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00:03<Dreamer3>intel integrated graphics rocks
00:18<fo0bar>Dreamer3: you're quite funny
00:19<Dreamer3>the Intel Mac Mini graphics run all over my PPC Mini...
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03:01<Neurosis>hey when i got my domain and linode someone here helped me by referring me to a site that would run the nameservers for me so all I had to do was set it up to direct to my ip of my linode
03:01<Neurosis>i have completely forgotten what this site was and now i think it expired and i need to setup a new one but forgot the site
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03:05<Neurosis>thnx anyhows :)
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03:14<Neurosis>are there any other services like zoneedit?
03:14<Neurosis>cuz i think i went over and now my linode is still same ip and all servers are running fine
03:14<Neurosis>but they arent redirecting the dns anymore for some reason
03:15<Neurosis>and i dont know how to work bind
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04:41<Neurotic>router issues
04:42<Neurotic>hey can i ask u something i know a network genius such as urself will perhaps be able to shed some light on?
04:43<Neurotic>i got a 8mbit cable connection... and when i plug direct into the modem... it tests at a speedmeeter site @ 8-9mbit/sec fair nuff... but i have been switching out routers all day (5) and no matter which one i connect or how i config em... i test at less then 1mbit/sec
04:43<Neurotic>is there any precedence for this? its really odd.
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07:27<bogdan>hello all
07:28<bogdan>i recently installed rng-tools on my debian guest and i got a depmod error
07:28<bogdan>depmod: QM_MODULES: Function not implemented
07:28<bogdan>that's when i apt-got it
07:28<bogdan>actually when starting rngd
07:29<bogdan>should I worry or ... ?
07:29<bogdan>ps shows rngd is running (3 child processes)
07:43<@mikegrb>linode kernels don't support modules, it is probably trying to load a hwrng module when it is starting
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07:59<denis>i broke my linode :(
08:00<denis>removed a vital libc link
08:00<denis>is there a way to copy a file onto the filesystem outside the standard console?
08:03<cherring>gday mike, any word on xen migration? going well?
08:05<denis>your support continues to amaze :)
08:05<denis>thanks lots!
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08:29<bogdan>mikegrb: i followed caker's advice here:
08:29<bogdan>i found no other reference to rngd on the linode forums
08:30<bogdan>is there something else i should do? and my first question still stands .. should i worry?
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12:34<taupehat>To ensure system stability, a 1000W (minimum) ATX power supply
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14:42<weef>does anyone know what the current status of Xen is at linode?
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15:26<@caker>weef: yes, we're going to begin the public beta this week
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21:28<efudd> mmm quiet.
21:31<gpd>how would you tar/gzip a directory into multiple volumes - tar -M ? or other method?
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21:48<Eman>has host22 died?
21:52<@mikegrb>looks fine
21:52<Eman>did the linode with the ip panic?
21:53<@mikegrb>no, it's thrashing swap though
21:54<@mikegrb>nearly 400 MB into swap
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21:57<Eman>the owner is nowhere to be found and his box is going crazy... fun fun fun!
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22:01<Neurosis>hey i brought u guyz a customer
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22:01<Neurosis>there he is
22:01<fo0bar>mikegrb: somebody hacked and submitted stuff with your name
22:01<fidjiter>whats up
22:01<Neurosis>admins around?
22:01<Neurosis>mikegrb ?
22:01<fo0bar>mikegrb: I demand you persecute him
22:01<Neurosis>i bring u m00la
22:01<fidjiter>yeah i want a server
22:02<fidjiter>virtual server
22:02<Neurosis>im gonna take him thru the signup process on real quick
22:04<Neurosis>there are none at all available?
22:06<@mikegrb>fo0bar: oh no!
22:07<Neurosis>that sucks
22:07<Neurosis>o well i will get him back in here on the 15th
22:08<Neurosis>i been braggin about my linode ever since i got it and he wants one hehe keep up the good work mikegrb... ttyl
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22:19<Eman>so mikegrb, i assume i cant get it rebooted?
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