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00:04<djayc>What distro of debian is the 3.1 small image? I'd like to install that on a virtual machine locally for development.. is it a linode custom distro, or can I get it somewhere?
00:09<Spads>just install debian stable
00:09<Spads>what's so special about the one linode has?
00:11<djayc>it's tiny ;-)
00:11<djayc>Is the distro that is downloadable stripped down like that, or does it preinstall a ton?
00:12<Spads>the base debian install is always tiny
00:13<djayc>the only experience I have with installing debian has been with linode
00:13<djayc>so the CD is just used as a local repository?
00:13<djayc>and the base is small that it installs?
00:13<Spads>pretty much
00:15<djayc>ah I see.. I just want the minimal bootable image..
00:15<djayc>cool.. thanks :o)
00:16<Spads>the LSB project started as a way to standardize the debian base install
00:16<Spads>originally it was 2 floppies
00:16<Spads>then 7
00:16<Spads>now it's a little 60MB thingummy or something
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05:13<warewolf>oh god
05:13<warewolf>npmr- please don't run stuff via /etc/procmailrc
05:13<warewolf>npmr- that's bad for security
05:13<warewolf>npmr- /etc/procmailrc is run as root
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06:41<Spads>on your system maybe
06:46<Spads>-> 307 N Mar 23 Martin Schulze ( 17K) [SECURITY] [DSA 1015-1] New sendmail packages fix arbitrary code execution
06:46<Spads>But do they *really*?
06:55<vodka>insert the sub-sentence 'some possibilities for'
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07:44<vodka>waaaaaah! mysql died!
07:47<vodka>and now it commits suicide when I try to reanimate it...
07:51<vodka>ah... tls again... I thought I had disabled that already...
07:53<vodka>now, will you please *stay* deleted?
07:53<Spads>I hate SQL daemons
07:58<vodka>can't live without them...
07:58<Spads>I do.
08:02<Spads>what, does your dialysis machine run MySQL?
08:04<encode>mine does
08:04<encode>well, it would if i had one
08:05<vodka>heh... well, strictly speaking, life without mysql might actually be possible
08:06<encode>but life without sql wouldnt be
08:07<Spads> <-- vodka
08:07<npmr>warewolf, RTFM
08:10<Spads> <-- THE BEAUJOLAIS
08:10<encode> <-- it was the best useful link i could think of so i could join in
08:16<npmr>so does that represent an actual adjudication or is it some thing lesser?
08:21<Spads>It was a decision on a dismissal
08:21<Spads>which sounds lesser to me
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09:12<vodka>hmmmm... 19 inches of fresh new tft goodness...
09:14<kvandivo>i read that up to the word fresh and was thinking 'Snow!'
09:19<vodka>heh... not here... spring has started here... lovely sunshine, nice temperature, and lots of little flying bugs...
09:32<vodka>besides... if we have 5 centimetres of snow, half the country falls apart... 19 inches would be considered a national disaster I guess
09:35<kvandivo>well, i was thinking to myself that 19 inches would be a fair snowfall... amazing how much can go through your mind in the 0.3 seconds it takes to read 5 words
09:35<Spads>half the country falls apart because it is 10cm wide
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09:41<Redgore>well if its the half with Brussels on it then I know quater of the world will be happy :P
09:42<vodka>I meant, in fact, the Netherlands... (yes, I know, .be, but that's a minor geographical detail)
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10:46<srounet> [not a trojan] [it's about yoshi in alaska]
10:47<srounet> [not a trojan] [it's about yoshi in alaska]
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10:53<warewolf>npmr- you wanted me to RTFM on procmail and /etc/procmailrc..
10:54<warewolf>npmr- "Care must be taken when creating /etc/procmailrc c, because, if circumstances permit, it will be executed with root privileges"
10:58<warewolf>npmr- and if you're running procmail from sendmail, the default switches to procmail are -Y and -m.
10:58<warewolf>npmr- The man page states that it will run /etc/procmailrc before a user's .procmailrc if the -p switch is not used.
11:17<@linbot>New news from forums: Hurricane Electric is Down in General Discussion <>
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11:57<npmr>npmr, "if you're running procmail from sendmail"
11:57<npmr>warewolf, "if you're running procmail from sendmail"
11:58<npmr>warewolf, sendmail is dumb like that
11:58<npmr>warewolf, that's why i use something else
11:58<@linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host40 in System and Network Status <>
11:59<npmr>warewolf, <-- "The command is run with the user ID and the primary group ID privileges of the recipient."
