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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-03-31

---Logopened Fri Mar 31 00:00:48 2006
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00:24<gpd>caker: nice work on the kernel... anybody tested it yet?
00:24<@caker>gpd: not that I know of
00:24<gpd>ok - i'll have a shewanga at it
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00:25<geepeedee>here goes...
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00:27<geepeedee>up she comes
00:27<@caker>move /lib/tls back into place?
00:29<geepeedee>seemingly it is there without me doing anything?
00:30<geepeedee>i think libc6 was updated in ubuntu recently
00:30<geepeedee>but my linode didn't have any ill effects ???
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00:33<gpd>gpd@www:~$ uname -a
00:33<gpd>Linux #1 Thu Mar 30 23:52:33 EST 2006 i686 GNU/Linu
00:34<gpd>what programs require TLS?
00:36<@caker>ldd for one
00:37<gpd>gpd@www:/lib$ ls -dl tls
00:37<gpd>drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 2048 Mar 25 09:14 tls
00:38<gpd>gpd@www:/lib$ ldd /usr/bin/mysql => (0xffffe000) => /lib/ (0x4001e000)
00:38<@caker>my sshd (on debian-unstable) uses /lib/tls stuff
00:39<@caker>so does top, it looks like
00:39<gpd>seems to work then - nicely done - although why the dir was there before and I had no problems is anyone's guess
00:40<@caker>on a 2.6-um kernel?
00:40<gpd>yeah - does it require a reboot to come into effect?
00:40<gpd>as i remember a libc6 update
00:40<@caker>I wouldn't think so, but you never know
00:42<@caker>gpd: maybe run ldconfig
00:42[~]caker shrugs
00:43<gpd>does apt produce logs like aptitude?
00:43<gpd>ldconfig done
00:43<gpd>still fine
00:43<@caker>gpd: /var/log/dpkg.log
00:44<gpd>2006-03-25 09:15:29 status installed libc6-dev 2.3.5-1ubuntu12.5.10.1
00:44<gpd>my linode has obviously run since then without problem despite /lib/tls
00:45<@caker>on a 2.6 kernel?
00:45<gpd>with mucho ssh and mysql
00:45<gpd>maybe ubuntu know something debian doesn't
00:45<gpd>if(uml){don't load /lib/tls;} ?
00:46<@caker>reboot back and see
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00:50<sydguy>I didn't really know who to ask but some tech gurus tend to hang out on the channel, so apologies that this isn't linux related, but here goes: I have a dell inspiron 710m laptop, and a 160GB Seagate IDE HDD in a USB2/1394 enclosure. The enclosure works fine on my Win2K desktop, but the drive partitions aren't recognised by my WinXP laptop using USB2 or firewire. I suspect the laptop isn't doing LBA properly (required for disks >128GB) but it should be
00:51[~]caker wonders if sydguy's comment got cut off ... "(required for disks >128GB) but it should be"
00:52<gpd_>gpd@www:~$ uname -a
00:52<gpd_>Linux 2.6.15-linode16 #1 Wed Jan 4 17:30:25 EST 2006 i686 GNU/Linux
00:52<sydguy>thanks ...but it should be enabled by default on WinXP SP2 (which I have installed). Any ideas?
00:52<gpd_>gpd@www:~$ ldd /usr/bin/mysql => (0xffffe000) => /lib/ (0x4001e000)
00:52<gpd_>sydguy: if it works on 2K it should work on XP... no clue
00:52<@caker>gpd_: dmesg | grep -i TLS, please
00:53<gpd_>caker: nada
00:53<@caker>gpd_: weird
00:53<sydguy>thanks gpd_ yeah I'm clueless too
00:53<gpd_>sydguy: are the partitions actually Volumes?
00:54<gpd_>caker: any other tests?
00:54<@caker>gpd_: one sec
00:55<sydguy>um the partitions, I think so.. WinXP sees the drive as a "foreign disk" but won't let me import it.
00:55<sydguy>yet my win2k machine sees the whole thing fine
00:55<sydguy>so I'm suspecting the whole >128GB thing
00:56<gpd_>hmm... foreign disk sounds like windowsism rather than bios issue
00:56<sydguy>it's tricky!
