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00:44<warewolf>oh, shit.
00:44<warewolf>TiVo will be dropping lifetime service
00:44<warewolf>this is not good.
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01:33<taupehat>I should probably include some kind of sanity prompt, but it's an internal tool
01:35<Internat>whats it do
01:36<taupehat>it goes on a bootcd I'm building and deploys an etherboot image onto the hard drives of old donated computers to insta-convert them into thin client stations
01:37<taupehat>since it does indeed trash and repartition the hard drive, it's kind of dangerous
01:37<taupehat>I was initially thinking of setting the script up to autorun, and then realized just how stupid an idea that was =]
01:38[~]taupehat has to deploy that on 45 machines tomorrow
01:48<Internat>ah ok
01:48<Internat>yeah acidently load it on a machine u wanted and u screwed
01:48<taupehat>no joke
01:48<taupehat>and it'd probably be my own machine
01:48<taupehat>"Hmm, what's on this disk." then forget it's in the cdrom when the phone rings.
01:51<taupehat>it is interesting to consider just how easy it would be to hose a machine just by putting a cd in the drive and leaving it to be rebooted
01:54<taupehat>although putting an LMOS boot floppy in is just as effective and a lot quicker
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03:23<linbot>New news from forums: linode reliability in General Discussion <>
03:27<Shaun>taupehat: the systems dont have bootrom chips in the nics?
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03:38<Internat>i swear the international links suck balls
03:38<Internat>my ftp to my server maxes out about 150kb.. for one connection
03:38<Internat>i start annother connection so i have 2, and they both go at 150bks
03:38<Internat>dammit wy cant i get 1 connection going at 300ish!
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03:55<Internat>nternation links suck
03:55<Internat>1 conection to broken downloading to home goes at 143kbs
03:55<Internat>i start another connection and it goes at 155k.
03:55<Internat>so i have 2 connetions going at approximately 150kb, but i cant get 1 single connection of 300
03:55<Internat>broken being the name of my remote server
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07:33<bogdan>hello all
07:33<bogdan>are there any problems with host20?
07:34<bogdan>all my services suddenly stopped responding a few minutes ago and when i verified my linode's web sinterface it said my linode is powered off!
07:34<bogdan>how is that possible?
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07:44<@mikegrb>host 20 looks fine, how about your console log?
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07:57<bogdan>i had to boot my linode to resume normal operation .. the console log now seems to show the boot log
07:58<bogdan>i didnt find anythinig in my logs ... no graceful shutdown, nothing about a shutdown
08:00<@caker>bogdan: fw12 login: Kernel panic: Kernel mode signal 7
08:00<@caker> <6>SysRq : Show Regs
08:00<@caker>followed by a stack trace
08:00<bogdan>why would that happen? .. i mean, out of the bllue
08:01<@caker>well, considering 2.4-um hasn't had any work put into it for over a year, I'm not that surprised that there are potential panics lurking around
08:01<@caker>this rarely happens, for what it's worth
08:01<bogdan>i really need to know if it can happen again and what can i do to prevent it .. the mail on that machine is critical for me (especially now)
08:01<@caker>but you might consider moving up to 2.6 (with the usual precautions)
08:02<bogdan>you mean 2.6 for the linode or 2.6 for my debian that is installed on my linode?
08:03<npmr>bogdan, a version 2.6 kernel
08:06<bogdan>i understood we're talking about a 2.6 kernel ... i was asking whether caker meant to upgrade my linode to use the 2.6.15-linode16 (which says experimental) or to install a 2.6 kernel on the debian distro that i have on my linode
08:07<bogdan>or both
08:14<Marcel>i had problems with host20 too
08:14<Marcel>my linode dropped 10 hours ago or so
08:15<Marcel>also 2.6 kernel on guest
08:15<Marcel>and kernel mode 7
08:15<Marcel>* kernel signal 7 panioc
08:15<bogdan>what do you mean "kernel mode 7" ?
08:16<Marcel>" bogdan: fw12 login: Kernel panic: Kernel mode signal 7"
08:16<Marcel>what caker pasted
08:16<Marcel>my uml guest had the same problem 10 hours ago
08:16<bogdan>i saw that .. but i still don't get what you meant by the fact that i should install a kernel 2.6 mode 7 (or maybe i misunderstood what you said)
08:17<bogdan>only the "mode 7" part ...
08:17<Marcel>it was a typo
08:17<bogdan>ah, ok then
08:18<bogdan>im using debian sarge on my linode. is the upgrade from 2.4 to 2.6 easy?
08:18<bogdan>does a simple apt-get precedure suffice?
08:20<npmr>run this command:
08:20<npmr>dpkg -l kernel-image* | grep ^ii
08:20<npmr>what does it say?
08:23<Narada>hi; does offer any back up space at all? or do you backup to your own linode?
08:24<npmr>Narada, linode does not offer back up space, backups are your own responsibility
08:25<bogdan>npmr: im using 2.4 on my debian :)
08:26<bogdan>though i have no kernel-image package installed
08:27<bogdan>i take it that the kernel panic above was refering to the kernel in my uml host, on my debian, right?
