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08:06<tsi>what's the time zone on the "network graphs" option from the account screen?
08:07<tsi>i've been assuming it's God's Time (aka EST5EDT) but now I'm not sure
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08:10<@mikegrb>it really should say though
08:11<tsi>now i gotta figure out what is going on at 00:00 every day :\
08:11<tsi>since all my system jobs are ~0400, it's frustrating
08:14<@mikegrb>just before 01:00
08:15<@mikegrb>probably 00:50 or so
08:16<tsi>earlier in the week i've had the same burst closer to 00:00 than 01:00
08:17<tsi>which is making me start to think it's something a user is doing
08:17<tsi>which would be perfectly logical, except i have no users
08:17[~]tsi head. on. keyboard.
08:17<@mikegrb>so, what was it?
08:18<tsi>I thought it was mailman, but that's later in the day
08:19<tsi>still no promising leads, but I've excluded a lot of things
08:19<cmantito>comcast. is. fucking. useless.
08:20<linbot>New news from forums: Linode Platform Manager in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
08:21<tsi>figured it out
08:21<tsi>it is, in fact, a transfer involving human interaction
08:21<tsi>it's just cooincidentally been within the same hour every night for weeks
08:22<tsi>i guess the dude's getting home from work and kicking it off or something
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08:33[~]warewolf frobs with CSS source of because it's a good looking site
08:34[~]warewolf then views the HTML source of the same site and discovers they CHEAT!
08:34<warewolf>they use tables!
08:34<cmantito>what's wrong with tables?!
08:34<warewolf>they're not supposed to be used for layout?
08:34<cmantito>oh feh.
08:35<Redgore>just clone the layout with positioned div's and stop moaning :P
08:35[~]warewolf barfs
08:35<warewolf>riddled with errors
08:38<cmantito>there is nothing wrong with tables
08:38<warewolf>it validates better w/ html 4.01 transitional
08:38<cmantito>flipping gods comcast is pathetic.
08:39[~]warewolf -c WoW
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11:09<karmatik>anyone familiar with irssi?
11:10<gpd>I use it - but I am no expert
11:11<karmatik>any reason /network wouldn't exist?
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11:11<cmantito>it keeps changing my "£%@!ing config file on me
11:11<cmantito>it won't honour any send-on-connect commands or channel joins.
11:12<tierra>cmantito: older versions used /irnnet
11:13<cmantito>thank you
11:13<cmantito>now I can use THAT to make my config file instead of having irssi change it on me everytime I start it up ;)
11:14<@mikegrb>cmantito: are you editing the config while it is running?
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11:14<@mikegrb>I've never had it remove stuff
11:15<cmantito>it doesn't remove things
11:15<tierra>same here... I've editing the config file by hand numerous times
11:15<cmantito>it moves them, rearranges them, changes this = { to this,\n{ and then adds things
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11:21<gpd>cmantito: if you are on sarge and you want to update irssi:
11:21<gpd>#deb ./
11:21<cmantito>slack, and I'm only one version behind.
11:21<cmantito>I tried to compile the new version, but it complained about glib (which I have) so I said screw that ;P
11:21<cmantito>I don't have the patience today.
11:21<gpd>fair enough
11:22<cmantito>my cable modem is going up and down faster than my mom on a tuesday.
11:22<cmantito>it's making working with ANYTHIGN over ssh impossible
11:25<tierra>and we all know how long the waiting list is for your mom on tuesdays
11:25<tierra>good ol' Comcast
11:38<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host56 (graceful) - fix for zombie domains in Xen Public Beta <>
11:39<gpd>keir++ :)
11:54<@caker>bendy24: why no ticket update?
11:54<bendy24>im back
11:54<bendy24>did you get my new ticket
11:54<bendy24>i couldnt even log in
11:54<bendy24>so i tried a reboot
11:54<@caker>Yeah, that's going to be fixed during this reboot
11:55<@caker>I guess your node was thrashing hard then..
