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00:01<geepeedee>Eman: what processor / mobo?
00:02|-|Kanal #linode zsynchronizowany w 16 sekundy
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00:02<efudd>6please unfuck theplanet!
00:02<Spads>efudd: the punchline is: "...because you can UN-screw a lightbulb..."
00:03<efudd>please unfuck theplanet
00:03<Spads>okay, brb then
00:03<Eman>2.4ghz northwood p4, dfi NB80-EA mobo, 1gig of some generic ram
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00:04<geepeedee>i must try it again - it was fine but would stutter nastily
00:04<Eman>but i noticed a sever speed difference between xp and 2k
00:04<Eman>ran like shit on xp
00:04<Eman>perfect on 2k
00:04<geepeedee>mine is AMD64 3200+ with 1G generic K8N Neo, XP Pro
00:04<efock>did i mention a ton of packet loss?
00:04<efock>holy fucking packet loss
00:04<geepeedee>yeah - 70% for me
00:05[~]tronix offers knee capping services for whomever's ddos'ing TP (if it is indeed a DDoS)
00:05<geepeedee>not jlimited to theplanet
00:05<geepeedee>25% at adelphia
00:05<geepeedee>maybe this is WWIII
00:05<tronix>hmm. could be east coast network maints causing temporary bouncing around less than optimal peering
00:05<Eman>i found out who ddos'd me last month
00:06<Eman>called his mother, he hasnt been online since
00:06<tronix>that's probably more effective than knee-capping, and nicer.
00:06<efudd>the punchline is 25pct non-packet loss :)
00:06<Eman>well, it wasnt me that called, it was xptek, but w/e
00:07<geepeedee>hmm... to me w/e means weekend... to you it means whatever i presume
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00:08<geepeedee>question from the retarded: what causes packet loss?
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00:08<geepeedee>... loss of packets... boom boom
00:09<Eman>packet loss is caused by overloaded links... the routers just drop packets
00:09<gpd>how rude of them
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00:12<Eman>does anyone else here have an obsession with ripping stickers and labels off laptops?
00:12<efudd>apparetly not; still have a "designed for windowsxp" and "intel inside" sticker on this one
00:12<efudd>otherwise, yes.
00:13<Eman>i mean all the way, even ripping off the company who made it logo
00:14<efudd>no. that'd cause holes.
00:14[~]efudd bed
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01:37<DuneMan>Hey. I submitted a job about 40 minutes ago on host2, and it still hasnt run, but the host load is low. So I was wondering if there was something going on with it (disk load, maybe?)
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01:45<caker>DuneMan: I'll check
01:54<DuneMan>thanks :-)
01:54<DuneMan>what was wrong?
01:54<caker>the routing weirdness that happened earlier caused the db connection to hang
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09:24<lyoungz>Does anyone know why all the distros are so old? Fedora just released FC5, and I see only up to FC2
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09:38<efudd>because redhat is lame.
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09:58<npmr>they aren't all old, either
09:59<warewolf>I wonder how much I can sell this L@@K UNOPENED DVD Recorder w/ TiVo !!40Hr!!
09:59<warewolf>... on ebay
09:59<warewolf>oh forgot one thing
09:59<warewolf>!! WITH LIFETIME SERVICE !!
09:59<warewolf>stfu linbot
10:00<GN>the question is why are you selling it?
10:00<warewolf>cause I just bought it off a coworker, and activated lifetime service on it as lifetime service is going away
10:01<warewolf>and I already have 4 other tivos
10:01<warewolf>scratch that 5
10:01<warewolf>now six
10:01<kvandivo>do i hear 7?
10:01<GN>i'll give you $50
10:01[~]FireSlash built his own tivo once using a K6/2 366.
10:02<FireSlash>Sadly, only later did I discover that the processor wasn't fast enough to decode divx on the fly.
10:02<kvandivo>all depends on the resolution
10:02<FireSlash>Well, that and an exposed AT PSU emits enough interference to make chkdsk a very very unhappy program.
10:03<FireSlash>And while the use of 6 old hard drives did produce a healthy 154gb of space, the sound was... less than optimal.
10:03<warewolf>Activation dates: Oct 19, 2000 - Jun 5, 2002 - Mar 11, 2003 - Apr 2, 2005 - Dec 25, 2005 - Mar 22, 2006
10:03<FireSlash>I cried.
