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01:36<Jer>why does it say for storage summary im using 3g ? lol
01:36<OvrLrd-Q>it's the total size of your allocated diskspace
01:36<OvrLrd-Q>IE you have 3GB of partitioned space
01:36<Jer># Total: 3072 Megabytes
01:36<Jer># Used: 3072 Megabytes
01:36<Jer># Free: 0 Megabytes
01:37<Jer>oh okay
01:37<OvrLrd-Q>if you have partitions totaling 3072 MB
01:37<Jer>i understand
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04:30<nc>booyah! Anyone here at this time?
04:30<nc>guess not... c ya's
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07:55<taupehat>ahh, life is good =]
07:55<taupehat>put the storage array online
07:56<taupehat>last night, I shut off samba and nfs on the directory server and copied all the profiles over
07:56<taupehat>remounted the mount point where profiles used to exist to the nfs share on the storage array
07:56<taupehat>turned samba back on, and everything Just Works =]
07:58<brc>it is really good when everything works :)
07:58<taupehat>particularly when everything not working means 150 or so people can't do their jobs
08:03<encode>how big is the storage array?
08:03<taupehat>fairly small right now
08:03<taupehat>500G of raid5
08:04[~]taupehat thinks he's about to go Muahahaha
08:04<encode>fibre channel, 15k rpm disks?
08:04<taupehat>lol, no
08:04<taupehat>we're poor
08:04<taupehat>small rural school district
08:04<encode>scsi even?
08:05<encode>sata 2?
08:05<encode>core memory?
08:05<taupehat>built on that chassis
08:05<taupehat>I should have thought of core memory!
08:05<taupehat>so anyhow
08:05<encode>that would be hella big
08:05<encode>imagine the power that would consume
08:05<taupehat>3 drive slots are filled
08:05<taupehat>3x250GB drives
08:06<taupehat>I built the raid5 array and then dropped it into LVM so when want more storage, I buy 3 (or more) drives, build the raid5 array for those, and grow the filesystem
08:07<encode>i havent really used lvm before
08:07<encode>but i dont think i have the need for it at home
08:07<taupehat>love lvm
08:07<taupehat>I use it at home, too
08:07<encode>and we have a storage team at work, so i dont get to play with the funkeh hitachi sans there LS
08:08<taupehat>that now hase 2 huge hard drives and no cdrom, but appears as one filesystem
08:08<encode>rofl @ toaster, cylon, etc
08:08<encode>you're clearly a bsg fan
08:08<taupehat>(hint here)
08:08<taupehat>I named the storage array "moya"
08:09<encode>that has no significance for me, sorry
08:09<taupehat>in all seriousness, though, I bought that array with the 3 big sata drives, a xeon with a gig of ecc ram, and the chassis, for just over two grand
08:09<taupehat>excellent deal for the capability
08:10<taupehat>I will be buying a 3ware card for it come budget time
08:10<taupehat>and another one exactly like it for offsite backup
08:11<encode>of course, 2 grand of american dollars buying computer hardware in america is like 6 grand worth of australian hardware
08:12<taupehat>but you get a lot more dollars per hour
08:12<npmr>just got a new server at work the other day
08:13<npmr>6 250GB SATA II drives, hot swappable
08:13<npmr>dual xeon 3.0Ghz 2MB cache
08:13<npmr>2GB PC3200 ram
08:13<npmr>2U rackmount
08:13<npmr>$2400 plus shipping
08:14<npmr>before we started shopping around, i would have estimated $3500-4000 for something like that
08:14<npmr>pardon, $2400 including shipping
08:14<taupehat>prices have dropped
08:14<npmr>yeah, a LOT
08:15<taupehat>I bought a Sun X2100 a few weeks ago
08:15<taupehat>jaw-dropping, that
08:15<taupehat>loaded the way I wanted it, $1100, shipped
08:15<taupehat>for a 1U opteron server?!
