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04:39<pamishes>is here anyone awake?
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10:49<linbot>gpd: The latest stable kernel is; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is 2.6.17-rc1-git5; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.17-rc1-mm2.
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11:15<linbot>New news from forums: Kernel: with NPTL/TLS support in Announcements <>
11:35<gpd>does anyone use ifolder(.com) on their linode?
11:36<gpd>or have any other suggestions for a similar 'shared folder'
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11:50<tierra>damnit, I want to know how whoever it is that does all of Novell's project sites pulls off such great design with completely customized MediaWiki styles
11:52<fo0bar_>tierra: example?
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11:57<tierra>every single one of the project sites is a work of art... the Mono project, iFolder, Beagle, OpenSUSE, Banshee, and the list goes on
11:57<tierra>all of them powered by MediaWiki with custom styles
11:57<tierra>and all of them are really well done
12:09<linbot>New news from forums: Server Failover in Linux Networking <>
13:29<fo0bar>tierra: oh wow, I didn't even realize was mediawiki
13:29<fo0bar>but yes, making a completely custom mediawiki style is damn near impossible to begin with
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13:31<fo0bar>interesting, they've also tied the login function to their single-signon thing
13:33<efudd> - I hope that isn't their only product/business vertical.
13:48<linbot>New news from forums: New Configuration glitch in Xen Public Beta <>
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15:33[~]gpd gives up trying to build ifolder - libflaim error :(
15:33<afv-13>libflaim is the devil
15:34<gpd>the clue is in the name
15:34<afv-13>it's not even OSS
15:34<gpd>I spit on it
15:36<gpd>i wonder if an alien'd fedora 4/5 would work on ubuntu breezy
15:36[~]gpd cringes at the thought
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15:38<afv-13>might as well give it a go, lemme know how it goes
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15:39<tierra>fo0bar: found the guy that did at least the Mono site, probably had a hand in the others:
15:41<tierra>"MediaWiki is a little bit of a pain to theme" ... heh
15:45<gpd>well the fedora 5 libflaim rpms installed and i have made ifolder
15:51<afv-13>pity about the mono though
15:53<gpd>yeah - i'm not sure about all this - but it satisfies the 'ooh look something new to play with'
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16:20<gpd>crap - no libapache2-mod-mono for breezy - dapper only ... grr
16:21<Spads>ha ha mod-mono
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16:44<gpd>can you become root from within vim ?
16:44<kvandivo>you mean chown the vim process while it is running?
16:45<kvandivo>more or less..
16:45<gpd>more or less...
16:45<gpd>I edit a file i don't own by mistake... and want to 'become root' so i can save it
16:45<kvandivo>:w /tmp/blah
16:45<gpd>ya - that is what i do
16:46<kvandivo>that's what i'd do.. :)
16:46<gpd>but you can do it in aptitude - so i just wondered
16:47<gpd>I am spoilt by OSX apps that request authentication if required
16:50<lucca>heh, emacs has a nice feature called tramp; lets you edit things through other programs
16:50<linbot>New news from forums: Upgrading from Fedora Core 3 to Fedora Core 4 in Xen Public Beta <>
16:50<lucca>sudo is one common use
16:50<lucca>ssh is another
16:51<lucca>transparently editing things as another user within the same session is quite useful
16:51<lucca>I'm certain vi has a way to do it, but I can't help you there.
16:52<gpd>heh -freenode #vim = 209 nicks !
16:56<gpd>14:54 ciaranm> gpd: :w !sudo dd of=%
16:59<gpd>ooh - that looks fly
16:59<kvandivo>a bit more user friendly that sudo'ing to dd
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17:39<linbot>New news from forums: Lost connection to MySQL server during query in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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19:11<thread>hi, all... wondering why my linode is running so slowly
19:11<thread>top shows no load going on...
19:11<Spads>cat /proc/io_stats
19:11<Spads>it could also just be a thrasher on your host
19:11<thread>that was what I was thinking
19:12<thread>io_status iomem ioports
19:12<thread>that's all I got in proc
19:12<Spads>er, typo
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19:12<thread>io_count=62115762 io_rate=78 io_tokens=399993 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
19:12<Spads>yeah, it's probably not your fault
19:12<vaxen>mikegrb: host55 high load
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19:14<thread>yeah that's me... host 55
19:15<thread>been like this all day
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19:47<shrap>anyone else having connection problems?
19:48<gpd>are you on host 55 ?
19:48<shrap>no 15
19:48<gpd>nobody complaining
19:48<shrap>consider this the 1st
19:49<shrap>ancel that
19:49<shrap>its back up
19:49<shrap>wow thats annoying
19:49<shrap>I hope it was just me
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20:13<gpd>anyone use shutterstock or istockphoto ? if so which is better? (stab in the dark)
20:19[~]encode stabs mikegrb in the dark
20:28[~]mikegrb has plenty of codeine in his system and can't feel a thing
20:35<npmr>hey mikegrb, where do the host machines come from?
20:36<taupehat>apple trees
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22:21<cirric>I apparently borked a new Linode with a Gentoo distribution, after upgrading to gcc 3.4.5 and rebuilding everything. I'm trying to boot into single-user mode. but after changing the config profile to single user mode, it still tries to boot to run level 3.
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22:22<npmr>cirric, if you can log in at all, check whether /lib/tls exists
22:22<npmr>cirric, if it does, rename it
22:23<npmr>cirric, call it something like /lib/tls-borken
22:23<cirric>no, I can't log in at all.
22:23<npmr>cirric, if you can't log in at all, in single user mode or in runlevel 3, it's probably a bad inittab entry
22:23<npmr>caker or mikegrb can fix that for you
22:24<cirric>i can't get it to boot in single user mode at all. :(
22:24<npmr>it is booting into single user mode
22:24<npmr>but because of the bad inittab entry, the login prompt is not showing up
22:24<npmr>mikegrb or caker can fix that
22:24<npmr>that's my guess anyway
22:25<npmr>it tends to happen to gentoo linodes when you upgrade
22:25<npmr>while they're at it, they can probably do /lib/tls for you, too
22:25<cirric>I'm watching the boot console output, and it says it's booting in run-level 3.
22:25<cirric>(even though I have it set to single-user mode)
22:26<npmr>and then no subsequent output?
22:26<cirric>But, I'm using the boot button on the web interface, instead of the boot command in the console.
22:26<cirric>Actually it gets most of the way up -- starting sshd, etc.
22:26<npmr>boot button and lish boot command do the same thing
22:27<npmr>right, but then when you try to ssh in, the connection hangs, right?
22:27<cirric>But, there's something wrong with the fstab -- it's not mounting swap and my second virtual device. That's what I wanted to fix.
22:27<cirric>Yes, SSHD isn't responding.
22:27<cirric>But, neither is ping, if I remember right.
22:27<cirric>trying again now.
22:28<npmr>ping should work if it's just /lib/tls causing an issue
22:28<npmr>so there must be another problem
22:28<npmr>i couldn't say what, though
22:28<cirric>No, it's not responding to ping.
22:29<npmr>i'd open a support ticket
22:29<cirric>It's strange -- boot console says everything is OK -- except for the fstab problems.
22:30<@mikegrb>use the init=/bin/bash option
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22:39<adinardi>Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had any idea how long it takes from clicking the "I want to join the beta" button to be able to migrate to Xen?
22:40<adinardi>I'm guessing it's a manual process for someone :P
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