00:56<sydguy>esp a USB drive, shouldn't be hampered by BIOS
00:56<sydguy>same response with firewire too (it's a combo enclosure)
00:56<sydguy>been googling all afternoon on it
00:56<gpd_>look at the partition table in administraition tools
00:57<sydguy>well that's what I've tried
00:57<sydguy>but WinXP says "foreign disk" and won't show the partition table.. :p
00:57<gpd_>can't you 'import foreign disk' or something equally weird
00:57<sydguy>you should be able to
00:58<sydguy>but won't give me that option
00:58<gpd_>i remember doing something like that with a Volume based partition
00:58<sydguy>hence the suspicion it isn't reading the entire partition table properly
00:58<sydguy>and the sub suspicion that LBA addressing isn't being honoured
00:58<gpd_>is the data nowhere else... ?
00:58<sydguy>gpd, I tried going to and no web site there..
00:58<gpd_>tried a linux live disk?
00:59<gpd_>caker - verily - you are correct... must be reboot issue
00:59<sydguy>um it's all good gpd the usb disk works fine on my win2k machine, if I have to I'll just ethernet the data across
00:59<gpd_>i'll go back to 2.6.16 then :)
01:00<@caker>gpd_: things stopped working?
01:00<gpd_>well mysql ain't working - hence the lack of site
01:02<gpd_>caker: ssh now frozen :) rebooting promptly
01:03<gpd_>does the rest of the country have a day off tomorrow? or just .ca?
01:04<sydguy>what is the title of the holiday?
01:04<gpd_>Cesar Chavez (very CA!)
01:06<gpd_>caker: gpd@www:~$ dmesg | grep -i TLS
01:06<gpd_>Host TLS support detected
01:07<gpd_>everything is as expected
01:08<gpd_>WinXP Home does not support dynamic NTFS partitions!
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01:14<gpd_>sydguy: seemingly Knoppix can read dynamic ntfs - but if you can dual boot 2K you will be able to get the data off anyway... i just hope you have somewher to put it
01:14<gpd>!insult gpd_
01:14<@linbot>gpd_ - You are nothing but a reeky assload of weasel-smelling snake.
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05:12<@mikegrb>gpd: not so much the reboot as restart of tls affected software that was needed, so since sshd wasn't restarted after the libc upgrade it didn't have problems as it was using the old version and no tls, same for other stuff
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07:15<warewolf>more people signing up for RML
07:15<warewolf>59 active + 10 inactive lamers
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09:00<iggy>caker: you abouts?
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09:49<tsi>errggg "oops"
09:49<tsi>bought a gig to make a new root partition, with the intent of dropping a gig off the old one a month later
09:49<tsi>just now realized the gig i bought is 1024 and the gig i'm about to dump is 1000
09:49[~]tsi shaves off a bit of swap, slides everything under the rug
09:50<tsi>stupid 10^ and 2^
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09:57<gpd>warewolf: you should have 9 inactive lamers now :P
09:58<gpd>I thought you had deleted my account - but turns out i was just using the wrong pw
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10:01<gpd>or not...
10:02<tsi>i wish my physical hosts booted as fast as uml
10:02<gpd>caker: gpd@www:/proc$ ls io_status
10:02<gpd>ls: io_status: No such file or directory
10:03<gpd>couldn't open /proc/io_status for reading (No such file or directory) at ./ line 35.
10:06<iggy>gpd: xen?
10:07<@mikegrb>gpd: with the brand new kernel, right?