08:16<npmr>unfortunately for our server, we neglected to account for the fact that you can't plug a sata backplane into just a couple of sata ports
08:16<taupehat>I hear you
08:16<npmr>you need one port per drive, apparently
08:16<npmr>(i only know backplanes from scsi)
08:16<taupehat>so get a 3ware card for $300 bucks or so
08:17<taupehat>I got this crazy supermicro motherboard with 12 sata ports in it
08:17<npmr>yeah, we are
08:18<npmr>although what we're getting is an adaptec 1420SA
08:19<taupehat>why did you choose that, out of curiosity?
08:19<taupehat>have fun with it
08:19<brc>npmr: Is each of those xeon processors HT? (procinfo would show 4 processors)
08:19<npmr>also, met all of our other requirements
08:19<taupehat>the motherboard uses an adaptec controller for all those sata ports
08:19<npmr>brc, they are
08:20<npmr>and yes, /proc/cpuinfo shows four
08:20<taupehat>I was stuck with either adaptec's binary-only drivers (which are only for certain kernel versions on redhat or suse) or compiling 2.6.15 or later
08:20<taupehat>since we're a debian shop, I compiled =]
08:20<brc>i need a server like that :) regarding performance how would you compare it to a p4 ht ? 2-3 times faster ?
08:21<npmr>brc, unknown, we just got the thing in the office yesterday and it won't be online for another two weeks
08:22<brc>Are you going to use linux? about the hotswap stuff, does the SO have to handle this or this is done by hardware ?
08:22<npmr>yes, debian
08:23<warewolf>linux does scsi hot swap just fine
08:23<npmr>the backplane handles hotswap, but i don't know how the os responds to that
08:23<warewolf>linux does scsi hot swap just fine
08:23<npmr>warewolf, yes, but how?
08:23<warewolf>through /proc/scsi
08:24<warewolf>1 sec
08:24<taupehat>morning warewolf
08:24<warewolf># Fetch the partition map
08:24<warewolf>sfdisks -d /dev/sdX > partition.sdX
08:24<warewolf># remove bad drive from array
08:24<warewolf>raidhotremove /dev/mdX /dev/sdX
08:24<warewolf># remove bad drive from scsi controller
08:24<warewolf>echo scsi remove-single-device $HOST $CHANNEL $ID 0 > /proc/scsi/scsi
08:24<brc>linux " sees" satas as SCSI. is that it ? and then it can handle hot swapping.
08:24<warewolf># unplug bad drive
08:24<warewolf># plug in good drive
08:24<warewolf># rescan new drive
08:24<warewolf>echo scsi add-single-device $HOST $CHANNEL $ID 0 > /proc/scsi/scsi
08:24<warewolf>sfdisk /dev/sdX < partition.sdX
08:24<warewolf>raidhotadd /dev/mdX /dev/sdXY
08:25<warewolf>that's how it's done, using hot-swap, and linux's raid.
08:25<tsi>hot plug != hot swap
08:25<warewolf>oh, the rescan thing you echo 'rescan' > /proc/scsi/scsi
08:25<warewolf>tsi- difference?
08:26<tsi>you just described hot plug
08:26<tsi>hot swap requires no interaction
08:26<warewolf>then there's no difference.
08:26<warewolf>because all my actions could be tossed into some monitoring daemon.
08:26<npmr>yeah, so if i just walk up to this thing and yank a drive out... then what?
08:27<OvrLrd-Q>no, hit hotswap you can just randomly go yank a drive and nothing would happen
08:27<warewolf>the OS has to know something happened, at some point.
08:27<tsi>with hot swap the OS never knows
08:28<tsi>granted, we don't live in a theoretical universe
08:28<npmr>tsi, md-raid dude
08:28<warewolf>the OS *should* know that the raid is degraded
08:28<warewolf>or that a hot-spare has been removed
08:28<tsi>software raid is inherently non-hot-swap
08:28<warewolf>just so that it knows
08:28<npmr>so my question still stands
08:29<npmr>if i yank a drive, what happens?
