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03:15<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host50 in System and Network Status <>
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08:53<hydride>if I bought a linode 80, can I upgrade to a 120 later?
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09:05<NeonNero>yes, if there's any available
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13:18<erikh>how does one go about upgrading when new machines come out
13:19<erikh>is there any way to say "I want one of those"?
13:19<erikh>err, reservations
13:21<taupehat>put in a support ticket
13:44<erikh>taupehat: done! :)
13:44<taupehat>erikh: wewt! :-P
13:44<taupehat>for reals though, that's how it works
13:45<erikh>well, I put one in more or less saying "Please don't close this until I get an upgrade!" heh
13:45<taupehat>no need
13:45<taupehat>I had a similar ticket that was open for a couple months
13:46<erikh>well, they're supposed to be having more in today
13:46<erikh>according to the main website, at least.
13:48<heidi>that doesn't mean there will be more, that is just an estimate
13:48<taupehat>hi heidi
13:48<taupehat>chris still zzz?
13:48<heidi>i don't know
13:48<heidi>mikegrb has been sick all week
13:48<heidi>totally out of commission
13:48<taupehat>oh =[
13:48<taupehat>what's he ailing with?
13:48<erikh>heidi: yeah, I figured as much, I just thought I would get on the ball with it :)
13:49<taupehat>cough cough
13:49<heidi>yeah, it got pretty bad, he couldn't breath
13:49<heidi>his blood oxygen level was too low as well
13:49<heidi>now he is just kind of a zombee from the meds
13:50<heidi>he had some bad chest pains last night when we went to bed
13:50<heidi>he had to get up and deal until they went away
13:52<taupehat>bronchitis is a drag
13:59<@caker>the doctor is in
14:13<taupehat>hi chris
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15:41<Fir>instruction Google Adsense--> Download free Firefox® -->
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15:41<Fir>instruction Google Adsense--> Download free Firefox® -->
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15:43<taupehat>isn't fir the same guy who's k-lined all over the internet
15:44<taupehat>believe I'll let his hosting company know
15:44<taupehat>and you _know_ his firefox is sploited
15:46<taupehat>anyone here read hebrew?
15:49[~]taupehat found somoene
15:50<taupehat>so caker did he try it in #oftc and get himself klined yet?
15:53<@caker>dunno -- not in there
15:53<@caker>just oftc-staff
15:53<@caker>no mention of it
15:53[~]caker preps host57 for umlization
15:54<@caker>time to regression test for UML all our changes to the host code for xen :)
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15:57<@caker>hrmp .. my amd kernel give me no love
15:58<@caker>grub -> vmlinuz- -> hit return, then nothing...
15:58<cmantito>anyone know of an apache module for measuring how much data a given vhost transfers?
15:59<taupehat><p align="right"><!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan --><SCRIPT src=""></SCRIPT><!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" endspan --></p>
15:59<taupehat>so that little scriptlet says this:
15:59<taupehat>document.write('2'); var ref=document.referrer; ref.match(/q=([^&]+)/); if (RegExp.$1){ document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); }
15:59<taupehat>wouldn't recommend visiting that site in IE...
15:59<@caker>cmantito: webalizer?
16:00[~]cmantito googles for.
16:00<cmantito>that may do. thanks :)
16:00<taupehat>and here's where you're exhorted to get his firefox:
16:00<taupehat><h2 style="COLOR: rgb(102,0,0)" dir="ltr">Pressure on the button in order to
16:00<taupehat>lower the browser hapyerpoks with THE GOOGLE TOOLBAR</h2>
16:00<taupehat>fugly frontpage code, too
16:04<taupehat>caker: wanna be on the BCC list for my complaint about fir?
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16:05<taupehat>erikh: you missed all the fun, as usual
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16:11<taupehat>caker: you've got mail!
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16:19<Fir>instruction Google Adsense--> Download free Firefox® -->
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16:23<taupehat>caker: #oftc needs you
16:24<taupehat>by the way
16:24<taupehat>fir is at his keyboard
16:24<taupehat>I flamed him in pmsg and he replied
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16:28<perxam>hi - can I boot my own ISO image in linode?
