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00:12<Battousai>170 days
00:12<Battousai>thank you caker ;)
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02:26<linbot>New news from forums: Kernel: with NPTL/TLS support in Announcements <>
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08:02<alnr>hmm my node is powered off. wha happened? (host39)
08:03<heidi>i think it is being restarted
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08:26<linbot>New news from forums: Upgrading from Fedora Core 3 to Fedora Core 4 in Xen Public Beta <>
08:32<konoko>anyone know if there is something wrong with host39 ?
08:32<mcculley>Is something wrong with host39? I'm seeing a "host initiated restart" in progress since 9:12.
08:32<@caker>we're looking into it
08:32<konoko>hi mcculley , i have a host initiated restart in progress since 9.02
08:32<konoko>thanks caker
08:33<mcculley>ok, thanks, caker
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08:35<konoko>heyya viking... i see you found your way here too... :p
08:35<Viking69>Yeah, via the web :)
08:36<konoko> , #linode .... stop being lazy and use your irc client... :p
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08:37<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host39 in System and Network Status <>
08:37<Viking69>Meh, already connected to 5 networks.. ..but I guess one extra won't hurt. ;)
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08:49<konoko>caker : any idea what was wrong with host39 ?
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11:12<cow>strange problem
11:12<cow>on a fresh image of centos4.0, i boot up my linode, then soon after it boots up, it shuts down
11:13<cow>i can login, but soon after that, POOF gone.
11:13[~]cow waits for caker
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11:28<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: Host51 in System and Network Status <>
11:29<@caker>cow: which kernel?
11:34<linbot>New news from forums: Lost connection to MySQL server during query in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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11:53<alnr>is the current days irc log accessible?
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11:59<alnr>what happened to host39?
12:00<@caker>it BUGed
12:00<alnr>the same old problem?
12:04<alnr>I had just a hell of a morning, took me five hours to recover
12:05<@caker>that wasn't in PM, but go ahead
12:05<@caker>what happened?
12:36[~]Redgore grumbles about his inabiolity to get smtp auth working in any MTA
12:38<cow>i had some problems also
12:39<cow>i had a site bookmarked with good help...
12:39<cow>but i dont know which computer the bookmark is on :/
12:39<Redgore>no amount of googling seems to help me :P
12:40<iggy>pretty easy with courier
12:40<cow>i think i ended up using saslauthd somehow...
12:41<Redgore>ill most likely give up again, its not majorly needed
12:41<Redgore>ill get it working one day :P
12:41<cow>just give in and go with exchange :P
12:42<iggy>I wonder if exchange would run under wine on my linode 64
12:43<cow>*laughs out loud*
12:43<cow>exchange needs like 256 megs of ram min...
12:43[~]iggy kicks cow in the shins
12:43<iggy>it'll run, screw eveyone else on my host
12:59<@caker>ooo, ahh ..
12:59<@caker>(beta4test <-- pass)
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13:20<Spads> <-- upgrade your sites NOW
13:22<warewolf>spads- hahahaa
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13:45<gpd>do people use ssh-agent and passphrased keys or just wing it with empty passphrases?
13:47<kvandivo>i generated my passphrase by doing a head -1 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
13:48<kvandivo>i'm relatively confident that i don't have to worry about dictionary attacks
13:48<kvandivo>took me a while to memorize it, though
14:01<Spads>I always use a long passphrase
14:02<Spads>usually a whole sentence
14:02<Spads>ssh-agent helps
14:02<Spads>kvandivo: well, dictionary attacks plus a copy of your private key...
14:05<gpd>Spads: so you type the passphrase on each boot?
14:07<Spads>each login, really
14:07<Spads>fortunately, suspend works on my laptop
14:07<Spads>so I don't have to do that often
14:08<Spads>also, GNOME starts up with an ssh agent by default, which is handy
14:08<Spads>I also have some screen magic going on
14:09<Spads>setenv SSH_AUTH_SOCK ${HOME}/.ssh/screen_auth_socket
14:09<Spads>^-- screenrc
14:09<gpd>and the relative danger of password access v. passphraseless keys ?