08:29<npmr>this is with md-raid
08:29<warewolf>npmr- what kind of raid
08:29<taupehat>the server catches fire
08:29<warewolf>taupehat: no, it does not.
08:29<warewolf>npmr: raid5? ok it'll switch into degraded mode if you don't have a hot space.
08:29<warewolf>er spare
08:29<taupehat>warewolf: lies! Big giant fire, then the halon system kicks in and you suffocate
08:29<npmr>does md-raid just deal with it as a drive failure?
08:30<npmr>yes, i know how *RAID* works, just not md-raid
08:30<taupehat>so if you jam that hot-swap drive back in, the rebuild is automatic, no?
08:30<warewolf>becuase it believes that drive is still failed
08:30<tsi>...unless you yanking out the spinning drive caused enough sag in power lines to the other disks that another soon-to-fail disk bit the bullet
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08:30<taupehat>you have to call mdadm eh?
08:30<tsi>^^ hey, it's happened
08:31<warewolf>tsi- smartmontools. Love them.
08:31<taupehat>that supermicro chassis comes with a 720W triple-redundant powersupply
08:31[~]tsi yawn
08:31<taupehat>it's insane
08:31<taupehat>however, it's also nice
08:31<warewolf>and if your scsi controller doesn't support smartmontools, get a better supported controller 8-)
08:31<tsi>disks don't belong in servers anyway
08:31<taupehat>you can unplug any one of the three powercables going into the device, and it continues working
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08:31<warewolf>wow, someone has a fat wallet
08:31<taupehat>warewolf: not really
08:31<warewolf>tsi, not you
08:31<taupehat>2 grand for the whole thing
08:32<npmr>so if i yank a drive and put it back in, i'll have to tell md-raid all about it, and then md-raid will start using the drive again?
08:32<warewolf>"disks don't beling in servers anyway"
08:32<warewolf>npmr: yes
08:32<warewolf>npmr: aslong as you don't /kill/ the raid, eg run a 5 disk raid down to 3 drives
08:32<tsi>oops, did i pour gasoline on the fire? sorry. :P
08:32<taupehat>warewolf: what about if you run a 3 disk raid down to 2 disks?
08:32<npmr>well, it's a 5-way with a hot spare
08:33[~]warewolf is 5 disk raid 5 w/o any spares
08:33<npmr>and if we can convert it to raid6 later, we will
08:33<tsi>i had a 5-way once
08:33<tsi>then i woke up
08:33<taupehat>it was confusing?
08:33<warewolf>please explain raid 6
08:33<warewolf>is that raid 5+1 ?
08:33[~]taupehat suspects a 5-way is confusing by default
08:33<tsi>raid 6 is fantasy
08:33<taupehat>5+1 != raid6
08:33<npmr>it's distributed dual parity, in theory
08:33<tsi>0, 1, 5, and combinations thereof are the only real ones
08:33<warewolf>ok because I've heard about this "raid 6" and know nothing about it
08:34<tsi>raid6 is like cat6
08:34<tsi>marketing bullshit
08:34<npmr>it's raid5 with another parity group
08:34<npmr>N+2 redundancy instead of N+1
08:35<tsi>RAID 6 provides an extremely high fault tolerance, and can sustain two simultaneous drive failures without downtime or data loss. This is a perfect solution when data is mission-critical."
08:35<tsi>mission critical = raid1
08:35<npmr>yeah, that right there is marketting
08:35<npmr>that doesn't mean raid6 isn't without its uses
08:36<warewolf>mission critical = raid 5+1 :)
08:36<tsi>the only reason i can see for raid6 over raid5+HS would be if your disks were in multiple drawers and you wanted to get drawer-loss protection or something
08:37<tsi>5+1 means you're doing checksums when you don't need to
08:37<warewolf>yeah but in that case you're also wasting a fuckton of space
08:37<tsi>1+0 is better
08:37<tsi>if properly arranged
08:37<tsi>(stripes of mirrors, not mirrors of stripes)
08:37<warewolf>tsi- like if you have two drawers and you arrange the drives \/\/\/\/\/\ ?
