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00:10<gpd> -- tempting, but expensive
00:14<taupehat>you have your choice of 3 windows versions, and...?
00:14<gpd>yeah - it was even reviewd by newsforge - and they didn't mention Linux ONCE!?
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10:27<warewolf>su -
10:35<sonorous>wrong screen window? :)
10:45<warewolf>forgot to type ^Ac
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11:06<tierra>why is my terminal talking to me?
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12:04<M`Hael>Hi, I was having some problems with my Linode (the same ones that were solved here: and I followed the suggestions on that forum thread, but the one thing I can't do is the "init q" because I get this error: init: timeout opening/writing control channel /dev/initctl
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12:28<@caker>M`Hael: never seen that error before
12:28<M`Hael>I've been searching all over the web like a madman trying to find the solution
12:28<@caker>this is Gentoo?
12:28<M`Hael>and the only progress I've made is an increase in my madness
12:28<M`Hael>yeah it's Gentoo
12:29<@caker>are you booted fully, or just to init=/bin/bash?
12:29<M`Hael>the latter
12:29<M`Hael>I couldn't boot fully
12:29<@caker>ok .. does /dev/tty0 exist?
12:29<@caker>also, which kenel?
12:29<M`Hael>tty0 does exist
12:30<M`Hael>Latest 2.4 Series (2.4.29-linode39-1um)
12:30<@caker>hmm ... I think devfs is still going to run under 2.4, unless you know you installed udev (at some point, Gentoo moved to udev, but I'm not sure if it requires a kernel component)
12:31<@caker>anyhow -- I'm not too surprised if you got that "init q" error, since you're not running under init right now -- you're running under /bin/bash (hence, the init=/bin/bash kernel argument)
12:31<M`Hael>but after fixing those configuration files
12:32<M`Hael>when I reboot into normal mode
12:32<M`Hael>I don't get a login prompt
12:32<@caker>what's your getty line from inittab look like?
12:33<M`Hael>I uncommented them all and added c0:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 vc/0 linux
12:33<M`Hael>as was suggested
12:33<@caker>the suggestion was to _comment_ out the rest
12:33<M`Hael>that's what I meant
12:33<M`Hael>sorry :)
12:33<M`Hael>there were a bunch
12:33<M`Hael>c1, c2, c3
12:33<@caker>What was it set to initially?
12:34<M`Hael>depending on what the c* was
12:34<M`Hael>they were ALL uncommented
12:34<@caker>Have you tried tty0?
12:34<@caker>yeah, you accepted etc-update changes
12:34<M`Hael>dispatch-conf, I think I used
12:34[~]caker shrugs -- not a gentoo expert
12:35<M`Hael>so c0:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty0 linux
12:35<M`Hael>try that?
12:35<@caker>Also, when you boot -- see if you see a startup message about udev. If so, tty0 will work
12:35[~]efudd commented console out ><
12:35<efudd>been meaning to fix that :)
12:35<M`Hael>and "init q" won't work, obviously
12:35<M`Hael>so just reboot?
12:36<@caker>no, need to reboot back into normal runlevel
12:36<M`Hael>ok let me try
12:39<linbot>New news from forums: Ticket 19154 unanswered in Sales Questions and Answers <>
12:40<M`Hael>that appeared to work caker
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12:42<M`Hael>except I can't login now without going through LiSH
12:43<M`Hael>connection timed out
12:45<@caker>you took off the init=/bin/bash arg, right?
12:45<linbot>New news from forums: Ticket 19154 unanswered (server's host key) in General Discussion <>
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12:45<@caker>sshd startup ok? along with dhcp/network config?
12:45<M`Hael>I'm on Default run level
12:45<@caker>ifconfig and route -n look sane?
12:46<M`Hael>Starting sshd... [ok]
12:46<M`Hael>dhcp/network config
12:46<M`Hael>trying to find that in the logview
12:47<M`Hael>says my inet addr is
12:47<M`Hael>oy vey
12:54<M`Hael>but DHCP is working, it seems...
12:57<M`Hael>I restarted eth0 and it was fine
13:14<M`Hael>hmm running "dhcpcd" fixed it
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19:11<cirric>Evenin', all. I did something dumb -- I upgraded a Gentoo distribution to the latest and wasn't careful about merging all the config files.
19:11<cirric>I've already fixed /etc/inittab and /etc/fstab. But, I'm having trouble getting the eth0 interface up.
19:12<cirric>It doesn't come up by default, and when I do ifconfig eth0 up, it just gives me an IPv6 address -- no default gateway and apparently no DNS.
19:14<cirric>I'm about to try configuring /etc/conf.d/net to explicitly specify everything, but I'd prefer to avoid it. Any ideas what might be causing the DHCP client to fail?
19:18<cirric>Hmmm. Tried static IP configuration, ran "/etc/init.d/net.etho restart", but all I get is the loopback inteface.
19:19<cmantito>ifconfig eth0 up -dyanmic
19:20<cmantito>you might have to tell it you want to use DHCP
19:21<cirric>hmmm. Maybe I know what's wrong. hang on...
19:22<cirric>I see the problem. /etc/init.d/net.eth0 has been completely borked. I'm comparing it to another linode that is working.
19:37<cirric>Yes, that was the problem. I managed to get the interface up so that I could transfer a new /etc/init.d/eth0 from another system, and it's working.
19:59<caker>a lot of that happening recently
20:03<caker>plus gentoo switching to udev (a good thing)
20:08<cirric>Not sure why it was completely replaced. /etc/init.d/net.eth0 was practically empty -- it didn't do anything useful at all.
20:09<cirric>I'm guessing that something was wrong with the baselayout package.
20:11<cirric>Chris, thanks for your help with the udb/0 -> udba problem. I didn't find the forum posting the first time that I searched.
20:13<cirric>Now that I have it solved, I'm making a copy of the root partition so that I have a fallback.
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22:30<taupehat>thank me later
22:38<taupehat>that's so going up at my office
22:39<encode>thats so awesome
22:40[~]encode wishes there was a high res copy of that
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23:59<encode>gpd: a friend of mine who is doing architecture at uni told me about the first story on that page
23:59<encode>pretty interesting
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