12:05<@linbot>New news from forums: which monitoring tool? in General Discussion <>
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13:24<warewolf>hmm. I'm in a coding kind-of mood.
13:24[~]warewolf works on RML 2.0
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15:01[~]caker makes many labels
15:02<@caker>huh .. I just got a spam text message on my phone
15:02<GN>what are you labeling?
15:02<efudd>had that happen a couple of times recently
15:02<efudd>(new hardware)
15:02<@caker>GN: yeah, new stuff .. two servers, remote console, remote reboot, and a switch
15:02<@caker>shipping this stuff out today
15:03[~]caker configures teh cisco for thet last time
15:03[~]FireSlash wants some server hardware.
15:04[~]FireSlash will, one day, have at least three racks in his room. And a fiber line to another pair of racks in the basement.
15:04<GN>thats a lot of porn
15:04<FireSlash>Porn would be a waste on a server.
15:05<FireSlash>I was thinking of the massive potential for a render farm.
15:05<@caker>FireSlash: you're a 3D guy?
15:05<FireSlash>caker, Not really. I like to do stuff with 3d, I just suck at it :)
15:05<FireSlash>I'm actually quite rusty now. It takes too long to get stuff done on my machines. :/
15:06<@caker>it takes uber-
15:06<@mikegrb>yeah, caker could never do it
15:06[~]mikegrb runs
15:06<FireSlash>Yeah, well, patience isn't my thing when I have to wait 6 seconds each time I move a vertex :X
15:06<FireSlash>(Oh boy! only 200 or so more vertices to go! /cry"
15:06<cmantito>caker: hah. I got a 419 on my phone a couple weeks ago.
15:06<cmantito>and I know what to blame it on.
15:07<@mikegrb>cmantito: sorry
15:07<cmantito>I once said my phone's SMS email address in here ;)
15:07<@mikegrb>cmantito: they offered me too much, I just couldn't refuse
15:08<@linbot>cmantito: Search took 1.05 seconds: Day changed --- Log opened Thu Jan 12 23:59:01 2006 23:59 < lyoung ...: <>
15:08<@linbot>New news from forums: vhost directory and file permissions in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
15:08<cmantito>this channel's fault.
15:08[~]cmantito has changed it since and won't say it out loud ;)
15:08<macdan>i know what it is! ^.^
15:08[~]cmantito glares at macdan in advance.
15:08[~]macdan bites his tounge
15:08<cmantito>watch it ;)
15:09<encode>so if writing en email address in here causes it to get spam
15:09<encode>maybe i'll write my boss' email address
15:09<cmantito>you wouldn't want to write something in here like >:)
15:09<cmantito>ok, I'm not THAT evil :P
15:09<macdan>how very dare you!
15:09<cmantito>serves you right.
15:10<encode>i would so laugh if that was his domain
15:10<macdan>i bit my tounge!
15:10<macdan>didn't say a word
15:10<cmantito>damn right.
15:10<cmantito>encode: yeah, I would too :P
15:10[~]macdan hurls maxtors at cmantito
15:10[~]cmantito weilds the rubber mallet.
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15:20[~]caker configures the cisco again, and doesn't forget "write" this time ...
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15:21<fo0bar>always remember to "wr mem", kids
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15:23<cmantito>depends on the switch version. ;)
15:23[~]cmantito learned as 'copy run start' :P
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15:25<cmantito>oh, caker, not to be a pain, but outta curiosity, how goes the Arch image? :P
15:26<@caker>cmantito: too busy with new hosts .. I'll muck with it this weekend
15:26<cmantito>mmk, thanks :)
15:26<cmantito>when you get around to it, will it just appear in the Distro Wizard?
15:26<cmantito>(so I can just refresh that repeatedly instead of poking you?)
15:26<cmantito>^.^ thanks.
15:27<@caker>I dunno how exotic it is -- I might ask you to look at it before I announce it
15:27<cmantito>I've seen I'm not the only one to ask for it on the forums too :P
15:27<@caker>Yes. it's part of my effort to offer all 9 million distros out there
15:28[~]kvandivo looks around.