08:37<npmr>5+1 could sustain a loss of any two drives
08:37<npmr>and certain combinations of more drives
08:38<tsi>so can 0+1
08:38<warewolf>npmr- 5+1 could sustain a loss of an entire controller
08:38<npmr>1+0 could sustain a loss of any one drive, and certain combinations of more
08:38[~]tsi doesn't want to sit through the rebuild after losing two disks in 5+1
08:40<encode>tsi: why do you ray raid 6 is fanasy?
08:41<tsi>because i'm a curmudgeon who hates new ideas
08:41<encode>we use raid6 in our sans at work
08:41[~]tsi boils it down, saves tim
08:41<tsi>time, too. but tim was in danger.
08:41<encode>raid 6 isnt really a new idea though, just an extension of an older one
08:41<npmr>yeah, pretty much
08:44<tsi>mostly because in all the applications i've ever set up arrays, 1, 5, or 10 covered all the needs
08:53<encode>i like raid 6 in sans that require high availability on remote customer sites
08:53<encode>i dont imagine theres really much place for raid 6 outside sans
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09:01<tsi>all of my 1, 5, and 10s were in sans
09:01<tsi>but i'm by no means an expert, most of the sans i've worked on weren't very big
09:06<encode>how big isnt very big?
09:08<tsi>and no long distance links
09:09<encode>500tb is a pretty decent size
09:13<tsi>with uniform storage and no director-class switch, there are some really really boring configs that hit up to 700-800tb
09:14<efudd>mmm raiddp
09:15<warewolf>fuck CSS.
09:15<warewolf>The layout I want is easier done with tables.
09:15<warewolf>jesus christ.
09:18<encode>css can be a major pain
09:18<encode>im certainly no css expert
09:18<encode>and with that useless comment
09:18<encode>i'll go to bed
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09:22<Firefox_8>instruction Google Adsense--> Download free Firefox® -->
09:22<Firefox_8>instruction Google Adsense--> Download free Firefox® -->
09:22<Firefox_8>instruction Google Adsense--> Download free Firefox® -->
09:22<Firefox_8>instruction Google Adsense--> Download free Firefox® -->
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09:24<efudd>Well then.
09:27<tsi>wow you can get firefox for free?!?!!?
09:27<tsi>next they'll make that linux stuff free
09:33<@mikegrb>nah, they make too much profit
09:35<tsi>i hear that richard stallman, the president of linux, lives in a mansion!
09:36<@mikegrb>he has one in every timezone!
09:55<kvandivo>and he lives at the south pole!
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10:03<iggy>caker: on the first is a full year going to be charged or a full year - first month that got charged already?
10:08<@mikegrb>full year
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10:39<gpd>I still can't get my head around the $72m firefox made from google ads
10:40<kvandivo>url me
10:41<gpd>That may however not be entirely true
10:42<kvandivo>hmm.. that seems awfully high
10:43<kvandivo>oh.. neat.. Ctrl+K takes you to the search box.. good to know..
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10:45<gpd>I wont comment on the dollar amount except to say that its not correct, though not off by an order of magnitude.
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12:10<fo0bar>^^^ help! I can't run badblocks on my virtual filesystem!
12:20<efudd>oh no.
13:10[~]warewolf watches the last episode of Escaflowne
13:31<warewolf>all this anime this girl I have/had a crush on is all lovey-dovey stuff
13:31<warewolf>but it's cleaverly hidden inside really good anime
13:31[~]warewolf fumes
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13:50<lucca>vaaaan-samaaaa! (repeat ad nauseum)
13:51<lucca>I'm a fan of the anime character designer though (nobuteru yuuki) and a Big fan of the musician (kanno yoko)
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17:23<JonR>I love it when my isp gets into an infinite routing loop.
