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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-03-10

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00:00<taupehat>debian ftw
00:01[~]Eman enjoys his fedora core
00:01<taupehat>ergh, fedora
00:01<gpd>^^ uses putty
00:01[~]taupehat will be stuck using centos here pretty soon =[
00:02[~]gpd wonders why putty is available for linux - installs anyway
00:06<taupehat>that is silly
00:31<Eman>heres a fun one, how can paint shop pro 3.11 work with png files when its 3 years older then the standard? i have yet to figure it out
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11:22<JonR>hey, caker or mikegrb... any chance Linode might start taking the Discover credit card anytime soon?
11:23<kvandivo>should we call you Sam ?
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11:34<Spads>fake: you are so fake.
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11:43<kvandivo>i've ordered puzzles for the ex from bits n pieces
11:48<fake>Spads: i know =/
12:07<@mikegrb>kvandivo: she paid him to come here and make you feel bad
12:08[~]JonR pokes at mikegrb.
12:08<kvandivo>see what you get for saying something?
12:09<@mikegrb>JonR: no clue, perhaps at some point in the future if we switch credit card processors or merchant accounts, not sure which of the two is preculding us
12:09<kvandivo>i hate being preculded
12:09[~]JonR just got a Discover card with a lower rate than his Visa, which is why he asks, so...
12:09<@mikegrb>that would be a good reason
12:09<kvandivo>just pay it off every month and then it doesn't matter
12:10<@mikegrb>kvandivo: we can't all clear 2 million a year
12:10<JonR>kvandivo: unfortunately, I was unemployed for a period and ran it up, and now I am poorly paid as a student, and it's hard to pay off.
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17:33<MovingMtFuji>any linode staff in here?
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21:17<cherri>Hey guys I've just been cruising the net looking at Xen stuff and am just wondering when Linode was planning on offering this service? Just curious, not planning on leaving or anything like that :)
21:50<chris>Considering some of us are testing xen linodes, I would assume it isn't too far off
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22:28<cherri>yeah how is the xen testing going?
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22:29<cherring>yeah so how is the xen testing going?
22:36<cherring>I'm curious because I'm reading good things about it, but is it stable and if it's not how can other xen providers provide it in good faith?
22:41<fo0bar>mikegrb: you totally lulzed me
22:41<fo0bar>and I missed it
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23:50<efudd>BSG just broke me. :/
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