14:09<Spads>/etc/zork.bashrc:alias screen="ln -sf $SSH_AUTH_SOCK ~/.ssh/screen_auth_socket; screen"
14:09<Spads>/etc/zork.screenrc:setenv SSH_AUTH_SOCK ${HOME}/.ssh/screen_auth_socket
14:09<Spads>gpd: passwords are old and busted and need to be dropped like a hot rock
14:10<Spads>switch to OPIE
14:10<Spads>please please please don't use unix-style passwords for anything but console access!
14:10[~]npmr needs some of that screen magic
14:10<Spads>npmr: that's all it is. just the bashrc and the screenrc. one line each
14:10<Spads>I think
14:11<Spads>see /etc/zork.* on frotz
14:11<Spads>they get included
14:11<gpd>so what about when wandering about to random machines with putty?
14:11<gpd>but no usb and no floppy?
14:11<Spads>gpd: I only use passphraseless keys in situations where I'm automating something from cron. then I use sshd's forced command stuff
14:11<Spads>gpd: opie opie opie
14:11<Spads>gpd: I have a javascript OTP calculator that I use
14:12[~]npmr uses pagaent with putty
14:12<Spads>npmr: paga-what?
14:12<npmr>er, pageant
14:12<Spads>what is it?
14:12<npmr>it's ssh-agent of the putty world
14:12<Spads>he means on machines you don't control
14:13<Spads>to which I say OPIE plus javurscript calculator
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14:13<npmr>oh, i just don't use machines i don't control
14:13[~]npmr shrugs
14:13<Spads>that's because you never leave the house
14:13<npmr>sure i do
14:13<npmr>i just don't use computers while i'm out
14:13<Spads>yeah, neither do I
14:14<gpd>i have to use machines connected to scientific equipment - like MALDI Mass Spec
14:14<gpd>scp & ssh from there is handy to get data off and blather on here whilst waiting for data
14:15<Spads>I see the utility, don't worry
14:15<Spads>honestly, OPIE is super easy to set up
14:16<Spads>gpd: comment out this line in /etc/pam.d/ssh:
14:16<Spads>#@include common-auth
14:16<Spads>and add this one:
14:16<Spads>auth required
14:17<Spads>and restart sshd
14:17<Spads>then you need to generate OTP stuff
14:17<Spads>with "opiepasswd"
14:18<Spads>usually you do that by running otp-md5 on a client and "opiepasswd" on the server
14:18<Spads>and follow the challenge/response
14:18<gpd>apt-get install opie-server ?
14:18<Spads>lemme check
14:18<Spads>yeah, grab opie-client and opie-server
14:18<Spads>that is, opie-client on your local box
14:19<Spads>or hell, just use my javascript page
14:19<gpd>need to run - but i'll talk to about it later unless you can point me to a guide
14:19[~]Spads shrugs
14:19<Spads>google for the stuff I talked about
14:20<gpd>k - will do - thanks
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15:05<empty>how do i reduce my swap usage?
15:07<gpd>what are you running?
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15:08<TheFirst>tune programs is a good place to start
15:11<gpd>heh - Dapper+1 = The Edgy Eft
15:11<gpd> eft (ft) pronunciation
15:11<gpd>An immature newt, especially the reddish-orange terrestrial form of a North American species, Notophthalmus viridescens.
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15:46<gpd>Spads: your Java applet failed to load on my Mac (FF or Safari) :(
15:48<Spads>it seems to fail to load for lots of people
15:48<Spads>i don't know why, since I don't use java
15:49<Spads>but that's not the point
15:49<gpd>so i have opie-server on a machine and i run opiepasswd on that box
15:49<Spads>the point is the javascript OTP calculator
15:49<Spads>not the java ssh client
15:49<gpd>now i get 499 ho9975
15:49<gpd>which i put into your client
15:49<Spads>and your passphrase
15:49<Spads>and you'll get six words
15:50<Spads>a sentence you can remember easily
15:50<gpd>but this hasn't been input elsewhere yet ? correct?