17:23[~]mikegrb loops JonR
17:23<JonR> 6 ( 8.913 ms 19.992 ms 16.234 ms
17:23<JonR> 7 ( 10.288 ms 9.785 ms 24.492 ms
17:23<JonR> 8 ( 9.409 ms 12.282 ms 19.442 ms
17:23<JonR> 9 ( 10.277 ms 9.187 ms 15.557 ms
17:24<JonR>that's what I found when connectivity to my linode suddenly fell down for about 60 seconds.
17:24<JonR>while I was typing, luckily in screen.
17:25<JonR>this seems to happen once every two weeks or so
17:27<JonR>I hate this isp.
17:27<JonR>and yet I am considering applying for work there, because they're the only people in town hiring for tech guys with my skillset.
17:53<Guest5625>go work there and fix the routing problem yourself
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17:56<Kandur>i have a problem...when i'm loggin in throu LISH i cannot login to my system
17:56<encode>so, you connect via lish
17:57<Kandur>each time i press a key it interprets it's like i presser ENTER
17:57<encode>then press enter to connect to tty1
17:57<encode>and then what
17:57<Kandur>i can't enter my logname
17:57<encode>what host?
17:57<gpd>you have a book resting on the ENTER key :P
17:58<encode>lol gpd, i was thinking a similar thing
17:58<Kandur>i press one key and it continues to password... no, no book around :)
17:58<encode>Kandur: perhaps your keyboard is screwed?
17:58<encode>does this happen on multiple computers?
17:58<encode>what ssh client are you using?
17:59<Kandur>openssh, i can connecto throu my ssh port
17:59<Kandur>but not LISH
18:00<encode>well lish is running fine on host49 for me
18:00<Kandur>this started happening after i tried to transfer to xen, but it failed and caker returned my back to linode
18:00<encode>i suggest you try another pc if at all possible
18:01<Kandur>i have two at home and it doesn't work form either of them
18:02<Kandur>mikegrb, caker: any advice?
18:05<Kandur>i connect to LISH but when i try to connect to tty1 this happens login: r
18:05<Kandur>tLogin incorrect
18:06<Kandur>after "r" it acts like i pressed ENTER
18:08<Kandur>sometimes this happens: li7-227 login: root^MPassword:
18:10<Kandur>ok, i'll post it on forum...c'ya
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20:03<cmantito>fo0bar: you about?
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20:59<fo0bar>cmantito: yes
20:59<cmantito>heh. nevermind. had a finnix question, but it's not relevant anymore :P
21:01<cmantito>wanted to know if it started an sshd or a serial getty on boot or anything
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21:13<fo0bar>"finnix sshd" will start sshd, then set a random 6-char password and display it on the screen, along with any IPs its found at that point
21:15<cmantito>the issue we had though
21:15<cmantito>was no vidcard ;)
21:15<cmantito>(thus the want for a serial getty)
21:19<fo0bar>yeah, that would be a problem. you could set a serial console at boottime, but all the gettys are on regular ttys
21:20<fo0bar>actually, it's not even getty. it's a shell script that emulates the environment behavior of /bin/login, except it execs a bash shell instead
21:20<fo0bar>(see /sbin/bashlogin)
21:21<fo0bar>or should I say emulates /sbin/getty and /bin/login together
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23:02<encode>taupehat: thats really low...its amazing how low people will stoop these days the telemarketing
23:02<taupehat>I hope they keep calling
23:03<taupehat>to hell with them - I'll take some money off dish networks. Maybe enough people do that, the shareholders will notice.
23:03<taupehat>putting that other guy on the phone with me was low, though
23:03<taupehat>once we figured it out, he was all set to find the guy and settle the matter physically, too
23:03<encode>oh, that was you?
