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08:07<warewolf>I see caker discovered recently
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08:26<pipido>hello linode people
08:26<pipido>caker are you there ? :)
08:30<pipido>anyone here ?
08:34<pipido>is it possible to deploy a centos 4 and update via yum.. and in 10 minutes have hidden the users typing w
08:34<pipido>-> been hacked ?
08:35<kvandivo>anything is possible
08:35<pipido>but that means that the centos 4 distro its not good...or the linode has some problems.
08:35<pipido>the chkrootkits not shown anything.. snort neither
08:35<pipido>but i cannot see usernames typing w
08:35<kvandivo>when one of the windows worms was running rampant a few years back, we would install a new windows box, and before we could log in and run the windowsupdate patches, we were hacked
08:36<kvandivo>we had to download them to CD, install windows in a networkless environ, and then put the patches on, before ever letting it see the network
08:36<kvandivo>does 'who' show names?
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08:36<pipido>NO! :(
08:37<kvandivo>paste the output of 'who'
08:37<pipido>nothing.. of nothing in the screen
08:37<kvandivo>oh.. ok.. what about top?
08:37<pipido>i can do top
08:39<pipido>what exactly do you need
08:39<kvandivo>what exactly happens when you run 'w' or 'who' ?
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08:40<pipido>09:40:02 up 1:47, 0 users, load average: 0.11, 0.06, 0.02
08:40<pipido>just that
08:41<pipido>and i type who.. NOTHING
08:43<pipido>its been deploy and in 10 mins the users on w gets dissapear.. :(
08:43<pipido>so -> been hacked just with the deploy of centos4
08:43<kvandivo>i'd say the odds are about 0.0001% that you've been hacked
08:44<pipido>so why i dont see users ?
08:44<kvandivo>no clue
08:44<pipido>me neither, also yersterday i do a ps ax and see someone connection on ssh ..
08:45<pipido>then i see it on netstat
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09:02<pipido2>hello im back
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11:04<pipito>hello people.. im having troubles with my linode..
11:04<pipito>i cannot see users onlien with command w
11:05<pipito>and i reinstalled and put chkrootkit, snort, shorewall and rkhunter
11:05<pipito>anyone there ?
11:05<Spads>what do you see when you type w?
11:06<pipito>hold on
11:07<kvandivo>08:40:35 < pipido> 09:40:02 up 1:47, 0 users, load average: 0.11, 0.06, 0.02
11:07<kvandivo>08:40:41 < pipido> USER TTY FROM LOGIN@ IDLE JCPU PCPU WHAT
11:07<pipito>its not funny .. i think some virtual linode on my server hacks it.. because i deny all ips and they gain access also ..
11:07<pipito>yes that..
11:07<Spads>how are you logged into your linode?
11:08<pipito>first as user the su -
11:08<Spads>how do you log in as the user
11:08<pipito>command set i am root
11:08<pipito>ssh IP
11:08<Spads>how did you log in as the normal user
11:09<Spads>normally that makes your session a login shell
11:10<pipito>i dont get your idea.. sorry
11:10<npmr>do last or lastlog say anything interesting?
11:11<npmr>grep [wu]tmp /var/log/syslog?
11:12<pipito>grep [wu]tmp /var/log/syslog
11:12<pipito>grep: /var/log/syslog: No such file or directory
11:12<Spads>oh dear.
11:13<Spads>which distribution are you running?
11:13<Spads>it could be like /var/log/messages still
11:13<Spads>or *shudder* /var/adm
11:13<pipito>centos 4
11:14<gpd>what did rkhunter -c tell you?
11:14<pipito>- GnuPG 1.2.6 [ Old or patched version ]
11:15<pipito> OpenSSL 0.9.7a [ Old or patched version ]
11:15<pipito>- PHP 4.3.9 [ Old or patched version ]
11:15<pipito>the rest is ok
11:15<npmr>that openssl is worrisome
11:15<npmr>particularly 0.9.7a
11:15<npmr>that has known exploits
11:16<npmr>you should reinstall
11:16<npmr>and keep your system up to date
11:16<pipito>i install the system Today..
11:16<pipito>that version gaves it to me the yum update
11:16<pipito>changin repositories to dag
11:17<npmr>perhaps it is patched, then
11:18<npmr>i don't know what the ramifications of that change are
11:19<pipito>anyway.. is not normal this..
11:19<gpd>what other symptoms other than /usr/bin/w ?
11:20<pipito>i get last
11:21<npmr>so wtmp is ok, but utmp is suspect
11:21<pipito>no rkhunter, chrootkit, shorewall and snort doesnt get anything
11:23<pipito>any ideas ? im stucked
11:30<pipito>hello ?
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11:34<gpd>pipito: maybe try #centos on freenode ?
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11:35<zipppp>caker, you here
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12:00<linbot>New news from forums: password retrieval in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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12:31<npmr>caker, mikegrb:
12:31<npmr>dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libc6_2.3.2.ds1-22sarge3_i386.deb (--unpack):
12:31<npmr> unable to create `./lib/tls/': No such file or directory
12:35<npmr>works again after "mkdir /lib/tls"
12:35<npmr>with /lib/tls present, restarted sshd and sshd is working
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12:36<npmr>i'm using 2.6.15-linode16.... that doesn't actually have nptl fixed, does it?
12:37<gpd>expect a crash shortly :)
12:37<npmr>sshd is usually the first thing people notice being broken, right?