10:03<warewolf>so yeah
10:04<warewolf>I definitly got the run for my money on lifetime service 8-)
10:04<GN>i thought you wanted to sell it?
10:04<warewolf>$99, $99, $199, $299, $299, $299
10:04<kvandivo>Hmm.. iirc I activated my one and only in june of '01
10:04<warewolf>I still can
10:04<GN>lifetime service isn't a good deal on a 6 year old tivo
10:05<FireSlash>Hmm. I wonder if someone could use an xbox as a DVR. If someone could write a driver for one of those USB capture cards.... :O
10:05<GN>since the service is tied to the hardware
10:05<warewolf>oh shit
10:05<warewolf>actually I did own seven
10:05<warewolf>I gave one away and it's not in my account anymore
10:05<warewolf>and that one was also in 2000, and cost me $99
10:05<warewolf>AND IT STILL WORKS
10:05<warewolf>(according to my old coworker who has it now)
10:06<FireSlash>warewolf, So? Thats only 6 years.
10:06<FireSlash>GN, yeah, I have XBMC
10:06<FireSlash>But I don't think it has any capture ability.
10:06<FireSlash>If it does, thats news to meh
10:06<GN>build a plugin :)
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10:07<FireSlash>Heh. I'm not good enough to write a USB interface and driver to make it work with a USB capture card :P
10:08<warewolf>ew good lord
10:08<warewolf>USB does not have enough bandwidth to capture video
10:08<FireSlash>warewolf, Well, that depends on the speed of the Xbox's ports.
10:09<warewolf>what USB-2.0 capture dongles have you seen?
10:09<FireSlash>Doesn't ATI make one?
10:09<warewolf>and do they pass the video raw, and not compress it in HW?
10:09[~]warewolf shrugs
10:09[~]warewolf sticks to PCI
10:10<GN>i have one of those
10:10<FireSlash>Anyway. If its full speed USB, thats 12mbps (1.4MiB), more than enough to handle video even un-compressed.
10:10<GN>i could capture video on the original rev A iMac
10:10<FireSlash>If its low speed 1.5mbps, well, that might be an issue unless its hardware compressed :/
10:11<FireSlash>Oh. And.
10:14<FireSlash> <-- Hardware compression and 1.1 backwards compatability. With a little love from XBMC, this would work.
10:17<GN>FireSlash, how do you like XBMC?
10:18<FireSlash>Its pretty good, but the controls take some adjusting to.
10:18<FireSlash>For what I use it for (Streaming videos from various points in my house to my TV) it works great.
10:18<warewolf>the _nice_ thing about TiVo is it's completely hands-off.
10:18<warewolf>I don't have to do anything to it to get it to work.
10:19<warewolf>guide data is flawless, or near-flawless. (I've honestly never had a problem with it)
10:19<GN>agreed, tivo is easy
10:19<warewolf>no maintenance
10:19<warewolf>automated software updates
10:19<warewolf>hands off is good
10:19<GN>typing in your wep key with a tv remote sucks tho
10:19<warewolf>that it does
10:19<warewolf>but it isn't that bad
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10:49<cout>fireslash: the pvr 150 is about that same price and is pci
10:51<GN>cout, we're looking for something that would plug into a xbox
10:53<taupehat>anyone here able to talk on the difference between OpenVZ and UML?
10:54<taupehat>aka virtuozzo
10:54<cout>GN: I'm not sure that box would work; it's USB 2.0
10:54[~]taupehat looks particularly at caker for this question
10:55<GN>linbot, seen caker
10:55<@linbot>GN: caker was last seen in #linode 9 hours, 1 minute, and 10 seconds ago: <caker> the routing weirdness that happened earlier caused the db connection to hang
10:56<taupehat>so he'll wake up soon =]
10:56<GN>hehe perhaps
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11:00<Smitty>is anyone there?
11:00<Spads>I know I'm not.
11:00<cout>everyone is here, not there
11:00<tierra>I don't see anyone
11:00<cout>except tierra
11:00<Spads>Yeah, nobody ever comes here: it's too crowded.
11:01<Smitty>ok..ok... Is anyone here working at shore technologies?
