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00:09<warewolf>I love international spam (chinese and japanese is the best) that gets bounced around so many mail servers that the 8bit encoding gets fudged and it comes through as extended ascii nonsense.
00:09<warewolf>also: way to go microsoft exchange for not being able to parse RFC822 headers correctly.
00:09<warewolf>lines like
00:09<warewolf>Subject: This is a really long subject line
00:10<warewolf>(tab character)that has more than one line in the
00:10<warewolf>(tab character) headers message
00:10<warewolf>ends up showing in outlook with spaces where the tabs are
00:10<warewolf>sometimes it happens to wrap in the middle of a word, very annoying.
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03:32<epsilon> good morning/evening
03:34<epsilon>Anyone know what devices are used for extra partitions? I have a partition I want to mount in ubuntu and the dev is not the same as it was in debian
03:38<epsilon>My first partition is dev/ubda, swap is on dev/ubdb, I was thinking thne next partition would be dev/ubdc...
03:48<epsilon>nevermind :)
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04:02<epsilon>damn not fixed
04:02<Redgore>epsilon: the image needs to be given a device in your distro config
04:05<epsilon>I've looked there msut have missed it
04:05<epsilon>thankyou Redgore
04:06<epsilon>I was looking in the disk images section
04:07<epsilon>it's been a liong time since I last set up a Linode from scratch
04:08<epsilon>I've noticed dhcp isn't set up by default in ubuntu 5.10
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05:10<linbot>New news from forums: What are sit0 and gre0? in Xen Public Beta <>
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10:21<FireSlash>Hmm. I think screen is messed up. I can't detach or kill the window!
10:23<FireSlash>There we go
10:23<FireSlash>Restarted the Lish session and it worked o.O
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10:25<FireSlash>But still, every time I first log in, I get a bunch of garbage on the screen. As soon as I enter a command, it goes back to normal.
10:25<FireSlash>i've tried clearing and closing all screen sessions. :./
10:30<FireSlash>Is there a way to force clearing the screen in the motd file?
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10:52<FireSlash>Ok, that wasn't it :/
10:52<FireSlash>Even tried clearing on exit
10:52<FireSlash>It still throws random garbage until you start to log on
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12:12<npmr>is there a reliable way to flash a supermicro motherboard bios from linux?
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12:40<linbot>New news from forums: Cancellation in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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13:07<thread>my linode is being sssllloowwww
13:07<thread>I'm on host55
13:07<thread>is it hosed again? this happened recently and caused me much headache
13:07<thread>no load on my system... but it's slow as balls anyway
13:08<epsilon>what's your io count?
13:08<thread>how do I tell?
13:09<thread>every command I type takes like at least a full minute to process
13:09<tierra>cat /proc/io_status
13:09<epsilon>cat /proc/io_status
13:09<thread>just hang on a while
13:09<epsilon>and check your mem vmstat -s
13:09<warewolf>io_count=56485185 io_rate=0 io_tokens=399996 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
13:09<warewolf>^ a healthy linode
13:09<thread>io_count=68337164 io_rate=10 io_tokens=399996 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
13:10<warewolf>io_tokens= some number less than that == bad
13:10<tierra>seems to be good
13:10<warewolf>ok then someone else on your linode host may be thrashing
13:10<epsilon>errm how do you ppl get io_tokens higher than max?
13:10<warewolf>re mpt/
13:10<warewolf>they're not.
13:11[~]warewolf home rows
13:12<thread>this is very bad
13:12<thread>who's in charge? someone kill the lamer hosing host55 pls
13:13<epsilon>oh yeah
13:13<epsilon>silly me
13:13<epsilon>I've been up for ages
13:13<warewolf>epsilon- quite alright.
13:13<warewolf>thread: ping caker or mikegrb here, or open a support ticket
13:30<thread>actually the problem seems to have gone away now that I've cleared up some disk space
13:30<thread>can a full disk cause everything to be really slow?
13:38<npmr>how full was the disk?
13:38<thread>yeah, there was like 4.2M free
13:39<thread>I must have lost a bunch of email
13:39<npmr>that can cause strange things
13:39<npmr>i don't know about slowness, though
13:39<thread>right, I wouldn't think so either
13:39<thread>actually I spoke too soon... I think it's still all slow
13:40<npmr>what does the lpm say about host load?
