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01:34<linbot>New news from forums: Did Host 56 reboot again in Xen Public Beta <>
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05:01<warewolf>oh yeah.
05:01<warewolf>yeah baby.
05:01<warewolf>do I make you horny baby?
05:02<warewolf>.. wait, I don't?
05:02[~]warewolf sulks
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05:31<pamishes>hi, all.. i'd red a lot of logs from linode, but i still havent found what i was looking for.. its again about psybnc vhosts.. but in none of the logs i'd found the correct answer..
05:31<pamishes>can someone help me about that /
05:35<pamishes>i have 2 domains, 2 ip adresses, they are pointing to those ips, reverses are made, all i need is to find out, what config files are need to be configed ant how to set up those vhosts..
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08:53<pamishes>is here anyone alive /
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09:07<encode>pamishes: no, we be zombie processes, all of us
09:07<pamishes>id crashed a little
09:07<pamishes>so how i was saying.. i'd read a lot of logs
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09:08<pamishes>but still havent found the correct answer about psybnc vhosts
09:08<pamishes>how to configure the config files.. and what files need to be configed
09:08<tompuppy>anyone also on host56?
09:08<tompuppy>host56 seems very slow now
09:10<pamishes>do anyone can help me with that ?
09:13<pamishes>is it so hard to do it with those vhosts ?
09:14<pamishes>i been googling for days but i dont even know what to search... found few forums with same questions but there was no answers.. :/
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09:22<pamishes>its harder to get help here than i thought
09:26<pamishes>can anyone get me on the right way ?
09:28<pamishes>post a link to a manual or atleast what keyword i should use.. ;/
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10:52<jtickle_lappy>anyone know why sshd is immediately closing my connection on a fresh debian 3.1 install?
10:52<jtickle_lappy>I can get in through lish obviously but I can't ssh directly
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10:56<jtickle_lappy>Apr 11 11:56:42 li12-62 sshd[2661]: Failed none for jeff from ::ffff: port 35747 ssh2
10:57<jtickle_lappy>thus saith auth.log
11:06<gpd>jtickle_lappy: mv /lib/tls lib/tls.disables
11:07<gpd>or use the latest 2.6.16 kernel
11:07<jtickle_lappy>I'm on the latest kernel :-/
11:07<jtickle_lappy>er, wait, no I'm not
11:08<gpd>that is the only one that supports NTPL/TLS
11:09<jtickle_lappy>that fixed it, thanks!
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12:37<@caker>!weather 37211
12:37<linbot>caker: Temperature: 72°F / 22°C | Humidity: 29% | Pressure: 30.28in / 1025hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 14mph / 22km/h; Today - Mostly sunny. Highs in the upper 70s. South winds 5 to 10 mph. as of 3:48 am CDT on April 11, 2006;
12:40<afv-13>caker: what takes up the extra ram that meminfo says i have 75012 kB?
12:40<gpd>caker can you give us a summary on Xen Beta so far - the forum has become confusing
12:42<TheFirst>summary: there's issues that need to be sorted out?
12:43<@caker>afv-13: the kernel uses the rest
12:43<@caker>and yeah -- there are two issues -- one is that there's no method for me to identify/limit thrashers, and two -- we've had some stability problems which I'm about to post to xen-devel about (stack traces and whatnot)
12:44<afv-13>thanks caker
12:44<efudd>Hmm.. no method to identify thrashers eh?
12:44<@caker>not without doing the pause-all, unpause one-by-one deal
12:44<efudd>buy a netapp
12:44<efudd>you can do a lun/customer off of our storage
12:44<efudd>dynamically grow
12:45<efudd>monitor via $METHODS for IO/lun :)
12:45<efudd>rephrase, buy a LARGE netapp. :)
12:45<afv-13>are we running into issues that other xen hosts missed?
12:45<@caker>that was my secret weapon (iscsi or AoE, then monitor network throughput)
12:45[~]efudd nods
12:45<efudd>iSCSI please.
12:45<efudd>no aoe
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12:46<efudd>(nonstandard.. really.)
12:46<@caker>afv-13: I'd assume so
12:46<efudd>with that said, both are heavy CPU utilizers for a host.
12:46<freespool>hey chris
12:46<efudd>(and hardware initiators aren't cheap.)
12:47<freespool>I'm 300M into swap! Does anyone use SMF here?
12:48<efudd>now that is a humorous thread
12:49<TheFirst>caker...also an issue with nodes not rebooting...
12:49<TheFirst>or failing to boot after a host reboot
12:50<gpd>SMF: Sacramento International Airport (number 3 in 2 days!)
12:55<freespool>Chris mentioned that I need to configure my apps to to use less memory. The only app I have on my node is a SMF Forum
12:56<freespool>Does anyone know how I can configure this?
12:57<gpd>hmm SMF Forum... you should concentrate on PHP/MySQL/Apache
12:57<gpd>unless it has cacheing or other goodness
12:59<freespool>so where do I go from here? can I check to see which one of those is my problem? log file?
