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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-03-15

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00:09<taupehat>holy crap
00:09[~]taupehat is running a Zimbra vmtn right now to check it - it's pretty much amazing
00:13<Eman>hm, any way to turn off disk write caching so i can just kill the thing when i want it off?
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00:45<Eman>6 processes total
00:49<Eman>runlevel 1
00:49<Eman>nothing is running except bash
00:49<Eman>and a few other things
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00:49<Eman>no point on a 486 laptop with no network card
00:50<gpd>what is this terminal plugged into then?
00:50<Eman>a dual p2 333 debian box
00:50<Eman>via serial
00:50<gpd>... begs the obvious question... why?
00:51<Eman>for console
00:51<gpd>... ?
00:51<Eman>ancient laptop is smaller then a montior etc
00:51<gpd>i see
00:52<gpd>how much memory on the laptop?
00:52<gpd>sweet :)
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01:03<Eman>33mhz 486 dx, 8meg ram, 250meg hdd, 256colour active matrix lcd :D
01:04<Eman>no write caching and it doesnt need to fsck :D
01:07<afv-13>will my next payment to linode happen automatically?
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11:16<afv-13>will any changes i make in terms of resizing a partition on my linode be seen on the disk image in the site?
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11:58[~]mikegrb sends fo0bar a phpview cd
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12:19<ValeY>hello all
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13:17<khedron>Howdy all -- who should I talk to about prorated upgrade pricing?
13:17<bendy24>mikegrb or caker
13:21<@mikegrb>khedron: just put in a ticket requesting the upgrade
13:22<khedron>mikegrb: I'd like to get a quote first
13:22<@mikegrb>from what plan to what plan?
13:23<khedron>in the midst of a 1-year 120 to a year from now of the 160
13:24<@mikegrb>normally we just charge the prorated amount for the remaining time, so your renewal date would be the same
13:25<khedron>that works -- would I still get 150% storage space?
13:25<@mikegrb>which would be $45 in your case
13:25<linbot>mikegrb: Linode80 - 0, Linode120 - 0, Linode160 - 0, Linode240 - 1, Linode320 - 1
13:25<@mikegrb>no slots available at the moment
13:26<@mikegrb>so as soon as one was available, it would be setup
13:26<bendy24>khedron: snarf up the 4320
13:26<@mikegrb>end up being less then 45
13:26<khedron>ok, I'll add a ticket right now
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13:26<khedron>whoa, this 320 business is new to me
13:32<bendy24>khedron: yes, they are sweet
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21:53<warewolf>absolutely beautiful.
21:55<taupehat>ain't it, though
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23:08<warewolf>I have succumbed to the skype fad
23:08<warewolf>because it's fuckign work related
23:09<warewolf>the sucky thing?
23:09<warewolf>there is a skype client for linux -- but
23:09<taupehat>as long as you don't open a myspace account
23:09<warewolf>the usb-audio drivers in alsa apparently don't work this logitech usb headset very well under linux
23:09<taupehat>that headset was your first mistake
23:09<warewolf>eventhough I used mpg123 -d /dev/dsp1 just fine to play audio
23:09<taupehat>get a regular one
23:09<warewolf>um no
23:09<warewolf>it works just fine
23:10<warewolf>it's a usb audio hid device
23:10<warewolf>no drivers anywhere needed
23:10<warewolf>this is the playstation 2 usb headset
23:10<warewolf>everybody loves it
23:10[~]taupehat has his sennheisers - can't find better cans than those
23:10<warewolf>I have sony MDR-V90s
23:13<warewolf>I bought them almost 6 years ago for $90
23:13<warewolf>they work like a champ
23:13<warewolf>fucking beautiful bass response
23:13<warewolf>I can't crank music up loud enough to make the headphones distrort the sound
23:13<warewolf>they just keep pumping
23:15<taupehat>yeah, same with these senns
23:15<taupehat>and I bought them for $35 plus shipping
23:15<taupehat>amazing - some of the electronica I listen to is pretty hard on speakers
23:15<warewolf>I have yet to own a pair of sennheisers, but I've heard nothing but good on them
23:15<taupehat>and these things just _drop_
23:16[~]warewolf nods
23:16<taupehat>yeah, if you need new ones, I'm pretty thrilled with the headset I have
23:16<warewolf>these work fine
23:16<warewolf>infact, they're so old that the fake leather coating in the cups has peeled off
23:16<warewolf>now it's just foam fuzz
23:16<warewolf>foam/sponge fuzz
23:16<warewolf>still comfy
23:17<warewolf>actually, maybe even better because it doesn't cause me to sweat since before they made an airtight seal
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