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00:12<gpd>caker: so... TLS kernels? where you teasing?
00:14<gpd>k - sounds good - keep us posted :)
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00:30<penryu>caker: thanks!
00:39<warewolf>good morning
00:41<warewolf>what would ..
00:41<taupehat>duh! flying spaghetti monster.
00:41<warewolf>not in the proper mindset of respect for his noodliness
00:59<gpd>!acronym wwfsmd
00:59<@linbot>gpd: No definitions found.
00:59<gpd>pah - linbot has not been touched
01:49<cmantito>ok, linbot needs to reply with notices and not privmsgs >.<
01:54-warewolf:#linode-I AM NOT WEARING ANY UNDERWEAR
01:54<warewolf>you mean like that?
01:55<warewolf>!cyborg gpd
01:55<warewolf>!cyborgname gpd
01:55<@linbot>warewolf: G.P.D.: Galactic Peacekeeping Device
01:58<taupehat>Hey, I've got a spam reduction question: most of the garbage that gets through anyomre has one address in the "Mail to:" portion of the HELO than a "To:" address in the DATA portion. There's no good reason that I can think of to allow mail with this to go through. Is there a postfixy way to reject this?
02:00<warewolf>er, english please?
02:00<warewolf>what's the differen
02:00<taupehat>I was meaning "rcpt to:" not "mail to:"
02:00<warewolf>ce you're seeing in the envelope versus the message headers?
02:00<warewolf>so you're saying the envelope rcpt to doesn't match the message to: header?
02:00<warewolf>that doesn't work
02:00<warewolf>what you're thinking doesn't work
02:01<warewolf>BCC would not function if you implemented what you're thinking
02:01<warewolf>bcc does rcpt to, but no local user in the to/cc message headers
02:02<taupehat>fuck shit piss
02:02<taupehat>maybe bcc should be rewritten
02:02<warewolf>then uh
02:02<warewolf>do basic SMTP protocol friendlyness checks
02:03<taupehat>I do greylist
02:03<taupehat>and I do the basic stuff
02:03<taupehat>can't do SA on my 'node though
02:03<warewolf>like don't accept mail from boxes who's HELO isn't a FQDN
02:03<taupehat>how would a filter for that look?
02:04<warewolf>like that :)
02:05<Spads>postfix has a lot of great HELO reject woozits
02:05<taupehat>I've got a few as it is
02:05<taupehat>someone's thrashing hell out of host15 =[p
02:06<Spads>there was a good article in Free Software Magazine a year ago
02:06<Spads>March 2005
02:06<Spads>that's where I got most of my cool reject rules from
02:07<taupehat>host15 is getting nailed to the wall
02:13<warewolf>not anybody who is submitting data back to RML
02:13<warewolf>public or private
02:13<warewolf>there's only two people on host15 submitting data back
02:13<Spads>warewolf: is reporting privately to RML?
02:13<Spads>because npmr seems to be running an rml client out of cron on frotz
02:14<warewolf>private, last checked in 2min ago
02:14<Spads>so what, only you and he can see the data on my linode?
02:14<warewolf>whoever inkblot is is reporting back on frotz
02:14<Spads>inkblot is npmr
02:14<warewolf>well actually, me, caker, and mikegrb.
02:15<warewolf>they (because they're cool) get super-leet access too
02:15<warewolf>you know where it says "Logged in: <yourname here>"?
02:15<warewolf>for them, it says "Logged in: <their name>\nLinode Employee"
02:15<warewolf>I mean, it's nothing they don't already have access to anyway
02:15<Spads>google challenges my request for RML info:
02:15<Spads>Did you mean: ratemenude
02:16<warewolf>yeah haha
02:16<@caker>Spads: yeah, love that
02:16<warewolf>atleast I'm the top hit for ratemylinode :)
02:16<@caker>no "linode" love from google yet for misspellings, etc
02:16<warewolf>error:, Illegal division by zero at /var/www/ line 97. ...
02:16<warewolf>damn you caker
02:16<taupehat>allright caker
02:16<taupehat>who's thrashing?
02:16<warewolf>google cached your rml-error.txt
02:17<@caker>warewolf: huh?
02:17<warewolf>BAD GOOGLE
02:17<@caker>I'll kill it
02:22<warewolf>once it's in google, it's permenant :)
02:22<warewolf>oh well :)
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02:23<warewolf>and christ are you up late caker
02:23<taupehat>as he often is, warewolf
02:23<taupehat>what's your excuse?
02:24<warewolf>I work nights :)
02:24<warewolf>I'm 5 hours into my 10 hour shift :)
02:28<DuneMan>Hey, I signed up for a linode account last night (like, 24 hours ago), how long does it usually take to get set up?
02:28[~]taupehat chuckles
02:28<@caker>DuneMan: username?
02:28<DuneMan>pgebheim -- I can't log in with it
02:29<DuneMan>although I havne't looked to see if I got billed since this afternoon, so I'm not sure if I did or anything...
02:30<DuneMan>Haven't been on IRC in months...
02:30[~]DuneMan fights off the addiction
02:32<@caker>DuneMan: all set -- sorry for the delay.
02:33<DuneMan>oh no problem. Nice I could just come and ask.
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02:50<myfnp>caker, mikegrb?
