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00:27<rafaelf>hey fellas, can someone update me on the xen migration?
00:28<rafaelf>I signed up for it but on my control pannel it says that migration is suspended
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00:31<rafael>does anyone know the status of the xen migrations?
00:32<cmantito>Not I. Check the forums?
00:32<rafael>no luck
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04:33<TheFirst>about xen migrations: [06:37.27PM] < caker> adinardi: it's been put on hold for a bit
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08:31<tsi>linode network usage is based on calendar months, right?
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09:03<mxpxpod>is it alright to change the time on my linode? will that affect people on my host?
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09:09<npmr>mxpxpod, it will only affect your linode
09:10<npmr>mxpxpod, of course if by "change the time" you mean "set the timezone" then you can do it even more fine-grained than that
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09:16<sonorous>hmm, have TP recently added more transit(s) recently?
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09:25<mxpxpod>npmr: thanks, yeah, I meant change the time zone
09:28<npmr>mxpxpod, don't change the system clock to set the timezone
09:28<npmr>mxpxpod, change /etc/localtime
09:28<npmr>mxpxpod, it's a symlink to a file in /usr/share/zoneinfo
09:29<npmr>mxpxpod, change to so it points to the one you want
09:30<npmr>also, setting TZ in your environment will set the timezone of individual processes
09:30<npmr>it's not uncommon for an individual to export a TZ setting from .profile
09:30<npmr>for example, an irish user of a shell server in california
09:33<mxpxpod>npmr: so use tzconfig?
09:34<npmr>yes, that works too
09:34<npmr>tzconfig just sets the symlink in /etc, though
09:34<npmr>all it really does it provide a nice interface for making the seletion
09:34<mxpxpod>ok, so what are you suggesting?
09:34<npmr>tzconfig is nice
09:35<npmr>"ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Detroit /etc/localtime" works for me
09:36<mxpxpod>so, do I want to restart processes after I change the timezone?
09:36<npmr>anything that uses the time
09:36<npmr>like syslog, for example
09:37<npmr>cron, at
09:37<npmr>i can't really think of any others
09:37<npmr>maybe apache if you feel like it
09:37<mxpxpod>postgres, exim, dovecot
09:37<npmr>not so much
09:37<mxpxpod>well, postgres because I have datetime fields in there
09:37<npmr>ah, yes
09:38<npmr>but exim and dovecot don't need it
09:38<mxpxpod>thanks for the help
09:39<npmr>exim will use timestamps in Received headers but they'll say what timezone they're in, so it's not really very consequential
09:39<npmr>sure, no problem
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09:58<warewolf>ex-coworker goes through the pain of having to figure out how to do the equivlant of tail -f in windows.
09:58<warewolf>he chose to open the individual log files with notepad over and over again
09:59<warewolf>why he didn't install cygwin and run tail -f, I don't know. He might not ahve been able to do it (policy, or someshit)
10:11<Redgore>a decent text editor that can reload without asking would be of use :P
10:11<Redgore>such as textpad
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15:09<mikefoo>Anyone available?
15:12<kvandivo>how cute are you?
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15:16<cmantito>that's a good question, cause I could be.
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15:35<mikefoo>im not available
15:35<kvandivo>i'm not either, then
15:36<mikefoo>but I could be depending on what hardware you have
15:36<kvandivo>of course, the question is moot if you aren't a cute coed
16:16<erikh>hey man, define cute
16:16<erikh>some people think gene simmons is cute
16:16<erikh>others thing bunnies are cute
16:16[~]erikh returns to sleepcoding
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16:28<kvandivo>my definition of cute is that i know cute when i see it
16:28<kvandivo>gene simmons isn't in the set of cute that i'm talking about.. nor are bunny rabbits or kittens
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19:09<@caker>!errno 23
19:09<linbot>caker: ENFILE (#23): Too many open files in system
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21:45<@caker>wtf is Vyatta
21:47<@caker>ok, looks like an open source routing/networking kernel & tools
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