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00:03<phI||Ip>Hi, I'm looking into getting a VPS and considering Linode because of their reputation and using UML.
00:03<phI||Ip>I am curious if a Linode 160 is really powerful enough for most needs...
00:03<encode>phI||Ip: what do you count as most needs>
00:03<phI||Ip>I dont see how it could be...
00:03<encode>i use a linode 160
00:03<taupehat>I ran LAMP with imap on a 64
00:03<phI||Ip>but then again, Im from the Windows world...
00:04<phI||Ip>so things are much more... memory intensive.
00:04<encode>what were you intending to run?
00:04<phI||Ip>Im looking at RoR, possibly Mono, DNS, etc...
00:04<phI||Ip>Im not opposed to getting two vps'es
00:04<encode>it really depends on how much traffic it will be getting
00:04<phI||Ip>I see PowerVPS has some hefty VPS plans, but I've heard great things about Linode and UML in general
00:05<phI||Ip>Well, its mostly for development, I'd upgrade if the server was being hit significantly.
00:05<taupehat>it's been great for me for a year now
00:05<encode>phI||Ip: linode is currently commencing the move from uml to xen
00:05<encode>which offers much better performance
00:05<taupehat>I finally moved up to a 120 simply because I got tired of scrimping
00:05<taupehat>and went on the xen beta
00:05<phI||Ip>Yeah I read that too... but isn't Xen just as good if not better?
00:05<encode>xen is significantly better
00:05<taupehat>still betaish, and UML is solid
00:06<taupehat>but when the bugs are worked out (very soon, imo), it'll rock
00:06<phI||Ip>I'm a .NET developer by trade, so I need to be able to run Mono... hence Im considering a VPS. But the Mono sites are not traffic heavy at all.
00:07<taupehat>I'm sure a 160 would be fine for your development site
00:07<taupehat>it'll work, and you'll probably learn some optimization skills along the way
00:07<phI||Ip>Yeah, that'll be nice.
00:08<phI||Ip>Well thanks for the advice
00:08<taupehat>enjoy your shopping =]
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02:19<fo0bar> <-- taupehat
02:20<taupehat>nice satire
02:21<taupehat>I did a different one
02:21<taupehat>screwed up some grammar, though =[
02:22<taupehat>oh wait
02:22<taupehat>the screwed-up grammar one I already pasted in here
02:22<taupehat>no I didn't
02:23<fo0bar>yeah, "live"
02:23<taupehat>showed that to a friend of mine from there, and he enjoyed it rather a lot
02:23<fo0bar>where did you live around tahoe?
02:24<taupehat>south shore
02:24<taupehat>worst of the tourons there
02:24<fo0bar>I live in reno, but don't get over to tahoe that often
02:24<taupehat><--drove the heavenly and sierra-at-tahoe bus
02:25<taupehat>saw the tourons from sacto doing the stupidest shit in their 2WD sportutes
02:25<taupehat>and then end up in a snowbank a mile down the road
02:26<fo0bar>I used to live in wisconsin, but this area is better -- you get to wear chains! :)
02:26<taupehat>most of our busses had autochains
02:26<taupehat>those are the shizzle!!!
02:27<fo0bar>obviously doesn't make you invincible, but growing up in a snowy area where chains were illegal, then moving to a snowy area where chains are encouraged, it gives me that whole "I AM SUPERMAN!" feeling
02:28<taupehat>and then you realize the snow is 4 times as high water-content as wisconsin
02:28[~]taupehat lived in colorado before tahoe, had same bad epiphany
02:29<fo0bar>I still drive over donner enough that chain control zones are nothing to worry about
02:29<taupehat>donner is for sissies
02:30<taupehat>echo is the murderer of the lot
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04:04<linbot>New news from forums: Kernel: with NPTL/TLS support in Announcements <>
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08:38<kvandivo>taupehat: why the move from colo to tahoe?
08:38<kvandivo>i'm been pondering a change of scenery to colo..