12:37<gpd>that and mysql
12:38<gpd>reboot might be needed to see the effect - but not in my hands
12:38<gpd> <-- just reboot into that one - it is stable for me so far
12:39<gpd>16 days with no problems
12:39<npmr>does it have nptl fixed?
12:39<Spads>I think so.
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12:44<npmr>linbot, roulette
12:44<linbot>npmr: *click*
12:49<npmr>so far so good
12:51<cow>this is strange -- on my new centos4.0 linode running the latest 2.6 kernel, if I do a "who", it only shows the root user logged on tty0
12:51<cow>any ideas?
12:51<npmr>installed today?
12:51<gpd>heh - pipito had the same problem
12:52|-|tompuppy [] has joined #linode
12:52<cow>installed a few days ago
12:52<gpd>his was fresh install too - exactly the same symptoms...
12:52<cow>was there a solution?
12:52<npmr>none known
12:53<gpd>not from this channel
12:53<cow>damn... i wonder if its the kernel
12:53<tompuppy>anyone here on host56?
12:53<npmr>cow, could you run ls -l /var/log/utmp and paste it in here?
12:53<cow>ls: /var/log/utmp: No such file or directory
12:53<npmr>how about /var/log/wtmp?
12:54<npmr> <-- yoink
12:55<cow>-rw-rw-r-- 1 root utmp 0 Apr 20 04:03 /var/log/wtmp
12:55<npmr>!google centos utmp
12:55<linbot>npmr: Search took 0.68 seconds: www. centos .org - Forums - Security Support - either openssh update ...: <>; www. centos .org: <>; - FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, MacOS X, Darwin, Linux ...: <>; (3 more messages)
12:56<gpd>according to #centos ppl it is related to kernel missing 'patches'
12:57<npmr>bully for them
12:58<Spads>This is cop-out station, on the WontFix line: Your transfer point for the WorksForMe and BadBug lines. Stand clear of the closing doors!
12:58<cow>hrmm so it looks like i choose TLS and no "who", or vice versa
12:59<cow>assuming that the older kernels work...
12:59<npmr>what kernel are you running?
13:01<gpd> <-- bug
13:01<cow>hehe thanks guys
13:01<gpd>pipito: ^^
13:02<gpd>cow: any particular devotion to centos?
13:03<cow>my other linode is on centos3... but i might be up for a change
13:03<cow>what's the most similar to centos?
13:03<gpd>what is it about centos that you like?
13:03<cow>familiarity :P
13:03<gpd>(you can see where I'm going with this)
13:03<cow>yeah hehe
13:04<cow>what are you suggesting? :P
13:04<gpd>leap onto the bandwagon of joy that is Ubuntu/Debian :)
13:04<Beirdo>we are in the presence of a zealot?
13:04<cow>yay sudo!
13:04<gpd>negatory - no zealotizm here
13:05<npmr>cow, what else have you used?
13:05<cow>redhat 9 back in the day
13:05<Beirdo>gpd: I'm definitely on that bandwagon, just obliterated my last FC1 machine and installed breezy
13:05[~]npmr stopped using redhat at 7
13:05<cow>breezy = ubuntu?
13:05<gpd>I was redhat 4---9, debian... ubuntu
13:05<npmr>yeah, so you've lived in rpm land forever
13:06<npmr>give debian a shot
13:06<npmr>apt is what yum is modelled after
13:06<cow>what does ubuntu use if it doesnt use rpm?
13:06<gpd>with occasional Mandrake installs that lasted about 30 mins or less
13:06<npmr>and the package policy is a far sight better
13:07<Beirdo>cow: it's debian-based (originally). it uses .debs and apt
13:07<npmr>cow, debian and ubuntu use dpkg instead of rpm, and apt instead of um
13:07<cow>i'm fan of webmin -- would that work on ubuntu?
13:07<Spads>alas, yes.
13:07<npmr>it's available
13:07<gpd>if you want new and funky go with UBuntu Breezy Badger - if you want stable and sensible go with Debian Sarge
13:08<npmr>i don't know how well it works
13:08<Spads>npmr: about as badly as on every other system on Earth
13:08<cow>unless there are any other open source alternatives to webmin
13:08<Beirdo>gpd, that's stretching it a bit
13:08<Spads>cow: bash
13:08<gpd>Beirdo: true - but with Dapper on the horizon the funk might increase
13:08<Spads>gpd: well, dapper will soon be supported for five years
13:08<Spads>no way
13:08<Beirdo>yeah, dapper's the new and funky
13:09<Spads>dapper is going to be the smooth and stable release of ubuntu
13:09<cow>Spads: are you mocking me and telling me to edit things by hand?
13:09<Spads>cow: alas, yes. why the glowing colon, dude?
13:09<gpd>Edgy Eft will be superfunk :)
13:09<Beirdo>he had too many jalapenos
13:09<Spads>11:09 [Linode] CTCP VERSION reply from cow: mIRC v6.16 Khaled Mardam-Bey
13:09<Spads>11:09 [Linode] CTCP VERSION reply from cow: mIRC32 v6.16 -WiTH- cowSCRiPT v2.8.004 by cOW
13:09<gpd>aptitude -vvvvvv cow
13:10<cow>Spads: so my clients should use bash?
13:10[~]Beirdo nods
13:10<Beirdo>or tcsh :)
13:10<Spads>ah, another reseller
13:10<npmr>why are your clients configuring your server?
