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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-03-26

---Logopened Sun Mar 26 00:00:41 2006
00:14<warewolf>bash-2.05b# blackhole
00:14[~]warewolf sighs
00:24<caker> <-- SICK
00:26<taupehat>didn't watch
00:26<taupehat>but this'll make you laugh
00:26<taupehat>laugh hard
00:30<taupehat>caker: wholy shit that's badass
00:33<Newsome>bah, no sound :(
00:33<taupehat>that does take a lot away from it Newsome
00:33<taupehat>read my link instead
00:33<taupehat>it's entertaining enought
00:33<Newsome>yeah, that was pretty funny too
00:34<taupehat>lol @ the belt buckle
00:34<taupehat>lolz at it, too
00:37<Eman>whoever said mikegrb needs a lolz license plate was damn right
00:38<taupehat>that makes me think
00:38<taupehat>my license plate reads "LOL"
00:38<taupehat>you do see where I'm going with this, right?
00:38<caker>I saw one today that read STHNBND
00:39<taupehat>mikegrb: get that plate and then come out to the Best Coast for a vacation
00:39<taupehat>I'll meet up with you wherever so we can photo our cars
00:40<warewolf>I don't get it
00:40<warewolf>stuff n bend?
00:41<caker>south bound
00:41<caker>sorry, STHBND
00:41<taupehat>caker: where's your @ @?
00:41<warewolf>good question
00:41<warewolf>ask chanserv
00:41|-|mode/#linode [+o caker] by ChanServ
00:41[~]warewolf blinks
00:41<warewolf>I /wii'd chanserv
00:41<warewolf>and got this
00:41<taupehat>oh hey caker
00:41<warewolf>01:41 -!- PONG received from
00:42<taupehat>my annual bill is due
00:42<taupehat>and I'd love to move to the xennode at this point
00:42<@caker>taupehat: with the upgrade you've been waiting for, I reckon?
00:42<@caker>no problem
00:42<taupehat>did you get the swervers in place already?
00:43<@caker>I'll have those machines ready in the next day or three
00:43<@caker>host56 and 57
00:43<taupehat>at henet?!
00:43<warewolf>caker- do you want someone to stress test a xennode? :)
00:43<@caker>they came online yesterevening
00:44<@caker>warewolf: you'd need to move to Fremont and change IPs, but sure
00:44<taupehat>warewolf: I think that'll be something I'll handle in the natural course of business
00:44<taupehat>oh, interesting
00:44<taupehat>I won't be able to keep my IP, will I?
00:44<warewolf>caker- whatever
00:44<taupehat>or will I?
00:44<@caker>taupehat: yeah
00:44<@caker>no IP change needed for Fremont nodes
00:44<taupehat>now ain't that just the bomb
00:44<warewolf>I guess I should lower the TTL on all my zones then
00:45<@caker>warewolf: click the button here, if you'd like:
00:45<@caker>that'll get you in the queue (we're still not full yet)
00:45<@caker>...but have had a good response thus far
00:45<warewolf>shit 5 minute mark
00:45[~]warewolf feels the burn on his linode
00:45<taupehat>caker: do I need to do this clicking as well?
00:45<@caker>taupehat: Yeah, that'd help
00:46|-|warewolf [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
00:46|-|warewolf [] has joined #linode
00:46<warewolf>had ^S on for too long
00:47<warewolf>caker- ETA on this xenbeta migration? days? weeks?
00:47<warewolf>caker- I'd liek some time to get my zone
00:47<warewolf>'s TTLs set low
00:47<@caker>warewolf: days, but you'll have a few days from then to perform the migration on your own
00:48[~]warewolf notices Jay-dargo
00:48[~]warewolf detects a scaper
00:49<warewolf>"D'Argo" is the name of a character in the sci-fi series Farscape
00:50<warewolf>gah 5 minute mark again
00:50<warewolf>damn I Really have to do something about this
00:50<taupehat>my new storage array at work is called "Moya"
00:50<warewolf>it is not
00:51<taupehat>it is
00:52<taupehat>my desktop is called dren, the dual xeon is trance, and the win2k3 server is scorpius
00:52<warewolf>you should make your desktop named Greyza
00:52<warewolf>'cause she's hot
00:52<taupehat>oh and trance isn't?
00:52<taupehat>but my current desktop box fits its name perfectly
00:52<taupehat>it's a dell gx270
00:53<Eman>and which of you was caught wanking to wow?
00:53<warewolf>wanking? no. playing? yes.