10:07<tsi>that was my thought
10:09<gpd>sorry - mikegrb yes - iggy no
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10:09<@mikegrb># mconsole gpd io_status 2>/dev/null
10:09<gpd>[gpd@host47 lish]# io_status
10:09<@mikegrb>OK io_count=1090169 io_rate=0 io_tokens=399996 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
10:09<gpd>OK io_count=1090172 io_rate=3 io_tokens=400000 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
10:09<@mikegrb>caker forget to apply the io_status proc patch
10:10<@mikegrb>so the io token stuff is there you just can't see it from inside the node
10:10<@mikegrb>I'll make sure he sees this
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10:31<iggy>caker: I'm ready when you are (but no rush... I'll be around)
10:31[~]mikegrb rushes iggy
10:36[~]gpd discovers x2vnc for windows laptop, ubuntu desktop switcherama
10:38<cmantito>I prefer synergy2
10:38<cmantito>multiple OSs, more than one system. I go iBook-Linux-Winders
10:39[~]gpd looks
10:39<efudd>synergy occasionally goes into strange states
10:39<efudd>but is good.
10:40<cmantito>only *real* problem I have is when i leave one screen and a modifier gets "stuck" down.
10:40<gpd>is x2vnc bad? or is this just better?
10:40<cmantito>I think this is just better. x2vnc should work.
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10:57<gpd>Detected spyware: tightvnc !
10:58<@mikegrb>you are so tight
11:05<gpd>grr... synergy failed to connect: incompatible client 1.2...
11:08[~]gpd aliens synergy 1.3 rpm - error loading shared libraries...
11:08<gpd>maybe i should stick with x2vnc!
11:16<gpd>ok - all working :)
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11:22<gpd>oh dear - reboot failed it seems
11:23<@caker>gpd: hmm?
11:23<gpd>says powered off
11:23<gpd>but lpm says boot success
11:23<@caker>logview via Lish?
11:23<gpd>TCP reno registered
11:23<gpd>IPv4 over IPv4 tunneling driver
11:23<gpd>GRE over IPv4 tunneling driver
11:23<gpd>ip_conntrack ve
11:23<gpd>stops after that
11:23<@caker>which host?
11:24<@caker>fire off another reboot, I guess
11:24<gpd>no reboot - trying boot
11:25<gpd>says success but not true :(
11:25<gpd>trying reboot from lish
11:25<gpd>going down...
11:26<gpd>nope... still busted
11:26<@mikegrb>the success reffers to the boot job being successfully run, not necessarily that the linode successfully booted
11:27<gpd>reboot from lish also didn't work
11:27<@caker>gpd: issue another boot, please
11:27<gpd>from lish or lpm?
11:27<@caker>doesn't matter
11:27<gpd>i also have two dead screens in lish
11:28<jekil>how much time to enter in the xen beta test after request?
11:28<gpd> * Starting OpenBSD Secure Shell server... [fail]
11:29<@caker>huh .. statusd is killing your node
11:29<gpd>it is running but behaving like tls is causing problems
11:29<gpd>shall i revert to 2.6.15?
11:29<gpd>or do you wish to test stuff?
11:29<@caker>it's not a kernel problem
11:30<gpd>it was fine last night on reboot into new 2.6.16... ?
11:31<gpd>trying 2.6.15
11:32<gpd>seems fine now after mv /lib/tls
11:32<@caker>it's not a kernel problem <-- :)
11:33<gpd>no - seems fine after boot into 2.6.15!
11:33<@caker>move it back into place, please
11:33<@caker>I'm fixing stuff
11:33<@caker>can we reboot back into 2.6.16?
11:33<gpd>yeah - one sec
11:34<gpd>what were you fixing?
11:34<@caker>debugging. more like it
11:35<@caker>ok .. statusd and dispatch were racing
11:35<gpd>ok up with 16... moving tls back
11:36<gpd>restarting mysql - ok
11:36<@caker>ok -- let's make sure it isn't the UML crashing (pretty sure it wasn't, cause status was killing off your UML)
11:36<@caker>we should reboot once with that new kernel and /tls in place
11:36<gpd>k - going down again
11:37<gpd>err... just rebooted... logged in... and spontaneous reboot?
11:38<gpd>maybe queued from lpm?
11:38<@caker>ah shit, I know what that is
11:38<gpd>SysRQ: emergency sync
11:39<gpd>up again
11:39<@mikegrb>har har har
11:39<gpd>seems to be staying up this time
11:39<gpd>what was that all about?
11:40<@mikegrb>spam sent to from a Linode IP
11:40<@mikegrb>oh nm read sendmail's headers wrong
11:40<@mikegrb>it helo'ed with the mail server's ip
11:47<jekil>how much time to enter in the xen beta test after request?