13:11<cow>Spads: try reading
13:11<gpd>cow there are other webmin like panels that are cheap
13:11<Spads>cow: this isn't aesthetic snobber, dude
13:11<gpd>i can't remember the name right now
13:11<Spads>cow: this is security advice, given webmin's horrifying performance
13:11<Beirdo>plebsk or something like that?
13:12<cow>plesk installs its own web server, mail server, etc...
13:12<Spads>cow: 11:10 <npmr> why are your clients configuring your server?
13:13<cow>theres others like cpanel, etc
13:13<gpd>depends how much you want to pay
13:13<gpd>cpanel / plesk are $$$$$$ no?
13:13<cow>yeah exactly
13:13<npmr>greater than 0
13:13<cow>web-cp looks decent -- i'll take a look at it
13:14<gpd>neither of those are the ones I was thinking of
13:14<cow>i saw flexcp before, it didnt look so hot
13:14<tompuppy>virtualmin gone commercial now
13:15<gpd> also not free
13:15[~]Beirdo still prefers bash/vim
13:15<cow>yeah i saw that... but they still have an open source branch I believe
13:15<cow>(i hope)
13:15<npmr>i think the point Spads was trying to make is that you could do way better than webmin
13:15<npmr>part of the problem is that guys like he and i don't know configurators
13:15<npmr>because we use bash and a text editors
13:16<npmr>i bet there are great web configurators available
13:16<npmr>but webmin truly is a piece of crap
13:16<cow>yeah theres much better out there, but the clients are fine with webmin for now
13:16<gpd>gpd@beasty:~$ apt-cache show webmin
13:16<cow>its not totally crap though, but i think the software looks like its more for the lazy admin than the lazy admin's clients
13:16<gpd>Version: 1.230-1
13:16<npmr>no, really.... %100 poop
13:17<cow>npmr: why do you say its 100% poop?
13:17<gpd>it is all there in ubuntu - each module is apt-getable
13:17<cow>just out of curiosity
13:17<Beirdo>give it a break, it's only 95% poop, I'm sure
13:17<cow>except webmin is at 1.270 now... hehe
13:17<npmr>back when i was a linuxconf user, i tried it, and it blew
13:17|-|afv-13 [] has joined #linode
13:18<npmr>unless they've done a herculean effort at improving it, it's still poop
13:18<Spads>I'm still way curious as to why your clients are configuring YOUR server
13:18<gpd>npmr: depends what you want to do with it
13:18<gpd>it has modules to do lots of things
13:18<npmr>i know
13:18<gpd>like configuring their /own/ mailing list etc
13:19<npmr>i think that part of the problem was all of the shoddy third party modules
13:19<gpd>but i agree that configuring grub via webmin is probably ****
13:19<npmr>mostly they were written by webmin *users* who had some piece of software they wanted to configure and it was their first programming project ever
13:20<gpd>and /real programmers/ probably work for plesk/cpanel :0
13:20<Spads>I'd probably code up my own CGI system if I were reselling services
13:21<npmr>real programmers don't write gui configurators unless they're getting paid to do it
13:21<gpd>exactly :)
13:21<Beirdo>now THAT is snobbery at its best :)
13:21<Beirdo>it's fun to be a snob
13:21<gpd>aye :)
13:22<Spads>it's simple analysis
13:22<Spads>most heavy coders don't *need* a GUI configurator
13:22<Beirdo>or want
13:22<Spads>therefore they certainly won't do it to scratch their own itches
13:22<Beirdo>they might do it for their friends. or just because they are that bored :)
13:23<kvandivo>i'm just glad that linux, mythtv, firefox, and a whole host of other programs were apparently written by paid programmers, then
13:23<Spads>or because they're in a situation like cow's
13:23<kvandivo>(linux being all the X stuff that we use every day)
13:23<Beirdo>heya, kvandivo.
13:23<gpd>kvandivo: those programs are /cool/ - hence they are programmed for free --- eg. vlc
13:24<Spads>well, lots of stuff is work for hire these days
13:24<npmr>well, presumably if cow's got "clients" who are using his configurator, they're paying him
13:24<Beirdo>we'd hope so
13:24<Beirdo>otherwise he's a silly cow
13:24<npmr>so if he wrote a gui configurator of his own, it would only serve to support my hypothesis
13:24<npmr>caker wrote one.... for money
13:25<Beirdo>I thought it was for fame and for women?
13:25<kvandivo>those were bennies
13:25<gpd>and if he gave it away then his business model would be mostly toast
13:25<gpd>although quantact seemed to 'reengineer it' somehow
13:27<Spads>gpd: You are a snob and clearly what is wrong with The Linux.
13:27<Spads>Beirdo: your snobbery is HURTING AMERICA
13:27<Beirdo>good thing I'm Canadian :)
13:28<Spads>Because Canada is in Europe
13:28<Spads>not like the United States, which are in North America.
13:28<Beirdo>Oh you mean you are one of the few that means America not the USA? :)
13:28<Spads>Amerigo Vespucci rolls over in his grave
13:29<Beirdo>as well he should
13:29<Beirdo>we can't even spell his name right
13:29<Spads>We have a hard time explaining to people on Alcatraz that the Inca were American Indians
13:29<kvandivo>wake me up.. before you amerigo go..
13:30<kvandivo>are the Inca the ones that took the place over for a few weeks there in the late 60s or so?