02:57<myfnp>got prob with kernel 2.6.15 ...redhatsmall and mysql will not start mysql
02:57<myfnp>says OK but it does not run
03:03<@caker>myfnp: mv /lib/tls /lib/tls.disabled
03:04<myfnp>k 1 sec nd reboot
03:04<@caker>no need to reboot
03:04<myfnp>or do i
03:05<myfnp>i tried to go back a kernel version
03:05<@caker>doesn't matter -- all 2.6-um kernels don't support NPTL/TLS, hence the experimental flag
03:10<myfnp>remeber that premature end of script headers problem?
03:16<myfnp>still have it.
03:16<myfnp>caker, do you know how to see error in a cgi process??
03:19<myfnp>It freakin worked a week ago ...closedShop... shopping cart
03:21<Spads>myfnp: check your web server's error logs
03:21<Spads>likely /var/log/apache2/error.log
03:21<Spads>or something similar
03:22<Spads> <-- myfnp
03:33<myfnp>i think i looked in the error logs yesterday
03:33<myfnp>and nothin going to recheck brb
03:37<DuneMan>ah the days of cgi ;-)
03:39<myfnp>freakin enless you know a better script to use to accept ebay payments through my site
03:41<DuneMan>doesnt ebay have one of those random xml* apis to do that?
03:41<DuneMan>like a soap one?
03:42<myfnp>I was readin on stuff like that
03:42<myfnp>but i didn't really want to write a script for it an all
03:42<DuneMan>They have some method of doing rpc for your user information
03:42<DuneMan>I think
03:42<myfnp>since im ruuuuusty
03:42<DuneMan>Good chance to learn!
03:43<myfnp>I dont have the time right now
03:43<DuneMan>in any case. If it "used to work", then its probably something dumb.
03:43<DuneMan>what does broke have to do with it. You'll be up drinking beers anyway. might as well learn something.
03:44<warewolf>Bless the Maker and his water. Bless the coming and going of him. May his passing cleanse the world.
03:45<myfnp>I gotz alot of items to sell...
03:46<myfnp>sick of paying paypal to process visa/mc when i have a merchant account...and i also setup merchant accounts
03:49<myfnp>here we go
03:49<myfnp>[Tue Mar 21 02:15:50 2006] [error] [client x.x.83.98] Can't locate HTTP/ in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.0 /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/l
03:50<DuneMan>Then install that perl module
03:51<DuneMan>and I hope you set up an ssl cert
03:51<myfnp>Use of uninitialized value in transliteration (tr///) at line 945., referer:
03:52<DuneMan>version conflict maybe?
03:52<myfnp>Use of uninitialized value in length at line 946., referer:
03:52<DuneMan>you know, I tried to learn perl again a few weeks back, and I couldn't.
03:52<myfnp>Use of uninitialized value in substitution (s///) at /var/www/cgi-bin/closedShop/ line 162., referer:
03:52<myfnp>last one ---^
03:53<DuneMan>is your perl symlinked to perl --strict or something?
03:53<DuneMan>I should stop giving help
03:53<DuneMan>I've had too much beer
03:53<myfnp>i tried it on a fresh distro install with latest kernel and same thing
03:54<myfnp>whats that?
03:55<DuneMan>I'm assuming some sort of multi-threading implementation for whatever you're installing
03:55<DuneMan>best guess
03:56<myfnp>Im wondering how it worked without that a week ago
03:58<DuneMan>maybe some other install upgraded a perl install that didn't have a dependency for whatever random script you were using, so it didn't update something else?
03:58<DuneMan>again, best guess.
04:01<myfnp>has anyone been able to upgrade apache to the latest 2.2??
04:09<@mikegrb>HTTP::Request is what you need
04:09<@mikegrb>Can't locate HTTP/ in @INC
04:09<@mikegrb>@INC is like the PATH
04:09<myfnp>hmm i think linux-thread-multi has somthin to do with apr
04:09<@mikegrb>it is where perl looks for modules
04:09<@mikegrb>that has nothing to do with the error
04:09<@mikegrb>that's just one of the directories perl looks for modules in
04:16<myfnp>libwww-perl ??
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04:17<cmantito>lo macdan
04:17<macdan>lo cmantito
04:17[~]macdan waves at all the funky people
04:50<myfnp>Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.0 /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0 .) at (eval 2) line 3., referer: https://secure.
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04:52<sex>Hi everybody:)!!!!
04:53<sex>Chihel Bratka
04:53<sex>Hama zuray onaakta ob barad
04:54<sex>Tieera kani tu kusi ocha?
04:55<sex>>Kerma hap kardi tu devona a
04:56<sex>Everybody Why don't you talk?
04:59<sex>онаактона об барад хамашро кунтехо
05:07<sex>водка как дела братка
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05:16|-|sex kicked [#linode] mikegrb [sex]
05:22[~]macdan throws a fit at a hard disc cage
05:22[~]macdan throws a broken maxtor at it
05:22<macdan>TAKE THAT!
05:48<macdan>uhoh, i looked at a stick of SDRAM and got all nostalgic
05:48<macdan>that has to be bad :-/
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07:46<myfnp>Anybody fun into or know how to fix this-----\/
07:46<myfnp>malformed header from script. Bad header=update closedshop_order set Au:
07:47<myfnp>and thats all it gives me in the error log
07:48<myfnp>Is there a way I can view what the HE** is going on and errors from CGI posts?
07:49<vodka>you can run the script by hand
07:53<myfnp>yah It might be a bug in i guess i have ver 2.82
07:57<myfnp>upgrade perl-cgi to 3.0 trying request agin
08:00<myfnp>hmm same dealyo
08:00<myfnp>vodka, by hand?? How complicated does that get?