11:01<tierra>only 2 people here, and that's none of us
11:01<tierra>(that responded to you)
11:02<Smitty>i am trying to set sign up for another linode and wondered how long the process takes
11:02<Smitty>my first one went pretty quick
11:02<Smitty>but that was over a year ago
11:02<tierra>if mikegrb or caker is around, you could be up in a matter of 10-15 minutes
11:02<Smitty>my first one took 30 minutes
11:04<tierra>yeah, I think it took mine maybe an hour if that a year and a half ago
11:04<tierra>and I don't remember even hitting up this IRC channel asking about it
11:05<tierra>though it doesn't look like mikegrb or caker are around right now, so that may not be the case if you sign up right now
11:05<Smitty>i am trying to get another one and it has been about 2 hours so I was just wondering
11:05<cout>it's been morning all morning
11:05<Smitty>it is not an emergency so i can wait a bit
11:06<taupehat>it's just after 9 here
11:06<warewolf>Wed Mar 22 12:06:13 EST 2006
11:06<taupehat>you all need to live on the Best Coast - we get to sleep in here =]
11:06<Smitty>11 here
11:06<warewolf>I think caker is on eastern time
11:06<warewolf>they're both idle 9+ hours, so they should be waking up soon :)
11:06<Smitty>is he based out of nashville?
11:06<cout>I thought he was on central time
11:06<Smitty>nashville is central
11:06<tierra>taupehat: hehe, and stay up late nights
11:07<tierra>(I'm actually in MST)
11:07<taupehat>tierra: yep
11:07<taupehat>and the waves are bigger, and the women better-looking
11:07[~]kvandivo looks around.
11:07[~]warewolf -c WoW &
11:08<GN>to bad you can't get in the water ;)
11:08<tierra>yeah, I thought caker was in Central in Nashville
11:08<taupehat>GN: o rly?
11:08<cout>women in california usually look fake to me.
11:08[~]taupehat gets in the water...
11:08<kvandivo>cout: depending on what you look at, they probably are
11:09<taupehat>cout: who said anything about california... although I should point out that I have never viewed LA as part of california
11:09<Smitty>the women in california have built in life preservers
11:09<Smitty>all plastic
11:09<taupehat>that's all Los Angeles
11:09<Spads>Silicone Valley
11:09<cout>SD too
11:09<taupehat>cut california off at about Bakersfield then
11:09<taupehat>because SoCal is --
11:09<taupehat>different world
11:09<Spads>SLO can drop into the sea too, for all I care
11:10<taupehat>all them earthy ones go to cal poly =]
11:10<Spads>but bakersfield is a pretty good dividing line
11:10<kvandivo>what's SLO?
11:10<Spads>I just always imagined tha the californian civil war will meet at San Louis Obispo
11:10<taupehat>san luis obispo
11:10<taupehat>Spads: maybe santa barbara
11:11[~]taupehat makes all the obvious "La Jolla" jokes
11:11<Spads>oh yeah
11:11<Spads>SB needs killin'
11:11<taupehat>"Yeah, we liked California. Had a great time at lah dgholla!"
11:11[~]kvandivo reminisces about the White Plums he had in the San Joaquin valley when he was out there
11:14[~]gpd cowers in sunny corner of Santa Monica, awaits the revolution
11:14<taupehat>gpd: just go back to foggy bottom and watch it from a safe distance
11:15<gpd>by foggy bottom I assume you mean my home town in good'ol blighty
11:17|-|Smitty [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)]
11:19<gpd>Foggy Bottom is one of Washington, DC's oldest 19th century neighborhoods (how ironic)
11:19<gpd>yes sfw - it is a beer make in the town
11:19<taupehat>oh ahh
11:20<GN>my town can beat up your town
11:20<gpd>I actually hark from a town near Chipping Sodbury
11:20<gpd>near Upper Middle Wallop
11:21<Spads>Sodding Chipbury
11:21<taupehat>oh man
11:21<taupehat>I'm on a couple of mailinglists, you know...
11:21<gpd>I kid thee not
11:21<taupehat>someone just sent this one to this huge list:
11:21<taupehat>** Proprietary **
11:21<taupehat>I will be out of the office until Thursday, April 6th. Sorry for any inconvenience.
11:21<taupehat>first off
11:21<taupehat>spamming out-of-office to a mailinglist
11:21<taupehat>second off
11:22<taupehat>tagging something you're sending to a publicly-archived list as ** Proprietary **
11:22<taupehat>third off
11:22<taupehat>the guy works for local government, so his message is _not_ proprietary
11:22<taupehat>I really can't think of the best approach to LARTing him
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11:26<ashovi>I'm running slackware 10 and apache. I'm getting a hostname error when I try to start apache for some reason though.