13:30<Spads>no, but we've got this expert on Native Americans
13:30<Spads>named Jose
13:30<Spads>and he always wastes all this time explaining that he's like 78% Native American
13:31<Beirdo>heh, I think the Inca were one of the highly civilized native groups (from the Andes) that the Spanish slaughtered for the gold
13:31<cow>or... people could've gotten paid to write the gui configurator, then decided to release it as open source... ya never know
13:31<Spads>actually, the Aztec conquered them just before the Spanish arrived
13:31<kvandivo>yes, i knew that the Inca were _that_..
13:31<Beirdo>and then the Spaniards slaughtered em all
13:31<kvandivo>but i remembered some native am group taking over alcatraz, and i tried to draw a line from point A to point B
13:31<kvandivo>and failed, apparently
13:32<Spads>kvandivo: yeah, it was the Indians of All Tribes movement
13:32<Spads>and they let in some Mezo-American peoples
13:32<Spads>particularly toward the end
13:32<Spads>cow: we were not trying to set up a false commercial/open source dichotomy
13:33<kvandivo>score 1 for mythtv recording all kinds of History channel specials on national parks and monuments for me
13:33<Beirdo>you mean the History channel isn't all about WWII?
13:33<kvandivo>not entirely, no
13:33<npmr>ha ha
13:33<cow>they're preparing for WWIII
13:33<kvandivo>well, it might be now.. i haven't had cable fora few months
13:33<npmr>my brother calls it the war channel
13:33<Beirdo>I haven't had the US-based History Channel for years
13:33<Spads>that's the only public domain source material left
13:34<Beirdo>the Canadian one is equally useless
13:34<Beirdo>if you want to learn about anything but WWII, good luck
13:34<kvandivo>canada has enough history to make a channel out of it?
13:34<Beirdo>more than the US
13:34[~]kvandivo gasps loudly.
13:34<Beirdo>you forget that the French were here before the British were in the US
13:35<npmr>and then there's modern marvels which most of the time is like "LOOK HOW FREAKIN' HUGE THIS THING IS"
13:35<kvandivo>rock on
13:35<Beirdo>npmr: yeah, those are there too
13:35<cow>who knew that linux geeks would be history majors
13:35<kvandivo>those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it
13:35<Spads>I was.
13:35<Beirdo>we watch a lot of Discovery Channel and History Channel, I guess
13:35<Spads>I have a BA in History.
13:36<Spads>started out in CS, and got fed up with the fact that it wasn't much Science any more.
13:36<kvandivo>so you went to history to find science?
13:36<Beirdo>so does my dad. A fat lot of good that does for many people
13:36<Beirdo>"BA in History? Have fun teaching kids!"
13:36<cow>you can go into law after history
13:36|-|caker [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:36<Beirdo>heh, which, incidentally is what he did... teach
13:36<cow>some people opt to take that route
13:37|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
13:37<Beirdo>had to be done at least once
13:38<Spads>I don't need a university to teach me job skills or anything
13:38<Spads>I just needed a bachelor's degree so my resume wouldn't get weeded
13:38<Spads>that's it.
13:39<Spads>lots of people seem to conflate "education", "learning", and "training" into one all-encompassing notion of "school".
13:39<npmr>i can count the number of times i've sent one my resume on one finger
13:39<Beirdo>the middle one, of course
13:39<cow>flipping off future employers usually isnt a good way of getting a job
13:39<npmr>if i so choose
13:41<Beirdo>now... flipping off CURRENT employers... that's normal
13:44<cow>why get employed... just play the lottery
13:45|-|caker [] has joined #linode
13:45|-|pipido [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
13:45<Beirdo>hey, now there's an idea
13:45<Spads>pay the random tax!
13:52<gpd> <-- that is the one i looked at before
13:53<Spads>Linux frotz 2.6.15-linode16 #1 Wed Jan 4 17:30:25 EST 2006 i686 GNU/Linux
13:53<Spads>npmr: does the latest 2.6 kernel do TLS?
13:54<cow>ive never seen vhcs
13:54<cow>looks nice
13:54<gpd>gpd@www:~$ dmesg |grep TLS
13:54<gpd>Host TLS support detected
13:55<Spads>I'm running the latest 2.6
13:55<Spads>but TLS no go
13:55<Spads>do I need to manually specify?
13:55<gpd>yeah - it isn't flagged as the latest
13:56<gpd>i think there were some reports of problems - but none from me
13:56<Spads>it's not even labeled experimental
13:56<Spads>I'll try that
13:56[~]Spads notes no -bb1
13:56<Spads>is that not in the console whoozit?
13:56<npmr>Spads, it appears to, yes
13:58<npmr>and by that i mean i haven't had any problems since rebooting and i have /lib/tls intact
13:58<gpd>Spads: let me know if you have -bb1 in your uname -r
13:58|-|SupaZubon [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:01<gpd> <-- seems we were all wrong - there are lots of these things
14:01<gpd>that one even offers Xen VPS for $30/mo
14:01|-|SupaZubon [] has joined #linode
14:01<gpd>for 15GB and 192 RAM...!
