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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-03-18

---Logopened Sat Mar 18 00:00:05 2006
00:01[~]mikegrb takes a bat to caker's head
00:01<@mikegrb>all in a days work
00:35<fo0bar>caker: hey, how's the 9550SX working out?
00:40<taupehat>fo0bar: it's ATI
00:40<taupehat>what do you expect the answer to be? =]
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00:41<fo0bar>taupehat: the 9550SX is a RAID controller by 3ware
00:42<taupehat>oh, that
00:42<taupehat>heh, even
00:42<taupehat>what's funny is that I'm looking to get a 3ware raid controller, too
00:42<taupehat>but it's friday night and I'm on IRC, so a few misfiring brain cells should be forgiven, neh? =]
00:43<fo0bar>I've bought hundreds in the last few years :)
00:43<fo0bar>well, not "hundreds"... maybe 100
00:43<taupehat>I buy one or two a year
00:49<@mikegrb>fo0bar: he is sleeping, I knocked him out
00:49<taupehat>mikegrb: did he anger you in some way?
00:54<fo0bar>mikegrb: no, you knocked him up
00:57<fo0bar>mikegrb: I'm thinking of downgrading (yes yes, I know you're devistated by getting $30 less from me)... how often do 120s open up in HE?
00:57<taupehat>fo0bar: get in line!
00:57<fo0bar>taupehat: hah
00:58<fo0bar>taupehat: you totally lost your place in line when you went to the bathroom
00:58<fo0bar>no cutsies
00:58<@caker>fo0bar: so far so good. I installed that status app you suggested
00:58<@caker>fo0bar: just ordered a 10 pack :)
00:58<fo0bar>caker: go to bed!
00:59<fo0bar>caker: good. I've had nothing but problems with the 9550SX-8LP I bought a few months ago. seems the card and motherboard don't like each other
00:59<fo0bar>I've systematically RMAed each component in the server... working with 3ware now
00:59<@caker>fo0bar: what kind of problems?
01:00<fo0bar>they sent me a custom driver to try today
01:00<fo0bar>caker: data corruption under high loads with high disk activity
01:00<@mikegrb>guess the baseball bat didn't work
01:01<@caker>fo0bar: any reliable way to reproduce? Also, what MB?
01:01<fo0bar>the 9000s and 8000s work fine in the same box, but since this machine was bought as a test, I have time to make sure it's fixed right
01:01<fo0bar>caker: one sec
01:02<fo0bar>caker: X6DHT-G dual xeon 90nm, the 2U 6024H-T bundle, specifically
01:02<fo0bar>my configuration is 2x3.6 xeon, 4x2GB RAM, 6x400GB RAID1 + RAID10
01:03<fo0bar>and yes, to reproduce:
01:03<fo0bar>while true; do bonnie++ -u nobody -n 0; done <-- run 2 copies of that, in 2 directories that "nobody" can write to
01:03<fo0bar> <-- run 4 copies of that
01:04<fo0bar>so 6 things concurrently total
01:04<@caker>haha @ "# STOP! HAMMER TIME!
01:04<fo0bar>corruption usually occurs within 24-48 hours, usually in the form of ext3 crapping itself from a bad inode and going read-only
01:05<@caker>ok, I'll start that up tonight
01:05<fo0bar>here's hoping you're not affected
01:05<fo0bar>but like I've said, I've been unable to reproduce on other systems with the same card installed
01:05<fo0bar>just the X6DHT-G
01:06<@caker>know if it's raid10 only, or anything else?
01:06<fo0bar>I haven't tried other configurations to tell you the truth... just 6x RAID10 and 2x RAID1 + 4x RAID10
01:07<fo0bar>RAID5 is too slow for our needs for this specific box, unfortunately
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01:11<@caker>hammer-time is supposed to start compiling, right?