15:51<gpd>FF is having a spaz
15:51<Spads>is it now
15:52<gpd>ok - passwdd entered and now i have a response
15:52<Spads>paste that response into the remote opiepasswd site
15:53<Spads>basically it works like this: that 499 says "this is rendition #499"
15:53<Spads>imagine that you were to take a passphrase and run md5sum on it
15:54<Spads>then run md5sum on that
15:54<Spads>do this 499 times
15:54<Spads>now, you can't "un-md5sum" anything
15:54<Spads>not reasonably
15:54<Spads>but you *can* verify that something claiming to be rendition #498 md5sums to #499
15:54<gpd>i'm lost - Error verifying response -
15:55<gpd>am i running opiepasswd on the server...
15:55<gpd>with no args?
15:55<gpd>and then punching the response from your javascript
15:55<Spads>the six capitalized words, yes?
15:55<gpd>capital required?
15:55<Spads>I just copy and paste
15:56<Spads>I don't know if it's required
15:56<gpd>no go -
15:56<gpd>don't i need to put the passphrase onto the server somehow?
15:56<Spads>it doesn't like those six words?
15:56<gpd>opiepasswd -c or something?
15:56<Spads>don't send your passphrase over the net!!
15:56<gpd>ok - opiepasswd on server...
15:56<gpd>old secret pass phrase:
15:57<gpd>otp-md5 498 ho9975 ext
15:57<Spads>so hold on
15:57<gpd>now I'm pasting 498 ho9975 into the javascript
15:57<Spads>498 eh
15:57<Spads>it accepted something
15:57<Spads>it's asking you to verify your old one
15:58<Spads>13:56 <gpd> old secret pass phrase:
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15:58<gpd>ah - above i pasted something
15:58<gpd>ID gpd OTP key is 499 ho9975
15:58<Spads>that worked
15:59<gpd>ok - now what?
15:59<Spads>now you need to hack up pam
15:59<Spads>to actually use the otp stuff
15:59<Spads>as I detailed above
15:59<gpd>can i test it without doing that?
16:00<Spads>it seemed to want to test when you ran opiepasswd again
16:00<Spads>hence the 498
16:00<Spads>all you'd be shutting off is unix passwords for ssh
16:00<Spads>you'd still have ssh keys and lish
16:01<@caker>mmm lish
16:01<Spads>caker: :<
16:01<Spads>lish is the weak link in my system's security
16:02<@caker>how so?
16:02<Spads>on account of the web site password thingummy
16:02<gpd>ok pam.d stuff done
16:02<Spads>gpd: restart sshd and try sshing in without your key
16:02<gpd>ok it is prompting me with the 498 ho...
16:02<@caker>Spads: are there per-user .sshd conf file thingummys that I can turn off passwords for you with?
16:02<Spads>caker: No idea.
16:02[~]caker looks
16:03<@caker>Spads: that's what you're after, right?
16:03<Spads>caker: I'd be happy if I could just set my web/lish password to something less brute-forceable. last i checked punctuation wasn't even allowed
16:03<@caker>Spads: that and keys coming along for the migration ride?
16:03<Spads>yeah that'd be a start
16:03<@caker>Spads: ok
16:03<Spads>although password access to the web site would allow uploading of keys anyway
16:03<lucca>caker: I don't think openssh can do that, however you can probably do user-specific things in the pam layer...
16:03<lucca>i.e. disallow a particular user always
16:03<@caker>If I could grok ColdFusion's regex support to actually work, I'd do that now
16:03<lucca>or disallow a group that has only that user
16:04<Spads>caker: it would be really cool if the web system integrated my javascript otp stuff for user logins.
16:04<Spads>like, it could all be behind-the-scenes, user none the wiser
16:04<lucca>trust me, users are never wiser.
16:04<@caker>Spads: uh, just for you logging in?
16:05<@caker>Spads: nm :)
16:05<Spads>what I'm saying is like, to log into the web site you only see username and passphrase boxes. behind the scenes there's a javascript OTP calculator accepting challenge from web server and responding in kind.