15:28<cmantito>in that case, we have a friend who collects linux distros, we'll just mail you the collection ;)
15:28<@caker>sounds good
15:28<macdan>the shipping on that will be astronomic!
15:28[~]cmantito shrugs. s_l's rich ;)
15:28<GN>is FC5 available yet?
15:29<@caker>GN: it's out there, but can't run it under UML -- no tls support yet, and Jeff is still fighting TLS bugs
15:29<@caker>it'll werk under Xen, however
15:29<GN>i want to use it for the new desktop apps
15:29<GN>i'm kidding
15:30<GN>i'll stick with debian
15:30<GN>small and clean
15:30<@caker>(insert joke here)
15:31<macdan>we could name a thousand "small" jokes, but no clean ones.
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15:45<@linbot>New news from wiki: User:Tierra <>
15:51<tierra>caker: I just ended up rewriting my own htpasswd wiki patch, which worked better anyway since it only prompts for password when editing a page (and not on login or other forms)
15:52<tierra>and also has a much more informative access denied page with help on logging in
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16:38<vodka>my new tft has a weird thing going on... there is a group of pixels, about 4 in a 2 by 2 group, that stay lit continuously at certain resolutions, while at others they work fine... also, they *do* show the mouse cursor properly, just not anything below the "mousecursor-layer"...
16:38<vodka>not dead, but seriously ill pixels
16:38<fake>whoa awesome i got into the hosted gmail beta
16:39<@caker>!weather 37211
16:39<@linbot>caker: Temperature: 46°F / 8°C | Humidity: 43% | Pressure: 30.16in / 1021hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: NNW | Wind Speed: 8mph / 13km/h; Tonight - Mostly cloudy. A chance of rain in the evening...then a chance of snow after midnight. Lows in the lower 30s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation 40 percent. as of 3:03 PM CST on March 23, 2006;
16:39<GN>I had an inch of snow on the ground at my house this morning
16:40<gpd>!weather 90095
16:40<@linbot>gpd: Temperature: 78°F / 26°C | Humidity: 19% | Pressure: 30.10in / 1019hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: Variable | Wind Speed: 5mph / 7km/h; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows near 50. as of 2:23 PM PST on March 23, 2006;
16:40<GN>!weather 67206
16:40<@linbot>GN: Temperature: 41°F / 5°C | Humidity: 45% | Pressure: 30.44in / 1031hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 21mph / 33km/h; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows 20 to 25. Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph. as of 3:28 PM CST on March 23, 2006;
16:41<GN>at least the wind died down :<
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17:38<iggy>mikegrb: caker: when the 320's expected? website says 3/15..... also, you have the annual special, but do you have a paying 2 linodes for 3 years in advance special?
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20:16<@caker>iggy: what are you after in return for such a long pre-payment?
20:17<@caker> <-- DO IT
20:18[~]gpd revs up for xenbeta
20:18[~]cmantito flip-flops on the application decision
20:18<gpd>caker: will the IP address change once only?
20:18<@caker>that was a lot of work today getting those servers ready to ship .. I'm stoked to finally get the ball rolling
20:18<efudd>not dealing with an IP change :/
20:19<efudd>too much trouble.
20:19<@caker>gpd: if you move from dallas to fremont, yes
20:19<@caker>gpd: otherwise (already in fremont) no IP change
20:19<efudd>plus I canceled my account for a good reason :)
20:19<@caker>note that the actual migrations won't be ready for a day or three
20:19<@caker>efudd: dos attacks?
20:19<efudd>crappy network throughput?
20:19<efudd>high latency
20:20<efudd>relative to TP anyway...
20:20[~]efudd sighs.
20:20<gpd>approximate estimated time of Xen at Dallas?
20:20<@caker>gpd: 4 weeks, give or take
20:20[~]efudd will wait
20:20<cmantito>anyone know of a good place that outlines the pros/cons of xen? 0:)
20:21<@caker>by then the beta will likely be over, and we'll just be doing the migrations
20:21<chris>I'm a bad tester, I forgot I had a linode xen beta months ago
20:21<@caker>cmantito: yes, my brain -- what do you want to know? Just the jist of it?
20:21[~]efudd ditto that
20:21<cmantito>caker: yeah.