14:02<Spads>[nick@frotz(~)] uname -r
14:02<gpd>Spads: danke
14:02|-|pipido2 [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
14:08<gpd>cow: look at DTC from - might be what you need
14:12|-|dispensa [] has joined #linode
14:12|-|dispensa [] has quit [Quit: ]
14:13|-|dispensa [~dispensa@] has joined #linode
14:13<dispensa>Is there any way to abort pending jobs in the job queue? I've been trying to "shut down" for about an hour now
14:14<dispensa>(ran out of disk space; need to recover)
14:15<gpd>did you try shutdown from lish?
14:15<dispensa>yeah, it worked (i.e. status says powered off)
14:15<dispensa>then i tried to boot it and status still says powered off (10 mins later)
14:15<dispensa>and the queue shows the job now, but it's blocked on the stuck shutdown job
14:17<tompuppy>host56 looks very slow now
14:20<tompuppy>help needed here
14:23|-|tompuppy [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:23<lucca>host56 at fremont?
14:24<dispensa>Is there any way to clear the queue? I just want my box to boot...
14:25<lucca>not that I know of, hm
14:26<lucca>i had a problem earlier with screwy screens in lish, but that was easy enough to clear up
14:27<dispensa>do the jobs in the queue ever time out?
14:27<lucca>I don't know, sorry
14:27<dispensa>nah, it's not screen
14:27<dispensa>that'd be too easy :p
14:32<dispensa>k, i'm just going to open a support ticket.
14:32|-|dispensa [~dispensa@] has quit [Quit: dispensa]
14:36<cow>gpd: thanks
14:37<cow>how similar is ubuntu to debian?
14:37<cow>vhcs requires debian, i'm asusming i shouldn't have problems with ubuntu
14:38|-|dispensa [~dispensa@] has joined #linode
14:47|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
14:55|-|spr [] has joined #linode
14:57|-|Viking69 [] has joined #linode
15:00<Viking69>Is server 39 down?
15:00|-|konoko [] has joined #linode
15:00<konoko>anything up with host39 ?
15:01<dispensa>hmm looks like it just rebooted
15:01<dispensa>[dispensa@host39 lish]#
15:02<dispensa>woohoo my box is running now
15:03<dispensa>hmm it just decided to reboot on its own again
15:03<dispensa>guess that means my stuck queue is getting un-stuck
15:03<warewolf>it fixes its own problems
15:03<warewolf>... or something
15:03<dispensa>self-healing UML! eat your heart out cisco
15:03<warewolf>yeah don't repeatedly queue up boot/reboot requests
15:05<alnr>2 days in a row with host39?
15:05<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host39 in System and Network Status <>
15:05<dispensa>welp that'll do it
15:06|-|afv-13 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:06<dispensa>damn after all that i wasn't actually out of hd space
15:07<dispensa>the little graph thingy on the webpage is goofy
15:08<kvandivo>the graph accurately describes the amount of drive space that has been allocated to partitions you've set up. how much of that partition you fill up is your business
15:09|-|Marcel [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:10<dispensa>heh... yep, you're right. How dumb of me.
15:10<dispensa>box was hung... graph was full... the rest was just reflex
15:11|-|Helen0 [] has joined #linode
15:17<FireSlash>df -h <-- For the win
15:18<FireSlash>A minimal debian install with LAMP + apache2/svn and some other misc programs (bastile, clamav, firelhol, etc) uses a VERY small amount of space.
15:23<Helen0>I'm on host 39, which just rebooted, only my service hasn't returned (can't ping, ssh, etc.) Should I reboot my individual linode? Or is there still some problem with host 39?
15:27<cmantito>I think you should be able to boot your linode and have it all come up.
15:27|-|MrPilot [~mrpilot@] has joined #linode
15:28<konoko>FireSlash : so, did you ever install OSX on your pc ?
15:28<FireSlash>konoko, No. I'm poor :(
15:28<konoko>ahh, i have that problem too
15:30<Helen0>Cool, thanks! It's up now
15:30<konoko>FireSlash : you seem to have more talent for webdesign than i do though.... lol
15:30<FireSlash>konoko, Thats my best work to date :/
15:31<FireSlash>I just futz around in PSP when I'm bored. Once in a blue moon, soemthing productive comes of it :P
15:31<konoko> << thats the first site i made in php
15:32<konoko> << and thats the lastest page i made
15:32<konoko>they both look horrible
15:32<konoko>i can code, but when it comes to design and gfx i suck big time... lol
15:33|-|Mr_Person [~user@] has joined #linode
15:34<MrPilot>host39 still having problems?
15:34<MrPilot>trying to reboot our linode but it's hanging on "waiting on host"
15:34<konoko>the nodes are rebooting
15:35|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:35<MrPilot>yeah, saw that. Just wasn't sure if there were any other issues.
15:35<MrPilot>that's probably what has the load up
15:36<konoko>well, my node seems back to normal
15:37|-|zipppp [] has joined #linode
15:38<FireSlash>konoko, start in a graphics program
15:38<FireSlash>Design it all
15:38<zipppp>caker, did you get my support ticket
15:38<FireSlash>then slice it into html and CSS when you're done
15:38<FireSlash>Also, try to avoid such massive contrast in colors.
15:39<konoko>FireSlash : k, i ll have to look around for a tut... but that ll wait for a few days, i still have 2 days of exams...
15:39<FireSlash>konoko, Best way I find is to play with vector objects
15:40<FireSlash>You can move vertices around, fill them, move them, rotate them, etc.
15:40<zipppp>you here?
15:40<konoko>so, the contrast on is too "beurk" ?
