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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-03-19

---Logopened Sun Mar 19 00:00:55 2006
00:16<warewolf>caker- so Xen is moving along pretty well I take it?
00:17<Eman>it seems much faster at least
00:18<warewolf>xen is public now?
00:18<Eman>dunno, im on a beta box
00:19<tierra>warewolf: still in private beta
00:19<tierra>though I keep hearing public beta is coming soon
00:19<warewolf>yeah I keep joining and then being a lame-o and not doing anything with it
00:27<@mikegrb>Subject: 1: No more penis enlarge ripoffs! - Ref: 952
00:27<@mikegrb>oh good, they've decided to stop emailing me
00:28<efudd>I can forward you mine.
00:28<@mikegrb>efudd: get lots of spam I imagine?
00:28<efudd>yeah, linode bills, that kinda stuff.
00:28<@mikegrb>uh huh
00:28<efudd>Fetching message headers... [40/1595]
00:29<efudd>that's in my "MailBounces" folder
00:29<efudd>Fuck MailerDaemon
00:29<efudd>that's 10 days worth :/
00:29[~]mikegrb 's mouth waters
00:29<efudd>and i don't catch all of them there.
00:29<@mikegrb>efudd: mind discussing something in pm?
00:29<taupehat>so apparently Justin Timberlake has "ice skating" tatooed on his bicep
00:29[~]Eman gives efudd his isp email account
00:29<Eman>6000 spams per day :P
00:30<efudd>that doesnt' count what I turn away.
00:30<efudd>mike, sure.
01:05<Eman>yum upgrade sure takes forever on a 64
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01:18<@mikegrb> <-- pure awesomness
01:25<warewolf>mikegrb- hahaha
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01:33<dougiefresh>anyone from support alive? just opened a ticket
01:34<warewolf>mikegrb was about 20 minutes ago
01:34<@caker>dougiefresh: booting the correct config profile?
01:34<warewolf>caker is unidle, and so is mikegrb
01:34<warewolf>aha support is ALIVE
01:34<@caker>dougiefresh: you've got two profiles -- one without any disks (except swap)
01:34<dougiefresh>I fix it sorry I forgot :)
01:35<@caker>dougiefresh: also, 512M swap is overkill for an L80
01:35<@caker>just an FYI
01:35<warewolf>512 swap is so overkill for me too
01:36<warewolf>now that I've been graphing it for nearly forever
01:36<dougiefresh>yea, well if need be I'll resize
01:36<dougiefresh>I dont plan on using much, just spooling mail and dns so
01:36<warewolf>I rearely ever use more than about 200
01:36<@caker>warewolf: btw, there's a forum post just waiting for a link
01:36<warewolf>yeah I saw that one
01:36<@caker>warewolf: :_)
01:37<warewolf>jumping on it
01:39<warewolf>I should really start monitoring the rest of performance metrics in RML too
01:39<warewolf>swap usage, cpu utilization, memory usage, etc
01:39<@caker>good idea for post-xen
01:40<warewolf>I know you love that question :)
01:40<@caker>I expect HE to have my servers online next week
01:40<@caker>then we'll see how the public beta goes
01:41<@caker>I have a few very small loose-ends to tie up (less than a day's coding), but those can go on during the public beta
01:41<@caker>Also, I have 5 hosts here that'll ship out next week, with another 7 coming :)
01:42<@caker>that should take care of the HE migrations once we're ready, then time to focus on TP (about twice the amount needed, depending on how much overlap I want)
01:42<@caker>these are bitchin boxes :)
01:42<@mikegrb>caker: I have an idea for Xen role out advertising spectacularness
01:43<@caker>Dual opteron, 16G ram, dual 500G drives, 9550SX hardware raid ... yummy
01:43<warewolf>I really want to try out dspam
01:43<@mikegrb>caker: a Linode bike from orange county choppers
01:43<@caker>mikegrb: oh, don't think I haven't thought of that :)
01:43<@caker>I bet to do that it's $100-200k easy
01:44<@caker>if not more
01:44<@mikegrb>most of them are around 1/4 mill +
01:44<warewolf>but I vhelmently dislike how people suggest tieing dspam into sendmail as a LDA
01:44<@mikegrb>they;ve mentioned prices on some
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01:44<@caker>mikegrb: yeah, the bikes are like $100-200, but I'm sure companies PAY for all that airtime, etc
01:46<warewolf>caker- you suggested using /proc/diskstats or something for io activity post-xen transition, right?