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11:58<@caker>jekil: one sec
11:58<@caker>jekil: not long .. did you submit one?
11:59<jekil>caker: yes
11:59<@caker>jekil: which username?
11:59<jekil>caker: snakeuno
12:01<jekil>caker: i must upgrade to 2.6 now or after migration?
12:05<@caker>jekil: xen is 2.6 only .. there's really nothing to do but migrate and boot back up
12:05<@caker>jekil: migration configured
12:06<jekil>caker: ok, thanks
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12:23<snorp>hey dudes
12:23<snorp>so I just got he info for the xenode migration thing
12:23<snorp>but I can't seem to find the info about it from the overview page
12:24<snorp><- retarded
12:24<@caker>snorp: one moment
12:26<@caker>snorp: check your email again, please -- there's an updated email for you
12:31<fo0bar> <-- caker
12:32<@caker>Total memory: 303780k ?!
12:32<@caker>er, 30380k
12:33<fo0bar>yeah, 32MB on most models
12:33<fo0bar>I *think* the earliest ones had 16
12:33<@caker>that's a nano, right?
12:33<fo0bar>but I've only tested this on a nano and a 3G
12:33<@caker>cool ... I'll need to try that :)
12:34<@caker>welp .. a libc upgrade on host27 got totally botched
12:34<@caker>I managed to move the correct libs onto the drive, just not in the correct place
12:34<@caker>looks like I'll need to boot into an initrd with some tools to fix this :(
12:34<@caker>anyhow, I'm going to leave it like it is for now (nodes are still running)
12:36<gpd>Finnix-iPod includes OpenSSH, but is not started by default. This is because the server key generation takes FOREVER. I tried to let it generate the server keys, but gave up after almost a full day of waiting. <-- haha
12:36<@mikegrb>fo0bar: what is the name of your employer?
12:36<fo0bar>gpd: that's what happens when you try to do key-based encryption on something as powerful as a toaster :)
12:36<fo0bar>mikegrb: why?
12:36<@mikegrb>so I can send you flowers?
12:37<@mikegrb>I'm watching that episode of diggnation
12:38<fo0bar>twelve horses, it was mentioned a few times
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12:44<gpd>fo0bar: what speed are the iPods? they must have hardware mp3/aac decoders?
12:49[~]mikegrb decodes gpd
12:49<@linbot>New news from forums: Distro: Finnix 87.0 in Announcements <>
12:49[~]mikegrb <3 his new computer
12:50[~]gpd searches for iPod cable
12:51<warewolf>you are kidding
12:52<warewolf>finnix for the iPod?
12:52<warewolf>please tell me that was a joke.
12:52<Spads>warewolf: it doesn't run sendmail, sorry.
12:52<warewolf>Spads: go away.
12:52<gpd>April 1st is tomorrow...
12:52<gpd>what timezone is fo0bar in? heh
12:53<Spads>Sat Apr 1 03:53:01 JST 2006
13:01[~]caker walsk away from host27 before stabbing himself
13:02<snorp>is there anything happening on upgrading the FC distros available? :)
13:03<gpd>snorp: why do you use FC on a linode? VNC?
13:03<@mikegrb>they are the versions they were due to limitations of FC
13:03<snorp>gpd: I hate debian
13:03<snorp>gpd: (hate is a little strong)
13:03<@mikegrb>gpd: he doesn't like it when computers just work
13:03[~]mikegrb runs away
13:04<gpd>is ubuntu any better than debian in your opinion?
13:04<snorp>mikegrb: I thought it was just the lack of nptl that was causing problems
13:04<snorp>ubuntu does seem better
13:04<snorp>gpd: I work for novell
13:04<@mikegrb>snorp: but that doesn't require the other distros to be ancient
13:04<snorp>gpd: so I have a pre-disposition to rpm distros
13:04<snorp>(and, also, distros that suck)
13:05<snorp>mikegrb: nod
13:05<gpd>badger caker to make opensuse image?
