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00:10<Spads>do I *want* to know what "spack" means?
00:11[~]Spads votes that one down
00:14<taupehat>I'm sure it means "horrible" or "newb"
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01:39<gene203>Hi, linode staffs, can you anyone check my ticket for login-to-console problem via ssh?
01:42<gene203>which I submitted about 24 hours ago.
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02:57<linbot>New news from forums: (Slightly) open relay in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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03:37<rko>did host53 just die?
03:37<@caker>looks that way .. working on it now
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03:37<rko>thank you
03:39[~]mikegrb goes back to bed ;)
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03:47<rko>how does it look?
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03:48<efudd>mikegrb, host53 is fucked.
03:48<rko>caker is on it
03:50[~]efudd sighs
03:51<linbot>New news from forums: Host53 panic in System and Network Status <>
03:57[~]efudd grumbles
03:59<rko>it pings
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04:03<rko>gone again
04:05<efudd>if only I could find a provider that gave me a rented server for ~$100/month *WITH* a serial console access.....
04:05<efudd>I should just invest in a machine and colo one myself...
04:09<efudd>goddamnit. almost every fucking colo provider only gives redhat.
04:09<efudd>I *REFUSE* to touch redhat ever again.
04:11<Internat>yeah that shits me
04:11<Internat>i want debian dammit!
04:11<Internat>and i wanna be able to chose which one
04:12<Internat>as far as im concerend if im paying for a colo box i wanna put on it whatever the hell i want
04:12<efudd>I could probably tolerate freebsd....
04:13<rko>my linode is coming up
04:13<efudd>That's not really the point though. The whole stability issue here is due to multiple UML instances. I severely dislike downtime and my personal machines normally hit a year or more regardless of OS or their use.
04:14<@caker>it's either going to go away with Xen, or those machines that are affected will be going away themselves.
04:14<@caker>mark. my. words.
04:14<efudd>You are suggesting this is hardware?
04:15<@caker>considering it only happens on cpus with model 3 or higher, yes.
04:15[~]efudd stops signing up for other service
04:16<@caker>so, we're kind of in a holding pattern until we can really test xen on those boxes...
04:16<Internat>is xen expected soon? *prays*
04:16<@caker>Internat, yeah, were going to begin the public beta testing this week
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04:18<Internat>how much of a beta is this beta? like is it prety much stable and its just load testing now or..?
04:18<@caker>Internat: it's been stable/feature complete in the private beta
04:18<@caker>...and on one of the affected cpus
04:18<Internat>ive been lucky that my host hasnt been effected.. but im looking forward to the speed increase of xen
04:19<@caker>it'll be more than just a speed increase with xen (hint hint)
04:20<Internat>what else do we score? or do we have to wait to find out? :P
04:20<@caker>wait and see
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04:20<Internat>*starts squirming impatiently* :D
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04:21<efudd>Death to Fedora too.
04:22<@caker>efudd: still the gentoo fanatic?
04:22<efudd>Yes. sigh. :)
04:22<efudd>but do realize, I only try to upgrade once every few months....
04:22<efudd>and get pissed off during the process.
04:23<efudd>this past update completely reworked apache's configuration directories.. they provided no upgrade path. mysql, same. postfix, same. .. and mutt is now yelling at me after this reboot.
04:24<Internat>that seems nasty
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04:24<Internat>debain for the win!
04:24<efudd> looks need.
04:25<efudd>I hate debian also.
04:25<Internat>whats wrong with debian?
04:25<efudd>Do not Taunt The Tired Fun Fudd.
04:25<efudd>dpkg is lame, for starters.
04:25<Viza>Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
04:25<efudd>it's late. can't tyhpe.
04:26<Viza>oh yeah, i've seen that before
04:26<Viza>does look neat
04:26[~]caker sniffs the vapors
04:26<efudd>Don't know if it's vapor
04:26<@caker>been watching that site for a few months now...
04:26<@caker>who knows
04:26<efudd>one thing that's interesting.. the screenshot/picture....
04:26<efudd>"Last updated Fri Jan 31 2003.."
04:27<efudd>.. and their website would be much better in blues, purples, and green. (ANSI 4 Evah. BBS+++)
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04:33<efudd>Sigh, ok, I give up. I'll wait and see how Xen improves things.
04:33<rko>ok, all looks good... off to bed
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14:35<brocktice>hey guys is host53 okay? I know it went down last night.