01:46<Spads>taupehat: the chinese character on the bottom is stenciled on backward
01:46<Spads>it should be 電
01:47<@mikegrb>caker: but we would need many hosts online
01:47<@mikegrb>lots of free spaces
01:47<@caker>mikegrb: agreed
01:47<taupehat>Spads: yes, I found it frmo hanzismatter
01:47<taupehat>the winxp driver install is intriguing
01:47<taupehat>no wonder the ship kept quitting
01:47<@mikegrb>not exactly highly targetted but big enough audience that a large number would be possible customers
01:48<taupehat>centuries-old operating system that was crap to begin with
01:48<Spads>taupehat: no, even worse, they hauled it all the way from earth over the vast expanse of space
01:49<Spads>consolation prize: that's just the garbage disposal system
01:51<Spads>that's a dense one
01:51<taupehat>no, seriously
01:51<taupehat>or puppet
01:52<taupehat>maple syrup???
01:52<Spads>儡 【らい】 (n) defeat; ED
01:52<Spads>that's the japanese reading
01:56<Spads>and of course, even reversed, the handwriting is terrible
01:58[~]Eman wonders why this xen linode thinks it has 3 processors
01:58<Spads>one for casual, one for formal
01:58<Spads>and one as a gratuity for a job well done!
01:59<taupehat>I've never run across a 3 CPU machine...
01:59<Spads>four would be extravagant
01:59<taupehat>but at least realistic
01:59<taupehat>3-way motherboard?
01:59<Spads>every man's dream
01:59<Eman>oh nm, its 4, screen cut the top part off
01:59<taupehat>doubtful, and I'm not about to google for "3-way"
01:59<taupehat>oh, hehe
02:00<Spads>come on
02:00<Spads>you know you've always wanted to do two at once
02:00<Spads>oh look at the time
02:00<Spads>I ought to sleep
02:01<taupehat>Spads: before you zzz:
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02:03<Spads>taupehat: heh, in japanese that's "sou" (pronounced "soooo") and it is just like a cistern or rainbarrel
02:03<Spads>old people call batteries by that name, I think
02:03<Eman>if its seeing 4 processors... makes me think its just seeing the underlaying hardware?
02:03<Spads>Eman: this is the superiority of Xen
02:04<taupehat>Spads: where are you from originally
02:04<Spads>taupehat: Seattle.
02:04<taupehat>where did you learn japanese then?
02:05<Spads>UC Berkeley Summer Sessions
02:05<@mikegrb>Eman: xen supports smp guests that was one of the things caker was testing, how it affected preformance for everybody
02:05<Spads>Mrs. Spads insisted
02:05<taupehat>mrs. spads++
02:05<Eman>mikegrb: well it seems really fast
02:06<Spads>I get a 404 or something
02:07<Spads>okay, time for bed for real
02:08<Eman>took the xen box like 10 minutes to 'yum upgrade', its taken my 64 a couple hours
02:12<taupehat>yum is so damn slow compared to apt
02:12<taupehat>it's still an improvement over the void that existed prior to yellowdog's efforts
02:13<Eman>its finally doing something again
02:13<Eman>made me remember why i dont update shit, takes hours
02:13<@caker>Eman: on the uml-linode that's doing the yum upgrade -- run out of tokens? (cat /proc/io_status/
02:14<Eman>dont think so
02:15<Eman>io_count=146684646 io_rate=775 io_tokens=379036 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
02:15<@caker>and cat /proc/swaps ?
02:15<Eman>Filename Type Size Used Priority
02:15<Eman>/dev/ubdb partition 263160 84868 -1
02:16[~]caker nods
02:16<Eman>yum has always taken forever on that linode, since i first got it
02:17<Eman>not really a big deal
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02:42<Eman>yum upgrade took nearly 5 hours
02:58<warewolf>updating the back-end collector to RML w/o checking things is bad
02:59[~]warewolf accidentially makes everyone skip an update
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06:17<sonorous>hello, I see there are 7 linodes available; are these UML? And, at TP?
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06:35<Internat>anyone know of any good c channels on this network?
06:35<Internat>my code is killing itself
06:36<warewolf>!availab le
06:36<warewolf>dammit what's that command
06:36<warewolf>that's it
06:36<@linbot>warewolf: Linode80 - 7, Linode120 - 0, Linode160 - 0, Linode240 - 1, Linode320 - 1
06:36<warewolf>there we go
06:36<afv-13>quite a few opened up then
06:37<warewolf>no idea if the linodes are at TP or HE, but they're all UML
06:37<warewolf>atleast for the near future
06:40<encode>i very much doubt they'd be at HE
06:40<encode>last i heard, they werent able to get any more power there
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08:44<afv-13>very interesting reading the second one
08:46<warewolf>"Forget mod_gzip. Use PHP."
