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00:00<@caker>kevin: ok, mount -o remount,rw /
00:01<@caker>kevin: edit rc5.d/, and change DELAYLOGIN=yes to no
00:01<kevin>yes, the file does has DELAYLOGIN set to no
00:01<@caker>kevin: /etc/nologin exist?
00:02<kevin>no, file was not there
00:02<@caker>wacky ..
00:02<@caker>kevin: do this for me: Control-a, then d (no control)
00:02<@caker>kevin: that'll kick you back into Lish
00:02<@caker>kevin: then exit
00:03<@caker>hold for a few
00:03<kevin>ok, thx
00:03<efudd>mysql is a damn little pig.
00:03<efudd>ps -ef|grep -c mysql[d]
00:04<@caker>^-- bastards
00:04<@mikegrb>efudd: "skip-innodb" will cut that down conciderably
00:04<@mikegrb>silly caker
00:04<@mikegrb>that's where you are supposed to change it!
00:04<@caker>no kidding
00:04<efudd>unfortunatelly I'm innodb
00:04<@mikegrb>efudd: then skip off!
00:05<@caker>mikegrb: he's also missing tty1 in /etc/securetty
00:06[~]efudd twiddles more bits
00:06<@mikegrb>caker: efudd said he stole it, but he made me promise not to tell
00:06<efudd>speaking of.
00:06[~]efudd comments vc/0 out of inittab
00:06<@caker>mikegrb: we should fix that
00:06<@mikegrb>caker: redhat?
00:07<@caker># cat /etc/debian_version
00:07<@caker>mikegrb: who knows what users have done, too .. or some weird security package (?)
00:07<@caker>mikegrb: either way, might be a good thing to add to the xen helper
00:08<@mikegrb>can't imagine a security package doing that
00:08<@mikegrb>but yes, I agree
00:08<@caker>ok, I don't think I'm a fan of delaylogin
00:08<efudd>it's annoying, yes. :)
00:09<efudd>solaris always pissed me off due to that when SA'ing drunk.
00:09<@mikegrb>caker: I love it
00:09<@mikegrb>echo "The host was rebooted and Linodes are being restarted now." > /etc/nologin && &
00:10<@caker>yeah, it's set on our debian boxes .. so something isn't working right in his install
00:10<@mikegrb>wait 4 or 5 minutes and then rm it
00:10<@mikegrb>when people try to ssh in they get the spiffy message
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00:14<kevin>hi caker: is there anything I need to perform on my side now? Or should I wait?
00:14<@caker>kevin: /join #linode-xenbeta, please
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00:18<efudd>The Xen hypervisor is a unique open source technology, developed collaboratively by the world’s best engineers at over 20 of the most innovative data center solution vendors, including Intel, AMD, Cisco, Dell, Egenera, HP, IBM, Mellanox, Network Appliance, Novell, Red Hat, SGI, Sun, Unisys, Veritas, Voltaire, and of course, XenSource.
00:18<efudd>Heh. Network Appliance
00:19<fo0bar>are they still around?
00:20<efudd>We are a multibillion dollar company y0
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00:33<fo0bar>efudd: oh, you work there? oops :)
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00:37<kevin>caker: I am now able to login from Lish.... but if I try to ssh to my linode directly, the server is not responding.... I verified in lish that sshd and apache are both running.
00:42<fo0bar> <-- neat, the videos are up
00:42<fo0bar>they filmed live in reno
00:42<fo0bar>my company sponsored it
00:43<fo0bar>as well as kept buying them drinks and got them totally wasted
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01:35<fo0bar>cmantito: ok, your CD will be sent tomorrow
01:35<cmantito> ooh, thank you..
01:35<fo0bar>my printer produces EXCELLENT cds (as mikegrb has been raving about), but damn are they hard to dry
01:35<fo0bar>but I think I've got it down
01:36<@caker>other than just let it sit there and dry?
