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04:27<quetzalcoatl>hi there!
04:27<quetzalcoatl>is there anybody well oriented in VFS and FS modules writing..?
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06:00<sonorous>hi - caker or mikegrb awake?
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07:53<afv-13>is the ram shown in top supposed to be different from what your plan says?
07:57<afv-13>MemTotal: 75012 kB
07:57<afv-13>from meminfo, that normal?
07:58<brc>around 72 mb
07:58<brc>type " free"
08:00<afv-13> total used free shared buffers cached
08:00<afv-13>Mem: 75012 72044 2968 0 9448 21824
08:00<afv-13>-/+ buffers/cache: 40772 34240
08:00<afv-13>Swap: 264176 92 264084
08:04<warewolf>run dmesg
08:05<warewolf>something liek this: (this is my laptop with 768 megs)
08:05<warewolf>Memory: 774652k/786104k available (2062k kernel code, 10736k reserved, 656k data, 144k init, 0k highmem)
08:05<warewolf>er 786 I mean
08:07<afv-13>Memory: 74880k available
08:08<afv-13>it's going backwards :p
08:08<afv-13>that's greping for Memory off dmesg
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08:58<brc>af: that is correct. i am on the same plan.
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10:03<dan>i neeed tech support.,anyone here?
10:09<npmr>i doubt that's the question you came here to ask
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10:20<linbot>New news from forums: Bridging between wired and wireless interfaces in Linux Networking <>
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10:52<NonVolatileRambo>Eh! Why dey protest me? Huh?
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11:51<Antony>hi, am testing mtrs to irc servers on our network, I've noticed there seems to be a spike in all of them on the 2nd hop, any idea what is causing this?
12:06<cmantito>what's the hop?
12:08<sonorous>it would seem theplanet's routers are giving low priority to icmp packets?
12:08<sonorous>because tcptraceroute reveals nice low ping times
12:08<cmantito>sounds like TP to me :P
12:09<sonorous>which begs the next question: is there an mtr tool which uses tcp packets rather than icmp?
12:09<cmantito>no idea
12:10<cmantito>[root@dustpuppy ~]# man mtr | grep -i tcp
12:10<cmantito>[root@dustpuppy ~]#
12:10<cmantito>nothing in the man file.
12:10<sonorous>yep :(
12:11<@mikegrb>there is tcptraceroute but that doesn't give you ping times along the way
12:11<@mikegrb>routers that give low priority to icmp packets are the norm rather then the exception
12:11<cmantito>yay. another dead maxtor.
12:12<Antony>sorry, was afk
12:12<sonorous>mikegrb: tcptraceroute is fine
12:12<sonorous>at least I can specify a number of packets per hop
12:12<sonorous>just its output is not pleasant ;)
12:12<Antony> vl22.dsr02.dllstx3.theplanet 0
12:13<@mikegrb>Antony: can you pastebin the output of "mtr --report <remotesystem>"
12:15<@mikegrb>yeah, that's normal
12:15<@mikegrb>notice how later hops have lower ping times?
12:16<@mikegrb>it's just the router giving preference to traffic that passes through
12:16<Antony>thought so
12:16<@mikegrb>before dealing with responding to pings and such
12:17<@mikegrb>as opposed to in the output for penguin
12:17<@mikegrb>hop 7 is a large increase from hop 6
12:17<@mikegrb>and the ping times remain high for every hop after that one
12:17<@mikegrb>though even then, they are a few ms lower then top hop 7 specifically
12:17<@mikegrb>but you get the idea
12:18<Antony>6<->7 is the atlantic I guess ;)
12:19<cmantito>stupid oceans.
12:20<@mikegrb>well, it's not the ocean's fault, it's the distance
12:20<@mikegrb>stupid people living so spread out.
12:20<cmantito>yes, but, if there wasn't an ocean there, there'd be land, and there'd be routers.
12:21<@mikegrb>routers wouldn't help
12:21<@mikegrb>it's the distance
12:21<@mikegrb>light/electricity only travel so fast
12:22<@mikegrb>routers would slow it down by adding additional latency
12:22<@mikegrb>right now the latency is essentially the length of time light takes to travel the distance
12:22<cmantito>suppose you've got a point.
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13:17<erikh>hey folks, how long does it normally take to update rdns?
13:18<afv-13>a couple of minutes
13:20<tierra>erikh: 6 hour turnaround on RDNS propogation
13:21<afv-13>why was mine practically immediate?