01:11<fo0bar>I will say this: (when it's working) the 9550SX is hands down the fastest controller I have ever seen
01:11<fo0bar>caker: yes
01:12<@caker>ok, needed time
01:12<@caker>fo0bar: awesome
01:12<fo0bar>oh yeah, it takes awhile to untar and whatnot
01:12<@caker>no, literally needed the time pacakge
01:12<fo0bar>oh, :)
01:13<fo0bar>be thankful I put any sort of checking up at the top, I wrote this script for my own use way back when :)
01:14<taupehat>fo0bar: that speed is encouraging to me
01:14<taupehat>I'm setting up a 3ware on our profile server
01:14<taupehat>and that box is getting hammered right now
01:14<fo0bar>anyways, hammer-time will compile a kernel, remove all "volatile" files (IE, files that have timestamps embedded in them), md5 the entire tree, then move on to untar and compile again, md5, then compare against the original md5
01:15<fo0bar>if a difference is found, it creates a diff file called problem.####
01:15<@mikegrb>but it doesn't play music :<
01:15<fo0bar>taupehat: 6-disk 400GB SATA (not SATAII, unfortunately) in RAID10 == 120MB/s block read
01:15<taupehat>holy shit
01:16<taupehat>ok, that'll work
01:16<fo0bar>still not enough to max out a gigabit nic, but close :)
01:17<taupehat>fo0bar: I'm mounting it in a single-xeon config on one of these:
01:17<taupehat>so it'll do
01:17<fo0bar>taupehat: when we get the problems sorted out with this box, we'll be getting one of those
01:17<fo0bar>and a 16-port 9550SX
01:18<taupehat>I _really_ like this chassis
01:18<taupehat>I will be purchasing another one in July for d2d backup
01:18<fo0bar>lack of a cdrom drive kinda sucks, but oh well
01:18<taupehat>oh well indeed
01:18<fo0bar>is it loud?
01:19<taupehat>all I can say to that is: earplugs are nice
01:19<taupehat>I've only got 3 drives in it currently, too
01:19<fo0bar>can a starving student keep it in a dorm room without discomfort? :)
01:19<taupehat>not even close
01:19<fo0bar>actually, I do have a serious question... is the 3-plug power supply triple-redundant, or 2+1?
01:19<taupehat>you do not want one of these in a space wehre people live
01:20<taupehat>it's 2+1
01:20<taupehat>you can set it to alarm on failure with hot backup
01:20<taupehat>but it really only draws from 2 at a time
01:20<taupehat>it is truly hotswap, however
01:20<taupehat>serious recommendation: buy one of the supermicro mobos that they recommend
01:21<fo0bar>heh. the X6DHT-G is on the recommended list, so I'll be using that
01:21<taupehat>they're excellent boards anyhow, and they Just Work with a lot of stuff that'll be very lame to deal with
01:21<taupehat>I needed to get the bespoke heatsink for this
01:22<taupehat>for the xeon
01:22<@caker>taupehat: huh?
01:23<taupehat>caker: that crazy 15-drive sata chassis
01:23<taupehat>it's got a persnikkety shroud
01:23<fo0bar>you probably know this already, but remember that the 9550SX 16-port is only available with multilane connectors, so you'll have to buy the ML->discrete sata tentacles
01:24<fo0bar>unless of course you're going with 2 8-ports or something
01:24<taupehat>I finally found those breakouts
01:26<taupehat>the SNK-P0008A
01:26<@caker>hmm .. I think Xen (or my Xen config) has some disk sched issues ... I had a load of 12 just running one instance of bonnie
01:27<@caker>pdflush and kjournald
01:27[~]taupehat knoweth not what or who bonnie is
01:27<taupehat>but rum is good!
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01:27<@mikegrb>caker: you need to have your septic system cleaned, that should help
01:28<SkoZombie>If I get a linode server, and some wanker doses it, do I have to pay excess for all the data?
01:28<@mikegrb>we are pretty reasonable about that
01:28<taupehat>SkoZombie: just shut it off if some wankder dosses it
01:28<@caker>SkoZombie: are you planning on getting DDoSed?
