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00:44<cmurphy>Howdy. Anyone around that can help me with a (potentially) quick issue?
00:45<cmurphy>I'm tryint to reset the root password on a system. I rebooted the profile, setting the init=/bin/bash option, but when I use passwd it acts as if the file system is read-only.
00:45<cmurphy>trying even...
00:46<Internat>did u make sure in the profile u didnt mount the drive as read only?
00:47<cmurphy>Good question. I apologize for ignorance now. I'm completely new to this. I'm trying to help out a friends wife who's husband past away. He left a active systems on the net, so I'm trying to help "clean" things up.
00:47<cmurphy>Let me check...
00:47<Internat>thats kewl
00:48<cmurphy>The "root device" on the profile page is set to 'rw'.
00:48<cmurphy>output of mount:
00:49<cmurphy>dev/ubda on / type ext3 (rw)
00:49<cmurphy>cd /tmp
00:49<cmurphy>touch tmp.txt
00:49<cmurphy>touch: creating `tmp.txt': Read-only file system
00:49<cmurphy>Seems odd, no?
00:50<cmurphy>fyi: I'm familiar with *nix systems, just not the linode/UML thing.
00:50<Internat>ok output the contents ouf mount pl
00:50<Eman>tried remounting as rw?
00:51<cmurphy>Sorry, explain "mount pl"?
00:51<Internat>like type "mount" in
00:51<Internat>and paste here what it says
00:51<cmurphy>I just did
00:51<cmurphy><cmurphy> dev/ubda on / type ext3 (rw)
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00:52<Internat>lol missed that
00:52<cmurphy>What is the pl option? I get an error if I type exactly "mount pl"
00:52<cmurphy>mount: can't find pl in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab
00:52<cmurphy>duh... Ignore me... :-)
00:53<Internat>it was meant to be mount plz :)
00:53<cmurphy>y, gotcha. I promise I'll get quicker... :-)
00:54<cmurphy>So, basically the profile page tells me it's rw, mount tells me rw, but operations claim it's read only.
00:54<Internat>is that on every directory not just tmp/
00:54<cmurphy>Not sure definitely /tmp and /etc. Investigating...
00:55<cmurphy>Seems so.
00:55<cmurphy>The only mounts are / and /proc
00:57<cmurphy>Schweet. You are the man. I'll give that a try. I apologize for not doing the obvious and RTFM... :-(
00:58<Internat>nah thats kewl :)
00:58<cmurphy>I opened a ticket and they indicated that all I had to do was set the profile option and reboot, so I assumed something was screwed.
00:58<Internat>hopefully u have space to create another config
00:58<cmurphy>No idea, guess we'll find out. :-)
00:58<Internat>either that or u can boot up with finnix or that
00:58<Internat>there should be an option for that
01:00<cmurphy>All right. So try to be in "linode for dummys" mode.
01:00<cmurphy>My current /dev/ubda image is set to a Debian 3.0r1 disk image (presumably set up by my buddy).
01:01<cmurphy>If I switch that to "Recover - Finnix", will that give me access to the file system to change the password?
01:01<cmurphy>Recover = Recovery
01:01<Internat>i believe so.. ull have to mount the drive in finnix
01:01<Internat>and then edit the passwd file
01:01<Internat>make root have like no password or something
01:02<cmurphy>edit the passwd file as in the passwd command or some magic password editor I don't know about?
01:02<cmurphy>Or are you implying no password?
01:02<cmurphy>k, read first talk later. got it. sorry... :-)
01:03<cmurphy>Doing... Thanks for the patience...
01:03<Internat>vi /etc/passwd
01:05<cmurphy>k, reboot is in queue.
01:06<cmurphy>So, in theory it will reboot with recover kernel and I can mount /dev/udba and directly modify the passwd file?
01:06<cmurphy>ffs... "recovery kernel"
01:06<cmurphy>Makes total sense. Gracias.
