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00:22<gpd>hmm - makes vista sound gerrate
00:34<fo0bar>I'm about a 3rd of the way through reading that, but it says a lot coming from paul thurrott, who is usually microsoft's #1 fanboy
00:35<efudd>WHO CARES
00:35<efudd>IT IS BETA
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06:49<lisl>this is from lanka internet service pvt ltd from sri lanka
06:50<lisl>we ordered Linode 80 server yesterday
06:50<lisl>and our invoce number is 41737
06:51<lisl>and Invoiced to Lnaka Internet Services (Pvt) Ltd
06:51<lisl>we did the payment also
06:51<lisl>payment no is 38831
06:52<lisl>payment date is 20/04/2006
06:52<lisl>payment card no is 6559 and expire on 12/2006
06:52<lisl>and we need this server kind of urgent
06:53<lisl>and we alreay faxex credit card front and back
06:53<lisl>we still haven't got any feedback
06:54<lisl>can any body help us to sort out this
06:54<lisl>this is kind of a urgent
06:56<lisl>can some body help us
06:57<lisl>we havent get any reply from linode so far
07:01<lisl>can some body give me a contact number to contact linode people??
07:01<lisl>can some body give me a contact number to contact linode people??
07:20<heidi>lisl: it is 1 am where the linode staff is and they are stil asleep
07:21<heidi>I am sure that when one of them gets out of bed they will look into it
07:21<heidi>er 7 am tat is
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08:28<zippp>caker, you here?
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09:01<linbot>New news from forums: Kernel: with NPTL/TLS support in Announcements <>
09:17<FireSlash>Wow. I was bored so I went around and compared Linode's prices to other VPS solutions.... You guys rock.
09:17<FireSlash>Closes I could find was a similar solution... more disk/transfer, but you
09:18<FireSlash>'re stuck on redhat
09:18<FireSlash>I don't see SSH either :/
09:18[~]FireSlash hugs mikegrb.
09:19<FireSlash>(Oh, they also want $40/mo :P)
09:22<FireSlash>Nice, This website lists "Free Reboots" as a feature. $25/15 min support. Distro choices of Centos, Debian, and Fedora. $10 more a month. Pre-installed scripting. Ewww.
09:23<FireSlash>And that exhausts my list. Further prooving Linode is for the win.
09:28<FireSlash>Though, you might sell more extras if you lowered the prices a bit? Host46 has a lot of ram and HDD going un-used ;)
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09:52<gpd>hmm... can't start apache2 'you may still have some apache2 process running which do not match your pid file' ??
09:52<gpd>no sign of it in sudo ps aux
09:54<gpd>bizare - I had deleted /etc/apache and this seemed to cause the problem
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10:09<gpd>cow: <-- another cpanel i had forgotten
10:22<TheFirst>that looked nice but until it supports qmail i wont check it out
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11:23<Helen4>It looks like the available IO tokens for my linode (host 39) is reduced (and the refill rate is lower). Have some settings been changed ? I was kind of already on the edge.
11:26<gpd>reboot should fix it
11:26<gpd>what do you have now?
11:28<Helen4>the refill rate is 100 (used to be about 800)
11:29<gpd>token_refill=512 token_max=400000
11:29<TheFirst>refil is normally 512
11:29<gpd>either get caker or mikegrb to fix it - or reboot
11:29<gpd>you may have been thrashing
11:30<Helen4>will reboot
11:30<kvandivo>i'd say it would be safe to word that more strongly than 'may have been;
11:30<TheFirst>that's the only time it changes i think
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11:30<kvandivo>i doubt that it would have been randomly set down
11:30<gpd>I was trying to be kind :)
11:30<kvandivo>well, if the problem doesn't get fixed, rebooting will only cause it to happen again once the machine comes back up
11:31<Helen4>I'm looking at RateMyLinode and it's clear that it's changed over time
11:32<gpd>Helen4: have you optimized mysql/apache for memory usage?
11:32<gpd>spikes in load can cause thrashing
11:32<TheFirst>or run spam assassin?
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11:32<gpd>I use monit to shut down apache if load is > 3 for 5min
11:33<Helen4>yes, to the mysql/apache question...
11:33<Helen4>we're not thashing, it's just the thrashing limit has gone down
11:34<gpd>chicken and egg - token refil is reduced in response to thrashing :)
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11:35<gpd>my 64 used to be fine for weeks - then would 'spontaneously' get really loaded - I was right on the edge of my memory limit
11:35<Helen4>yes, also running spam assassin (which is probably why we're on the edge)
11:36<gpd>restarting mysql/apache fixes the problem as they seem to creep memory over time
11:36<TheFirst>how much ram? spamassassin is a killer...