00:53<taupehat>that'd be warewolf
00:53<taupehat>I don't play wow
00:53<taupehat>but I laughed my ass off at the video of the funeral that got blown up
00:53<taupehat>someone died IRL and they had a funeral in WOW
00:54<warewolf>that youtube video you pasted earlier?
00:54<taupehat>like a couple days ago
00:54<warewolf>that isn't the first time people have had an online grieving period
00:54<warewolf>'m serious
00:54<warewolf>they did it in everquest
00:54<taupehat>it's the first time I recall an online grieving period that got griefed
00:54<warewolf>and Lineage or something
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00:55[~]taupehat had some korean following him around lineage claiming to be in love
00:55<taupehat>finally I told him "I'm a dude! Leave me the hell alone!"
00:55<taupehat>he cussed me out for using a female skin in the game
00:56<warewolf>brb, reobot
00:56|-|warewolf [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
00:56<Eman>got that video link?
00:57<taupehat>yeah, one sec
00:57|-|weasel [] has joined #linode
00:58<taupehat>they start off boring
00:58<taupehat>blah blah blah
00:58<taupehat>but when you hear the song "I ain't no goddamn sonomabitch" it's on =]
01:00|-|warewolf-cgiirc [] has joined #linode
01:00<warewolf-cgiirc>I kicked reboot twice or three times
01:00<warewolf-cgiirc>cna you remove the extra reboot queues?
01:01<@caker>which host#?
01:01<taupehat>Eman: I'm particularly fond of how they had a mole in place at the funeral
01:01<warewolf-cgiirc>this may be too late
01:02<warewolf-cgiirc>or I may be too late even
01:02<@caker>yeah, they're done
01:02<warewolf-cgiirc>no pending jobs
01:02|-|alnr [] has joined #linode
01:03<taupehat>this vid is hilarious
01:04|-|warewolf [] has joined #linode
01:04<Eman>taupehat: great video
01:04<taupehat>Eman: heh, indeed
01:04<taupehat>the wiped the place out
01:04|-|warewolf-cgiirc [] has quit [Quit: ]
01:04<warewolf>my /quit didn't show up
01:04<warewolf>(wasn't identified, or signed on long enough)
01:04<@caker>yeah, doesn't on cgi::irc
01:05<warewolf>it's an OFTC thing
01:05[~]Eman downloads the video for future hilarity
01:05[~]taupehat hums along to "I'm the scat man"
01:05<warewolf>that song is awesome
01:06<taupehat>warewolf: did you watch the vid?
01:06<warewolf>I have the scatman mp3
01:06<warewolf>urlme the vid again?
01:06<Eman>direct link to avi:
01:07<warewolf>OH GOD
01:07<warewolf>BAD URL
01:07<warewolf>OH NO
01:08<taupehat>virtual corpses all over the snow
01:08<warewolf>I can't read the text in the post
01:09<taupehat>doesn't matter
01:09<taupehat>the good part comes quickly
01:09<taupehat>I can link you to the forum as well
01:10<warewolf>they aggro'd all those furblong
01:10<taupehat>slaughtered them
01:10<warewolf>OH NO
01:10<taupehat>man I bet people were flipping out
01:10<warewolf>oh dear god
01:10<taupehat>that's ok
01:10<taupehat>having a funeral in wow is just...
01:11<@caker>ok .. I watched the video... ????
01:11<taupehat>caker: someone died
01:11<warewolf>hold on
01:11<warewolf>lemme ifnish watching
01:11<taupehat>his friends had a funeral in the videogame
01:11<taupehat>some other clan crashed the funeral and massacred everyone there
01:13<warewolf>they dropped an infernal
01:13<@caker>what happens when you die in wow? respawn without eq, etc?
01:13[~]taupehat doesn't play wow, but knows a massacre when he sees one
01:13<taupehat>caker: I think you lose xp and loot
01:14<@caker><-- old MUDder (that god that's oever with)
01:14<Eman>after you run to your corpse from the graveyard, you ressurrect with half health
01:14<taupehat>caker: OPEN DOOR
01:14<@caker> <-- one of my "tools", others still use it
01:14<warewolf>so yeah that was an in-game funeral
01:14<taupehat>USE STICK
01:14<@caker>my other utilities where bots, etc .. I was wiz at zmud (perl helped too)
01:14<warewolf>and they were on a PvP server -- meaning, no matter what, another player can attack you.