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08:34<@mikegrb>any kernel within your uml instance won't affect anything
08:35<bogdan>so then i should just upgrade the host kernel with the web interface
08:36<@mikegrb>yes but if you use a 2.6 kernel you will have to get rid of /lib/tls
08:38<bogdan>i think i saw something about that on the forums
08:39<bogdan>do i have to upgrade my debian kernel to 2.6 as well?
08:41<@mikegrb>any kernel within your uml instance won't affect anything <--
08:41<@mikegrb>well it will needlessly take up space
08:42<bogdan>any other precautions when upgrading to 2.6?
08:43<bogdan>i dont want to annoy you (sorry if i do), i'm not a real linux guru when it comes to kernels so i appreciate any help
08:43<npmr>three kernels:
08:44<npmr>host kernel, which your host runs and you have no control over
08:44<npmr>uml kernel, which you choose from the website and which runs your linode
08:44<npmr>your distro's kernel, which you could install, but it would be pointless
08:49<bogdan>thanks for the terminology clear up ;)
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09:35<bogdan>if i upgrade the uml kernel to 2.6, should i use rngd (rng-tools) or stick with my current setup of using /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random (i'm having big problems with /dev/random even with a bigger pool size)
09:35<bogdan>i know it was mentioned by caker in an announcement that 2.6 kernels are able to take entropy from host by using rngd and i wanted to know if it's reliable
09:38<npmr>i use it
09:38<npmr>before i started using rngd, i was having entropy problems with 2.6
09:38<npmr>i.e. not enough
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11:50[~]caker prepares for his airplane trip
11:50<@caker>flying back to Nashville this time
11:50<taupehat>oh ah
11:50<taupehat>safe travels
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15:33<cout>what happened to the "recent forum posts" column on the support page?
15:34<@mikegrb>is it now showing for you?
15:34<@mikegrb>I see it
15:34<cout>no, I don't see it
15:35<cout>oh, nm, it's a javascript thing
15:49<taupehat>so I've got this Xeon headed my way to complete a server build
15:49<taupehat>but it's apparently begun looping before it's even socketed
15:49<taupehat>go fedex! woohoo!
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16:14<metajack>I'm trying to create a new linode account (I already have one under another user name), but the registration email is never getting to me. I've tried twice and waited about 45 mins each time. Something holding it up?
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20:20<gpd>i seem to be suffering from weird lag - host47
20:29<gpd>zero load - but uber lag
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20:35<geepeedee>mikegrb: any thoughts on network lag to host47?
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20:38<@caker>gpd: traceroute?
20:39<gpd>tried mtr- nothing obvious
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22:53<MovingMtFuji>is anyone here?
22:53<gpd>why do you ask?
22:54<MovingMtFuji>I was looking at the linode site ... I was wondering how much you could do with one of the linode 80 packages?
22:55<gpd>lamp is pretty easy with some tinkering...
22:55<gpd>what do you want to do?
22:56<MovingMtFuji>nothing that I think would be really intensive ... the main thing I want is to have a web server with Python installed ...
22:56<gpd>that should be no problem as long as the load isn't tooo high
22:57<MovingMtFuji>nah ... if it gets high I should have enough interest where I could make money off of it
22:57<gpd>i run apache/mysql/php/bind/postfix/courier
22:57<MovingMtFuji>on what package?
22:57<gpd>that was a little tight on a 64 (old) but now have a 96 and plenty of spare memory
22:58<MovingMtFuji>is it possible to run Mono?
22:58<gpd>not tried
22:58<Eman>ive got apache/mysql/php/unrealircd/ircdservices/blah blah all on a 64 and it runs great
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22:59<gpd>of course my 96 is now a 120 - thanks to caker's birthday gift :)
22:59<gpd>you can easily upgrade if you find that you need more memory
23:00<gpd>the transition is very painless
23:00<MovingMtFuji>well ... the smallest that is available is an 80
23:00<gpd>look like the /only/ available atm
23:01<gpd>which makes your choice easier
23:03<MovingMtFuji>the price is reasonable ... just wondering if I could run a small server ... the standard apache/mysql/php setup ... maybe a mail server ... with low load ... primarily for showoff purposes ... without a lot of troubl
23:03<Eman>you can
23:03<MovingMtFuji>ok cool
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23:30<Eman>anyone know of a good proxy that i can install on a linux box and lock down with a password or similar?
23:31<taupehat>Eman: squid
23:32<Eman>wouldnt that be overkill?
23:32<taupehat>perhaps you should have been more specific
23:32<Eman>what i really want to do is use my linode as an http proxy so i can browse as if i was in the us
23:32<taupehat>you could use stunnel
23:33<taupehat>I'm sure there's some lightweight socks5 proxy you could setup
23:33<taupehat>check freshmeat
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23:54<Spads>just use the ssh socks proxy magic
23:54<Spads>I think it's -D
23:55<Eman>so... to do it from a windows box i'd do what?
23:56<Spads>install ubuntu?
23:56<Spads>I've never used windows
23:56<gpd>^^ uses proxytunnel
23:57[~]gpd notes the glee with which those words effuse from Spads's keyboard
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