01:36<fo0bar>1 day in front of a desk fan, then 1 hour in a cdrom drive ("while true; do dd if=/dev/hdc of=/dev/null; done"), followed by 1 day just sitting
01:37<@caker>kidding, right?
01:37<fo0bar>no seriously
01:37<fo0bar>after a day in front of the fan, they were still wet
01:37<@caker>thats must be a lot of inkn
01:38<fo0bar>I may want to try 1 day fan + 1 day sitting, then see if the cdrom is necessary
01:42<fo0bar>dear spammers: please stop trying comment spam on the finnix blog. you won't get through.
01:43<encode>i was trying so many different ways
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07:41<warewolf>fo0bar: have you tried an air-heat-gun set as low as it can go to dry the ink on your CDs?
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08:45<warewolf>I figured it out
08:46[~]warewolf <3 HTML::Mason
08:48<warewolf>me proceeds with wiki integration into RML
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09:00<npmr>i just realized i never got carded last night
09:01<kvandivo>that's how you know you're getting old
09:01<npmr>no, that's how i know i finally stopped looking like a goddamn teenager
09:01<kvandivo>i.e., you're getting old
09:01[~]npmr shrugs
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09:10<warewolf>I have a beard.
09:11<warewolf>a monstrositiy of a beard.
09:11<warewolf>that's how I don't get carded.
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09:35<jfaulkne>Did host51 just die?
09:36<npmr>can you ping it?
09:36<npmr>i can't
09:37<jfaulkne>i can't
09:37<jfaulkne>it died mid irc
09:37<jfaulkne>caker: mikegrb: ping
09:37<jfaulkne>host51 died AGAIN
09:41<npmr>the xen migration is coming soon
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09:41<npmr>no dates yet, but the closed beta is over
09:41<npmr>new machines have been shipped
09:42<npmr>xen will fix the cpu-related panics that have been happening with some hosts
09:42<npmr>51 included
09:43<jfaulkne>but there isn't one on tp
09:43<jfaulkne>which means were stuck on a screwed up box until then
09:45<cmantito>unless you're willing to change your IP..
09:45<jfaulkne>that's not really a reasonable request for a server that should be constantly up
09:45<cmantito>just pointing it out.
09:45<jfaulkne>and i'm a node in an irc network that already includes an he node, so we need the tp redundancy
09:45<cmantito>only problems our IRC net has is a stupid link from that likes to shit itself.
09:46<cmantito>crappy international routing >.<
09:46<@linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: Host51 in System and Network Status <>
09:56[~]jfaulkne shakes fist at host51
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12:24<Spads> <-- mikegrb
12:24<Spads>the shavian letter "loll" is just a c!
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14:41<fo0bar>hmm, FC5 was released one day before 2.6.16, but includes 2.6.16... I smell a conspiracy...
14:44<Spads>nah, that's just the bouquet of an RPM-based distro
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15:01<gpd>Spads: is .rpm fundamentally crap compared to .deb or is it just the absence of apt-get that causes disgust?
15:02<warewolf>I think what he's trying to say is that Red Hat/Fedora like to release kernels that are heavially modified or pre-production
15:03<npmr>.deb is a more featureful format than .rpm
15:03<warewolf>npmr: what can .deb do that rpm can't?
15:03<npmr>debian (the distro) also has a much more comprehensive packaging policy than red hat
15:03<warewolf>I don't know all the ins-and-outs of the .deb format
15:03<npmr>warewolf, multiple levels of dependency
15:03<warewolf>npmr: be careful, you're starting to sound like a zelot.
15:03<npmr>warewolf, i used to use red hat
15:04<warewolf>npmr: multiple levels of dependency? like a requires b which requires c?
15:04<npmr>warewolf, i thought it was great until i tried debian out
15:04<npmr>no, like requires, recommends, suggests, conflicts
15:04<npmr>requires = won't work without
15:04[~]gpd never understood difference between recommend and suggest
15:04<npmr>recommends = extremely useful with
15:05<npmr>suggests = also works with
15:05<scott>rm -rf warewolf
15:05<npmr>conflicts = can't install concurrently
15:05<warewolf>I'm not sure what recommend/suggest do, but the rpm format supports everything else you've said so far
15:05<warewolf>RPM (the package manager application and format) itself is extremely versatile
15:05<scott>warewolf: arent you the guy who uses sendmail?!
