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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-03-13

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00:23<darkbeholder>warewolf: i was at class, what did you want?
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00:51<warewolf>did you download a new copy of the RML client?
00:51<warewolf>it looked like a few times you forgot to fill in the linode name
01:18<darkbeholder>yeah i did and figured it out and its all good now
01:18<warewolf>I won't get any more emails then :)
01:18<warewolf>that's what I like to see 8-)
01:45<warewolf>I really am saving money
01:46[~]warewolf blinks
01:46<warewolf>I have a lot of money.
01:46[~]warewolf boggles
02:01<encode>is there a new version of the RML client?
02:01<warewolf>minor bugfixes
02:02<encode>do you really want me to upgrade?
02:02<warewolf>that'd be cool, yes
02:02<warewolf>there are a few people out there running a *really* old version that doesn't report back the linode-host (eg, host47)
02:04<encode>ok, done
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02:05<encode>hooray for rebooting customer's production servers while they're not looking
02:05<warewolf>I hope you didn't reboot your linode just for rml
02:06<encode>i have no need to reboot linux servers
02:06<encode>only windows ones
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02:06<encode>i might be dumb and clueless, but i know enough to know that i dont need to reboot to change a script
02:07<warewolf>holy shit
02:07<warewolf>you need to tell that to my tech lead
02:07<warewolf>and all my coworkers
02:08<encode>what did they do
02:08<warewolf>they think that you need to reboot a unix box every time you install some kind of daemon package
02:08<warewolf>install a ftp daemon?
02:08<warewolf>reboot to get it started.
02:09<encode>because, there couldnt be a way to start it manually
02:09<encode>maybe in their past lives they were windows sysadmins?
02:09<encode>so much still requires a reboot
02:09[~]warewolf nods
02:10<encode>like for example, patching
02:10<encode>(which is the reason i rebooted that server)
02:11<warewolf>I think it would be awesome to marshall all active processes to a frozen state on disk, and then do something like a kexec of a new kernel that then loads back all the frozen processes
02:11<warewolf>very little downtime
02:11<encode>but its not that easy
02:11<encode>what about if the interface to a library changed?
02:12<encode>or even the internal workings of a library
02:12<warewolf>I'm talking about kernel patches
02:12<encode>hmm, i dont know how well that would work either
02:12<warewolf>application patches are easy
02:12<warewolf>especially on *nix boxes
02:12<encode>it would be much easier in an smp system
02:12<encode>assign all processes to one cpu
02:12<encode>spawn new kernel on 2nd cpu
02:13<warewolf>something like that, maybe
02:13<encode>move all processes to 2nd cpu
02:13<encode>kill off original kernel
02:13<encode>of course, in practice nothing is as easy as it sounds
02:13<encode>except for perhaps getting windows infected with malware
02:27<taupehat>same performance hump on host15...
02:28[~]taupehat did check to be sure it isn't him
02:28<taupehat>of course, I'm about to do some apting, so I will be using io
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02:45[~]taupehat suspects caker was at it again =]
02:46<afv-13>what broadcast ip should i use?
02:47<taupehat>afv-13: for?
02:47<afv-13>my linode
02:47<cmantito> iirc.
02:48<afv-13>same as the netmask
02:48<cmantito>right, I misread you.
02:48<afv-13>happens often
02:49<cmantito>if should be first three digits of your IP, last set .255, generally.
02:49<cmantito>at least, for the linode subnet.
02:49<cmantito>ie, I'm so my bcast is
02:49<afv-13>cool thanks
02:49[~]cmantito should get some sleep if he's confusing bcast with mask.. >.<
02:50<taupehat>you could have sent him into internet siberia there
02:51<afv-13>time to test my network setup :p
02:51[~]taupehat would like to have a chat with whomever's thrashing hell out of host15...
02:51[~]cmantito needs to make his iptables script prettier...
02:52<afv-13>and i'm still here
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02:52<cmantito>well, theoretically, you need to restart networking for the changes to take effect anyway, so you shouldn't be ;)
02:52<afv-13>i did
02:52<cmantito>that was a quick down/up then :P
02:53<afv-13>Setting up IP spoofing protection...done (rp_filter).
02:53<afv-13>Reconfiguring network interfaces...ifup: interface lo already configured
02:54<cmantito>hrm, I wonder if it's within guidelines to get a second IP to the linode for data forwarding over a tunnel...
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03:02<encode>cmantito: which guidelines?
03:03<encode>you can have 2 ip addresses per linode with no problems, just more than 2 requires an explanation
03:03<cmantito>well, I know caker doesn't like people hording the IPs but .. ah, k#
03:03<encode>i think its $1 or $2 / month
03:03<cmantito>I thought perhaps a reason was needed for a second.
03:03<encode>check out the extras page ;)
03:03<cmantito>I've seen it there, but figured I'd ask around anyway.
03:04<cmantito>Never hurts to double-check ;)
03:04<cmantito>not buying it til I'm sure I need it yet though.
03:04<encode>well i have 2 ip's for my linode, one for running ssh over 443
03:04<cmantito>I run ssh on 22 and 23.
03:05<cmantito>but I'm going to be moving, and I might be behind someone else's SoHo NAT box, and if that's the case, then I'll make an openvpn tunnel to my linode and route a public IP through that. ;)
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03:23<afv-13>is getting a framebuffer possible?
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03:53<fidjiter>are any admins awake?
03:55<fidjiter>i just registered a linode 80 i was wandering if someone could phone varify me tonight?
03:59<afv-13>sounds a little too much like a request for phone sex
03:59<fidjiter>is that extra?
04:00<fidjiter>lol just kidding
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04:02<fidjiter>i was just trying to get activated so i could start playing with it tonight
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04:02<fidjiter>i had a server on startlogic but they blow, and neuro told me you guys fuckin rule
04:03<encode>linode does
04:04<fidjiter>yeah i saw neuro loading up his server and i know i had to have one.
04:04<fidjiter>* knew
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04:05<jje>Anyone know if something happened on host20 in the last few hours?
04:06<BlackOrk>caker are you around?
04:11<jje>Mike or Caker - either of you around?
04:16<BlackOrk>Guess not it is the middle of the night for the US folk
04:17<cmantito>theoretically it's morning, so I'm off to bed now. (0516 EST)
04:17[~]cmantito &
04:25<BlackOrk>Sleep well cmantito
04:27<jje>BlackOrk - you been having problems?