01:07<cmurphy>There is no screen to be resumed matching ...
01:07<cmurphy>Your Linode isn't running, or another console session is already active.
01:07<cmurphy>I have no other consoles active.
01:08<cmurphy>Does that indicate the recovery system didn't actually boot?
01:08<cmurphy>I just have a 'lish' prompt. I presume somethings awry...
01:09<cmurphy>Queue web page indicates it succesfully rebooted...
01:11<cmurphy>Status web page shows it's not up. Issued another re-boot.
01:12<cmurphy>o.k. very odd. So, the profile is set to 'finnix recover', status page shows that it's running, but console claims it isn't running or I have another console session open.
01:14<cmurphy>nm, leave and return to web page and it shows that it's not running. It lied to me... :-(
01:14<cmurphy>Rebooting actual Debian image to see if it actually boots now.
01:15<cmurphy>The 'Finnix recover' kernel is plotting against my recover efforts since it won't actually boot. :-P
01:15<Internat>thats wierd :/
01:19<cmurphy>Interesting. So I think it's starting to make some sense. I need to have seperate "image" with finnix as the boot target on /dev/udba and the target image on /dev/udb<somethingelse>, y?
01:22<cmurphy>Tangent: I switched back to original settings (Debian image with run level: init=/bin/bash) and I see this on the console:
01:22<cmurphy>Your Linode isn't running, or another console session is already active.
01:22<cmurphy>So, obviously it's mounted read only.
01:23<cmurphy>But, output of "mount" lies and says it's 'rw'...
01:23<Internat>which is very wierd :/
01:23<cmurphy>Bad cut and paste...
01:23<cmurphy>"VFS: Mounted root (ext3 filesystem) readonly."
01:23<cmurphy>That is the last console output message.
01:24<cmurphy>Executables should always be truthfull.
01:24<Internat>dd u try remounting it as rw?
01:25<cmurphy>Sorry, please explain remounting. umount(ing) doesn't do anything afaict.
01:25<cmurphy>mount /dev/ubda /
01:25<cmurphy>mount: according to mtab, /dev/ubda is already mounted on /
01:27<cmurphy>me: 'mount -t ext3 /dev/udba /mnt'
01:27<cmurphy>evil os: 'mount: special device /dev/udba does not exist'
01:27<Internat>is this finnix now? or the other thing?
01:27<cmurphy>The original debian os.
01:28<cmurphy>bah, sorry. As I said eralier, a Tangent... Back to creating Finnix image and booting that... :-p
01:28<Internat>oh ok
01:28<Internat>with remounting
01:28<Internat>i was actually maening mount to the same thing but with rw flags again
01:29<Internat>ie mount -w -t ext3 /dev/udba /
01:29<cmurphy>y, wouldn't allow it since it was already mounted, which makes since.
01:30<Internat>but ur not mounting it, ur remounting it
01:30<Internat>its not mounting something for the first time, its changings its mount permissions
01:31<cmurphy>Correct, but I was booted on "that image". Just created seperate image with finnix on udba, and original image on udbc and rebooting.
01:36<cmurphy>Success! Booted separate finnix image and mounted /dev/ubdc on /mnt/ubdc. Attempting password change...
01:39<cmurphy>I think that did it. Did chroot /mnt/ubdc and updated password.
01:39<cmurphy>You are the man! I greatly appreciate your help.
01:40<cmurphy>I'm rebooting now, so if it doesn't work I will be back shortly to annoy you further...
01:40<Internat>np :)
01:43<cmurphy>Internat, are you a linode employee?
01:44<cmurphy>I'm in btw. I will trumpet praises to you in my ticket closure. :-)
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01:58<encode>Internat: care to offer some advice for a non linode problem i'm having?
02:00<Internat>rm -rf / ?