01:15[~]taupehat was a comp urbanterror player but something called "parenthood" changed that
01:15<warewolf>most people play on PvE (player v.s. enemy) servers
01:15<taupehat>for the better, of course
01:15<warewolf>but that was a handfull of Alliance (gnomes, night elves, dwarfs, and humans) fighting a bunch of the Horde (orcs, undead, taurens, and trolls)
01:15<Eman>i had a choice: wow or linode... linode won heh
01:16<warewolf>the Alliance dropped an Internal -- something a warlock can summon
01:16<warewolf>er, Infernal
01:16<warewolf>basically it's a tide-turner of battles. It runs around and kills EVERYTHING IN SIGHT and is a BITCH AND A HALF to kill.
01:16<@caker>ok .. sleeping pills kicking in .. nute
01:16<taupehat>was the infernal that great big yellow-glowing thing?
01:16<taupehat>nn caker
01:16<warewolf>cya caker
01:17<taupehat>yeah, they really wiped those guys out
01:17<warewolf>they had a kick ass warlock, and a couple kick ass mages (I play a mage)
01:17<@caker>hopefully I'll get the Xen box ready to accept migrations tomorrow!
01:17<warewolf>those white bursts of light on people was a mage casting Arcane Explosion (which can be instant-cast, and deals a shitload of dammage to people near you)
01:17<warewolf>so yeah
01:17<warewolf>it's no wonder all those horde died quickly
01:19<warewolf>I have a level 52 undead mage on the Elune server
01:19<taupehat>dude, you're speaking a language I do not understand here
01:20<warewolf>I still have yet to get into the really _really_ big boss fights in the game
01:20<warewolf>those are called Instances -- basically a private dungeon you and your friends enter into; nobody else can join once you're in
01:20<Eman>lol, go solo rag
01:20<warewolf>these big ones require 40 players
01:20<warewolf>it's crazy
01:23<taupehat>LOAD BLUEMAX(,8,1)
01:23<taupehat>(PRESS PLAY ON TAPE)
01:24<Eman>,8,1 would be first floppy drive
01:24<taupehat>I was mixing antiquities there
01:25<Eman>and to nit pick, your syntax is wrong
01:25<taupehat>I've forgotten
01:25<taupehat>so enlighten me
01:25<Eman>LOAD "BLUEMAX" ,8,1
01:25<taupehat>I just remember ,8,1 and then swatting the top of the drive when it made the "I'm not going to do this right" noise
01:25<warewolf>bow down to the glory of Eman
01:26<taupehat>you know
01:26<warewolf>for HE remembers useless things about hardware most people forgot about 10 or more years ago!
01:26<taupehat>I don't think people make the equivalent of ROMs for old C64 and Atari ST games =[
01:26<taupehat>I miss starglider, for example
01:26<Eman>they do... in the form of disk images
01:27<taupehat>I'll have to find a c64 emu
01:27<taupehat>and an ST one
01:27<taupehat>starglider was awesome for its day
01:27<taupehat>had speech clips, FPS gaming, free-flight, and fairly smart enemies
01:27<warewolf>it's gay when your laptop has more screen real estate than your desktop at home :(
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01:48[~]warewolf updates dns
01:49[~]warewolf makes TTLs all around 30 min
02:03<warewolf>I never really looked at the RML logs
02:03<warewolf>it looks like some people are updating once a minute
02:05<warewolf>here come all theclients checking in
02:19<warewolf>40 seconds
02:19[~]warewolf waits for the DoS :)
02:19[~]warewolf is watching vmstat
02:19<warewolf>5 seconds
02:24<warewolf>wow, is useful
02:27[~]warewolf tunes apache
02:28[~]warewolf knocks 5 MaxClients off
02:31<warewolf>good, I'm not swapping at all anymore
02:40|-|Marcel [] has joined #linode
02:43<Viza> lol
02:57|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has joined #linode
03:23|-|tronix [] has joined #linode
03:23<tronix>top o' day
03:23<tronix>host28 go silly?
03:24<warewolf>top o' the muffin to ya
03:24<warewolf>dict silly
03:24<tronix>linode froze
03:24<tronix>checking console
03:24[~]tronix peers
03:24<warewolf>I see someone else's linode reporting back to RML on host 28
03:24<warewolf>might just be you
03:25<tronix>i'll know shortly
03:25<tronix>but console is taking forever to come up
03:25<warewolf>drop out of screen and ask lish wtf is up, yo!
03:25<tronix>i am
03:25<tronix>doing io_status
03:25<tronix>it's *really* slow... might have a hogger on the host
03:26<warewolf>go sign up for :)
03:26<tronix>io_status at lish hasn't returned yet
03:26<warewolf>it's getting better
03:26<tronix>io_rate=0, io_tokens=400000... hmm..