15:40<dispensa>i just ssh'd into my box on host39 and it worked - just took a few seconds to wake up
15:40<dispensa>uptime is 39 minutes, which is about right
15:40<dispensa>seems fine
15:41<konoko>ok, thanks for the tips :)
15:42<konoko>right, i m off, got exams at 8am tomorrow... :/
15:42<konoko>see yas around
15:42|-|womble [] has quit [Quit: What's behind the round window...]
15:47|-|Helen0 [] has quit [Quit: Helen0]
15:49|-|zipppp [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
15:58<Mr_Person>what kind of buginess was host39 experiencing?
15:58<Mr_Person>our host didn't come back up ok
15:58<Mr_Person>mysql won't start (gets a signal 11 every time we start it)
15:58<Mr_Person>and ssh doesn't seem to be accepting connections
15:59<Mr_Person>i can get in fine through lish
15:59<@mikegrb>mv /lib/tls /lib/tls-disabled
15:59<Mr_Person>and reboot?
16:00<Mr_Person>or just restart the affected services
16:01<Mr_Person>awesome, that seems to have worked
16:02<Mr_Person>i think i'll restart just to make sure i get everything
16:02<Mr_Person>what exactly did that do?
16:04<@mikegrb>disabled nptl
16:07<Spads>I have nptl now!
16:08<Spads>thanks to teh cakernel!
16:08|-|besonen [] has joined #linode
16:08<Mr_Person>is that the new 2.6.16 one?
16:10<Mr_Person>does it really improve performance?
16:10|-|besonen__ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:13<gpd>Mr_Person: I have not tested performace increase with NTPL but I think even the patched version is not running at /full/ speed
16:14<gpd>that said - lots of apps are using /lib/tls so I suspect it helps
16:14<Spads>what sucks is when libc upgrades and you forget about /lib/tls until named restarts, and then postfix starts shitting bricks and bouncing mail :<
16:15<Spads>so I'm happy to try
16:15<Spads>performance or no
16:15<Spads>Mr_Person: I suspect that the threading model is less important on UML than it is on a standalone
16:17<Mr_Person>ah, the libc upgrade would explain my recent problems
16:17<Mr_Person>debian upgraded recently, and that would have caused that
16:17<Mr_Person>i've never had that problem before and was quite confused for a while :-)
16:18<gpd>libc6-i686 is the culprit / hero
16:20<gpd>although libc6 also includes stuff in /lib/tls
16:26<gpd>hmm - curiously i didn't have libc6-i686 installed - everything from there goes in /lib/tls/i686
16:26<gpd>maybe now I will see significant speed-up?
16:26|-|MrPilot [~mrpilot@] has quit [Quit: The ultimate responsibility of the pilot is to fulfill the dreams of the countless millions of earthbound ancestors who could only stare skyward and wish.]
16:30|-|pipito [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
16:33<gpd>is there a simple way to find all broken symlinks?
16:33<gpd>man find?
16:36<gpd>iggy: actually not... symlinks -r / |grep ^dangling
16:44|-|jekil [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:45|-|pipido [] has joined #linode
16:45<pipido>hello people..
16:46<pipido>caker there ?
16:46<pipido>i think you are the only one can help me :'(
16:46|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: "Ah, the bounce has gone from his bungie"]
16:46<iggy>pipido: there is more than one linode employee
16:46<pipido>iggy .. well i just know caker :|
16:47<pipido>who else works for linode ? :)
16:47[~]cmantito points at the ops.
16:47<gpd>lol cake rofl
16:47<pipido>who else ?
16:48<gpd>pipido: unless it is billing related us plebs can help
16:48<pipido>but rofl its here now ? :|
16:49<cmantito>what sort of problem is it? billing? technical?
16:49<pipido>technical.. for billing i use the ticker
16:49<cmantito>then the channel users (us) might be able to help.
16:50<gpd>the suspense is killing me
16:50<pipido>maybe for you (all) its some kind of joke.. but im stucked with my linode.. i deploy it 2 times.. installing everything like shorewall, rkhunt, chkrootkit, snort
16:51<cmantito>and what does it do?
16:51<kvandivo>what percentage chance did i give you before that it was a hack?
16:51<gpd>pipido: are y ou talking about the w problem ?
16:51<pipido>yes gpd !
16:51<gpd>see above...
16:51<pipido>damn.. im runing a nessus stress right now..
16:51[~]cmantito fears his missed earlier conversation. how long ago was it?
16:51<gpd>it is a centos related bug that is manifested by the kernel
16:51<pipido>but i dont know what happend..
16:51[~]pipido thinks this starts about 2 days
16:52|-|Mr_Person [~user@] has left #linode []
16:52<gpd>13:01 <gpd> <-- bug
16:52<pipido>i deploy 2 new ones to see whats happend.. i get the users when i deploy the new.. after 10 mins .. i dont see any more users
16:52[~]cmantito shrugs. if it ain't in my irssi scrollback.
16:53<gpd>I asked on #centos for you and they told me about that bug
16:53<pipido>i spent 2 days without mails.. doing all kind of tests..
16:53<pipido>i spent 2 days without mails.. doing all kind of tests..
16:54<warewolf>i spent 2 days without mails.. doing all kind of tests..
16:54<warewolf>i spent 2 days without mails.. doing all kind of tests..
16:54<kvandivo>i spent 2 days without mails.. doing all kind of tests..
16:54<kvandivo>i spent 2 days without mails.. doing all kind of tests..