13:05<snorp>ok, I still want my linode to work :)
13:05<gpd>you really do work for Novell! :)
13:05<@mikegrb>the specific issue wrt to nptl is FC has stuff staticly linked to libaries using nptl
13:06<@mikegrb>so there is no way around it
13:06<snorp>yeah, but that should be ok on xen though, right?
13:06<@mikegrb>and the newest uml kernel available has nptl support as well
13:06<gpd>or with the new 2.6.16 kernel no?
13:06<snorp>yeah, noticed that
13:06<@mikegrb>believe it was made available within the last day or two
13:07<tierra>I do believe his original question still stands then... "is there anything happening on upgrading the FC distros available?"
13:07<gpd>true - but it is possible to update with yum and crossed fingers
13:08<gpd>maybe a little light animal sacrifice
13:10<@mikegrb>tierra: it will happen eventually, that was an explanation for why it hasn't happened yet
13:10<tierra>k, cuz I was kinda curious too
13:10<@mikegrb>that and it looks like only 7% of users have a FC2 deployment
13:11<snorp>what are most people using?
13:11<snorp>don't say debian
13:11<@mikegrb>49% debian
13:11<gpd>how many ubuntu now?
13:11<tierra>too many
13:11<snorp>I can't believe people use gentoo
13:12<snorp>on a linode
13:12<npmr>isn't there a pie graph on the website somewhere?
13:12<@mikegrb>not publicly available
13:12<snorp>like, isn't that the most painful thing you can imagine?
13:12<gpd>snorp: you are clearly itching for a distrofight
13:12<Spads>snorp: I hear they don't upgrade libc ever
13:12<snorp>gpd: :)
13:12<snorp>Spads: heh
13:13<snorp>mikegrb: how many centos
13:13<Spads>I dunno, I hear there's a way you can grab all binary packages
13:13<snorp>I would be using centos if 4.x was out when I got my linode
13:13<Spads>so maybe that's how they do it
13:13<Spads>okay, I should go get lunches
13:16<tierra>no reason you couldn't run Gentoo on your Linode if your building packages on a remote box with the same profile
13:35<JasonF>i run it and compile stuff locally
13:35<JasonF>you just have to be veryyy savvy
13:39<Spads>which rules out most gentoo users
13:39<tierra>and put up with an hour or two of downtime per week while you build packages (as none of your running services are going to be very useful while compiling, and if you keep them running, it's only going to slow down your build time)
13:39<Spads>tierra: no, he said compile stuff locally
13:40<gpd>I am confused... a few days ago it was stated that there was no BSD for Xen... ???
13:40<tierra>I just assumed "you just have to be veryyy savvy" implied that he really meant he builds on his Linode
13:41<tierra>as it's sort of a contradictory statement to what I said
13:41<gpd>yet the Xen 2.x Demo CD includes BSD guests
13:41<tierra>maybe no BSD for Xen on Linode currently
13:43<gpd>21:33 <@caker> BSD Xenodes are only a possiblity when there are tools for Linux to manage BSD filesystems
13:46<@mikegrb>can't mount a bsd fs from inside linux
13:47<gpd>so this breaks the lpm or other linode magick?
13:49<@mikegrb>well it makes it impossible to set the root password in the image
13:49<@mikegrb>that's the main thing
13:51<gpd>what about separate LPM running on BSD host?
13:52<gpd>too much pain for too little gain - not enough demand for BSD?
13:52<@linbot>New news from forums: lindoe vs. godaddy's virtual dedicated servers in Sales Questions and Answers <>
13:53<tierra>that sounds like a fun forum topic
13:53<tierra>I was fairly surprised the first time I found out GoDaddy did VPSs...
13:53<@mikegrb>the guy that left us for godaddy and then came back to us after godaddy deleted his fses should reply
13:54<gpd>might be him... he talks about leaving and then coming back ^^
13:54<gpd>The nightmare story: one Sunday afternoon my GoDaddy VPS just vanished. BOFF! Gone. About 12h later and numerous tickets I was told there was a security breach.