03:26<warewolf>OK io_count=421601 io_rate=0 io_tokens=400000 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
03:26<warewolf>is your linode running at all?
03:27<tronix>it was, as of 30 mins ago
03:27<warewolf>run 'status'
03:27<tronix>the status page says running
03:27<tronix>one sec
03:27<tronix>there's no status command in lish. hmm.
03:27<warewolf>yes tehre is
03:27<warewolf>[warewolf@host47 lish]# status
03:27<warewolf>[warewolf@host47 lish]#
03:27<tronix>[dsf@host28 lish]# status
03:27<tronix>Unknown command 'status'
03:27<warewolf>type 'help'
03:28<tronix>not there either :)
03:28<tronix>[dsf@host28 lish]#
03:28<tronix>no biggie.
03:28<warewolf>I like
03:28<warewolf>once a
03:28<warewolf>it's cool
03:29<tronix>nah ircd rate-limited the paste :)
03:29<@mikegrb>he was pasting output
03:29<warewolf>yeah I know :)
03:29<warewolf>mikegrb- fix that lish, yo!
03:29<tronix>wish I could do that in real life. ;)
03:30<warewolf>what, type fasn enough to type once a second?
03:30<tronix>rate-limit talking to throw everybody off ;)
03:31<tronix>doesn't look like network. that comes up in 47ms (pretty fast)
03:31<tronix>so i'm guessing i'm sharing host28 with a pig at the moment
03:31<tronix>(and that pig isn't me because io_rate=0 with full tokens)
03:31<tronix>heh ok. cool.
03:31<@mikegrb>couple of linodes eating all the excess cpu
03:32<tronix>i'll deal.
03:32<warewolf>hat all toasty warm from sitting on top of monitor
03:32[~]warewolf toastyhead
03:33[~]tronix offers marshmallows and chocolate; you provide the fire :)
03:33<warewolf>tronix- but seriously [shameless plug] go sign up for :)
03:33<warewolf>tronix- in the near future I'm going to extend it to monitor pretty much everything you'd want to monitor, statistics wise on a linode.
03:33<tronix>ahh nice
03:34<warewolf>memory, cpu, swap, io usage, etc
03:34<tronix>looks slick (
03:34<warewolf>thank you.
03:34<warewolf>I'm working on integrating a Wiki into it at the moment, so I can add in a section on how to get the most out of a linode
03:35<warewolf>lots of app tuning stuff
03:35<tronix>ahh! very nice.
03:36<tronix>mikegrb: just out of curiosity... any particular reason why some
03:36<tronix>hosts have 'status' and some don't?
03:36<tronix>not a big deal, just thought weird.
03:37<@mikegrb>they didn't all get updated when I added the command
03:37<tronix>whoo, nice 5 min load avg :) (25 on the linode)
03:37<tronix>ahh! cool.
03:37<tronix>but host28's usable now. thanks
03:37<tronix>(load's dropping to 10 and lower now.)
03:42<tronix>n/m :) levelled off at 1 min avg of 5 for a while but dropping again
03:43<tronix>i'll live with 4ish. that's usable.
03:43<tronix>probably weekly updates or something, i'd guess
03:43<tronix>(that's why I do my updates on saturdays)
03:44<tronix>[so I don't have to compete with folks doing it on sundays]
03:44<tronix>2.76 and dropping. sweet. going back to bed. ;)
03:45|-|tronix [] has quit [Quit: dreaming of -- good stuff]
03:50[~]warewolf screams with delight
03:50<warewolf>I got the KWiki code embedded in my HTML::Mason codebase -- all wrapped around my sessions and all that jazz
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08:26|-|Guest43 changed nick to adamg
08:54<warewolf>dammit I'm swapping when the RML clients check in again
08:58<JasonF>caker: are you going to put a xen beta machine in tp?
09:14<warewolf>I think I need to graph more stuff.
09:14<afv-13>tp > he?
09:14<warewolf>like swap in/swap out.
09:25<linbot>New news from forums: Xen doesn't recognise NIC's? in Xen Public Beta <>
09:31<linbot>New news from forums: Xen doesn't recognise NIC's? in /dev/random <>
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11:38<linbot>tompuppy: 12:38 PM, March 26, 2006
11:38<linbot>tompuppy: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
11:42<tompuppy>!seen caker
11:42<linbot>tompuppy: caker was last seen in #linode 10 hours, 25 minutes, and 15 seconds ago: <caker> hopefully I'll get the Xen box ready to accept migrations tomorrow!