13:22[~]afv-13 sticks his chest out
13:22<@mikegrb>cron job pulls the values every size hours and updates the zonefiles
13:22<tierra>TP/HE update tables every 6 hours, you lucked out and updated right before it happened
13:22<@mikegrb>six even
13:23<@mikegrb>nah TP/HE don't really have anything to do with it
13:23<@mikegrb>they slave off of our dns server
13:30<erikh>tierra: hmm, i did this last night, it's been well over 12 hours now
13:31<erikh>perhaps it's a cache on my end
13:31<tierra>erikh: could be your ISP caching it
13:32<erikh>yep, it's cache.
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16:13<gpd>does anyone know projectors? We have been 'borrowing' the one from our office and the bulb has gone... leaving me with the job of finding another
16:13<linbot>New news from forums: No reply to upgrade ticket 19075 in Sales Questions and Answers <>
16:14<kvandivo> has reasonable reviews.. is another good site
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16:15<cmantito>"I'm trying to give you more money! Please respond."
16:15<cmantito>I find that funny ^.^
16:15<gpd>kvandivo: thanks - any makes stand out? current one is InFocus
16:15<kvandivo>well, _I_ have an infocus...
16:16<kvandivo>know people with the panasonic.. and the benq..
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17:02<jtickle_lappy>is there any easy way to get a snapshot of my linode's drive or do I just need to let scp -r sit for awhile?
17:04<gpd>there is no snapshot function in the LPM - you have to roll your own as you say
17:05<jtickle_lappy>cool, just making sure I wasn't wasting time
17:05<kvandivo> is one backup solution
17:05<jtickle_lappy>although I suppose in the end it doesn't make a difference
17:06<jtickle_lappy>2.5GiB is 2.5GiB
17:06<gpd>you can do tar over ssh for a one-time-only backup
17:07<gpd>i think scp is slow with lots of small files
17:07<jtickle_lappy>ooh, kvandivo, nice... right now I'm sort of starting over as I've become a much more experienced sysadmin than when I set the thing up, but I think I will set that up in a few days
17:08<jtickle_lappy>gpd, I didn't think of that... thanks, it is being VERY slow, especially with /home/jtickle/Maildir ;-)
17:08<gpd>tar -cf - /some/file | ssh tar -xf - -C /destination
17:08<gpd>or something like that
17:12<NonVolatileRambo>why not just do rsync -azvP -e ssh site:/foo/ bar/
17:13<NonVolatileRambo>rsync is the one true file transfer protocol, layered over ssh
17:13<kvandivo>huh is the airport code for Huahine airport in french polynesia
17:13<NonVolatileRambo>kvandivo: HANK YUU
17:13<NonVolatileRambo>kvandivo: 39
17:15<jtickle_lappy>NonVolatileRambo, I assume the -P there preserves permissions?
17:15<kvandivo>!google man rsync
17:15<linbot>kvandivo: Search took 0.18 seconds: man : rsync: <>; Manpage of rsync: <>; rsync: <>; The FreeBSD Diary -- rsync - synchronizing two file trees: <>; Using rsync over ssh: <>; TechBuilder | Back Up Linux (2 more messages)
17:15<NonVolatileRambo>jtickle_lappy: that's what the -a does
17:15<NonVolatileRambo>jtickle_lappy: -P is a goofy combination of "--progress" and "--partial"
17:15<jtickle_lappy>heh, thanks
17:16[~]jtickle_lappy is not so experienced with rsync
17:16<NonVolatileRambo>I use it for everything
17:16<NonVolatileRambo>I think npmr actually aliases scp to an rsync command or two
17:16<gpd>is rsync any faster than scp for small files?
17:17<gpd>I know if you make a tar first - then send it - you get huge speedup
17:17<gpd>but that requires space to do the tar
17:17<gpd>i thought my method above might help - but it may not
17:17<NonVolatileRambo>gpd: I really don't think you'll notice any speed difference over anything like residential internet connections
17:18<gpd>try scp with small files... you'll be surprised
17:19<gpd>rsync also needs to be installed on both ends iirc
17:22<jtickle_lappy>NonVolatileRambo, rsync didn't like those options for some reason
17:23<jtickle_lappy>er, never mind
17:27<jtickle_lappy>well, thanks for everybody's help, copying seems to be going smoothly now
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18:17<NonVolatileRambo>jtickle_lappy: glad to see you got it working. sometimes you need to do user@host:/path/to/file
18:19<sonorous>hi, I requested a rdns change about 8 hours ago and it hasn't yet taken effect
18:19<NonVolatileRambo> <-- in front of me at the post office today. Apparently George Lucas and Carlos Santana use the same post office as well.