01:28<SkoZombie>ahaha hell no
01:28<SkoZombie>but it's happened before
01:29[~]caker grumbles
01:29<SkoZombie>there's always kids out there with more bandwidth than sense
01:29<taupehat>anyone have a suggestion for affordable water cooling kit? My tax return is due soon =]
01:29<SkoZombie>mikegrb: cool :) Just some firms are pretty unhelpful with those sort of things
01:30<@mikegrb>well, if it is frequent or otherwise a big problem, we will have a talk
01:31<@caker>fo0bar: which disk sched are you running on that box?
01:33<SkoZombie>mikegrb: I doubt it :) I've been DoSed 2-3 times total, but i'd hate to get a $10K excess data bill for it if it *did* happen
01:33<SkoZombie>(total, in 10yrs of being online)
01:34[~]caker stops. Hammer time
01:35<fake>Whoa, I just realized I forgot to set my laptop's time back to PST. Explains a few things today ..
01:40<@caker>host56:/hammer-time# ps auxhf | grep D
01:40<@caker>root 6094 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? D 00:34 0:00 \_ [pdflush]
01:40<@caker>root 3175 0.1 0.0 0 0 ? D 00:19 0:01 [kjournald]
01:41<@caker>that just doesn't seem right to me .. machine has been idle for minutes
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02:02<fo0bar>caker: disk sched?
02:07<@caker>fo0bar: disk scheduler: cfq, anticipatory (default) ?
02:07<fo0bar>anticipatory I would imagine. This is RHEL4, so it may be different
02:08<@caker>cat /sys/block/[drive]/queue/scheduler
02:09<fo0bar>hmm, does not exist
02:09<fo0bar>(this is 2.6.9 btw)
02:22<@caker>fo0bar: any chance your company would send you to the RH summit in Nashville? :)
02:22<@mikegrb>fo0bar: you should go, I'm trying to get my company to send me
02:23<@caker>ok .. something is seriously wrong with disk access
02:24<fo0bar>caker: doubtful. we're 95% debian, the other 5% is RHEL because another department is paranoid
02:24<fo0bar>basically the whole "who can we shake our fists at if something goes wrong" syndrome
02:25<taupehat>fo0bar: actually, this thing isn't bad where servers are concerned
02:25<taupehat>but I sure as hell wouldn't run one in a dorm room
02:25<fo0bar>don't get me wrong, RHEL is good. but dollar-for-dollar, debian is a lot better :)
02:25<taupehat>the Sun X2100 is probably louder, but this thing moves a lot more air
02:25<fo0bar>oh, and most of the RHEL servers run oracle, so there's little choice there
02:26<taupehat>rhel, ugh
02:26<taupehat>redhat, ugh
02:26<taupehat>etc =]
02:26<fo0bar>I thik some versions of suse are supported, but you either run rhel or solaris
02:27<@caker>procs -----------memory---------- ---swap-- -----io---- --system-- ----cpu----
02:27<@caker> r b swpd free buff cache si so bi bo in cs us sy id wa
02:27<@caker> 1 12 56 1092560 830492 9920 0 0 0 5192 1067 195 0 1 50 49
02:27<@caker> 0 12 56 1092596 830460 9884 0 0 0 4292 1051 181 0 1 50 50
02:27<@caker> 0 12 56 1092656 830396 9880 0 0 0 4220 1054 188 0 0 50 49
02:27<@caker>^-- no right for just a simple mkfs.ext3
02:28<@mikegrb>caker: Filename: pool/main/e/egcs1.1/libstdc++2.9-glibc2.1_2.91.66-4_i386.deb
02:28<@mikegrb>it was in woody
02:28[~]taupehat wonders how many of his neighbors are suddenly awake
02:28<@caker>mikegrb: that's for cf4.5, no?
02:28<taupehat>fo0bar: it's hard to tell which is louder: the sun box or this crazy supermicro jbod
02:28<@mikegrb>5 needs it
02:28<taupehat>I'll have to run them side by side
02:28<taupehat>caker: any news on the host update to 15?