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11:47<afv-13>!seen afv-13
11:47<linbot>afv-13: afv-13 was last seen in #linode 2 hours, 33 minutes, and 24 seconds ago: <afv-13> tp > he?
11:48<afv-13>will xen allow for framebuffer?
11:48<@caker>not sure about that one .. possibly
11:48<afv-13>that would be cool
11:51<afv-13>what is the hg command?
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15:04<Eman>erm caker, did you just kill the xen beta nodes?
15:04<@caker>Eman: #linode-xenbeta, please
15:29|-|someonelse [] has joined #linode
15:31<someonelse>so ..... I just signed up .... and when I submitted my info, it got a coldfusion error .... any way to know if this actually went through or not?
15:32<@caker>someonelse: I'll check
15:32<someonelse>thanks. though I don't know if I used this nickname as my username
15:33<someonelse>in fact I'm pretty sure I used some other one
15:33<@caker>duh, stupid bug
15:33<@caker>missed a quote, sorry about that ..
15:33<@caker>I'll check on your transaction, etc
15:33<@caker>one moment
15:34<someonelse>thank ya
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15:37<@caker>someonelse: can I have your last name?
15:37<@mikegrb>hmm dual tuner tivo comming, almost ordered a tivo night before last, then I realized tivo /still/ didn't have a dual tuner box
15:37<@mikegrb>tired of the scientific atlanta box saying it will record a show and then not doing it
15:38<@caker>someonelse: ok, it's going to take me a few minutes to clear this up.. your card was charged, but the node wasn't created. You'll get an activation email once is all set
15:39<someonelse>ok, sounds good caker, I should still be here too
15:48|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has quit [Quit: A geek without purpose - | SMDC-Network IRC -]
15:58<@caker>someonelse: I think you're all set. Let me know if there's more breakage
15:59<someonelse>ok, thank you again.
16:00<@caker>thank you :)
16:00<someonelse>hey, quick question. any plans for newer gentoo distributions? or is the current pretty up-to-date?
16:02<@caker>I was just thinking about that today
16:02<@caker>but it won't happen for a bit -- been busy with the Xen stuff
16:04<Spads>someonelse: Xen is the new virtualization infrastructure that's going to kick ass
16:18<someonelse>something everyone will be moved to i assume?
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16:21<someonelse>where you guys (linode) located if you don't mind my asking
16:22<@caker>I'm in Nashville, Mike is in Pensacola, servers are in Dallas and Fremont, CA
16:22|-|Viza [] has joined #linode
16:22<@mikegrb>we sold out to the highest bidder
16:23<someonelse>lifetime supply at least?
16:24<@mikegrb>wouldn't want it
16:24<@mikegrb>but no
16:31<someonelse>if xen is the future of virtualization, whats the current?
16:31<bendy24>mikes mom
16:31<vodka> UML
16:32<someonelse>really now, thats amazing, though why does she work 24/7 like that?
16:32<Eman>because the irs is after her
16:32<bendy24>she just keeps going and going..
16:34<bendy24>mikegrb: <3
16:35<Eman>does she have roflz on her license plates?
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17:49<someonelse>recommendations on ftp server?
17:50<@caker>someonelse: if you can deal without ftp, sshd provides sftp
17:51<someonelse>oh, never knew that one
17:51<someonelse>that'll def suffice
17:51<@caker>usually it's commented out in /etc/ssh/sshd_config or the like
17:53<Spads>but scp and rsync -e ssh always work
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21:48|-|sydneysyd [] has joined #linode
21:49<sydneysyd>ok I killed my debian image by running ldd too many times. I have resized my partition and built a new debian dist. How can I mount my old partition? mount /dev/ubda -t ext3 /mnt/old isn't going to work..
21:52<@caker>sydneysyd: add it to your new config on /dev/ubdc, reboot and mount that node
21:53<sydneysyd>aaah good stuff will look at the config web apge
22:04<sydneysyd>thnk god I keep rsync backups
22:04|-|Dreamer3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:04<@caker>how did ldd do anything? All it does it print which libs a binary requires
22:05<sydneysyd>I don't know, I wrote a perl script to call it recursively, maybe it added something bad to the command line..
22:05<sydneysyd>either way my image stopped.
22:05|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
22:06<sydneysyd>have to say I'm very imrpessed with the ext3 resize function
22:08<sydneysyd>yay got it all going again, thanks caker.