15:05<npmr>scott, he is
15:06<warewolf>bad packages made by poor packagers is what has put a bad taste in people's mouths
15:06<npmr>deb supports metapackages
15:06<gpd>also depends if you like spec files
15:06<warewolf>package repos like and the RPMForge repos aim for compatibility (look at the old Ximian Gnome for conflicts-from-hell issues)
15:07<npmr>yeah, there are lots of third party deb archives, too
15:07<efudd>I am stubborn and dislike RPM simply due to it's heritage and ties to RedHat who is Satan.
15:07<npmr>the difference is that most of what most people need is in the stock debian archive
15:07<npmr>red hat stock archives are much less comprehensive, and so people use third party archives more often
15:08<warewolf>npmr- I bet I could figure out how to make a .deb package that would make you scream bloody murder
15:08<warewolf>npmr: right
15:08<npmr>warewolf, and i'll be damned if you can get me to install it
15:08<warewolf>npmr: that's sort-of the reason Fedore Core exists
15:09<npmr>the fact that pathological debs are possible is irrelevant
15:09<npmr>so are pathological rpms
15:09<npmr>the difference is that rpm users are much more likely to encounter them
15:09<gpd> <- comparison of deb, rpm, tgz, slp (?)
15:10<npmr>it's very easy to rely solely on the debian stock archive, therefore completely avoiding any packages that haven't gone through debian q/a
15:10<warewolf>that says nothing more than that debian got off to a better start, and possibly learned from the early bumpy ride redhat suffered from. It is to be expected.
15:11<fo0bar>npmr: deb supports metapackages in the sense of an empty deb that depends on other stuff. you can do that with RPM too
15:11<warewolf>gpd- that comparison seems to be heavially .deb centric
15:11<npmr>fo0bar, no i mean stuff like mail-server
15:11<npmr>fo0bar, packages that don't actually exist
15:11<fo0bar>npmr: that's a virtual package, not a metapackage
15:12<npmr>fo0bar, and there are a zillion real packages that "provide" it
15:12<npmr>fo0bar, ok
15:12<warewolf>npmr: rpm also has that
15:13<warewolf>one package says 'Requires: mail-server'
15:13<warewolf>the other says 'Provides: mail-server'
15:13<warewolf>and infact, that's how mail is on redhat systems today
15:13<npmr>was that added since 2001?
15:13<Spads>gpd: there's no particular technical advantage between rpm or deb. both of them do the job as a file format
15:13<fo0bar>anyways, I like debian/deb/apt over fedora/rpm/yum, but I was raising an eyebrow over the fact that Fedora being more likely to use a pre-release kernel has anything to do with RPM
15:13<warewolf>quite some time ago
15:13<npmr>warewolf, since 2001?
15:13<Spads>you people are easily trolled.
15:14<warewolf>npmr- go ask a redhat employee
15:14[~]gpd cackles wildly
15:14<Spads>I should find that article by Joey Hess where he points out that .deb is not a priori better than .rpm
15:14<fo0bar>Spads: with you, I never know... we need to get emad in here
15:16<Spads>RPM has some misfeatures that get in the way of proper apt systems
15:16<Spads>they added provides: at first because of the way RPM has file dependencies
15:17<Spads>but an apt-like system is all about policy anyway
15:17<Spads>so you can easily say "Nobody use file-depends: any more or you die the pointy death!"
15:17<Spads>just deprecate it
15:17<gpd>What about autopackage? Is that spawn of brother of satan?
15:18<Spads>you mean like autoconf and automake?
15:18<warewolf>npmr: and yes, since atleast 2003 for your answer.