14:36<@mikegrb>looks good
14:36<@mikegrb>your linode has used all of it's swap
14:36<brocktice>may be related to the udev switchover
14:37<brocktice>I had to switch the hard drive device names with the new kernel, I wonder if I missed something with the swap
14:37<@mikegrb>no, the swap is there, it's just all in use
14:37<brocktice>that's odd
14:38<brocktice>any idea what might have caused it? It hasn't happened to me before.
14:38<@mikegrb>runaway process
14:38<@mikegrb>memory leak
14:38<brocktice>hmm right
14:39<brocktice>guess I'll keep a close eye on it
14:39<brocktice>thanks for the info
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14:39<afv-13>hi, i only have a gmail account, is it still okay to use it to sign up?
14:40<Spads>how did you get a gmail account without having another e-mail account where the invitation was sent?
14:40<afv-13> i had a webmail acount
14:42<afv-13>is the email address being from a free provider really that big an issue?
14:42<@mikegrb>it increases the fraud score conciderably
14:43<@mikegrb>you didn't get an email account from your ISP?
14:43<afv-13>i did, but what if i change ISP?
14:44<@mikegrb>then you just update the address
14:44<afv-13>gmail will follow me around everywhere
14:46<Eman>hey mikegrb, did that linode i was asking about finally crash?
14:46<afv-13>mikegrb: after the first payment goes through, can i change the email address to my gmail one?
14:47<@mikegrb>afv-13: yes
14:47<@mikegrb>Eman: no
14:47<afv-13>cool, thanks
14:47<brocktice>mikegrb, aha, it was tor
14:47<brocktice>Out of Memory: Killed process 5835 (tor).
14:47<Spads>brocktice: what version?
14:47<Spads>brocktice: were you running a proxy or just a client?
14:48<brocktice>Spads, I think it was one shy of the latest, need to check, running a server
14:48[~]Spads nods
14:48<Spads>very cool
14:48<Spads>how many proxy ban lists are you in so far?
14:48<brocktice>Spads: beats me I use a separate IP address for the proxy
14:49<brocktice>Spads, but they sent me a neat green shirt :)
14:49<Eman>tor needs to be banned from the internet
14:49<brocktice>Eman, it provides an important service, especially since the PATRIOT act just passed again
14:49<Spads>anonymity is important
14:49<brocktice>Eman, I recognize that it has problems though
14:49<Spads>privacy is important
14:49<Eman>its slower then 14.4 dialup
14:50<brocktice>Eman, I've had it work pretty well for me
14:50<brocktice>now freenet, that is slow
14:50<Spads>but tor is great because it allows people to block it on the service end but not the client end efficiently
14:50<Spads>so it allows IRC networks to say "no more tor users" but it's hard for the jackboots to say "you shall not tor"
14:51<brocktice>yeah 1.0.16
14:51<brocktice>I think it was known to have a memory leak
14:51<Eman>bopm + tor dnsbl
14:51<Eman>blitzed open proxy monitor
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14:52<@mikegrb>[14:52] |-| 4 - #linode: ban *!* by, 25 days, 14 hours, 16 minutes, and 7 seconds ago
14:52|-|mode/#linode [-b *!*guest@*] by mikegrb
14:52|-|mode/#linode [-b *!*DeathStar@*] by mikegrb
14:53|-|mode/#linode [-b *!*SailorDua@*] by mikegrb
14:53|-|mode/#linode [-bbbb *!*m00@* *!*fffff@85.100.75.* *!alex@* *!*alex@*] by mikegrb
14:53|-|mode/#linode [-b *!*gmoz@*] by mikegrb
14:53<Eman>and this makes bopm find tor:
14:56<afv-13>call back is required?
14:56<afv-13>as in i'll have to call someone?
14:57<Spads>I think it means they'll have to call you
14:57<Spads>to verify that everything matches up
14:57<afv-13>ic, if they are fine calling south africa, thats cool :p
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15:01<heidi>they don't normally call, they usually email
15:02<heidi>they ask for a fax or an emailed picture of the credit card and ID if there is a problem
15:02<brocktice>with voip it wouldn't matter much, it's just a few cents
15:02<heidi>brocktice: well yeah, we have voip but I don't think caker does
15:02<heidi>i guess mikegrb would be doing the calling anyway
15:03<brocktice>unless your ISP decides to screw with VOIP packets...