11:26<ashovi>unable to gethostbyname("www")
11:26<GN>FireSlash, have you looked at the xbox frontend for mythTV?
11:27<ashovi>I googled and it said that I need to set the full hostname, so I do that, restart apache, and it works.
11:27<ashovi>so how do I get it to recognize the hostname from the /etc/HOSTNAME fill all the time?
11:29<GN>did you try: hostname -f /etc/hostname ?
11:30<ashovi>(to set the full hostname, I did: hostname
11:30<ashovi>and that seemed to set everything straight.
11:30<GN>but went away on reboot right?
11:30<GN>hostname -f /etc/HOSTNAME
11:31<GN>try it
11:31<ashovi>ooooh, ok.
11:31<ashovi>hmmm. it says: Unknown host.
11:32<ashovi>but if I do the hostname again, it works.
11:33<ashovi>ERRRR NEVERMIND.
11:33<ashovi>I lemme try that again...
11:33<ashovi>I mean, lemme try that again... :)
11:35<ashovi>uuhhhh, yeah, it says unknown host.
11:35<ashovi>it's cutting everything after the first dot.
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11:38<ashovi>if /etc/hostname says, hostname returns www only
11:38<Redgore>its supposed to
11:39<Redgore>www is the hostname anything after the . is the domain
11:39<ashovi>if /etc/HOSTNAME is hostname returns hostname only
11:39<GN>hostname -f
11:39<GN>should return the fqdn
11:39<ashovi>hostname -f says unknown host.
11:39<GN>oh crap
11:39<Spads> <-- ashovi
11:39<GN>try hostname -F /etc/HOSTNAME
11:39<GN>uppercase F
11:40<ashovi>ok, brb
11:44<ashovi>hmmm nope.
11:44<ashovi>hostname -f still gives unknown host.
11:44<afv-13>k, step 1
11:44<afv-13>cat /etc/hostname
11:44<afv-13>anything there?
11:45<ashovi>is there
11:45<afv-13>now hostname -f /etc/hostname
11:45<GN>is the hostname in /etc/hostname upper or lower case?
11:45<afv-13>capital F
11:45<afv-13>hostname -F /etc/hostname
11:45<ashovi>Did you see orig. problem I'm having with apache?
11:45<afv-13>just like that
11:46<ashovi>ok, 1 sec
11:46<GN>well in debian its /etc/hostname and in slackware it appears to be /etc/HOSTNAME
11:46<ashovi>you mean /etc/HOSTNAME, right?
11:46<afv-13>uppercase is evil
11:46<Redgore>youll find different distro's use different files to set the hostname
11:47<ashovi>I know, but that's the way slackware does it.
11:47<Redgore>in /etc/sysconfig/network the hostname is set
11:47<ashovi>but now hostname -f gives:
11:47<ashovi> like it's supposed to.
11:47<afv-13>do a hostname --help
11:48<afv-13>then decide which case F
11:48<Redgore>well thats in mandriva and some other redhat based distro's
11:48<Redgore>I forgot which channel i was talking in :P
11:48<gpd>ashovi: are you committed to slackware? maybe consider other options ;)
11:49<GN>i like debian :)
11:49<ashovi>I've never had a prob with slackware till now.
11:49<GN>how far into it are you?
11:49<ashovi>all the way?
11:50<GN>i mean your setup
11:50<GN>did you just create a new one?
11:50<ashovi>it'sbeen up for about a year, and now it's giving me this crap for some reason.
11:50<GN>or this just started happening?
11:51<ashovi>it could be the new apache I installed is calling the hostname differently now or something.
11:51<GN>what version of apache?
11:51<ashovi>or some other updated package. I use swaret to update my machine, so I'm not 100% sure what's been changed.
11:52<ashovi>1 sec.
11:52<GN>oh man
11:52<ashovi>I know, I know.
11:52<ashovi>bad admin.
11:52<kvandivo>or badmin, as we like to call it
11:53<ashovi>1.3.34 < apache version
11:53<GN>you could just add a boot script to do hostname
11:53<afv-13>what's the problem?
11:53<ashovi>yah, I guess.
11:54<GN>whats in your /etc/hosts file?
11:54<ashovi>that's kind of a hacky way around it, but for now it works.
11:55<ashovi>which boot script should I put it in?
11:55<ashovi> localhost
11:57<GN>i only run with localhost
11:57<ashovi>the initial problem is: I'm getting a hostname error when I try to start apache for some reason. "unable to gethostbyname("www")"
11:57<ashovi>ok I can change that.
