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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-04-08

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00:00<warewolf>taupehat_: is that like the big white guy who claimed he was Michael Jackson on the simpsons?
00:00<warewolf>linode ratemylinode check-in time
00:00[~]warewolf laaaaaaaaaaaag
00:00<Beirdo>I think telemarketers and spammers should be forced to do cage matches to the death
00:00<taupehat_>like a big heavy grizzly dude with a missing middle finger who's good with the git-tar
00:00<warewolf>TWO MEN ENTER
00:00<warewolf>ONE MAN LEAVES
00:00<warewolf>TWO MEN ENTER
00:00<warewolf>ONE MAN LEAVES
00:00<taupehat_>drives for a bus company called the green tortoise
00:00<taupehat_>appears to love it
00:01<warewolf>Apr 8 00:30:12 xabean sendmail[29497]: k384U5n1029497: ruleset=check_rcpt, arg1=<>, relay=[], reject=550 5.7.3 <>... HELO ERROR: Attempt to identify as rejected.
00:01[~]warewolf less-than-three his sendmail configuration
00:01<warewolf>Dear $SPAMMER, don't try to HELO or HELO as me. That won't work.
00:02<Beirdo>it's good to see there are still other sendmail diehards out there
00:02<warewolf>kthx, warewolf.
00:02<Beirdo>I finally switched to postfix... like 8 months ago
00:02<warewolf>Beirdo: my sendmail is a bastard configuration that supports .. well, pretty much all the bleeding edge anti-spam stuff.
00:02<warewolf>and some custom stuff.
00:02<Beirdo>after 12 years straight of sendmail
00:02<taupehat_>ahh sweet
00:02<warewolf>oh wait, I don't support dkim
00:02<taupehat_>they started the hostel hopper trip again
00:03<warewolf>I've got spf, srs, sid, and domainkeys.
00:03<Beirdo>I had a full fidonet gateway running, hylafax, etc
00:03<warewolf>oh god not hylafax
00:03<Beirdo>it was fun
00:03<warewolf>did you have qpage running too?
00:03[~]warewolf cackles evilly
00:03<Beirdo>the snpp part of hylafax was running
00:03<warewolf>page you when you get a fax?
00:04<Beirdo>it was good for annoying coworkers though
00:04<Beirdo>that reminds me
00:04<Beirdo>my pager died like 3 months ago
00:04<Beirdo>can you tell I'm not on call much?
00:04<warewolf>I have a blackberry through my office.
00:04<taupehat_>pager? isn't that like an acoustic coupler modem?
00:05<Beirdo>betcha the bitch will beep for 20 minutes straight when I put in a battery
00:05<warewolf>for a while, (until the justice department told those feds who keep me in their back pocket "No, stop doing that") I was on call 24x7. it sucked :(
00:05<Beirdo>haven't turned on the iDen phone for a while either
00:05<Beirdo>I'm slacking to rule lately
00:05<Beirdo>as I get ready to move to PR
00:06<warewolf>I've moved out of an analyst position to my department's sole sysadmin.
00:06<warewolf>so yeah I need to find my BOFH hat.
00:06<Beirdo>a hockey stick makes a good LART
00:07<warewolf>actually my snide comments make a good LART
00:07<Beirdo>the security guy at work threatens people with his hockey stick, they get the idea quick
00:07<warewolf>I get such a rush out of telling my boss "Opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got one. Yours just stinks more than mine does."
00:07<warewolf>along with "$BOSS, I'm going to interrupt you before you embarrass yourself."
00:08<warewolf>and in a response to his "What the hell are you doing here?" : "What the hell are you getting in so late?"
00:08<warewolf>and flat out "No."
00:08<Beirdo>my response to that is "Actually, I'm just heading home. Fuck you"
00:09<warewolf>and answering the phone (when I see it's his caller ID) "What!" (in the tone of voice like "wtf do you want")
00:09<Beirdo>did that to a boss at 8:30am Monday once
00:09<Beirdo>and I was at work since Friday 8:30am
00:09<Beirdo>slept under my desk all fuckin weekend
00:09<Beirdo>goddam debugging session from hell
00:09<taupehat_>every now and then I feel justified not going to work at the crack of dawn
00:09<taupehat_>like today
00:09<Beirdo>he comes in "What are you doing in so early?"