15:18<fo0bar>Spads: AFAIK, you have always been able to "requires:" an RPM from another RPM... it's just the library-based .so file dependencies are automatic when building an RPM
15:18<Spads>they're automatic?
15:18<warewolf>yes, dependencies are automatic
15:18<Spads>I know that you can require an RPM from another
15:18<warewolf>there's a script that comes with RPM that builds them automatically
15:19<Spads>warewolf: I mean the file dependencies
15:19<warewolf>it even scans perl scripts for what perl modules it needs
15:19<fo0bar>yeah, rpmbuild will search through the finished archive, look for dynamic executables, and if the library isn't part of that package, it requires THE LIBRARY ITSELF
15:19<fo0bar>as opposed to being smart enough to know what package provides the library
15:19<Spads>so it's largely about cleaning your build env then I guess
15:20<Spads>oh wait
15:20<warewolf>fo0bar- wouldn't you prefer it requires /usr/bin/ instead of pkg-libfoobar- ?
15:20<Spads>so it doesn't look up the actual package?
15:20<npmr>Spads, nope
15:20<warewolf>fo0bar- wouldn't that allow older software to run with (backward compatible) newer libs?
15:20<Spads>debian organizes its library packages by major number, warewolf
15:20<Spads>warewolf: so libpng5 and libpng12 can coexist on the same system if they have to
15:20<fo0bar>people talk about "dependendency hell" because of that feature.. IE, they'll try to install foo-1.8.rpm from mandrake that requires, but their RHL installation has instead, so they think it's RPM's fault
15:21<Spads>so by requiring libpng5, you're requiring a specific API
15:21<Spads>and there are metapackages you can skip up to if you don't need to be that specific
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15:21<Spads>"virtual packages" technically
15:21<warewolf>I have two versions of libjpeg installed
15:22<Spads>the point is that debian's packaging policy takes this into account, and any RPM-based distro could do the same: embed the major number in the *name* of the package as well as the version, and provide virtual packages for people who don't want to have to be that specific
15:22<fo0bar>ironically, most people don't know installing an RPM from a different distro is *usually* as easy as grabbing the srpm and doing "rpmbuild --rebuild foo.src.rpm"
15:22<warewolf>fo0bar: yeah, that's how I take newer packages and back-port them to older distros
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15:23<warewolf>fo0bar: and many of the .spec files have settings in them that account for the older distros today still
15:23<warewolf>fo0bar: for example, openssh, openssl, and sendmail
15:23<fo0bar>obviously there are exceptions if the 2 distros are amazingly different (remember kids, rpm is glorified tar. it doesn't dictate filesystem layout)
15:24<fo0bar>so how bout those xen betas, huh?
15:24<Spads>the whole business about depending on files instead of packages is something that the build tools could fix, while still keeping the old file format
15:24<warewolf>spads- I believe RPM can depend on both files and packages :P
15:25<fo0bar>but spads is say
15:26<Spads>warewolf: THAT IS WHAT I AM SAYING
15:26<fo0bar>err is saying have the packager tell the build scripts not to include file-bases deps, and instead move to a debian-style "libfoo2" library package naming scheme
15:26<Spads>you've got this RPM zealot position where you assume that I'm playing the role of DEB zealot automatically
15:27<fo0bar>which can all be done with existing RPM tools
15:27[~]kvandivo yawns.
15:27<fo0bar>it's an organizational policy change
15:27[~]caker puts another quarted in the machine
15:27<fo0bar>quarted: Ben & Jerry's line editor
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15:47<encode>ok, so i setup a cheap IDE raid (rocketraid 100) in mirror, with one drive having data on it, used the raid card's bios to create the mirror, then mounted it etc, everything working ok
15:47<encode>i decided to do a fsck on it (unmounting first naturally)
15:47<encode>and it picked up some invalid htree directory inodes (ext3 fs)
15:47<encode>should i be worried?