23:03<taupehat>that was me
23:04<encode>that sux
23:04<taupehat>so weird
23:04<taupehat>I've never seen call volume like this before
23:04<taupehat>new phone number, immediately the calls are rolling in
23:04<taupehat>all from dish networks
23:05<encode>we dont often get telemarketers calling here (/me touches laminated chipboard in an attempt to remain lucky)
23:05[~]taupehat harbours secret fantasies about beating the telemarketer to within an inch of his life and dropping him off sans attire in the middle of a rough neighborhood
23:09<Beirdo>with an appropriate racial epitaph around his neck
23:10<taupehat>err, you mean epithet
23:10<Beirdo>kinda Die Hard With A Vengeance style
23:10<Beirdo>sorry, it's late and my brain sucks
23:10<taupehat>and nah, I'd just sharpie a big swastika on his shoulder
23:10<Beirdo>oooh, that would do it
23:10[~]taupehat nods
23:11<encode>taupehat: i think you need to set up asterisk and the recurring loop prompt system to divert such callers to
23:13<Beirdo>Just tell "Jerry" that you'll subscribe if he PERSONALLY delivers the equipment
23:13<Beirdo>then beat him silly with the dish
23:13<taupehat>I think I'll settle for suing the shirt off him.
23:13<Beirdo>be careful, it might be an ugly hawaiian shirt
23:14<encode>and he might have an ugly tattooed chest underneath that shirt
23:14<encode>you'd need counselling for the rest of your life
23:14<Beirdo>Oh, I wish I had a stupid Firewire enclosure for this drive
23:14<Beirdo>transferring 8G of MP3 over USB1.1 is painful
23:15<Beirdo>and I wanna shut it off before going to bed
23:15<Beirdo>it's frigging loud
23:15[~]taupehat loves floor heating
23:15<taupehat>never need slippers!
23:17[~]Beirdo frowns at iTunes
23:17<Beirdo>thanks for storing it as artist/album/title.mp3!
23:17<Beirdo>now I gotta rewrite my scripts to recurse directory structures
23:18<Beirdo>wonder if the jays game recorded properly :)
23:21<Beirdo>my firefox is objecting
23:21<Beirdo>98% CPU
23:22<taupehat>it hit mine pretty hard for a minute or so
23:22<taupehat>worth it once it settled down
23:22<Beirdo>this poor bitch of a laptop
23:23<Beirdo>and CRASH
23:23<Beirdo>seems so
23:23[~]taupehat did load that page on an amd/64 system with 2 gigs of ram...
23:25<Beirdo>PIII-800 with 384MB here, I think
23:25<Beirdo>something like that
23:25<Beirdo>IBM T22
23:26<Beirdo>wooohooo... MLB will hate me
23:26[~]Beirdo listens to a timeshifted Blue Jays game
23:27<Beirdo>gotta love scrapable broadcast schedule pages :)
23:27<warewolf>y'all know I work for the IRS, right?
23:28<@mikegrb>mmm cake
23:28<warewolf>someone needs to shut their cake hole.
23:28<Beirdo>you are the man? heh
23:29<warewolf>I am one man who helps monitor the IRS network.
23:30<warewolf>you would not believe how much political bullshit (internal politics, penis competitions) keeps me from doing my job.
23:30<Beirdo>slashdot should be declared a terrorist organization
23:30<Beirdo>oh, I could believe it
23:31<taupehat>now I will actually look at /.
23:31<warewolf>the sad thing is that I took an "issue" (we'll leave it at that) to management, who took it to their management, who took it to the contractor who implimented $THING, and said "That did not happen."
23:31<warewolf>so now I get to throw proof in $CONTRACTOR's face, for a completely fucked up implimentation.
23:32<warewolf>I don't like burning bridges.
23:32<taupehat>beat him up in the parking lot
23:32<taupehat>then tell management that he $FELL
23:32<warewolf>but when companies are so fucking full of themselves, they have to get burnt.
23:33<warewolf>whenever there's a physical incident (eg, bomb threat, tornado, power outage) that effects any IRS facility, my office gets a phone call.
23:33<warewolf>we document it.
23:33<warewolf>and whenever my office discovers something note-worthy on the network, we investigate it
23:33<warewolf>then all this gets summed up in a Fisher Price Incident Summary For Executives Ages Six To Eight every morning.