13:40<@caker>Filename Type Size Used Priority
13:40<@caker>/dev/ubd/1 partition 263160 128652 -1
13:40<@caker>OK io_count=68451540 io_rate=1626 io_tokens=394774 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
13:41<@caker>thread: your node is using way to much swap
13:42<thread>um.. don't know why that would be...
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17:08<cow>*tap tap tap*
17:12<cow>i thought procrastinating studying would be instantaneous... hehe
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17:21<gpd>cow: I think the channel's spirits have been dampened by the Xen Beta I/O issues :(
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17:54<tierra>yeah, I was looking forward to xen migrations possibly by the end of the month, but it seems that will now be delayed for a while
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18:13<cow>what happened to xen beta?
18:14<@caker>It's still going fine... there's just no way to limit disk thrashers (yet)
18:14<cow>is the "yet" waiting on you or xen devels?
18:15<@caker>not necessarily, no
18:15<cow>what do you have to wait for?
18:16<cow>hrmm i cant decide between centos and fedora
18:16<@caker>I've been researching the options for methods to identify and limit disk usage
18:16<cow>and nothing conclusive/stable yet...
18:16<@caker>and now that we're on Xen 3.0.2-2 (final), to make sure it's stable
18:17<cow>is the xen that msft virtual server talking about the same xen?
18:17<cow>im pretty surprised that msft would enable linux to run on their virtual server software
18:18<@caker>antitrust :)
18:18<cow>haha true
18:18<cow>and i thought it was billy being humble...
18:19<cow>caker: can you downsize a partition using the linode control panel?
18:19<cow>i remember back in the day it was only increase
18:20<@caker>Yes, you can
18:20<linbot>New news from forums: Upgrading from Fedora Core 2 to Fedora Core 3 in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials <>
18:20<cow>isnt fedora core 4 out?
18:20<@caker>it's an old thread
18:20<@caker>and FC5 is out :)
18:21<cow>wow, i'm behind the times
18:21<cow>i think im stuck on centos though
18:21<cow>what's centos at now, 4.1?
18:22<cow>4.3 damnit
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18:33<cow>does centos4 work well with 2.6 kernel?
18:33<@caker>just move /lib/tls if not running 2.6.16
18:34<cow>tls works in the latest kernel?
18:34<cow>i'm shocked
18:34<@caker>in that one, yes -- Latest 2.6 doesn't point to it yet
18:35<lucca>2.6.16-domU-linode1 ?
18:35<@caker>lucca: no, that's a Xen kernel
18:35<sonorous> ?
18:36<lucca>oh, n/m, completely misunderstood the conversation
18:36<cow>is there a reasont hat latest 2.6 doesn't point to it?
18:36<@caker>not really .. new kernels I usually give a few weeks to see if any issues arise
18:37<cow>any yet?
18:37<cow>and is there any reason that it's not marked [experimental]?
18:37<@caker>I had two reports from users last week that the kernel would croak after init without any output. Another boot and it would work correctly. Jeff was puzzled
18:38<@caker>Yes, the experimental tag was there to prevent a flood of "zomg, mysql is segfaulting!!!11one"
18:38<cow>*laughs out loud*
18:38<cow>so the 2.6.16 is... not experimental anymore?
18:38<cow>i guess that's cause of tls
18:39<@caker>It'll be the default once tls hits mainling
18:39<@caker>er, nptl support
18:39<@caker>2.6.17, according to jeff (it's in -mm now)
18:39<@caker>also: s/mainling/mainline/
18:39<cow>yeah i figured :P
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19:45<warewolf>MY CAR IS NOW MINE
19:45<warewolf>three cheers for warewolf's car
19:47<kvandivo>was it the bank's before?
