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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-03-20

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00:05<warewolf>lish easter egg?
00:06<@mikegrb>mmm cake
00:06<warewolf>[warewolf@host47 lish]# cake
00:06<@mikegrb>mmm cake
00:06<warewolf>mmm cake
00:06<warewolf>I think I Found it
00:29<taupehat>warewolf: really? =]
00:30<warewolf>that was too easy
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02:37<vodka>cacer or mikegrb, are you online?
02:38<vodka>something is weirdly wrong with my linode...
02:40<vodka>hmm, guess you are gone, then...
02:43<encode>vodka: define 'weirdly wrong'
02:43<vodka>the kernel boots, it mounts the filesystem... and then nothing happens
02:44<vodka>it doesn't start init, nor does it start bash if I use init=/bin/bash
02:44<vodka>using a different kernel doesn't help either
02:45<encode>no idea there, sorry dude
02:45<fo0bar>vodka: maybe the filesystem is hosed? try booting finnix
02:46<fo0bar>put your filesystem as ubdb, and try to mount it once finnix is booted
02:46<vodka>hmm.. that'd normally result in error messages... but it's worth a try...
02:52<vodka>well, that boots at least... the filesystem is fine, mounts happily, and I can read files from it... running fsck over it now...
02:52<encode>its quicker to do a fsck
02:52<encode>by resizing the disk
02:52<encode>in the web page
02:52<encode>by 1mb or so
02:52<encode>then the host does the fsck
02:52<encode>rather than the guest
02:53<vodka>good idea...
02:53<encode>i dont know what the consequences of stopping a fsck midway through is
02:54<fo0bar>normally fine, but I wouldn't risk it :)
02:54<vodka>as long as nothing is modified, that should not cause any problems...
02:57<vodka>hmmm... that was rether quick for a fsck...
03:02<vodka>well then... no problems with that filesystem...
03:04<warewolf>from your finnix boot image
03:04<warewolf>run fsck -fy /dev/blah
03:04<warewolf>-f is force
03:04<warewolf>and -y is yes to all answers
03:04<vodka>that I did, too...
03:10<vodka>hey... I try to chroot to my root filesystem from finnix, but everything gives segmentation faults...
03:20<warewolf>sounds like some kind of library problem
03:20<warewolf>what distro are you running?
03:21<vodka>it does, doesn't it... gentoo
03:21<vodka>sounds like the perfect time to get rid of that, too
03:25<vodka>why would library problems suddenly pop up now, though? I have rebooted it at least once after the last update...
03:37<vodka> <- hmm... looks like someone on my host has a similar problem...
04:23<@linbot>New news from forums: lindoe vs. godaddy's virtual dedicated servers in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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09:13<warewolf>I swear to god, one guy has hacked up the RML client to LIE about his data.
09:13<warewolf>'cause there are little mess-ups in the data submitted back that just .. couldn't occur if he left the script alone
09:14<warewolf>I left the script a plain-old perl script, open source so that it could be trusted.
09:14<warewolf>because quite honestly, if I was given some C compiled binary that did who-the-hell-knows-what, nobody (in their right mind) would run with it.
09:15<@mikegrb>what uername
09:15<warewolf>1 sec
09:17<warewolf>here, lemme bounce you the email on how I say there's been visible tampering
09:19<warewolf>the uh .. token refill value is doctored 100x higher than it should be
09:19<@mikegrb>22 966 136 / 1 628 937.08 = 14.0988478
09:19<@mikegrb>average since boot
09:20<@mikegrb>io_count=22966881 io_rate=0 io_tokens=400000 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
09:20<warewolf>yeah I don't think he's quite figured out how to doctor the counter values RRDTool calculates on his own
09:20<warewolf>s/his own/its own/
09:24<warewolf>ok maybe something on his end is just royally screwing up the execution of the script
09:24<warewolf>because my error checking stuff is flagging strange stuff
09:24<warewolf>but his graphs look fine
09:24<warewolf>previously I thought I'd actually seen 100x higher token refill rate values than they should have been
09:25[~]warewolf makes his linode churn searching through his imap server with thunderbird
09:26<warewolf>yeah I think his perl is screwey or something
09:27<warewolf>99% of the time, his updates are valud
09:27<warewolf>just a few times does it look suspicious
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12:14<afv-13>can anyone point me in the direction where i can find info on reducing syslog-ng memory usage?
12:14<afv-13>other than google
12:33<kvandivo>is there anything else?
12:36<npmr>caker, do the host systems even have a swap device?
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13:40<smallfries>nice and quiet
13:43<Spads>of course, roast beef has already died twice, and ray once
13:45<smallfries>these are servers ?
13:45[~]taupehat has kicked Spads in the shins!