16:28<@caker>perxam: yes
16:29<@caker>perxam: obviously you need to get the contents into a Linode disk image, but after that, you'll be able to boot it up (see:
16:29<perxam>That URL is empty (there is no info in the wiki)
16:29<@caker>take the ) off the end
16:30<taupehat>caker: any luck getting that other issue handled?
16:30<perxam>got it
16:30<perxam>how much is extra bandwidth per GB?
16:31<efudd>altho, you can buy it at the special price of $1.00 USD for 2GB.
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16:31<perxam>and what port speed can I expect effectively (1mbps ...2mbps??)
16:31<taupehat>way way fast
16:31<@caker>the hosts are on a 100mbit port... more than likely it'll be somewhere else that'll be the bottleneck
16:31<taupehat>you'll see =]
16:31<fo0bar>perxam: I've seen up to 50mbps, depending on location
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16:33<perxam>do you accept paypal?
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16:33<Fir>instruction Google Adsense--> Download free Firefox® -->
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16:33<taupehat>caker: thought you were oftc staff
16:34<@caker>I don't have the powa
16:34<taupehat>ban the ident
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16:35<Fir>instruction Google Adsense--> Download free Firefox® -->
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16:36<taupehat>same ident
16:36<taupehat>caker: you know you want to =]
16:40<perxam>do you folks have a reseller program?
16:41<@caker>perxam: nope
16:41<perxam>any plans?
16:41<@caker>not currently
16:41<perxam>too bad...
16:41<perxam>we get a dozen requests a day
16:42<perxam>we don't get into VPS - we are mostly into high-end linux services
16:42<perxam>people who download the iso's from us ask us for vps all the time
16:42<perxam>anyway, we'll send them your way
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16:48<perxam>caker: i just sent a guy your way
16:48<perxam>if you ever need high-end dedicated servers on the west coast, keep us in mind :-)
16:48<@caker>perxam: cool -- where do you guys house your gear?
16:49<perxam>2 different sites: equinix in ashburn and LA, and switch and data in San Jose
16:49<perxam>that's ashburn VA
16:50<@caker>yeah -- I looked into them a few years back
16:50<perxam>we can help if you're using up terabytes a day...
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17:13<Helen0>I have a linode 80 and have been having serious performance problems--timouts and frequently bounced incoming mail
17:13<Helen0>Rebooting the linode solves the problem, but it slows again in as little as an hour
17:14<Helen0>Apparently our spamd seems to be using too much memory, causing serious swapping
17:14<taupehat>Helen0: you might want to turn off spamd then
17:14<taupehat>I personally did that and replaced it with a greylisting daemon
17:15<taupehat>much lighter-weight, and more effective
17:15<Helen0>hmm, let me check that out...
17:16<taupehat>which distro are you using?
17:16<Helen0>fedora core
17:17<taupehat>that uses sendmail, doesn't it?
17:17<taupehat>if you can move to postfix, postgrey is excellent
17:17<Helen0>I think it uses exim
17:17<efudd>hrm. think i need to update my rbls
17:18<taupehat>links to various implementations
17:18[~]efudd ponders where a master list of rbls is maintained
17:18<taupehat>efudd: spamhaus?
17:20<Helen0>another question - how do you figure out the name of your linode (as regards to
17:20<efudd>i'm using spamhaus
17:20<efudd>shit must be going downhill.
17:21<efudd>I've been getting an insane increase in spam the last ~2 wks
17:22<@caker>Helen0: your username
17:25<Helen0>hmm, my username didn't seem to work (the name I use to log in to
17:25<Helen0>plus at, other people's linode and user names are different
17:25<@caker>I believe you need to register there first (the accounts aren't tied)
17:25<@caker>then under your RML account, you can monitor multiple Linodes
17:26<@caker>so yeah - I was wrong :)
17:31<efudd>jason@forever ~ $ hostx -t A
17:31<efudd> A record currently not present
17:31<efudd>jason@forever ~ $ hostx -t A
17:31<efudd> A record currently not present
17:31<efudd>jason@forever ~ $ hostx -t A
17:31<efudd> A record currently not present
17:32<Helen0>I have a RML account, but in Preferencse at RML, where you type the name of the linode to rank, I don't know what to type.