20:21<cmantito>I'm flip-flopping on the decision, and am just wondering if I know enough :P
20:21<@caker>cmantito: Low-to-No overhead, compared to UML's high cost of syscalls (real world kernel compile is like 50-60% slower than host)
20:22<@caker>cmantito: in my setup, Xen will use LVM as it's backing store for filesystmes; that equates to better performance
20:22<@caker>cmantito: SMP Linodes
20:23[~]cmantito thinks on it.
20:23<@caker>cmantito: in the future: seamless/transparent live-migration of Linodes, to perform host maintenance or load-balancing
20:23<@caker>cmantito: that requires network storage...
20:23<@caker>cmantito: suspend-to-disk ... can suspend the nodes, reboot the host and/or move a node to another host, and restore
20:24<@caker>cmantito: Mostly, the customer facing stuff won't be any different, other than performance and SMP
20:24<cmantito>yeah, but I see where you come from on your side as well :P
20:24<@caker>the suspend to disk stuff is nice
20:24[~]gpd tries to find relevant section in GoDaddy to change DNS IP
20:25<gpd>got it... Domain Hosts...
20:27<encode>caker: does this mean the private xen beta will shortly be over?
20:27<@caker>encode: yes
20:28<@caker>encode: I'll give ample warning
20:28<encode>ok cool
20:28<encode>not that i've been using it much
20:31<alnr>caker: how are the uptimes on xen beta nodes as of now
20:31<efudd>ah. maybe everyone on my host will move to xen
20:31<gpd>I suppose the switch is absolute... ie. there is no overlap when you have two linodes with 2 ip addresses?
20:31<efudd>that way my response times will go up and i can be lazy
20:31<encode># uptime
20:31<encode> 13:31:24 up 7 days, 31 min, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
20:32<@caker>alnr: my theory that xen would solve the uptime problems proved to be wrong -- my thought now is that those machines need a bios upgrade. Either way, we'll be moving people OFF the effected hosts
20:32<efudd>caker, When you bring Xen to dallas, I presume it should be a completely seemless transition?
20:32<@caker>efudd: yeah, click of o button
20:32<@caker>we've got a routine that fixes inittab and fstab .. those are the only changes needed
20:33<alnr>caker: ok i meant more in terms of you having to take them up and down. as soon as the prospects for a xen node uptime are beating host39, i'd like to move over
20:33<efudd>primary concern is the external stuff not stuff in my node. i.e., layer3 network addresses not changing.
20:33<@caker>aye .. everything moves with you
20:34<@caker>woohoo -- first xenbeta registrant :)
20:34<@caker>alnr: :)
20:34<alnr>caker: hehe, but i may have jumped too soon :)
20:34<iggy>caker: disk space
20:34<alnr>i need continuous uptime more than anything else
20:35<@caker>iggy: give me a few more days to work out the xen resource details, and I'll let you know
20:35<JasonF>caker: will all xen servers be in HE?
20:35<JasonF>Will there be any in TP?
20:35<iggy>np, my boss won't be ready till at least Monday... or do you mean a few more days beyond that
20:35<@caker>JasonF: probably not for a little while
20:36<JasonF>will host51 be panicing again anytime soon? lol
20:36<@caker>iggy: I'll have a better idea by then
20:36<alnr>yeah whens the next panic on host39?
20:36<@caker>lemme check the schedule
20:36<cmantito>host52 hasn't panicked yet, can I schedule one?
20:36<iggy>caker: k, I'll poke you first half of next week
20:37<cmantito>!panic host52
20:38<JasonF>caker: would there be any way to do a live TP --> HE migration, so that I have two nodes up until the DNS propogates?
20:38<@caker>JasonF: not using the smae Linode account, no
20:42<efudd>and hence why i didn't sign up :P
20:42<@caker>you know .. I could just replace one of the existing servers at TP for those of you that are willing
20:42[~]caker considers
20:43[~]caker checks amperage readings
20:43<@linbot>New news from forums: Xen Update - 2006/03/23 in Xen Testing <>
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20:55<gpd>caker: I am willing - the IP is the only stumbling block atm
20:55<JasonF>me too
20:56<efudd> Ditto.
20:56<efudd>caker, with Xen, are you still going to end up splitting like sized nodes with like?
20:56<efudd>i guess my point is, I'd prefer to wait for the full deployment if i ended up on a host full of thrashing li-32s :)
21:03<tierra>I'd be willing as well, but efudd's point stands...