08:46<warewolf>"Add the following line to the top of EVERY PAGE"
08:46<warewolf>somebody, please sop
08:46<warewolf>the humor is killing me
08:46<afv-13>it works well
08:47<warewolf>oh I have no doubt that adding that line to the top of every page works well
08:47<warewolf>I just think it's absurd
08:47<warewolf>why should you go tweak every page on your website
08:47<warewolf>do it in the server config
08:48<afv-13>well i use includes, so after editing 3 files it was done
08:48<warewolf>needing to put a single special line in every web page is a terrible hack
08:48<warewolf>that really should be in the server config, so that you gzip compress everything
08:48<warewolf>with a possible exclusion of certian already-highly-compressed files, like archives, movies and jpegs.
08:49<warewolf>especially in apache 2.0
08:49<warewolf>where there are stackable filters
08:56<warewolf>I didn't compile in mod_dso
08:57[~]warewolf can't add mod_gzip to his apache :(
08:57<warewolf>my httpd is entirely static
08:57<warewolf>w/ ssl, php5, mod_security, and mod_perl
08:57<warewolf> --enable-module=so \
08:57[~]warewolf blinks
08:57<warewolf>that should have enabled mod_dso
08:59<afv-13>why static?
08:59<warewolf>I chroot my apache
08:59<warewolf>well, on one of them.
08:59<warewolf>a static apache chroots easier
08:59<afv-13>i see
09:00<warewolf>my apache that I run phpbb on is chrooted because I do not trust phpbb (or php for the matter)
09:01<afv-13>how do you limit the php processes?
09:02<warewolf>php processes?
09:02<warewolf>it's a static apache
09:02<warewolf>the entire webserver is chrooted
09:02<warewolf>I run a second apache on the box strictly for the php stuff that I don't really trust
09:02<warewolf>mod_security is what handles the chrooting
09:03<warewolf>(and IMHO mod_security should be used by everyone)
09:03<warewolf>it takes a bit of knowledge of what your web-apps are going to be doing to lock things down really tight, but the configuration that comes with it covers the the usual things
09:05<warewolf>^ exactly why I don't trust phpbb
09:42<afv-13>" zlib.output_compression = On " pretty much obsoletes that second link i posted
09:42<afv-13>in php.ini
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10:48<@linbot>New news from forums: NPTL in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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10:53<npmr_>linbot, roulette
10:53<@linbot>npmr_: *click*
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10:55<afv-13>linbot, roulette
10:55<@linbot>afv-13: *click*
10:56<afv-13>lucky ":)
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11:08<myfnp>getting premature end in script headers when trying to access a file in cgi-bin any suggestions
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11:12<afv-13>linbot, roulette
11:12<@linbot>afv-13: *click*
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12:59<shad>I from Russia
12:59<@caker>in soviet russua ...
12:59<@caker>the UML hosts YOU
13:00<@caker>shad: what can we do for you
13:00<efudd> /badabing
13:00[~]taupehat dumayet, shto caker sumashedshii
13:00<shad>As live &
13:01<taupehat>shad: dobro pozhalovat
13:01<taupehat>perhaps we should use english in here
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13:01<taupehat>otherwise caker might think I said he's crazy =]
13:02<@caker>babelfish doesn't compute what you're saying, taupehat
13:02<taupehat>caker: that's because my romanization is crap
13:02<shad>taupehat a ti otkyda?
13:03<taupehat>shad: ya iz californii
13:03<shad>taupehat cam pycckuu` ?
13:03<@caker>yo quero taco bell?
13:03<taupehat>nyet. Ya normalno amerikanits... mui skazim <<heinz 57>>
13:04<shad>a pycckuu 3HaeLL| :))
13:04<taupehat>bozhe moi
13:05[~]taupehat ne znayet kak chitat 1337 po-russkii
13:06<taupehat>nam nuzhno chitat po-angliskii pozhaluista
13:06<@caker>!translate english to russian Welcome to Linode. How may we help? :)
13:06<@caker>!babelfish translate english to russian Welcome to Linode. How may we help? :)
13:06<taupehat>Dobro pozhalovat do Linode. Kak nam pomugat?
13:06<@linbot>caker: '\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00 \x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00 \x00 Linode. \x00\x00\x00 \x00\x00\x00\x00\x00 \x00\x00 \x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00? :)'
13:07[~]caker gives up
13:07[~]taupehat zabuil
13:07[~]efudd falls over
13:07<Spads>supybot's utf8 support was always a future thing when i followed development
13:07<shad>vse horocho
13:07<taupehat>nah, it's cool
13:07<Spads>you need to do stupid stuff like u'string of 日本語'
13:07<taupehat>I'm just rusty
13:08<taupehat>but I did the translation faster than linbot =]
13:08<Spads>i'm always confused when I punch up a cyrillic or greek input system, because I'm so used to the japanese one: i just type in romaaji and it turns it to kana with keys for kanji!