11:55<bendy24>lish was giving me no love
11:55<@caker>huh .. maybe I left it paused at some point
11:55<bendy24>do you have room for a 160?
11:55<bendy24>but i'll need my current ip#s
11:56<bendy24>i obviously dont have enough ram
11:56<@caker>I'll have to check. First thing I want to do is get this box back and running (including your node)
11:57<bendy24>i blame you americans btw
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11:59<kvandivo>now there's a turn of events
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12:01<karmatik>way for irssi to completely break
12:11<tierra>I blame you
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12:48[~]cm|mobile grumbles
12:49<cm|mobile>13:46 -!- Irssi: Unable to connect server port 6667 [Invalid argument]
12:49<cm|mobile>anyone have any idea what that might be about?
12:49<cm|mobile>happens for every server that's not running on the box.
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13:05<bendy24>i'd hate to be that Scott guy..
13:08<afv-13>if only he knew what a haiku is
13:17<efudd>might be time to buy another mac
13:18<@mikegrb>yeah, saw that this morning
13:18<@mikegrb>looks promising
13:18<@mikegrb>iggy just got an intel mac
13:19<cmantito>cool. irssi + irssiproxy works :D
13:20[~]mikegrb jams to some Bob Marley
13:20[~]caker goes to pick up his motorcycle from the ex's ...
13:21<@caker>wish me luck
13:21<kvandivo>caker: take protection
13:21<@mikegrb>so NJ then? ;)
13:21<kvandivo>gun, cattle prod.. that sort of protection
13:21<@caker>I'm pretty sure she left for Ohio last night, so I think I'm in the clear
13:21<@mikegrb>a drill for the pipes!
13:21<@caker>anyway .. bbiab
13:52<tsi>the network usage graphs you guys make are so pretty
13:52<tsi>i wish mrtg would antialias
13:54<kvandivo>it's open source.. go crazy
13:55<@mikegrb>why not use rrdtool instead of mrtg?
13:57<efudd>rrdtool is just storage y0
13:57<efudd>mrtg is presentation+rrdtool built in
13:58<tsi>also: inertia
13:58<efudd>rrdtool v2 splits them up more and allows for other frontends than just mrtg. i.e., package-ized rrd.
13:58<tsi>why change something that ain't broken... just ugly
13:58<efudd>with that said. cricket is more powerful than mrtg
13:58<efudd>and can be made non-ugly.
13:58<@mikegrb>Tobi forked mrtg to create rrdtool
13:58<efudd>(mrtg is technically deprecated in favor of mrtg)
13:59<@mikegrb>but yes, it doesn't do any data gathering
13:59<efudd>Right. Cricket is presentation.
13:59<@mikegrb>munin is a nice frontend for rrdtool
13:59<efudd>there are tons now, /shrug.
13:59[~]efudd meeting &
13:59<bendy24>cacti rulez
13:59<@mikegrb>gah, cacti :<
14:00<warewolf>GAH OH NO
14:00<warewolf>I'M LOSING THE ARGUMENT!
14:00<bendy24>sendmail freak
14:00<@mikegrb>better then continuing to blather nonsense
14:01<@mikegrb>but to be honest, he didn't lose any argument
14:01<warewolf>yeah I know
14:01<warewolf>but it was still amusing
14:03<tsi>there was an arguement?
14:04[~]warewolf grumbles at broken tivo
14:04[~]warewolf fehs and decides to watch a marathon run of Escaflowne
14:05<tsi>ugh, cricket looks cool, but if i loaded mod_perl i'd need more memory
14:07<warewolf># warewolf@xasf:/media/cdrecorder1$ mplayer * -slang eng -alang jpn
14:07<warewolf>I'll be back in a few hours.
