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07:41<linbot>New news from forums: Anyone played with VServer kernels at all? in General Discussion <>
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14:05<Sebastian>excuse me
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16:54<erikh>nothing is more enjoyable than realizing saturday afternoon when the weather is the best it's been in 4 months
16:54<erikh>that the hdd in your firewall is dying
16:55<Eman>you can fix that in an hour with norton ghost
16:55<erikh>I fixed it in about 1:30 with freebsd dump and restore.
16:55<erikh>it still was a giant PITA
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20:37<warewolf>I just love PHP.
20:37<warewolf>Warning: imagettftext() [function.imagettftext]: Could not find/open font in /etc/httpd2/vhosts/ on line 473
20:37<warewolf>over and over again
20:37<warewolf>here comes the PNG content.
20:37[~]warewolf cries
20:56<TheFirst>isn't it fun? :P
21:00<warewolf>I don't know why, but all the font text colors are showing up yellow for this damn PHP code.
21:01<warewolf>and the font text is showing up TRANSPARENT too
21:01<cow>warewolf: are you using some sort of server management software?
21:02<warewolf>I'm using broked-ass php code written by people who are not programmers.
21:02<warewolf>this is a problem I have to face every time I touch PHP code.
21:02<cow>*laughs out loud* yeah, it's pretty sad
21:03<cow>everyone's a programmer...
21:04<warewolf>you can barely make out 'Xabean' and 'TwentyNine' and possibly 'Elune' under that
21:04<cow>that's i ... only see image
21:04<warewolf>why the fuck it insists on using a transparent yellow when I I tell it USE BLACK MOFO I don't know
21:05<cow>oh i was asking if you were using server management software... cause i was wondering why e.g. php files were in the /etc dir
21:05<warewolf>oh that's because my apache is chrooted.
21:06<warewolf>and I'm lazy
21:06<warewolf>the server management software I use is called "me".
21:06<warewolf>it's the best.
21:06<cow>hehe yeah
21:08<warewolf>gragh fuck I broke it again
21:11<warewolf>there must be something wrong with my gd/freetype support in php
21:12<warewolf>Fatal error: Call to undefined function imageJpeg() in /etc/httpd2/vhosts/ on line 1040
21:12<warewolf>thanks for using jpeg functions WHEN I TOLD YOU NOT TO.
21:15<cow>i guess u had some guy do part of it for u?
21:16<warewolf>broken code, yet again.
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