02:00<Internat>ill help if i can
02:00<encode>ok, i'm running dapper (6.04 i think)
02:00<encode>for no particular reason, linux is no longer detecting my onboard ethernet controller
02:01<encode>all i can think of that i changed was moving the hdd to another channel, and so updating fstab and grub's menu.lst to point to the new location
02:01<encode>i cant see any network related modules in lsmod
02:01<encode>but i can see the card in lspci
02:01<Internat>is network support compiled in?
02:01<encode>i cant see any errors in dmesg
02:01<Internat>have u triend insmod'ing it?
02:02<encode>it should be, i was using networking
02:02<Internat>or the command thats something like that
02:02<encode>whats insmod do?
02:02<encode>Usade: insmod filename [args]
02:02<Internat>inserts a module
02:02<Internat>man insmod :)
02:02<cmantito>man Usade
02:03<Internat>actually maybe its not insmod
02:03<Internat>actually yes it is
02:03<Internat>insmod modulename
02:04<Internat>modprobe was what iw as orignally thinkingo f
02:05<encode>yeah, except i'd need to know what module to load, and even then,the driver might be built into the kernel
02:05<Internat>do u have ur config.gz file?
02:05<Internat>in /proc
02:05<Internat>cause u can see if its built in etc
02:05<encode>doubtful, i didnt install the kernel sources
02:06<Internat>doesnt matter
02:06<encode>is config.gz normally in /proc ?
02:07<encode>well its not there
02:07<encode>ahh bugger it, i'll just re-install
02:07<Internat>guess that sucks then
02:07<Internat>download knoppix or finnix or something
02:08<Internat>and check if they boot with it
02:08<encode>its just a pita, cos i have no idea why it would just stop working
02:08<Internat>then u can tell if its the card or the install
02:08<encode>oh, its definitely software
02:08<encode>cos ive put the hdd in an identical machine
02:08<encode>and the same thing happens
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02:11<encode>that was one of the first things i did
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02:27<encode>ok wtf, now the intaller isnt detecting any network hardware
02:27<encode>maybe both of the nics are dead
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05:05<@mikegrb>"mount -o remount,rw /"
05:11<Internat>*stores that knowledge*
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05:17<Dotcher>Hiya - is anyone else having trouble with host39? I can't connect to my linode or to lish
05:17<@mikegrb>Dotcher: yes, working on it now
05:18<Internat>yah for host crashyness
05:18<Dotcher>ah, thankyou
05:19<alnr>is host39 down?
05:23<Internat>if anyone has a moment as understands regex can u tell me why this istn working
05:23<Internat>^\w{3} [ :0-9]{11} [._[:alnum:]-]+ in.imapproxyd\[[0-9]+\]: LOGOUT: '"[_[:alnum:]-]+"' from server sd \[[0-9]+\]$
05:23<alnr>any eta on host39 (trying to decide if i have to switch to another machine)
05:23<Internat>Mar 16 20:53:23 broken in.imapproxyd[30030]: LOGOUT: '' from server sd [10]
05:24<Internat>why the rule doesnt pick up on that
05:24<Internat>is it cause isnt an alnum ?
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05:26<linbot>New news from forums: Host 39 Panic in System and Network Status <>
05:27<alnr>is it me or is host39 kind of unstable
05:28<Internat>its the cpu bug i believe..
05:28<Internat>*cannot wait for xen*
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05:32<sonorous>hello there; should I order a Linode package today, where would it be hosted, at ThePlanet? Or can the choice be made by the user at order time?
05:32<linbot>Internat: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
05:32<linbot>Internat: acro, acronym, actor, add, alert, announce, any, aol, append, apply, apropos, artist, asin, at, auction, author, avail, babelize, ban add, ban list, ban remove, binary, bold, books, botsnack, bug, bugs, cache, calc, capabilities, capability add, capability list, capability remove, capability set, capability setdefault, capability unset, capitalize, change, changename, channel, channels, chr, cmd, cnn, coin, (5 more messages)
05:32<Internat>there was a list of what was free at one point..