00:10<taupehat_>I dragged my bleary ass into work when I was good and ready
00:10<Beirdo>and I gave him that response
00:10<taupehat_>after finishing the storage array at 4:30 am
00:10<Beirdo>and then charged a cab to the company for good measure
00:10<warewolf>my problem is I allow my office to abuse me.
00:10<warewolf>so I abuse back. :)
00:10<warewolf>which reminds me, I wonder where my /usr/share/games/abuse went.
00:10[~]taupehat_ just does the clueless thing
00:11<warewolf>oh dude
00:11<Beirdo>that same jackhole had me working 6 weeks of 84h each
00:11<warewolf>I'm like their star coder or someshit.
00:11<Beirdo>so I just did whatever the fuck I wanted after that
00:11<taupehat_>"Oh, that. Yeah, that's 'best practice' to my knowing. Let me know if you absolutely require acess to for your job function and I'll enable it."
00:11<warewolf>I get phone calls "Ok, we need you to figure out how to extract $FOO from the logs. And we need it done now."
00:11<Beirdo>12h/day, 7days/week
00:11<warewolf>this, when I'm off. Thanks, asshats.
00:11<Beirdo>for 6 weeks straight
00:11<taupehat_>warewolf: you da greppa
00:12<warewolf>except this was a grep on crack.
00:12<warewolf>with massaging.
00:12<Beirdo>with a happy ending?
00:12<warewolf>about two hours later, yeah.
00:13<warewolf>that entire SNAFU ended up being pilot error
00:13<taupehat_>so you heard about the DHS guy who just got busted trying to seduce a 14-year-old female FBI agent, right?
00:13[~]warewolf hates $OTHER_DEPARTMENT even more now
00:13<warewolf>infact, my entire department does.
00:13<warewolf>taupehat_: uh yeah. that's some fucked up shit.
00:13<taupehat_>no, that's not a lead-in to a joke - it really did just happen
00:13<Beirdo>I think the FBI should be garrotted for entrapping jackasses like that
00:13<taupehat_>fucked-up but he got busted
00:14<warewolf>no no, I'm glad he got busted.
00:14<Beirdo>14-year old FBI agent just shouldn't parse
00:14<warewolf>when I father a 14 year old girl I WANT people like that to get caught.
00:14<taupehat_>Beirdo: bullshit. He was aware of her stated age, and continued to press his courtship
00:14<Beirdo>and he should have his nuts cut off
00:15<taupehat_>I've had a couple of instances where I go into private dialogue with someone who discloses to being a minor, and the only thing to do is to politely but firmly insist that all further conversation go to a public channel.
00:15<warewolf>taupehat_: you'll get a kick out of my first "task" as the new SA at my office
00:15<Beirdo>yeah, there are all kindsa freaks out there
00:15<warewolf>taupehat_: "Ensure all systems are patched."
00:15<taupehat_>warewolf: haha!
00:15<taupehat_>oh fun!
00:15<taupehat_>setup SUS, did you?
00:15<warewolf>oh god no
00:16<warewolf>I don't admin many windows boxes
00:16<taupehat_>Beirdo: it's more than that - it's basic ethics
00:16<warewolf>I'm talking solaris and linux
00:16<taupehat_>warewolf: ahh, whoopie
00:16<warewolf>linux I can smack around the block and make it do unnatural things.
00:16<taupehat_>so you had the ultimage hodgepodge of god-knows-what that was underpatched
00:16<warewolf>solaris is an entirely different story with me
00:16<Beirdo>taupehat_, yeah, it will keep you a job longer if you are careful not to go into private chat with the jailbait, that's for sure
00:16<Beirdo>Solaris is my current living
00:17<warewolf>I'm pretty much a user of solaris, who knows enough unix in general to make a decent SA in general
00:17<Beirdo>patching Solaris is a Slooooooow task
00:17<warewolf>I download, unzip, boot into single user, install_cluster, reboot, and pray that everything still works.
00:17<taupehat_>Beirdo: I'd object to an adult going into a physical room with my daughter and closing the door. Virtual discussion is no different, except that you don't have a face to look at from a nickname online.
00:17<warewolf>I schooled myself on DiskSuite.
00:17<Beirdo>install_cluster is often a 3+h job
00:18<warewolf>I schooled myself on SunScreen.