12:59<afv-13>top and then capital M
13:00<TheFirst>if you're using default configs all are
13:00<TheFirst>forums have several posts on optimizing for lower mem usage
13:02<freespool>my node is stuck/frozen now ... the only way to fix access it is to reboot ... i can't even ssh in
13:02<kvandivo>do this:
13:03<kvandivo>ssh io_status
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13:11<freespool>I cant even do that .... after i typed in the username i had to backspace and it messed up my login
13:11<freespool>and now it's stuck
13:14<kvandivo>from some remote, non related machine, do that ssh
13:15[~]gpd fraternizes with the opposition on #quantact
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13:21<gpd>caker does xen 3.0.2 address any of your issues?
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13:32<freespool>OK io_count=13813787 io_rate=31 io_tokens=-12 token_refill=50 token_max=100
13:32<cmantito>ye flipping gods. what are you doing on that thing?!
13:32<freespool>just one forum! =(
13:32<freespool>not even a high members count 140 members
13:32<freespool>average on is 20
13:33<cmantito>what forum package?
13:33<gpd>you were thrashing and have been spanked - ask caker / mikegrb
13:33<freespool>i used to have a Linode 80 ... and i thought i needed more .... so picked up a Linode 160
13:33<freespool>SMF Forums
13:34<cmantito>and if you're using apache/mysql, well, read...
13:34<JasonF>freespool: you need to fix your memory usage configs in apache/mysql
13:34<freespool>i am using apache/mysql ....
13:34<freespool>i'll read that =)
13:34<cmantito>JasonF: my thoughts exactly :P
13:35<cmantito>I have to say, the alternate mysql config is what *REALLY* made a difference on my linode. and I barely use mysql (til recently)
13:35<freespool>is that alternate easy to do?
13:35<cmantito>there's a sample alternate in the wiki link above.
13:37<freespool>what do you guys think about that sample config ... should i copy and paste that into mine?
13:38<cmantito>make sure all the paths are right and such
13:39<cmantito>I also addes skip-innodb to mine.
13:39<freespool>the alternate you are talking about? are you talking about the beta testing?
13:40<cmantito>ther alternate configuration file.
13:40<cmantito>You'll want to make sure the paths are all looking the right place and such, and I added skip-innodb to it,
13:41<freespool>okay i will try that ... but since my node is pretty much dead ... i've gotta do a reboot right?
13:41<cmantito>that'll just make it thrash more I *think*
13:41<gpd> just stop apache
13:41<cmantito>at this point your best bet is to wait for your io to replenish, and halt apache
13:42<gpd>there is almost nothing you can do with your io rates - you need to put in a ticket
13:42<gpd>or shout loudly and hope caker or mikegrb hear you
13:42<cmantito>won't it replenish automatically after a while?
13:42<freespool>so just keep running io_status til i can ssh in?
13:42<gpd>no - it requires attention from them
13:43<cmantito>yeah, I see that now, refill down to 50 and max down to 100.
13:43<cmantito>at a rate of 31 that's not going anywhere.
13:44<cmantito>imagine, if you will, cementing your back tires to the ground in a car and hitting the gas ^.^
13:44<freespool>hahah ouch!
13:45<gpd>freespool: put in a ticket - i think it pages them (no peace for the sysadmins)
13:46<freespool>hahah i have an open ticket ... does a reply there page them ... or should i open a new one?
13:46<cmantito>is the open ticket related?
13:48<cmantito>have they responded to it at all? if not, there's a good chance they already know.
13:48<freespool>he has responded earlier and told me to join channel
13:49<freespool>he basically said in the ticket to config my program to use less memory
13:49<cmantito>I would rpely to that one.
13:49<cmantito>er, reply even.#
13:50<freespool>sounds good
13:51<freespool>i posted a topic in the SMF Support forums ... they are asking me to tweak the my.conf file ... ans are requseting a copy of mine .. ahahha but i can't at the moment =(
13:51<gpd>yeah - maybe you are a recurring thrasher - stop apache and see if you can at least edit my.conf
13:51<cmantito>freespool: you should be able to login to lish (slowly) and use that to stop apache
13:52<freespool>oh really?
13:52<afv-13>that way you can kill the sshd server and save some ram also
13:53<cmantito>su; killall sshd httpd mysqld
13:53<freespool>when you sawy "slowly" ... how muck is slowly? haha
13:53<gpd>udo [C[D62 /etc/init.d/apache stop
13:54<cmantito>depends on distro
13:54<cmantito>the first one works regardless of distro
13:54<afv-13>omg i hate sudo
13:54<freespool>i've had root on my userlogin for about 3 minutes now
13:55<freespool>does this work too? service httpd stop
13:56<afv-13>doubt it
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13:57<cmantito>depends on the distro
13:57<cmantito>there's also apachectl stop
13:57<freespool>but is that the same thing as stopping apache like you guys listed?
13:58<cmantito>that's why I reccomend killall httpd
13:58<cmantito>one way or another, they all stop apache.
13:58<freespool>still on the login screen ahhah hasn't promted me for password yet
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14:00<freespool>does it usually take this long?