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14:37<Firefox_7>instruction Google Adsense--> Download free Firefox® -->
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14:38<Beirdo>dumbass spammers
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14:48<afv-13>anyone have cricket setup? would like to see how it looks
14:51<OvrLrd-Q>we used to
14:52<OvrLrd-Q>might have the configs around still
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14:53<efudd>hrm. i wonder if there is a "grep-esque" filter/plugin for firefox. I'm viewing various logs through http and would like to "grep -v" some of the data out on screen :0
14:55<OvrLrd-Q>nope :( dont have em, switched to munin
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15:39<gpd>efudd: greasemonkey? or wget/curl | grep ?
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15:39<gpd>I don't see a grep script for greasemonkey though :(
15:41<efudd>wget/curl/grep does unfun stuff with line ends
15:41<efudd>(most terminals wrap forcibly at ~132 columns. makes stuff difficult to read when it's a complex series of events.)
15:41<gpd>less -S ?
15:42<efudd>*terminals* force wrap. :)
15:42<efudd>regardless.. i found a method.
15:42<gpd>go on...
15:42<efudd>oh. internal tool.
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15:43<gpd>is less -S limited by 132 columns then? didn't know that :(
15:43<efudd>no no.
15:43<efudd>example, it's the fault of the tools i'm using. secureCRT limits term width to 132 as an example...
15:43<efudd>(older versions of scrt, incidentally, do not.)
15:44<gpd>does putty have the same problem?
15:45<efudd>putty has it's own issues.
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15:56<warewolf>what problems does putty have?
15:57<warewolf>(and yes I have the secureCRT 123 width terminal too)
15:57<taupehat>the fact that it sucks? I dunno
15:57<taupehat>oh I know
15:57<warewolf>I havn't run into any problems with putty
15:57<taupehat>it requires windows
15:57<taupehat>that's what sucks about putty
15:57<warewolf>it requires windows?
15:57<taupehat>and it ignores the windows copy-paste conventions
15:57<taupehat>oh, is there putty for macos?
15:57<warewolf>there's a linux version too :)
15:57<taupehat>oh screw that
15:58<warewolf>and if there's a linux version, you can damn well bet that you can compile it for macosx
15:58<taupehat>why the hell would I want putty on linux?
15:58<taupehat>that's just asinine
15:58<warewolf>regardless, why would you want to put putty in a unix box anyway?
15:58<warewolf>but still
15:58<taupehat>reinvention of the wheel and all that
15:58<warewolf>it's a decent xterm-esque terminal emulator for windows
15:58<taupehat>sort of decent
15:58<taupehat>I use it frequently
15:58<taupehat>and think it sucks compared to a proper xterm
15:58<warewolf>I use it every day at work 8-)
15:58<OvrLrd-Q>and how does it break
15:58<OvrLrd-Q>windows copy-paste conventions?
15:58<taupehat>OvrLrd-Q: right-click to PASTE?
15:59<OvrLrd-Q>that's a configurable option there taupehat
15:59<warewolf>you can change that
15:59<warewolf>don't even try to say that is breaks "proper windows cut and paste"
15:59<warewolf>learn to use shift-insert
15:59<OvrLrd-Q>you can give it windows 'style', a 'compromise' and xterm style
15:59<taupehat>ok fine
15:59<taupehat>and i do use shift-insert
16:00<taupehat>the other thing I dislike about it is the fact that its default settings pretty much all suck
16:00<warewolf>any more complaints for us to knock out of the water?
16:00<taupehat>go for it
16:00<warewolf>you can change the default settings too
16:00<Beirdo>and why would you want putty on masosx when you have xterm?
16:00<taupehat>I have to change the default settings
16:00<taupehat>or else I can't connect to ssh servers
16:00<Beirdo>and ssh
16:00<warewolf>just change what you want, then save it as "Default Settings"
16:00<OvrLrd-Q>er what?
16:00<OvrLrd-Q>what settings did you have to change? worked fine out of the box for me
16:00<warewolf>taupehat: upgrade your putty, the author changed it to default to ssh.
16:01<Beirdo>the "be stupid" setting :)
16:01[~]taupehat will stick with his xterm
16:01<taupehat>there's a reason my work machine runs linux
16:01<warewolf>yes, so will I. 8-)
16:01<warewolf>there's a reason I have a sunblade 1000 under my desk.