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04:28<BlackOrk>I have indeed
04:28<BlackOrk>and I've been a muppet, I forgot my lsh pass and the email address is hosted by my linode :(
04:29<BlackOrk>So I can't get the new one send
04:29<jje>Doh - what sort of problems aside from that?
04:31<BlackOrk>not responding to anything asside from icmp
04:34<jje>Yep - same here - host20 by any chance?
04:42<BlackOrk>not sure can't remember
04:43<BlackOrk>it's been so long since I logged into lsh
04:44<jje>Well it looks like the host has rebooted - but I had to log in and restart my linode.... but you'll be needing that password :-(
04:44<BlackOrk>Well it'll teach me right for being a fool
04:44<jje>Sorry... hope the linode guys come online soon for you...
04:45<BlackOrk>Thanks for the info.
04:45<jje>No probs - see you next time.
04:45[~]BlackOrk waves
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05:52<linbot>New news from forums: Host 50 Panic in System and Network Status <>
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05:53<BlackOrk>Mike are you around?
06:12<jje>Mike or Caker - anyone around?
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06:27<Internat>any mac fanatics here?
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07:12<jje>Mike or Caker - anyone around?
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07:22<afv-13>has anyone limited php*-cgi to a certain number of clients?
07:22<afv-13>and if so, to how much?
07:27<jje>php or cgi? which one?
07:27<afv-13>using fastcgi
07:27<jje>Ah I see - I've stopped bothering - instead I limit apache cpu, load, and memory resources - covers everything then.
07:28<afv-13>i'm using lighttpd
07:28<afv-13>but i guess i could do something similar, once i figure out how
07:28<jje>Doh.... yep - that'll be a problem. Why lighttpd?
07:28<afv-13>cause i won't be using all the fancy stuff apache comes with
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07:29<jje>You can turn off all the fancy stuff in Apache - might be a better option.
07:29<jje>I've run apache on everything - even the lowest linode - and with a little tuning it worked out great.
07:31<afv-13>well if i hit a problem with lighttpd i'll look into changing
07:31<jje>Anyway - you might want to stick with lighttpd - either way might be worth looking at some of the cool load limitting stuff with apache.
07:32<afv-13>is there a mail server avaliable that will forward mail from linodes only?
07:32<jje>Mike or Caker - anyone around?
07:32<afv-13>ssmtp would save some time setting up a full server
07:32<jje>afv-13: what do you mean?
07:33<jje>Ah - so your linode is set as the mx - but it just passes the mail onto the processing server...?
07:33<jje>For me I'd just use sendmail - it caters nicely for that.
07:34<jje>I believe exim is also a popular choice for that sort of thing...
07:35<afv-13>server as in some dude already has it up and running, i just forward through him with ssmtp
07:36<jje>Yeah - not sure - maybe I'm not the best one to ask. Sorry.
07:36<afv-13>but instead of being lazy i should just get busy
07:36<jje>I've always run all dedicated mx's...
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08:04<billg>I have seen "end_request: I/O error, dev 62:00 (User-mode block device)" showing up in my logs, Should I be concerned?
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10:05<myfnp>how do i mount with rw access before i mv /lib/tls /lib/tls-disabled ???
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10:24<myfnp>mv: cannot move `/lib/tls' to `/lib/tls-disabled': Read-only file systemrarchy
10:24<myfnp>how do i change to read/write?
10:31<myfnp>never mind
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11:21<BlackOrk>Hi caker or mikegrb are you there?
11:22<BlackOrk>online even
11:22<@caker>BlackOrk: what's up?
11:22<BlackOrk>Hi I have a linode, and I cant' connect to it. I've forgotton my lsh pass
11:23<BlackOrk>Ah but my email is hosted by my linode
11:23<BlackOrk>I know I'm a muppet
11:24<BlackOrk>I did the reset thing earlier but it never got forwarded
11:24<kvandivo>surely there's an "all your eggs in one basket" analogy we could come up with here
11:24[~]BlackOrk points out that I've realised the error of my ways
11:24<BlackOrk>that domain didn't used to be on my linode when I set it up
11:25<BlackOrk>Is there anything I can do?
11:29<BlackOrk>I have my last billing invoice here and the payment recipt.
11:31<@caker>one sec
11:32<@caker>BlackOrk: which username are we talking about? Because "blackorc" doesn't have a reset password
11:32<@caker>er, blackork
11:32<BlackOrk>That is my username
11:32<BlackOrk>I pressed the reset this morning it told me it had sent it
11:32<BlackOrk>but smtp is down on my linode
11:32<BlackOrk>I was on at around 9am gmt but I got disconnected
11:33<@caker>BlackOrk: ok, I changed it to the last six digits of your credit card we have on file
11:33<BlackOrk>ok I'll try log in when I get home as my ccard isn't with me.
11:34<kvandivo>you clearly don't make enough online purchases
11:34<BlackOrk>I'm at work
11:34<BlackOrk>don't have time to make purchases lol
11:34<BlackOrk>Is there likely to be anyone here in about 4 hours?
11:35<BlackOrk>Great, hopefuly I should be able to get it rebooted today then. I'm just loosing mail that's all.
11:36<anderiv>BlackOrk: do you have a backup MX spool for your mail domain?
11:37<anderiv>BlackOrk: bummer
11:37<kvandivo>well, except for extremely inane mail servers they should be holding it and resending.. so "losing" is a bit strong
11:38<BlackOrk>Losing as in I need the info this morning
11:38<BlackOrk>I just worded it funny
11:38<kvandivo>ahh.. ok
11:38<BlackOrk>Please stop taking everything I type so literly
11:38<kvandivo>i don't know how to do that
11:38<BlackOrk>All I needed was help from linode staff, not a lot of abuse
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12:24<anderiv>ugh indeed
12:25<warewolf>it is so fucking hot in my house
12:25<warewolf>!weather 22310
12:25<linbot>warewolf: Temperature: 79°F / 26°C | Humidity: 47% | Pressure: 29.76in / 1008hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 16mph / 26km/h; This Afternoon - Partly sunny...breezy and very warm. Highs in the upper 80s. South winds 15 to 25 mph. as of 9:35 am EST on March 13, 2006;
12:25<warewolf>and my roommates refuse to leave the central air fan on to circulate air in the house
12:25<warewolf>so my two rooms get beat on by the sun and I, and my computers cook
12:25<anderiv>heh - I'd rather have that then the 12" of snow we've got in the last 8 hours.