11:58<gpd>did you check httpd.conf for ServerName ?
11:59<ashovi>in httpd.conf
12:00<Redgore>Sendmail versions prior to 8.13.6. < vulnerable to a Race Condition exploit
12:00<gpd>hostname should give www and hostname -f should give
12:01<ashovi>hostname does give www but hostname -f gives unknown host.
12:01<gpd>you are doing the hostname -F /etc/hostname|HOSTNAME as root I hope
12:01<ashovi>so hostname is cutting off everything after the first dot for some reason, when it's looking for the fqdn
12:02<ashovi>yep root it is
12:02<ashovi>won't let me do it as any other user.
12:03<ashovi>so I'm down to putting hostname -F /etc/HOSTNAME in a boot script somewhere.
12:04<GN>what do you type to get it to work?
12:04<@mikegrb>it should be in a bootscript already
12:04<ashovi>then it's great.
12:05<GN>thats what you should put in the boot script if you can't get it to work
12:05<@mikegrb>GN: I introduced the Xbox check box in the mythtv settings
12:05<kvandivo>which i played with for a while but ended up not wanting to use the RAM to keep the check going
12:05<GN>mikegrb, that's because you are the freaking man
12:06<@mikegrb>kvandivo gives me no love
12:06<heidi>GN: well I made part of mythtvs website
12:06<ashovi>maybe a better question is"how does apache get the ServerName"?
12:06<heidi>the one where you look at the diff themes
12:06<kvandivo>i've since had multiple xboxen get fried from lightning, so they currently aren't doing any mythtv work
12:07<GN>i just got a replacement dvd drive from hong kong
12:07<heidi>kvandivo: uhm, have you ever heard of a surge protector
12:07<kvandivo>don't guess so.. what do they do?
12:07<@mikegrb>kvandivo thinks fried eggsare for sissies
12:07<kvandivo>!google surge protector
12:07<@linbot>kvandivo: Search took 0.50 seconds: Howstuffworks "How Surge Protectors Work": <>; Welcome to Belkin - Surge Protection: <>; What is surge protector ? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia ...: <>; Electronics & Photo, Computer (2 more messages)
12:07<GN>he also likes grape apples
12:08<kvandivo>grapples rock
12:08<kvandivo>ate another one last night
12:08<@mikegrb>kvandivo: !
12:08<kvandivo>they aren't insanely grape-y, but they have a delightfully strong hint of grape
12:08<@mikegrb>kvandivo: heidi went to the sotre yesterday
12:09<kvandivo>is that french?
12:09<@mikegrb>asked what I wanted, told her to get some grapples
12:09<@mikegrb>no it's mikegrb
12:09<kvandivo>did she deliver?
12:09<@mikegrb>means store in english
12:09<@mikegrb>she refused!
12:09<kvandivo>bet hunter would have agreed
12:11<GN>heidi, i designed the linode logo ^_^
12:12<GN>ashovi, get it running yet?
12:15<ashovi>yah, it's running, but I had to hack the rc.M file. It had this there: /bin/hostname $(cat /etc/HOSTNAME | cut -f1 -d .)
12:16<ashovi>so it was cutting everything after the first dot, but I think it's supposed to do that, which makes me think there's something else wrong.
12:16<ashovi>with apache.
12:17[~]GN shrugs
12:17<gpd>you should put the fqdn in /etc/hosts i think with www as an alias
12:18<GN>gpd, it was there and still didn't work
12:18<gpd>no - should have had www
12:19<gpd>then it would have worked
12:19[~]caker is wearing his TJF Designs t-shirt :)
12:19<GN>haha nice!
12:20<afv-13>when using cgiphp, can variables be passed using post forms?
12:32<ashovi>gpd: so if I put www in the hosts file you think it will work?
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12:47<caker>wtf is a grapple?
12:49|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:53|-|ashovi [] has joined #linode
12:53<ashovi>Adding a www alias to the hosts file worked. Thanks!
12:57<@mikegrb>caker: you should keep up on planet linode
12:59<caker>ok, so an apple that's processed/injected with grape flavor.
12:59<caker>thanks dupont!
13:00[~]efudd ordered a copy of IDA Pro
13:01<@linbot>no disassemble
13:19<cout>no disassemble?
13:19<cout>want disassemble!
