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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-04-16

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00:33<Dreamer3>how is Xen going?
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04:24<taupehat>an easter bunny hops through taupehat's house
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07:42<warewolf>ooooh I am going to kill someone
07:43<warewolf>you do NOT break production analysis scripts.
07:43<warewolf>especially ones that I wrote
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11:08<taupehat>happy easter =]
11:30<warewolf>what do you have against .il? 8-)
11:31<warewolf>.il is cool
11:31<warewolf>'cause you can do things like
11:44<taupehat>nothing against .il
11:44<taupehat>particularly when a .il admin bans a serial spammer
11:47[~]warewolf needs a "You must be -------- this high to use RML" sign
11:47<taupehat>actually he says "all the necessary actions" have been taken...
11:47<taupehat>Israel is kind of dangerous place... =]
11:47<warewolf>oh, so he killed him.
11:47<taupehat>he user was located and all the necessary actions in the means available to us have been taken
11:47<warewolf>another one bites the dust
11:48<warewolf>ok now that I have partaken in prepackaged sustinance, I will retire to my bedchamber.
11:48[~]warewolf &
11:48<taupehat>bawmp, bawmp, bawmp, another one bites the dust!
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12:31<linbot>New news from forums: I ordered another IP and ... in Linux Networking <>
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13:09<FireSlash>So, a MiB is more memory than a MB, right?
13:09<FireSlash>In such a case, why does free tell me I only have 74mb?
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13:37<FireSlash>^ HAWT
13:38<FireSlash>Wanna add those backbones up? I know you want to. :]
13:39<taupehat>just put it this way
13:39<taupehat>when you move bits, they scream
13:40<FireSlash>Any idea why free and /proc/meminfo are only showing I have 74mb?
13:50<FireSlash>caker? mikegrb? :/
13:50<fo0bar>the kernel itself is counted as used memory
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13:51<FireSlash>Thats not subtracted from the total though
13:51<FireSlash> <-- Ram: 80 MiB
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14:21<FireSlash>80 MiB = 81920 kiB, 83886.08 kB
14:21<FireSlash>I think someone did their math wrong.
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14:35<FireSlash>Nevermind. It looks like the kernel actually DOES take memory from the "total". Which is retarded. :P
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16:27<linbot>New news from forums: No reply to upgrade ticket 19075 in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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17:10<warewolf>15:35 < FireSlash> Nevermind. It looks like the kernel actually DOES take memory from the "total". Which is retarded. :P
17:10<warewolf>the kernel is a program just like mysql or apache
17:11<warewolf>infact it literally is, in the case of a linode.
17:11<warewolf>the kernel does take up memory, it's to be expected :)
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17:40<warewolf>shit man, I am going to get in trouuuubleeee
17:40<warewolf>without paying attention I filled in NEXT PAYPERIOD's timesheet instead of the one that just ended :(
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18:20<kvandivo>ya...... about those TPS reports....
18:20<kvandivo>ya....... did you get that memo?
18:21<kvandivo>ya..... I'll have the secretary send you another copy
18:55<FireSlash>My server is seen as in things like IRC... how do I make it show as my domain?
18:56<taupehat>setup rdns
19:01<FireSlash>No package or etc file for rdns
19:03<taupehat>lol, no
19:03<darkbeholder>its in the linode control panel thing
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19:06<fireslash`>Do I needn to reboot?
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19:08<taupehat>but oh well =]
19:08<fireslash`>So, when does it take effect? Hourly?
19:08<taupehat>dns updates rather randomly in terms of how long
19:08<taupehat>by tomorrow, no later, I'm sure
19:08<taupehat>but rebooting won't change a thing
19:08<fireslash`>DNS, yeah. but rdns?
19:08<fireslash`>Yeah, I didn't reboot.
19:09<taupehat>rdns is just a dns entry
19:09<taupehat>it takes a while to propigate
19:09<taupehat>and by 'a while' I very specifically mean 'a while' as that's about as precise as it gets.
19:10<fireslash`>If its the same system that DNS uses, then yeah, I understnad how that works
19:10<fireslash`>I just thought rdns went directly to linode's own server or something
19:10<taupehat>it does
19:10<taupehat>and then gets published out
19:10<fireslash`>Thats what Iw asn't sure of.
19:10<taupehat>however, you can /whois me and see that it does in fact work =]
19:10<fireslash`>I didn't know if it had to hit everyone else's DNS servers, or if it wasa direct.