08:02<vodka>ehm... just run /var/www/somesite/cgi-bin/ it will output stuff to stdout.
08:02<@mikegrb>perldoc -q 500
08:02<vodka>you'll have to find some way to pass argumens to the script, though, not sure if already provides that or not
08:03<@mikegrb> does
08:05<@mikegrb>/path/to/ name=value name2=value2 etc
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09:12<warewolf> also supports test-mode
09:12<warewolf>eg, it will as you to type in key=value pairs when you run it
09:12<warewolf>like perl
09:13<warewolf>it then says "Operating in offline mode, enter key=value pairs on standard input"
09:26<myfnp>well im trying run a cc in this cart and i have no idea what code needs to be submited
09:26<myfnp>im emulating authorizenet
09:27<myfnp>and trying to run integrated diagnostics for m gateway
09:28<myfnp> trying to ad a varible $email and its tripping out the cart now
09:28<myfnp>say need package this and that
09:30<@mikegrb>warewolf: only if the debug option is enabled within the script, it will take them from the command line even when debugging isn't enabled
09:30<warewolf>mikegrb: debugging option?
09:30<Spads>warewolf: were you the guy trying to do an objective comparison of apache2 and lighttpd?
09:31<warewolf>mikegrb: I've never seen a "debugging option" that I've had to use, and it's always detected for me
09:31<warewolf>Spads: yes
09:31<Spads>warewolf: how's that coming along?
09:31<warewolf>Spads: I find the lack of real documentation on lighttpd astounding.
09:31<warewolf>Here! GO look at this wiki!
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09:32<@mikegrb>use CGI qw(:standard -debug)
09:32<Spads>I am tempted by lig
09:32<Narada>Hi. What city and state is my linode based in?
09:32<warewolf>also, http 1.0 and http 1.1 compliance are not to be touted as "features".
09:32<Narada>Is it Fremont, California?
09:32<Narada>Or is it somewhere else.
09:32<Spads>Narada: what host are you on?
09:32<Narada>Umm. Let me check.
09:32<@mikegrb>Narada: yes, fremont
09:33<Narada>Host 10.
09:33<Spads>that's quicker :)
09:33<warewolf>Narada: linode has two (or more, I don't recall) data centers. Your linode is probally not based where Linode's HQ is
09:33<warewolf>mikegrb- I've never used that -debug switch
09:33<Narada>Well if it is in Fremont then the IP detection worked to the region level :)
09:33<myfnp>wheres 51
09:33<warewolf>mikegrb- I've only ever done 'use CGI;'
09:33<Spads>Narada: I was just going to mtr your host and see which routers I go through.
09:34<@mikegrb>if you use the function interface you have to turn on debugging, dunno about OO, never used the debugging with a script that used it that way
09:34<warewolf>mikegrb- oh, and '$q = new CGI;'
09:34<@mikegrb>but it will always accept name/value pairs from the command line, wether debugging is on or not
09:35<myfnp>mikegrb: is there a host by N UTAH??
09:35<warewolf>it's always auto-detected that the script wasn't running under a webserver for me, but that's good to know
09:36<@mikegrb>yes, but that only works with scripts that use the OO interface
09:36<@mikegrb>command line method will always work
09:36<@mikegrb>plus you can hit the up arrow and enter rather then having to type the input in each time
09:36<@mikegrb>myfnp: no
09:37<myfnp>well thats to farar
09:38[~]warewolf wonders if the WoW patch for 1.10 is coming out today
09:39<myfnp>where do i set a variable $email? NE1?
09:39<Spads>myfnp: you mean at the shell?
09:40<@mikegrb>NE1? I'm not sure where that is so I don't know if that would work
09:40<Spads>myfnp: what do you need to set it for?
09:40<Spads>mikegrb: no! It's an onomatopoeiabbreviation! It means "knee won"!
09:41<@mikegrb>one of those moon languages?
09:41<myfnp>for a my $url = "url" variable
09:41<Spads>myfnp: in Perl?
09:42<Spads>myfnp: There seems to be a lot of back-story to your question that you're not telling us.
09:43<Spads>it's kind of like asking "I'm working on a paper. What should I put in footnote 3?" without telling us anything else about the paper or its topic.
09:43<myfnp>i upgraded my 1st computer from a 286 to 386 back in 89...but im lacking in the programming department
09:43<@mikegrb>Spads: you should put "I like cheese." in footnote 3
09:44<Spads>myfnp: well, being self-effacing about your skills doesn't help us answer your question. providing context and information does.
09:45<myfnp>ok well im not trying to show stuff that is private
09:46<myfnp>but i said what im trying to do ^-----there somewhere
09:47<myfnp>what do you want to see??
09:47<myfnp>the script im sending?
09:48<myfnp>1 sec
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09:50<Spads>myfnp: you asked about an $email variable
09:50<Spads>sort of in a vacuum
09:50<Spads>I thought you meant the shell environment variable
09:50<Spads>which is used for some things
09:51<Spads>but we've teased out now that you're writing some sort of Perl script.
09:51<Spads>in which case we can't tell you what size leg to use until you show us the overall layout of the chair
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09:58<myfnp>the last } got cut off
09:58<Spads>myfnp: pastebin might have been more useful
09:58<Spads>well, I'm afraid I can't help you with Perl scripts
09:58<Spads>or rather
09:59<Spads>with yours
10:02<myfnp>im trying to add a $email variable in this variable my $url = "";
10:02<Spads>okay, what does that mean?