02:29<@caker>taupehat: is it still dogging?
02:29<taupehat>caker: not so much - I was just wondering
02:29<taupehat>did you solve something else?
02:29<@caker>taupehat: I figured it was OK now that I switched off cfq
02:30<taupehat>the queueing?
02:30<@caker>completely fair queueing disk sched
02:30<taupehat>it does feel snappier
02:30<taupehat>I've just got a couple of things that will need to be hand-started if a reboot occurs
02:31<taupehat>(which is not to say "don't do it" - my take is more like "go for it if that's what needs to happen."
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02:35<fo0bar>caker: is there something with host16 as well? I don't use my linode heavily anymore, but it is still rather slow these days
02:36<fo0bar>(forgive me lord, but I got colo about 2 months ago... my sites and everything were pushing my linode over the edge, so it was either upgrade to the $80 plan, or get a $100 colo server)
02:36<fo0bar>web and mysql were moved to the box, but mail and dns are still on the linode
02:37<@caker>fo0bar: looks ok to me
02:38<fo0bar>caker: *shrug* ok
02:38<fo0bar>I may do some tests someday, but it's not really a big problem
02:38<@caker>it's running an ancient kernel, however
02:38<@caker>no sysemu patch even
02:39<fo0bar>oh, so the sysemu option on the profile page is just ornamental :)
02:39[~]mikegrb hangs an ornament from fo0bar's nose
02:39<fo0bar>mikegrb: btw, your cd was shipped out for real today
02:40[~]cmantito thinks he won a free CD.
02:40<fo0bar>last time I said "your cd was shipped out", I mean it made it as far as my car, where it sat for a week in my console
02:40<@mikegrb>fo0bar: I got you a new user a few hours ago
02:40<@mikegrb>that's no way to run a business!
02:40<fo0bar>cmantito: that was you?
02:40<cmantito>never got a confirmation email though.
02:41<@mikegrb>I have been anxiously awaiting the mail man each day but alas, not for your cd
02:41<cmantito>I was looking to download it and I noticed the green tabby thing at the top.
02:41<fo0bar>cmantito: that's manual, I email you and say "hey, I shipped it out"... if I don't know you on IRC, that is :)
02:41<fo0bar>I'll get it shipped tomorrow
02:41<Eman>"and he fought an epic battle... only to be cut down by the evil that is apache and php!"
02:41<cmantito>whatever :P
02:42<Internat>i have no problems with php and apache tho :)
02:42<cmantito>mikegrb: do you ever go to the datacentres and actually see the linode hosts? or do you work remotely?
02:42<Eman>yes, but you aint running it on a 486 and nt4 :p
02:42<fo0bar> <-- another benefit of moving the web stuff to a hardware dedicated server... 160GB to upload snapshots automatically
02:43<@mikegrb>the latter, though I've been to TP
02:43<cmantito>damn. I want a picture of host52 >.<
02:43<fo0bar>eek, 100MB on the last snapshot. I should see if I can trim it down by a MB or two
02:43<@mikegrb>ask caker ;)
02:43<fo0bar>cmantito: :)
02:44<cmantito>yeah, but I want a picture of it in it's racks :)
02:46<Eman>php has this obsession of looking in c:\winnt for its ini file instead of c:\php
02:47<fo0bar>ok, sleep time
02:47<encode>c:\winnt is probably in the path
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02:47[~]Eman was kidding about the 486 part
03:10<Eman> <-- if only it were running a real os :(
03:20[~]cmantito storms off.
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03:23[~]cmantito --sleep &
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13:06<Ciaran>I need to go now. Be back later.
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13:43<cmantito>caker: how'd that Arch image go? ^.^
13:56<@caker>cmantito: been to busy building servers
13:58<cmantito>ah, ok. just curious. :)
13:58<cmantito>I'm anxious.