12:25<linbot>warewolf: 01:25 PM, March 13, 2006
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12:54<taupehat>host15 is still getting hammered =[
13:02<@mikegrb>looks great
13:02<@mikegrb>just like this morning
13:02<@caker>cause I'm pausing nodes :)
13:03|-|shrap [] has joined #linode
13:03<taupehat>seriously, I was just wondering why it took me 30 seconds to get a password prompt from ssh
13:04<taupehat>and went to the overview page at and the host load bar was about 7/8 full
13:06<shrap>my linode is super lagged
13:07<taupehat>shrap: are you on host15? I think caker is pausing us one after the next and seeing who's thrashing the node
13:07<shrap>I think im on host 44
13:08<shrap>My network activity shows my connection seems to have been "paused" a few times
13:09<@caker>how's it look now?
13:10<taupehat>caker: me or shrap?
13:11<shrap>Its up now.. But the activity screen shows a good 4 hours of minimal activity
13:20|-|spr [] has joined #linode
13:23|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has joined #linode
13:31<warewolf>anyone here use dspam?
13:32|-|BlackOrk [~si@] has joined #linode
13:32<BlackOrk>Hi Caker, Thanks very much I'm all sorted now.
13:32<@caker>BlackOrk: excellent
13:33<BlackOrk>got my Girlfriend to tell me the 2 digits I didn't know lol
13:33<BlackOrk>Changed it to a new pass and I'm going to update my email to be something else
13:33<@caker>good idea :)
13:33<BlackOrk>it used to be hosted by someone else
13:33<BlackOrk>forgot I moved it :(
13:33<@caker>There are fields for external email address, but as of now they don't do anything :( soon
13:34<BlackOrk>I'll "trust" hotmail ;)
13:35<BlackOrk>all done, I'll hope this never happens again
13:35<BlackOrk>Lesson learnt as they say lol
13:35[~]caker hunts for a box with 40G of ram in it
13:35<@caker>aha -- under my jacket by the front door
13:36[~]warewolf blinks
13:36<@caker>mmm hmm
13:36<warewolf>stays crunchy in milk too!
13:36<shrap>Thats bigger than some peoples hard drives
13:36<BlackOrk>I have one under my desk here
13:36[~]BlackOrk pats the "little" hp dl380 ready to be built
13:37[~]warewolf asks again
13:37<warewolf>Anybody use DSPAM here?
13:37<warewolf>I'm trying to figure out what is stored in the "storage" drivers (mysql,pgsql,sqlite,hash)
13:37<@caker>damn starbucks coffee is giving me the shakes
13:37<warewolf>slow down man
13:38[~]caker passes around the starbucks crackpipe (again)
13:38<warewolf>there's too little blood in your caffiene system
13:38<warewolf>caffilatory system
13:38[~]BlackOrk sups
13:38<BlackOrk>Can't beat a double espresso after you've been working for 12 hours :)
13:38<warewolf>caffilatory (C) 2006 Richard Harman
13:39|-|shrap [] has quit [Quit: shrap]
13:42<taupehat>caker: see, this is why I brew my own
13:43<@caker>ok .. time for custom pinout hell
13:43<taupehat>building a new server?
13:43[~]taupehat <3 supermicro chassis
13:44<@caker>Those are easy -- have the pinouts for those already .. Now I have to reverse engineer (sort of) a baytech unit's pinout to opengear remote console pinout, but with a standard cat5 cable. Baytech uses a roll-over cable, so it's just extra mind numbing
13:45<@caker>only needs to be done once, as long as I don't lose my cheat sheet
13:45<warewolf>roll over cable?
13:45<warewolf>roll-over == crossover?
13:45<taupehat>I think...
13:46<warewolf>it's split eh?
13:46<taupehat>but easy to make one of those
13:46<@caker>yeah. just flip it
13:46<warewolf>er wait
13:46<taupehat>so caker I just finished building an array out of one of these:
13:46<warewolf>is it actually ---< a 3 end cable or no?
13:47<@caker>taupehat: cool! .. what raid card, etc?
13:47<taupehat>15 drives in 3U is kind of neat
13:47<warewolf>that looks sexy
13:47<@caker>SATA backplane?
13:47<taupehat>I'm starting off with 3x250G sata
13:47<taupehat>it has a backplane of sorts
13:47<taupehat>really more a relay
13:47<taupehat>you still have to plug the cables across
13:47<taupehat>anyhow for the initial build it's just going to be software raid
13:47<taupehat>but I'll be adding a 3Ware card in soonish
13:48<taupehat>around July when my budget rolls over
13:48<@caker>I think I need food before attempting this pinout madness ...
13:48<taupehat>good plan
13:48<taupehat>pin it wrong, and you fry stuff
13:48<@caker>must. stop. shaking :)
13:48<warewolf>that's nothing
13:49<warewolf>I used to drink a bigass thermous of coffee every morning in high school
13:49<warewolf>then I had to stop
13:49<BlackOrk>Should have got a muffen with the cawfee
13:49<warewolf>because my first perdiod class was business computer programming
13:49<taupehat>I never drank coffee in high school
13:49<warewolf>I noticed the mouse cursor on the screen jittering back and forth
13:49<taupehat>but after...
13:49<warewolf>then I looked at my hand
13:49[~]taupehat has coffee here
13:49<@caker>yeah .. coffee that young sounds like a bad idea
13:49<warewolf>I stopped drinking coffee cold turkey
13:49<taupehat>caker: how do you like the 3ware 9000 series?
13:50<@caker>taupehat: so far, I'm loving it ... I'll know more once these boxen get deployed
13:51<taupehat>how many ports?
13:51<warewolf>that would be the -12 portion of the card he's leaving off :)
13:53<taupehat>I can get the -12 for 709 at newegg
13:54<taupehat>or the multilane for a c-note less
13:54<taupehat>wonder why the multilane is cheaper
13:55<taupehat>looks like freenode is falling over again =]
13:55[~]taupehat waits for it to reconnect and the inevitable clobber from lilo
13:56<@caker>taupehat: 9550SX-4LP -- 4 ports
13:57[~]taupehat needs a big honkin controller for that array
13:57<taupehat>the 12MI looks like it'd be it, but I don't know how multilane works
13:58<taupehat>like, does it have big squid cables that push all the channels down to one multilane connector, or does the backplane have to support it?