16:54<cmantito>i spent 2 days without mails.. doing all kind of tests..
16:54<Battousai>i spent 2 days without mails.. doing all kind of tests..
16:54<pipido>hehey.. dont laught about me :(
16:54<pipido>hehey.. dont laught about me :(
16:54<warewolf>hehey.. dont laught about me :(
16:54<warewolf>hehey.. dont laught about me :(
16:54|-|Sgeo [] has joined #linode
16:55<pipido>i didnt find anything.. BUT im not the guru of linux
16:55<warewolf>hot damn, I started a meme.
16:55<cmantito>warewolf: good job.
16:55<warewolf>cmantito: 8-)
16:55<gpd>pipido: they seem friendly on #centos - although i use ubuntu
16:55<gpd>they obviously didn't pick that up ;)
16:56<warewolf>linux is linux is linux by any other name
16:56<FireSlash>warewolf, What about FreeBSD?
16:56|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has quit [Quit: A geek without purpose - | SMDC-Network IRC -]
16:56<warewolf>FBSDM != linux
16:56<cmantito>FBDSM? sounds kinky.
16:56<pipido>i didnt try ubuntu.. i think its very nice and easy to configure centos and have new rpms..
16:57|-|dispensa [~dispensa@] has quit [Quit: dispensa]
16:57<FireSlash>cmantito, Oh, it is. It is.
16:57<iggy>Gentoo has all new rpm's too
16:57[~]warewolf blinks
16:57<warewolf>in gentoo?
16:57<warewolf>I used to run hardened gentoo
16:57<warewolf>that was an experience.
16:57<warewolf>oh fuck
16:57<kvandivo>i've heard it is hard
16:58<warewolf>my RHEL license is about to expire
16:58<warewolf>(I paid through the nose for it)
16:58<warewolf>(I wanted to "test" it before I suggested it at work)
16:58<warewolf>(nevertheless, they bought something like 60 license keys for it)
16:58<warewolf>(I think I'll stop using parenthesis)
16:58<kvandivo>we probably run about that many here
16:58<warewolf>we run about 5 right now.
16:59<warewolf>and I am "The Keeper Of The License Keys"
16:59<pipido>so the w problem is for centos .. you are COMPLETLY sure isnt it :)
16:59<warewolf>being my office's official BOFH/SA
17:00<warewolf>I'm about to own a piece of nostolgia hardware, that nobody but me will care about.
17:00|-|Viking69 [] has quit [Quit: —I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 3515]
17:01<cmantito>warewolf: such as?
17:01<warewolf>it's an auction, can't say.
17:02<warewolf>or won't, rather.
17:02<pipido>linode guys, just was a bug ?
17:02<warewolf>lets just say it's a piece of hardware from an old employer.
17:02<kvandivo>ibm is about the oldest employer around
17:03<warewolf>but not _MY_ old employer
17:03<Spads>kvandivo: older than the Catholic Church?
17:03<warewolf>(although I will be snagging a piece of IBM HW in under 2h)
17:03<kvandivo>well, you know what the oldest profession is..
17:03<warewolf>the oldest profession is fornication.
17:03<warewolf>and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar.
17:03<Spads>and standing under a lightpost
17:03<pipido>and the best profession :)
17:04<pipido>for customers
17:04<Spads>is it?
17:04<pipido>if the woman are beatifull yes
17:04<Spads>I'd say that guys who have to resort to that are pretty unhappy people
17:04<pipido>i went some times with friedns to party and its fun
17:04<Spads>pipido: in the US, it's generally only the junkies who become prostitutes.
17:05<pipido>its different here..
17:05<warewolf>which would be where the term "crack whore" originated.
17:05<pipido>i can tell you that here are beatifull womans for 100 USD
17:05<Spads>pipido: that's probably because they can't get good jobs where you are
17:06<kvandivo>pipido: good to know you know the exact cost, though
17:06<@mikegrb>mmm cake
17:06<warewolf>mmmm.... cake.
17:06<pipido>or they can get more money doing that
17:06<Spads>I don't think it's that simple
17:06<pipido>asume that they have 50 customers in a month its 5k USD
17:07<pipido>its A LOT OF MONEY HERE
17:07<pipido>impossible to earn in in 6 months a normal guy
17:07<cmantito>in .ar?
17:09<pipido>or its possible to not many people
17:09<pipido>but you are right.. its different in every country
17:12<warewolf>hey, that tickled
17:12<cmantito>that was fun
17:12<cmantito>works better than /clear
17:13|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:14<warewolf>DCC SEND howaboutaneleveninchpizza
17:14|-|D[a]rkbeholder [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:14<warewolf>I love broken software.
17:15|-|darkbeholder [] has joined #linode
17:15<cmantito>NPF is not your friend ;)
17:15<warewolf>darkbeholder: your personal firewall is broken.
17:15<cmantito>DCC GET foobar
17:15<warewolf>there's a trick to it
17:16<cmantito>I thoguht it worked with GET and SEND
17:16<warewolf>the "filename" has to belonger than some length
17:16<cmantito>oh really?
17:16<warewolf>so just pick something fictional that is long.
17:16<cmantito>I didn't know that.
17:16<cmantito>DCC SEND alkdsjfljsdfkjlasdfj
17:16|-|darkbeholder [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:16<cmantito>you'd be correct.
