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00:00<tierra>/scriptassist install nicklist
00:00<tierra>will go fetch the latest version on
00:00<tierra>and install it, and I think automatically toggle it to autoload
00:00<Spads>I just use the irssi-scripts package in ubuntu/debian
00:01<tierra>ah, never used that
00:01<Spads>it has hundreds
00:01<Spads>oh yeah, and /knockout > *
00:01<tierra>does it just load them all?
00:02<tierra>well, without root, I'm sure scriptassist comes in handy for user installed scripts
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00:04<Spads>I really like the screen script
00:04<Spads>auto-aways on detach!
00:05<Spads>does nicklist use GNU screen to display?
00:05<tierra>it does in one mode
00:05<Spads>sounds snazzy
00:05<tierra>I still don't get how it quite works for the most part...
00:05<tierra>it does have some drawbacks though
00:06<Spads>well, I should go to bed
00:06<Spads>so I can be up bright and early to celebrate the earthquake centennial
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01:12<@caker>access denied
01:19<erikh>that was actually :w
01:19<erikh>but it didn't get all the way in here
01:26<fo0bar>heh, the speakers on the cellphone are actually stereo
01:26<fo0bar>probably one of the first stereo cellphones in existence
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09:27<iggy>anybody seen a gentoo linode just pause at the end of booting up after baselayout starts the "local" init script
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11:21<iggy>mikegrb: is there any other output from the linodes that you guys can see that I can't?
11:32<freespool>Good Morning Guys ..... I'm getting this message after repairing my tables timed out this morning: #1016 - Can't open file: 'smf_log_errors.MYI' (errno: 144)
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11:37<freespool>Does it sound like I need to drop that table?
11:39<iggy>does that file exist?
11:39<freespool>Yes .... and I noticed that the file is huge =(
11:40<iggy>if it won't hurt anything to drop it, go for it
11:40<freespool>But when I tried to repair it this morning it timed out ... then next time I went in ... I got that error
11:41<iggy>if you can't drop it, you could try stopping mysql deleting the file and restarting mysql
11:41<iggy>well, that file and the other 2 that go with it
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11:52<iggy>caker: can you tell me how much will be billed on the first?
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12:43<willdye>The response time on Linode account has slowed down to the point where it's taking several *minutes* just to open a web browser. Is something unusual going on with the host machines?
12:45<Spads>you mean like lynx?
12:45<willdye>In this case it was Mozilla, over a VNC session, but all operations seems slow.
12:45<willdye>seem slow.
12:46<willdye>Cicking on a menu icon to open a submenu, for example, takes several seconds.
12:46<willdye>Hmm. It just sped up again.
12:46<TheFirst>you run a gui on your node?!
12:46<willdye>Sure, why not?
12:47<willdye>VNC with compression -- I use it all the time.
12:47<TheFirst>i'd argue there's no point
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12:47<TheFirst>but to each his own
12:48<willdye>You can stick with a 80x24 text window if you want. I date back to punch cards -- which really weren't all that bad.
12:48<Spads>80x65, actually
12:48<Spads>but sure.
12:49<Spads>why not just run a local linux GUI?
12:49<Spads>Surely you'd have better resources and support for hardware and all that
12:50<willdye>For $20/month, its simple and cheap to have my Linux machine in Texas (or wherever), and access it from wherever I'm at (home, work, on the road, etc).
12:51<willdye>I could do it at home, sure, but I don't see a reason to bother.
12:51<willdye>Host it at home, I mean.
12:52<willdye>Bah. Now that I get into IRC and complain about it, my Linode account is faster again.
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13:02<cow>are there any known problems of doing a yum upgrade on CentOS 4?
13:03<cow>I did it yesterday, and it got stuck at libpcap, so I ctrl-c
13:03<cow>'ed out of it after a few hours
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13:03<thread>wtf guys
13:03<cow>doing another yum upgrade doesn't want to install the rest of the 60 or so packages that were (possibly) not installed
13:03<thread>my linode is crawling again
13:04<cow>yeah mine's on host55 also...