15:04<@mikegrb>then they wouldn't be our ISP any more
15:04<brocktice>unless they all do
15:05<brocktice>MIT has this mesh-networking software you can download for routers that's starting to look appealing
15:05<@mikegrb>they never all would, there will always be the availability, just may have a premium
15:05<brocktice>It does seem like it would open a nice niche for a full-access provider
15:05<@mikegrb>I pay $55 for 9 mbit down, 1 mbit up bit too bad
15:06<@mikegrb>there will always be business class service as well
15:06<afv-13>:D submitted
15:07<@mikegrb>afv-13: you've got mail
15:07<afv-13>not yet
15:08<@mikegrb>well it says your Linode account is activated
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15:23<fo0bar>mikegrb: your "special package" has been mailed
15:35<Spads>fo0bar: did he punch the monkey on the finnucks glob?
15:38<fo0bar>he so did.
15:39<fo0bar>he was also our 10th caller, and won a fabulous trip to beautiful Placerville, CA!
15:40<Spads>mikegrb: u so luky lol
15:55[~]mikegrb packs his bags
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16:27<afv-13_>anyone mention any problems with the gentoo image?
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16:30<Spads>if you're going gentoo on a linode, you *really* need to play a different sort of game than you do on your own system.
16:30<Spads>for starters, all libc upgrades are out of the question
16:32<bendy24>haha gentoo on a linode
16:34<Spads>yeah, portage will run like treacle on UML
16:34<Spads>afv-13_: your best bet is to stick with the gentoo binary package thingummy
16:34<Spads>afv-13_: or go with debian/ubuntu
16:35<afv-13_>well any issues with the slack image?
16:36<Spads>I couldn't tell you, since I do not know *anyone* who would run slackware in this day and age.
16:36<afv-13_>so far i'm 0/2
16:36<Spads>afv-13_: you got some lol on your chin
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16:58<brocktice>gentoo's served me pretty well so far on the linode
16:58<brocktice>I just don't change it much
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17:29<izzled>anyone tried
17:29<afv-13_>i use it
17:29<Internat-afk>so.. im corious to know what the average delay time with greylisting is? cause my understanding of it is when the computer gives the code that the mailbox is temporarily unabilable its up to the sending mailserver to decide when to resent yeah?
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17:59<afv-13_>in failed. PASS: secure access to this domain is disabled
17:59<afv-13_>ignore, sorry
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18:34<warewolf>how strange.
18:34<warewolf>someone running the RML client is reporting back two io token refill values
18:34<warewolf>one is 100x higher than the other
18:34[~]warewolf thinks he has detected someone doing something fishy
18:47<Ciaran_>warewolf: You think someone's deliberately sending back bogus values?
18:49<taupehat>warewolf's getting hax'd!
18:49<taupehat>someone's beating host15 up pretty badly I think
18:50<taupehat>it's been a bit slow to respond all day
18:50<taupehat>(and no, it isn't me)
18:51[~]caker looks
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18:53<taupehat>caker: yeah, it was just showing a full bar on the host-load-o-meter
18:53<taupehat>and I was completely shut down for a minute
18:53<@caker>that was me
18:53<taupehat>what diabolical plan were you implementing?
18:53<@caker>pause all, loop through and unpause each one, watch vmstat
18:54<@caker>any better now?
18:54<taupehat>seems so
18:54<taupehat>didn't know you had the ability to pause the machines
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18:55<taupehat>so did you figure out what was hammering the host?
18:55<@caker>I found two nodes with full swap
18:55<@caker>they have been limited
18:55<taupehat>eh, that'll do it
18:56<taupehat>I checked before I said anything
18:56<@caker>thanks for letting me know
18:56<taupehat>was running 10M swap with 7M free physical mem
18:56<taupehat>anyhow, thanks for handling =]
18:56<Eman>lemme guess, one has the ip
18:57<@caker>Eman: no, why?
18:57<Eman>box went crazy last night and its owner aint around
18:58<@caker>Filename Type Size Used Priority
18:58<@caker>/dev/ubdb partition 525304 525024 -1
18:58<@caker>/dev/ubdd partition 263160 156156 -2
18:58<@caker>^-- that node
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18:58<@caker>that much swap is just wasted disk space
18:59<Eman>why am i not surprised
18:59<Eman>that one has done this before
19:00<@caker>Eman: any ideas what processes are causing that?