19:48<warewolf>!math 124.30-196.16
19:48<warewolf>!calc 124.30-196.16
19:48<linbot>warewolf: 124.30 - 196.16 = -71.86
19:49<warewolf>too bad those seventy dollars didn't accrue interest
19:49<warewolf>that's what I'd paid them over-the-top over the 5 years of the loan
19:55<kvandivo>it's a wonderful feeling to pay off your first vehicle
19:55<warewolf>yes it is
19:55<warewolf>I now have an extra $2k a year or something
19:55<kvandivo>i did that.. hmm... 14 years ago.. and I'm still driving the thing
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21:17<fo0bar>ok, the audio quality (through headphones) on my new phone is excellent
21:17<fo0bar>I must now get a minisd card so I can hold more than 4 mp3s :)
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21:21<@caker>fo0bar: read your review .. it looks pretty damn cool
21:22<@caker>I've been wanting/looking out for a decent "mini" pc - something with inet capabilities more than what my pcs phone has now (weather, "email, movie tickets", nonexistant interface)
21:26<fo0bar>caker: when I first got my phone, I compared it to a "mini pc" and came up disappointed. then I shifted my expectations to "pda", which makes it kickass for a pda/phone
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21:29<@caker>maybe mini pc isn't the right term, then. Just something with a decent keyboard that I can ssh/answer tickets from
21:29<@caker>not something that would take me about 80 keystrokes to enter my passwords
21:31<Eman>buy my crappy laptop... it can do ssh/web quite well...
21:32<Newsome>sounds like you need an easier password :)
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21:32<taupehat>get an iBook
21:32<Spads>GET A MAC
21:32<taupehat>then you'll have a real shell to work with besides
21:32<@caker>Newsome: ever use a tele keypad for anything besides dialing?
21:32<Newsome>yes, it's very painful :)
21:33<@caker>taupehat: I have a tibook already -- but it's a pain to get going .. need the tibook, phone, and special phone cable .. dial PPP, wait, wait, etc
21:33<taupehat>oh ahh
21:33<@caker>plus battery life on the tibook is down to about 20 minutes
21:33[~]taupehat gets about 5 from his iBook, unless wireless is on, then 4.5
21:35<fo0bar>the screen is a limiting factor on this phone (240x320), which makes ssh doable, but difficult. however, the slide-out keypad is awesome. I can get over 20wpm on it
21:36<fo0bar>whereas on a normal phone I usually crank out 3 words every 5 minutes :)
21:36<@caker>Is it the same thing as Sprint's PPC6700 ?
21:38<fo0bar>similar, but it's based on the HTC Apache. There are numerous reasons to go with a Wizard instead
21:38<taupehat>local bar just elected Judge Grief
21:38<taupehat>oy vey
21:38<taupehat>don't do crime in these parts...
21:38<fo0bar>of course if you're on sprint, you're stuck to that
21:38[~]caker reads
21:38<fo0bar>but the apache and the wizard are software compatible
21:40<@caker>not much there ...
21:41<fo0bar>the apache's keyboard look-and-feel is regarded as superior... but that feature was "ported" to the 8125 (IE, a wizard, with the apache's physical keyboard)
21:41<fo0bar>besides the obvious antenna sticking out of the apache, I don't remember much else
21:41<fo0bar>I'll ask the 2 phone geeks at work tomorrow. one has an apache and the other has a wizard (8125)
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21:57<cow>caker: you might be better off with 2 devices
21:57<fo0bar> <-- caker
21:57<fo0bar>that site seems to go into comparison
21:57<cow>a friend of mine has a bluetooth phone with EVDO, and a dell axim x51v
21:57<cow>he can vpn/remote desktop at 480x640 resolution
21:57<@caker>the dell is a laptop, I assume?
21:57<cow>run ssh, etc etc
21:57<cow>no, a pocket pc
21:57<cow>but it has vga resolution
21:57<cow>and also has wifi, so you can leech wifi access if available
21:59<cow>not many pocket pc phones have the vga resolution
21:59<fo0bar>yeah, the HTC stuff has all of that, except for the larger resolution
21:59<fo0bar>it even comes with a rdesktop client, amazingly
21:59<cow>yeah all ppcs have rdc
21:59<cow>and watch out for ppc phones running on versions of windows mobile before v5
21:59<fo0bar>rdesktop on 320x240 is.... fun :)
21:59<cow>they suck royally
22:00<cow>*laughs out loud* yeah i used it once then disconnected -- i couldn't take it
22:00<fo0bar>cow: yeah, I'm enjoying 5, but I heard 2003 with phone capability sucked
22:00<cow>it really sucked
22:00<cow>palm treo isnt that bad either
22:00<cow>aparently they have rdc client for that too now
22:00<cow>thats 320x320 resolution
22:01<fo0bar>I've heard of a number of people who have had bad hardware troubles with their recent treos. but they say the software is good :)
22:01<cow>fo0bar: you ran rdc over cellular data connection?