23:35<warewolf>the worst part is I'm getting bitter about my job -- because I know what to do, I know how to do it, and external -stupid shit- is preventing my _entire office_ from doing our job.
23:35<Beirdo>then they wipe their asses with the summary... lather rinse repeat
23:35<warewolf>and the US-CERT and Department of Homeland Security aren't all that they are cracked up to be
23:35<warewolf>the guy who heads up the IT side of DHS used to be my uh, 2nd level IRS boss
23:35<warewolf>smart guy
23:36<warewolf>he buys his kids alienware PCs to play number munchers. :(
23:37<warewolf>I am so very _very_ tempted to follow content-filtering logs to find out exactly who-the-fuck posted
23:37<taupehat>do it
23:37<warewolf>I *could* do it right now 8-)
23:38<taupehat>just from looking at it, I can see that he's made the cracker's job a lot easier where efile fraud is concerned
23:38<warewolf>I'm not sure if he disclosed anything that isn't public already, but hot damn he just became a target in my eyes 8-)
23:38<warewolf>I .. I hope he doesn't surf porn at work.
23:38<warewolf>I really do.
23:38<warewolf>'cause that's against policy.
23:38<warewolf>and if he does it habitually, his ass is toast.
23:39<warewolf>it's great
23:39<taupehat>eh, you are bitter
23:39<Beirdo>especially if it features little kids or Bush's daughters
23:39<warewolf>I get paid to look at porn other people look at
23:39<taupehat>get a job running the network at a school district
23:39<taupehat>see, in your job, you have to deal with the cops all the time
23:39<taupehat>I catch kids violating network policy (usually playing flash games) and go and chew them out.
23:40<warewolf>I have the treasury police in my back pocket.
23:40<taupehat>much easier, job gets done, next thing to do is done
23:40<taupehat>wait a second...
23:40<taupehat>I thought the bush twins were of age
23:40<warewolf>taupehat: I actually had the IT admin of a school district DoS my cablemodem.
23:40<taupehat>warewolf: lol
23:40<warewolf>taupehat: he was running squid
23:40<Beirdo>taupehat, so? still will be forbidden in a govt facility for political reasons
23:40<warewolf>actually I have an irclog
23:40<warewolf>1 sec
23:40<taupehat>oh was accidental
23:42<warewolf>read and laugh
23:42<Beirdo>long enough filename? ;)
23:43|-|taupehat_ [] has joined #linode
23:43<taupehat_>I suspect caker is pausing host 56 again
23:43<taupehat_>21:40 < warewolf> 1 sec
23:43<taupehat_>that was my last result
23:44<Beirdo>this actually sounds almost as good as AM broadcast
23:44<warewolf>taupehat: the Subject: a very stupid proxy configuration
23:45<Beirdo>from 32kbit WMA originally...
23:45<warewolf>taupehat: was from when I tracked the DoS traffic back to the school
23:45<warewolf>taupehat: and got in touch with him at work 8-)
23:45<taupehat_>that's grand
23:46<Beirdo>and the USB drive is still chugging along
23:46<Beirdo>6.5G in so far
23:46<taupehat_>so host56 isn't responding to anything
23:46<taupehat_>and the overview page reads it as "idle"
23:46<taupehat_>thus my stylish underscore
23:48|-|TheFirst [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:48|-|taupehat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:48<taupehat_>eh, there's one on the host
23:49<taupehat_>there I go =[
23:49<taupehat_>11 ( 105.523 ms 105.567 ms 105.394 ms12 * * *
23:49<Beirdo>in this case, pos ain't packet over sonet...
23:49<Beirdo>it's POS
23:50<taupehat_>so here's a fun packet story
23:50<taupehat_>this week the teachers statewide are doing grades
23:50<Beirdo>poor bastards
23:50<taupehat_>there's a statewide bunch of fiber loops called NERO
23:50<taupehat_>for education
23:51<Beirdo>that's a stressful part of the job... carry on :)
23:51<taupehat_>all week, it's been getting packeted
23:51<taupehat_>full s'kiddie DDOS attack
23:51<taupehat_>so they found out the botherder
23:51<taupehat_>single IP address =]
23:52<Beirdo>they should put that much trouble into passing their courses and they wouldn't have to try to take down the system...