05:33<Internat>but umm.. i depends if there is space at the datacentre you want
05:33<Internat>else if you sign up now and get in the one you dont want, you basicly go in a queue to be moved over to the other centre when one comes avaiable
05:39<sonorous>right, I see
05:39<sonorous>I guess such a question would be best answered via email (i.e. availability)
05:40<Internat>u can probably get a reply outa mikegrb or caker, but since host 39 just paniced u might have to wait a bit for a responce
05:40<Internat>but yeah email would probably be a good thing
05:41<Internat>but yeah, linode has been very accomadating to me, in regards to which DC your in.. cause i started off in TP, then went to HE cause i got better ping times, but then went back to TP cause i needed to upgrade to the next sized node..
05:41<sonorous>hehe :)
05:41<Internat>linode++ :)
05:41<sonorous>well I'm in the UK so would have a preference for TP
05:41<Internat>fair enuff
05:42<sonorous>anyway, your comments just made me even more keen to get a VDS from Linode ;) thanks
05:42<Internat>well for what its worth, im really happy with linode :) this is almost my 1st full year on my own node.. i previously shared a node for a year
05:42<sonorous>great; host machine uptimes are good etc? :)
05:43<Internat>so thats 2 years worth and the service has been excellent apart from the odd hickup here and there, but that is to be expected :)
05:43<Internat>there is a cpu bug which is plaguing a few servers atm
05:43<Internat>but zen is in public beta now, and that appears to have fixed most of them :)
05:43<Internat>*wavles to mikegrb *
05:44<sonorous>ah great; well my UK VDS is running Xen and must admit I am very happy.
05:44<sonorous>thanks for your comments anyway, Internat, appreciated
05:44<@mikegrb>sonorous: there is one Linode 80 right now and it is at TP
05:45<Internat>i cant wait for zen :)
05:45<Internat>i was in one of the betas for it a whiel ago, and it was awsome
05:45<Internat>and that was before some extra stuff got added so
05:45<sonorous>mikegrb: ooh, great. I guess there's no way of "reserving" that as such is there?
05:45<@mikegrb>unfortunately not
05:47<sonorous>understandable. if I were to order, and were unable to get in at TP, do you have any idea how long I might have to wait to get in at TP?
05:47<@mikegrb>not really :(
05:47<sonorous>Internat: yeah, its performance is very impressive.. though for what I shall use my Linode for, CPU cycles will be low so performance in that sense will not be so important - however on my more CPU intensive machine, it's great
05:47<@mikegrb>the move toward xen has changed things a bit
05:48<sonorous>ah, so it's quite imminent then it seems
05:48<sonorous>(the move the xen)
05:51<sonorous>ah, right, interesting
05:52<sonorous>hmm, in which case, I'm not sure what to do; I'd like to order now as the payment for my existing Xen domain is due in a matter of days so I'll need to have its RAM allocation reduced so I can afford to pay for both that and the Linode
05:52<sonorous>but is it worth waiting so I get Xen + TP. hmm :)
05:53<Internat>well u'll be able to migrate from UML to xen so..
05:54<sonorous>in which case it really is worth my while getting that last Linode 80 now then I guess :)
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08:18<Ciaran_>I just came across something weird. It seemed to be a DoS attack against Apache, but it was done locally.
08:18<Ciaran_>Oh, wait.
08:18<Ciaran_>Let me fix the permissions on that.
08:20<Ciaran_>I *think* it was a bug gone haywire. Restarting Apache didn't help as it got to that point again in 41 seconds. But stopping TeamSpeak and restarting Apache seemed to do the trick.
08:20<Ciaran_>I wonder if there's a vulnerability in TeamSpeak that lets people do things like that.
08:20<Ciaran_>I couldn't see any bad processes in ps, anyway.
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08:27<madworld>how easy is it to upgrade a Linode 80 to a 120?