17:33<@caker>I don't think it matters -- as long as you use the same name in the script
17:33<Helen0>I've tried login names to, rml, and my linode domain
17:33<@caker>just make one up
17:33<@caker>and use the same "name" when you edit the client script
17:34<Helen0>what/where is the client script?
17:34<@caker>"Download Client"
17:36<@caker>ok, this is just nuts. My AMD-compiled kernel won't boot ...
17:36<@caker>same .config as the Xenolinux kernel
17:37<efudd>hopefully those changes fix some of my spam problems.
17:38<taupehat>efudd: I haven't seen the slightest increase in spam recently
17:38<taupehat>not in the past long time
17:38<efudd>i don't run any spamfilters....
17:38<taupehat>seriously, try greylisting
17:38<efudd>just rbls
17:38<efudd>greylisting, eh?
17:38<taupehat>rbls don't work
17:38<efudd>rbls have seemed to work for a while now...
17:38<taupehat>and they're avoiding them
17:38<efudd>within the last two weeks however... shite has gone fonky
17:38<Helen0>another question: how much memory do we need to run spam assassin on a linode? we currently have linode 80 and performance is bad apparently due to spamd. we're also running Apache.
17:38<Spads>they're great at blocking the e-mail of innocent bystanders
17:38<taupehat>Spads: yeah
17:39<efudd>taupe, another point is, well, I accept *@ to me.
17:39<taupehat>efudd: greylisting is the only spam block I use
17:39<efudd>so i'mg etting
17:39<@caker>ok .. debian's 2.6.15-1-k7-smp boots .. /me uses that .config to start with
17:39<taupehat>you can send an email to and it'll come to me
17:39<Spads>"Your hosting provider uses an ISP that also has hosting providers who take on spammers as customers. therefore we'll block your mail from thousands of computers"
17:39<taupehat>but only if the MTA is smart
17:39<efudd>if i lose an email that's directly to me due to some spamlist. Well, I don't care. :)
17:39<Spads>"You're now expected to complain to your ISP instead of the blacklist people."
17:39<taupehat>efudd: telnet 25
17:39<@caker>Helen0: I believe you can limit SA to one thread, and that's basically a requirement for running on small memory systems
17:39<efudd>@broked is for personal shite
17:40[~]efudd blows the dust off of netcat
17:40<@caker>Helen0: after that ,limit down the number of threads apachec uses, asnd if mysql, limit the amount of memory its using
17:40<efudd>220 ESMTP Postfix (Microsoft IIS 4.0)
17:40<fo0bar>220 BSDI BSD/OS 2.0 Thu Feb 23 13:09:18 MST 1995 i386 ESMTP
17:40<Helen0>how many threads for Apache?
17:40<efudd>mmmm bsdi.
17:41<womble>Helen0: 1, called lighttpd <grin>
17:41<efudd>taupehat, hrm. interesting.
17:41<@caker>Helen0: in the single digits, IMO .. also turning off any modules you're not using .. but the big thing is limiting the number of threads
17:41<efudd>methinks i will greylist.
17:41<Spads>greylisting > *
17:42<taupehat>light footprint
17:42<Helen0>thanks! I already limited the mysql memory--will now limit SA and apached threads
17:42<taupehat>and it frikkin WORKS
17:42<efudd>simple, elegant, abusive.
17:42<efudd>I <3 it.
17:42<taupehat>I get about two spams a week now
17:42<taupehat>and they're all 419 spams sent through yahoo
17:42<Spads>how so?
17:42<efudd>overloads the intentions of the SMTP specification :)
17:42<efudd>i love it.
17:42<taupehat>Spads: it abuses the RFC a bit =]
17:42<Spads>it does at that
17:43<@caker>Helen0: yes, do those things and the node will haul
17:43<taupehat>but most importantly, it blocks spam and doesn't slaughter the linode in the process
17:43<efudd>so my emails get delayed ~4hours first time received....