10:02<Spads>how will this be used?
10:02<Spads>what will it do?
10:02<Spads>there are several things you could mean by that
10:03<Spads>do you mean like this?
10:03<Spads>my $url = "http://blahblahblah/foo.cgi?email=$email";
10:03<Spads>or what?
10:03<myfnp>convenient way of diagnosing problems you may encounter with your integration. Temporarily change the URL you are POSTing your transaction to the following URL and include a variable called email (case insensitive) and this will send a reflection of your variables and their value to that email address.
10:04<myfnp>mind you im using the java irc through the linode site
10:04<Spads>what doe sthis have to do with java or IRC?
10:04<myfnp>cause i dont hang out round irc anymore
10:04<Spads>anyway, I don't know this system you're talking about
10:06<myfnp>what does the system have to do setting/adding a email variable? I don't understand
10:08<Spads>I don't know where you read this bit of advice
10:08<Spads>it talks about "integration"
10:08<Spads>I assume you're integrating one system into another
10:08<myfnp>i never could pickup on perl but the code is at
10:09<myfnp>find authorize
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10:10<Spads>yeah, that cart system
10:10<Spads>that's what I'm not familiar with
10:10<myfnp>yes I should be able to emulate authorizenet code for transaction processing
10:10<Spads>do they have their own irc channel?
10:10<myfnp>hehe no
10:11<Spads>mailing list?
10:13<warewolf>Mar 21 11:12:31 xabean sendmail[18904]: k2LGCAtx018904: ruleset=check_rcpt,, relay=adez.dbstdce.hoc [], quarantine="550 HELO ERROR: Hostname "dazed" not fully qualified."
10:14[~]warewolf quarantines mail that may-or-may-not be spam due to bad helos
10:14<Spads>I just reject outright
10:14<warewolf>this way I don't reject mail that may be legitimite
10:14[~]Spads shrugs
10:15<warewolf>which has accidentially happened before
10:17<myfnp>when i tried to process a card i this error in the log malformed header from script. Bad header=update closedshop_order set Au:
10:18<@mikegrb>then the script has errors and you should contact the author
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12:18<Spads>Mar 21 09:38:48 frotz dhclient: Discarding packet with bogus hlen.
12:18<Spads>Mar 21 09:38:48 frotz dhclient: Discarding packet with bogus hlen.
12:18<Spads>is someone on our net running a rogue dhcp server?
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13:28<@mikegrb>warewolf: know of a thread safe alternative to alarm?
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13:33<@mikegrb>oh rock
13:33<@mikegrb>alarm does work with threads
13:33<@mikegrb>but there is a bug
13:33[~]kvandivo gasps loudly.
13:33<@mikegrb>$SIG{ALRM} = sub {}; have to do this in the main thread before threads that use alarm are created
13:34<kvandivo>prime prime
13:34<@mikegrb>then it works beautifully
13:34[~]mikegrb primes kvandivo kvandivo kvandivo
13:34[~]Spads detonates mikegrb
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13:41<@mikegrb>kvandivo: kvandivo: kvandivo:
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13:57|-|Kanal #linode zsynchronizowany w 16 sekundy
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14:00<FireSlash>I wonder who's getting DoS'd :P
14:01|-|bendy24 [] has joined #linode
14:01<cmantito>someone is.
14:01<cmantito>this is annoying.
14:02<FireSlash>I hope its at least worth it. Someone like Microsoft getting DoSsed would be totally worth the downtime :P
14:03|-|GN [] has joined #linode
14:04<oneman>so you can run windows on a linode now?
14:04<oneman>j/k :]
14:04<FireSlash>oneman, Yeah.
14:04<FireSlash>Install wine. :P
14:04<FireSlash>apt-get install wine
14:04<oneman>I actualy run mono on mine
14:04<oneman>mono and rails
14:04<oneman>got to jet tho
14:04|-|efock [] has joined #linode
14:04|-|caker [] has joined #linode
14:04<efudd>can we get the planet unfucked?
14:04|-|efock [] has quit [Quit: ]
14:05|-|VS_ChanLog [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:05|-|schultmc [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:06<encode>ahh, so the disconnection wasnt my isp's fault, it was tp for once
14:06|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
14:06<bendy24>for once?
14:07<bendy24>isnt this the third time
14:10|-|phlaegel [] has joined #linode
14:11<mikegrb2>TP routing issues
14:11<mikegrb2>it's been up for a couple of minutes
14:11<GN>hooray for routing
14:11<mikegrb2>the longest it has been back up so maybe it will stay this time
14:12<FireSlash>mikegrb, who was being DoS'd?
14:12<FireSlash>Aww :(
14:13<cmantito>who was dos'ing? :P
14:14<GN>thats how rumors get started
14:14<Eman>"whats this cable do?" "i dunno, pull it out, see what breaks"
14:14<@mikegrb>I heard GN killed somebody
14:14<@mikegrb>caker told me so
14:14<efudd>so it's unfucked? :)
14:15<@mikegrb>appears so
14:15<@mikegrb>they are supposed to release a statement shortly
14:15<efudd>"It's unfucked. --TP"
14:15[~]mikegrb nods
14:15<Spads><TP> We regret the routing outage this afternoon. We received some bad information on how to configure our routers. But even knowing what we do now, we still would have invaded Iraq!
14:16<Eman>"Nothing to see here, move along." -TP
14:16<@mikegrb>"You are caller number 39 waiting to speak with a represenitive, the average hold time is less then 2 minutes 40 seconds."