13:09<Spads>and the alphabetic systems do stuff like h->ita
13:09<Spads>which forces me to learn a new keyboard layout
13:09<Spads>while the anthy system just lets me keep my qwerty finger-memory
13:09<taupehat>I haven't used a cyrillic keyboard since about 1989
13:09<shad>taupehat tak otkyda 3HaeLLl pycckuu 9l3blk ?
13:09<Spads>taupehat: my dad had a great old russian typewriter that he used occasionally.
13:09<taupehat>shad: na srednim schkolu
13:10<taupehat>shad: izvanitye moi plohoi rominazatsiye =]
13:10<taupehat>i russkii
13:10<taupehat>shad: ot kuda ti?
13:11<taupehat>tam holodno sevodniye?
13:11<taupehat>ni ochen ;-)
13:12<shad>a ti ot kyda
13:12<taupehat>ya seichas f oregonye
13:12<taupehat>se cha ah
13:12<taupehat>ok, that does it
13:12[~]taupehat grabs his oxford off the shelf and studies the romanization section
13:12<shad>a dom gde ?
13:13<shad>[01:11:02] PM
13:14<shad>spat pora
13:14<Spads>does novosibirsk still have nuke-steam under the streets?
13:15<shad>BaM nu3dec amerikoci
13:16<taupehat>ne ponyal
13:16<shad>4e oH Hapisal ?
13:17<taupehat>nyet nyet
13:17<shad>4e oH Hapisal ?
13:17<taupehat>mozhyet buit Spads no ne ya
13:17<Spads>you guys lost me what with the mix of visual and phonetic russian
13:18<shad>taupehat does novosibirsk still have nuke-steam under the streets? kak perevoditisa ?
13:18<Spads>and it's been about seven years since I last spoke any russian
13:18<Spads>those circuits in my brain are now taken up with japanese
13:18[~]Spads sends gunboats to the sakhalin islands
13:18<taupehat>shad: on izuchal yesli bui u novosibirskiye...
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13:19[~]taupehat chitayet na slovar... minutku
13:19<shad>With you it is interesting
13:20<shad>Shall go to smoke
13:22<taupehat>on izuchal yesli bui u novosibirskiye ishyo pari iz yaderniya energeya pod ulitsi
13:23<taupehat>ya nikogda ni slishal ob etom
13:24<shad>ya nevce ponayl
13:25<shad>naverno da )))))
13:25<taupehat>Spads: yes
13:25<Spads>ah good.
13:25<Spads>and yet it's still -6
13:25<taupehat>I guess they're trying to do what Iceland has naturally - significant ground heat.
13:26<taupehat>(of course, the Icelanders all live atop an active volcano, so it's arguably no safer)
13:26<Spads>I once chatted with a professor in novosibirsk about 10 years ago
13:26<Spads>I'll take three mile island over krakatoa any day
13:29<shad>I shall go to sleep all while
13:29<taupehat>spokoini nochi
13:29<shad>Still we shall meet
13:30<shad>taupehat ti vockoliko tyt bivaech
13:31|-|Ascii [] has joined #linode
13:31<shad>3avtra pogovorim
13:32<shad>Good luck
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14:05<@linbot>New news from forums: How to "fix" Gentoo now that devfs has gone away in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials <>
14:05<taupehat>emerge realdistro?
14:06[~]taupehat runs
14:08<@caker>there's probably a udev way around that, but .. whatever
14:10<afv-13>well fstab shouldn't be generated at boot
14:11<@linbot>New news from forums: Sticky: How to "fix" Gentoo now that devfs has gone away in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials <>
14:16<@caker>afv-13: huh?
14:17<afv-13>k well for that problem to exist, either the inital setup of the image was wrong, or that fstab was kinda generated on boot
14:17<@caker>neither -- devfs went away in Linux
14:17<@caker>and they're booting the latest kernel which no longer has it
14:17<afv-13>that doesn't change how a disk is partitioned
14:17<@caker>neither does devfs ... just how those partitions are referenced
14:17<@caker>/dev/ubd/0 <-- devfs
14:18<@caker>/dev/ubda <-- non-devfs
14:19<afv-13>so then gentoo image must've been one of the first
14:20<afv-13>Fetched 10.5MB in 13s (785kB/s)
14:20<afv-13>i still can't get used to this
14:55<iggy>the guy who is spearheading the udev stuff amongst the kernel devs (gregkh) is a Gentoo developer
15:00|-|vaxen [] has joined #linode
15:00<vaxen>links, elinks or lynx?