15:48|-|kvandivo_ [] has joined #linode
15:48<warewolf>rocketraid doesn't speak ext3fs
15:48<warewolf>it's just replicating the bits
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15:48<warewolf>all that's saying is that linux dicked up the FS at some point
15:49<encode>i guess the only reason i had for concern is that the vendor drivers dont compile against 2.6.15, so i'm using the generic kernel driver for the card
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16:01<fo0bar>and to come full-circule on this whole fedora/rpm/etc thing... turns out FC5 was released with 2.6.15, but the release notes say 2.6.16. I'm guessing they were planning for 2.6.16 and got tired of waiting
16:01<fo0bar>and forgot to update the release notes
16:01<warewolf>"When it's ready."
16:01[~]warewolf <3 Linus
16:02<fo0bar>no, "When it's ready.(TM)" is a registered trademark of Debian
16:03<warewolf>also (TM) of 3DRealms (Duke Nukem Forever)
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16:32<encode>what do people here use for monitoring the health of raid sets / individual disks in the raid sets?
16:32<encode>is that only for software raids?
16:32<encode>"mdadm is a tool for managing Linux Software RAID arrays"
16:33<@caker>well, you didn't specify :)
16:33<encode>using rocketraid 100, with dmraid to configure it, and the kernel driver
17:57<fo0bar>it usually depends on the card, I've had no experience with any cards managed under dmraid
17:57<fo0bar>for 3ware stuff, I have a script that grabs info from tw_cli and is used to plug into nagios
17:57<fo0bar>(cue Spads' tradewars joke)
17:58<Spads>not again!
18:20<gpd>Anyone use a console spreadsheet (eg. sc)? Or is there a way to get Vim to edit columns in csv/tab files?
18:21<Spads>how do you mean edit columns?
18:21<gpd>I want to maintain say 10 columns of data in a text file...
18:22<gpd>but using Vim it gets a bit messy - just considering spreadsheet might be better
18:22<gpd>but console is bonus as i can access from anymachineviaputty
18:24<gpd>one really nice feature would be to fill a column with sequential numbers - but that is probably optimistic
18:25<Spads>you can also play games with vim's visual mode stuff
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18:26<gpd>did you see that Bram got a job at Google?
18:26<Spads>Moolenar, or Cohen?
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18:26<sydguy>i take it fell over again?
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18:28<shrap>about a 3min drop
18:28<sydguy>cause I lost connectivity to my host again
18:28<sydguy>ok seems to have just come up again
18:28<Eman>he fails
18:28<shrap>ya, i expierenced the same thing
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19:05<encode> interesting
19:06<gpd>encode: tasty :)
19:07<encode>i've learned lots just by reading it for the past 5 mins
19:09<sydguy>vi sux
19:09<sydguy>but nice cheat sheet
19:10<TheFirst>vi is the shit
19:12<gpd>the sheet misses Ctrl-Y and Ctrl-E - which I use regularly - copies from above/below line at current pos
19:14<gpd>sydguy: we have already had DEB v. RPM today - It is unlikey we have the energy for Vi(m) v. TheWorld
19:14<Spads>vi vs vim!
19:16<gpd>vim vs cream?
19:17<TheFirst>there was rpm vs deb and i missed it?!
19:17<Spads>it wasn't serious
19:17<Spads>but warewolf leapt in looking for a fight
19:17<Spads>and npmr obliged
19:18<npmr>i didn't even have to make sense!
19:19<TheFirst>who was on what side
19:19<npmr>does it matter?
19:19<Spads>warewolf was all gung-ho anti-deb, whereas nobody else thought there was even a relevant technical advantage between one or the other
19:20<Spads>and no matter how many times we insisted that apt rules because of packaging *policy*...
19:20<Spads>well, let's just say that the boy has a real reading comprehension problem.
19:20<Spads>probably comes from using sendmail for so long.
19:21<TheFirst>npmr: yah...cuz one of ya sux :P
19:21<Spads>TheFirst: wrong
19:21<TheFirst>ah so it's warewolf
19:22<Spads>TheFirst: both RPM and DEB are on about the same level.