08:28<Redgore>send a support ticket, wait for it to be confirmed, press a button in the linode control panel
08:28<madworld>it won't effect the IP address?
08:28<Redgore>it most likely will
08:28<Redgore>but might not, depends where your 80 is and where the 120 would be
08:29<Redgore>what host is your linode curently on ?
08:30<linbot>bendy24: Linode80 - 0, Linode120 - 1, Linode160 - 0, Linode240 - 0, Linode320 - 0
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08:30<sonorous>bah :(
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08:46<linbot>New news from wiki: Upgrade Linode <>
09:17<tsi>i'm told i can upgrade to 80 if i reboot. but i don't wanna reboot.
09:19<tsi>although i could be convinced if an FC4 image were made available
09:20<tsi>heck, i'd make the image if someone had a spare node
09:20<@mikegrb>won't work
09:21<bendy24>fc4 ist kaput
09:21<bendy24>well, the whole rpm thing is kaput
09:22<@mikegrb>that too
09:22<@mikegrb>but I was referring to it's braindead assumption that NPTL would always be available
09:22<@mikegrb>which means that if it isn't available, it falls on it's arse
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09:47<Ciaran_>Okay, I identified where the local DoS effect was coming from. It seems to be caused by the PHP scripts used by a hostee on his website which includes other files using http rather than referencing them locally. >.<
09:47<Ciaran_>I had to disable the site temporarily. I'll get in touch with them about it.
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11:30<afv-13>damn dns sucks
11:30<afv-13>how long does dns info normally take to propagate to other DNS servers?
11:32<afv-13>wtf, it's been almost 20 already
11:32<kvandivo>what's the name?
11:32<kvandivo>i show 129.70
11:32<afv-13>still points to the nameservers of the company that registered for me
11:33<afv-13>that's weird
11:33<kvandivo>all of my sources show the same
11:33<afv-13>host -v says it hasn't been updated
11:34<kvandivo>so the ns close to you hasn't yet grabbed the new IP
11:34<afv-13>i see
11:34<afv-13>thanks for calming me down :p
11:34<kvandivo>it's what i'm here for
12:15<taupehat>Interstate 5 was shut down for a few minutes Wednesday night when the driver of a small car repeatedly bolted in front of semitrucks headed northbound just south of Rogue River. The drivers of the semitrucks stopped the vehicle by boxing it in with their vehicles until Oregon State Police arrived on the scene at about 10 p.m. It was unknown late Wednesday whether charges would be filed against the car’s driver.
12:15<taupehat>do not mess with truck drivers
12:22<kvandivo>url me that
12:22<kvandivo>my brother would get a kick out of it
12:22<taupehat>he a driver?
12:23<taupehat>bottom story
12:23<taupehat>I'd love to hear more about this... like what happened
12:23<taupehat>but the notion of someone being an asshat around 80,000-pound trucks and getting boxed in for his troubles amuses me mightily
12:24<kvandivo>well, it's really stupid of the guy.. trucks can't stop on a dime
12:24[~]taupehat maintains his CDL even though he hasn't used it in a long time
12:24<kvandivo>he's lucky he's still alive
12:24<afv-13>would've loved to see his face when he realized he was boxed in
12:24<taupehat>I have a notion as to what happened
12:25<taupehat>there's bridge construction going on here
12:25<taupehat>pushing everyone into the right-hand lane
12:25<kvandivo>he probably got annoyed with the truckers and figured "he'd show them"
12:25<taupehat>the thing to do around here is to slow down to speed of traffic in the left lane if the right lane slows down, so people don't line-jump
12:25<taupehat>and truckers _love_ to do this matching of speed of traffic
12:25<taupehat>I bet a dollar the 4-wheeler got pissed off at a truck for doing that and started messing with him
12:26<taupehat>bad idea =]
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12:34<gpd>Is this a con?