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18:28<cmantito>sonorous: it can take a long time for that to propagate.
18:29<cmantito>2 days in the worst cases. the TTL for the entry are 1 day.
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19:16<encode>so, i'm looking for an 802.11b/g pcmcia wireless card thats supported by linux. Any suggestions?
19:19<sprouse>any debian users here switch to ubuntu for their server?
19:20<encode>i didnt switch per se, i started with ubuntu on my linode
19:21<sprouse>encode: using apache mysql php4?
19:22<sprouse>i'm trying to figure out if i want to go to debian testing or unstable or switch to ubuntu
19:22<sprouse>i guess i'll have to give it a go, maybe setup on another config and filesystem
19:23<sprouse>encode: have you done a dist-upgrade or are you using the image provided here?
19:24<gpd>I switched from sarge to breezy recently
19:24<sprouse>hmm 5.1 that is the latest
19:24<encode>sprouse: im using the hoary image thats provided by linode
19:25<gpd>sprouse: breezy is the latest stable it... 5.10 actually ie. Oct '05
19:25<sprouse>gpd: did you just edit your apt.conf from debian to ubuntu and go...
19:25<gpd>Dapper Drake is 6.0x and is currently running 6 weeks behind for 'polishing'
19:26<gpd>I backed up everything, removed some X11 crap and some other stuff that I didn't need, then did dist-upgrade
19:26<gpd>everything was smooth except for a couple of minor issues - which i am trying to remember
19:27<sprouse>gpd: is exim4 part of ubuntu?
19:27<gpd>18:32 <gpd> another wierdness from debian->ubuntu = rndc connect failed when restarting bind9 ?
19:28<gpd>exim4 is in ubuntu from universe/mail
19:29<gpd>I think postfix is the preferred app ;)
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19:33<gpd>sprouse: you might want to try aptitude (curses) - it allows you to browse the changes a little more easily
19:35<sprouse>gpd: thanks. I'm gona reboot into my new config now, later
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20:06<NonVolatileRambo>one problem with exim on debian/ubuntu is that you need to use exim4 if you want to be at all current
20:06<taupehat>I put on my robe and wizard hat.
20:07[~]cmantito runs away from taupehat
20:07<NonVolatileRambo>teh secksaaaaay
20:21<encode>so no-one uses wireless cards with linux?
20:22<@caker>encode: :)
20:22<linbot>New news from forums: swap question in Performance and Tuning <>
20:22<NonVolatileRambo>I use an orinoco silver card
20:22<encode>caker: i'm reading through there already
20:23<NonVolatileRambo>ubuntu just found it automagically and set up teh entarnet
20:23<encode>NonVolatileRambo: not even ubuntu can work with unsupported devices
20:23<@caker>NonVolatileRambo: oh, it's spads :)
20:23<@caker>aka supa, aka ...
20:23<NonVolatileRambo>encode: which chipset do you have?
20:24<NonVolatileRambo>18:21 <encode> so no-one uses wireless cards with linux?
20:24<NonVolatileRambo>^-- I provided a counterexample
20:25<encode>NonVolatileRambo: i have no chipset. i wish to purchase an adaptor that is supported
20:25<NonVolatileRambo>I see.
20:25<NonVolatileRambo>or mini-pci?
20:26<NonVolatileRambo>which standards do you need?
20:26<NonVolatileRambo>is b enough for you?
20:26<NonVolatileRambo>then just go grab an old used orinoco or something
20:28<NonVolatileRambo>[nick@xyzzy(~)] ls /lib/modules/2.6.15-20-686/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/
20:28<NonVolatileRambo>^-- hints may be found here
20:28<NonVolatileRambo>prism cards have the longest history of useful support
20:28<NonVolatileRambo>in my experience
20:29<NonVolatileRambo>oh hey: bcm43xx/
20:30<NonVolatileRambo>caker: don't worry about all my nick changes. warewolf has me on /ignore by my hostmask, so he won't be bothered by me,.