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10:22<warewolf>efudd- aweosme, eh?
10:22[~]efudd nods
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10:52<taupehat>kvandivo: just got tired of the social scene I was in - had family near tahoe, etc.
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11:23<tierra>that was a fun netsplit
11:25<tierra>back to what I was going to say... Beirdo: same thing happened to me last month, would of been pleasantly surprised by a $400+ charge to my card except I also forgot the one I had in billing expired
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11:28<tierra>wow... OFTC is having some problems...
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11:35<Spads>tierra: the internet is
11:37<Beirdo>a truly flappy day today
11:49<warewolf>something has changed.
11:49<warewolf>12:48 < Spads> pardon my ignorance, but is Hrvatska the same as what we call Croatia?
11:49<warewolf>when did he become polite
11:49<warewolf>where is spads, and what did you do to him
11:51<Spads>I am brusque with you because you promised to killfile me eons ago, but didn't.
11:51<Spads>with all due respect, that's a prime flamebait thing to do
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12:19<orospakr>hey, is the Freemont datacentre still having latency problems?
12:20<@caker>t r a c e r o u t e
12:20<orospakr>last time I was there I had mike move me over to TP because the latency was awful. but that was last year.
13:11<Spads>The following packages are unused and will be REMOVED: libsexy1
13:11<Spads>The following NEW packages will be automatically installed: libsexy2
13:11<Spads>The following NEW packages will be installed: libsexy2
13:12[~]taupehat has kicked netsol in the shins!
13:18<cmantito>wget -m is your friend.
13:18<cmantito>FINISHED --14:18:11--
13:18<cmantito>Downloaded: 6,763,732 bytes in 221 files
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13:25<taupehat>10 ( 41.464 ms 30.834 ms 28.847 ms
13:25<taupehat>11 * * *
13:25<taupehat>12 ( 171.740 ms 40.946 ms 42.462 ms
13:25<taupehat>that is the sound of the internets going "SPLAT"
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13:55<fmdns>I need some assistance with a new migration to XEN
13:56<gpd>fmdns: try #linode-xenbeta
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15:06[~]gpd cries a small Xen shaped tear
15:06[~]mikegrb punches gpd in the face
15:06<@mikegrb>now you have something to cry about!
15:06[~]mikegrb runs away
15:07<taupehat>md0 : active raid5 sdc1[3] sdb1[1] sda3[0] 443843584 blocks level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [3/2] [UU_] [==>..................] recovery = 11.5% (25694592/221921792) finish=68.7min speed=47600K/sec
15:07<efudd>move the speed faster!
15:08<taupehat>does anyone know if mdadm grow mode is yet capable of adding extra devices?
15:14<cmantito>the internet IS breaking, I just got a text saying my sendmail was down, but it's *not*. how rude.
15:14<cmantito>author@redbaron:~/html/gamecola/sitemap/search$ telnet localhost 25
15:14<cmantito>Connected to localhost.
15:14<cmantito>don't look down to me ^.^
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15:17<cmantito>and there's the text saying it's up.
15:26<cmantito>anyone know what provider's being broken today?
15:29<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host56 (graceful) #2 in Xen Public Beta <>
15:33<cmantito>and server up reports, and server down reports, and server up reports, and server down reports...
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16:30<linbot>New news from forums: What are sit0 and gre0? in Xen Public Beta <>
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16:46<gpd>there once was a man called mikegrb
16:46<gpd>he often ran off and hid
16:47<gpd>he tried once to rhyme about caker
16:47<gpd>but found he was just a faker
16:47<gpd>and couldn't quite manage to get it to fit
16:51<linbot>New news from forums: Spamlists and exim4? in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
16:53<gpd>Once there was a guy from Atlanta whose limericks were indistinguishable from prose.
16:54[~]gpd remembers to take the pills
17:07<warewolf>upon seeing this man, warewolf stated "Don't make me get the hose!"
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17:29<Spads> <-- still the best blog on the whole Internet
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18:18<gpd>best flash memory drive / keychains ? pny/sandisk/lexar/other?