14:16<@mikegrb>got down to caller 4 with 12 seconds
14:16<@mikegrb>then it was caller 3 with 3 minutes :<
14:16<GN>haha spads
14:17<@mikegrb>s/average hold time/estimated wait time/
14:21<tsi>my cronjob for pinging my linode keeps missing 100% of the attempts for the past 20 minutes or so, even though the host appears to be up and AOK (I've been SSHed into it for weeks without being disconnected)
14:21|-|sec39 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:21<tsi>is someone poking routers?
14:21[~]tsi reads back six lines, realizes it was a stupid question
14:21[~]tsi blush
14:22|-|Sgeo [] has joined #linode
14:25[~]mikegrb pokes tsi
14:26<taupehat>anyone seen the dailywtf?
14:27<taupehat>I'd do it a bit differently
14:27<taupehat>such as:
14:27<taupehat>public const string OH = " A";
14:27<taupehat>public const string ALSO = "ND";
14:27<taupehat>tsi: yeah
14:27<taupehat>it's coding stuff
14:27|-|sec39 [] has joined #linode
14:27|-|alnr [] has left #linode []
14:27<tsi>wtf? it tastes like java
14:28<tsi>wait so he's building queries out of consts?
14:28<Spads>Why not?
14:28<GN>i like it
14:28<Spads>that way he future-proofs his application!
14:28<tsi>that's gotta be the most useless extra cpu cycling ever
14:28<Spads>^-- in case one becomes 7 in the next release
14:29<tsi>it's still 1:1
14:29<tsi>so you're not ... rrhhhggg....
14:29[~]tsi head explode
14:30[~]Spads sweeps tsi into the bin, and vacuums up the rest
14:31|-|FireSlash_ [] has joined #linode
14:31<Spads>taupehat: see? totally not SFW :O
14:31<Spads>he kersplodeyed at work!
14:32<taupehat>condolences to tsi's family
14:32<Spads>return Words.WHAT + Words.THE + Words.EXPLETIVE_OF_CHOICE + Punctuation.QUESTION_MARK;
14:32<taupehat>Spads: they hired rentacoder
14:32<@mikegrb>Spads: look at yesterdays
14:32<@mikegrb>much better
14:33<taupehat> public const string SPACE _CHAR= " ";
14:33<@mikegrb>some of the posts aren't so great but some are truely gems
14:36<taupehat> As we all know, Enterprise means a 5 year mission.
14:36<taupehat>that's not bad for an early comment
14:37|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:45|-|taupehat changed nick to EnterpriseArchitectureThoughtL
14:45|-|EnterpriseArchitectureThoughtL changed nick to EnterpriseArchThoughtLeader
14:46<tsi>unless Enterprise is actually in the name, then year 3 turns out to be all a dream, and the project is shitcanned at the end of the 4th year because there were no subscribers anyway
14:47<tsi>and they bring in Robocop to finish it off
14:48<EnterpriseArchThoughtLeader>You're not thinking out of the box, tsi...
14:50<EnterpriseArchThoughtLeader>What you're really missing is the opportunity to synchronize up to speed with thought leaders and stakeholders in the realm of forward-looking synergizers who are making capable up-front innovations in transferrance mashups.
14:50<EnterpriseArchThoughtLeader>so there.
15:13<tsi>you said mashup
15:15|-|weasel changed nick to test
15:16|-|test changed nick to weasel
15:46|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:58|-|rko [] has joined #linode
15:59<rko>is there an issue with host53?
16:06<@mikegrb>rko: should be better now
16:06<rko>I already rebooted mine
16:06<rko>but good to know it wasn't my linode
16:07<@mikegrb>rebooting won't really help
16:07<@mikegrb>this is linux, not windows
16:07<@mikegrb>generally just makes the problem worse
16:07<rko>I know that
16:08<rko>but I was suspecting it was my linode hosed. I got console fine, host53 was pinging fine.
16:08<@mikegrb>did you check your tokens first?
16:08<rko>well, console didn't respond. But I got the screen.
16:08<@mikegrb>what happens is someone starts swapping heavily
16:08<rko>they looked fine, rate was 0 and tokens were in max
16:08<@mikegrb>and just as the token limiter starts limiting them, people start rebooting their linodes because they are slow
16:09<@mikegrb>so then the host never recovers as people keep rebooting their linode
16:09<rko>it wasn't slow... it was totally unresponsive
16:16<kvandivo>it's a fine line between really slow and totally unresponsive
16:17|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has quit [Quit: A geek without purpose - | SMDC-Network IRC -]
16:27|-|rko [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:56|-|schultmc [] has joined #linode
16:57<tierra>caker: how did you do htpasswd auth on the Linode wiki if you don't mind me asking... I've got a wiki it could help on
17:00|-|GN [] has quit [Quit: bye]
17:18|-|jekil [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:33<@mikegrb>just limit POST
17:38|-|FireSlash_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:44<tierra>that wouldn't stop much (and would be really annoying to people working on mass edits or reverting the spam that does get through)
17:50|-|nybble [] has joined #linode
17:54|-|vodka [] has quit [Quit: vodka]
17:58<@mikegrb>since the spam comes from bots, works pretty well
17:58<@mikegrb>and it will only ask once, the browser will cache the credentials
18:22|-|vodka [] has joined #linode
18:22<oneman>seems like a host's disk drives would die pretty quick in a linode situation
18:23<oneman>what you need are massive ramdisks
18:28<EnterpriseArchThoughtLeader>kinda dumb question, but aside from hoping that I'm still in initdefault, how do I query a system to determine what runlevel it's in?