15:00<Spads>I use elinks
15:05<@mikegrb>I use telnet
15:06<Spads>you man
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15:07<npmr>[inkblot@dorothy:~]$ telnet
15:07<npmr>Connected to
15:08<npmr>holy damn
15:09[~]Spads skewers npmr on silver strands of time
15:10<npmr>[inkblot@dorothy:~]$ telnet
15:10<npmr>Connected to
15:10<npmr>^-- i am less impressed with speakeasy now
15:10<npmr>[inkblot@dorothy:~]$ telnet
15:10<npmr>telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
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15:43<@caker>npmr: port 23000 should be open for telnet, in case sshd dies
15:45<encode>hahahaha @ that link efudd
15:46<@caker>programming language "HTML"
15:46[~]caker hmms
15:46<efudd>XSLT. :/
15:46<efudd>XML. :/
15:47<@caker>efudd: is that scarfed off the web, or an actual application to your company?
15:47<efudd>it'd be BadFoo(tm) to take that from the office
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16:18|-|navvy [] has joined #linode
16:21<navvy>I'm not sure if it's the right place but I'm seeking an information... about screen.. anyone has heard about it?
16:22<Spads>this is the linode customer support channel, but linode uses screen intrinsicly and most of the users use it too
16:22<Spads>so you're probably good :)
16:23<navvy>oh, perfect
16:24<Spads>what do you need to know?
16:25<navvy>I've got the message There is a screen on (...) (Dead ???) Remove dead screens with screen -wipe. There is no screen to be resumed. I'm trying to find out what has happened and what can I do.
16:25<Spads>what do you get when you run "screen -list"?
16:26<Spads>quick tip: I find that "screen -RAD" is the best way to attach to a screen session in most circumstances
16:26<Spads>it's kind of the "do what I mean" of screen commands
16:26<navvy>and though Ithe only thing left is to use screen -wipe some people say there is a way to resume this screen...
16:26<navvy>and though I keep hearing that the only thing left is to use screen -wipe some people say there is a way to resume this screen...
16:29|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has quit [Quit: A geek without purpose - | SMDC-Network IRC -]
16:30<Spads>navvy: well, try screen -R
16:30<navvy>sorry, lags. you say screen -RAD could work?
16:30<Spads>lemme check something
16:31<Spads>If screen -RAD doesn't work, you likely won't be able to reattach
16:32<Spads>that's my experience
16:32|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:32<Spads>but you still haven't pasted in the output of "screen -list"
16:32<Spads>which I requested earlier
16:33<Spads>if screen -RAD doesn't work
16:33<Spads>try screen -D -RR
16:33<Spads>which really tries to force the issue
16:34<Spads>but I suspect that dead screens no longer have the sockets they used
16:34<Spads>navvy: are you seeing this?
16:36|-|graham [] has joined #linode
16:37<navvy>I'm sorry, the fact is I can't get the answer from this computer (there is even no linux here), I'm just trying to find out what to do right now
16:37<navvy>thanks a lot :)
16:37<graham>host51 doesn't seem to be responding.
16:37|-|JasonF [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:37<graham>Anyone else experiencing problems ?
16:38|-|myfnp [] has joined #linode
16:39<myfnp>my linode won't shutdown cannot access
16:39|-|womble [] has joined #linode
16:40<myfnp>host51 where are you??
16:40<navvy>and, well, what could have caused it? what could have happened that screen is dead?
16:40<graham>I'm in London, UK.
16:40<graham>I can ping 49 and 52, but not 51
16:41<Spads>graham: mtr for me stops at, coming from oakland california
16:42<@caker>working on it now
16:42<graham>Aha. Thanks Spads and caker.
16:42<myfnp>thanks buddy
16:43<myfnp> for me in utah
16:46<Spads>myfnp: yeah, caker acknowledged its problem, and is working on getting it back
16:47|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
16:47|-|navvy [] has quit [Quit: navvy]
16:49<graham>host51 seems to be back. My Linode is back.