19:22<TheFirst>you're not dragging me in
19:22<Spads>taking sides is proof of ignorance
19:23|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
19:23<npmr>TheFirst, can we do .net assemblies vs. jar files?
19:23<TheFirst>last comment i'll're calling yourself ignorant by taking the side that you do ;)
19:24<npmr>TheFirst, i'll play devil's advocate and take the jar side
19:24<Spads> <-- Joey Hess, Debian bigwig, showing that neither RPM nor .deb are technically superior
19:24<TheFirst>i'll watch, i dont participate
19:24<sydguy>rpm just takes forever when it comes to automated package management
19:24|-|OvrLrd-Q [] has quit [Quit: ]
19:24<sydguy>i dont really care that it is technically superior
19:24<Spads>sydguy: that's a policy problem, not a file format
19:25<sydguy>although the other day I corrupted my debian image on linode
19:25<sydguy>i recovered by rsyncing my backup to the original image
19:25<sydguy>but hadn't updated the /var/cache/apt
19:25<sydguy>so my apt-get is out of sync with what is there
19:25<sydguy>it thinks all the packages are up-to-date when in fact some are old
19:25<Spads>so apt-get update
19:26<Spads>well, you can force reinstalls
19:26<Spads>that's what i did when I had corruption
19:26<Spads>helped a lot
19:26<npmr>a couple of those "no"s are wrong
19:26<Spads>npmr: yeah it's an old document
19:26<sydguy>how do you provide apt-get with a list of all packages to reinstall? dpkg -l doesn't seem to cut it
19:26<Spads>sydguy: it's like --get-selections and --set-selections
19:26<Spads>in dpkg
19:26<sydguy>oooh good stuff
19:26<Spads>the man pages have the rest
19:27<npmr>yeah i did that to get debian installed
19:27<Spads>haha yeah
19:27<Spads>npmr's first debian install is a great story
19:27<sydguy>sooo it's like dpkg --get-selections |apt-get --reinstall install ?
19:27<Spads>I would likely RTFM, were I in your shoes again
19:27<Spads>I know I did when I was
19:27<sydguy>ok fair enough.
19:27<npmr>rpm -i dpkg-1.5.4-2.i386.rpm apt-get-0.89-1.i386.rpm
19:28<Spads>it's more like you do a get selections
19:28<Spads>pipe it through set selections
19:28<Spads>and then apt-get -f install
19:28<Spads>or something like that
19:28<Spads>maybe you'll need to do some xargs magic
19:28<TheFirst>apt-get --reinstall install might be safer...
19:28<Spads>that's the one I was looking for
19:29<TheFirst>-f could cause major breakage
19:29<Spads>yeah it could
19:29<Spads>especially once you begin lying to apt
19:29[~]caker has jury duty tomorrow :(
19:29<TheFirst>caker: <nelson> haha </nelson>
19:30<@caker>hopefulyl NOT for the perry march case
19:30<@caker>anyway, it's just jury interviews tomorrow, out of a large pool, so hopefully I'm an unappealing candidate to both sides
19:30<warewolf><!-- This request was completed in 0.097414 seconds. I have no idea why I'm calculating it. Geek factor, or something. -->
19:30[~]warewolf <3
19:31<sydguy>hanks guy
19:31<Spads>sydguy: working for you?
19:31<sydguy>thanks guys; I've done the pipe now just applying to cmd line
19:31<TheFirst>perry march? elaborate for the nonlocals
19:33<sydguy>this should be fun
19:33<sydguy>reinstalling 258 packages
19:34<sydguy>should put a nice dent into my monthly download :)
19:34<TheFirst>that's not that bad
19:34<sydguy>and teach me to backup my /var/cache/apt!
19:34<Spads>how many MB?
19:38<sydguy>only around 116
19:38<gpd>anyone understand the till command in Vi(m)?
19:39<gpd>scratch that - my example text was too uniform!