11:36<Sh8d0w>will "emerge"ing kernel sources in gentoo mess up a linode?
11:36<TheFirst>especially if the children procs are limited
11:37<TheFirst>Sh8d0w: it'd be pretty pointless at best
11:38<Helen4>putting a gif of the RML graph at
11:38<Sh8d0w>TheFirst: well, another package (ipset) requires it to compile
11:41<TheFirst>not a solution but visiting the mentioned site in that graph it looks like it's all static...maybe switch to lighttpd...would save resources
11:42<Helen4>TheFirst: linode80 (yea, I know spamassassin is a killer) But we're only running 1 SA thread and it was working ok.
11:42<Helen4>But my question isn't so much how to reduce IO I'm using, but why the available IO seems to have dropped
11:42<gpd>it looks like you just peaked over the limit for a few minutes and the token refil was reduced
11:43<Helen4>shouldn't it rise back to where it was before?
11:43<TheFirst>hate to say it but spamassassin and 80s dont mix...tried for weeks to get it tweaked to play nice on an 80 with apache and all that running also....just not gonna happen
11:43<TheFirst>for that you'd have to ask caker
11:43<gpd>no - it is a safety mechanism i think
11:44<TheFirst>i think if it's a one time thing yah but you were hitting pretty close for several hours so that may have been what caused it...
11:44<gpd>!seen caker
11:44<linbot>gpd: caker was last seen in #linode 1 day, 14 hours, 5 minutes, and 36 seconds ago: <caker> FireSlash: filesystem already mounted
11:44<gpd>!seen mikegrb
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11:44<@mikegrb>mmm cake
11:44<kvandivo>i like cake
11:44<kvandivo>!seen mikegrb
11:44<@mikegrb>mmm cake
11:44<linbot>kvandivo: mikegrb was last seen in #linode 2 seconds ago: <mikegrb> mmm cake
11:45<@mikegrb>mmm cake
11:45<gpd>mikegrb: has been rather absent of late - i suspect too much cake
11:46<Helen4>Ok, rebooting seems to have fixed the problem
11:47<gpd>how much ram is mysql using?
11:47<TheFirst>someone said mike had bronchitis or somesuch
11:48<gpd>skip-innodb helped me /lots/ when i was on a 64
11:48<Helen4>But it still seems odd that the refill rate was reduced permanently--I'll leave the gif at in case caker wants to look ot it
11:48<gpd>but upgrading to a 120 was joy :)
11:49<gpd>it may seem odd - but that is how it works - if you run out of tokens for a given time your refil and max are reduced until you fix the problem / reboot / ask caker / kill a small chicken
11:49<Helen4>gpd: looks like mysql is using 14% (of 80)
11:49<gpd>what is the RES number from top ?
11:50<gpd>yeah - you can get that down - mine is 1468 :)
11:50<gpd>correction 3408
11:51<Helen4>thanks, will try that
11:51<cmantito>...PHP doesn't use a ^ for exponents?!
11:52<TheFirst>no...dont think it does
11:52<cmantito>pow(base, exp);
11:52<TheFirst>trouble thinking of a language that does, for that mater
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11:53<cmantito>but, what's worse isn't that it doesn't use that, but that 2^5 results in 7.
11:53<cmantito>which made me think my math was off -_-
11:54<gpd>so what is it then 2**7 ?
11:54<TheFirst>what languages even use ^ for powers...still cant think of one
11:54<cmantito>basic, and doesn't C?
11:54<cmantito>I think java does as well, but don't hold me to that.
11:55<TheFirst>no in C it's pow
11:55<TheFirst>^ is XOR iirc
11:55<cmantito>that makes sense.
11:56<cmantito>and thus it results in funny numbers because it's working at the binary level.
11:56<cmantito>well cunt that with a spoon.
11:56<TheFirst>i got caught with that once on C ... never made the mistake again
11:57<cmantito>well when you learn networking, they bore (2^n)-2 in your head so much that that's what I typed in php and thought it might work ;)
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12:34<lucca>if you're doing 2^n in c, consider using << (shift left operator) instead of pow
12:35<lucca>pow needs math.h, -lm, and operates on doubles which are less accurate (though have more range)
12:35<lucca>i.e. 1<<4 == 16
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13:08<JonR>What would cause "*** glibc detected *** corrupted double-linked list: 0x402eea8c ***", and what should I do about it?