00:18<warewolf>I schooled myself on Veritas (vxvm, vea, etc)
00:18[~]taupehat_ is glad he installed linux on the one sunbox he does have
00:18<Beirdo>taupehat_, yes, but... you know nothing can physically happen if it stays virtual
00:18<warewolf>I had to install solaris on my sb1k otherwise I couldn't use the sunpci card :/
00:19[~]taupehat_ hearts at his x2100
00:19<warewolf>but it's funky when 'tcpdump -ni hme0' returns 'hme0: device not found'
00:19<warewolf>especially when you're ssh'd into that box OVER THAT INTERFACE.
00:19<Beirdo>the problem is the jackasses lure the young ones out from virtual to real world meetings
00:19<taupehat_>Beirdo: exactly
00:19<warewolf>I have get to figure that one out actually
00:20<taupehat_>so I'm glad they caught the DHS person
00:20<warewolf>I honestly intend to replace the E420 with the V880 and be done with it
00:20<taupehat_>lure him in, sure, whatever, he knew better
00:20<Beirdo>now there's nothing wrong with meeting a teenager, but for GOD's sakes, not for sexual reasons.
00:20<Beirdo>and insist on their parents being there
00:20<taupehat_>Beirdo: how old are you?
00:21[~]warewolf wants to play frequency and amplitude.
00:21<warewolf><-- 25
00:21<taupehat_>speaking of meeting teenagers
00:21<taupehat_>anyone here remember Starchild over at #freenode
00:21<taupehat_>good god
00:21<Beirdo>talking with teenagers isn't in and of itself evil
00:21<Beirdo>often damn annoying in fact :)
00:22<taupehat_>some kid always wanting to interrupt discussions like "how can hme0 be down when I'm sshed into it?" with stuff like "OMG my guitar licks are so AWESOME!!!"
00:22<Beirdo>hehehe, yeah
00:23<Beirdo>I've never really used tcpdump on Solaris much
00:23<Beirdo>usually use snoop
00:23<taupehat_>is it just that tcpdump can't get a socket on the interface when it's in use?
00:23<Beirdo>maybe ndd needs to be run to set the instance on /dev/hme or something?
00:23|-|kevinm [] has joined #linode
00:24[~]Beirdo pats the Sun QFE card in his OpenBSD firewall :)
00:24<taupehat_>I somewhat suspect that host56 just ramdomly died and isn't simply being serviced
00:25<Beirdo>heh, a true teenager move... "ASL?"
00:25<Beirdo>what does it matter to you, punk?
00:25<Beirdo>18/m/on your mom
00:26<taupehat_>or go for the gross-out effect
00:26<taupehat_>74/m/on your granny
00:27<Beirdo>that being said, there are some teens that are mature enough to be on IRC, etc.
00:27<Beirdo>a vast minority though
00:30<Beirdo>baseball announcers can be dumb
00:30<womble>Then again, there are plenty of "adults" who aren't mature enough to be on IRC (or be breathing, for that matter)
00:30<Beirdo>"so and so opened up Cleveland's season opener with a grand-slam... his first home run of the season..."
00:30<taupehat_>womble: and some of them run large ircnets
00:30<taupehat_>Beirdo: baseball???
00:31<Beirdo>listening to the Jays game
00:31[~]taupehat_ looks at the rain outside
00:31<Beirdo>yeah, it rained here too
00:31<linbot>New news from forums: Host 56, where are you? in Xen Public Beta <>
00:31<Beirdo>I recorded it off streaming radio, listening time-delayed :)
00:32<Beirdo>the only thing I'll miss about Toronto
00:32<Beirdo>having the Skydome within a mile (now Rogers Centre... blech)
00:32|-|kevinm [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
00:33<Beirdo>right now, we have... NBA, NHL and MBA all playing.. and within a mile of each other in downtown Toronto
00:33<Beirdo>Raptors, Leafs, Blue Jays
00:34<Beirdo>the three seasons overlap
00:35<Beirdo>I wonder if there are any leagues in San Juan in the summer...