22:01<cow>the 600 is a POS
22:01<cow>the 650 is nice, i wont see the 700 for a while since i'm in canada
22:01<fo0bar>cow: no, activesync. I haven't set up the vpn yet
22:02[~]caker is confused ...
22:02<cow>you running on evdo?
22:02<cow>*laughs out loud* @ caker
22:02<@caker>EV-DO is just cdma (sprint)?
22:02<cow>yeah cdma
22:02<cow>gsm has edge
22:02<@caker>and that's who?
22:02<cow>im in canada, so i have no idea :P
22:02<@mikegrb>ev-do is the 3g next gen stuff
22:02<@mikegrb>also sprint
22:02<fo0bar>cow: whatever cingular's is. isn't that EDGE instead of EVDO?
22:03<Battousai>cingular's is edge
22:03<@caker>mikegrb: but only from Nextel, no?
22:03<cow>yeah edge is for gsm
22:03<@mikegrb>sprint is cdma
22:03<fo0bar>I do know it's zippy, comparitively
22:03<cow>evdo is fast
22:03<@mikegrb>native sprint
22:03<fo0bar>ssh latency is quite tollerable
22:03<@mikegrb>they have been since the beginning
22:03<cow>ive gotten 400-500kbps off of evdo
22:04<cow>fo0bar: agreed -- its pretty good for ssh
22:04<@mikegrb>iirc, sprint was the first to start w/ a digital network in north america vs starting with AMPS or some such
22:04<fo0bar>cow: I'm glad I got the unlimited data plan instead of the "5MB/mo" plan. I think I've used a good 100MB in the last 5 days
22:04<cow>i thought the a in AMPS stood for analog... i could be wrong though hehe
22:04<cow>fo0bar: you're lucky you have unlimited packages there... we dont have them here
22:05<cow>fo0bar: how much is the unlimited plan?
22:05<fo0bar>cow: $20/mo for unlimited, then $10/mo for 1000 text messages, on top of my $40 voice plan
22:05[~]cow moves to USA
22:05<@mikegrb>cow: yes, there is also NAMPS
22:05<cow>it's 60$/mo here for 100megs
22:05<fo0bar>ha ha
22:05<@caker>tri-band implies analog/[cdma|EV-DO]/gsm ?
22:06<@mikegrb>caker: evdo is just data
22:06<cow>tri-band means it goes on 3 bands of one technology
22:06<@caker>mikegrb: over cdma, or what?
22:06<fo0bar>cow: this seems specific to cingular though. I've heard t-mobile and verizon try to screw you for data
22:06<cow>so, like GSM, triband could be like 800mHz 900mHz 1800mHz
22:06<@caker>cow: sneaky bastards
22:06<cow>lots of phones these days dont have any analog mode whatsoever
22:07<cow>quad-band implies europe functionality
22:07<@mikegrb>well, the original dual band phones were gsm/analog or cdma/analog
22:07<fo0bar>(this is not an endorsement for cingular though -- I think all providers are grubby assholes who try to screw you moments after you sign the contract)
22:07<cow>cdma/analog or tdma/analog
22:07<cow>i dont remember any gsm/analog phoens tho...
22:07<@mikegrb>heh, I never sold gsm phones so I dunno
22:08<@mikegrb>just AMPS/NAMPS, CDMA and TDMA
22:08<cow>cellphone salespeople are grubby, just like the providers... hehe
22:08|-|spr [] has joined #linode
22:08<fo0bar>yeah, GSM for the longest time was considered "technically superior but crap in the US" because of lower deployment and no analog backwards compatibility
22:08<cow>rogers in canada is coming out with a faster "Broadband" service than EV-DO aparently
22:08<fo0bar>but now GSM is everywhere and analog is dead, so it doesn't matter
22:08<cow>which means you'lls ee it in the usa first :P
22:08<@mikegrb>fo0bar: I saw your post, I have /u and /d mapped for the same
22:09<cow>GSM i find works better than analog, but this is only in recent years after they started putting up towers everywhere
22:10<cow>caker: There's also "origami", which they're coming out with
22:10<cow>its an ultra portable pc
22:10<@caker>tablet, no keyboard, I believe
22:10<cow>probably twice the size of a PSP
22:10<fo0bar>I remember back in the 90s europe was crazy for GSM, and the US was saying "that's great, but a gsm tower doesn't reach as far as the other technologies... your countries are tiny, amerika is fricking huge!"