18:29|-|gpd changed nick to floccinaucinihilipilificationa
18:30|-|EnterpriseArchThoughtLeader changed nick to taupehat
18:30|-|floccinaucinihilipilificationa changed nick to geepeedee
18:30<taupehat>sorry - forgot I'd done that
18:33<geepeedee>taupehat: according to man telinit $RUNLEVEL should tell you - but it doesn't for me
18:35<geepeedee>damn... just found that
18:35<taupehat>i was trying to ask init
18:35<@mikegrb>geepeedee: sshd likely clears the enviroment before exec'ing the shell
18:36<geepeedee>are the REAL environment variables in /proc somewhere?
18:39<@mikegrb>those are the real enviroment variables
18:39<@mikegrb>env will list them
18:51|-|afv-13 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:58|-|macdan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:00|-|vodka [] has quit [Quit: vodka]
19:08|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
19:43<Eman>caker, mikegrb, how long are the xen beta linodes going to remain active?
19:59|-|mikegrb2 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
20:12[~]geepeedee contemplates ubuntification (again)
20:20[~]geepeedee crosses fingers... shabooms
20:20<caker>Eman: until we know everything works
20:23|-|nybble [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:27|-|Dreamer3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:32<geepeedee>Stopping domain name service: named/etc/init.d/bind9: line 60: 31619 Segmentati
20:32<geepeedee>oh dear...
20:34<geepeedee>\\There may be troubles ahead... there may be moonlight...\\
21:06<caker>tierra: that POST limiting is very effective
21:08<geepeedee>\\There may be troubles ahead... there may be moonlight...\\/quit
21:08|-|geepeedee [~gpd@] has left #linode []
21:10|-|gpd [~gpd@] has joined #linode
21:21|-|gpd [~gpd@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:22|-|geepeedee [] has joined #linode
21:24|-|Sgeo [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
21:25|-|gpd [~gpd@] has joined #linode
21:25<gpd>good-bye sarge... hello breezy :)
21:25|-|geepeedee [] has left #linode []
21:26<gpd>seemed to go quite smoothly - the obvious /lib/tls was required - but otherwise all good.
21:26<gpd>postfix-tls is now redundant - tls is in postfix - that was a bit scary as the package was going to be removed
21:27<caker># tw_cli /c4/bbu show
21:27<caker>Name OnlineState BBUReady Status Volt Temp Hours LastCapTest
21:27<caker>bbu On No Charging OK OK 0 xx-xxx-xxxx
21:27<caker>^-- 9550SX BBU :)
21:27<gpd>err... engrish?
21:27<caker>gpd: battery backup unit for the raid controller
21:27<caker>for 128M write cache goodness
21:28<gpd>which machines affected?
21:28<caker>== no filesystem death on power failure/crash
21:28<caker>all our new AMD hosts will have it
21:29<caker>bah .. no labels in label maker :(
21:29[~]caker runs to office*
21:45<caker>dontcha hate it when you ask for a doggiebag/box, and leave it at the restaurant?
21:46<spr>How about on top of the car?
21:47<Spads>[nick@xyzzy(~)] apt-cache search truth | wc -l
21:47<Spads>fortunately I have plenty of truths to choose from
21:57<taupehat>spr: that's why I have a very heavy-gauge stainless steel coffee mug
21:57<taupehat>it makes a helluva racket when it flies off, too, so I never fail to notice
21:58<Spads>ha ha car
21:58[~]Spads does not drive
22:00<taupehat>count your blessings
22:00<Spads>I do.
22:00[~]taupehat lives in rural 'merica... a short jaunt is 40 miles
22:00<Spads>it basically means long life and health
22:00<Spads>rural areas are where cars actually work
22:00<Eman>who wants to buy me a new 21" monitor
22:00<taupehat>yeah, or hill country
22:00<taupehat>bit of both here
22:00<Spads>but suburbia is a total mess
22:00<taupehat>where you at?
22:01<taupehat>ahh oaktown
22:01<taupehat>jerry brown still your mayor?
22:01<Spads>gotta mess with president brown
22:01<taupehat>he's been at that for about a decade now
22:01<Spads>hmmm, not quite
22:01<Spads>pretty close though
22:01[~]taupehat grew up in W. Brk
22:01<Spads>he came in before willie brown left SF
22:01<Spads>that's all I remember
22:01<taupehat>was WAAAAY west of San Pablo
22:01<taupehat>block off gilman
22:01<Spads>industrial berkeley
22:02<taupehat>right on the edge
22:02<Spads>Mrs. Spads worked around there
22:02<taupehat>caddy corner from us was this ink factory that took up 4 blocks
22:02<Spads>near where they built that huge Bayer office
22:02<Spads>in an old clock factory
22:02<taupehat>that shit got all gentrified last time I was there
22:02<Spads>fourth is pretty fru-fru
22:02<Spads>but vik's is still > *
22:02<Spads>north of university is kind of chi-chi
22:02<taupehat>we used to play tic-tac-toe with the windows at cal ink
22:02<Spads>but south stays cool
22:02<taupehat>this was between 5th and 6th
22:03<taupehat>we really were little brats
22:03<Spads>when did you leave?