16:06<Spads>it's one of those "I've always been meaning to write that..." sort of things
16:06<Spads>I think livejournal does something like this
16:07<@caker>I'll make a regex testbed .. see if I can get the stupid thing to work right
16:07<@caker>better than nothing...
16:08<gpd>hmm... how do i change this passphrase (!)
16:11<gpd>delete my entry from /etc/opiekyes should do it
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16:11<Spads>gpd: or do like "sudo opiepasswd gpd"
16:11<Spads>root can change the key without verification
16:11<gpd>it is done - now i am being asked for a new secret phrase :)
16:12<Spads>so you know how to work it now
16:13<gpd>bingo - in ;)
16:14<gpd>doesn't seem to like paste
16:15<gpd>err.. but strangely the mindterm java spontaneously started working in Safari...
16:15<Spads>I fixed it
16:15<Spads>WFM is "Works For Me"
16:16<Spads>I had a botched path
16:16<Spads>probably left over from the apache2 upgrade
16:16<gpd>paste into OSX Tiger X11 is screwed at the best of times
16:17<Spads>well, you can apt-get install mindterm
16:17<Spads>and feel free to steal the index.html from
16:17<Spads>it's self-contained
16:17<gpd>i thought mindterm was commercial ?
16:17<Spads>has options on to work well with otp
16:17<gpd>(and thanks) :)
16:17<Spads>oh, only recent versions
16:17<Spads>old versions are still free software
16:18<Spads>see the debian changelog for a rant from joey hess
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16:19<Spads>"Also note that this version of mindterm, 1.2.1, is free software. Earlier and later versions are currently not free. Do not file bugs asking for a newer version to be put into Debian unless a newer, free, version does become available. Sadly, this old version of mindterm only speaks an old, less secure version of the ssh protocol. I have also had to remove support for the IDEA cipher, as the implementation for mindterm was not ...
16:19<@caker>"standardstring" is OK
16:19<@caker>"has space" is NOT OK
16:19<@caker>"12345678" is OK
16:19<@caker>"~!@#$%^&*()_+|" is OK
16:19<Spads>... free software."
16:19<gpd>only uses ssh1 ?
16:19<Spads>what about other punctuation marks?
16:20<@caker>I think they all should work
16:20<Spads>like "';:.,<>/?\|[]{}
16:20<Spads>and -_=+
16:20<@caker> Matches any punctuation character, that is, one of ! ' # S % & ` ( ) * + , - . / : ; < = > ? @ [ / ] ^ _ { | } ~
16:20<Spads>so spaces are the only verboten?
16:20<@caker>expands the possibilities a bit
16:20<Spads>and, i assume, nulls and such
16:20<gpd>allowing ssh1 is not a significant security problem then?
16:21<Spads>gpd: it's got problems, but keeping your sshd up to date should ward against problems with it
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16:25<@caker>hmm .. gotta think about if this will cause shell problems
16:27<@caker>ok .. I've been using ' to quote around stuff
16:28<@caker>echo '${/bin/true}'
16:33<gpd>apart from the pam.d stuff - do you have any special stuff in sshd_config?
16:33<gpd>PasswordAuthentication no ?
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16:39<@caker>Spads: it's out there
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16:42<Spads>gpd: I forget
16:42<Spads>caker: out hwere?
16:44<@caker>Spads: you may now use punctuation in your Linode password
16:44<linbot>New news from forums: Complex passwords in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
16:44<@caker>Spads: give her a test, for me :)
16:45[~]Spads tries it out
16:45[~]gpd logs in from MALDI spectrophotometer with OPIE :)
16:46<gpd>putty also didn't like paste during login :(
16:46<gpd>but no biggie - i like this system
16:47<gpd>especially as you can still use all the authorized keys funk
16:47<Spads>16-char max
16:47[~]caker cries
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16:47<@caker>Spads: I can fix that too .. how long you want?
16:47<Spads>Can you tell I'm just totally not used to using passwords any more?