17:17<pipido>thanks people for the help of the bug.. i just fix it :)
17:17<pipido>gpd and all
17:17|-|darkbeholder [] has joined #linode
17:17<warewolf>ok lets leave him alone now
17:17<cmantito>yeh, was planning to.
17:18<warewolf>less caker/mikegrb moderate the channel to a small number of trusted people .. with @ signs.
17:19<cmantito>*very* small number in that case, apparantly.
17:23<warewolf>1 hour remaining.
17:23[~]warewolf wan't wait
17:25<warewolf>er can't wait
17:30<pipido>cya guys
17:31|-|Sgeo [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
17:57<warewolf>bah fuck
17:57<warewolf>the hardware I'm buying is an IP to fibrechannel SAN front-end box
17:57<warewolf>it would have helped to research this first, damn.
17:57<warewolf>I assumed 300g meant that it was 300 gigabytes of local disk or something
17:58<warewolf>but noooooooooo it's for a fibrechannel san.
17:58<warewolf>this will be going up on ebay
17:58<warewolf>damn damn damn damn
18:08[~]warewolf pants
18:08<warewolf>c'mon somebody overbid me on this useless piece of crap
18:12<warewolf>I tried to reduce my max bid and instead it BID my current max bid
18:13<warewolf>oh thank god someone overbid me
18:14<warewolf>Maximum total of winning bids: 0.00
18:14<warewolf>I win
18:23<gpd>what cdimage should i use to rescue a dying NTFS disk - ubuntu live?
18:39|-|egatenby [] has joined #linode
18:41|-|Battousai [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:48|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
18:53|-|egatenby [] has left #linode []
18:57|-|nybble [] has joined #linode
19:05|-|adamg [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:06|-|Netsplit <-> quits: adinardi, efudd, encode, dryan, heidi, fake, linbot
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19:12<jekil>mikegrb: ?
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20:45<cow>oy... ubuntu 5.1 doesnt seem to have lots of packages
20:45<cow>namely php5-mcrypt or even php4
21:15|-|Sgeo [] has joined #linode
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21:39<FireSlash>I should probably put something useful in my motd. Instead of its current message :/
21:39<FireSlash> ,;' `:. NOTE: THERE ARE TWO BFGS IN HELL
21:39<FireSlash>:: _ ;;
21:39<FireSlash> !
21:40<FireSlash>On the other hand, that IS useful information.
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22:02<cow>hrmm anyone want to help me on this?
22:02<cow>my keyboard goes nuts on debian 3.1
22:02<cow>even after stty sane
22:06<FireSlash>cow, What ssh client are you using?
22:06|-|spr [~spr@] has quit [Quit: "Ah, the bounce has gone from his bungie"]
22:06<FireSlash>Putty works fine for me on debian.
22:06<FireSlash>Did this just happen? or is it a fresh install?
22:06<cow>fresh install
22:07<FireSlash>And, what do you mean by "going insane"?
22:07<cow>for example, left arrow in vi doesnt really work
22:07<cow>and home/end in a shell gives me a ~
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22:33<gpd>cow: ubuntu has lots of packages... you need to add universe and multiverse to the apt sources list
22:34<gpd>it has all of debian in universe and extra funk in multiverse
22:34|-|nybble [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:34<gpd>plus there are repositories like plf that give you dodgy stuff - eg. codecs and libdvdcss
22:37<cow>dangit i wish you told me about this before i erased my ubuntu dist
22:37<cow>gpd: any pointers on adding universe/multiverse?
22:37<gpd>for debian?
22:38<cow>thats what it's for, no?
22:38<gpd>yeah - but i thought you said you wiped it
22:38<cow>ill put it back
22:38<cow>i dont like debian, too minimalistic
22:38<gpd>you just need to edit /etc/apt/sources.list
22:39<cow>but is the universe, etc at the same urls?
22:39<gpd>what do you mean by minimalistic?
22:41<cow>like... i have to figure out how to get the keys to work properly with it
22:42|-|FireSlash_ [] has joined #linode
22:44<cow>do you know offhand if php4 is in one of these repositories? i'm looking at the packages, and haven't found php4 yet
22:44<gpd>did you do apt-get update?
22:44<gpd>php4 is certainly in there
22:44<gpd>it is in universe
22:44<cow>nah i havent erased the dist yet
22:45<cow>i figured i'd be more careful this time before i erased... hehehe
22:45<gpd>php4 is also in debian sarge though
22:45<gpd>ubuntu main has php5
22:45<cow>but it doesnt have php5-mcrypt
22:46<gpd>no unless it is ina different package
22:46<gpd>only php4-mcrypt
22:46<cow>php has to be compiled iwth mcrypt in mind, so i doubt i can use php5
22:48|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:48<cow>ok debian deleted -- thanks gpd
22:49<gpd>while you are experimenting ---
22:49<gpd>you could upgrade it to the new Dapper Beta
22:51<cow>i hope to turn this into a production server... so no beta for me
22:51<cow>i didnt know about dapper tho -- thanks for the info
22:52<cow>while i got u here
22:53<cow>whats the package called that contains common... "stuff" for lack of a better word to be able to compile most programs?
22:53<cow>yeah thanks
22:53<gpd>no s
22:53<gpd>how did you know about that?
22:54<cow>why, is it a secret? :P
22:54<cow>i installed it on my previous ubuntu install
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23:31<taupehat>pretty amusing writeup
23:31<taupehat>the pictures
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