13:04<thread>it's been like this on and off for days (but mostly on)
13:04<thread>pretty much unacceptable
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13:05<cow>i have another one running on a l120, i thought this was just cause of the downgrade...
13:06<cow>do you know what was causing the problem yesterday?
13:10<thread>we sorta decided it was someone else thrashing the host
13:10<thread>in here, yesterday
13:10<@caker>I'll fix
13:17<Spads> <-- it's all covered in the FAQ
13:19<thread>lol @ Spads
13:21<thread>caker: when?
13:22<thread>YOU try and visit
13:22<thread>that site isn't supposed to come down
13:23<kvandivo>as opposed to all of those sites out there that are
13:23<thread>well I host my on my linode as well
13:23<thread>but I don't care if it comes down for a while
13:23<@caker>I can fix it permanently with a host reboot
13:23<thread>my boss is riding my ass harder every time shownsell's site comes down
13:24<thread>that would be ugly... you can't tell who's thrashing?
13:24<@caker>it's not that -- last time it was booted (when it was installed) it came up without all its memory
13:24<willdye>FWIW, My node today has been fast, then slow, then fast. Very frustrating.
13:24<thread>oic so you're not even using all the memory in the host?
13:25<thread>do you like.. suspend all the virtual hosts so they come back as though they weren't just rebooted?
13:25<thread>they all boot from scratch?
13:26<willdye>Looks like I'm on -- so I'm not the only one who's had trouble lately?
13:26<thread>willdye: not in the least
13:26<@caker>I'll just reboot it once and for all...
13:27<willdye>I'll shut mine down for a while, then come back later. It isn't doing anything important.
13:29<willdye>OK, mine is down. That'll take a *little* pressure off.
13:30[~]willdye looks forward to the day when virtual machines can be easily passed to multiple hardware machines, with no reboot needed in the VM...
13:34<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: Host55 in System and Network Status <>
13:35<willdye>thread : Fwiw, Google cache grabbed your page on March 14th:
13:36<thread>viewing that page, my browser's trying to contact my decommissioned linode anyway
13:38<willdye>Nothing important. I was checking to see if your site was up yet, and hit that page instead. I mentioned it under a "FWIW" because I have little else to do 'til host55 is back up.
13:38<thread>are we gonna be back up here? ... this is pretty bad timing as I have to leave for class....
13:39[~]willdye hums the Jeapardy minuet, but somehow it morphs into the song...
13:39<willdye>Get to your Linode control page, so you're ready to boot up again.
13:39<willdye>Er, actually I don't know if the VM boot up is manual or automatic.
13:39<thread>no kidding... I'll actually have to boot my linode manuall-- yeah
13:40<thread>I hope it would come back... if everyone had to log in and power up their linodes again
13:40<thread>haha.. that is like 20x worse then suspending them (without reobot to the vm)
13:40<@caker>If your Linode was running when the host went down, it'll come back up automatically
13:40<willdye>caker: Ah, good to know. Thanks.
13:41[~]willdye passes the time watching "Cows With Guns" --
13:45<willdye>thread : I can see your sites now.
13:45<willdye>caker : Looks like I'm up as well. Thanks!
13:46<willdye>Did all your memory get recognized this time?
13:46<@caker>good good
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14:15<cmantito>so much for my io
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14:18<cmantito>damn, and my place on RML
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15:02<afv-13>sshd alone is taking up 10% of my ram
15:02<afv-13>is there anything lighter than openssh?
15:03<afv-13>preferably that also supports tunneling
15:15<gpd>talking of ratemylinode - I seem to be 34th... not sure why but after ubuntification it seems more 'loaded'
15:18<afv-13>as in it's ass got fat?
15:20<kvandivo>yes, i'm sure that's what he meant
15:20<afv-13>well as long as you are sure
15:21<afv-13>the world can continue spinning now
15:21<alnr>afv-13: maybe dropbear?