12:35<taupehat>if you have to ask...
12:35<bendy24>nothing is free...
12:35<gpd>random google doesn't suggest so - but where is their revenue?
12:35<Ciaran_>Well, considering that on the second page they have a bit of graphic that says, "Check our LOW rates!", I think they're being economical with the truth on the word "free".
12:36<taupehat>maybe they have voice ads at the beginning of every call
12:36<gpd>good point - voice ads might do it
12:37<gpd>maybe they fund the free calls from expensive other calls...
12:37<gpd>eg. to UK mobile rather than landline
12:37<Ciaran_>I hate the way that on their rates page they fade the "incl. VAT" price so much that you can hardly read it.
12:38<Ciaran_>Don't forget, their VoIP software could also contain bundled spyware.
12:38<Ciaran_>Which might offset the costs.
12:38<gpd>they have a 'no spyware,adware,malware' logo... (which means little)
12:38<Ciaran_>Also, I find it insanely odd that the site would prominently feature banner ads for another VoIP site entirely. I'm certain the two would be related.
12:39<Ciaran_>'Spyware' can be defined however you want it to be if you try hard enough.
12:39<Ciaran_>Also, I was right. Somehow looks very similar to to me.
12:39<Ciaran_>Oh wait.
12:39<Ciaran_>I mean, similar to
12:39<Ciaran_>Stupid paste.
12:40<gpd>hmm... oh well...
12:40<Ciaran_>I mean, look at the screenshot. It's the exact same program, just rebranded.
12:40<Ciaran_>My guess is it's a big reseller scheme.
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12:42<Ciaran_>Looks like is another variant on exactly the same thing.
12:43<Ciaran_>As is ttp:// .
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14:00<rockydj>Is anyone there?
14:00<taupehat>no, but I am here.
14:01<rockydj>hmm, do you know anything about networking?
14:01<rockydj>It seems the network interface module won't load on startup for my linode
14:01[~]gpd inserts pithy remark
14:02<@mikegrb>rockydj: just updated your ticket ;)
14:02<@mikegrb>you should be all set
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14:04<taupehat>hey mikegrb could you have a glance at host15 and figure out why it feels sluggish right now?
14:05[~]bendy24 stops seti@home
14:05[~]taupehat is trying to edit some code on his site, and even vim is not very responsive
14:05<bendy24>taupehat: hows that?
14:06<@mikegrb>host15 looks perfect
14:06[~]taupehat wonders
14:07[~]bendy24 starts seti@home back up
14:08<@mikegrb>ps aux | grep bendy24 | awk '{ print $1 }' | xargs renice 19 -p
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14:09<bendy24>you can do that
14:09<taupehat>be nice!
14:09<@mikegrb>I can do anything, I'm root!
14:09<taupehat>mikegrb: just set his io_tokens to 20 max and 1 refill
14:09<@mikegrb>won't help if they are eating cpu
14:10<bendy24>dont need io
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14:10<@mikegrb>many people would run just fine with those values
14:12<@mikegrb>bendy's second node would befine with a refill of 2
14:13<afv-13>how are the xen things going?
14:14<afv-13>no major problems?
14:15<bendy24>mikegrb: and my first node?
14:15<@mikegrb>all of the software is done
14:15<@mikegrb>it's just a matter of logistics
14:15<@mikegrb>bendy24: your first node is almost on the shit list, baby
14:15[~]mikegrb runs away
14:16<@mikegrb>the baby on the end softens the sting
14:16<bendy24>spamassassin is bad
14:16<@mikegrb>bendy24: not getting the quad, just a dual
14:16<bendy24>dual 20"?
14:16<@mikegrb>but the dual 20" like you recommended
14:16|-|Sgeo [] has joined #linode
14:16<@mikegrb>checked out some reviews and the detailed specs
14:16<@mikegrb>the 23 is brighter but not by too much
14:17<bendy24>its pretty nice
14:17<@mikegrb>same contrast ratio
14:17<@mikegrb>not as high res but adequate, especially with 2
14:17<@mikegrb>is the 20" what you have?