14:00<kvandivo>in your condition, probably
14:01<kvandivo>we try to not let ourselves fall into your situation, so we don't have numbers on how long you might need to wait
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14:01<freespool>gotcha! thanks this really helps
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14:03<kvandivo>essentially, you've got the kernel trying to give 300 megs of swap io access, and now you're trying to give a "new" process (login) memory, which has to come from somewhere (since your main memory has long since been eliminated.. and all of this is fighting for 50 io tokens a second.. which isn't many
14:06<freespool>ahhhh i seee that makes sense
14:06<freespool>doh ... login timed out haha!
14:07<kvandivo>you really just need to get ahold of caker/mikegrb and have them bump you back up to log in and get that stuff shut down
14:07<kvandivo>and you can go from there
14:08<freespool>Chris is the one who handled my ticket earlier ... but how do I get a hold of caker/mikegrb
14:09<Spads>12:09 [Linode] -!- caker []
14:09<Spads>12:09 [Linode] -!- ircname : Christopher S. Aker
14:16<Spads> <-- caker
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14:31<@caker>come with me if you want to live
14:31<freespool>caker .... can you help me out
14:32<@caker>you wish to thrash the host some more? :)
14:32<@caker>I'll raise your token_refill, one sec
14:32<freespool>ty =)
14:32<@caker>there you go
14:34<@caker>freespool: the other way around this would have been to reboot, btw
14:35<Redgore>a question to apache guru's. in a virtualhost im allowed a ServerAlias correct ? and do scripts etc see this as the servername when stuff is accessed on the alias ?
14:35[~]Redgore is cleaning up his config files
14:36<freespool>caker ty ... i was thinking of doing that ... but i had some advice here that it was a bad idea =)
14:36<@caker>Redgore: I don't think so. It depends on which var you're talking about
14:36<@caker>Redgore: but yes, serveralias is used in virtualhost
14:37<@caker>freespool: yeah -- if you don't know what's causing the memory overload, then you'd need to see it in its current state
14:37<Redgore>gonna try what im thinking of then, lower and tidy up the vhost config
14:38<@caker>Redgore: huh .., look at SERVER_NAME .. it's
14:38<@caker>HTTP_HOST is the one I was thinking of
14:39<Redgore>depends on the coder of the page then
14:39<@caker>which var they use, yes
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14:49<lucca>hm, caker: tls is working nicely in this kernel, but dmesg reveals the kernel is unhappy and doing some sort of "slow" emulation; is there a different set of xen-friendly tls-enabled libc packages we should use?
14:52<lucca>I don't see anything like that in debian-sid
14:54<Redgore>my linode is looking alot cleaner now
14:54<Redgore>far less random apps and the like :P
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15:09<gpd>caker: wrt freespool's problem - does rebooting reset token refil?
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15:16<galexand>i guess i ened to talk to someone about a billing snafu
15:16<JasonF>galexand: wouldn't that be better handled outside of irc?
15:17<JasonF>kinda insecure to be talking billing
15:17<galexand>i'm not going to share my cc# here
15:17<galexand>i need to negotiate :)
15:25<@caker>gpd: yes, it does
15:26<galexand>q caker
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17:40<freespool>hey guys i have a question about the alternate my.conf file caker did =)
17:40<freespool>can i just copy and paste that into my my.conf file and make sure the paths are correct?
17:41|-|womble [] has joined #linode
17:42<gpd>or change your values to match - i'm not sure 'paste in' describes the process well
17:49<freespool>once i make those changes do i need to rereun mysqld?
17:49<gpd>yes, what distro are you running?
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17:51<freespool>CentOs 4.0
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18:32<freespool>Does anyone use eAccelerator?
18:37<gpd>how much traffic to your forum?
18:37<freespool>i have 140+ members but average 20-25 on a a time?
18:37<freespool>i figure that's a low traffic forum
18:38<freespool>i see these forums on the SMF Community Site talking about member #'s waaay more than mine
18:38<freespool>some of my members are telling me I need a dedicated host! I'm like ... I dont think so!
18:39<gpd>which linode do you have?
18:39<freespool>Linode 160
18:39<freespool>I used to have 80 ... but when I had these problems I decided to get the 160
18:40<gpd>did you edit my.conf and restart mysql?
18:40<freespool>not yet
18:40<freespool>kinda scared to do it
18:41<gpd>pah - just backup, edit, restart
18:42<gpd>try adding skip-innodb only - that should make the biggest difference
18:43<freespool>k so I should have "skip-innodb only" on my my.cnf file
18:43<freespool>as well as the rest of the stuff caker added?
18:43<gpd>no - i meant just add
18:44<freespool>just kidding hahah okay
18:44<freespool>gpd ... do you think eAccelerator is neccesary?
18:44[~]gpd evicerates freespool with a ruler
18:44<gpd>no - i suggest you get your linode working from RAM first :P
18:45<freespool>yeah yeah i know I'm a n00b!
18:46[~]gpd goes to seminar by Nobel prize winning C60 geezer
18:50<freespool>gpd are you running a forum of your own?
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