13:54<tierra>I would of thought GoDaddy needed to first fix up their shared hosting system to something a little more usable before offering VPSs
13:55<gpd>they recently decided to drop Linux and go with MS... cretins
13:58<@mikegrb> <-- end of the month
13:59<gpd>% Cum --- haha - I get a lot of that type of spam
13:59<@mikegrb>it's Cum %, silly
14:00<@mikegrb>bendy24, who isn't here at the moment as he is moving, is mentioned in the source
14:00<@mikegrb># bendy24 will love this one
14:01<gpd>cummulative = 369,000 pages with incorrect spelling ;)
14:02<@mikegrb>now you know why I abbreviated it ;)
14:02<@mikegrb>didn't feel like opening up the dictionary
14:05<gpd>did you write that perl?
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14:09<@mikegrb>you can click on a graph for a larger image
14:09<@mikegrb>need to get around to stating that in a caption
14:26<@linbot>New news from forums: Scheduled Maintenance: host27 - April 2nd, 7:00 PM Eastern in System and Network Status <>
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15:57<@mikegrb>Checking filesystems
15:57<@mikegrb>WARNING: bad format on line 9 of /etc/fstab
15:57<@mikegrb>/dev/sda1: recovering journal
15:57<@mikegrb>/dev/sda1 has gone 308 days without being checked, check forced.
15:57<@mikegrb>/dev/sda1: 103/26104 files (16.5% non-contiguous), 91505/104391 blocks
15:57<@mikegrb>Checking all file systems.
15:57<@mikegrb>[/sbin/fsck.ext3 (1) -- /boot] fsck.ext3 -a /dev/sda1
15:57<@mikegrb>[ OK ]
16:00<@caker>we just lost power to our apt. complex .. just a strong rain storm .. but then -- sirens
16:00<@caker>it's back now (obviously) :)
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17:28|-|snorp changed nick to snorp|out
17:45<Redgore>heya all
18:09<tierra>mikegrb: there's some weird bug with the "Watch this forum for posts" feature on the forums
18:09<tierra>half the emails I get say "Hello mastabog!" while the other half say "Hello !"
18:10<tierra>I noticed there is a mastabog on the forums
18:10<tierra>but that's not me
18:11<tierra>seems fairly random when it picks one over the other
18:32<gpd>another wierdness from debian->ubuntu = rndc connect failed when restarting bind9 ?
18:34<gpd>since i don't even know what rndc is - this presents a minor problem
18:43<gpd>hmm.. seems i had to setup my rndc.conf and keys to get rndc to work
18:49|-|adamg [] has joined #linode
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19:49<encode>hmm, slashdot is pink
19:49|-|Ascii [] has joined #linode
19:54<alnr>so its not just me
19:54|-|darkbeholder [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:54<encode>hehe alnr
19:54<encode>i believe its april fools related
19:55<alnr>omg ponies!
19:55|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
19:55<gpd>it appears the creators of /.'s last interaction with members of the opposite sex was when they were 8
19:56<encode>cmdrtaco is married
19:56<encode>so hopefuly it was a little later than 8
19:56|-|darkbeholder [] has joined #linode
19:56<@mikegrb>make it more likely to be 8
19:56[~]mikegrb runs
19:57[~]mikegrb has 2.5 GBs of ram in his desktop now
19:57<@mikegrb>and dual 64 bit processors
19:57<@mikegrb>it is > *
19:57<encode>mikegrb.wealth > encode.wealth
19:58<@mikegrb>ha ha no
19:58<@mikegrb>got a giant check from the VA
19:58<@mikegrb>it's my first computer that wasn't roughly the cheapest thing available at the time
19:58<encode>the VA? should i know what that is?
19:58<@mikegrb>Veteran's Administration
19:59<encode>a US thing I guess
19:59<gpd>mikegrb: G5 dual 2.x?
19:59<@mikegrb>was going to get a quad 2.5
19:59<@mikegrb>but decided to get the dual so I could get a spiffy tomtom 700
20:00<encode>so your g5 has dual monitors from the look of that screenshot
20:00<@mikegrb>CRT though :<
20:01<encode>i suppose the giant check wasnt enough for a dual g5, a tomtom700, *and* a 30" apple lcd
20:01<@mikegrb>I tried
20:01<@mikegrb>I could have gotten the lowest end powermac and a 30%
20:01<@mikegrb>but decided this was best for now
20:02<gpd>mikegrb: any new camera gadgets?