14:03|-|tristan [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
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14:09|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
14:23<Spads>I finally got my user to tune his mutt so that it won't check for new mail all the time
14:23<Spads>that should help disk load some
14:24<Spads>he has kerjillions of mails in one maildir
14:24<Spads>and every time it polled for new mail, it'd load this huge maildir up
14:24<Spads>even cached, it was painful
14:24<caker>Technical Cyber Security Alert TA06-081A - Sendmail Race Condition Vulnerability
14:45<fake>anyone have a recommendation of MTA+other crap for a whole email solution on debian
14:46<Spads>"whole email solution"?
14:46<GN>i use postfix
14:46<Spads>I use postfix
14:46<Spads>it works fantastically
14:46[~]GN nods
14:46<Spads>but I'm not sure if your whole and my whole overlap
14:46<GN>sounds dirty
14:53<fake>well i'd like virtual users and some spam protection
14:54<fake>that's about it really
14:56<@mikegrb>caker: GN did it
14:56<@mikegrb>he told me he was going to do it, I didn't believe him
14:56|-|mode/#linode [+o caker] by mikegrb
14:56<GN>most likely
14:59<@linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host51 in System and Network Status <>
14:59|-|JasonF [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:01<GN>someone didn't patch their sendmail
15:07|-|vodka [] has joined #linode
15:07<afv-13>xen migration
15:07<afv-13>sounds good
15:07<vodka>is that what happened to host 51?
15:08<afv-13>it paniced i think
15:08<vodka>hmm... I see
15:09<afv-13>is there anywhere we can read about all the benifits of xen over uml?
15:10|-|graham [] has joined #linode
15:11<kvandivo>!google xen versus uml
15:11<@linbot>kvandivo: Search took 0.64 seconds: What is Xen , and Why is it cool?: <>; What is Xen , and Why is it cool?: <>; :: View topic - Xen vs UML - No contest...: <>; Xen vs. UML: (3 more messages)
15:11<oneman>why do boxes panic?
15:11<kvandivo>they get scared
15:12<@caker>oneman: I'm thinking the BIOS needs updating
15:13<oneman>to me.. I only deal with home and garden abit/asus boards
15:14<oneman>since like 2002 I don't think ive bothered to flash a bios or see if updates where availible
15:15<oneman>if I was a server admin I'd keep tabs :P
15:15|-|graham [] has quit [Quit: ]
15:16|-|JasonF [] has joined #linode
15:21<tierra>according to some manufactures, your only supposed to upgrade if your having problems with the current version (which is a good policy for MB BIOS)
15:21[~]tierra takes off for a late lunch
15:27|-|macdan [] has joined #linode
15:28|-|thepinetree [] has joined #linode
15:56<@mikegrb>fo0bar: good job, cd looks pretty slick
15:56<@mikegrb>fo0bar: especially in the black sleeve
15:57|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
16:02<@caker>mikegrb: you order one?
16:11|-|GN [] has quit [Quit: bye]
16:13|-|Sgeo [] has joined #linode
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16:14|-|oneman [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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16:15|-|spr [] has joined #linode
16:21|-|schultmc [] has joined #linode
16:21|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:27|-|schultmc [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:28<@mikegrb>caker: I scored a free one!
16:29<@mikegrb>caker: now I'm going to disney world!
16:29<JasonF>a free what?
16:29<@mikegrb>caker: also, your mom sent me a hand written note that smelled of perfume
16:29<@caker>mikegrb: ?
16:29<@mikegrb>it was about taxes but these things we can overlook
16:29<JasonF>I want a free red light to stick on top of my PC so when my linode goes down I notice :!
16:29|-|schultmc [] has joined #linode
16:29<JasonF>I attract crashes
16:31<kvandivo>and mobile homes attract tornadoes
16:37<@mikegrb>and kirby's attract beautiful available women
16:39[~]spr needs some kirby's.
16:40<kvandivo>i don't think it is as effective as mikegrb would lead you to believe
16:40<@mikegrb>I thought we were talking about ineffective attractents?
16:40<kvandivo>true, dat
16:41<spr>dang it.