19:00<Eman>last time, i think was apache
19:00<@caker>damn, put some limits on that thing :)
19:00<Eman>not my box
19:00<Eman>i only have a shell on it :(
19:01<@caker>that's just silly
19:02<taupehat>Am I reading right that whoever this is has 2.5 GIGS of swap?
19:02<@caker>taupehat: no, ~750 megs
19:02[~]taupehat likes -h flag in df
19:02[~]caker same
19:04<Ciaran_>Me too.
19:04|-|Ciaran_ changed nick to Ciaran
19:05[~]darkbeholder must remember that
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19:09<warewolf>darkbeholder: you're running the RML client twice a second every once in a blue moon
19:09<warewolf>how are you running the RML client?
19:09<warewolf>in cron?
19:10<darkbeholder>thats weird
19:10<warewolf>you've got it in there only once, right?
19:11<warewolf>hmm strange
19:12<taupehat>ahh, I'm still in the top 5
19:13<darkbeholder>it would be nice to be down the list further
19:13<warewolf>no, you want up
19:13<darkbeholder>numbers to go down
19:14<warewolf>the lower your io rate per second, the closer to the top of the rankings page you are
19:14<warewolf>the top is where you want to be
19:14<warewolf>with the smallest io possible
19:14<taupehat>I'd have to wonder
19:14<taupehat>what the other people on the top5 are running on their linodes
19:14<darkbeholder>i must have clicked on the thingy
19:14<darkbeholder>cause its decending for me right now
19:14<taupehat>darkbeholder: is nova1 on top?
19:14<warewolf>yeah you can sort some of the columns
19:14<warewolf>click rank
19:15<warewolf>so you get an arrow pointing down
19:15<darkbeholder>ok now i want to go up :)
19:15<warewolf>read the explanation of the table at the bottom of thepage
19:16<Internat-afk>since i got disconnected before, did anyone reply to my greylisting questinon?
19:16<taupehat>didn't see it
19:16<darkbeholder>i know the numbers need to be low, i dont know whats causing mine to be so high, though it has gone down since i tinkered with apache some more
19:16<Internat-afk> Internat-afk so.. im corious to know what the average delay time with greylisting is? cause my understanding of it is when the computer gives the code that the mailbox is temporarily unabilable its up to the sending mailserver to decide when to resent yeah?
19:16<taupehat>have you also tinkered with mysql?
19:17<warewolf>Internat-afk: yes
19:17<warewolf>Internat-afk: it's the sending MTA's timeout for retry
19:17<darkbeholder>might look at that some more
19:17<taupehat>Internat-afk: I haven't tried grepping and averageing the logs
19:17<Internat-afk>i thought as much
19:17<taupehat>but that's an interesting question
19:17<Internat-afk>anyone know the typical retry time?
19:17<Eman>taupehat: you wonder what runs on a top5 machine? apache/mysql/php/ircd... thats about it
19:17<taupehat>Eman: that's what runs on mine
19:18<taupehat>and irssi, fail2ban, postfix/postgrey/imaps, etc
19:18[~]taupehat is at position 5
19:18<Eman>im at 4
19:19<Eman>box runs itself pretty much
19:19<taupehat>mine also
19:19[~]warewolf wishes more people would sign up
19:19<taupehat>although I got myself in a horrible mess
19:20<taupehat>wanted to update a package, suddenly found myself upgrading to etch, said heck with it, I'll go along for the ride
19:20<taupehat>but mysql that shipped with etch was segfaulting
19:20<Internat-afk>i run apache2/php/mysql/courierpop,imap{ssl|nonssl}/postrix and a few other things eggdrops and a few basic things
19:21<warewolf>I updated the RML client (minor bugfix) today, so go download it again :)
19:22<Internat-afk>im interestred to know cause soemtiems i like my mail straight away so greylisting could become an annoyance
19:22<Internat-afk>but it gets rid of spam..
19:22<taupehat>set it to 1 second
19:22<taupehat>I did that for a while and it was just as effective
19:23<taupehat>occasionally a wonky mailserver would wait five minutes or so to resend
19:23<Internat-afk>yeah but since the sending mailserver cofuld have a retry time of an hr..
19:23<taupehat>but for the most part mail was instant
19:23<warewolf>SON OF A FUCKING BITCH
19:24<taupehat>warewolf: ???