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15:22<afv-13>alnr: thanks, i'll look into it
15:22<alnr>afv-13: thanks, if it looks good let know
15:22<afv-13>1 sec :p
15:23<afv-13>2604 root 16 0 2196 1060 836 R 0.0 1.4 0:00.14 dropbear
15:23<afv-13>MUCH better
15:24<afv-13>1.4% of ram is far more reasonable
15:24<alnr>cool. i might switch too if it is plug compatible (supports all the usual things)
15:24<afv-13>still need to check the tunneling
15:24<afv-13>doesn't seem to be a way of denying root login
15:25<afv-13>tunnel works
15:26<afv-13>-w Disallow root logins
15:27<afv-13>for me it's feature complete
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15:46<linbot>New news from forums: Lost connection to MySQL server during query in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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18:48<erikh>caker: awesome re: migration
18:48<erikh>thanks for the great service /again/!
18:49<erikh>figured this was a little more efficient than a ticket to say that :)
19:32<gpd>what is the syntax to tunnel ssh out of a firewalled box to my linode so I can get back on? -R something?
19:36<gpd>ssh -R 22:localhost:1234 ???
19:47<gpd>i set gatewayports yes on my linode... still doesn't work
19:47<gpd>ssh -L 22:localhost:1234 (isn't that right?)
19:48<gpd>then ssh -p 1234 mylinode should connect to the firewalled box?
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20:44<erikh>uh, open the port?
20:49<gpd>nah - i just had it all round the wrong way...
20:49<gpd>ssh -R 9999:localhost:22
20:49<gpd>then ssh -p 9999
20:49<gpd>all good
21:15<taupehat>aand google chat goes... BEWM
21:15<cmantito>that was timing
21:15<cmantito><Lex> google talk don't like me no more
21:15<cmantito><Maximinus> :-S
21:15<cmantito><Maximinus> I got disconnected too
21:15<cmantito><Maximinus> on both my work pc and my laptop
21:15<cmantito><Maximinus> I think the google talk server must be down :-(
21:15<cmantito>exact same second ;)
21:17[~]taupehat switches to his 401 account
21:18<cmantito>I pasted what you said about gtalk to another channel
21:18<cmantito>some asshat privmsgs me:
21:18<cmantito><Maximinus> who is this taupehat person, and did they foretell the gtalk outage, or was that their reaction to it?
21:19<cmantito><cmantito> they are a mystical being from the west, and they foretold it with a magical staff granted to them by the priors of the Ori.
21:19<taupehat>good answer
21:19<cmantito><3 sg-1
21:20[~]taupehat pours molten gold onto his forehead
21:20<cmantito>that's gotta hut.
21:20<cmantito>hurt too.
21:20<taupehat>actually, sg-1 isn't my favorite
21:20[~]taupehat logs into moya so that he can restart the vmware server containing rigel...
21:21<taupehat>moya is the big monster disk array with vmware swerver
21:22<taupehat>rigel is RHEL box, because it's way too expensive and annoying as hell
21:23<taupehat>my crappy desktop computer is named dren
21:23<taupehat>for obvious reasons
21:23<taupehat>and I'm not even going to bother explaining why the sole win2k3 server is called scorpius
21:24[~]cmantito is currently on dustpuppy which is connected to an irssi-proxy running on redbaron (teh linode), even though there is an irc server in the network on snoopy which is having problems since catfive's (the router) 2nd interface went caput while testing some uml crap on woodstock.
21:25<cmantito>says who1?
21:26<cmantito>says who!?
21:26<taupehat>the pot, and you're the kettle
21:26<cmantito>which one of us is black?
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21:35<taupehat>(19:29:23) AIM: no ponies
21:35<taupehat>(19:29:38) AIM: last time someone said "can I park my domain at your place for a while" I said ok
21:35<taupehat>(19:29:47) AIM: then I looked and his page said 'OMG PONIES!!!'
21:35<taupehat>(19:29:50) AIM: so no ponies!
21:36<taupehat>(19:34:26) Brian: OMG KITTIES!
21:36[~]taupehat can't win for losing
21:37<cmantito>can I park my domain at your place for a while..?
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21:43[~]caker orders 32G of ram .. fun!
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21:45<lowbit>mmm ram
21:46|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
21:50<taupehat>mmm iron buttterfly
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22:20<TheFirst>caker: send some of that ram my way
22:21|-|spr [] has joined #linode
22:25<gpd>Xen is Dead - Long Live OpenVZ -
22:26<@caker>"OpenVZ does not run separate kernel in each VPS and saves memory on kernel internal data." <-- same with virtuozzziiioo
22:26<@caker>They list that as an advantage...