20:31<encode>yeah, my options seem to be pretty limited to buy a card like that here in .au
20:31<encode>most shops only have dlink, netgear, and linksys
20:31<encode>but thats not your problem ;)
20:31<encode>thanks for your advice
20:31<NonVolatileRambo>check out the chipsets in them
20:31<NonVolatileRambo>many of the cards made by those vendors use supported chips
20:32<NonVolatileRambo>also, nobody buys computer equipment in person in the US anyway
20:32<NonVolatileRambo>we all mail order on teh entarnet
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21:12<gpd>is there a way to turn 3 old blue G4s into something useful (apart from doorstops)?
21:13<gpd>The Sonnettech G4 upgrades seem expensive
21:14[~]snorp breaks down and converts his linode to debian
21:15<gpd>snorp: from what?
21:15<snorp>gpd: they'll run linux, no?
21:15<snorp>gpd: heh, fc2
21:15<gpd>try ubuntu before plumping for debian </ubuntite>
21:15<snorp>yeah, I think I might
21:16<snorp>are you running breezy?
21:16<gpd>and dapper will be sooner than etch by a long way i imagine
21:17<gpd>the g4s will run linux but i really want 1 good machine not 3 crap ones - I suppose MOSIX might work
21:23<gpd>hmm G-Celerator G4 1.8GHz upgrade : $330
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21:25<fo0bar>gpd: wtf?
21:25<fo0bar>I read that as P4
21:28<sprouse>anyone using virtual users with debian and pure-ftpd that has a minute to help
21:30<gpd>try vsftpd instead :)
21:30<gpd>or scp!
21:32<sprouse>gpd: i'll give it a go but i don't like to give up :-)
21:32<gpd>what was the problem with pure-ftpd?
21:34<sprouse>I follow the instructions at to the letter and still not go
21:34|-|spr [] has joined #linode
21:34<sprouse>can log in fine with regular users but not virtual
21:49<sprouse>what are Virtual Chroots
21:56<sprouse>cool, got it to work
22:01<sh8d0w>is it possible to add kernel parameters to a profile?
22:25<gpd>sh8d0w: I don't think so - what do you want to do?
22:25<sh8d0w>hmm, nevermind...
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22:34<encode>ok, so the C-Net Wireless-G PCMCIA Card (CWC-854) seems to have GPL drivers
22:34<efudd>Haha. classic. Vista wants me to remove "Microsoft Software Licensing Service" to make my computer boot up faster.
22:35<gpd>what release of vista?
22:36<gpd>Microsoft Windows Vista 32Bit Build 5342 DVD-WinBeta TeamExtream ?
22:36<gpd>or legitimate ;)
22:36<gpd>how does it look?
22:37<gpd>world changing or pos?
22:37[~]efudd shrugs
22:37<efudd>it rates my tablet PC as a 1 out of 5 for performance
22:37<efudd>(So I'm guessing i'm not seeing much.)
22:38<gpd>you mean it switches off eye candy for low budget machines?
22:39<encode>screenshots of vista
22:39<encode>on a pc with an overall rating of 2
22:40<gpd>you must be logged in to read
22:40<encode>looks quite 'pretty'
22:40<encode>oh bugger
22:40<encode>does that work?
22:40<gpd>ya - danke
22:40<encode>there are more
22:41[~]encode waits a little while before pasting the rest
22:41<efudd>mine claims i have no graphics capabilities :)
22:41<efudd>so.. whatever. :)
22:41<gpd>looks to be influenced by osx (shocker)
22:42<gpd>wrt transparency / shadow at least
22:42<efudd>they all influence each other
22:44<gpd>well the vista website is nicely broken in FF
22:50<encode>it looks alright i suppose
22:50<encode>but my next laptop wil ldefinitely be a macbook pro
22:51<encode>boot camp ftw
22:54<gpd>Fort Worth Meacham International Airport - FTW ?
22:55<gpd>reverse(wtf) ?
22:55<encode>For The Win
22:56<gpd>macbook pro look a little on the heavy side - i currently desire teeny / light
22:56<encode>hmm, yeah that is a point
22:57<encode>i currently have a t41, so a macbook pro would be a fair bit heavier
22:58<gpd>5.6 pounds or 2.54 kg
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22:59<encode>that is heavy
22:59[~]encode looks up how heavy the t41 is
23:00<encode>4.9 pounds
23:00<encode>so not too big a difference i guess
23:02<gpd>hmm - my Fujitsu Lifebook c2210 is 7.9 pounds! that's why I want a light one!
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