18:19<Eman>its all the same chineese stuff anyway, so cheaper = better
18:19<Spads>gpd: I think that the winners are the USB CF adapters and stuff
18:19<Spads>USB SD adapter
18:19<Spads>USB MMC
18:19<gpd>spads - nice idea as I can use the CF in my DSLR :)
18:24<warewolf>sweet, my package from iRiver showed up
18:24<gpd>warewolf: which model - or did you just order an empty package :|
18:25[~]gpd finds mediagear keychains
18:26<warewolf>I bought a crapload of accessories totaling $105
18:27<gpd>does yours run rockbox too?
18:27<warewolf>wall wart, cradle, hard belt-clip case, car power adapter, usb cable,
18:27<warewolf>oh hell yeah.
18:27<warewolf>I love rockbox
18:27<warewolf>yeah that's all the things I bought
18:27<warewolf>I needed another cradle for owrk
18:27<gpd>wall wart? a wart for your wall?
18:28<warewolf>wall-socket power adapter
18:28<warewolf>wall wart is slang :)
18:28|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
18:28<warewolf>holy shit
18:28<warewolf>UPS took their sweet goddamn time delivering it too
18:28<warewolf>OUT FOR DELIVERY: 4:00 AM
18:28<warewolf>DELIVERED: 6:01 PM
18:29<gpd> -- in common use it seems
18:29<gpd>which iriver do you have?
18:29<warewolf>love it.
18:30<warewolf>flashed w/ korean firmware to enable USBOTG
18:30<warewolf>and I also purcahsed the adapter cable thing to enable USBOTG
18:30<warewolf>(USB On The Go)
18:31<warewolf>that'll allow my H340 to act as a computer, and let me push/pull files to/from other USB devices
18:31<warewolf>like a digicam :)
18:31<warewolf>that's what I intend to use it for
18:33[~]gpd contemplates buying a cheap linux compatible handheld
18:40<gpd>hmm I don't think there are any worth having - zaurus is expensive / dead, ipaq linux looks like a struggle...
18:41<gpd>nokia 770 sux
18:45<snorp>770 doesn't suck!
18:46<gpd>it was voted worst device of the year by cnet the other day
18:46<snorp>I love mine
18:46<snorp>I use it while on the toilet
18:46<gpd>iirc, and 4.9/10 review
18:46<warewolf>19:46 < snorp> I use it while on the toilet
18:46<warewolf>isn't that a statement all in itself?
18:47<snorp>dude it's perfect for shit-browsing
18:47|-|snorp changed nick to snorp|out
18:47<gpd> ??
18:47<warewolf>I have to go with gpd here.
18:49<warewolf>god I hate it how much benedryl kicks me into "YOU MUST SLEEP NOW" mode.
18:49<warewolf>it didn't used to
18:49<warewolf>I used to have to take TWO benedryls to get it to _simply work_ to reduce allergy symptoms
18:49<warewolf>now if I take one, it's ZZZzzzz... time
18:49<warewolf>same if I take half of one :(
18:54<gpd> <-- worst of 2k6 (so far)
18:55|-|fmdns [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
18:58<gpd>hmm ... engadget & reader's choice handheld of the year... nokia 770!
19:02<gpd>taupehat: ?
19:02<taupehat>check it
19:03<gpd>I'm not sure I get the connection - are you saying STFU?
19:03<taupehat>it was linked to your cnet article
19:04<gpd>got you. and they are right about 24... evil president indeed...
19:04<taupehat>I should have tagged that link "addictive
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20:20<@caker>I think I hate vim's default settings on debian
20:21<@caker>it'll exit out of insert mode if I hit an EOL, and other weird things I'm not used to
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20:35<gpd>caker: set nocompatible ?
20:54|-|spr [] has joined #linode
20:58<TheFirst>they really suck....
21:00<@mikegrb>caker: is your terminal set right? ie are the keyboard codes being sent match TERM?