22:27<@caker>it's like vserver, or jails (kinda, sorta)
22:27<gpd>yeah - for you caker it seems non-ideal
22:28<npmr>the developer looks like a real life version of groundskeeper willie from the simpsons
22:29<@caker> <-- him?
22:31<gpd>"Virtuozzo, a superset of OpenVZ, already has a large number of installations."
22:31<gpd>not just like Virtuozzo - but /is/ virtuozzo !
22:31<npmr>no, it's a *part* of virtuozzo
22:31<npmr>ha ha
22:33<@caker>the swsoft guys have done some good things lately -- they've produced an RFC for a standard kernel API for hypervisors
22:33<@caker>and, conincidentially, both Xen and the proposed (and pre-existing) APIs are almost identical...
22:34<@caker>anyhow -- it means that a generic API will exist for all hypervisors, not just Xen's, not just swsoft's
22:34<npmr>and it's turtles all the way down
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22:37<otherbbs>caker you around?
22:37<@caker>otherbbs: typ
22:37<@caker>er, yup, even
22:38[~]taupehat points caker to his "other channels are active" thingy
22:38[~]caker nods at taupehat
22:39<otherbbs>caker: host 26 isn't very responsive tonight. I don't believe I'm swapping. My io_tokens look ok.
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22:40|-|Battousai [] has joined #linode
22:40<@caker>otherbbs: I'm copying the template filesystems off it onto another host. I should be done in bit
22:40<otherbbs>caker: okay, thanks.
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23:04<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host56 (2006-04-18) in Xen Public Beta <>
23:05<iggy>mikegrb: caker: ever heard anyone complaining that their boot process was hanging at the end?
23:06<@caker>iggy: where, exactly?
23:07<iggy>it seems like right before init starts up the terminals
23:07<@caker>grep c0 /etc/inittab
23:08<@caker>uh .. Is there a getty listetning on tty0?
23:08<iggy>c1:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1 linux
23:08<@caker>ahh .. you accepted etc-update changes
23:08<iggy>oh, serial
23:08<iggy>I don't use etc-update
23:08<@caker>comment out the rest, add one on tty0 only
23:08<@caker>wait, is this Xen?
23:09<iggy>it's setup exactly like my other box is
23:09<@caker>Xen uses tty1, UML uses tty0
23:09<@caker>* that's ONLY if you're not using devfs
23:09<iggy>the one that won't boot (the 320) isn't, mine (the 120) that works is
23:09<iggy>not using devfs
23:10<@caker>then switch it to tty0, and run "init q"
23:11<iggy>well, I can't actually run anything since the whole thing just goes to hell, but I get the idea
23:12<iggy>or something
23:14<iggy>yay, it worked....
23:14<iggy>now on to the other problems
23:15[~]iggy humps^Whugs caker
23:15<taupehat>you humphugs him?
23:16<iggy>you haven't seen anything yet
23:16<taupehat>might want a few more backspaces there...
23:16<iggy>that's what the ^W was for
23:17<TheFirst>bad taupehat...not knowing what a ^W does
23:17<taupehat>thought that was an H
23:17[~]taupehat needs to get these contacts out
23:17<TheFirst>uh huh sure....trying to save face, eh?
23:17<taupehat>no, really
23:18<Battousai>wink wink
23:18<taupehat>that is not winking
23:18<taupehat>that is my flipping contact with a protein deposit
23:19<iggy>oh man, my girl was complaining about me leaving some protein deposits in her eye the other day too
23:19<iggy>she was pissed
23:20<TheFirst>ummmmmm eww?
23:24<iggy>caker: out of curiousity, does xen compile and run in 64bit mode on 64bit processors?
23:24<@caker>iggy: it will
23:25<taupehat>think I'm going to wear my glasses for a few days
23:25<taupehat>give me eyes a rest
23:25<iggy>sweet, I doubt I'll ever have the free time again in my life to play with xen, but good to know if such a thing were to happen
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