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00:15<@caker>busybox + initrd == saved butt
00:15<@caker>+ PXE boot
00:16<taupehat>what'd you break?
00:16<@caker>host27 failed it's libc upgrade
00:16<taupehat>oh ahh
00:16<taupehat>you broke it and good
00:17<@caker>actually, I kinda saved it, but then it broke again
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00:39<TheFirst>caker: bad caker! go sit in the corner! :P
00:39<@caker>it wasn't me, I swear! :)
00:39<@caker>(seriously) .. something failed during apt-get
00:40<TheFirst>uhhuh sure
00:41<TheFirst>actually...i updated libc on the linode today...caused some problems but at least a fix was documented
01:11<@linbot>New news from forums: Filesystem options? in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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08:22<galexand>i have a billing problem (of my own making *sigh*), are any of the admins up?
08:23<@caker>about to head out -- what's the problem?
08:25<galexand>i got a yearly linode called 'stable'
08:25<galexand>but it was for work, and i handeda ll the passwords over to my coworker, but it wouldn't let me remove my credit card number, so i told him to
08:26<galexand>i'm sure he'd be happy to put his credit card number in now, buti don't want to pay for the next year first.
08:26<galexand>i just put in a gibberish cc# hoping that it hasn't been charged yet and will bounce and he will get a chance to try to deal with that
08:27<galexand>(it is up for renewal today)
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09:12<pingu>Can anyone here tell me if there is something outstandingly hard/impossible about running a grsec kernel under UML?
09:32<iggy>I don't think grsec has been ported to uml (remember in the kernel it's considered a seperate arch)
09:41<pingu>Aah :\ Thanks.
09:41<pingu>So, it requires porting just like xen :\
09:42<pingu>Thanks again. Bye.
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11:36<@linbot>New news from forums: config for 2.6.16-domU-linode1 in Xen Public Beta <>
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16:17<efudd> <- worst F1 crash ever
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16:29<tsi>is that the one where the dude lost his legs but otherwise lived?
16:29[~]tsi loads picture, feels stupid
16:30<tsi>actually i feel significantly un-geeky by not thinking of a keyboard first
16:30<tsi>and given the fact that i'm at work on a saturday, i needed that
16:30<Eman>nascar redneck :p
16:31<tsi>hey! I've never indicated my nascarness on this server!
16:31<tsi>(have i?)
16:31<Eman>im kidding
16:32<efudd>F1 isn't nascar.
16:32[~]tsi googles teh irclogs
16:32<tsi>grb did
16:33<tsi>looks like there was some car talk on 2/14 too
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17:40<fo0bar> <-- pwn3d
17:46<tsi>i like how linux on a cd went from being something that was just run of the mill and useful as a utility into the hottest trend among inexperienced new computer enthusiasts
17:46<warewolf>that's awesome
17:46<tsi>oh, wait, no. what's the opposite of like? hate. right. that's it. i hate it.
17:46<warewolf>I just crank called the girl/guy who lives in my house
17:48<warewolf>oh man
17:48<warewolf>I should crank call my office
17:48<warewolf>call pizza hut or someshit
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17:49<Guest60226>Do you guys take paypal?
17:50<tsi>I sure do!
17:50<tsi>I dunno about though
17:50<fo0bar>Guest60226: I'm not a representative of linode, but I know the answer is no.
17:50<tsi>just paypal me $20 anytime you feel like it
17:51<Guest60226>that's just bull.
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17:51<tsi>having irc client problems today?
17:51<[Doug]>fo0bar: I`d like to figure out why not.
17:51<[Doug]>[6:51pm] *** Douglas is now known as Doug
17:51<[Doug]>[6:51pm] -NickServ- This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your
17:51<[Doug]>[6:51pm] *** Guest60226 is now known as Douglas
17:51<[Doug]>[6:51pm] -NickServ- This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your
17:52<[Doug]>They need. to. take. paypal!
17:52<@mikegrb>paypal isn't really useful for us
17:52<[Doug]>i`m 13.
17:52<@mikegrb>their terms, fees, restrictions on amount of money, etc
17:52<[Doug]>I don`t have a credit card.
17:53<[Doug]>Well, you should make it so only bank accounts can send money..
17:53<@mikegrb>then have one of your parents sign up
17:53<[Doug]>They have no clue I even am getting a VPS, or have paypal.
17:53<[Doug]>If you took paypal, even just as an exception I`d happily buy from you.
17:53<@mikegrb>anyway, at 13 we can't sell you a Linode anyway
17:53<[Doug]>you can't/
17:55<[Doug]>then im 15.
17:55<@mikegrb>doesn't work that way
17:56<[Doug]>i know.
17:56<[Doug]>what age you needa be
18:02<tsi>I certainly laud your effort to learn about computers
18:02<tsi>What are you trying to do?