16:01<warewolf>with 4 monitors plugged into it :)
16:01<Beirdo>I prefer rxvt over xterm, but yeah, xterm it is
16:02<warewolf>oh yes, I am the envy and the despise of the entire office.
16:02<taupehat>I'd say more the latter - aren't those things bloody loud?
16:02<warewolf>not really
16:02<warewolf>not any more than your average PC workstation
16:03<warewolf>mine's a dualie with 2g of ram
16:03<taupehat>just got an x2100 a couple weeks ago, and that thing certainly is loud
16:03<warewolf>and a 73g FC/copper drive
16:04<taupehat>so you need this for what?
16:04<warewolf>my own personal workstation 8-)
16:04<warewolf>I use it to admin all the other *nix boxes I admin
16:05<efudd>eh. putty has rekey failures with certain ssh daemons.. putty can also cause certain sshd daemons to fall down and go boom during rekey.
16:05<taupehat>lol, nice
16:05<efudd>I prefer to not have that happen. i reported it. putty dev's ignored me.
16:05<warewolf>what ssh daemon dies?
16:05<efudd>That isn't important.
16:06<warewolf>ok, then more importantly; which implimentation is broken?
16:06<efudd>That isn't important.
16:06[~]warewolf goes back to watching anime
16:07<efudd>to phrase it differently, my personal experiences make me prefer !putty.
16:07<warewolf>and my personal experiences make me prefer not sticking a wet thumb in an electrical socket.
16:07<warewolf>because it zapped the hell out of me.
16:07<efudd>i'm not going to publicize faults in certain ssh daemons that are in vendor products. :)
16:08<warewolf>wait a second
16:08<efudd>or conversly
16:08<warewolf>I remember who you work for
16:08<efudd>faults in putty's rekey
16:08<efudd>it's not netapp
16:08<efudd>putty actually does some bad stuff with rekeying sometimes.
16:08<warewolf>you're an amusing chap :)
16:08[~]warewolf laughs
16:09[~]efudd shrugs
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17:20<warewolf>hahaha awesome
17:20<warewolf>Thank you for notifying us, we have a zero tolerance spam policy and this customer has been notified.
17:21<warewolf>DOWN WITH uh .. who was it who spammed my perl cpan address
17:25<warewolf>I have got to find my CSS book.
17:25[~]warewolf ransacks rooms
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18:36[~]caker awaits for ensuing chaos
18:36<efudd>that is just _sexy_
18:37<@caker>that's the headers glowing red?
18:40<@caker>is that a mini F1 car?
18:41<efudd>that's a 2001 cosworth V10
18:41<efudd>3.4 liter
18:41<@caker>sick :)
18:41<efudd>apparently current 3.4's turn 20k
18:41<efudd>pushing 1000hp...
18:41<efudd>next year is dropping back down to 2.8liter 20k rpm engines pushing 750hp..
18:41<@caker>!ca;c 1000/3.4
18:42<@caker>!calc 1000/3.4
18:42<linbot>caker: 1,000 / 3.4 = 294.117647
18:42<efudd>dropping back to v8s
18:42<efudd>power:weight or something
18:42<@caker>wow .. 300hp/liter
18:42<efudd>!calc 750/2.8
18:42<linbot>efudd: 750 / 2.8 = 267.857143
18:42<efudd>19:42 <@Nick> theres a video of the '06 spec cossy lump spinning 23k on the dyno.
18:43<efudd>19:42 <@Nick> *that*S fucking impressive.
18:43<efudd>19:42 <@efudd> why would they drop?
18:43<efudd>19:42 <@Nick> Normally aspirated.
18:43<efudd>19:42 <@Nick> Cause the cars were getting stupidly fast.
18:43<efudd>19:42 <@Nick> and an effort to drop the cost down.