14:00|-|Marcel__ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:07|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:11|-|Marcel [] has joined #linode
14:17|-|BlackOrk [~si@] has quit [Quit: hometime :)]
14:18<@mikegrb>caker: I need this for work plzkthxbi
14:18<taupehat>that's a nice space heater there mikegrb
14:18<warewolf>tyan is awesome
14:19<warewolf>I love their mobos
14:19<taupehat>I suspect that "Typhoon" is a description of the noise it makes
14:19<@mikegrb>"with cooling fans that are so quiet you could actually live with it in the same room"
14:19<taupehat>yeah, right =]
14:20<taupehat>" No louder than a desktop, the noise output of the Typhoon PSC is no more than 45dB"
14:20<taupehat>from their product page
14:20[~]taupehat is a skeptic
14:20[~]mikegrb isn't
14:20<@mikegrb>sounds reasonable to me
14:20<@mikegrb>the fans are large, they don't have to go fast
14:20<@mikegrb>and the back is essentially all fan
14:20<@mikegrb>so lots of good air flow easily
14:25|-|Battousai [] has joined #linode
14:26<@caker>mikegrb: that, attached to this, perhaps?
14:31<taupehat>I had a feeling it was an FPS issue...
14:31<taupehat>apparently mikegrb wasn't satisfied with 240 frames per second playing quake4
14:37<warewolf>I .. don't .. think ... at that fast, you're bound to have some kind of problem like "it looks like it's skipping" because it's too fast or something
14:38<warewolf>like wheels on the side of cars
14:38<warewolf>it gets blurred and looks like it has stopped or slowed down
14:38<taupehat>I've had quake3 running at over 500 fps before
14:38<taupehat>and it looked ok
14:39<taupehat>was a totally pointless exercise, but I did want to see if I could do it
14:39<taupehat>made a custom map with simple textures and a black skybox
14:40|-|Sgeo [] has joined #linode
14:47<@mikegrb>wheels on cars look like they slowed down or spin the other way because of the slow framerate of the cameras filming them
14:47<@mikegrb>so the more fps you display something, the smoother it looks to our eye
14:47<@mikegrb>caker: just the 30" lcd from dell/apple will do, I mean, let's be practical here
14:49<warewolf>I was *talking* about rims going 60-80+ MPH on the highway, where using your eyes it looks like the wheels have stopped, slowed down, or are spinning backwards.
14:49<warewolf>and I'm not talking about spinner hubcaps
14:49|-|sec39 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:50<warewolf>no cameras involved
14:51<@mikegrb>never had that happen to me
14:51<@mikegrb>maybe you should get your eyes checked
14:51[~]mikegrb runs away
14:52<Eman>warewolf isnt going crazy... you see it on car commercials all the time
14:52[~]warewolf whacks eman
14:52<warewolf>I'm not talking about TV
14:52<warewolf>I'm talking about seeing it with your own eyes in real life, not through some TV or film
14:52|-|afv-13 [] has joined #linode
14:52|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
14:53<warewolf>usually 3-point rims show it best
14:54<@mikegrb>also, rendering speed != display speed
14:57|-|sec39 [] has joined #linode
15:02|-|_sgeo [] has joined #linode
15:05|-|Sgeo [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:12|-|Battousai [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:12|-|Battousai [] has joined #linode
15:17|-|Battousai [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:17|-|Battousai [] has joined #linode
15:17|-|Battousai [] has quit [Quit: ]
15:25|-|jje [] has joined #linode
15:25<jje>Mike or Caker - anyone there?
15:26|-|avantman42 [] has joined #linode
15:33<@caker>jje: people are here .. what's up?
15:35<jje>Just wondering if something happened on host2- early today - I found my linode down and has to start it again. Had been responding to icmp only for about and and half before that.
15:35|-|avantman42 [] has quit [Quit: avantman42]
15:35<jje>sorry host20.
15:35|-|avantman42 [] has joined #linode
15:37<@caker>jje: if you look at your console logs from the previous boot, you'd see a bunch of out of memory errors, along with a bunch of quota errors(?)
15:37|-|Viza [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:37<@caker>other than that, I'm not sure
15:37<avantman42>My linode (I think it's on host 38) keeps getting spikes of usage, but they don't seem to correspond with anything.
15:38<avantman42>Does anyone know of a problem with host 38? Or can anyone give me any ideas to find out what's happening?
15:38<@caker>avantman42: your node is swap thrashing
15:38<@caker>avantman42: 150M into swap or so
15:39|-|Viza [] has joined #linode
15:39<jje>Caker: I don't see any memory errors in the logs - but the quota errors happen every now and then and have done for yonks...
15:39<@caker>jje: console log -- logview via Lish
15:40<avantman42>caker: Any pointers on how to stop it? Is the only option to buy more RAM?
15:40<jje>Ok - thanks. Interesting some other who were on at the same time reported the same issue and they were also on host20.
15:41<@caker>perhaps because of high IO load (caused by swap thrashers) :)
15:41<@caker>avantman42: No, tune your apps to use less memory .. Apache, mysql, etc
15:42<@caker>Typically, apache only needs a handful of threads to serve content
15:42<avantman42>caker: Right, I'll start RTFM'ing. Thanks for the pointer
15:42<@caker>avantman42: using apache 1 or 2?
15:42<jje>Caker: how can I view old console messages via lish? only shows me the last few console messages...
15:42<@caker>avantman42: httpd -V | grep MPM; look for that section in your httpd.conf, turn down the values bigtime
15:43<avantman42>caker: Apache 1. I keep thinking about upgrading to 2, but I'd want to do it when I had plenty of time, and I never seem to have any
15:43<@caker>avantman42: ok, even easier .. grep Max httpd.conf
15:44<@caker>avantman42: I'd bring the values down into the single digits
15:44<@caker>avantman42: with the exception of MaxRequestsPerChild .. I'd keep that around a hundred or two
15:45<@caker>jje: __alloc_pages: 3-order allocation failed (gfp=0x20/0) <-- whole lotta those
15:45<avantman42>caker: Thanks. Logging in now
15:46<jje>Caker - sure - what do I need to do in lish to see these older messages in the logs?
15:46<jje>Caker - don't worry - got it.
16:03|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:03|-|linville [] has joined #linode
16:04<avantman42>Caker: thanks for the help. I'll see how it goes.