22:09<@caker>sydneysyd: np :)
22:13|-|myfnp [] has joined #linode
22:14<myfnp>caker: u around?? Please
22:21<myfnp>have you seen my open ticket recently?
22:22<@mikegrb>you have a 160
22:22<@mikegrb>there aren't any higher plans currently available
22:23<myfnp>what am i on now?
22:24<myfnp>hmm okay
22:24<myfnp>thats sucks
22:24<@caker>could always upgrade ad-hoc
22:24<@mikegrb-@#linode->>boo hoo
22:24<myfnp>I would like to be moved asap though to 240 with no extras
22:26<myfnp>CMR is what i was needing i think
22:26<myfnp>and better linode ratio
22:26<@caker>run "top" .. if you're idle any, that's not it .. also look for io_wait
22:28<myfnp>i'm paying as much as a 240 with a less CMR and RATIO
22:28<myfnp>ran top
22:31|-|Ekipa kanalu #linode: Wszystkich: 60 |-| +op [2] |-| +voice [0] |-| normalnych [58]
22:32|-|iggy [~iggy@] has left #linode []
22:32|-|iggy [~iggy@] has joined #linode
22:32<myfnp>io_wait ??
22:32<@caker>might be "wa"
22:33<@caker>or wait
22:33<@caker>or io, etc
22:33<myfnp>it says io_wait right
22:33<myfnp>what you want to know?
22:34<myfnp>my squirrelmail is too slow
22:35<TheFirst>squirrel chews up io tokens iirc ... think i read that in a forum post
22:35<myfnp>I can't even look at
22:35<myfnp>right now
22:36<myfnp>now i can
22:37<myfnp>its just too slow somtimes
22:37<myfnp>and i dont have a few users right now
22:37<myfnp>and i dont have but a few users right now
22:37<myfnp>i only have 3 users
22:38<TheFirst>somethings chewing up resources...i've had squirrel run fine on an 80 ... and horde and that chews up way more resources
22:39<myfnp>Its not that slow, im just too fast
22:40<myfnp>but im afraid with more users it will get slower and slower
22:43|-|newnick [] has joined #linode
22:43|-|afv-13 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
22:43|-|newnick changed nick to myfnp2
22:44<myfnp2>whats the rm lib-util command?
22:44<myfnp2>or cp lib-util
22:45<@caker>Can't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at (eval 173) line 89.
22:45<@caker>that 173 changes each time
22:45<@caker>sorry, wrong chan
22:47<myfnp2>err mv lib-util ...somthing somthing
22:47<taupehat>hi caker
22:52|-|sydneysyd [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:02<myfnp2>caker: what that mv lib-util command to fix the mysql??
23:03<@caker>/lib/tls is what you want to move out of the way
23:08<warewolf>my io rate is really really going down
23:13<myfnp2>caker: yes
23:13<@caker>myfnp2: ?
23:13<myfnp2>I might reinstall a distro
23:14<myfnp2>myfnp is locked
23:14<@caker>reinstalling isn't going to help
23:14<@caker>you need to just fix the problem :)
23:23<myfnp2>ohh not for that hehe
23:23<myfnp2>I want to update all the packages
23:24<@mikegrb>reinstalling won't update anything
23:24<myfnp2>I know i have to do some other stuff too
23:24<myfnp2>like apt--get
23:25<@mikegrb>do do that, don't reinstall
23:25<myfnp2>i was going to start with fresh distro when i do
23:25<@mikegrb>so do that
23:25<@mikegrb>that is silly
23:25<myfnp2>because I dont think i updated openssl correct
23:26<@mikegrb>so fix that
23:26<@mikegrb>don't reinstall
23:26<Spads>"I'd like to buy that car, but I can't see through the windshield."
23:26<Spads>"Well, maybe you should take off that blindfold"
23:26<@mikegrb>you will just have the same problem again
23:26<myfnp2>and i might of messed up some perl modules
23:26<Spads>"nah, I'll just buy that car over there instead"
23:26<@mikegrb>so fix those
23:26<myfnp2>trying to get spamassain to work
23:26<Spads>myfnp2: whatever distro you move to, you'll *still* have to move /lib/tls out of the way
23:27<iggy>reinstalling isn't all that bad of an option so long as you realize, it won't actually fix your problems
23:28<myfnp2>everytime I try and install something or wants this and that program...and I end up stuck..
23:40<iggy>anybody seen anything like for download/integration into other sites?
23:50|-|Marcel [] has joined #linode
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