00:36<Beirdo>wonder if they'll move an MLB team to San Juan... the Expos played there for part of their last season
00:37<warewolf>don't feel like forcing myself through the frustration that is CSS/HTML/development for rml2.0
00:37<warewolf>don't feel like playing wow
00:37<warewolf>guess I'll go read some Brian Herbert
00:37[~]warewolf -c the world of Dune &
00:37<Beirdo>this is where a woman would be handy
00:38<warewolf>I have rosy and her five sisters
00:38<encode>looks like i missed a lot of intersting conversation
00:38<taupehat_>that's what you get, afker
00:39<taupehat_>the exciting bit is the dead xenbeta host
00:39<taupehat_>witness linbot's latest diatribe
00:39<encode>i thought the exciting bit was the 14 year old fbi agent
00:39<warewolf>I'm fairly certian they have nagios running monitoring stuff
00:40<Beirdo>hmmm, seems that they are considering maybe playing some Marlins games in San Juan
00:40<Beirdo>maybe not all is lost
00:40[~]warewolf is convinced that he doesn't like it how content will overflow overtop of another element with CSS positioning now
00:41[~]warewolf -c book, and then bed &
00:41<taupehat_>spanking to herbert? that's weird!
00:42<Beirdo>all kinds of people out there :)
00:45<Spads> <-- npmr
00:46<taupehat_>which one of you is Xan?
00:47<Spads>I'm Nick.
00:47<Spads>I've known an alex, but never a xan
00:47<taupehat_>me@zomg32:~> ping taupehat.comPING ( 56(84) bytes of data.--- ping statistics ---510 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 510396ms
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00:54<taupehat_> xen_linode_boot: failed to get domidxen_linode_boot: warning - li-network might not have ran
00:58<Beirdo>me speak English good
00:59<taupehat_>nice to know
01:00<encode>that doesnt look good
01:11<taupehat_>has the distinct feel of not being good
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01:59<taupehat>ahh =]
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06:25<encode>fo0bar: you there?
06:25<encode>what do you use to print the labels for finix cds?
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10:02<alnr>is everything ok with host39? very slow and i dont know if its my node or host
10:03<alnr>or net
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11:46<alnr>is host39 ok?
11:56<alnr>caker or mike?
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12:30<jbnm>Is there any chance of getting some attention on Ticket #19040?
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16:07<smitty>does anyone here know anything about postfix?
16:08<pclissold>smitty: a bit
16:09<smitty>is there a way to do authentication against mysql?
16:09<smitty>or any other method?
16:10<pclissold>who / what do you need to authenticate?
16:10<smitty>windows clients who I want to relay mail for
16:11<smitty>they are dial-up
16:11|-|Eman [] has joined #linode
16:11<smitty>and they travel
16:13|-|jbnm [] has joined #linode
16:14<pclissold>how about pop-before smtp?
16:15<smitty>i have done the pop before
16:15<smitty>just not smtp
16:15<smitty>i just found a document that uses sasl
16:15<smitty>but there are several methods
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16:16<pclissold>sasl is good but a bit hard to get working right
16:17<smitty>is there a better method?
16:20<smitty>i see the pop-before smtp
16:20<smitty>that looks good
16:20<smitty>is it easy to implement?
16:21<pclissold>yes - I use it for my dial-up users
16:22<smitty>is it low maintenance?
16:22<pclissold>the default timeout on the authentication life is a bit short - confuses people
16:22<pclissold>it's low maintenence - set and forget
16:22<smitty>is it configurable?
16:23<pclissold>timeout is configurable - no need to recompile
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20:05<efudd>xbox 360 in stock.....
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20:37<mohney>is there an admin here
20:37<Spads>mohney: you should ping mikegrb or caker
20:38<mohney>ok thanks
20:41<mohney>mikegrb isn't there.. trying caker
20:43<Spads>look at the mikegrb
20:44<mohney>hooray. thanks anyway sorry i figured it out
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21:35|-|erikh [] has joined #linode
21:36[~]erikh just got a linode.
21:36<erikh>or at least, ordered one :)
21:37<gpd>welcome to the linode collective
21:37<erikh>hey, as long as I get to keep my brains, i'm happy
21:38<iggy>ooooh, in that case, might want to move along
21:39<@mikegrb>silly erikh
21:39<@mikegrb>entering AD for country
21:42[~]taupehat has kicked erikh in the shins!
21:42<taupehat>mikegrb: he's about an hour north of here
21:42<taupehat>where is AD anyhow?
21:42<taupehat>The Nation of Active Directory?