21:23<lucca>caker: vim's default settings on all my debian servers don't do that... (mostly sid)
21:33<warewolf>caker- yeah I need to figure out wtf causes vim to auto-indent some stuff that resembles code.
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21:40<taupehat>not that then
21:41<@caker>huh .. it's xterm on host4, too (RH9 box where things work) .. that's odd
21:49[~]warewolf hopefully prevents DDoS on his rml collector web page :)
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21:55<warewolf>wow that helped tremendously
22:02<@caker>warewolf: where'd you stick that?
22:02[~]caker hunts for a vi conf file
22:03<@mikegrb>vi or vim?
22:03<@mikegrb>er /etc/vim/vimrc
22:03<@caker>host56:/etc# which vi
22:03<@caker>host56:/etc# ll /usr/bin/vi
22:03<@caker>lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 20 2006-03-14 09:07 /usr/bin/vi -> /etc/alternatives/vi
22:03<efudd>strace -o vim.log vim /tmp/bar
22:04<@caker>host56:~# ll /etc/alternatives/vi
22:04<@caker>lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 12 2006-03-14 09:07 /etc/alternatives/vi -> /usr/bin/nvi
22:04<efudd>grep "fopen" vim.log
22:04<@caker>huh .. that's really whacko
22:04<efudd>Oh, you have "NEW vi". Not VIM vi. :)
22:04<efudd>and who the FUCK thought of /etc/alternatives
22:04<@caker>efudd: yeah, hunting with lsof, at the moment, but strace was next
22:04<efudd>is that redlame?
22:05<@caker>host56:~# ll /usr/bin/nvi
22:05<@caker>-rwxr-xr-x 3 root root 360760 2005-03-06 18:31 /usr/bin/nvi
22:05<@caker>at least the trail ends there
22:05<TheFirst>apt-get vim and be done with it?
22:05<@caker>[root@host4 root]# which vi
22:05<@caker>alias vi='vim'
22:05<@caker> /usr/bin/vim
22:05<@caker>a hah!
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22:06<efudd>That's a pretty neat 'which'.
22:06<warewolf>it's called a bash built-in
22:06<warewolf>alias which='alias | /usr/bin/which --tty-only --read-alias --show-dot --show-tilde'
22:06<efudd>jason@forever ~ $ alias foo=bar
22:06<efudd>jason@forever ~ $ which foo
22:06<efudd>which: no foo in (/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/opt/bin:/usr/i686-pc-linux-gnu/gcc-bin/3.3.6)
22:06<efudd>jason@forever ~ $ echo $SHELL
22:07<@caker># which which
22:07<warewolf>alias | grep which :)
22:07<@caker>alias which='alias | /usr/bin/which --tty-only --read-alias --show-dot --show-tilde'
22:07<@caker> /usr/bin/which
22:07<@caker>yeah, that one
22:07<efudd>my which is /usr/bin/which
22:07<efudd>oh. --read-alias.
22:07<efudd>which --version pleas.e
22:07<@mikegrb>ur mom
22:07<warewolf>GNU which v2.16, Copyright (C) 1999 - 2003 Carlo Wood.
22:08<warewolf># warewolf@xasf:/etc$ cat /etc/redhat-release
22:08<warewolf>Fedora Core release 4 (Stentz)
22:08<warewolf>since you'd also want to know that :)
22:08<efudd>OH. have to pipe alias thorugh it.
22:08<warewolf>you pasted --read-alias
22:08<efudd>I didn't know if it was reading the environment somehow....
22:09<warewolf>aliases aren't part of the environment
22:09<warewolf># warewolf@xasf:~$ set | grep which
22:09<warewolf># warewolf@xasf:~$
22:09<efudd>poor wording
22:09[~]warewolf kill -9 splithaird
22:09[~]efudd watches stock options earn him money
22:09<efudd>nearly 50k in 1yr!