23:52<taupehat_>how much you wanna bet it's some kid who has a bad grade coming
23:52<taupehat_>caker or mikegrb: host56 is dead in the water
23:52<taupehat_>yeah, grades are stressful
23:52<taupehat_>today was the inservice day to finish the grading
23:53<warewolf>I hated school.
23:53<Beirdo>my dad's a teacher... we learned early on to leave him alone at report-card time
23:53<warewolf>I edjumicate myself now by reading books from 8-)
23:53<taupehat_>so naturally the student management server had a RAID conflagaration
23:53<taupehat_>on top of no internets
23:53<taupehat_>I had to turn off my phones
23:53<Beirdo>gotta earn your meagre salary somehow
23:53<taupehat_>meager is right
23:53<warewolf>I think I'm underpaid.
23:53<taupehat_>so mikegrb you can lolz at me with your autoreply
23:54<@mikegrb>mmm cake
23:54<taupehat_>but like we did eat cake today
23:54<warewolf>it's a sign when your PM says "Hmm. I thought you would have gotten a bigger raise."
23:54<Beirdo>education rarely pays well, it's a good assumption
23:54<warewolf>and stuff like "Yeah, well it's easier to give you, who is cheap, a raise, than me the PM"
23:54<taupehat_>warewolf: I'm pretty sure you make several times what I do.
23:54<warewolf>yeah I don't like that.
23:55<Beirdo>I think cops are likely the only ones that routinely get paid less than education
23:55<taupehat_>then again, it's beautiful here, rent is cheap, teh women are sexy, and the hardest part of my job is dealing with a few 68K macs
23:55<Beirdo>there's something wrong with that
23:55<warewolf>but then again, people who do the same shit as me probally make six figures.
23:55<taupehat_>cops here make more than teachers
23:55<warewolf>taupehat_: where are you again?
23:55<warewolf>taupehat_: I'm in northern virginia
23:55<taupehat_>our teachers are going on strike next week...
23:55<taupehat_>warewolf: southern oregon
23:56<Beirdo>yeah, what's wrong with our society when teachers who TEACH the kids to be useful are considered to be useless as far as pay is concerned?
23:56<warewolf>other side of the world (effectivly)
23:56<taupehat_>I prefer the Best Coast over the lEast Coast generally =P
23:56[~]warewolf drinks a hard cider
23:56<taupehat_>hmm, cider would be good...
23:56[~]warewolf detects a typo
23:56[~]warewolf detects two actually
23:56[~]warewolf parses them out
23:57<Beirdo>I prefer the caribbean
23:57<Beirdo>3 weeks...
23:57<taupehat_>I like floor heat!
23:57<taupehat_>tootsies are toasty, and that is a Good Thing
23:57<taupehat_>now where the hell did my linode go?
23:57<Beirdo>somewhere in CA :)
23:57<Beirdo>likely off smoking a bong
23:58|-|TheFirst [] has joined #linode
23:58<taupehat_>it is in fremont
23:58<warewolf>come buy my dish networks shizznit
23:58<warewolf>c'mon dynomite
23:59<taupehat_>I'll say you did that
23:59<warewolf>you have skills
23:59<warewolf>nunchuck skills
23:59<Beirdo>Hey Jerry, tell Jerry to put down the bong
23:59<warewolf>bow and arrow skills
23:59<taupehat_>by the way
23:59<taupehat_>jerry garcia is very much alive
23:59<Beirdo>I hate telemarketers
23:59<warewolf>(I've never seen the movie)
23:59<warewolf>(I refuse to see it)
23:59<taupehat_>I've talked to him at length
23:59<taupehat_>not BS
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