19:39<Spads>gpd: yeah, it just moves to the character given within the line
19:39<Spads>I use it like "ct:" to change everything up to the colon
19:40<gpd>ahh - sounds like i might be using that
19:40<gpd>had only used f - but didn't find it very useful
19:41<Spads>it's useful as the motion object to a command keystroke
19:41<Spads>otherwise you'd just use / or ?
19:41<Spads>especially with progressive searching
19:42<Spads>I don't use markers or buffers
19:42<Spads>none of the m or ' stuff
19:42<Spads>didn't know about _
19:42<gpd> bol down"
19:44<gpd>buffers are useful for multiple files - the :wn to save and move on
19:44<sydguy>have to do it in bits because too many interdependancy errors
19:46<Spads>I use vim's multi-window stuff for that
19:46<Spads>^wn and :split and such
19:46<Spads>sydguy: heh
19:47<gpd>Spads: agreed :sp is xlnt... as is vimdiff
19:48<Spads>DO TELL!
19:48<gpd>well vim -d if you prefer
19:48<gpd>split window diff with highlighting and folding?
19:48<gpd>never used it?
19:48<gpd>you will!
19:48<Spads>I SO WILL
19:48[~]Spads *hugs* gpd
19:49<sydguy>I was using ediff and tkdiff but never tried vimdiff
19:49[~]gpd staggers around in a daze, muttering "I knew something Spads didn't"... falls over
19:51<sydguy>right I'm off thanks for your help all
19:51|-|sydguy [] has left #linode []
19:51<Spads>yeah, I used to use tkdiff a lot
19:51<gpd>within vimdiff do :set diffopt=iwhite - good for config files etc
19:54<Spads>so 0 takes me to actual position 0
19:54<Spads>while _ seems to take me to the first printable character
19:56<Spads>gpd: is there any hotkey way to merge or take one set of changes over another?
19:58<gpd>not sure - i normally just yy then ^ww and paste :(
19:59<Spads>does anyone know if /sys has an equivalent system like /proc/sys does? Like sysctl.conf and sysctl(8)?
20:00<npmr>i thought /sys was mostly about hardware
20:00<npmr>eh, i guess there's a kernel directory in there
20:01<Spads>but like, i want to set my I/O scheduler at startup
20:01<Spads>and I'm hoping I don't have to make my own new init script
20:01<Spads>to cat cfq into it
20:02<gpd> <-- Diff copying :)
20:04<Spads>hmmm, I guess the facility to do that is a kernel arg, which is out of the question
20:04<efudd>vim -d, eh?
20:24<Spads>heh, I knew about *
20:24<Spads>that's an old one
20:24<gpd>That power of :g is curious - not used that much
20:26<Spads>that's old ed commands
20:27<Spads>I occasionally use :g/something/p
20:27<Spads>or :g/re/d
20:27<Spads>gred and grep
20:27<Spads>you can use :g! for grep -v stuff
20:27<gpd>yeah I use %s/foo/bar/ but that looks useful
20:27<Spads>ooh or :v
20:28<Spads>well this isn't substitution
20:28<Spads>this is just listing all those lines
20:28<Spads>or deleting them by regex
20:28<Eman>interesting, i have toilet cleaner called vim
20:28<Spads>I map gq to Q
20:28<Spads>because that's where it first was in vim
20:29<Spads>they made Q ex mode in vim now, to be posix compliant or something
20:29<Spads>but really
20:29<Spads>if i want to go to ex mode, I'm not afraid of typing :ex
20:29|-|cout [] has joined #linode
20:30<Spads>oh yeah, :argdo was a big one a couple years ago
20:30<Spads>I think npmr showed it to us
20:30<Spads>I had forgotten about it
21:29<Spads>✈ |✵^````
21:29<encode>yay for smartmontools
21:30<@linbot>New news from forums: Sticky: Xen Beta Gotchas and Known Issues in Xen Public Beta <>
21:50<Spads>✈ |❁ ^```
22:10|-|adamg [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:15|-|xptek [~xptek@] has joined #linode
22:15<xptek>caker: You around?