22:03<taupehat>oh god
22:03<taupehat>84 or 85 - I don't remember exactly
22:03<taupehat>I bet there's still some good mischief to be had there
22:03<Spads>oh absolutely
22:04<taupehat>I'm sure one can still find old console TV sets to put on the train tracks when the freight trains come through at 60mph =]
22:04<taupehat>all we saw of the conductor as the train went by was one of his fingers, hanging out the window
22:05<taupehat>that TV was like a movie scene, though
22:05<taupehat>when I was a bit older, we used to go see Jello be an asshat at the gilman
22:05<Spads>haha nice
22:05<taupehat>and some goth club in alameda
22:06<Spads>"on" alameda
22:06<taupehat>that was a while ago
22:06[~]taupehat doesn't recall the street name, but the club was most definitely IN alameda
22:06<taupehat>not almeda =P
22:06<Spads>it's an island
22:06<Spads>you live ON it
22:06<taupehat>never did
22:07<Spads>neither have I
22:07<taupehat>what part of the kingdom of jerry do you occupy?
22:07<Spads>I'm in Chimes
22:07<taupehat>oh lol
22:07<taupehat>you're right by a bart then, that's good =]
22:07<Spads>well, gotta go.
22:07<taupehat>that train is useless unless you live right by it
22:07<taupehat>ok, l8
22:08<Spads>all the outer stops are just parking lots
22:08<taupehat>the simpsons sent it up hardcore once
22:08<Spads>totally braindead
22:08<taupehat>made a subway system that looked just like the bart, only with loops and barrel rolls
22:11<Spads>oh yeah?
22:11<Spads>was that the monorail one?
22:11<taupehat>yep =]
22:11<taupehat>you didn't catch the correlation?
22:11<Spads>it's a lot of systems, sadly
22:11<taupehat>funpark rides masquerading as transit systems
22:11<Spads>and BART goes back to the destruction of the key system by GM
22:11<taupehat>san jose did it right with their light rail
22:12<Spads>no transit system can fix broken low-density single-use development
22:12<taupehat>tract mansions, heh
22:12<Spads>anyone who's played simcity can attest to that
22:12[~]taupehat watched the entire turnpike between boulder and denver turn from farmland into a monolithic tract home development
22:13<taupehat>that was disgusting
22:13<taupehat>I guess ranchland, but just the same
22:14<taupehat>each house was like 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and had little shirtpocket yards, all on cul-de-sacs
22:14<Spads>guaranteeing that the children who grow up there will never walk to school
22:14<taupehat>god, no
22:14<Spads>never see any exercise ever
22:14<taupehat>not when they make the streets look like racetracks
22:15<Eman>the grid pattern needs to return
22:15<Spads>the worst part is when you cross the road, and then you have to jump from log to log before you can get into the little cave schoolhouses
22:15<taupehat>Eman: I think someone living in San Francisco would disagree with the categorical nature of that statement.
22:15<taupehat>Spads: haha
22:15<Eman>taupehat: depends on the city
22:15<taupehat>Eman: SF...
22:16<taupehat>some bloody british guy laid a grid over a non-topo map of San Francisco and said "Build it thus."
22:16<taupehat>leading to some of the most impractical driving conditions imagineable
22:16<Eman>exactly why i say "depends on the city"
22:16|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
22:16<taupehat>the only reason it was sustainable at all is that it never snows there
22:18|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:18<Eman>grids work nearly perfect in flat cities
22:18<taupehat>problem is
22:18<spr>they even manage with some hiils.
22:18<taupehat>you won't find me living in a flat city
22:18[~]taupehat does not like plains
22:19<taupehat>I get unhappy when I am not surrounded by hills and trees.
22:19[~]caker thinks he has detected some bad RAM
22:19<taupehat>I'd call it agoraphobia, but I like wide-open spaces, and it's not a fear so much as a maliase.
22:20<taupehat>caker: stinky =[
22:20<caker>Both Xen and memtest reboot while scanning/scrubbing the RAM
22:20<caker>not even an error message, machine just resets
22:20<taupehat>reboot, eh?
22:20<caker>bisecting the RAM now
22:20<taupehat>that sounds more like a bad PSU
22:20<caker>taupehat: don't scare me :)
22:21<taupehat>wouldn't you rather find out now than when it's a host?
22:21<caker>of course .. I guess I could test that theory by removing the drives
22:21<taupehat>how many drives?
22:21<caker>two .. I have a feeling it's the RAM, however -- since it's only done this on memory tests
22:22<taupehat>also, a bad psu may do the reset thingy even under CPU-only load
22:22<taupehat>good hunting!
22:22<caker>yeah, which I've done plenty of
22:22[~]taupehat afk
22:42<caker>found it :(
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22:49|-|sec39 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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22:59|-|NetHack #linode [+o linbot] by []
22:59<taupehat>I habitually blame the british for any stupidity that occurred between about 1650 and 1900
22:59[~]gpd bites tongue, extends stiff upper lip, smiles to reveal yellow mishapen teeth, bows minutely
22:59<taupehat>surely you're not 106? Then you could hardly be held responsible
22:59<gpd>post-empire guilt is strong - you too will feel it soon ;)
22:59<taupehat>eh, I'm a yankee, we've got our own history of genocide to try and pretend never happened
22:59<Eman>as much as the us wishes, they still arent as big as the british empire was
22:59<taupehat>thing is, we're better at that than you
22:59<taupehat>(ignoring it)
22:59<taupehat>one might say we're a bit TOO good at ignoring it
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59[~]gpd agrees, goes back to playing with new ubuntu linode
22:59<Eman>taupehat: if you ignore it, it either goes away or bites you in the ass, i think both american and canadian governments are hoping for the first outcome
22:59[~]taupehat wanders off to play in general
23:00<caker># uname -a
23:00<caker>Linux 2.6.16-xen0 #2 SMP Tue Mar 21 19:58:50 EST 2006 i686 GNU/Linux
23:00[~]caker grins
23:00<taupehat>caker: free -m?