20:02<gpd>I got a 1:1 macro lens :)
20:02<@mikegrb>not really
20:02<@mikegrb>unless you count the computer
20:03<@mikegrb>photoshop will run as fast as ms paint now!
20:03<gpd>my gf has a quad 2.5 at work with 30' -- bitch
20:03<@mikegrb>I can see why she is your gf ;)
20:05<gpd>synergy rocks... just woke up laptop and all systems go :)
20:06<@mikegrb>I couldn't make it work with my hardware Xterm though :<
20:06<encode>i haven't really used OS X, or any apple products except an ipod
20:07<encode>but i'm hoping to borrow a friend's ibook thats just upgraded to a macbook
20:07<encode>so then i can see what all the fuss is about ;)
20:08<@mikegrb>got an ibook about 3 years ago
20:08<@caker>har @ slashdot
20:08<@mikegrb>wife said "why, macs suck?"
20:08<@mikegrb>about 5 months ago she got a new computer, she picked a mac mini
20:09<efudd>F /.
20:09<efudd> /. is lame as hell on april1
20:09<efudd>fuckers just DO NOT GET IT
20:09<efudd>send them for something that's kinda funny
20:10<@caker> <-- totally stole my idea
20:10<efudd>the wireless power is good
20:11|-|adamg [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:11<@mikegrb> <-- /me orders 100
20:23<heidi>not a chance
20:24<heidi>the mac mini was not my idea
20:24<heidi>I gave in because mikegrb was mad at me when I tried to say no
20:25<heidi>but I am happy with the mini
20:25<heidi>although compared to the g5 it is slow
20:34|-|hydride [] has quit [Quit: You're not immune, to any disease]
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22:33<fo0bar> <-- SNAKES ON A CAR
22:33<fo0bar>stupid fark redirect
22:36|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:37<fo0bar> <-- hah, look at the grocery store's logo
22:37<fo0bar>seems a bit familiar...
22:38<encode>anyone here had experience with setting up remote X / XDMCP ?
22:42|-|dc0e [] has joined #linode
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22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:07<taupehat>encode: yeah, I run LTSP servers. What's your question?
23:07<warewolf>oh god
23:08<taupehat>4/1 in some parts of the world
23:09<warewolf>I must have the 1up mushroom kit.
23:09<encode>taupehat: well, i'm about to go out unfortunately
23:09<encode>but in a nutshell
23:10<encode>i can connect fine using Xwin-32 and XDMCP
23:10<encode>but i dont want to use Xwin-32 because of its cost
23:10<encode>so, im trying to use Xming
23:10<encode>i connect fine, i see the gdm screen
23:10<encode>enter user name and password
23:10<taupehat>so boot from a knoppix disk and say X -query foo:30
23:10<encode>then nothing, all i see is a blank screen
23:10<warewolf>oh shit
23:11<warewolf>the RFID t-shirt appears to be real?
23:11<taupehat>encode: ping me on monday and I'll link you to some troubleshooting for that
23:11<taupehat>or just boot from knoppix =]
23:13<warewolf>ouch ok
23:13<warewolf>slashdot is blinding me
23:13<encode>the thing i dont understand is why xwin32 will work using xdmcp and not xming
23:13<warewolf>KILL IT WITH FIRE
23:13<taupehat>I'm sure it's an x client thing
23:13<encode>but yeah, like you say, i'll run knoppix and see how i go
23:14<taupehat>like what kind of xterm is it declaring itself to be to the server
23:47<gpd>xlnt boarding dog - i am surprisingly impressed
23:48<taupehat>I thought meh and then he started steering his board
23:49<taupehat>great way to get the dog to exercise, too
23:49<gpd>ya - crazy curb avoidance - obviously he crashed a lot in the past!
23:49<taupehat>he hasn't far to fall
---Logclosed Sat Apr 01 00:00:35 2006