17:43<taupehat>efudd: you can set it to anything
17:43<taupehat>I've set mine to 1 second before with equal results
17:43<taupehat>in fact...
17:43<efudd>er.. it's up to the remote to retry :)
17:43<efudd>sendmail historically was 4hrs
17:44<taupehat>hysterically, you mean
17:44<efudd>just wait till spammers start queueing.
17:44[~]efudd sighs
17:45<taupehat>then the next thing
17:45<taupehat>but for now, greylisting is brutally effective
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17:59<taupehat>I tried that and then realized postgrey was much easier
17:59<taupehat>and lighter
17:59<taupehat>uses a flatfile
18:00<efudd>just found that in portage :)
18:01[~]efudd mumbles something about postgrey installing a goddamned user
18:03<efudd>ah well.
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18:05[~]caker tries compiling for k7 instead of opteron
18:07<@caker>!weather 37211
18:07<linbot>caker: Temperature: 81°F / 27°C | Humidity: 42% | Pressure: 29.75in / 1008hPa | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: WSW | Wind Speed: 5mph / 7km/h; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 60s. South winds 5 to 10 mph.; Sunday - Partly cloudy. Highs in the lower 80s. Southwest winds 15 to 20 mph.; Sunday Night - Partly cloudy with isolated showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the lower 60s. Southwest winds 5 (2 more messages)
18:07<linbot>caker: to 10 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.; Monday - Partly cloudy with isolated showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 70s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.; Monday Night - Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 50s. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph.; Tuesday and Tuesday Night - Partly cloudy. Highs in the mid 70s. Lows in the lower 50s.; Wednesday - Partly cloudy with isolated showers and (1 more message)
18:07<linbot>caker: thunderstorms. Highs in the mid 70s. Chance of rain 20 percent.;
18:11<efudd>forever postgrey # at -l | wc -l
18:11<efudd>holy crap
18:11<efudd>someone's been trying to hack the hell out of me.
18:11<@caker>what are they all?
18:11<efudd>would have to read the damned atq's
18:11<efudd>but i autoblock connections to invalid listeners
18:12<@caker>huh .. k7 worked
18:12[~]caker chalks it up to two buggy versions of gcc
18:14<efudd> grep -ic "invalid user" *| cut -d: -f2 | xargs | sed 's/ /+/g'|bc
18:14<efudd>heh. bastards.
18:14[~]efudd needs to autoblock those too
18:15<@caker>wait, what are all those?
18:15<efudd>invalid ssh login attempts
18:15<@caker>oh .. how'd they get stuff into at?
18:15<efudd>and stupid tricks to calculate totals.
18:15<efudd>oh, no. those didn't.
18:15<efudd>I auto-block folk and auto-remove them from my filtering at some point in the future.
18:15<efudd>at is the method to queue/dequeue
18:16<erikh>has anyone had an experience where someone actually got in with one of those scripts?
18:16<efudd>so at -l |wc -l is a quick count of how many i've currently blocked
18:16<@caker>erikh: it's happened to linode users, yes
18:16<@caker>a bunch of times
18:16<efudd>lemme say again
18:16<@caker>often: test/test, or john/john, etc
18:16<erikh>I guess I'll move to all keys
18:16<efudd>caker, did you ban them from life?
18:16<@caker>efudd: no, made them fix it, gave warning, etc
18:17<@caker>repeat offenders get banished
18:17<efudd>I miscounted.
18:17<@caker>at any one point in time, we've got at least a couple abuse tickets going, where their node was compromised, via apache, sshd, etc
18:17<efudd>that's 3,305 attempts to login to ssh on the 1th.
18:17<efudd>covering a 2 hour period....
18:17[~]efudd will definately fix that.
18:17<@caker>I had over a 1000 a few days ago to one of my boxes from the same ip
18:18<taupehat>they get to 5 or 6 and bye-bye
18:18[~]efudd nods
18:18<@caker>taupehat: what's the benefit of that over a few iptable entries?
18:18<erikh>dunno, with the consoles it almost seems likea pure key setup would be best.
18:18<taupehat>caker: it's easier
18:18<efudd>I need to add that to apache also.