16:04|-|avantman42 [] has quit [Quit: avantman42]
16:08|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: ]
16:23|-|Internat-afk [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
16:29|-|Internat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:57|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
17:07|-|jekil [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:26|-|zaltais [] has joined #linode
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17:55<linbot>New news from forums: Right Alt Key for Emacs using Putty in General Discussion <>
17:57|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
17:58<warewolf>Mon Mar 13 18:58:25 EST 2006
17:59|-|bats [] has joined #linode
18:00<warewolf>lset autolog off
18:00|-|warewolf [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
18:01|-|warewolf [] has joined #linode
18:04<bats>Any familiar with lish to look at console messages...
18:05<bats>I'm using logview but it just scrolls through the 1000 lines so I can't lok at some of the earlier messages.
18:05<tierra>bats: look up scrolling in screen
18:06<bats>Ok - thanks.
18:09<tierra>actually, I'm not entirely sure screen lets you scroll the window without jumping into C&P mode as I've never known howto, but you can always just do that to scroll the window
18:12<fo0bar>tierra: I don't think so either. to scroll up I just to ctrl-esc, pgup, pgup, esc
18:12<fo0bar>I actually can never remember the copy/paste stuff within the c/p mode
18:14[~]tierra requests that caker make logview viewable from the LPM
18:14<tierra>fo0bar: is that a feature of your local term or screen?
18:15<tierra>PuTTY on windows doesn't like that (as Ctrl-Esc seems to bring up the Start menu, pretty ghey)
18:15<warewolf>~tierra- that sounds like the local terminal application
18:16<@caker>logview is outside of screen
18:17<tierra>(which can be scrolled from a local term so long as your local term has a decent sized backbuffer)
18:18<@caker>I think people are running into problems when console output does a screen clear (like running top, etc) ? .. not sure if that's it
18:18<fo0bar>tierra: err, ctrl-a, esc
18:18<tierra>ahh, so there is a way to do it other than C&P
18:18<tierra>good to know
18:19<fo0bar>how do you get into cp mode? I thought that was it
18:19<tierra>ctrl-a [
18:19[~]caker snickers
18:19<fo0bar>looks like they're alieses for each other
18:20<tierra>"Copy mode - Column 80 Line 24(+1024) (80,24)" after a Ctrl-Esc, so yeah
18:32<warewolf>third time is the charm
18:32<warewolf>anyone here use dspam?
18:35[~]warewolf sees someone got limited via the RML website
18:36<warewolf>I just took spamassassin out of the mix on my linode and holy shit does it make a difference
18:36<warewolf>I'm going to try dspam and see how well that fairs
18:37[~]caker stares blindly at his pinout sheets
18:37<@caker>time for the multimeter
18:37<warewolf>measure twice, cut once.
18:37<@caker>option b: have a big bag of unused adapter parts
18:46<cmantito>^^^^ Things you don't want the owner of the host of your UML to say...
18:47<warewolf>what, you don't want him to be prepared?
18:47<warewolf>what's wrong with you?
18:47<cmantito>warewolf: suffice to say, I prefer your option to his in this case ;)
18:48[~]caker does another shot while at the wheel
18:48<warewolf>people fuck up. It's a given.
18:48<warewolf>now that's something you don't want somebody saying
18:48<warewolf>yeah right
18:48<warewolf>I need fewd
18:48[~]warewolf -c thai restraunt &
18:55<warewolf>good food is ordered
18:55<warewolf>pad thai chicken
18:55<warewolf>tom kha gai
18:55<warewolf>thai tea
18:55<warewolf>actually I probally could have said pad thai gai
18:56[~]warewolf can almost order in vietnamese, thaiwanese and japanese
18:56<warewolf>I just need to learn how to say "with" in vietnamese, is all.
18:57|-|D[a]rkbeholder changed nick to darkbeholder
19:31<neurosis>thnks mikegrb caker linode guys... fidjiter loves his new server
19:31|-|neurosis [] has quit [Quit: root@pimpmode# wget -r --- ( RECURSIVE WEB SUCK! BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS! ) ---]
19:47|-|nikki [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:58|-|spr [] has joined #linode
20:23<@caker>success :)
20:46<taupehat>host15 seems snappier, too
20:46|-|jje [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
20:48[~]caker downloads the latest dapper release
20:48<taupehat>all that pinning out and you're going to run ubuntu on it =]
20:48<Spads>dapper's geared up lately
20:48<taupehat>caker: what distro do the hosts run, anyhow?
20:48<Spads>although last week I had a total gtk breakage occur
20:48<@caker>I can't keep the names straight
20:48<Spads>lasted a couple hours
20:48<@caker>Spads: hmm?
20:48<taupehat>Spads: yeah, I had a total kubuntu meltdown
20:48<Spads>warty, hoary, breezy, dapper
20:49<Spads>caker: in dapper
20:49<taupehat>what's after dapper
20:49<Spads>taupehat: forget
20:49<Spads>but in the past few days, dapper has been updating like crazy
20:49<@caker>taupehat: a very barebones RH9 install currently :(
20:49<taupehat>caker: yikes
20:49<bendy24>i blame mikegrb
20:49<taupehat>but then again, you get lots of easy-to-install RPMs for it
20:49<@caker>hey, this was 3.5 years ago .. give me a break :)
20:49<taupehat>eh, I'm not hassling
20:50<taupehat>what would you use today>?
20:50<bendy24>dont do it
20:50<@mikegrb>rpms are ever easy to install
20:50<bendy24>yuo'll start a holy war
20:50<taupehat>bendy24: nah, I'm actually genuinely curious
20:50<bendy24>mikegrb: rpm -ivh
20:50<taupehat>mikegrb: yast does a decent job of managing dependency hell
20:51<taupehat>but I kind of think SuSE is too heavy to be running a high-performance server on
20:51<@mikegrb>rpms are ever easy to install
20:51<@mikegrb>the format sucks
20:52[~]taupehat does like to say "apt-get install" and have a good notion that it'll work
20:52<Spads>the RPM format isn't so bad
20:52<Spads>there's no compelling technical advantages separating RPM from debs
20:52<taupehat>Spads: I'm stealing your crackpipe
20:52[~]caker sighs
20:52<taupehat>so caker
20:52<Spads>each format has its own advantages and disadvantages
20:52<taupehat>which distro would you use today?