13:12<gpd>looks like a but - when does it occur?
13:12<JonR>right after /etc/init.d/apache restart
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14:37<linbot>New news from forums: Is host56 down? in Xen Public Beta <>
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15:40<lucca>hm, host56's lish is working, sorta
15:41<lucca>lish says I have no running linode, and I can't connect to the linode, but lish status says Running, hmmmm
15:42<lucca>members page says powered off, good.
15:42<lucca>boot wo shimashou!
15:42<Spads>you actually wrote it "wo"
15:42<Spads>that's cute
15:43<Spads>I don't think that verbs get を
15:44<lucca>hm, I'm running through multiple layers of screen sessions; there's no way I'm going to be able to decode anything but us-ascii, sadly
15:44<Spads>I am too
15:44<Spads>and I'm all UTF-8
15:44<lucca>hmmmm, okay, assuming a UTF-8 aware terminal, what do I do to screen to make it fully utf8savvy?
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15:55<Spads>lucca: you need to set your LANG before you start it up
15:55<Spads>lucca: there are supposedly -U switches and ^A: commands that flip it on, but those have never worked for me mid-stream
15:55<Spads>[nick@xyzzy(~)] echo $LANG
15:59<Spads>I have that on both remote and local ends
16:01<Spads>ubuntu and OSX do it by default, as do most other distros (except debian, I think)
16:02<lucca>hm, trying to use to ssh into a debian server running irc inside emacs inside screen currently
16:02[~]Spads nods
16:02<Spads>well, just set your LANG in the .bashrc or something on the Debian side
16:02<Spads>and when next you restart all those remote apps, you should be fine
16:02<Spads>I think emacs handles UTF8 correctly
16:02<Spads>but the irc wotzit may strip down to ASCII
16:03<Spads>I use irssi
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16:04<lucca>well, emacs understands utf8 (and way to much other crap)
16:04<Spads>you just need to force the issue all down the chain
16:04<lucca>the complication is that it tracks coding system separately for each buffer (channel in this case) AND the output coding system
16:04<Spads>it's a pity, really
16:04<Spads>it should be the default
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16:05<lucca>so it recognized your stuff as multibyte characters and guessed unicode so I got ?? for each char, where the cursor is only positionable on one of the ? marks
16:05<lucca>... but coercing it to Send that character and realize it takes up two columns, etc, is an adventure
16:06<lucca>hm, i could normally use describe-char or similar, but i didn't load that elisp module this session, and I've upgraded in the mean time, so I'd have to restart emacs
16:07<lucca>heh, this emacs has been running since 2005 :p
16:09<Spads>hate to ruin uptime
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16:35<linbot>New news from forums: IPSet in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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17:03<cow>anyone still awake?
17:04<cow>anyone have any experience with clamav on their linode?
17:04<cow>i'm wondering if it's got too big of a footprint for a l120
17:06<afv-13>only 1 way to find out
17:07<gpd>cow did you see my earlier link wrt cpanels
17:24[~]gpd reads about ultra monkey (.org)
17:29<cow>nope i havent... but i installed vhcs and so far i'm very happy
17:31<gpd>friend said it was quite good
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18:13<zippppp>caker you here?
18:13<zippppp>mikegrb, anyone
18:13<zippppp>I need to change some account info
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18:30<caker>I haven't listened to this ( for years .. but for some reason it's been stuck in my head today
18:34<lucca>is that the developers! developers! developers! one?
18:36<TheFirst>cow: i had clam on a 80...if you've got things configured so things dont chew up mem like crazy it'll work fine
18:40<caker>lucca: yeah .. the song version
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20:24<lucca>heh, sorry, we had a discussion about unicode before
20:24<lucca>finally got it all working
20:24<sonorous>heh, oh oaky :)
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21:08<user>Where do you guys colocate?
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21:11<sonorous>ThePlanet or HE
21:18<xbmodder>what datacenter?
21:31<xbmodder>there are about 7 aren't there?
21:32<sonorous>Freemont and San Jose, according to their website
21:33<sonorous>but I wouldn't really know as 1) I'm in the UK and 2) I dont' work for Linode
21:33<Eman>freemont apparently
21:33<sonorous>yes, as per the URL I pasted.
21:41<efudd> <- wow
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