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00:27<taupehat>someone lend me $3645, and a week of hotel and childcare in Warshington DC in July.
00:31<encode>sure, no problems
00:31<encode>i'll lend you a lear jet or 3 while i'm at it
00:32[~]taupehat wants to attend sansfire
00:32<encode>after all, i'm practically made of mone
00:32<encode>thats why i go to work every day
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03:35<fo0bar>woo, 2.6.17-rc1 released, and officially has the uml tls patches
03:36<fo0bar>hmm, and hotplug memory
03:37<fo0bar> [PATCH] Remove long dead i386 floppy asm code
03:37<fo0bar> It's been disabled since v2.1.88
03:46[~]mikegrb removes the dead foobar, superceded by fo0bar
04:26<encode>hahahah @ long dead i386 floppy asm code
04:45<encode> <-- nice!
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07:21<Balmark>afternoon .. is there anyone here that could answer a quick question about the linode servers please?
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07:24<Balmark>is there anyone here that could answer a quick question about the linode servers for me please?
07:24<Balmark>that is .. are there any servers on the european side? or are all servers hosted in the states?
07:28<Balmark>guess not, thanks
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08:30<Antitribu>hi, has anyone ever had any sucess running a poptop server on a linode? (read the forums, there was talk but no actual "i did it"'s that i've found yet)
08:40<JasonF>what is poptop?
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08:45<Antitribu>never mind :P
08:45<Antitribu>i got it, i'm a clown
08:46<Antitribu>basically windows vpn support
08:46<Antitribu>short version, run the newer kernel
08:47<JasonF>openvpn isnt' that hard to setup :)
08:48<Antitribu>yeh but its not in every copy of windows
08:49<Antitribu>and when you need to explain it to clueless monkeys
08:49<Antitribu>_easy_ is the name of the game
08:53<JasonF>what we do here
08:54<JasonF>is have the certif and config for dl
08:54<JasonF>so you just install ovpn
08:54<JasonF>copy the files
08:54<JasonF>and run it
08:54<JasonF>and it just works
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09:01<cmantito>we distribute small usb keys to the important people with the windows installer, os x installer (and toolbar doohicky), and linux source tgz, as well as a config and certs
09:06<Antitribu>i might look into that
09:06<Antitribu>i know i used to use a usb key with stunnel and a few things
09:06<Antitribu>but it seems like overkill for what i want now
09:07<kvandivo>i can't find the word 'overkill' in my dictionary
09:11<cmantito>tunnelblick! that's the OS X OpenVpn frontend we use.
09:11<cmantito>It's quite excellent.
09:14<Antitribu>i thought i had this running
09:14<Antitribu>if i dont get it running before i crash into the keyboard i'll look at open vpn tomorrow
09:14<cmantito>I like openvpn because it uses a standard TCP socket, instead of other protocols.
09:15<cmantito>a *single* open port as well.
09:15<cmantito>especially useful if you're on £$@%!£%!ing COMCAST which doesn't allow traditional PPTP VPN connections in or out -_-
09:15<Antitribu>is it anything like vtun?
09:15<cmantito>vtun? haven't looked at that.
09:15<Antitribu>i've always used vtun for linux<->linux
09:16<cmantito>it's similar
09:16<Antitribu>cause its single arbitary port, udp, stable as all hell
09:16<Antitribu>and takes approximately 4 seconds to set up
09:16<cmantito>openvpn can use UDP as well, but I prefer TCP myself.
09:16<Antitribu>and i discovered it after doing battle with freeswan for a week
09:17<cmantito>I discovered openvpn after battling with poptop for weeks on end only to find out comcast was blocking the connections -_-
09:18<Antitribu>thats just slack :S
09:18<Antitribu>they are a big isp too hey?
09:18<cmantito>they block incoming PPTP connections unless you get a business account
09:18<Antitribu>sorta like telstra over here in .au
09:18<Antitribu>who thought it would be a super idea to use private addresses in their routing tables
09:18<cmantito>and the block outgoing PPTP connections unless you explicitly request to be allowed, and for a good reason.