18:18<erikh>they can hit it all the want with password auth, and ssh won't even acknowledge they exist
18:18<taupehat>adds the ip for n number of minutes
18:18<efudd>caker, I ban via iptables.
18:18<taupehat>which is handy - I managed to ban myself
18:18<efudd>ut something has to maintain it other than me.
18:19<efudd>I do that every few months.
18:19<taupehat>anyhow, fail2ban works on ssh, apache, pretty much anything that you could be authing against
18:19<taupehat>and uses iptables to do the banning
18:19<@caker>no process running, nothing grepping logs every X minutes, etc
18:20<efudd>then i have to keep track of my IPs :)
18:20<efudd>there is a reason i never did that.
18:20<taupehat>and that also won't help ban php attacks
18:20<efudd>yeah, i get tired of those.
18:20<@caker>the way I understand it, you don't -- as long as you don't trigger the rule
18:20<erikh>heh, or you could run dns
18:20<efudd>those guys, i have been manually banning.
18:20|-|Marcel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:20<taupehat>anyhow, I'm well within my usage with fail2ban running
18:20[~]erikh just configured bind to handle dnssec
18:21[~]taupehat trusts mikegrb to reinvent the wheel now and again =]
18:21<efudd>gubment taught him well.
18:21[~]efudd hide
18:22<efudd>problem now is i've also disabled console login....
18:22<efudd>so if i ban myself..
18:22[~]efudd has to wait days!
18:22<cmantito>so...reenable console login? =P
18:23<efudd>nah, i did my sysadminly duties for the year by configuring greylisting.
18:23[~]efudd off to bar
18:43<erikh>yay, no more passworded logins
18:44|-|memphisking [] has joined #linode
18:45<memphisking>anyone scanning direct into and if so, how is done from a local scanner
18:46<erikh>scanning a linode box you purchased, or what?
18:48<memphisking>scanning like from a local computer directly into a linode box i purchase and then taking the scanned image and dragging and dropping it into another application on line
18:49<cmantito>you mean like an image?
18:49<cmantito>a scanned photo of some sorT?
18:49<cmantito>a scanned photo of some sort?
18:49<cmantito>why directly into the linode? best to scan it to the computer and then upload it probably.
18:49<memphisking>photo or document
18:50<memphisking>i am trying to eliminate the need for a server and going to a thin client arrangement
18:50<cmantito>how so?
18:52<memphisking>i use an asp for my primary management system but am still dependent on a local drive to move images ti and from - would like to scan somewhere else and then move the documents into my asp
18:53<cmantito>well, you'd have to hack up something custom, like a java applet to interact with the scanner and upload the image stream as far as I know.
18:54<memphisking>sounds complicated
18:55<memphisking>can't the scanning software be loaded into my linode box/drive and then i just scan to it or is that to simplistic and idea
18:56<cmantito>the software would have to support talking to a remote device...or a 3rd party module so that the software thinks the device is local.
18:56<memphisking>a so
18:57<cmantito>I don't know of any software like that though.
18:57<memphisking>would be a money maker
18:57<cmantito>doubtful, it'd likely get redone open-source and released once you did it commercially ;)
18:58<memphisking>have a happy easter - roger and out
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20:00<linbot>New news from forums: xenode slow. in Xen Public Beta <>
20:00[~]caker digs a little deeper into perl
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20:52<efudd> taupehat, do you have a solution for eliminating mailer-daemon bounces that are false? :)
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21:23<@caker>huh .. perl has no iif function
21:23<@caker>there's probably some fancy syntax that does the same thing
21:24<@caker>involving :
21:26<@caker>IIF(condition, value if true, value if false)
21:26<@caker>yeah - that's the one
21:26<efudd>IIF is some bastardization.
21:28<@caker>printf "It took %d hour%s\n", $time, $time == 1 ? "" : "s";
21:28<@caker>^-- crazy .. evals happen first .. pretty cool
21:28<@caker>oh, never mind
21:33<efudd>ternary is dashiznitz.
21:34[~]efudd ponders if one can A?{foo;bar;}:{baz;zap;}
21:34<efudd>i guess that wouldn't not be accepted.
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