16:49|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has quit [Quit: A geek without purpose - | SMDC-Network IRC -]
16:51<@caker>kirb appeal
17:01<kvandivo>i like that
17:01|-|afv-13 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
17:02|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:09|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
17:11<vodka>the updatedb option in the configuration profile is slightly confusing
17:12<vodka>'Disable updatedb: [x] enabled [ ] disabled
17:13<vodka>a checkbox might be better in this place
17:15|-|orospakr [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
17:15<kvandivo>never good for an option question to be phrased in the negative
17:15<kvandivo>confuses survey users
17:16<@caker>How about "Disable updatedb: [x] Yes [ ] No"
17:16<vodka>much better
17:23<vodka>thanks :)
17:26|-|fake [] has quit [Quit: fake]
17:35<Spads>heh yeah
17:35<Spads>I have that moved to cron.weekly
17:49<spr>What are the default levels for io_tokens on a linode 80 plan?
17:50<gpd>should be the same as mine: token_max=40000, refil=512
17:51<@caker>400k, not 40k
17:51<gpd>what he said
17:51<spr>ah, so if I've got less than that, I've been throttled I'm guessing
17:52<@caker>spr: do you have less than that?
17:52<spr>caker, yep, 20K token max, refill=100
17:54|-|ashovi [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
17:55|-|macdan [] has quit [Quit: Got Itch?]
18:01|-|macdan [] has joined #linode
18:02|-|fake [] has joined #linode
18:13<spr>caker, is there something I should do?
18:15<@caker>spr: username? I'll have a look
18:16<@caker>spr: all set ..
18:17<spr>caker, thanks
18:24<vodka>ssh is behaving strangely the last 2 days... if I leave a session untouched for about 2 minuets, it freezes up. That can't be normal
18:25[~]caker needs food
18:26<@linbot>New news from wiki: AWK Howto <>
18:28<Spads>that is lik ethe worst example of how to use awk
18:29<vodka>awk, one of these 'I should learn to understand this' things...
18:33<Spads>awk is super cool for what it's good at
18:33<Spads>like it's just patterns of "/regex/ { code to run} "
18:33<Spads>and the code has certain cool auto-populated variables that make life easy
18:33<Spads>like $1 $2 $3 etc are all the columns of input
18:35<gpd>just use perl and be done with it
18:35[~]gpd awaits
18:36<@mikegrb>not really for some stuff
18:36<@mikegrb>awk can be quite fast and is highly useful for quick stuff
18:36<@mikegrb>s/stuff/ad hoc stuff/
18:37<Spads>everything perl claims it's good at can eithe rbe done better with shell/awk or with python
18:38<vodka>ps aux | awk '{ print $2 }' <- nice! I should have found out earlier :)
18:39<Spads>I do that when i can't remember cut syntax
18:39<gpd>what about cut?
18:39<@mikegrb>everything python claims it is good at can be done better with other stuff
18:39<vodka>yes, in this case cut works too...
18:39<@mikegrb>gpd: quicker then checking the cut man page every time
18:40<@mikegrb>gpd: though if I used cut every time I used awk like that I would probably remember the syntax for cut
18:40<Spads>cut doesn't have very smart column detection stuff by default
18:40<gpd>this is all true
18:44|-|fake [] has quit [Quit: fake]
18:46<@mikegrb>gpd: awk is good for stuff like this too: | awk '/1024/ {print $2}; /^host/ {print $1}'
18:46<@mikegrb>input comes from a program that prints "hostX\n" then output from a command, in this case a command that outputs pub keys
18:48|-|fake [] has joined #linode
18:48<fake>Why's there no feature to delete a config profile
18:49<@mikegrb>fake: select a profile, like to edit it
18:49<@mikegrb>then hit the remove/delete button at the bottom of the page
18:49<fake>yeah :)
18:51|-|vodka [] has quit [Quit: Zzzz... sleepy time...]
18:52<fake>i'm watching a live chase on foxnews .. ahh california
18:57|-|macdan [] has quit [Quit: Got Itch?]
19:06|-|fake_ [] has joined #linode
19:06|-|fake [] has quit [Quit: ]
19:06|-|fake_ changed nick to fake
19:06<fake>man ctrlproxy is really nice as long as you use the older version
19:09|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:15|-|schultmc_ [] has joined #linode
19:53<@caker> <-- candy
19:54<fake>ah yum
20:06|-|fake [] has quit [Quit: fake]
20:07|-|MarcelH [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:25|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
20:43|-|fake [] has joined #linode
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21:36|-|fake [] has joined #linode
21:50|-|Newsome [] has left #linode [Linux: Now with employee pricing!]
22:17<Beirdo>hmmm, shutting down apache...