16:49<graham>Thanks for the quick response caker
16:53<@caker>np .. these will be going away Real Soon Now
16:55<@caker>taupehat: panics/machines
16:55<taupehat>oh ah
16:56<fake>what causes a panic anyway
16:57<@caker>fake: not exactly sure .. it's specific to a range of hosts with intel model >=3. All of them have old-ish BIOS versions, that's next on the list
16:57<@caker>first priority is to get people off those boxes
16:57<@linbot>New news from forums: Host51 Reboot in System and Network Status <>
16:57<@caker>that'll happen once Xen is live
16:58|-|graham [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:00|-|myfnp [] has quit [Quit: myfnp]
17:09<@mikegrb> <-- that doesn't look half bad
17:09<@mikegrb>the pdf/txt/html support are the goodness
17:10<Spads>we need e-paper
17:10<@mikegrb>it has epaper
17:10<@mikegrb>er eink
17:10<@mikegrb>I think the wifi, ethernet, and audio are over kill
17:11<@mikegrb>sd/cf cards + usb drive support would have been fine
17:11<@mikegrb>and show up as usb mass storage device when plugged into pc
17:11<Spads>because the net connection stuff will probably have a shitty interface
17:11<@mikegrb>and add to the cost unnecessarily
17:11<@mikegrb>would be just as useful to me without the net stuffs
17:12<Spads>part of me worries about eink stuff, like it'll end up being some marketing bait-and-switch
17:12<Spads>like when you get a flat screen monitor when you really wanted a flat-panel
17:13<@mikegrb>people who fall for that are silly
17:13<Spads>yeah, but to me the electromatic paper stuff should be like paper
17:13<Spads>like, you bend it twist it and it looks like the printed page
17:13<@mikegrb>we have a flat screen crt tv, it was worth the extra $20 or so for flatness
17:13<Spads>all the products i see look like high definition greyscale LCDs
17:13<Spads>with rigid frames
17:14<@mikegrb>they use quite similiar technologies, the main thing is they have the same sort of insane battery life
17:14<@mikegrb>there were some displays in a .jp train station
17:14<@mikegrb>epaper incased in clear lucite
17:14<@mikegrb>displaying newspaper pages
17:14<@mikegrb>updated every five minutes
17:14<Spads>so eink stuff doesn't have a refresh cost to update?
17:14<@mikegrb>the article talked about nobody noticing them
17:15<Spads>is that it?
17:15<Spads>heh, they should have had a live train map
17:15<@mikegrb>"people only gave it a second look if they happened to be walking by when the page refreshed" or some such
17:16<@mikegrb>"it looked like somebody had framed today's newspaper for some strange reason"
17:16<@mikegrb>it's no current draw to display a static image
17:16<@mikegrb>unless you have a backlight
17:17<@mikegrb>but then you just have the backlight drawing power and not backlight + display
17:17<@mikegrb>an oled and the like seem popular choices for backlight giving much smaller current draws there as well
17:17<Spads>sounds like
17:28|-|Precision [] has joined #linode
17:50[~]alnr is a person on one of those boxes, ready to move asap
17:52<alnr>oops i was scrolled, am responding to this:<@caker> first priority is to get people off those boxes
18:19<@caker>taupehat: picky picky
18:20<taupehat>it is a martian
18:20<taupehat>if it's going to be a martian, it might as well be one that's usable... the XUL browse dialog was better than the gnome one.
18:28<Precision>can i ask a linode sales question in here or is this chan for technical q's only
18:28<Precision>sorry if this seems rude but
18:29<Precision>why is there such a difference in hardware and bandwidth offered between linode and other VPS providers?
18:29<@mikegrb>do you mean resources?
18:29<Precision>some places affer like 5x more for the same money
18:29<@caker>Precision: fair question. We're gearing up for a transition to Xen and more competitive resources in the plans
18:29<@mikegrb>it's a good question
18:29<@mikegrb>also, some providers/technologies oversell resources like ram
18:30<@caker>Precision: one of the ways other companies (I assume you're referring to Unixshell) have been able to do that is they provide ZERO support
18:30<@mikegrb>and utilize lesser bandwidth
18:30<@mikegrb>good bandwidth is expensive
18:30<Precision>actually i was comparing you and rapidvps
18:30<Precision>they offer 600GB bw
18:31<Precision>is that misleading in some way?
18:31<@caker>Precision: do you know if they rate limit?
18:31<Precision>i don't know
18:32<Precision>but just googling around some people really like it and some really hate it (mostly for support)
18:32<@caker>Precision: because like limiting to (say) 200k/sec would get you 500G/month, but you're box is still limited ...
18:32<@caker>they bank that most people will never hit that number, anway .. it's pretty common practice
18:33<Precision>oh, when are your upgrades going to be complete?
18:34<@caker>Precision: also, big difference between virtuozzo and UML/the LPM
18:34<@caker>Precision: Linode provides from your own kernel "up" -- Virtuozzo is more like a BSD jail (kinda)
18:35<Precision>i guess i would have to try both to know the difference
18:35<@caker>Precision: we're starting the public testing of our new systems this coming week ...
18:35<@caker>Precision: we also offer a 7-day money back trial run deal, if you want to take it for a spin
18:36<Precision>ok, i guess i'll hold off and check back on the upgrades
18:36<Precision>thanks for the info :)
18:37|-|Precision [] has quit [Quit: Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it]
18:41|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
19:30<vaxen>ohh...public trial
19:30<vaxen>caker: once xen is ready for production, what sort extra resources do we get?