20:53<Spads>debs tend to be built according to some better standards
20:53<taupehat>note: I'm using SuSE for desktop but debian for all my servers, so I'm hardly a zealot
20:53<Spads>the tools get better and better
20:53[~]bendy24 applies duct tape to Spads
20:53<@caker>the xen hosts will be debian or ubuntu
20:53<Spads>but the underlying format is a red herring
20:53<taupehat>right on
20:53<bendy24>taupehat: ^5
20:53<bendy24>we win
20:53<@mikegrb>taupehat: apt-get doesn't have much to do with debs
20:53<taupehat>mikegrb: nah, I've used apt-get with rpms
20:53<@mikegrb>it can be used with rpms
20:53<@mikegrb>and it will fail
20:54<@mikegrb>because rpms suck
20:54<@caker>welp .. host51 is going to be gracefully restarted
20:54<taupehat>eventually it will/did
20:54<Spads>but that's not because of a failing of the RPM format
20:54<@caker>thanks do an old bug
20:54<Spads>but rather failings of those who make the packages
20:54<taupehat>I'm running on a clean install of SuSE right now because apt-rpm finally failed me
20:54<Spads>debs have a history of being made with apt in mind
20:54<cmantito>because they chose to make RPMs ;)
20:54<@mikegrb>Spads: that is a large part, probably 90%
20:54[~]Spads nods
20:55<Spads>it's like the old arguments about why opera shouldn't be in german. the problem wasn't really that german was a worse language than italian for opera, but there was a thriving community of opera composers in italy. it took someone like Mozart to show them that if you want to you *can* write good opera in German.
20:56[~]taupehat forces Spads to sit through a continuous presentation of the ring cycle
20:56<Spads>rpm has misfeatures that cause problems for apt-rpm-type things.
20:56<Spads>taupehat: not written by Mozart
20:56<taupehat>Spads: german opera
20:56<taupehat>certainly not mozart
20:56<taupehat>but very german
20:57<Spads>taupehat: are you arguing against someone in here who said "therefore all German opera is good"?
20:57<taupehat>I am making you watch 20 hours of Wagner
20:57<Spads>sufficient condition vs necessary condition, taupehat
20:57[~]taupehat thinks Spads is skeert
20:58[~]Spads locks taupehat into a piano upon which someone is playing Brahms
20:58<bendy24>so who won?
20:59<Spads>bendy24: I did. taupehat was just knocking down straw men.
20:59|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
21:00[~]bendy24 nods
21:01<taupehat>was this a debate? Dang! I should have been paying attention!
21:01|-|Ciaran_ [] has joined #linode
21:03|-|JasonF [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:03|-|Ciaran [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:07[~]Eman pulls his hair out
21:08<Eman>i get one server back, and another dies
21:08<taupehat>you must have cut somebody off on the freeway or something
21:09<Eman>i think jasonf's linode is on host51
21:10<Eman>oh lol
21:11<Eman>why cant all hosts be as reliable as 9? :(
21:11<taupehat>15 is usually pretty nice
21:11<Spads>maybe it's something you did.
21:11<taupehat>although it did wedge a few days ago =[
21:12<Spads>the dreaded rear admiral
21:12<Eman>i think 9 has been up for almost 2 years
21:12<taupehat>Eman: then you're on countdown =P
21:12<linbot>New news from forums: Host51 kernel BUG dcache.h:293 in System and Network Status <> || Grsec kernel? in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
21:14<Eman>oh im sure it's gonna explode on me one day
21:16[~]taupehat accidentally typed "sl" instead of "ls"
21:18<taupehat> It rarely shows contents of current directory.
21:18<efudd>that must be like my rtfm manpage.
21:18<Spads>sl stands for "Steam Locomotive"
21:18<Spads>the author is japanese
21:18<taupehat>it's silly
21:19<Spads>and they actually call them "essu ellu" over there
21:19<Spads>because "locomotive" is just too much to wrap your mouth around when you transliterate it into japanese
21:19<efudd>Reason #3.
21:19<efudd>(#3 - no one cares.)
21:32<Eman>lol, at least i can take the time to upgrade the ircd
22:05|-|Zymurgy [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
22:10<linbot>New news from forums: Xen Update - 2006/03/13 in Xen Testing <>
22:12<efudd>hrm. different data center.
22:13<taupehat>Yet Another reason to prefer HEnet =]
22:13|-|Zymurgy [] has joined #linode
22:13<efudd>Oh, I used to have a he linode as well as a tp node.
22:13<efudd>I dropped my he node.
22:13<taupehat>what about your she node
22:14<efudd>well, I still do her.
22:14[~]taupehat mainly just prefers to be physically closer to his node, internet-wise
22:14<taupehat>I do get somewhat better routing to henet than tp
22:14<efudd>I dropped he due to instability from my location.
22:14<taupehat>since my 3-year-old
22:14<taupehat>can toss a rock and hit the trunk
22:16<taupehat>for real
22:16<taupehat>the big fiber trunk that runs up the west coast is about 30 feet away
22:16<taupehat>if only I had a fuser and someone on the inside at mae west
22:17<taupehat>disadvantage: the fiber trunk is buried along railroad right-of-way
22:18<@caker>300ms pings to my default gw
22:18<taupehat>caker: fire up the q3a and watch the slideshow!
22:19<@caker>screw it .. resetting the modem
22:21|-|JasonF [] has joined #linode
22:21<taupehat>JasonF: nice hostname
22:21[~]Eman waits for jason to stab stab
22:22<efudd>I don't know why you want to speak so highly of DOS tho. Ol' DOS.. Give it a rest already!
22:22[~]efudd hide
22:22<cow>hey guys
22:22<cow>u wanna do me a favor and fill out a quick survey?
22:23<efudd>Press 0 for no, 1 for yes.
22:23<cow>its 10 questions on usability of msn messenger
22:23<cow>... for school
22:23<taupehat>I don't even have an MSN account
22:23<Spads>that presumes any of us have actually used MSN
22:23<efudd>That have been funnier if you had input the ANSI code taupehat.
22:24[~]JasonF smacks his host
22:24<cow>u all suck.
22:24<efudd>It's "You."
22:25<cow>It's "Hope that helps."
22:25<cow>Hope that helps.
22:25<efudd>You mislepped "I am a lamer."
22:25<efudd>(but touche.)
22:26<cow>and i never mislep anything.
22:26<efudd>I mislep often.
22:26<cow>i can tell
22:26<efudd>It's better than passing my thoughts through the brain filter.
22:26<cow>brains are useless anyhow
22:27<efudd>So are Brians.