18:02<tsi>Maybe there are other ways to accomplish it
18:02<[Doug]>i have a vps of my own now but its 20 euros a month for very little
18:02<[Doug]>stupid shitty USD
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18:04<lucca>hm, I sure don't remember spending my childhood cussing about currency negotiations with hosting providers
18:05<tsi>I missed out on that phase, too, but that's only because setting up a BBS involved way more work than installing Apache and writing some PHP code
18:05<lucca>wwiv for the win!
18:05<lucca>well, wildcat was okay
18:05<warewolf>I actually have a tradewars server online RIGHT NOW! :)
18:06<tsi>oh man
18:06<tsi>sign me the hell up
18:06<warewolf>actually it's powered off, now that I look at the power light
18:06<warewolf>*boots winders peecee*
18:06<warewolf>right now due to my cablemodem intenet uscking
18:06<warewolf>you will get an Authentic BBS Experience
18:07[~]lucca cringes
18:07<lucca>I remember playing tradewars at 300baud with no color support. That kinda sucked
18:08<warewolf>have fun
18:09<warewolf>it's tradewars gold too
18:09<warewolf>4 games
18:09<lucca>conn refused....
18:09<warewolf>ok 1 sec
18:16<tsi>holy crap, 4 games to pick from
18:16[~]tsi ferret shock
18:16<warewolf>they're designed with varying levels of playing time
18:16<tsi>whoa. putty does NOT support ansi well
18:16<warewolf>eg, people who HAVE LIVES should play the 500 turn game (I think it's game A)
18:17<lucca>kinda bursty
18:17<lucca>it's cute
18:17<warewolf>if you were getting 25% packet loss you'd be burty too
18:17<lucca>but at this point I think i'd have more fun making a bot to play it
18:18<warewolf>please don't. :)
18:18<lucca>I won't
18:19<tsi>dang you don't show starbase in the info :(
18:19[~]tsi lazy
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18:29<warewolf>god damn
18:29<warewolf>fscking lag
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18:30<lucca>you can generally do irc with up to 90% packet loss
18:30<warewolf>yes, but it's over SSH, and I'm also trying to develop a website at the same time.
18:35<efudd>ok, who pulled out the bbs card
18:35[~]efudd has a valid WWIV registration, majorBBS registration and PCBoard registration upstairs...
18:36<efudd>among other things....
18:36<warewolf>I have lots of porn.
18:36<warewolf>does that count?
18:36<efudd>for shore.
18:46<warewolf>if you want things done right, you have to do them yourself.
18:46[~]warewolf writes his own CGI::Wiki::Formatter module for ratemylinode
18:46<warewolf>... tomorrow.
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19:31<taupehat>so like
19:31<taupehat>we all can thank lilo for that fscking lag
19:38<Spads>taupehat: do you mean Rob Levin?
19:39<taupehat>I do indeed
19:39<Spads>don't call him lilo
19:39<Spads>he is not the maintainer of lilo
19:39<taupehat>good point
19:39<taupehat>he should go as ##lilo
19:39<Spads>he tried forking it once, and failed
19:39<Spads>he should.
19:40[~]taupehat just made the suggestion in #freenode-social
19:41<Spads>how was it received?
19:41<taupehat>17:39 <+gloin> given the freenode naming conventions, perhaps lilo should call himself ##lilo just for consistency's sake =P
19:41<taupehat>17:40 <+nick125> haha
19:41<taupehat>17:40 <+gloin> although I think "mud" might be a better name for him right now
19:41<sonorous>I disagree, "twat" would be much better ;)
19:42<taupehat>perhaps I should turn my bMotion bot loose in there again
19:42<sonorous>bmotion rocks ;
19:42<taupehat>yeah it does
19:42<taupehat>last time I let one go in there it lasted two days
19:43<taupehat>geert twigged it, but now geert's been kicked from the channel along with numist and spb
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21:22[~]taupehat is now known as lilo
21:22[~]taupehat has been kicked from #linode by ChanServ (k-lined permanently. Dork.)
21:31<@caker>is april fools over yet?
21:34<taupehat>about 4 hours left here
21:38<@caker>I love .. always worth a laugh
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22:56<taupehat>hehe lilo got his
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23:03<Spads>oh boy xssfool
23:42<taupehat>21:35 -!- Inc [i=xsst4@arcane/developer/inc] has left #freenode-social [requested by lilo: "yes, #freenode-*social* ;)"]
23:43<taupehat>I think his brain has gone south for what remains of the winter
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23:51<@mikegrb>he hasn't ever had a brain
23:51<taupehat>I think you'll enjoy what ensued
23:51<@mikegrb>nor do many others judging by how many people still seem to be on his network
23:54<chris>I heard about some sort of april fool's joke
23:54<chris>What happened?
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