22:10<cow>its got an onscreen keyboard
22:10<cow>you hold it in your hands like a psp
22:10<@caker>ugh :)
22:10<cow>and you type using your thumbs
22:11[~]fo0bar needs tactile feedback for typing
22:11<cow>fo0bar: what about canada? we're massive compared to usa
22:11<@mikegrb>cow: but the population is only 50
22:11<@caker>cow: most is uninhabited
22:11<cow>yeah exactly
22:12<fo0bar>cow: yeah, but your country is only 6% inhabited -- the rest is filled by ice and mooses
22:12<@caker>and oil sand
22:12<cow>and igloos
22:12<fo0bar>and of that 6%, only half of the area has running water or gravity
22:12<cow>so how are we supposed to cover our whole country with shoddy gsm towers when theres much less population?
22:12<fo0bar>(according to what I leard in school)
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22:12<cow>stfu... i just got gravity installed last week...
22:13<cow>caker: if you ever plan on going to europe, get a quad-band gsm
22:13<cow>(i'm still angry over your 20$ unlimited data plan)
22:14<@mikegrb>I pay $15 for unlimited data
22:14<@caker>I think I pay $5 with sprint
22:14<@caker>mikegrb: is it $15?
22:14<@caker>somehow they signed me up for some pictures package BS .. I need to get them to take that off
22:14<@mikegrb>long long long ago when wap was all that was available unlimited "wireless web" was $5 from sprint
22:14<@mikegrb>could be grandfathered
22:15<@mikegrb>there isn't a price difference
22:15<@caker>this is after explicitly telling them NOT to add any new services with a new phone I activated
22:15<@caker>mikegrb: yeah -- wireless web, that's it
22:15<TheFirst>what happened to a phone being a phone and not all that useless junk in a toy with a phone feature as an afterthought
22:15<@mikegrb>the choice is unlimited data + picture pack + $5 credit towards downloadable crap or just unlimited data + $10 credit
22:15<@caker>I've been with Sprint since '98 or so -- so most likely
22:16<fo0bar>ahh, the wireless web. I got the same deal back in the day, then found a cable that would allow me to use my phone as a modem for my laptop. they kicked me off of that promotion as soon as my contract was up
22:16<fo0bar>because I was "abusing" it or something
22:16<fo0bar>(this was back in 2001 or so)
22:16<@mikegrb>once upon a time I paid $15/month for unlimited everything from sprint
22:16<@mikegrb>alas, that was when I sold sprint phones
22:16<npmr>is it possible to flash a supermicro bios in linux?
22:16<fo0bar>TheFirst: I was totally in that mindset, up until about 5 days ago :)
22:17<@caker>npmr: not that I've found .. I usually grab a dos boot disk from
22:17<@caker>npmr: and then I search for a floppy drive
22:17<fo0bar>my rationale was "well, it's now impossible to just buy 'a phone' these days, so if I'm going for non-phone bling, I might as well go all the way"
22:17<@caker>... and then a floppy disk
22:18<npmr>and then does the self-extracting exe work or do you have to use the zip file?
22:18<fo0bar>caker: I usually just find a windows pc, load up nero, and make a bootable cd with the firmware image
22:18<@caker>fo0bar: that too. I also have yet to do it via a USB key, but I have booted from USB (linux)
22:18<@caker>npmr: I don't recall. I think I unzipped it first
22:19<npmr>i've been having MCEs on a machine we bought at work
22:19<npmr>vendor suggested checking the bios version and reflashing with a newer version if possible
22:20<npmr>the exceptions seem to occur under pci bus load
22:20<npmr>doesn't seem to matter which device, as long as it's pci traffic
22:20<@caker>A few months back, I discovered dmidecode .. pretty useful
22:20<@caker>I could grab the BIOS version (or date, at least) from linux
22:21[~]cow cries into his 60$/mo data bill :(
22:22<TheFirst>i probably would too but until i can get a fone that's not on some stupid 2yr contract ill stick to the prepaid fones which are as basic as they get
22:24<fo0bar> BIOS Information
22:24<fo0bar> Vendor: Phoenix Technologies, LTD
22:24<fo0bar> Version: 6.00 PG
22:24<fo0bar> Release Date: 12/27/2005
22:24<@caker>BIOS Information
22:24<@caker> Vendor: American Megatrends Inc.