22:27<efudd>Useless fuckers.
22:27<cow>well, let's not generalize here
22:27|-|tmc [] has joined #linode
22:27<cow>most of em are useless
22:28<efudd>Are you a brian tmc?
22:28<tmc>im having trouble getting yum to work on redhat 9
22:28<tmc>i did make / make install
22:28<tmc>and i get this when i run it
22:28<tmc>Traceback (most recent call last):
22:28<tmc> File "/usr/bin/yum", line 6, in ?
22:28<tmc> import yummain
22:29<tmc> File "/usr/share/yum-cli/", line 23, in ?
22:29<tmc> import yum
22:29<tmc>ImportError: No module named yum
22:29<efudd>Oh, you are using python. Yeah, you want the upgraded version 'sphincter'.
22:29<tmc>where would i find the upgraded version at
22:29<tmc>this is 2.1.9
22:29<efudd>.. on that note..
22:30<@caker>tmc: any reason you *need* yum... apt is a lot easier to get installed, IMO
22:30<@caker>tmc: is this the rh9 small image?
22:31<@caker>anyhow .. if it is, apt is already installed...
22:31<tmc>its the large
22:31<@caker>ok, one sec
22:31<tmc>-bash: apt: command not found
22:31<efudd>Oh, you need to install yash also.
22:31<efudd>bash is kinda old. :/
22:32<@caker>tmc: rpm -Uvh
22:32<@caker>tmc: then: apt-get update
22:32<efudd>ytalk root@localhost
22:32<@caker>tmc: then: apt-get install $whatever
22:32<efudd>Isn't using rpm to move to .deb kinda bastardized?
22:32<efudd>Shouldn't one just.. I don't know.. NOT USE REDHAT?
22:33<@caker>apt on redhat uses rpms still
22:33<efudd>Crap, there's my opinion on a sopbox again.
22:33<tmc>sweet thanks guys
22:33<efudd>caker, do not spoil happy fun rant!
22:33<efudd>Rants do not need troof. If they did, we wouldn't have democracy.
22:33<@caker>efudd: you available for hire for customer service? You do a nice job :)
22:34<@caker>oh fun .. I get to call 800-comcast
22:34<efudd>I honest-to-god answer the phone "Who the fuck are you and why are you calling me...*hit answer button*../POLITE VOICE ON; This is Jason."
22:34<efudd>I also tend to simul-rant on the phone....
22:34<efudd>which means; two conversations. One muted, one unmuted.
22:35[~]caker passes the meds to efudd
22:35<efudd>So no. :P
22:35<@caker>efudd: but I can't print, what should I do now?
22:35[~]JasonF thwaps caker for killing his host
22:36<efudd>caker, Oh, that one is easy. Smart geeks use Kinkos.
22:36<efudd>PRinters are DEVIL.
22:38<efudd>i /hate/ trying to explain to people what I do.
22:38<efudd>"No. I don't fix computers you fuckhead. I don't even like them."
22:38<@caker>where's the "I read your email" t-shirt .. one of my favs
22:38<efudd>I have a rm -rf $LUSER shirt
22:38<efudd>"What was your username again?" on the front...
22:39<@caker> <-- there it is
22:40<efudd>I use at work.
22:40<efudd>By the way, you have 2,375 points!
22:40[~]efudd ponder
22:40<efudd>How many linode points do I have? Huh huH?
22:41|-|_sgeo [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
22:41<@mikegrb>45 trillion
22:41<tmc>how would i upgrade mysql with apt-get
22:41<tmc>apt-get upgrade mysql
22:41<tmc>did nothing
22:41<@mikegrb>apt-get update
22:41<@caker>apt-get upgrade mysql-server, I think
22:42<@mikegrb>apt-get upgrade
22:42<efudd>God. I've been using linode since 10/2003.
22:42<@caker>but yeah, "apt-get upgrade" will do everything (have fun)
22:42[~]efudd closes calc.exe
22:42<efudd>I'm pretty sure I bought host53.
22:42<efudd>Please delivery it to.....
22:43<tmc>apt-get upgrade mysql-server was a negative
22:43<efudd>MY EYES
22:43<tmc>and lol apt-get upgrade did nothing as well
22:43<efudd>'lol' isn't a valid command on most unixes.
22:43<efudd>(nor is 'and' for that matter. Plus I think you have some extra cruft there. The section that reads 'did nothing as well')
22:45<@caker>tmc: if this is a new install, I don't recommend going with such an old distro
22:45<@caker>in fact, I've been thinking about removing all the dead distros
22:45<efudd>(Linode also officially recommends adding 'efudd' to your ignore.)
22:45<efudd>caker, that's censorship!
22:47[~]mikegrb patches ntalk to censor efudd
22:48[~]mikegrb runs away laughing
22:48<efudd>ytalk mikegrb@funnyman
22:48<efudd>ytalk mikegrb@funnyman < /bin/yes "Hi."
22:48<efudd>(god. I forget how to operate ytalk. )
22:49<@mikegrb>"I witnessed Final Cut Pro effects applied in real-time to eight video streams, and performance was barely affected. "
22:49<@mikegrb>crazy power
22:49<efudd>Then they realized it was a demo?
22:49<efudd>perhaps dude was fed acid without realizing it?
22:49<efudd>(both of these explain morphing images.)
22:49<tmc>i would prefer fc 4
22:49<@mikegrb>he was playing with the computer
22:50<tmc>ive actually regged with another company that has fc 4
22:50<@mikegrb>" It must have something to do with the total RAM throughput being 8.5GB per/se"
22:50<tmc>i was just giving this one last shot cause i should be able to do it here
22:50<tmc>if u can give me fc 4 ill stay
22:50[~]efudd blinks. Twice.
22:51<@caker>tmc: FC4 won't work until UML supports NPTL, which is coming up in a few weeks, most likely
22:51<@caker>tmc: also, Xen will support FC >= 4, but that's a few weeks away as well
22:51<@mikegrb>hooray for toy distros
22:52<tmc> is offering fc 4....checking url
22:52<tmc>hats not it
22:52<tmc>err thats not it
22:52<Spads>toy distros like FINNIX!!!!^!@$@^%!%!*&^!ZOMG!!$!%!
22:53<@caker>tmc: have fun with Virtuozzo
22:53<@mikegrb>yes but they are using virtuozzo, not uml
22:53<Spads>what's virtuozzo?