09:18<cmantito>verizon does that
09:19<Antitribu>yeh something like that
09:19<Antitribu>telstra wasn't _that_ bad
09:19<Antitribu>you got a public ip
09:19<Antitribu>and somehow it worked
09:19<Antitribu>most of the time
09:19<Antitribu>but a traceroute to anywhere
09:19<Antitribu>and you spent half your time in 10./16
09:20<Antitribu>or /8 sorry
09:20<cmantito>oooh fun.
09:20<Antitribu>yeh, i never did quite figure it out
09:20<Antitribu>i left as soon as i could
09:20<cmantito>verizon "limited business" accounts you got a 10./16, yes 16, not 8, and then you got routed outside through that, and each region was assigned a public IP
09:20<Antitribu>128k upload speed doesn't do it for me
09:20<cmantito>but *only* "limited business" accounts.
09:21<Antitribu>hang on so you dont actually get an ip address?
09:21<cmantito>you get something in the range, but using a /16 mask, so it got confusing.
09:21<Antitribu>and ... why?
09:21<cmantito>cuase that's what verizon does.
09:21[~]cmantito hates verizon, hates verizon we does.
09:23<Antitribu>thats just whole new levels of messed up
09:23<cmantito>afaik, they've stopped doing it, but I'm not sure of that.
09:23<cmantito>I haven't touched one of those accounts in about 2 years now.
09:28<Antitribu>i can see why
09:30<cmantito>the biggest telephone company in the US has no respect for standards. tis a shame.
09:32<Antitribu>in my xp, no phone company anywhere has respect for them
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09:33<Antitribu>telstra are terrible
09:33<cmantito>some do, but i's uncommon.
09:33<Antitribu>they are still installing RIMs
09:33<Antitribu>(breaking dsl compatibility)
09:33<Antitribu>they only recently decided a proprietary cable network was probably not a good way to go
09:34<Antitribu>and while i was connected to them
09:34<Antitribu>they lost the webservers
09:34<Antitribu>with everyones web pages on it
09:34<Antitribu>*poof* gone
09:34<Antitribu>they said "oops"
09:35<Antitribu>pointed to the contract
09:35<Antitribu>and said please restore from a backup
09:35<Antitribu>email frequently took a day or two to deliver
09:35<Antitribu>and there were _insane_ limits
09:36<Antitribu>like 10 an hour per ip or something
09:36<cmantito>that blows.
09:36<Antitribu>yeh, was nuts
09:36<Antitribu>and a few of my friends left a bit torrent on
09:36<Antitribu>and racked up a $9k bill
09:38<Antitribu>ok, thanks all for the chat
09:38<Antitribu>i gota get to bed
09:38<Antitribu>nite/morning which ever is applicable
09:38<cmantito>heh, thanks for keeping me from being entirely bored. night ;)
09:38<cmantito>well, night for you ;)
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13:44<@linbot>New news from forums: new customers and xen in Xen Public Beta <>
13:47<afv-13>ya, it's best to keep that in a seperate thread
13:47<afv-13>idiot moaning cause he wan't something for free
13:49<fo0bar>"I'm sorry, the xen beta is not available to people of your race, gender, religion or political affiliation."
13:50<fo0bar>seriously, I want to be linode employee #3, just so I can walk around with a baseball bat
13:52<@caker>fo0bar: seriously, send me your resume
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14:31<@linbot>New news from forums: mysql-benchmark-4.1 results in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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14:46<Spads>You would.
14:49<@linbot>New news from forums: Filesystem options? in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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16:01<@linbot>New news from forums: Announcement: Xen Public Beta in Xen Public Beta <>
16:04<kvandivo>i have to say.. all 4 of 'new's posts have been a useful allocation of electrons
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16:12<@linbot>New news from forums: Kernel: with NPTL/TLS support in Announcements <>
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16:14<afv-13>i'm not seeing what's new with these posts
16:17<@caker>afv-13: is that all the kernel output from that BUG?