18:43<efudd>19:43 <@Nick> each F1 motor's around $1 - 1.5M
18:44<@mikegrb>a better ending to the video would be pouring water onto the exhaust pipes
18:45<@mikegrb>though the metal pipes wouldn't have liked it much
18:45<efudd>i'm betting that the water wouldn't make it to the pipes tho
18:45<efudd>you might be hard pressed to get enough water on it to cause your intended effect
18:46<@mikegrb>the most annoying and tedius thing about running a nunclear power plant is calculating allowed heat up/cool down rates and then staying within them
18:46<@mikegrb>well the combination of that and sticking within the pressure-temp window as well
18:46<@mikegrb>BFPL curves they were called
18:46<efudd>damn those NUNClears
18:46<@mikegrb>brittle fracture prevention limits
18:47[~]efudd nods
18:47<@mikegrb>pain to calculate too since you had to take in to account many hours of previous plant and ambiant temps
18:48<@mikegrb>pipes were stupidly strong though
18:48<@mikegrb>design pressure was around 5-8 times operating pressure, nominal pressure limits were even higher
18:48<@mikegrb>but valves and motors == bit more fragile
18:49<@mikegrb>just imagine going from ambiant room temp too many hundred degrees at 2-3 degrees/hour
18:51<lucca>eh, what's all this? linode's going to offer colocation of reactors?
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20:18|-|jer [] has joined #linode
20:18<jer>hello too .. opps caps :)
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20:19<@caker>jer: hello
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20:33<jer>hi caker
20:34<jer>i signed up for a linnode package only about an hour ago
20:34<jer>but im impatient lol
20:34<@caker>jer: check your email :)
20:35<jer>k ... brb ..
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20:36<Jer>wow you are fast
20:37<taupehat>welcome to linode, heh
20:38<Jer>got fed up with phpwebhosting, too slow for me
20:38<@caker>Jer: couple of tips -- make sure to config apache to use very few threads/workers. And reduce mysql memory usage
20:38<@caker>those are the two most common mistakes that lead to swap thrashing/and slowness on a Linode
20:39<taupehat>and don't try to run tomcat!
20:39<Jer>ok thanks for the tips will do
20:39<@caker>we really need to make a page with that type stuff
20:39<taupehat>good idea
20:39<Jer>i have no traffic to my page anyway :)
20:39<taupehat>maybe link it to your welcome email
20:39<@caker>also, there are a bunch of orphaned pages on the wiki
20:40<taupehat>Jer: I tried to setup open-xchange server on my 64 back when. At idle, it was using more resource than I had
20:40<taupehat>no visitors
20:40<@caker>Jer: yeah, but when/if you do (google visits, /., etc), those changes are what makes it keep working
20:41<Jer>i haven't even toured around with the config stuff yet ... do most of your customers know how to configure that stuff in vi ?
20:41<Jer>i know i do
20:42<@caker>Yes, surprisingly there are a lot more skilled *nix people out there than I expected when I started
20:42<Jer>no more waiting 3 seconds to save a change in vi through remote ssh and another 10 for the page to load lol
20:42<efudd>open-xchange, eh? :)
20:43<Jer>my friend at work recommended this site
20:44<efudd>my only real 'slowness' other than asshats occasionally thrashing the host (rare) is restarting apache. Specifically CPU time whilst it recalculates the ssl random key
20:44<Jer>i do php dev, i used to do sys admin
20:44<efudd>i've been with linode for a couple of years now i guess
20:44<Jer>efudd : calculating ssl keys and ssh keys are slow no matter where you go
20:44<efudd>it mostly doesn't suck.
20:44<efudd>yes. that's why i've never complaiend about it. :)
20:44<Jer>you should watch a dell poweredge server boot
20:45<efudd>The email address on file for your account is currently bouncing.
20:45<Jer>bout 5 min before it even loads the os lol
20:45<efudd>btw, godaddy fucking sucks for modifying host records
20:45<Jer>who mine efudd?