22:53<@caker>Spads: SWSoft's pseudo-virt thing
22:53<@mikegrb>like running apache on a commodore 64
22:54<taupehat>leave it to mikegrb to conceal his real opinion
22:54<tmc>so then
22:54<@caker>Spads: common kernel layer; compartments at the library layer
22:54<tmc>what distro on linode isnt dead
22:54<@caker>more or less
22:55<tmc>that i can get mysql 5 and latest apache php on easily
22:55<Spads>caker: oh, so more like FreeBSD jails used to be
22:56<taupehat>tmc: I'm running mysql5 on this linode
22:56<taupehat>and am staying with apache 1.3 by choice
22:56<@caker>tmc: I'd go with Ubuntu, and then get the binary install from ...
22:56[~]efudd interjects "Define, 'easily'".
22:56<@caker>that is unless ubuntu has a package for it /me shrugs
22:56<Spads>lemme see
22:56<Spads>mysql-client-5.0 - mysql database client binaries
22:56<Spads>in dapper
22:57<taupehat>apt-get install mysql-5.0
22:57<tmc>i really dont care what i run, as long as it has mysql daemon on it, thats as far i go, my friend wants the latest apache php
22:57<Spads>okay, off to watch 24
22:57[~]taupehat tries to figure out how to get the vmware tools to install on FC4 sans gui
22:58<taupehat>I don't know where the friggin ISO is making itself available to
22:58<efudd>it's in the base install tree.
22:58<efudd>if that's what you are asking.
22:58<efudd>the iso iself is in the host's vmware directory
22:58<efudd>probably in /usr/share on a linux.
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59<taupehat>sure but when I say "install vmware tools" on the gui, I believe the iso should mount somewhere
22:59<taupehat>or at least appear in the filesystem
22:59<taupehat>of the VM
22:59<efudd>Taht's the intention.
22:59<efudd>one can manu-mount it.
22:59<taupehat>I guess that's what I'll have to do
22:59<taupehat>-o loop, baby
22:59<efudd>i think it's relying on some type of passthrough to the gooey
22:59<efudd>quite a good question actually; I'm unsure what mechanism is used on linux*.
23:02<efudd>caker, laugh; I just got cc'd on an email to my senior manager giving me props for good ucstomer service.... the Irony. :)
23:02[~]caker forwards him some logs
23:03[~]efudd nods
23:06|-|bats [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
23:08|-|bendy24 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:14<@caker>comcast: do you have a router? Answer: No (of course I do). comcast: do you have a splitter (?): No... she "pings" my modem ... comcast: WOW .. we'll send somebody out to your apartment to fix that
23:14<@caker>that actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be
23:14<taupehat>a splitter, eh?
23:14|-|flatronf700B [~flatronf7@] has joined #linode
23:14<tmc>aupe hat
23:15<tmc>hat distro are you running
23:15<taupehat>'m running debian testing
23:15<@mikegrb>caker: yes always answer "no, it is plugged directly into a windows computer"
23:15<@mikegrb>they aren't going to offer useful suggestions anyway
23:15<@caker>mikegrb: I figuered .. she'd have be "rebooting" the breakers in my apartment, otherwise
23:15<taupehat>ikegrb: yeah otherwise you get dumped off into "unsupported" queue
23:16|-|tmc [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
23:16<@mikegrb>taupehat: no, then they just stumble as they go through the script they haven't looked at
23:16<@caker>op ating irst etters ease
23:16<taupehat>"Ok, which version of redhat are you running?"
23:16<@mikegrb>at least with the direct to windows setup, they've read through the script a few times before
23:17<@mikegrb>makes things move a bit quicker
23:17<taupehat>I learned a trick with Charter back when I had them
23:17<taupehat>they're required by law to answer cable TV calls within an average of 90 seconds
23:17<taupehat>but not internet
23:17<taupehat>however, whether you press 1 for TV or 2 for internet, the calls go to the same people
23:18<taupehat>and the internet hold queue was usually at least 20 minutes
23:18<@caker>anyone recommend a good client side spam/email classification app?
23:19<@caker>I'm afraid to touch my 9 year old, hand edited file, to which I no longer have the .mc file
23:19<@mikegrb>caker: windows?
23:19<@caker>I can't take it any more
23:19<@mikegrb>it is appearantly the rage
23:20<taupehat>caker: I have to ask... why on earth are you using windows to read mail?
23:20<@caker>works via training?
23:20<@caker>taupehat: my home comp is winders
23:20<taupehat>that's terrible!
23:20<taupehat>poor caker
23:20<@mikegrb>out of the box it uses dnsbls
23:20<@caker>my laptop is Mac
23:20<@mikegrb>but appearantly it supports bayesian classifiation, regex rules, and more
23:21<@caker>"My other car is a Linux cluster"
23:21<@mikegrb>it is often the answer given to people who ask your same question in spam newsgroups
23:21<taupehat>but why fight with windows when Linux is there? (and you clearly know how to use linux)
23:21<@caker>what's linux?
23:21<@caker>mikegrb: sounds good
23:21[~]caker installs
23:22[~]taupehat boggles
23:22<cmantito>grr! mysql can't bind to multiple interfaces in the same instance unless it binds to *every* interface >:(
23:23<@mikegrb>cmantito: yeah :<
23:23<cmantito>that's just rude.
23:23<@mikegrb>I wanted it to bind to and a vpn interface
23:23|-|bendy24 [] has joined #linode
23:24<@mikegrb>had to settle for vpn + socket
23:24<taupehat>that's good to know
23:25<cmantito>hrm, is it possible to forward connections to localhost:3306 to IP:3306?
23:25<cmantito>that might do the trick..
23:25<cmantito>duh, of course it is.
23:25<taupehat>ssh -L etc
23:25<cmantito>nah, even easier than that.
23:25[~]cmantito looks behind him at his linux box playing router.
23:25<cmantito>if THAT can do it, so can I!
23:28|-|afv-13 [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
23:28<taupehat>lol@ the local paper!
23:28<taupehat> Sunday 1:21 a.m. — DUII, trespassing, assault and harassment, 300 block of Wightman Street. An Ashland man, 29, was arrested at the Southern Oregon University track after he drove a “pocket rocket” around the facility, struck an SOU public safety officer and failed field sobriety tests. He was taken to Jackson County Jail.
23:31<@caker>oh, this looks good
23:46<@caker>mikegrb: thanks
23:53|-|Bits-n-Pieces [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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