21:45<@mikegrb>small country along the spanish/french border
21:45<taupehat>sounds nice
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22:04<Nemesis__>Host55 is being reeally sluggish (disk-wise)...
22:05<@mikegrb>I throttled a couple of nodes there earlier
22:05<@mikegrb>lemme take another look
22:06<@mikegrb>you aren't being throttled but your io is a bit higher then normal
22:07<Nemesis__>yeah, im just setting up a svn repository
22:07<Nemesis__>my io's usually around 20 tokens/sec.. ive peaked at 150 so far..
22:07<@mikegrb>nah, much higher
22:07<@mikegrb>I've seen your running > 1000 in the last few minutes
22:08<Nemesis__>hm, thats odd
22:08<@mikegrb>probably around 200 average
22:09<Nemesis__>my checkin's stalled.. lol
22:14<erikh>Did I?
22:14<erikh>mikegrb: heh, thanks for not thinking i'm from andorra :)
22:15<@mikegrb>no problem
22:15<@mikegrb>it gave you a massively high fraud probability score
22:15<@mikegrb>wrong credit card address
22:16<erikh>yeah, i just moved.
22:16<@mikegrb>adress not physically close to ip etc
22:16<erikh>I kind of figured that you guys would be calling me.
22:16<@mikegrb>no, for andorra ;)
22:16<erikh>oh hahaha
22:16<erikh>the address would have failed regardless, I just moved a month ago
22:16<@mikegrb>with it removed from the equation, it was fine
22:16<erikh>at least, I think the bank still has the old address
22:16<erikh>oh? must have been from when I updated my car payment
22:16<@mikegrb>moved within the same town?
22:17<erikh>no, from medford to salem
22:18<@mikegrb>the adress only comes into play for comapiring to your ip
22:18<erikh>I've done some billing systems in the past, I figured it would be something different.
22:18<@mikegrb>the bank gets the zipcode but many will still approve in some cases when it doesn't match
22:18<erikh>AVS can be a real PITA to work with, though.
22:19<@mikegrb>well, to get that far, the bank accepted the charges
22:19<@mikegrb>we use a service that gets a few bits of info and computes a probability score
22:20<erikh>I used to do a lot of web proggin' for a large website
22:20<@mikegrb>they don't get the actual cc number so can't compare it to the address on file for the card or anything
22:22<erikh>um, are suggestions appropriate here?
22:23<erikh>in the distro wizard, if you miss a compute or something and you can't install your distro for whatever reason
22:23<erikh>and then you head back through the link, it resets the form back to centos
22:23<erikh>which, while certainly should have been checked should probably stick
22:24<erikh>mikegrb: thanks for all your help regarding this, btw. I can be quite a bit of a flake at times. :)
22:24[~]mikegrb adds that to the bugtracker
22:27<Sgeo>How do I downgrade with apt-get?
22:28<Nemesis__>Sgeo: as far as I know, it's not possible
22:28<fo0bar>Sgeo: IIRC, apt-get install package=version
22:28<@mikegrb>apt-get i
22:29<Nemesis__>i take it you dist-upgraded to unstable and wait to 'downgrade' back to stable?
22:29<@mikegrb>fo0bar beat me
22:30<fo0bar>but that's to downgrade specific packages to specific versions. there's no such "apt-get dist-downgrade"
22:30|-|efudd [] has quit [Quit: Changing server]
22:30<womble>fo0bar: I'm sure gentoo can do that. We can't be left behind -- think of the children!
22:31<womble>We must implement dist-downgrade immediately.
22:32|-|efudd [] has joined #linode
22:32[~]taupehat still thinks anyone running gentoo on a linode is nuts
22:32<Nemesis__>taupehat: why restrict it to only linode?
22:33<Nemesis__>i'm quite happy for that to be a blanket statement
22:33<taupehat>good point
22:50<erikh>for a minute, I thought about gentoo just because I wanted something a lot like freebsd
22:50<erikh>but debian + light on the packages will work well
22:51<taupehat>and have the advantage of not pissing everyone else on the linode off while you compile glibc
22:52<erikh>that was something else I thought about :)
22:52[~]erikh notes it would be worse on FBSD
22:52<taupehat>erikh: you'll want to learn about the contents of /proc/io_status
22:52<erikh>I'll write a silly perl script to monitor it
22:52<taupehat>no need
22:53<erikh>eh, perl + snmp = no need to camp at a web browser
22:53<taupehat>which size node are you on?