16:18<afv-13>after that it's jjust something about not syncing
16:18<afv-13>just that 1 line
16:18<@caker>and just a kill $pid will cause that?
16:18<afv-13>about half the time
16:19<afv-13>other half kill does nothing
16:20<afv-13>maybe i should just move to xen beta, but then there is the IP change
16:26<fo0bar>14:25 <@squinky> <-- Featured Download: Finnix 87.0 For iPod
16:26<fo0bar>14:25 <@squinky> ^-- fo0bar is a bad bad man
16:26<fo0bar>14:26 <%fo0bar> what hath I wrought?
16:26<fo0bar>14:26 <@squinky> rating: *****
16:29<@caker>heh .. featured download
16:30<fo0bar>I downloaded Finnix for iPod, and instantly I turned into one of those indie dirty hippie guys you see shaking their groove thang on those Apple commercials. And I like it!
16:30<fo0bar>Thanks Finnix!
16:30<fo0bar>^^^ I'm going to hell.
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17:32<fo0bar>3U, top-of-the-line dual xeon, 12GB RAM, 7.5TB raw disk... $9700
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18:08<fo0bar>starttime=$(date +%s)
18:08<fo0bar>while [ $(date +%s) -lt $((${starttime} + 1800)) ]; do dd if=/dev/hdc of=/dev/null
18:08<fo0bar>^^ /usr/local/bin/drycd
18:09<Spads>um what
18:09<fo0bar>I wish I didn't have to do that, but these damn things don't seem to want to dry without spinning at 10k RPM for a bit
18:09<Spads>just to spin it up for an hour or something?
18:09<fo0bar>Spads: to dry the printed finnix cds
18:09<Spads>you mean *ink*
18:10<Spads>I thought you regularly dunk CD-ROMs in beer
18:10<Spads>and needed to dry them
18:10<Spads>for commercial offsite backup
18:10<fo0bar>it's probably not doing any good for the cdrom drive either
18:10<fo0bar>but I'm using a dvdrw that I stopped burning on because it was producing unbootable cds half the time
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18:15<fo0bar>TheFirst: Green Bay?
18:15<TheFirst>hmmm anyone know of some good free backup mx providers? could swear i remember seeing a few mentioned here a while back but names escape me
18:15<TheFirst>fo0bar: ?
18:16<fo0bar>TheFirst: never mind then :) your username (GaveUp) reminded me of somebody from a mailing list
18:23<fo0bar>TheFirst: I know there are a few out there, I think the forums talk about an inter-linode exchange
18:23<fo0bar>but these days, I don't use backup MX for my personal stuff. too much spam gets directed directly at backup MXs
18:25<TheFirst>naw dont care about personal either
19:01<encode>i use zoneedit for all my dns needs
19:01<encode>free for up to 5 names
19:01<encode>you can do backup mx, plus all the other usual dns stuff
19:01|-|Electric1lf [~dbharris@] has joined #linode
19:01<encode>its not a registrar tho - you need a registered domain name, and configure it via the registrar to point the dns entries to zoneedit
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19:34<fake>caker, around?
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19:41<fake>I think your credit card charging code is buggy ;p msg me when you see this
19:41<Spads>fake: you may want to ping mikegrb too
19:52<@caker>fake: buggy, how?
19:53<@caker>fake: ok, never mind -- I got the bug emails
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20:44<@caker>huh .. MS is giving away Virtual Server
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20:45<@caker>also, they've partnered with the Xen folks, licensing the Virtual Hard Disk file format (?) from them
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20:51<@caker>ok, read that wrong .. s/from them/to them/ .. that makes more sense
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21:10[~]cmantito prods fo0bar
21:11<cmantito>thanks! ^.^
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21:32<cmantito>I got TWO cds.