20:45<@caker>efudd: thank Mike for that
20:45<Jer>i have godaddy .. grr
20:45<efudd>I could not find a UI to update the IP it has stored for ns1.broked
20:45<efudd>and for some reason root servers are now giving out ns1 over ns0
20:46<@caker>efudd: so ns0 went away?
20:46<Jer>well im about to change mine as soon as i find out how to configure dns with your service
20:46<efudd>caker, no
20:46<efudd>i'm getting spam jsut fine
20:46<efudd>ns0 is TP
20:46<efudd>ns1 /was/ HE
20:46<@caker>ages ago
20:46<efudd>difference is...
20:46<efudd>you recently allocated that IP at HE I'm guessing :)
20:47<efudd>and you need notfound=continue
20:47<efudd>or somesuch :P
20:47<efudd>(the real fix is to call godaddy and figure wher ethey hide that UI bit.....)
20:47<efudd>er, for ME to call godaddy
20:47<Jer>if you call now you might get through by saturday :)
20:48<efudd>historically when i caleld godaddy, they answered "hello?" on the first ring.
20:48<Jer>oh wow
20:48<@caker> < efudd> and you need notfound=continue
20:48<efudd>Years ago.
20:48<efudd>caker, oh. i'm cracking smoke there.
20:48<efudd>thinking about switching resolution methods vs. the real problem
20:49<Jer>so is everything configured by the user or do you have express setup for dns configuration?
20:50<@caker>the odd thing is that my mailserver reported back Connection timed out with forever..., instead of failed domain lookup or whatnot
20:50<@caker>perhaps that err means the same thing .. I don't recall
20:50<efudd>Please correct the following issue(s):
20:50<efudd># Unavailable error in field Host name2
20:50[~]efudd kicks godaddy some more
20:50<efudd>goddamn you piece of shit.
20:50<efudd>it's trying to resolve through ns1
20:51<efudd>fucking catch-22
20:52<efudd>I can just imagine the conversation I'd have trying to call godaddy.
20:52<efudd>"Oh, sir. that is something you need to manage on your DNS servers."
20:52<efudd>"No. the HOST glue for the namserver entries."
20:52<efudd>"Right. That's on your side sir."
20:52<efudd>"Look you cocksuckers..."
20:56<@caker>efudd: no way to just change with them where ns1 points to?
20:58<efudd>that's what I mean by "update the HOST record"
20:59<efudd>i'm kludging it
20:59<efudd>hoping to anyway
21:00<@caker>Video is verified; stay tuned - it will be live shortly.
21:00<@caker>cmon google
21:01<efudd>ah ha.
21:01<efudd>found it.
21:02<efudd>stupid web interfaces. :P
21:18|-|beek [] has joined #linode
21:22<beek>Is there something up with host33? I can ping it, but I can't ssh in
21:25|-|brc [] has joined #linode
21:25<brc>my host is down, can anyone check host33?
21:26<beek>I'm having host33 problems too
21:26<beek>so I guess it's not our fault :)
21:26<brc>have tou submitted a support request ?
21:26<brc>someone should alert them
21:27<beek>I'll do that right now
21:27|-|snorp [] has joined #linode
21:28<snorp>dudes is there something wrong with the xen data center's network?
21:28<snorp>or something bad going on with host56.fremont?
21:29<snorp>my linode isn't responding to ping...
21:29<snorp>but I can get in with lish
21:29<snorp>network adapter is up, etc
21:30<@caker>looking into it now
21:30<brc>beek: just sent the support
21:31<brc>beek: i tried restart several minutes ago and it is on queue
21:31<brc>already answered ticket
21:31<brc>they answer
21:31<brc>linode is good :)
21:33<Jer>ya they are im still waiting on my previous host provider to answer a ticket i put in 3 months ago lol
21:33<brc>Jer: is it unixshell?
21:34<brc>Jer: i had problems with unicshell, they did not reply to my tickets!!!