22:53<erikh>i'll just setup cacti on a local box here or something
22:53<taupehat>ahh ok
22:53<erikh>I wanted the 240, but they didn't have any available
22:54<erikh>is there an easy upgrade path if they do become available?
22:54<taupehat>amazingly easy
22:54<erikh>I ordered some extra disk and ram, but the 240 package has more for the same price.
22:54<erikh>yes, I am horribly impulsive
22:55<taupehat>that's in tehplanet then, eh?
22:55<erikh>haven't traced it yet
22:56<taupehat>the only gotcha for migrations is that if you go from the planet to hurricaine or vice-versa, you'll have to get a different IP
22:56<taupehat>migrations within a dc keep the same addr
22:56<taupehat>yeah, you're in texas
22:56<erikh>eh, that's what DNS is for
22:56<erikh>just as long as I knwo a couple of days ahead of time
22:57<erikh>but no matter, right now I'm just configuring the thing.
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:02<erikh>taupehat: heh, I wonder if my generated CA is still in a tin box in a garage in medford
23:02<erikh>eh, it's not like more than 10 people used it.
23:03<taupehat>maybe it's time for you to read the ssl manpage again =]
23:04<erikh>I always have to read it.
23:04|-|Electric1lf [~dbharris@] has quit [Quit: ]
23:04|-|ElectricElf [] has joined #linode
23:07|-|kevinm1 [] has joined #linode
23:08|-|dc0e [] has joined #linode
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23:15<encode>fo0bar: did you read my earlier question re cd printing?
23:15<@mikegrb>encode: he has the epson r70 or whatever model it is
23:15<@mikegrb>that prints on printable cds
23:15<fo0bar>encode: oops, skipped over that. epson r220
23:15<encode>oh ok
23:15<encode>does it run fine under linux?
23:16<fo0bar>doubt it
23:16<fo0bar>I use winders for that
23:16<encode>:S ok
23:17<encode>i'm basically looking for a relatively cheap, single colour (probably black) cd printer thats supported by linux
23:17<encode>but i dont think such a thing exists
23:18<encode>and i suspect wine wouldn't be able to handle the printer driver for something like the casio cw-50
23:18<@mikegrb>encode: some of the label makers that can make standalone labels can print on cd
23:18<encode>the casio cw-75
23:18<encode>i'm yet to find an australian shop that sells it
23:19<encode> hahahaha
23:20<encode>mikegrb: were you thinking of any specific brand / model?
23:21<@mikegrb>not really
23:22<@mikegrb>some like this too:
23:22<encode>cos the casio cw-75 is the only standalone one i've found
23:23<encode>well thats a different approach to be sure
23:23<@mikegrb>you should just get this:
23:24<encode>i believe i said relatively sheap
23:24<encode>although the teac seems relatively cheap
23:26<@mikegrb>it's cheap compared to an aston martin
23:27<@mikegrb>since you said realtively cheap rather then just cheap I thought you meant expensive
23:27[~]mikegrb runs away
23:27<fo0bar>aston martins have a poor DPI
23:27<encode>ok, well thanks for your suggestions
23:28<@mikegrb>I hear fo0bar's have a poor dpi but a firmware update is supposed to fix it
23:28<encode>after i buy an aston martin i'll be sure to buy the Primera Bravo II AutoPrinter 62715 All-in-One CD/DVD Printing System
23:29<@mikegrb>your a good man
23:30[~]encode runs away this time
23:31[~]linbot trips encode as he runs by
23:31[~]mikegrb high gives linbot
23:31[~]linbot high *fives* mikegrb
23:32[~]linbot wonders what a high gives is
23:32<encode>you can't trip me i'm no gingerbread man
23:32[~]linbot runs away
23:32[~]linbot I am not programmed to be bored
23:32<linbot>oops, ww
23:33<linbot>ur mom
23:34<encode>./ignore linbot
23:37<taupehat>someone gave linbot some booze again
23:39<encode>i blame mikegrb
23:39<taupehat>that seams reasonakle
23:39<encode>also, smartd ftw
---Logclosed Sun Apr 09 00:00:35 2006