19:31<@caker>vaxen: TBD
19:33<@mikegrb>vaxen: every linode will come with 2 mules or one horse, your decision
19:33[~]mikegrb runs away
19:33<taupehat>vaxen: actually he's being a bit modest. We all get a free iPod, a 500-dollar gift certificate to IKEA, and a 100GB storage upgrade
19:33<@caker>and a realdoll
19:40<fake>wait, when Xen goes up, will current users get to upgrade to the higher offerings?
19:41<@mikegrb>there may or may not be an $800 fee payable in 9 installments of $100 for this
19:41<fake>I hope to retain the record for most expensive and least utilized linode
19:43<cmantito>mikegrb: don't forget the installment-plan payment processing fees.
19:43<@caker>fake: all upgrades come with a bottle of jack
19:43<@mikegrb>yes, that is $700
19:43<@mikegrb>caker: yeah, about that...
19:44<@mikegrb>caker: I was thirsty and well my desk is by the store-room
19:44<fake>caker: too bad i hate jack ;p
19:46<fake>but yeah, if you ever need any extra revenue .. you know my address and i enjoy vodka
19:47<cmantito>fake: what's your address? I've got vodka, and I need cash. ^.^
19:47|-|Dreamer3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:48[~]cmantito needs to fund his moving plans.
19:48<cmantito>oh! speaking of. anyone know anything about the route that seems to die between TP and the UK a lot?
19:49<fake>yeah is a fan of vodka too
19:49<cmantito>it kills my linode's accessibility to and from Britain.
19:50<cmantito>and seeing as how I'm moving out there in a few weeks...
19:54[~]cmantito prods mikegrb with that one. ;)
20:10<warewolf>Subject: Dear AudioLunchBox and Last.FM. I think you two should meet.
20:10<warewolf>I love both your sites, and think it would be wicked cool if you two
20:10<warewolf>> hooked up somehow. Being able to purchase immediately a song heard on
20:10<warewolf>> Last.FM from AudioLunchBox would rock.
20:10<warewolf>that's what I sent them
20:10<warewolf>this is the response I got back from AudioLunchBox:
20:10<warewolf>Interesting you write - we are actually in discussions with them currently
20:10<warewolf>about integrating the 2 services. Stay tuned...
20:10<warewolf>kick ass.
20:11<fake>what is audiolunchbox
20:11<fake>i know tracks your playcounts
20:11<warewolf>a DRM-Free iTunes, basically.
20:11<@mikegrb>it is where you store your lunch until you are ready to eat
20:19[~]warewolf -c work &
20:36|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:36|-|Viza [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:04|-|penryu [tanuki@] has joined #linode
22:24<penryu>there don't appear to be any 120's available from the products page. is that correct?
22:29|-|Newsome [] has quit [Quit: Linux: Now with employee pricing!]
22:32<@mikegrb>I know
22:33<penryu>any ETA within 2 weeks?
22:33<@mikegrb>yes, should be within two weeks
22:33<@mikegrb>maybe within one week
22:33[~]penryu waits.
22:33<@mikegrb>no problem
22:33<@mikegrb>check back often though
22:34<@mikegrb>if someone cancels or changes plans, a slot could open
22:34<@mikegrb>AT ANY MOMENT!
22:34<penryu>will the site display the current status? or check here?
22:34<@mikegrb>Be prepared.
22:34<@mikegrb>the site will
22:34<penryu>oh. do you have a #linode rss feed? :)
22:34<@mikegrb>if you are on irc you can ask linbot
22:34<@mikegrb>/msg linbot avail
22:34|-|Viza [] has joined #linode
22:35|-|JasonF [] has joined #linode
22:35<penryu>kewl. thanks again.
22:35<@mikegrb>no problem
22:36<fo0bar>penryu: get the hell out. you're not welcome here.
22:36<penryu>fo0bar: I deserve a mandrake linode as much as you!
22:36<fo0bar>mikegrb: kick penryu immediately
22:37<fo0bar>seriously. don't sell him a linode either.
22:37<@mikegrb>too late
22:37<@mikegrb>he offered me $10 for yours
22:37<@mikegrb>I knew you wouldn't mind
22:37<fo0bar>did you give him the poison-candy-flavored one?
22:38<penryu>that raises a question. is there a penalty a certain... unnamed... linode member nmapping fo0bar's hosts?
22:38<@mikegrb>penryu and I go way back
22:38[~]JasonF kicks host51
22:38<JasonF>wtf has been wrong with it lately?
22:38<@mikegrb>penryu: fo0bar's linode is fair game ;)
22:38<fo0bar>mikegrb: penryu and you go in the wayback machine? did you develop a british accent?
22:38[~]penryu sets up a cronjob
22:38<fo0bar>"golly mr. mikegrb!"