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20:37<Spads>tail -f it as you exit X
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22:33[~]taupehat is cruel to salespeople
22:33<taupehat>append .com to my nick and you'll see what I mean
22:34<cow>everything is dead
22:34<cow>easter sunday
22:34<fo0bar>taupehat: yeah, watch them ignore that
22:35<taupehat>their loss
22:35<taupehat>plus, you know they won't
22:35<fo0bar>let me know how far you get with the competition :)
22:35<taupehat>actually, both dishnet and directtv have packages that do just that
22:35<taupehat>which I'll be sure and point out when they try to convince me to go with charter anyhow
22:36<fo0bar>do their websites not suck as well?
22:36<taupehat>and yeah, the other two are browser-agnostic when it comes to taking my money
22:36<taupehat>charter was founded by Paul Allen, though
22:36<fo0bar>it's been many years since I've had to log into "my account" with charter broadband
22:38<fo0bar>no, paul allen was just an initial investor
22:38[~]fo0bar googles
22:38<taupehat>ahh, so
22:38<fo0bar>Jerry Kent and Howard Wood <-- founders
22:38<taupehat>last time I had charger was about 2.5 years ago
22:38<fo0bar>whoever they are
22:38<taupehat>I went to do billing under safari and it said "Unsupported browser: SECUIRITY!!1!" at me
22:39<taupehat>so I went to the debug menu and changed the useragent string to MSIE6 and paid my bill
22:39<taupehat>then I phoned, worked through 3 levels of "Restart your computer" types until I finally got someone who was actual website support
22:39<taupehat>and he accused me of hacking their website
22:40<taupehat>so I "hacked" their website by changing my useragent string once more in order to cancel my account, and went with qwest
22:41<taupehat>the website guy also tried to convince me that using IE on the Mac would be more secure...
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23:43<FireSlash> <-- Running LAMP with apache2 on top for svn, firehol, bastile, email, clamav... that look good or am I still using too much memory?
23:44<Battousai>what kinda linode?
23:44[~]Battousai waiting for load
23:45<FireSlash>You can't tell by the total memory? :P
23:45<Battousai>my isp does not like http
23:45<Battousai>that looks like it would be a bit much, but eh
23:45<Battousai>as long as it's not too busy it should be fine
23:46<FireSlash>I think I need to trim MySQL down more.. I only dropped two settings in my.cnf
23:47<FireSlash>What should max_allowed_packet and thread_ look like?
23:48<Battousai>is that chick with the ears the girl from candidate for goddess?
23:49<FireSlash>Hmm. innoDB keeps a 10mb file.
23:49<warewolf>if you're not using innodb, turn it off
23:49<FireSlash>Just throw that in the conf?
23:52<warewolf>please tell me that isn't the output of phpinfo()
23:52<warewolf>oh it isn't. Good.
23:52<warewolf>I detect an anime fan.
23:53<FireSlash>What? WHERE?
23:53<warewolf>I detect Noir, Eva, some mecha thing I can't remember the name of (Garasakai? maybe), and something I don't recognize.
23:53<FireSlash>Yes. Gasaraki.,
23:54<warewolf>er no wait that isn't noir
23:54<warewolf>that's something else
23:54<warewolf>the girl with the gun int he middle
23:54<warewolf>wht's that
23:55<warewolf>it is?
23:56<FireSlash>Kirika from Noir
23:56<FireSlash>Trust me.
23:56<warewolf>must have been later in the series than I watched.
23:56<warewolf>all I remmeber is the blonde.
23:56<warewolf>I'm suprised you don't have Serial Experiments: Lain up on there.
23:56<FireSlash>I would have if I had found any good pics when I was making that style
23:56<FireSlash>I'll make a lain theme later.
23:57<FireSlash>The site is fully skinnable.
23:57<FireSlash>What is authdaemon.mys and why do I have 5 processes of it running? o.O
23:57<Battousai>courier auth
23:57<Battousai>mysql backend
23:57[~]Battousai assumes
23:57<warewolf>you ... oh god
23:58<FireSlash>Nice. I need to fix this mail mess.
23:58[~]warewolf shuts up and doesn't say the not-nice things he's thinking. /me goes back to work.
23:58<FireSlash>warewolf, Yeah, I know. Shut up. :P
23:58<FireSlash>Mail servers and I never really got along too well
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