22:18<Beirdo>or I should say I'm trying to
22:20|-|Dreamer3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:24<Beirdo>there we go
22:25<Beirdo>I think I'll have to tweak my apache to be even LESS memory hungry than I had
22:25<Beirdo>stupid swapfest there for a few minutes
22:26<Beirdo>and I wouldn't mind knowing why asterisk needs so many threads
22:31<fake>weird my new ip's are unreachable from outside
22:31<@mikegrb>fake: did you reboot?
22:31<@caker>gah .. why is vim word wrapping .. driving me nuts
22:32<fake>i have to?
22:33<fake>oops, yeah apparently i do.
22:33<fake>brb then
22:33|-|fake [] has quit [Quit: fake]
22:33<@caker>:set textwidth=0
22:33[~]caker is happy now
22:34<@mikegrb>:set cake mmm
22:36|-|fake [] has joined #linode
22:36<taupehat>!seen anything
22:36<@linbot>taupehat: I have not seen anything.
22:37<taupehat>linbot: you grew up in a rough neighborhood, didn't you?
22:37<fake>weird still unreachable
22:44<fake>hmm. the two new ones have different gateways
22:46|-|schultmc_ [] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
22:51<@mikegrb>I never do, just ask caker
22:51<@mikegrb>"Bargain-basement registrar has decided to move all its parked domains to Microsoft servers, saying that they'll provide 'a technology platform that is security-enhanced, highly scalable and easy to manage.'"
22:52<@mikegrb>windows == security-enchanced
22:52<fake>For parked domains of all things
22:52<@mikegrb>linux == built with security in mind so it doesn't need to be added after the fact as an enhancement pack
22:54<@caker>however, not a godaddy domain
22:55<@caker>Date first seen February 2001 <-- ok, predates Linode
22:56<fake>does qmail have some crazy license that it isn't packaged anywher
22:56<@caker>although, according to whois: Created on: 05-JUN-04
22:58|-|jonc [] has joined #linode
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:01|-|Ascii [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
23:03<@mikegrb>fake: yes, it's not free software
23:03<@mikegrb>using it will also get you in dnsbls evenetually
23:03<taupehat>but caker and mikegrb both LOOOVE qmail
23:04<fake>why would simply using it get me into dnsbls
23:04<taupehat>wait for it...
23:05<@mikegrb>because it spews backscatter spam
23:05[~]taupehat reckons mikegrb has about a paragraph typed up at this point
23:05<@mikegrb>it is not possible to disable this via config options
23:05<npmr>email best practices have always been and always will be a moving target
23:05<fake>putting together a good solutions with virtual users/domains, antispam, virus scan, etc is annoying
23:05<npmr>qmail stopped moving seven years ago
23:06<@mikegrb>npmr: isn't it 8 by now?
23:06<npmr>not sure
23:06<npmr>fake, i do most of those things with postfix
23:06<@mikegrb>qmail is a modern SMTP server which makes sendmail obsolete, written by Dan Bernstein, who also has a web page for qmail. qmail is a secure package.
23:07[~]mikegrb falls out of chair laughing
23:07<taupehat>nobody said it was insecure. Spam isn't a security issue...
23:07<npmr>that is so not true
23:07<taupehat>well, allright
23:08<taupehat>but backscatter spam
23:08<npmr>phishing spam is totally a security issue
23:08<@mikegrb>taupehat: backscatter spam is identical to normal spam
23:08<taupehat>"OMG d00d j00 got v1ru)s - ur 3m41l headers say s0!"
23:08<fake> <-- looks like a good guide but way too many steps heh
23:09<npmr>amavisd is a memory hog
23:09<npmr>it will kill your linode
23:09<fake>i don't really need all this crap to be honest
23:09<fake>i use gmail way more
23:09<npmr>spamassassin can be, but it can also be toned down a bit
23:09<fake>but i'm bored =/
23:10<npmr>i run clamscan via /etc/procmailrc, so it's only run on mail that's actually being delivered to a user
23:10<npmr>postgrey rocks the casbah
23:10<fake>what does it do
23:11|-|kjhgutgh [] has joined #linode
23:11<@mikegrb>npmr: 6/15/98
23:12<taupehat>ahh postgrey is very much the win
23:13<npmr>ok, so three days after my niece was born
23:13<npmr>also, three days before my freshman year ended
23:16|-|kjhgutgh [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
23:17|-|jonc [] has quit [Quit: jonc]
23:37|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
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