21:07<JasonF>I'd presume long-time customers would get priority on xen beta nodes
21:08<JasonF>which would make it less likely for us to get the omgthrash ppl
21:11<tierra>well, I'd assume users on the panicy boxes would have priority first actually if it's not first come, first serve (which does not include me)
21:12<tierra>but from what I've read, that does include you if that's what your worried about
21:28<@caker>efudd: for the beta, no, for the final version, yes (split)
21:29<Eman>32s? please tell me that the 80s wont become 32s
21:29<@caker>he was kidding
21:30<@caker>I don't think I want to do the small ram/< $20 thing
21:30<Eman>ok, i was about to freak
21:36<@linbot>New news from forums: Xen Update - 2006/03/23 in Xen Public Beta <>
21:39<JasonF>Eman: should I move oldos to the xen server?
21:39<JasonF>I have a feeling the beta server will be down less than host51
21:39<Eman>its been up for what, a week? thats still longer the oldos has managed lately...
21:40<JasonF>Hostname: cialis - OS: Linux 2.6.15-linode16/i686 - CPU: UML ( MHz) - Processes: 55 - Uptime: 1d 6h 34m - Load Average: 0.38 - Memory Usage: 43.43MB/151.60MB (28.65%) - Disk Usage: 3.49GB/5.83GB (59.89%)
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21:42<Eman>i dunno, the xen beta host was dead for a few days when i tried to set it up... so who knows
21:42<@caker>Eman: that was a hardware issue
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21:56<cmantito>JasonF: cialis? is your other server viagra? :P
21:57<JasonF>my first server was viagra
21:57<JasonF>second was levitra
21:57<JasonF>now I have cialis
21:57[~]cmantito has snoopy, woodstock, and redbaron for servers, catfive is his router, and his workstations are all named after UserFriendly characters.
21:57<cmantito>but I need a new naming scheme as I'm about to run out ;)
21:57<cmantito>I'll get something ^.^
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22:05<cmantito>if I pay the yearly price for an extra IP for my linode, is it going to do that pro-rated charging thing first or just charge me the whole thing?
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22:06<@caker>cmantito: no, it's annual from when you buy the IP :(
22:06<cmantito>excellent :D
22:06<cmantito>one big payment is better, less cash I have to keep track of.
22:07<cmantito>question is, do I have the cash to get it now? ;)
22:07<@caker>cmantito: annuals are a little weird .. if it's the 21st or later, it charges you the prorated remainder of the month + 12 months
22:08<cmantito>I think I gotcha.
22:08<@caker>cmantito: if it's before the 21st, it just does the prorated remainder of the month, then NEXT month (1st) it does the 12 months
22:08<@caker>go figure ...
22:08<cmantito>it's only a $12 annual charge, so I'm not that concerned about it :P
22:08<@caker>yeah, just putting that out there
22:09<cmantito>yeah. thanks :)
22:09|-|schultmc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:09<@caker>the fact that people can mix/match monthly/annual is a little wierd, too ..
22:09<@caker>need to revisit that
22:10[~]cmantito debates installing I REALLY want to risk knocking out my eth0 right now...
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22:29<rockydj>I was wondering if you had any advice on tuning down mysql
22:30<rockydj>or a link to a place with more info on it
22:31<Eman>`killall mysqld` should make your linode faster :D
22:32<@caker>rockydj: have a look at and
22:32<rockydj>lol, how about rm -R /
22:32<@caker>rockydj: also:
22:32<@caker>innodb_buffer_pool_size = 16k
22:32<@caker>key_buffer_size = 16k
22:32<@caker>myisam_sort_buffer_size = 16k
22:32<@caker>bdb_cache_size = 16k
22:35<rockydj>what about query_cache_size
22:35<rockydj>would reducing that mess things up?
22:39<@mikegrb>no it just means the cache is smaller
22:40<@mikegrb>also, "skip-innodb" in the mysqld section unless you are using innodb, that's probably the single most effective thing to do
22:45|-|Ascii [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
22:47<rockydj>How long do you think it will be until the linode 120s are available?
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23:17<@linbot>gpd: Naturally.
23:21<@linbot>New news from forums: What's the best way to start using a linode VPS? in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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23:47<gpd>forums seem to be for rednecks - irc is for true geeks :P
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23:59<fo0bar>hahaha, UML on a Pentium 166 = pain
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