22:10<@caker>!stock GOOG
22:10<linbot>caker: The current price of GOOG is 407.99, as of 4:00pm EST. A change of +3.65 from the last business day.
22:10<efudd>tell me about it. i didn't evne realize it until today :)
22:10<efudd>!stock ntap
22:10<linbot>efudd: The current price of NTAP is 37.07, as of 4:00pm EST. A change of +1.07 from the last business day.
22:10<efudd>Ntap is up nearly $10 in 1yr.
22:11<efudd>what i don't grok() is the difference in an ISO share/option and an NQ share/option.
22:11<cow>can anyone reccomend a cheap webhost that'll do php/mysql?
22:11<cow>i have a site that i dont want to put the content on my linode
22:12<cow>cause some people might not like the content... and I don't want caker to have to deal with a DoS heh
22:12<cow>they do php/mysql???
22:12<warewolf>I believe they do php now
22:12<cow>i was thinking of going with yahoo or godaddy
22:12<cow>i dont mind paying their like 4$/mo
22:12<warewolf>geoshitties is yahoo (I think)
22:13<cow>yeah ur right
22:13<warewolf>ITYM "you are"
22:13<cow>have u heard any horror stories from them?
22:13<cow>itym i think you mean
22:14<cow>lol caker
22:14<@caker>mikegrb ... ?
22:14<cow>why does everyone in here think its up to them to correct everyone else
22:16<@caker>no lolz?
22:16<@mikegrb>it doesn't strip control characters before matching
22:16<cow>i've been caught!
22:16<@caker>ahh, I didn't see any in his output
22:16[~]cow grins
22:16<@mikegrb>that's because they're control characters, they hide in the shadows
22:17[~]caker sends you a ^g
22:17<cow>you could have a trigger that parses all text, then strips all control characters, then checks for "lol"
22:17<cmantito>don't beep at me!
22:18<cmantito>or I shall say 'lol' a whole lot.
22:18<cmantito>and rofl.
22:18<cow>but then... you'd be eating CPU cycles
22:18<cmantito>and I forget the other, but I'll say them too!
22:18<cow>meh i made a script to counter mikegrb's lol script
22:18<cow>but... it doesnt work all the time.
22:18<cmantito>what was the other....
22:19<cow>stfu ?
22:19<cmantito>lol, rofl, annnd...
22:19<cow>gues not
22:19|-|superbeef [] has quit [Quit: BitchX-1.1-final -- just do it.]
22:20<cow>i think this fixed it lol -- lets hope.
22:20<cmantito>yay log grepping
22:20<cmantito>that's the other one.
22:20<@mikegrb>mmm cake
22:21<@mikegrb>cow: try now ;)
22:23<cmantito>a ^I on the front defeated it?
22:23<cmantito>I'm off to bed.
22:24<cmantito>later all.
22:24<cow>you happy?
22:24<@caker>HTTP 403.9 - Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected
22:25<efudd>it's getting slammed
22:25<cow>its fake by the way
22:25<cow>its some guy trying to make money by referrals from that dating site
22:25<cow>look at the link
22:25[~]efudd shrugs
22:25<cow>link on the page, rather
22:26<@caker>by april 1st, 2007 .. this girl is an idiot
22:26<@caker>freaking google/spambots/etc would give you that many in a year
22:26<cow>well... the link on the page to the dating site looks like a referral code
22:26<efudd>or it could be real. and h e is just smart enough to include referrals for bonus cash :)
22:26<cow>well ill leave it to entrepreneurialship
22:27<cow>is that a word? someone should challenge it
22:28<warewolf>oh god
22:28<warewolf>someone posted a picutre on this image site I hit daily
22:28<warewolf>of windows XP setup
22:28<warewolf>"Please insert the disk labled Windows XP Professional CD-ROM into Drive A:"
22:28<warewolf>"* Press ENTER when ready."
22:28<warewolf>with the CD broken in half, and shoved into a 3.5 floppy drive >:)
22:33<efudd>yeah. 'tis an old picture/idea that gets redone
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