22:24<@caker> Version: 080010
22:24<@caker> Release Date: 11/22/2005
22:25<@caker>^-- AMD Supermicro box, btw
22:25<fo0bar> System Information
22:25<fo0bar> Manufacturer: Supermicro
22:25<fo0bar> Product Name: P8SC8
22:25<fo0bar> Version: 1234567890
22:25<fo0bar> Serial Number: 1234567890
22:26<@caker>notice host55's bios date -- it's never crashed
22:26<TheFirst>now you've jinxed it
22:26<@caker>host33 and up are the ones that a prone to crashing
22:27<valen2>Hah. 2 have versions from 2002
22:27<cow>caker: are they all running on same/similar hardware?
22:27<@caker>cow: they are all identical
22:27<npmr>what's up with host15
22:27<@caker>except processor speed, amount of ram, and hard drives (but there are overlapping specs to host55)
22:27<cow>im always wary of doing a bios upgrade unless theres something wrong with the machine
22:27<@caker>host15's sshd was dead when i collected the info
22:28<@caker>rh9's sshd does that from time to time
22:28<cow>caker: i remember for some reason the newer servers having a different type of hard drive... meh
22:28<fo0bar>caker: have you seen if you can use the bios utility to extract the bios from host55 and apply it to the rest?
22:28<TheFirst>can't be as bad as the past several versions of dropbear :/
22:28<cow>fo0bar: wouldn't you be better off downloading the bios from manufacturers website?
22:28<@caker>that's what I would think, too
22:29<fo0bar>well, I thought the updated BIOS had the problem too
22:29<fo0bar>but either way, didn't you suspect it was a processor issue anyways?
22:29<cow>just throw out the processor... cpu's are overrated
22:29<fo0bar>like a certain subset of the xeon model number?
22:30<cow>i cant wait to start buying servers with dual core cpus
22:31<@caker>fo0bar: model 3 and higher, but it also coincided when I moved to 6014H-* from 6013P-i
22:36|-|Battousai [] has joined #linode
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22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:12<lucca>heh, if you have a bunch of servers, it quickly becomes more reasonable to just buy a decent rom burner
23:26|-|Newsome [] has quit [Quit: Linux: Now with employee pricing!]
23:27|-|commando`` [] has joined #linode
23:28|-|sec39 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:36|-|FireSlash changed nick to fireslash`
23:37|-|root [] has joined #linode
23:37<root>woa, wrong account
23:37|-|root [] has quit [Quit: ]
23:37|-|fireslash [] has joined #linode
23:37<fireslash>There we go :B
23:37<Spads>oh hey
23:37<Spads>they fixed the spelling of "too"
23:37<fireslash>rdns set in :o
23:38<Spads>fireslash: are you running debian?
23:38<Spads>I wonder if that's fixed in a debian patch, or if bitchx grabbed it upstream
23:38<Spads>21:37 -!- fireslash (* I'm too lame to read BitchX.doc *) [] has joined #linode
23:38<fireslash>Haha :D
23:38<Spads>it usually says "I'm to lame"
23:39<fo0bar>I always thought it was intentional
23:39<fo0bar>but maybe I give the developers to much credit
23:39<fireslash>Nah. Theres some file I'm suppose to configure somewhere
23:39<fireslash>I just don't care.
23:39<Spads>fo0bar: yeah, bitchx isn't exactly developed by geniuses
23:39<fo0bar>is it even "developed" anymore?
23:39<Spads>Probably not
23:39<fo0bar>I haven't used bitchx since 2000 or so
23:40<Spads>I bet you debian patches are all the love it gets
23:40<Spads>yeah, I moved to axur in 99, and then irssi in 2002 or so
23:40<fireslash`>I've been thinking of trying irssi, but nobody says anything good about it.