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13:59<cmantito>and while I'm bugging you, next time you're at TP, could you grab a picture of host52 for me? I'd like to add a picture of my node to my "wall of servers" :P
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15:07[~]caker is starting to think the bios version is what's wrong on the panicy hosts
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16:56|-|DavidK changed nick to Guest3898
16:57<Guest3898>anyone in here?
16:58<Guest3898>cmantito can I ask you a question about Linode company ?
16:58<cmantito>you can ask, but I'm not entirely sure I'll have an answer, as I'm a user ;)
16:59<Guest3898>Oh, I see, on VPS IRC is allowed?
16:59<cmantito>you mean running an IRC server?
17:00<cmantito>yeah, I run one on mine.
17:00<Guest3898>good, thanks
17:00<cmantito>in fact, they even list is as a possible use... <-- here
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18:49<@caker>fo0bar: did you have to manually enable NCQ on the 9550SX?
18:50<@caker>fo0bar: the controller detects the disks as not support it, but they do (according to the doco)
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21:20|-|Ekipa kanalu #linode: Wszystkich: 53 |-| +op [3] |-| +voice [0] |-| normalnych [50]
21:20<@mikegrb>Spads: ping
21:58<Spads>mikegrb: hi
22:27<@mikegrb>user on frotz has their mail fwd'ed elsewhere
22:27<@mikegrb>received a piece of spam, spamassasin, sent the normal this is spam message with the original email as an attatchment
22:27<@mikegrb>message was fwd'ed out
22:28<@mikegrb>user report the spamassasin message (rather then the attatched spam) as spam via spam cop
22:28<@mikegrb>no action necessary on your part, just fyi
22:32<Spads>like manually?
22:33<Spads>and do you know which user or where the mail is in the spamcop db?
22:38<Spads>okay, that makes sense
22:38<@mikegrb>I sent him an email via the spamcop dispute hingie
22:39<@mikegrb>your IP isn't listed in their blocking list
22:39<@mikegrb>didn't check before so dunno if it was
22:39<@mikegrb>would likely have only been for an hour or two
22:50<Eman>fc2 doesnt like xen
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23:40[~]caker watches his motorcycle vidoes
23:44[~]tierra starts learning the little dumb drawbacks to x86_64 linux on desktops
23:44<@caker>Xen steals about a gig of ram off the top .. sucks0rs
23:44<@caker>but I'm too weary of 64
23:45<tierra>the problems I've run into so far are all desktop media related
23:45<tierra>like Macromedia doesn't have a 64 bit flash player
23:46<warewolf> yeah isn't that nice?
23:46<tierra>oh yeah
23:46<warewolf>that's exactly why I'm not running 64bit userspace linux yet
23:46<warewolf>nor kernelspace either actually
23:46<tierra>well, there's solutions around most of these problems
23:46<@caker>With xen, it's either all x86_64 (host and guests) or all PAE .. eventually they say you can have a 64 bit xen, with 32bit(PAE) guests ... that'll be better, I hope
23:46<@caker>reclaim my RAM
23:46<tierra>like running a 32 bit browser to use the 32 bit flash player
23:47<@caker> <-- share in the excitement NOW
23:49[~]mikegrb utilizes his recently doubled bandwidth to snarf caker's videos
23:49[~]taupehat is thankful for the advice that "Fragrant spring onion sauce explodescow son" even if it is rather paternalistic
23:50<@caker>hopefully I'll have some good footage near the start of April -- going to Loretta Lynn's Range trail ride -- it's freaking awesome there
23:50[~]Eman pokes caker, can you take a look at xen4
23:50<Eman>'s lish?
23:51<Eman>thats a fresh install, cant get it to boot
23:51<@caker>Eman: check the Read Only box in your config profile
23:51<@caker>Eman: then reboot
23:52<@caker>(known issue)
23:52<Eman>so turn read only on?
23:52<@caker>In the config profile, yes
23:52[~]mikegrb has video proof of caker's law breaking ways
23:52<@caker>I forget the exact verbage, but it's i there
23:54<Eman>cool, its booted up
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