22:20<@caker>xptek: yup
22:20<xptek>Mind a quick PM?
22:24|-|Kelsey23 [] has joined #linode
22:27[~]taupehat been afkz0r
22:27<gpd>is there a way to verify/check/fix a DVD.iso image? VLC and other DVD players stop halfway through
22:27<@caker>taupehat: welcome back
22:27<taupehat>moving house is...
22:28<taupehat>anyhow, hi
22:28<@caker>BTDT :)
22:28<xptek>Is there any way to make emerge not suck? :(
22:28<Spads>alas, no
22:28<Spads>most gentoo users on UML do a few basic things
22:28<taupehat>xptek: yeah, don't use it =P
22:29<Spads>namely, never upgrading libc
22:29<Spads>or using the binary packages for everything
22:29<xptek>I'm talking in general, heh.
22:29<taupehat>hey caker did my host reboot or something?
22:29<JasonF>taupehat: which host?
22:29<taupehat>did my node?
22:29<JasonF>host 15 hasn't rebooted in my lifetime, i think
22:30<taupehat>qwest dsl is fast, but their dns servers are SLOOOOW
22:30<@caker>taupehat: no .. your last boot job was on the 14th
22:30<xptek>caker: Damn, I need to do that on here.
22:30<npmr>you use your isp's dns servers?
22:30<taupehat>caker: speaking of which... =]
22:30[~]taupehat will bbiaf
22:35|-|taupehat_ [] has joined #linode
22:35<taupehat_>trying to halt host
22:35<taupehat_>it is kind of slow
22:36<taupehat_>shutdown: timeout opening/writing control channel /dev/initctl
22:36<taupehat_>for init:
22:37<taupehat_>my silly swerver won't halt
22:37<taupehat_>ahh there it would seem to go... =]
22:38<taupehat_>it looks like I have an extra shutdown in queue
22:39[~]taupehat_ is trying to do his migration here
22:39<@caker>the migration thing does that
22:39<taupehat_>I need to configure refresh-block extension to whitelist
22:40<taupehat_>so is this also the ram upgrade?
22:40<@caker>taupehat_: yes
22:45|-|taupehat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:08|-|Netsplit <-> quits: Guest5500
23:09|-|Netsplit over, joins: Guest5500
23:23|-|taupehat [] has joined #linode
23:24<@caker>taupehat: all good?
23:24<taupehat>all good caker thanks =]
23:24<@caker>nice ..
23:24<taupehat>send me the bill already
23:25<@caker>all your disk images appear?
23:25[~]taupehat checks
23:26<taupehat>heh, yeah
23:26<taupehat>all both of them
23:26<taupehat>if I ever need drive space, it's nice to know that in some fit of desperation I decided to give myself a 608 meg swap image
23:26[~]caker flexes
23:27<@caker>taupehat: it's only 96M, despite the name
23:27<taupehat>yeah, flex all you want then
23:27<@caker>taupehat: Free: 2304 Megabytes
23:27|-|taupehat_ [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
23:27[~]caker kills bugs. Dead.
23:29|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:44<taupehat>as of this moment, I have a new place called "digs" or perhaps "home" complete with very fast dsl, and my linode is a xenode with more ram
23:44<taupehat>this is good stuff!
23:44<taupehat>if only I had booze, or better yet a woman
23:50<taupehat>taupehat:~# cat /proc/io_status
23:50<taupehat>cat: /proc/io_status: No such file or directory
23:50<taupehat>O RLY?
23:53<Spads>QUITE RLY
23:53<taupehat>so like
23:53<taupehat>who knew the easter bunny was in the bible
23:56<Spads>the gospels, no less
23:56<taupehat>someone better tell the fundies so they quit complaining that the easter bunny is pagan
23:57<taupehat>ahh, I want to be looking at /proc/xen/balloon now
---Logclosed Thu Mar 30 00:00:00 2006