19:24<Internat-afk>calm down
19:24<warewolf>fucking non-skippable previews
19:24<warewolf>I hate DVDs
19:24<warewolf>I hate console DVD players
19:24<taupehat>use kaffeine =]
19:25<taupehat>they figure since they're not able to show legally your dvd anyhow, to hell with the uops
19:25[~]taupehat liked that feature in mac the ripper as well
19:26<Internat-afk>so what is better postgrey or sqlgrey?
19:26<Eman>buy movie, rip to xvid, hide disc, watch on htpc
19:26<taupehat>I view all my dvds over NFS from a toaster oven full of hard drives
19:27<Eman>and depending on your whole view on illegality, first two steps can be replaced with "torrent the movie"
19:27<Eman>not that any of us would do that
19:28<taupehat>no of course not
19:28<@mikegrb>warewolf: your sort is broken, it says 2, 3, 2, 6, 3, 9, 6, 5, 15, 11, 8 ... are sorted lowest to highest
19:28<taupehat>but I do have a 3-year-old who's notorious for sending her Dora movies to the resurfacing machine on a regular basis
19:28<warewolf>mikegrb- click it again, i'm not sure why it does that
19:28<Eman>children need vhs
19:28<taupehat>so rather than buy new Dora movies when they get resurfaced to nothingness, i ripped them all to the nfs server
19:29<warewolf>mikegrb- it does an alphabetical sort, then goes back to numerical
19:29<taupehat>mount -t iso9660 -o loop doramovie.iso /mnt/iso
19:29<taupehat>and kaffeine
19:30<taupehat>it's saved me a bundle on resurfacing at three bucks a spin
19:30<taupehat>and the MPAA can kiss my grits if they don't like it
19:31[~]taupehat bought those disks new in shrinkwrap
19:32|-|myfnp [] has joined #linode
19:34<@caker>myfnp: what exactly is going on with your apache problem (or ...)?
19:34<myfnp>Im about to flip out
19:35<@caker>btw, those messages about modules, partition tables, and hardware clock can be ignored
19:35<myfnp>Starting httpd: [ OK ]
19:36<myfnp>Starting mysqld: init_new_context_skas - new_mm failed, errno = -24
19:36<@caker>which distro?
19:36<myfnp>Kernel panic: Kernel mode fault at addr 0x8, ip 0x80720e0
19:36<myfnp>redhat small
19:36<@caker>ok, ready to follow some simple directions as a test?
19:36<@caker>is your node booted?
19:36<myfnp>it turns itself off
19:37<myfnp>when i boot
19:37<@caker>ok, set "init=/bin/bash" in your config profile, also choose "Latest 2.6", and reboot
19:37<@caker>then: mv /lib/tls /lib/tls-disabled, remove the init=/bin/bash option, and reboot
19:38<myfnp>lastest 2.4 on mine
19:38<@caker>yes, I know .. :) Let's see if this works
19:39<@caker>ok, access the node via Lish and move /lib/tls out of the way
19:40<@caker>oh, but first: mount -o remount,rw /
19:40<@caker>(since it's mounted readonly)
19:44<@caker>!errno -24
19:44<linbot>caker: (unknown) (#-24): Unknown error 4294967272
19:44<@caker>anyway, it stayed up this time ...
19:44<@caker>when did this start happening?
19:45<@caker>Starting httpd: [ OK ]
19:45<@caker>Starting mysqld: init_new_context_skas - new_mm failed, errno = -24
19:45<@caker>[ OK ]
19:45<@caker>Starting webmin: [ OK ]
19:45<myfnp>whats up with that?
19:45<@caker>really weird
19:45<@caker>when did this start happening?
19:46<myfnp>when i had to reload my linode
19:47<myfnp>like 3 days
19:47<@caker>ok, but not reinstall the distro, right? ...
19:48<@caker>so more or less, all of the sudden
19:48<myfnp>yes reinstall the distro many times over
19:48<@caker>what was the initial problem that made you reinstall?
19:49<myfnp>i would like to compile my own redhat
19:50<myfnp>somehow did not get compiled into php
19:50<myfnp>or was not
19:52<myfnp>and i was trying to upgrade/install the latest version of apache,mysql,php...
19:52<myfnp>what a nightmare
19:53|-|Internat-afk [~internat@] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
19:54<myfnp>ohh yah where did my personal email go?