13:54[~]Spads shoves a wet towel down taupehat's throat, and when he begins digesting it, pulls it out along with the lining of his stomach
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15:02<Spads>June 1st 2006 is the updated release date for Ubuntu Dapper, Desktop
15:02<Spads>and Server editions, a delay of 6 weeks over the previous release date
15:02<Spads>of April 20.
15:05<tierra>Ubuntu does kinda have that hippy feel to it ;)
15:05<Spads>hitler's birthday
15:11<penryu>Spads: that's what I hear
15:14[~]efudd hrms
15:14<efudd>Dear users of host53. Fuck off!
15:16<afv-13>cron time?
15:20<efudd>we must have finally added other people to host53. my linode is averaging "slow" again.
15:21<afv-13>"slow" according to what?
15:21<efudd>my ass-meter.
15:21<afv-13>i still havn't found a nice server monitor
15:22<afv-13>dude, all i'm asking is what you're using to monitor that
15:22<efudd>i've been on linode sine 10/23.... i go by feel.
15:22<efudd>10/2003 even
15:22<efudd>goddamn hands.
15:23<tierra>blame it on the rest of the users of hostEfudd
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15:23<afv-13>would be cool to have a per host cacti
15:23<penryu>speed = sin(10/23) * rnd(2.6)
15:23<efudd>of course. it is always everyone elses fault.
15:51<gpd>caker: did you ever roll that kernel with NTPL/TLS support?
15:51<gpd>and if so - did you get a feel for the speedup versus stability?
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16:33<@linbot>gpd: The latest stable kernel is 2.6.16; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is 2.6.16-git1; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.16-rc6-mm2.
16:33<gpd>mmm... shiny
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17:04<afv-13>bloody tls!
17:07<afv-13>my newest cron: if [ -d /lib/tls ] ; then rm -rf /lib/tls ; fi
17:08<kvandivo>bah.. cron is for the weak.. just wrap a while [ 1 ] ; do done around that and you are set.. oh.. you aren't on my host, are you?
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17:12<@linbot>New news from forums: Xen Update - 2006/03/13 in Xen Testing <>
17:12<afv-13>ph wtf
17:13<afv-13>what a useless post
17:13<afv-13>made me all excited for nothing
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17:44<vodka>'lost terminal'? *runs downstairs*
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19:37<gpd>[enter knight in shining armour]
19:37<Spads>mikegrb: get off the net, you FLOODER!
19:37<@mikegrb>that think in new orleans? it was mikegrb, not some crazy chick
19:38<oneman>mike, just threw up a trouble ticket
19:38<@mikegrb>hello oneman
19:38<@mikegrb>yes, just taking a look at your Linode
19:38<oneman>no problems until last night...
19:38<oneman>unless you know differently
19:39<oneman>Im going to switch from postgres 7.4 to postgres 8.1 because if something is misbehaving on my part, its probably postgres during its auto cleaning ...
19:39<oneman>but I have had zero problems until last night everything choked...
19:39<oneman>I have plenty of free ram, 30~ megs
19:39<@mikegrb>yeah, got you set back to normal
19:39<@mikegrb>uh huh, and only 2mb of swap used
19:39<oneman>Is it my fault?
19:40<oneman>I think swap used was like 100 megs because its been up for 40~ days
19:40<@mikegrb>I'm not sure why the numbers were reduced
19:40<oneman>naw, thats my home machine...
19:40<@mikegrb>at least, based on current conditions
19:41<oneman>yeah 2mg..
19:41<oneman>Did I get some kind of punished setting for thrashing disk at some point?
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19:41<oneman>My usuage seems nominal
19:42<@mikegrb>it's possible that some other linodes on the host were thrashing which drew our attention and at that moment you just happened to be doing lots of io
19:42<@mikegrb>but normally when a linode is really causing a problem, the numbers are set much lower then you had
19:42<oneman>aye ok
19:45<@mikegrb>no problem
19:50<gpd>mikegrb: any news on TLS kernels?
19:53[~]gpd twitches nervously
21:10<afv-13>does the daemon users need a shell in debian?
21:13<Spads>afv-13: NO
21:14<Spads>do not give shells to system users!
21:14<afv-13>none at all?
21:14<oneman>upgraded to postgres 8.1
21:14<oneman>site back up...
21:14<oneman>that was boring :P
21:15<Spads>afv-13: they are not meant for interactive logins
21:15<Spads>afv-13: their shells should be like /bin/false
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23:39<penryu>mikegrb: ok. I just registered for teh 120.
23:39[~]penryu is ecstatic
23:40[~]penryu feels like a little kid
23:40<penryu>a little kid who just charged a really cool toy with his parents' credit card
23:48<penryu>whoops. got a little ahead of myself.
23:49<@caker>penryu: all set -- thanks
23:50<penryu>caker: :-D
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