21:32<cmantito>woot :)
21:49[~]cmantito --sleep 12h &
22:17<fo0bar>cmantito: yeah, I felt bad about sending you an 86.2 CD while I had just finished mastering 87.0, so I burned that as a normal copy
22:18<cmantito>thanks. ^.^
22:18<cmantito>now does the 87.0 copy work with my iPod mini? ;)
22:19<@mikegrb>you have to pay extra for that
22:19<cmantito>(and for reference, you an point out on your april fool's page that the iPod nano/5G iPod's don't even _have_ firewire, so 1394 networking shouldn't even be thought of in that context.)
22:19<cmantito>(also, afaik, no iPod can do networking over USB yet)
22:20<cmantito>anyway, thanks for the discs, I shall thoroughly enjoy them, and I'm off to bed.
22:24<@caker>any way to echo characters (say, into /proc/sysrq-trigger) with just a working bash and a broken libc?
22:26<JasonF>what's you break!
22:26<JasonF>you broke host51 again, admit it!
22:26<@caker>nope, host27's libc update failed, leaving it borked
22:26<Spads>caker: busybox?
22:26<Spads>how broken?
22:26<@caker>Spads: well, yeah -- that's what I'm waiting on (a reboot from TP) ... I've got an initrd+busybox combo standing by
22:26<@caker>that'll fix it -- I just didn't want to wait on TP and/or if I need to reboot it again
22:27<Spads>ah, no sash?
22:27<@caker>I'm in via screen
22:27<@caker>oh ..
22:27<Spads>statically linked root shell
22:27<Spads>it may be in there by default
22:27<Spads>lifesaver for all systems
22:28<@caker>nothing in /bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin :(
22:28<Spads>and "echo fdasdfa > /proc/goober" doesn't work for you?
22:29<@caker>echo is dead
22:29<JasonF>caker: can you cat things?
22:29<Spads>it's a bash builtin
22:29<Spads>JasonF: no, cat is an external prog
22:29<@caker>huh .. it's not, wow
22:29<@caker>Spads: yeah, echo is working .. I'm an idiot
22:29<Spads>that's how I ls when libc is borked
22:29<Spads>I do "echo *"
22:29<@caker>oh well -- they're rebooting it now
22:29<Spads>and "echo /var/goober/*
22:29<fo0bar>/bin/echo exists, but it's also a bash builtin
22:30<Spads>damn posix
22:30<fo0bar>but I can't remember which one takes preference
22:30<Spads>the builtin
22:30<Spads>but yeah
22:30<Spads>also, when things go pear-shaped, it's time to use pushd instead of cd
22:30<@caker>I really hope this goes smoothly
22:30<Spads>helps you keep perspective
22:30<@caker>I can see this turning ugly, quick
22:31<Spads>fo0bar: you can explicitly state "builtin echo ..."
22:31<@caker>to the tune of $150/hr
22:32<@caker>heh, well that worked, but I missed hitting DEL to enter BIOS
22:32<@caker>TP will reboot it...
22:32<Spads> heh
22:32<@caker>I really should be netbooting all these boxes
22:33<Spads>caker: you should consider installing sash on the hosts, but not the sashroot user.
22:33<JasonF>Spads: is that the actual syntax?
22:33<fo0bar>caker: wait, won't broken libc + reboot = doom?
22:33<Spads>JasonF: I think so. why?
22:33<Spads>[nick@xyzzy(~)] builtin echo hi
22:33<@caker>fo0bar: netboot+initrd+busybox == kickass
22:34<fo0bar>caker: ahh, I missed that part
22:34<Spads>fo0bar: builtin takes precedence
22:34<Spads>[nick@xyzzy(~)] type -t echo
22:34<Spads>[nick@xyzzy(~)] type -t /bin/echo
22:34<efudd>heh even.
22:35<efudd>there is a reason i don't have any machines remote. :) I refuse to rely on anyone to do anything other than hit a button.
22:35[~]caker double checks his config
22:36<@caker># cat pxelinux.cfg/default
22:36<@caker>DEFAULT pxelinux.cfg/vmlinuz- ramdisk_size=61440 initrd=initrd-lvm2.gz lvm2rescue root=/dev/md0 elevator=cfq console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200
22:36[~]caker goes for i
22:36<efudd>even looks sane.