21:34<brc>then i found on webhsting talk they were not replying
21:34<brc>Many servers were unacessible
21:34<brc>I hate them :)
21:40<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host33 in System and Network Status <>
21:43<brc>RAID rox. imagina if there wasn't mirroring
21:43<Jer>do i have to register my domain name with or can i simply set up the dns server on my linnode and point my godaddy account to my ip for the nameserver
21:44<Jer>lol nevermind rofl
21:44<Jer>im reading a howto it used that as an example haha
21:45<brc>I am really happy with linode. we see that a place is good when it solves a problem fast! good :P
21:45<brc>gnight everyone
22:00|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
22:02<Jer>anyone here that can answer me a question ?
22:03<Spads>just ask
22:03<Spads>none of us know if we can answer your question if you don't ask it first
22:04<Spads>perhaps you mean to ask us "Does P=NP?"
22:05<Jer>lol .... if i set up my dns server as ... then i tell godaddy that my nameserver is, how does it know where is
22:05<Jer>i should know this, but also does p = np ?
22:05<Spads>nobody knows.
22:05<Spads>it's unprovable
22:05<Jer>Spads: the correct answer is 42
22:05<Spads>oh good, a douglas adams fan
22:05<Spads>on the internet
22:05<Spads>how rare.
22:06<Jer>no, just slashdot
22:06|-|avid [] has joined #linode
22:06<Spads>this isn't slashdot, dude
22:06<Spads>and it's better for it
22:07<Jer>i agree, however i still need to know how to tell the parent servers that my domain name is its own nameserver now :)
22:07<Spads>well I don't know how godaddy does it
22:07<Spads>but normally you put out-of-bailiwick entries in your zone file
22:08<Jer>well i know how to tell godaddy that my nameserver is
22:10|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
22:15|-|orospakr [] has joined #linode
22:15<orospakr>hey, did host33 just reboot?
22:16|-|avid [] has quit [Quit: avid]
22:18<emcnabb>how stable are the 2.6 kernels that are available?
22:24<gpd>emcnabb: solid for me
22:25|-|alnr [] has left #linode []
22:25<chris>I've beenchris@nullcode:~$ uname -r
22:25<chris>chris@nullcode:~$ uptime
22:25<chris> 23:25:07 up 185 days, 1:03, 1 user, load average: 0.02, 0.03, 0.04
22:25<chris>Stable enough
22:26<gpd>emcnabb: with you can use NTPL|TLS
22:26|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
22:27<emcnabb>chris, gpd: thanks
22:32<linbot>New news from forums: Cant receive mail from outside my domain... in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
22:34<Newsome>emcnabb: I've been going months without problems with the 2.6 kernels. Quite stable
22:38|-|Newsome [] has left #linode [Linux: Now with employee pricing!]
22:39|-|emcnabb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:56|-|beek [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:10<gpd>Jer: You can set the IP address of in the godaddy site
23:11|-|FireSlash_ [] has joined #linode
23:12<gpd>It is in Domain Host Summary for each domain
23:17|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:32|-|Sgeo [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:32[~]gpd tires of NWN - browses
23:48<Jer>ya i finally got that set up :)
23:48<Jer>thx, now im d/ling a bunch of php5 stuff in debians unstable repository
23:48<Jer>it seems i had to get a second ip for the nameserver
23:50<gpd>Jer: just set both the same :) but use ns1. and ns2.
23:53<Jer>the doc i was reading for djbdns advised against that
23:53<Jer>*shrug* not that much more expensive lol
23:53<Jer>mikegrb? your always lolzing whats up ?
23:53<Jer>djb p0wnz
23:54|-|FireSlash_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:54<OvrLrd-Q>he goes lolz whenever you say lo_l (minues the _)
23:54<OvrLrd-Q>see watch
23:55<gpd>yeah - it is not advised to have both ns1 and ns2 on the same machine - 2 ip addresses on the same linode doesn't really help
23:55<OvrLrd-Q>i do it because if my ns are down, my site is down, so it doesn't matter that they can resolve my ip :)
23:57|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
23:59<Jer>gpd: oh well, what is one to do
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