0bar: that would be a scary thing
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