19:54<myfnp>that was in my inbox?
19:59<myfnp>Starting mysqld: init_new_context_skas - new_mm failed, errno = -24
20:00<myfnp>[ OK ]
20:03<myfnp>im running in circles
20:28|-|womble [] has joined #linode
20:32<@caker>myfnp: do you care about your disk images, or are the fresh? We could move you to another box, possibly
20:33<@caker>I only ask about the disk images because a migration would be instantaneous w/o moving the disks over .. but it's no problem to do so ... need em?
20:43<myfnp>if theres somewhere i can send two backup files add up to about 500 mb then trnsfr back???
20:43<@caker>nono, we can move your disk images over -- no sweat
20:43<myfnp>ohh k
20:44<@caker>ok, shutdown your node, and logout of the website -- I'll get it set up for ya
20:47<@caker>myfnp: all set?
20:47<@caker>ok, log back in -- you'll see a migration link/button off the overview page. Click it :)
20:48<@caker>that's it.
20:49<Internat>hotmail maybe the exception for this.. but i tried to test my greylisting setup with my hotmail account (ie sending from it to my account) and for some reason after it got the code that it was unavaiable hotmail automaticly tried the backupmx..
20:49<Internat>anyone know why or how to stop that happeningg
20:53<fo0bar>Internat: you can't. that's expected behavior
20:53<Internat>oh.. well that seems a bit pointless
20:53<@caker>I think I've finally conqured my Thunderbird corruption problems .. some email in Inbox was screwing it up, no matter how many times I removed the .msf file and compacted. PITA. So, I moved the contents fo the inbox out of the way for now (fresh start, more or less)...
20:53<@caker>please, Mr Thunderbird, don't lose my 10 years of email history :)
20:54<Internat>that means my backup mx is going to always get traffic if i greylist a host :/
20:54<Internat>well that is whilst greylisting is working
20:54<@mikegrb>fo0bar: negative, it's broken behavior
20:54<fo0bar>the idea is either to run greylisting on a domain with a single mx, or to run greylisting on a backup mx (because a lot of spammers try your backup mx, and don't bother with the primary if the backup fails)
20:54<@mikegrb>Internat: hotmail's servers are quite broken, they can't be used as a reliable predictor of anyone's servers other then their own
20:55<Internat>ok so i shouldnt expect that it would normally get sent to the backup if the main replys mailbox temp unavaibloe?
20:55<Internat>god my typing is crap
20:55<@mikegrb>er, right
20:55<fo0bar>mikegrb: if your primary mx is "broken" (replying with the "I'm broken, try again later"), why WOULDN'T you try the backup mx?
20:55<@mikegrb>it should only try the backup mx if it can't talk to the primary
20:56<Internat>but its not replying im broken
20:56<Internat>its replying mailbox temp unavaible
20:56<@mikegrb>fo0bar: a good argument but hotmail is the only one that behaves that way
20:56<Internat>which is different to omfg the entire server is dead
21:06<fo0bar>"To provide reliable mail transmission, the SMTP client MUST be able to try (and retry) each of the relevant addresses in this list in order, until a delivery attempt succeeds." <-- RFC2821
21:07<fo0bar>I see no exception that would treat a 450 response as anything other than "failure"
21:09<fo0bar>immediately after: "However, there MAY also be a configurable limit on the number of alternate addresses that can be tried. In any case, the SMTP client SHOULD try at least two addresses.
21:13<fo0bar>I can see how you could see the response of a 450 being "ok, I can handle this mailbox, but not at the moment, please try again later", but the entire purpose of a backup MX is a mailserver that will take over the responsibility of retries for you
21:15<fo0bar>either way, greylisting on a primary MX but not a secondary will NOT deter spam. most spam is sent to the secondary MX, which will just hold it and keep retrying to the primary until after the greylist period is over, at which point the mail will be delivered
21:18|-|Bits-n-Pieces [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:20<Internat>well most spam i have hasnt come thru the backup
21:21<Internat>the backup has better spam detection then i do :/
21:21<fo0bar>my company's backup mail server (for about 100 employees) gets roughly 50,000 messages per day
21:22<@mikegrb>yeah 70-80% of spam I do get is hotmail 419 crap via backup mx
21:22|-|Internat-afk [] has joined #linode
21:23|-|thedingus9 [] has joined #linode
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21:23|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
21:23<@mikegrb>Dear Mr Internat,
21:23<@mikegrb>I am the accounts executive at LINODE
21:24<@mikegrb>Recently one of our customers past away in a terible plane crash, you can read about it here <url>
21:24<@mikegrb>His account had $45,000,000 (US FORTY-FIVE MILLION).