22:36<efudd>hrm. two console='s?
22:36<Spads>20:36 <Rattus> I remember one time I hosed all the shared libraries on my computer, and drdink /dcc me a few so I could get everything working again
22:36[~]efudd scribbles notes
22:36<Spads>that's a great story
22:36<efudd>spads, at some poitn in my past, circa ~1992, I had that done.
22:37<@caker>here goes ...
22:37<Spads>I think I've done similar, but not irc
22:37<Spads>just scp
22:37<efudd>libc upgrade gone bad.
22:37<Spads>or something like that
22:37<efudd>wayyy back in the day.
22:37<Spads>okay, off to watch 24
22:37<efudd>don't bother
22:37<efudd>it's lame.
22:37<efudd>show is dumbed down
22:37<Spads>we're only in season 2
22:37<efudd>damned show is pissing me off now. this is my last season.
22:38<@caker>I'm in :)
22:42<TheFirst>24 has always sucked
22:42<@caker>Fixed :)
22:46<fo0bar>I should make an initrd for booting finnix from NFS, so it could be PXE-booted
22:46<TheFirst>isn't that always the case?
22:47<encode>caker: can you fix australia's routing so that i can get decent speeds off my linode? kthx :D
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22:49<@caker>W: There are multiple versions of "glibc" in your system.
22:49<@caker>apt-get: bite me
22:50|-|encode changed nick to apt-get
22:50[~]apt-get bites caker
22:50|-|apt-get changed nick to encode
22:51<encode>haha, that nick is registered
22:56<TheFirst>there's still apt-cache and apt-file ;)
22:56<encode>but caker didnt request them to bite him
22:57<encode>i dont think i've ever used apt-file either
22:57<TheFirst>at least not as annoying as my normal nick being registered by a guy that hasnt been on in years >:/
22:57<@caker>huh .. I did what apt-file does another way .. can't remember off hand
22:57<TheFirst>caker: share
22:58|-|dryan [] has joined #linode
22:58<@caker>well, there's dpkg -S /path/to/file <-- tell you which package that file belongs to
22:58<@caker>but not uninstalled packages
22:59<@caker>which I assume apt-file will do
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23:00<TheFirst>apt-file is like
23:01<@caker>huh .. sash is pretty bad ass
23:01<@caker> More importantly, however, is that many of the standard system commands are built-in to sash. These built-in
23:01<@caker> commands are:
23:01<@caker> -ar, -chattr, -chgrp, -chmod, -chown, -cmp, -cp,
23:01<@caker> -dd, -echo, -ed, -grep, -file, -find, -gunzip,
23:01<@caker> -gzip, -kill, -ln, -ls, -lsattr, -mkdir, -mknod,
23:01<@caker> -more, -mount, -mv, -printenv, -pwd, -rm, -rmdir,
23:01<@caker> -sum, -sync, -tar, -touch, -umount, -where
23:01<@caker>that rocks
23:02<TheFirst>hmm has anyone messed trying to get horde working under lighttpd?
23:03<@caker>I installed horde once (and only once) .. quite an interesting process
23:03<@caker>but not under lighttpd, sorry
23:04<JasonF>USE="orc, undead" emerge warcraft
23:05<Eman>making warcraft jokes when you claim the games are boring... interesting
23:06<TheFirst>horde install looked interesting...then i realized there were debs
23:06<TheFirst> :P
23:07<JasonF>Eman: wow is boring
23:08<JasonF>Eman: wc3 owns your bonz
23:30|-|nybble [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:34<Spads>caker: hehe, yep
23:35<Spads>caker: saved my arse after similar situations to yours. Just exec /sbin/sash and POW
23:35<Spads>I think I was once fortunate enough to have a python console open once
23:35<Spads>and was able to fork off a sash
23:35<Spads>then pop back in to use the os module for some stuff
23:35<Spads>but that was as a normal user
---Logclosed Tue Apr 04 00:00:24 2006