23:01<caker># free -m && xm info | grep memory
23:01<caker> total used free shared buffers cached
23:01<caker>Mem: 256 117 138 0 2 17
23:01<caker>-/+ buffers/cache: 98 158
23:01<caker>Swap: 5726 0 5726
23:01<caker>total_memory : 14336
23:01<caker>free_memory : 13956
23:05|-|Netsplit <-> quits: Dotcher, kvandivo, chris, tsi, spr, penryu, Guest43, schultmc, shakr, michelle_jia, (+42 more, use /NETSPLIT to show all of them)
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23:17<encode>plus i gotta buy disks, enclosures, and mobo
23:17<encode>caker: nope :S
23:17<taupehat>caker: lmao
23:17<encode>ahh well, it wil lremain a pipe dream
23:17<encode>thanks anyway
23:17<taupehat>what's funny is just how easy that hack was to pull off
23:18<Eman>wikipedia says: The current minimum wage in Australia is $12.75 AUD (~$9 U.S. Dollars) per hour [5].
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23:33<caker>taupehat: LVM++
23:33<taupehat>yep =]
23:33<taupehat>here's the "making of the cylon:"
23:33<taupehat>caker: my big storage server is going to use raid/lvm combo
23:33<caker>cylon is the perfect name for that thing :)
23:33<taupehat>buying drives in 3- or 4-packs for raid5, and adding each raid device to teh LVM
23:33<taupehat>caker: yeah, I even got the little "eye" to glow
23:33|-|sonorous_ [] has joined #linode
23:33<gpd>taupehat: why use flickr when you have all this lovely linode space?
23:33<taupehat>those little Via C3 boards are a huge bargain
23:33<taupehat>gpd: I have plenty of pics on my 'node
23:33<taupehat>but I like flickr
23:33<gpd>I assumed the uploading would suck... ?
23:33<gpd>no scp!
23:33<Eman>anyone need a c3 666 chip + board or a celeron 700 chip + board?
23:33<taupehat>saves me putting all the files in a folder and then opening konqueror and going "Tools: Make Image Gallery" and uploading the tarball I make from that
23:33<taupehat>also flickr has an uploader tool that works very well
23:33<taupehat>for osx and winblows
23:34<gpd>man - this build was more involved than the first picture made it appear
23:34<taupehat>it only took about two and a half hours
23:34<taupehat>but I wanted to do it the _right_ way
23:34<gpd>you should sell it on ebay for $$$
23:34<caker>Ads from Yahoo!
23:34<caker>Buy Cuisinart Toasters
23:34<caker>Buy Cuisinart toasters online. - free shipping, secure...
23:35<gpd>some battlestar uberfreak would pay you
23:35<Eman>you need to chrome it
23:35<taupehat>I'm setting up an eBay store to sell OMG WTF barbequeues
23:35<taupehat>"Genuine 100% functional OMG WTF BBQ! One free bag of briquettes!"
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23:43|-|NetHack #linode [+o linbot] by []
23:44<taupehat>anyhow, all that paste spam was UPS info on my one of these:
23:44<gpd>nice work :)
23:44<taupehat>I'm so going to send them a picture of it on my car - my plates read "LOL"
23:45<gpd>just LOL ?
23:45<Eman>nice lag mike
23:45<gpd>perfect :)
23:45<taupehat>god, he really is lagged, isn't he
23:45[~]gpd wonders if mikegrb's plates are lolz
23:46<taupehat>I was thinking of getting one of these, but decided I'd probably get run off the road by some hick:
23:48<gpd>possibly not very diplomatic
23:48<taupehat>possibly =]
23:48<taupehat>especially since I've consistently derided fundamentalist christians for the ones that say rude things about darwin
23:48<gpd>i always worried that the darwin fish implied that you were a christian that believed in evolution...
23:48<gpd>the T-Rex is quite convincingly non-christian
23:48<taupehat>I believe very firmly that the universe, mountains, and a midget were created by His Noodliness
23:49<Eman>i firmly believe the universe revolves around oil
23:49<taupehat>black oil?
23:50<Eman>crude, cooking, canola... doesnt matter
23:50<gpd>I refuse to believe in *anything* - try it
23:51[~]gpd gets hourly digg fix
23:51<Eman>keep your religion out of my government and i'll keep my government out of your religion :D
23:52<caker>taupehat: <-- if you're interested
23:52<gpd>Don't preach in my school and I won't think in your church...
23:52<Eman>thats good, i like it
23:53<taupehat>caker: crikey, that's complete
23:53<Eman>its like, go do something productive, like banning advertisments of medications...
23:54<caker>took me to realize that /cx was really /c0, px was p0 or p1, etc
23:54<gpd>don't get me started on religion - /flood warning/
23:56[~]gpd wonders if geeks are less likely to be religious due to requirement for logical thinking during programming / fixage of stuff
23:56<caker>gpd: yes
23:56|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
23:56<Eman>religion removes all purpose for logical thought
23:56<taupehat>with that
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