22:40[~]penryu */2 * * * nmap -P0 $fo0barhost
22:40<cmantito>be rigorous! nmap -P0 -sV -O $fo0barhost
22:40<penryu>assume I used the correct number of fields in my cronjob
22:41<penryu>yes. gotta know what OS fo0bar is running
22:41<cmantito>and what daemons.
22:41<@mikegrb>fo0bar: penryu and I go back months, MONTHS!
22:41<@mikegrb>[michael@orion:~] grep -l penryu /var/log/irc/#linode/*
22:42<penryu>... was that me?
22:42<@mikegrb>it so was
22:42<@mikegrb>I forget nothing
22:42<penryu>or was Spads just talking smack about me again?
22:42<@mikegrb>I frequently misplace things though
22:42<@mikegrb>[michael@orion:~] grep penryu /var/log/irc/#linode/2005.08.15
22:42<@mikegrb>09:59 <SupaZubon> npmr: I put penryu under your quota script, and he *submitted a patch* so that he could query it to see how full his bucket was
22:43<penryu>oh. yeah. :)
22:43<@mikegrb>at least I remembered the nick
22:43<@mikegrb>nothing gets by me
22:43<penryu>well done
22:43<@mikegrb>and the reno ip was a give away
22:43<fo0bar>mikegrb: see when I was first mentioned in the #linode interwebchannel. chop chop!
22:44<@mikegrb>only looked the ip up because the name was familiar though
22:44<@mikegrb>[michael@orion:~] grep -l fo0bar /var/log/irc/#linode/* | head -n 1
22:44<fo0bar>sounds about right
22:45<@mikegrb>2003.10.25 <-- my logs begin
22:46<@mikegrb>I joined and there was nobody
22:46<penryu>unless you misplaced them
22:46<@mikegrb>came back the next day and there were 4 people
22:46<@mikegrb>that was the birth of the channel
22:46<fo0bar>3 days later, caker offered you a job
22:46<fo0bar>for your noble efforts starting the channel
22:46<penryu>title: "Linode Community Presence Director"
22:47<fo0bar>mikegrb: your historic first words involve PANCAKES?
22:48<@mikegrb>I've been to fido's!
22:48<@mikegrb>but not the pancake place
22:48<@mikegrb>walked by it
22:48<@mikegrb>had lunch with caker at fido's
22:49<@mikegrb>he asked when I got out of the navy and what I would be doing
22:50|-|Eman [] has quit [Quit: A fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0157:BF7FF831 in VXD VMM(01) + 00010E36. The current application will be terminated.]
22:53<@mikegrb>mmm cake
22:53<@mikegrb>anyone here found the lish easter egg?
22:53[~]mikegrb goes out for a smoke
22:54<cmantito>there's a lish easter egg?
22:54<fo0bar>[fo0bar@host16 lish]# lol
22:54<fo0bar>Unknown command 'lol'
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59<cmantito>wb VS_ChanLog ;)
22:59<@mikegrb>fo0bar: warm
23:00<cmantito>mikegrb: did you catch my question about before by chance?
23:01<@mikegrb>cmantito: is it within in the uk?
23:01<fo0bar>mikegrb: found it :)
23:01<@mikegrb>or is it in the -> tp handoff?
23:01<cmantito>the link gets to the UK and then drops off.
23:01<cmantito>at whatever datacentre it's supposed to peer with on that end.
23:02<cmantito>the route breaks just as it gets to where it peers in the UK.
23:02<cmantito>it's not broken _now_ unfortunately...but I just wondered if you might know why it breaks.
23:02|-|Eman [] has joined #linode
23:03<cmantito>and frequently.
23:06<cmantito>iirc, this is the hop that normally is broken:
23:06<cmantito> 9 ( 101.414 ms ( 101.493 ms ( 101.525 ms
23:06<cmantito>10 ( 101.425 ms ( 101.850 ms 101.817 ms
23:08<@mikegrb>you could try an email to noc@ or peering@
23:08<@mikegrb>don't know how helpful that might be
23:08<cmantito>so get in touch with works for me.
23:08[~]cmantito makes a stickynote with this.
23:08<cmantito>well, thanks.
23:08<@mikegrb>the addresses are guesses based on common practice
23:09<cmantito>I'll look 'em up.
23:09<@mikegrb>but I'd be surprised if the first didn't work
23:09<cmantito>I'm moving over there, and BT is the ISP I'm gonna be on, so I'd like to be able to access my linode ;)
23:21<penryu>21:02 <linbot> Linode80 - 11, Linode120 - 0, Linode160 - 0, Linode240 - 0, Linode320 - 0
23:21<penryu>21:20 <linbot> Linode80 - 10, Linode120 - 0, Linode160 - 0, Linode240 - 0, Linode320 - 0
23:21<penryu>no. no no no.
23:27|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
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