21:25<@mikegrb>Contact me privately and we can make arangments to transfer this money to you.
21:25<Internat>gotcha :)O
21:26<@mikegrb>419 is the section of Nigerian law that covers such scams
21:26<@mikegrb>traditionally they are run by Nigerians
21:27<Internat>i wonder if thunderbird can filter stuff from its headers
21:27<Internat>id actually like to look and see how much of my mail does actually come via the backup.. just for arguments sake
21:28<@mikegrb>the only spam in my inbox not from hotmail is 419 stuff from
21:30<@mikegrb>greylisting works great with dnsbls
21:30<@mikegrb>as the extra delay gives the ip a chance to be listed
21:31|-|Dreamer3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:31|-|dingus95 [~dingus952@] has joined #linode
21:32<Internat>i just did a quick filter in thunderbird.. only 10 out of the 13507 emails in the folder came thru the backupmx..
21:33<Internat>and there is a lot more spam then 10
21:33<@mikegrb>yeah, I don't get spam in my inbox
21:34<@mikegrb>2 or 3 a week
21:34<@mikegrb>work email is another matter, about 500/wk or so
21:34<Internat>yeah ive started getting quite a lot
21:34<Eman>C:\Program Files>rm -rf "Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003" <--- windows didnt like that very much :D
21:35<dingus95>hey any of you guys know when I can get a linode server?
21:35<linbot>caker: Linode80 - 1, Linode120 - 0, Linode160 - 0, Linode240 - 0, Linode320 - 0
21:35<taupehat>full house
21:36<Internat>yeah very by the looks of it
21:36<myfnp> go
21:37<@caker>myfnp: yeah, very bizarre ... Does it do this with a fresh install right away, or only after you update mysql/apache?
21:37<@caker>myfnp: did you compile apache/mysql on your own, or install a binary rpm?
21:38<@caker>Starting httpd: [ OK ]
21:38<@caker>Starting mysqld: init_new_context_skas - new_mm failed, errno = -24
21:38<myfnp>its stock distro
21:38<@caker>^-- same thing
21:38|-|dingus95 [~dingus952@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:38<myfnp>i installed openssl then web min
21:39<myfnp>did a restore edited conf files
21:39<Internat-afk>define restore
21:39<@caker>myfnp: ok, let me try something (don't hit the boot/shutdown buttons, please)
21:40<myfnp>in neeeed mysql
21:44<@caker># /etc/init.d/httpd start
21:44<@caker>Starting httpd: [ OK ]
21:44<@caker>^-- fresh RH9 install, on the same host as yours
21:45<@caker>let me try mysql
21:45<@caker># /etc/init.d/mysqld start
21:45<@caker>Initializing MySQL database: [ OK ]
21:45<@caker>Starting MySQL: [ OK ]
21:45<Internat-afk>ur restore must be breaking it then
21:46<myfnp>i only restored /home and ..www/html
21:47<Internat-afk>so thats teh only config files u restored?
21:47<@caker> < myfnp> did a restore edited conf files
21:47<@caker>^-- look there
21:47<Internat-afk>what files did u restore in ur "config restore"
21:48<myfnp>i said
21:51<myfnp>well everything after restore ran great, then i had probs getting httpd and mysqld to start at boot.
21:52<myfnp>i eventualy got it. then rebooted
21:52<myfnp>then baam kernal PANIC
21:59<myfnp>caker, let me know whats going on
22:03<cmantito>whoo. my iptables script works.
22:04|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
22:05<myfnp>im im im stuck stuck stuck
22:06|-|Bits-n-Pieces [] has joined #linode
22:11<myfnp>im ready to hit the slopes
22:17<@caker>myfnp: I'm afraid the best I can do is mention this problem to the UML devs tomorrow, but for now, I'd investigate why *your* config makes apache or whatever flip out .. clearly stuff works for others
22:17<@caker>any special modules, etc, etc
22:29<myfnp>you dont know what init_new_context_skas - new_mm failed, errno = -24 IS??
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22:43<warewolf>is beholder around?
22:47<kvandivo>what does your eye tell you?
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