14:17<bendy24>its alot brighter than my pbook screen
14:17<@mikegrb>was going to get the wireless stuffs for the bluetooth
14:17<@mikegrb>but that's $100
14:18<bendy24>get that later
14:18<@mikegrb>it's a desktop, can use a bluetooth dongle
14:18<bendy24>you can hide that from heidi later on
14:18<@mikegrb>will just plug it into the back of one of the LCDs
14:18<@mikegrb>I already have some
14:22[~]taupehat decides that someone has to thrash host15, and upgrades gpg oh his node
14:22<taupehat>although I hardly consider apt-get update/upgrade out-of-bounds usage
14:23<taupehat>unlike bendy and his search for little green men =P
14:24<bendy24>load average: 0.28, 0.23, 0.14
14:27<taupehat>I wish I could say the same
14:27<bendy24>taupehat: thats the node that is on mikegrb's shitlist
14:27<bendy24>15:15 <@mikegrb> bendy24: your first node is almost on the shit list, baby
14:28<taupehat>I guess that tells you how worthless load average is
14:30|-|linville [] has joined #linode
14:39|-|Battousai [] has joined #linode
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15:00<linbot>New news from forums: Graph values of /proc/io_status in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
15:04<tsi>are piecemeal storage options able to be turned off?
15:04<tsi>like if i bought a gig for a month to upgrade the os while leaving data intact
15:05<linbot>New news from forums: Clustering in Linux Networking <>
15:26<@mikegrb>tsi: yes, just shrink/erase images to free that gig again then open a ticket
15:27<@mikegrb>it's very quick for us to do, just doesn't have a customer facing setting yet
15:28[~]tsi makes mental note to do this before the 21st
15:30|-|Battousai [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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15:37<afv-13>do any of the kernels have shfs compiled in?
15:39<afv-13>i guess that would be safer
15:43|-|iggy_ changed nick to iggy
15:45<afv-13>our german shepard is called iggy
15:51|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has joined #linode
15:51|-|Internat [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
15:52<iggy>I'm going to name my next poop afv-13
15:52<afv-13>take a photo and send it to me
15:52<afv-13>i'll hang it on my wall
15:57<afv-13>i wasn't aware that our purpose in life was to humour you Dreamer3
15:58<Dreamer3>afv-13: consider yourself now so informed ;-)
15:59<Dreamer3>backpack doesn't do any format conversion
15:59<Dreamer3>just take em as they come
15:59<Dreamer3>no wonder if doesn't do tiff uploads :-
15:59<afv-13>well now that i know, i'll start working on some material
16:00<Dreamer3>anyone used rmagick ruby?
16:00<Dreamer3>i wonder how great it's exif support is
16:02<Dreamer3>i think the mouse itself genreates the noises i hear
16:02<Dreamer3>too cool
16:02<afv-13>i get that sometimes too
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16:35<@caker>bah .. one my my chipset fans has been screaching for days .. it's slowly diving me insane
16:38|-|Internat [~internat@] has joined #linode
16:47<gpd>get some antinoise headphones (or a new fan)
16:48<gpd>or a long KVM cable
16:48<gpd>or a large mallet and a temper :)
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18:02<warewolf>is adrianvv around?
18:03<warewolf>that person just tried signing up for RML and used a bad e-mail address
18:03|-|Eman [] has joined #linode
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18:07<warewolf>Playing 06 Stringer - Riva.mp3.
18:07[~]warewolf <3 this song
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18:37<scottk>how's everyone doing today?
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21:16<efudd> hehaha
21:18<taupehat>efudd: lol
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22:17<linbot>New news from forums: Gentoo wants to install gentoo-sources in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
22:24<@caker> <-- funny to me for some reason
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