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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-03-24

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00:00<fo0bar>on top of that, the guest seems to segfault in a few places
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00:35<fo0bar>woo, I found out why it was segfaulting
00:36<fo0bar>turns out the memory request was more space than what was available in the /tmp tmpfs partition
00:36<fo0bar>err requested
00:36<fo0bar>[*] Running Linux kernel 2.6.15-um-finnix on i586
00:36<fo0bar>[*] Host: Linux finnix 2.6.15-4-x86-finnix #1 SMP Wed Mar 22 17:51:34 PST 2006 i586
00:36<fo0bar>^^ i586 :)
00:37<fo0bar>my eventual goal is to try to get finnix running on a 486, but first I have to find one with a PCI bus
00:52<cmantito>linode go down :(
00:53<cmantito>can anyone ping host52 by chance? =/
00:53<cmantito>42% packet loss.
00:54<cmantito>now it seems to be coming back up.
00:55<cmantito>and now it's going again?
00:56<cmantito>c'mon, I can't be the only crazy man...
00:56<@mikegrb>have a traceroute? or better mtr
00:56<cmantito>hell, even linode's site isn't working right
00:56<cmantito>hang on
00:57<cmantito>0-ar01.audubon.nj.panjde.comc 0.0% 10 9.0 13.1 9.0 27.3 6.0
00:57<cmantito> 7. 0.0% 10 10.5 60.4 8.5 180.1 70.8
00:57<cmantito> 8. 0.0% 10 11.1 11.0 9.9 13.1 0.9
00:57<cmantito> 9. 0.0% 10 46.0 45.9 44.6 48.5 1.3
00:57<cmantito>10. 0.0% 10 48.7 46.4 44.7 49.6 1.6
00:57<cmantito>11. 0.0% 10 44.4 45.7 43.4 48.4 1.6
00:57<cmantito>12. 0.0% 10 46.6 45.1 43.5 47.2 1.1
00:57<cmantito>13. 0.0% 10 44.3 44.3 42.4 47.3 1.4
00:57<cmantito>14. ???
00:57<cmantito>that's as far as I get.
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00:57<cmantito>(to host52)
00:58<cmantito>and it keeps coming back and going away again.
00:58<@mikegrb>looks like att problems
00:58<@mikegrb>not seeing anything myself
00:58<cmantito>argh -_-
00:59[~]cmantito curses everything between his basement and his linode.
00:59<cmantito>it's also affecting that one route to the UK again.
01:00<cmantito>right, well, thanks. it *WILL* resolve itself. and *SOON*. >:)
01:01<cmantito>much better. ^.^
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01:07<cmantito>see?! ^^^
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01:23<cmantito>and up and down and up and down and up and down.
01:58<encode>fo0bar: pfft @ free cd only in the US
01:59<encode>how am i supposed to get an uber looking copy of it out here in .au?
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05:14[~]warewolf rebuilds sendmail
05:32<encode>hooray for sendmail security holes
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05:59[~]warewolf fehs.
05:59<warewolf>finding a new place to live is not fun.
06:02<encode>i'll take your word for it
06:04[~]warewolf strolls through
06:04<warewolf>"OOh cheap! .. oh wait, that's a bad neighborhood."
06:05[~]warewolf doesn't want to move into maryland
06:06[~]warewolf is a virginia boy
06:06<warewolf>but jesus is rent in maryland cheap
06:13<warewolf>zoom all the way out in's map, and still can't see where the office is.
06:13<warewolf>too. far. south.
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06:55<JasonF>warewolf: move to nc :)
07:44<warewolf>through I say "I work nights, so my preferred method of contact is email. Thanks!"
07:44<warewolf>AND THEY STILL CALL
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08:08<tsi>man, i haven't done a web reboot in like a year
08:08<tsi>this is really making me nervous
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08:26<kvandivo>you're rebooting the web?
08:30<tsi>all of it
08:30<tsi>save your work, guys
08:31[~]tsi panics, realizes he hasn't used lish in forever
08:31<tsi>(and suddenly REALLY needs it)
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08:49<tsi>on the topic of "things I wish I'd read before I upgraded"
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13:26<bogdan>hello guys
13:26<bogdan>i have a question that is not linode related ... i know this channel can be very friendly and helpful :)
13:27<bogdan>is there any way in 2.4 kernel to find out if the cpu has entered a modulated clock mode (due to overheating) ?
13:27<bogdan>2.6 simply reports it on the console
13:28<bogdan>anything in /proc ?
13:28<bogdan>or dmesg?
13:30<bendy24>not sure if it would show in there
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13:32<bogdan>not really anything relevant there, no
13:35<bogdan>any other suggestion of wherei can find if the cpu is in modulated clock mode (down throttled)?
13:40[~]gpd mumbles something about ACPI or APM but has no real clue
13:41[~]bendy24 hides behind gpd
13:45<alnr>what the heck is (ranked 63 on alexa)
13:46<kvandivo>looks like an IP number to me
13:47<alnr>sorry, 29th on alexa
13:47<npmr>it's chinese
13:47<alnr>i couldnt get a domain name on it even from dnsstuff
13:47<npmr>ChinaNet Beijing
13:48<npmr>please send spam complaint to
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14:40<@mikegrb>spyware vendor
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15:00<gpd>imaplogin: pmap_getmaps rpc problem: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection reset by peer
15:00<gpd>that just started appearing after ubutification... ho hum
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21:59<warewolf>oh wow
21:59<warewolf>I forgot I was planning on putting google ads on RML
22:01<bendy24>silly warewolf
22:02<warewolf>and google's adsense website appears to be broken at the moment
22:06<warewolf>I need a wiki.
22:06<Spads>moin is good
22:06<bendy24>moin is evil
22:06<warewolf>well, I want one that is perl based and ties into HTML::Mason if at all possible
22:09<warewolf>Oh, perfect.
22:09<warewolf>"A toolkit for creating wikis"
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22:45[~]warewolf watches fight club
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22:45<warewolf>please no spam
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23:53<TheFirst>were I to register for the xen public beta two questions. I accept my ips would change, that's fine, so long as it's done through a migrate button or something where i'd have notice to change some settings this the case? Also, any lost features? dmcrypt over loopback is one that comes to mind....
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