16:47<Spads>well, how long would ssh still honor?
16:47<Spads>for lish
16:48<TheFirst>is it possible to disallow password login via lish and only allow key auth?
16:48<Spads>TheFirst: it may be, but then password access to the user account pages could upload ssh keys anyway
16:50<Spads>well, caker, it accepted my change
16:51<@caker>Spads: and?
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16:52<Spads>caker: gunna try lish in a mo'
16:52<@caker>hmm .. I can't seem to find what the max lenght of a password is
16:52<Spads>I'm in
16:53<@caker>40 via pam?
16:53[~]Spads shrugs
16:53<Spads>it's possible
16:55<@caker>ok well .. I need food. bbiab
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17:03<serich159>Does anyone know if there is anything going on with host22? It took 7 minutes to start a reboot, and it's taking forever to execute (still haven't gotten a console message saying sys is going down)
17:03<Spads>can you get into lish?
17:04<serich159>yeah, it's slow but works
17:04<serich159>what's the command to exit to lish instead of being in screen?
17:07<serich159>found it, OK io_count=2533641 io_rate=45 io_tokens=399943 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
17:07<Spads>and you didn't have any crazy log entries on your console?
17:08<serich159>it finally started the reboot after another 7 minutes
17:08<serich159>and nothing wierd on the console, but can't log in to actually view log files
17:09<serich159>(60 second timeout on login... never thought that would be a problem :)
17:12<serich159>well, hrmm... it's taken 13 minutes and counting thus far to reboot
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17:19<@mikegrb>serich159: your reboot just went through
17:19<taupehat>re mikegrb
17:21<serich159>yeah, i saw that, any idea why it would take so long? i mean, it never has taken a total of 26 minutes to do
17:22<@mikegrb>looks like a couple of thrashers
17:24<serich159>hrmm, ok, i'm going to move some processes over to another server, see if i can't get it isolated, thanks for checking on it though!
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17:32<zipppp>you around?
17:33<@caker>zipppp: yup
17:51<linbot>New news from forums: Tuning Apache in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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18:05<@caker>is there an easy way to remove every other line from a file?
18:06<taupehat>use tcsh and a foreach loop
18:06<taupehat>increment from 0 to 1 and loop
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18:24<taupehat>now I've got that mysql error
18:24<taupehat>lost connection to server
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18:38<taupehat>well, that fixed it
18:38<taupehat>seems it didn't boot cleanly
18:45<linbot>New news from forums: Lost connection to MySQL server during query in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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21:14<jnagro>any support folks around here?
21:15<bleppard>Does anyone else have a problem with host56? It claims that my linode is running, but trying to attach to a screen under lish doesn't work.
21:15<jnagro>me too
21:15<jnagro>same exact thing
21:15<bleppard>the joys of xen
21:15<jnagro>and by mistake, my various attempts to remedy it have fill my queue with like 8 things pending
21:15<jnagro>i just opened a ticket, but i was hoping we could chat will support here
21:15<bleppard>Yeah I have a reboot job pending
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21:16<@mikegrb>wrong channel, you want the xenbeta channel
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21:38<FireSlash>mount /irc/OFTC/linode/caker
21:38<@caker>FireSlash: filesystem already mounted
21:38<taupehat>there will be no mounting of caker in here
21:38<FireSlash>finger /mnt/caker
21:39<FireSlash>rm -rf /mnt/caker
21:39<FireSlash>umount /mnt/caker
21:40[~]FireSlash goes back to watching his FreeBSD install... install.
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22:58<gpd>apt-get moo
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23:34<encode>gpd: haha
23:34<encode>zcat /usr/share/doc/linux-image-`uname -r`/changelog.Debian.gz | egrep -e "Release"
23:34<encode>^^ i like that one
23:35<encode>and i like the about:mozilla one too
23:35<encode>( if anyone is wondering what i'm talking about)
23:45<gpd>did you try aptitude -vv moo
23:45<gpd>all the way up to -vvvvvv
23:47<gpd>I also have a stupid fish wandering across my screen now
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