23:40<Spads>irssi seems to be the consensus best
23:41<Spads>how about this for you?
23:41<Spads>irssi is the best IRC client in the world.
23:41|-|fireslash [] has quit [Quit: ]
23:41<Spads>not exactly facing stiff competition, i realize
23:43|-|fireslash [] has joined #linode
23:43<fireslash>Not bad.
23:45<Spads>and you haven't even configured it yet!
23:46<fireslash>I didn't configure bitchx either :P
23:46<Spads>the only tricky thing is that multiple channels are in multiple "tabs"
23:46<Spads>which confuses some people who aren't used to a windowing irc client
23:46<tierra>the difference being that you couldn't figure out how to configure BitchX (with the unbelievable amount of work it takes to parse what little documentation there is on it)
23:46<fireslash>Eh. Feels teh same.
23:47<Spads>but you seem to have found the place just fine
23:47<Spads>alt-A is "take me to the next most active window"
23:47<Spads>you'll enjoy irssi-scripts
23:47<Spads>such as
23:47<Spads>and so on
23:47<tierra>and nicklist
23:47<fireslash>I hated nickcolor. First thing I turned off on xchat.
23:47<Spads>tierra: nicklist, eh?
23:48<Spads>fireslash: well it's nice if you have your terminal colors muted like I do
23:48<tierra>Spads: that one takes a little more work to get going, but it's nice
23:48<fireslash>It'd be nice to have visible channel tabs like in xchat. Thats a script perhaps?
23:48<Spads>tierra: I take it it reserves screen real estate for a list of nicks in active channel?
23:48<Spads>fireslash: when they're active, they're visible.
23:48<Spads>[Act: 14]
23:48<Spads>also, alt-q is 11
23:48<Spads>alt-w is 12
23:49<tierra>Spads: it has 2 different configurations, the one I'm using reserves realestate from screen
23:49<Spads>^N and ^P cycle
23:49<tierra>I don't remember how the other way works
23:49<fireslash>Hmm. Mine aren't... I don't think..
23:49<tierra>Spads: it has the tendency to screw up once in a while when you resize your terminal
23:49<Spads>fireslash: well which channels are you in?
23:49<Spads>I see like [Act: 12,13,14]
23:50<fireslash>spadsj #oftc
23:50<fireslash>And here.
23:50<fireslash>Since those are the only two chanels I know :p
23:50<tierra>Alt-A switches to last channel with activity (ones with actual chat take preference from quits/joins)
23:50<tierra>Alt-a I should say
23:50<Spads>tierra: also msgs take preference from normal channel chatter
23:50|-|brandon20201 [] has joined #linode
23:51<tierra>oh, yeah
23:51<tierra>and nick highlights
23:51<fireslash`>Oh, you mean the [Act: 2] ?
23:51<fireslash>Yeah. I see that
23:51<tierra>Spads: any idea why irssi would stop highlighting your nick when it's not the first word of a message
23:51<Spads>that means there's something to read in window 2
23:52<tierra>like if I say "Spads"
23:52|-|fireslash [] has left #linode [3]
23:52<Spads>tierra: there's an option
23:52|-|fireslash [] has joined #linode
23:52<fireslash>Ok, /part # SEEMED like a good idea :P
23:52<Spads> { text = "242"; nick = "yes"; word = "yes"; },
23:52<Spads>that's in the hilights = (
23:52<Spads>I have a whole pegged split-screen affair
23:52<Spads>with my main channel on the bottom half
23:53<Spads>and all the other channels and msg windows up top
23:53<tierra>I like tab completion on pratically everything in irssi
23:53<fo0bar>hmm, I didn't know about alt-a
23:53<Spads>it's handy
23:53<tierra>makes looking up settings easy
23:54<fo0bar>fireslash: /window close # does what you want
23:54<fo0bar>or just /window close for current window
23:56<fireslash>Neat. I likes <3
23:57<tierra>get the script-assist script, it's handy
23:57<Spads>I use /wc
23:58<tierra>scriptassist ... sorry, no dash
23:59<tierra>it helps keep all your scripts updated, lets you rate them, search, install, toggle autoload
23:59<Spads>that *is* handy
23:59<tierra>look for the newest scripts
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